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#talented and gifted

but what about the kids that weren’t talented or gifted? the kids who felt left out and dumb because they weren’t considered as “talented and gifted” as their classmates? the kids who stopped trying as hard in school because didn’t feel as if their efforts mattered as much compared to the “talented and gifted” students? the kids who tried twice as hard in school because they hoped they would get noticed and placed with the other “talented and gifted” kids but they weren’t? the kids who felt as if they let their parents down by not being “talented and gifted”? the kids who got teased because they weren’t “talented and gifted”?

look, I realize the “talented and gifted” kids had it hard too. I know that a lot of those kids grew up to become very anxious adults and perfectionists, with a fragile sense of self-worth. I get it, I really do. but I think it’s also important to remember that the kids who weren’t “talented and gifted” suffered too.

so many people talk about the damage of being a “talented and gifted” kid, but they never talk about the kids who weren’t.

so here’s to the kids who weren’t “talented and gifted”: you are just as special and smart and valued as the kids who were. just because you were deemed not good enough to be a part of the “talented and gifted” program doesn’t mean you aren’t talented and gifted. everyone is talented and gifted in their own, beautiful, unique way, and don’t you dare let anybody take that from you

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Sue Klebold, A Mother’s Reckoning (2016).
Perfectionism is frequently a characteristic of kids with special abilities. Ironically, it can sometimes undermine their potential. A mistake or setback that most kids would shrug off can devastate a child with unrealistic and unattainable standards. It can lower their self-esteem, causing them to disengage from the intellectual challenges that once fired them up.
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I’ve only really become seriously dedicated to mbti in the past two years, obviously not something I knew about as a child.

Well a though occurred to me the other day. So intelligence and IQ are unrelated to mbti- or so as far as I have come to know, I know that it was not intended for such things by the creators of the mbti- so why was there so much personality biased in my schools gifted and talented program?

Okay as a briefer, TAG (talented and gifted) is a program fairy common in the U.S. even tho legislatures every year do their best to decimate any variety of funding for special interest in kids deemed ‘talented and gifted’.

The original batch of us were chosen ***first and foremost upon teacher recommendations*** then OLSAT results, and an IQ assessments. Over the years kids were thrown in bc of their grades, popularity, mommy and daddy sway, and sometimes 'weirdness’

Looking back on it all now -I’m finally reaching my point- so many kids were ruled out of it bc of personality discriminations. I’m good friends with many of my past TAG mates and we are almost all judging types (maybe 30% perceiving) I feel as if there was also a prevalence of thinking preference present.

I remember one instructor explaining to us that we were chosen because we were driven and not procrastinators.

Procrastination has NOTHING to do with talented and gifted.

What qualifies these ppl to pick and choose nine year olds for TAG bc they turned in their spelling words on time?

Where did this stereotype come from and why did it short stick so many brilliant perceiving and feeling folks? (Not that I think u guys didn’t do ur spelling words on time)

while they praised is for analytical and structural aptitude (judging types) they also said we were there for out artistic ability and creativity.

Some types are both analytical and creative but it has always been to my understanding that many many artists, entrepreneurs, and adventurers come from the FP and TP families.
Excuse me if I excluded anyone that needed to be there.

None of that is to say that creativity awards go to certain types. None of this is to say that intelligence awards go to certain types.

It just really upsets me to think how many people missed the opportunity to be in TAG bc they did not fit the stereotype.

Stereotypical intelligence and creativity irk me. The biased started so so early. Why?

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Welcome to the 2012-13 school year! I am so excited, well, I always am because I love teaching! Language Arts is my passion and I am as much of a learner as a teacher. With that being said, when I started thinking about technology I knew we would greatly benefit by having an online gallery to showcase our work throughout the year. I decided on a Tumblr because I know many of my students have them and are familiar with how to use one, and I like that we can reblog things from other people.

So here we go!

Mrs. Lucero

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