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#talentswap au
thesedangankids · 8 hours ago
This is a little random but I’m curious so, in the gamer nagito au does he uh DIsappEar like chiaki in canon or does something else happen?
hmm good question! i’ll be honest n say i havent planned it all out or anything (most of these au’s are very up to interpretation lol) but its safe to say that this au already diverges significantly enough from canon that whatever happens to gamer nagito wouldn’t be a 1:1 of what happens to canon chiaki. as much as he’d even willingly offer himself up as a sacrifice for the sake of his friends, the chiaki of this universe is not willing to work with the side of despair and probably wouldnt let it happen...if she could help it of course
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can i ask about tennis pro! himiko and musician! peko? id love to draw some of your talentswaps too if that's okay!
Of course! I'm so sorry about the hold-up, I completely lost all motivation to write. Its back now, so it is CIRCLESWAP TIME :D :D :D
Light Musician! Peko.
(Context, due to her financial situation, she had a part-time job at Chef! Fuyuhiko's diner. When her music career took off, she quit, but still hangs out with her bestie.)
- Wears her hair down, with the ends in loose curls! Its quite long, down to her elbows. When she worked at the diner, she wore it in a loose bun/ponytail in a hairnet.
- Wears brown-colored contacts and sunglasses on stage, wears cute round glasses during her free time.
- When working, she wears a navy blue waitress outfit with a long skirt and an apron. Her casual outfit is a flowy lavender sundress and sandals. On stage, she wears a dark-grey vest under a plain white T-shirt with a bunch of silver necklaces and bracelets. Ripped black jeans, with some white birds, painted on the legs.
- Has a tank full of white and pastel blue fish by her nightstand. She loves her pets very much, and they are slightly overfed. While she's a fan of cats too, she doesn't think she could care for one in her spare time.
- She doesn't own a single pair of heels. The one time she wore them on stage, her feet were sore for the rest of the day. She's taller than most of the girls of her class, much to Fuyuhiko's annoyance. She politely suggests he pick up a pair.
- Taps her foot whenever she's thinking. Nekomaru affectionately calls her "Jackrabbit" because of it.
- Despite being a musician, she listens to mostly classical music herself. She simply prefers that to most popular music.
- She's ambidextrous and capable of producing fancy handwriting with both of her hands.
- cares what her fans think of her, and does her best not to disappoint them. This can turn into her doing things she doesn't want to do!
Fuyuhiko basically tells her "FUCK THEM, do you!"
Tennis Pro! Himiko
- Canon! Himiko acts like she's a magical girl/magician. Tennis Himiko... is the protagonist in a sports anime.
- She has the short spikey protagonist hair, but the Ahoge is a little floppy. Unlike Shuichi and Kiibo, hers doesn't move when she emotes.
- Whenever she's playing/exercising, her hair gets all disheveled and she's trying to fix it with her friends.
- She wears a soccer jersey with her master's name on it, with short shorts! (Not in a gross way, most of the tennis season takes place during the summer and heat exhaustion is a problem!!!) Her shorts have two big pockets, one of which holds a water bottle and the other of which holds some tennis balls. She wears a bandanna or headband tied around her leg.
- (Her backstory: her master was a famous soccer player that got injured bad enough that his career is pretty much ruined. Himiko lived in the same town as him, and tried to nurse him back to health. (She's just a kid, and doesn't understand) Eventually, he started training her in the local tennis league)
- Her hair and outfit are fairly masculine! She's GNC af.
- She drinks a specific flavor of red energy drink during matches. She's never been seen to drink anything other than it. Sometimes her tounge gets stained red. Everyone is vaguely concerned that she doesn't drink water.
- She's left-handed!
- She wants to win some doubles matches, but she doesn't work well with others. She gives anime-style monologues about the power of hard work and friendship, despite being a prodigy at tennis.
-Despite hailing herself as someone defined by the power of friendship, she's actually quite petty. If she suggested something that could have prevented a problem, she will point it out.
- So the group is fairly split on if they like her or not. Its hard for them to gauge if she means well or not.
- As a twist on canon Dynamics, Artist! Tenko in particular doesn't like her, while Himiko considers the girl that keeps ignoring her fantastic ideas a 'rival' (Fear not Tenmiko shippers.)
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04-28 · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
another swap
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moodorbs · 3 days ago
Maid Kaede, Cosplayer, Maki Adventurer Gonta and Aikido Pro Rantaro.
oh actually in my swap kaede is the aikido pro, gonta is the butler, and rantaro is the cosplayer! maki's the adventurer tho :]
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04-28 · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
chiaki from the same au as my peko swap
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m0thyb0i · 4 days ago
SHSL lucky student sayaka
Tumblr media
I wanna to do a talent swap! For sayaka and makoto basically makoto and sayaka switch spots so she the protagonist:) ( lazy to draw hands ;-;)
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rats-and-bruises · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
"c-come on...i-i could sworn it was working...!maybe Owari was lying..."
[maybe after about 2 or so minutes,the camera finally came on,showing a young man with pink hair up to his shoulder,and a beanie with stiched in cat ears on it.he wore a orange shirt and blue overalls,and had a large amount of bandages wrapped over his left arm.he also had a bandaid over his nose and a big on on his right cheek.he giggled a little,smiling nervously and showing his shark-like teeth]
"i-i can do this,,hi!my names Kazuichi Souda,and im the Ultimate Breeder!um,i got 3 rats,named Minnie,Spots and Smoky...their asleep right now..."
[he began fidgeting with his fingers a bit,as sweat rolled down his face]
"errr,could i get a promo thing?or not...sorry"
@askultimatefashionmodelgundham @ask-shsl-gambler-and-liar @human-monokuma @ultimately-divine @morals-and-florals @ask-kotoko-utsugi @ask-komarunaegi @askshslbreeder @askthe-journalist-andthe-broker @shsl-fan-club-leader @ultimate-cosplayer @restoringhopeau @ask-ultimate-personas @princess-mage-and-adorbs-fighter @smiles-and-scars and anyone else!!
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himiko-yumeno-kinnie · 8 days ago
Could I maybe get one mastermind Chihiro sprite? And I want it to be like how you imagine he would look as a mastermind
Tumblr media
❤️Mastermind Chihiro! Hope you like this. I originally planned to do a few more sprites, but, decided that I liked this one and here we are! Its, obviously, based on the “Queen” Junko personality. Yeah- lol.❤️
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mezzybaby-art · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Me and some friends were talking about talent swaps a while back and i FINALLY finished this. I present shy hoodie Mondo and thwamp Hifumi, aka these two if they had each others talents. It is somewhat cursed, but I love it. Future story? Probably.
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moodorbs · 12 days ago
Diversity win! The black box AI that gained sentience and trapped you and your classmates in a simulation, forcing you to kill each other to determine who is safe to stay, is trans!
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ultimatedropout · 13 days ago
Okay I am genuinly super curious, is there anything you can say about the swap plot? (That chap 3 pic made me go !!!!) If not, any fun swap facts? 👀👀
ok ok so. everythings wishy washy right now, BUT. I do have SOME things plotted out. Like, for example, who dies and who kills them, and in what order >:3c I dont have the exact details of how these happen becuz. that would mean writing out a danganronpa level murder mystery and im not intelligent enough to do that on the fly SDGKLDGS
for the chapter 3 kill tho, I was actually sorta taking inspiration from a little tidbit from v3? i cant remember if the idea is brought up in the other 2, but its briefly mentioned in v3 that if two people killed two other people, whoever killed second would be the true blackened and the first killer could get away with it. this is never actually explored which was really disappointing to me!! i think the idea of having a known killer in the midst because they don't get executed would create a lot of interesting tension. so....I decided to explore that.
basically, mikan manipulates kazuichi into killing fuyuhiko, AFTER she kills gundham. since this chapter is also the one w the despair disease, i think its possible that she again gets the remembering disease and remembers not only her history as a remnant, but also remembers watching celeste's role in DR1's killing game, and...decides to build upon her ideas. after all, it's a win win for her. either she isn't caught, and gets off scott free, or she IS caught, but still gets away with it because she's the first killer. >:] and that's exactly what happens. akane and crew figure out everything that happened...including that kazuichi is the true blackened of this case, despite being manipulated by mikan the entire time. and now they're all down 3 friends, and are stuck with mikan, a known murderer, in their midst <3
sorry for the long explanation im just brbrbrbrb many thoughts. head scrampled egg.
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ultimatedropout · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
My face is drawn
My face is drawn on with this number 2 pencil
Your face is drawn
Your face is drawn from drawing words right from my lips
-Imposter!Mikan voice- Ok Celeste I like what you've done here. I can do it better though <3
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makotoisneat · 15 days ago
During the talentswap post game, Artist and Hajime obviously can't fully understand what the other is going through, but they can relate on this situation having initially seemingly taken away the only thing they've ever wanted out of life. Robot Hajime has only ever wanted freedom, and now he is trapped in one place, not allowed to leave, possibly forever. And Artist has only ever wanted to learn, to experience, to finally be given the chance to do so at their own pace, but thanks to how they were artificially given all of those talents, they've had those experiences robbed from them, and even things they used to enjoy practicing and learning aren't enjoyable to them anymore. The two still find bits of what they long for in the shambles, with Hajime finally getting a chance to be his own person and have greater control over his appearance and shit, and Artist finding a bit of a loophole in some creative hobbies that you can't exactly be surgically made good at.
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