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#talia al ghul

More Athanasia al Ghul art to follow up with this and this more “casual” wear?  

Continuing in the same vein as Talia’s and Ra’s glamorous green and gold palette, along with direct inspo from Ra’s coat. I thought I’d design baby-villain Athanasia in the same flair as her injustice clothing. Assassin, uses guns, knives, and also has more pockets, and probably wears bullet proof vests. Tbh, I’m not the best at character design but I try ha. 

Also wears a mask to conceal her identity (and for dramatic purposes.) 

As with all baby villains, she is here to stir up drama. This version of her doesn’t go through the Lazarus pit, still probably has abandonment issues, covers up insecurity, and generally likes studying history and art, especially her grandfather’s ambiguous history.  

I like to headcanon no-lazarus-pit version as a lot calmer, kind of has dry sense of humour. 

(“If we share a mother, then who is your father?” 
“We’re minutes apart, Brother. Do the math.”)

Probably is a foil to Damian’s character as a more calculative, eloquent and goal-focused baby villain.  May or may not have a redemption arc. 

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So Stephanie is Dead. But there is a chance she could come back. How? A lazarus pit. We end Dceased: Hope at World’s End #12 with Talia carrying away Steph’s dead body to be taken to a lazarus pit.


So we end with the fate of the Dynamic Duo resting in the hands of Talia Al Ghul.

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Stephanie dying in DCeased and Damian trying to hide his grief by complaining about how annoying she was to him, only to have Cassie telling him that’s the reason she always annoyed him is because that’s what big sisters do.


the most in-character Talia in recent years, recognizing how hurt her son is and offering to help restore Stephanie back to life by using the Lazarus Pit, even though it would be dangerous for her and even though Stephanie is a complete stranger to her, she will still do it simply to make her child happy.


Me realizing that both Talia and Stephanie don’t appear in DCeased: Dead Planet, a comic set in the future years after the event of DCeased: Hope At World’s End, meaning that both Talia and Stephanie are going to die by the end of DCeased: Hope At World’s End

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The Heir and the Spare 

Maybe mother loved both her children equally, but as twins, one is the spare in event that the heir falls. That’s the way family has always been for Athanasia. 

And the heir, Damian, wouldn’t know of her existence until Ra’s chose to reveal her. 

or I guess another afterwork attempt at Athanasia and Damian fanart? and angst? 

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Based on In another life by @lerdm (I haven’t read the comics in a while. Be warned)

Jason × Essence breakup and Jason leaving the All Caste

The tension between them steadily grew. Jason was the first student besides for Talia (and maybe a few others) in a long time. And the only one to really succeed at all in multiple different things of the All Caste. Jason was pure of heart when all/most of the others were not. So there was a lot of pressure on him and Druca started to believe that he could past her tests. And because Jason was new to training and Druca believed in him they spent a lot of time together.

The time that they did not was when Jason studied by himself or was with Essence. Essence was jealous of Jason’s relationship with Druca because she never spent that much time with her mother. Even when Essence was still in training they spent most of it fighting and Drica always knew she would have more time with her daughter. But with Jason she knew that it was a matter of time till he left and that his life was short so she spent more time training him in a condensed time.

Jason knew Essence was upset but there was not much he could do. He continued to train and their fights increased. Druca had a habit of mentioning that she thought that Jason would one day defeat/fight the Untitled. (She said this in way of the Untitled would come after them soon in Jason’s lifetime.) And maybe that she wanted Jason to lead the All Caste (this was maybe mainly because of she thought Jason and Essence would fight and lead together and would help each other where the other fails. She had told Essence before when she was young that she was going to be part of the All Caste and Fight the Untitled and if Druca died Essence would likely take over. She thought it foolish to continuously repeat that so she didn’t.) Essence was jealous of Jason and didn’t realize that she was really part of her plans and if Jason hurt her Druca would likely kill him. Druca wasn’t really good at saying her feelings.

So one day Jason had a test. It was more focused on his past and his fears. To let go of the past and become a better fighter. (I like to think maybe what happened in the test was like that one part I think I remember from the comics where Jason was meditating or while he was with the All Caste. The trails in his head. (And the test was maybe Tim’s Batman Beyond background. Everyone forgot Jason and the new kid got hurt badly by Joker). But after Jason failed Druca told Essence that Jason just needed more time/training and that Jason was still to stuck in the past.

Essence was upset that she believed in Jason so much when she felt like Druca just saw her as a rebellious kid. So when Essence saw Jason next she was upset and they had a fight. Essence yelled at him for being stuck in the past and asked what his test was about. Jason wouldn’t tell her and their fight grew. She said things about how his eye glowed and how it was the pit that made him not be able to past the test end ect. And Jason fought back. Maybe saying things about her mother and how Essence still sometimes has trouble with her tests. Essence eventually said something about how the pits were evil and made his soul dark too. That maybe once his soul was pure but it wasn’t anymore. That either the pit, death, age, or something else turned it dark/evil and that her mother shouldn’t trust him. And Jason fought back with something about how her mother doesn’t trust her and it’s because she knows that just because she’s her daughter doesn’t mean she’s pure of heart. Essence stabbed him for that with the all-blade and because of what she had said Jason took that as an assassination attempt and left.

He wasn’t in a good mental place and decided that it was time to do something about Gotham. Talia detracted him for awhile with more training but with all that was in his head (his last test/Pit madness/Joker being alive/and all the news from Gotham it didn’t take long).

So Jason became Redhood

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