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#talk fanfiction
are there any imagines of Erik having sex for the first time?


- . class of 2004 series (virgin!erik x virgin!oc in flashback)- @eye-raq

- erik takes reader’s virginity series, reader is shy/bashful/nervous and she tries to avoid erik after a wild night, erik humping his best friend/reader x erik eating out virigin reader turning her out-  @nahimjustfeelingit-writes

- painted series (virgin reader)- @moniquebellaa

- the sweetest taste series- @wakandaforeverwrites

- erik x virgin sex aftercare; the first, the best (virgin!reader)-  @blackgirlimaginesmarvel

- changes series (erik x reader having sex for the first time)- @melaninmarvelgirl62

- let’s talk about sex series (vrigin!reader)- @thehomierobbstark

-my first & his only (virigin!reader)- @bakarilennox

- muse series (virgin!reader)- @killmongurl

- can you handle it series, no place like home series (erik x reader have sex for the first time)- @hearteyes-for-killmonger

- old thing back series (mention of reader losing her virginity to erik)- @shewritestheblues

- first love (erik x reader have sex for the first time)- @blackpantherimagines


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I wanna start writing fan can I get started and would you read them?

Now I may not be a writer but these are things that can still help such as getting to know your writing style and figuring out who you want to write for. What are your favorite fandoms? Are there any new ones you’re interested in?  See where you want to challenge youself  (whether it be smut, angst) as well as what you like to write more of whether it be again smut, angst, fluff, etc). What are your favorite tropes to read as a reader and like to see more of (what you’d like to write about)? Are you a slow burn kind of person? Enemy to lovers stan? Roomates to lovers? You know? I highly recommend outlining. Getting inspiration/ asking writers who write the same characters as you would like to write in order to get advice on how to portray the said character’s traits/personality out in the most accurate way with your twist and added fun. From what I’ve seen prompt lists can really help get your flow going. Also there are lots of posts on helpful writing tips on here too!  I’d be honored to! I hope this helps! I know there are more people who can give more detail. 

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Pls sis help me find the fic it’s trevantae Rhodes he’s in the army but he’s staying with y/n bc he tried to kill himself , my dad is his commanding officer?? I hope I explained this enough 😫😫

You sure did explain it enough! It’s called Log Cabin and A Brewing Fire series by the good sis @madamslayyy . And it’s 🔥🔥!

Scroll down it’s all there on her masterlist!!

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Omg where’d you find your Spooky fics??? I love him and would love to read some good fics on him

I just started reading for him so it’s gonna take me a bit to catch up! I’ve just been lurking! I did some peeping lasting year but just really coming around to the fanfic. At some point i will make a list of Oscar fics.

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Hi I'm sorry to bother you but I saw others asking and thought you might know where I can find this fix I've been searching high and low for. It's Tchalla and Okoye I think and she has a son but then the snap happens. That's

Hey!!! Don’t apology for bothering me! I want y’all to! I sure do know this story!!

By the very good sis @brownsugarcocoabutterwildflowers 😘

It’a all in order for you☺️

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Do you know any plus size reader black panther fics?

I sure do!!!


- golden girl, fingers dipped in gold series, early morning concerts, do it, a single prick series, singing lessons, lose that attitude, i’ve been going, his sixth sense, nice & comfortable, three kings of dreams, you may, comfortable, possibly, up and alert- @supersizemeplz

- family isn’t always everything, t’challa dealing wth his s/o having guardianship of her little bro, you and t’challa had a really bad breaku but he sees you at an event?, group text: date, in my feelings, t’challa after a hard day funning wakanda, “lemme show you how much i love you”, group chat: plans for tonight, love through tragedy, my apologies my queen, “choose”, lazy days (includes m’baku)-  @plussizeappreciationfics (search: tchalla and tchalla x reader)

-anonymous series, gentle giant series, the twisted ones, selfless series, all the stars series- @cassidyconner

- how the guys for the avengers would react to being twerked on (includes t’challa);  imagine you decided to post a sunbathing picture for instagram, knowing your husband, the king of wakanda will see. everything goes smooth until erik killonger decides to give you a lil too much attention. he ends up learning not to mess with the queen (fake social media au); imagine t’chala and his queen are execting their first child. the world is overy joyed by the little bundle of joy, imagine it ‘s halloween and you decide to dress up as your idol sorm leaving the entire internet shook (fake social media au), imagine it’s your anniversary with your boyfreind t’challa and he surprises you with a trip to the most beautiful beach you’ve ever seen- @papi-chulo-bucky (search: tchalla)

- headcanons: short reader, king of spring, hot cheetos, rays of sunshine, pineapple princess, your highness, jealousy- @littlemessyjessi

- cats, why series, enough for now, jealousy headcanon, lingerie headcanon, nsfw headcanon, kinks headcanon, dom/sub headcanon, height headcanons- @madamslayyy

- queen by spring series, “i have a right to what is mine”, t’challa is straight up missing you, t’challa needs to feel your finger in his hair, imagine t’challa helping you find more peace by bringng you into meditation, wakanda now bath salt baths and tantric sex; your favorite physical aspect of t’challa is his mouth, t’challa and m’baku both like gap tooth play but t’challa like to run it along the outer lips while m’baku likes to work it over the nipples (includes m’baku and sam wilson); cater, matchmakers, show me, to our bedroom (search t’challa x reader)-  @brownsugarcocoabutterwildflowers

-miles apart series-  @eriksjournal

- t’challa with his first bbw- @sisterwifeudaku

- he spills series @captainsaveasmut (includes m’baku and erik)

- where are we?, the wakandan boys when the’re sick (includes erik and m’baku) - @sonofnjobu

- al fics- @eerythingisshaka

- learn ya series- @wakandaforeverwrites

- let’s play- @wakandamama


- all m’baku fics- @plussizeappreciationfics

- your cherries, wakandan events & natural charisma series, love berries, ain’t got no time, shadows in the closet, tamed, change in schedule, big baby, intersting theories, why?, forever my chieftess, three kings of dreams, long days and longer nights, i wouldn’t mind- @supersizemeplz

- gaining favor- @littlemessyjessi

- healing gardens series, it’s complicated series, extra credit series, coming home series (includes what’s for dinner?), warrior spirit, diplomatic affiars, fading away, gemini rising: birthday edition, just business series-  @jellybean531

- work from home series, fever series- @mbakusthrone

- warm colors series- @mermaidchansons

- a special visit- @yaachtynoboat711

- tradition series, mr. stamina, truth or dare series, give it to me, the garden,, princess, 2 hours, i’m right here, the wakandan boys when they’re sick (includes erik and t’challa), would you rather-  @sonofnjobu

-chieftess, giving m’baku a lapdance, t’challa and m’baku likes gap tooth play (inclues t’challa and sam wilson), tradition, watch-  @brownsugarcocoabutterwildflowers (scroll for m’baku x reader)

- an m’big surprise- @pastelastronomy24

- and i you, my love; hands, his girl, untitled, you are mine- @marvelmaree

- v.i.p (includes erik), you owe her an apology, no i can’t take a break, scraped m’baku headcanon, m’baku titty worship headcanon, whipped headcanon, the prince seires, is this love? series (ncludes m’baku) (with don’t be scared)- @madamslayyy

- fated instinct series, cabin in the snow series, whipped cream a la m’baku-  @greennightspider

- brown skin, oh angel, forever mine, best baba ever, the heat of trinidad series- @artisticestheticreads

- forget his name, our love in color series, a well deserved rest series, have it your way series, satisfied, another heir, what would you have me do? series, full body- @wakandan-flowerz

- crown royal on ice, two left feet, just for tonight series- @ghostfacekill-monger

- all fics- @eerythingisshaka

- all fics- @muse-of-mbaku

- mother may i series- @wakandaforeverwrites

- sweet thang series, the best part, bow to me- @wakandamama


- how i feel, right now, animal, chains series, purple herbs & gardens, risks & new beginnings series, better with time, let’s play, without a doubt, sizzling pans & slow jams, misinterpretations, visions of gold, out business, come through and chill series, nights, slow burn, a siren’s allure, venom, the one, maybe they’re right, sore loser series, i’ll be alright, spooky cookies & vampire fangs, screams in the night series; knock, knock series; imagination, the cure series, poptart man series, this must be our song, conversation starter, heaven is a place on earth, twins?, say it, i’m there, his princess, his for the night, sugar baby series, authority series, baby shark, lemme try, take our time, say the word, sudden reunions series, memories of you, more ways than one, lemme try it again (that’s my face), not in budget, i would like to see it, pease mama bear, she likes me, guess what, times like these, tell me your secret series, he gets it from me, baby see baby do, see what had happened was, who me?, so relax, three kings of dreams, deck the b-…halls?, do it again, be quiet, you so crazy, how that sound?, you’re so handsome, sit still, leave me aloneee, don’t hide, or maybe, send it to mommy, but i’m sick.., you thought i wouldn’t find out, he’d make you his, ballet baba, ain’t that right?, he wasn’t having that, being honest, that’s all it took?, then stop ignoring me, since you can, but i thougth…, jealous, i won’t tell you again series, hit me, no reply, i’ve alway been, you sure?, no more tummy time, toss ‘em, you done now?, sing it baby, doped up, battle it out, for however long, bath time, bedtime stories, i’m sorry, was that so hard?, i owe you that, whatchu say?, hard headed, it should’ve been you, take our time series, baba’s day, whatever she wants, nope, can’t even look at you, not again, nose wide oen, just a bit longer, come on over to my place, fences & bullriders- @supersizemeplz

- all erik fics and headcanons- @nahimjustfeelingit-writes

- all erik fics and headcanons- @eye-raq

- teach me series, when you’re mad series, waffles series, slow ride series, movie night series, let’s talk about sex series, mines, thunderstorm, girl fuck you, eat your breakfast seres (with eat your dinner), secret admirer, amusement park fun, displays of affection, night at the movie theaters, silent hearbeats series, kissing strangers series, worship, loving the way you love it, day drunk, smile for me daddy series, just like you, we goin to hell, breeding time- @thehomierobbstark

- refuge series, champion series, soft series, all dadmonger fics, erik’s getting soft series, erik and his princess, erik’s afraid of live, erik takes care of his sick princess, erik witha shy girl, erik’s created a monster series, afraid of heights, erik loves to spoil you, you want it rough, t’challa’s trusted advisor, first kiss, the legend series, you hurt erik, i love you, erik backslides, the proposal, daddy, accountability, noral, kinky, foolproof, erik ad your burn marks, erik helps you do pole fitness, i do, first date, erik teasing his short gf, erik cuts his hair- @killmongersgurl

- late again, halloween party, imprint, a man in love, v.i.p (includes m/baku), daddy’s home, y’all again?, okay? okay, prisoner of love, family cookout, kiss, what’s cooking good looking, expecting headcanons, food headcanons, crying headcanons, nsfw headcanons, foot fetish series, halloween headcanons, lingerie headcanons, jealous headcanons, kevin’s  heart series, untitled series- @madamslayyy

-carnal stimulation series, next lifetime series, hoe ass erik series, dirty little secrets series, hennything is possible, sunday dinner series (with payback), a.d.i.d.a.s., green goddess, suddenly stevens, beauty is her name, it’s complicated. i’m sorry, the great reveal, neighbors know my name series (part 2 to @hearteyes-for-killmonger‘s story of the same name), the devil speaks xosha, mile high, trap card, act up, let me smell it, up late, i’ll take your man, carry on, dreams & nightmares- @goddessofthundathighs

- headass youtube couple series, fix my crown series, all skate, cutting ties series, #tsrbaewatch,  @apantherinmypastlife

- all erik fics-  @wawakanda-btch

- all fics- @hearteyes-for-killmonger

- say my name series, beg for it, the coat room, charley horse, full court press, house party, boyfriend makeup challenge, gumby, the let out series, disorderly, token, all i wanted for christmas is you, hit the showers, neo, erica; veni, vidi, vici, i will be here, trick or treat, the wakandan boys when they’re sick (includes t’challa and m’baku)- @sonofnjobu

- mine, unravel me series (includes belong to you), i missed you series (inlcudes you a’ight and if they ain’t looking), rated e, on braodway, no average bitch,  @brownsugarcocoabutterwildflowers (scroll for erik killmonger x reader and erik killmonger imagine)

- all tasting mellow fics- @tastingmellow

- laid up series- @pastelastronomy24

- come lay with me, house hunting series, stretch marks, the footbal jerseyy, you sure?- @marvelmaree

- the deal series, nuggest of truth, girlfriend, all i want is you, care for you- @wakandamama

- rated e for extra petty, elbow deep series- @puffmamaa

- she got game, where’s the smoke, s.d.m., from paris with love, where the hoes at? (with t’challa and m’baku), written all over your face, baby bump series (wit cuddle buddy,, and hc: chubby!erik trying old clothes), not in that way, here kitty kitty, computer blue series, chunk series- @ghostfacekill-monger

- all erik fics- @stripper-patrick

- he spills series (with t’chala and m’baku)- @captainsaveasmut

- i’m cleva series, do me baby (part 2 of @killmongersgurl‘s serieserik’s created a monste)-, @killmongerdispussy

- sorry he’s gone, mad issues series, curiosity happy weight- @curls-and-crosses

- nah baby i got you- @inxan-ity (scroll for erik killmonger)

- all fics- @writerbee-ffs

- paragone series- @dynastynoire

- all fics- @eriksjournal

- the sweetest taste series, late night drive- two of a kind series (includes ‘03 bonnie and clyde prequel), beyond the lights series, mad love series- @wakandaforeverwrites

- all erik fics and headcanons- @plussizeappreciationfics

-thanksgiving w/ mr. stevens and the udakus series (with valentine’s gumbo),  @mermaidchansons

- all erik fics- @muse-of-mbaku

- all fics- @eerythingisshaka

- all fics- @artisticestheticreads


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Dummmbbbbb question but who wrote the Jabari fic where they had to have sex in front of the whole tribe?

This isn’t a dumb question at all! Wait there’s a Jabari fic like that? I only know one with with Erik x reader having sex in front of everyone in the throne room. I’m still looking for that fic. And I’m starting to feel like the person who wrote it left.

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- stereotypes series, pretty please, “how about collegeboi!erik- @tastingmellow (search erik stevens college au)

- imagine this series- @wakandascrystal

- black panther (au) headcannons: college life (with t’challa, m’baku), firsts series, treehouses - @laketaj24

- for however long, it should’ve been you, was that so hard?, risk & new beginning series, conversation starter, maybe they’re right series, i won’t tell you again series, no reply. nope-  @supersizemeplz

- study buddy- @heyauntieeee

- babe- @lamekidwriter

- don’t drop me series, the necklace series, lollipops and basketball series, invisible girl, never series- @wawakanda-btch

- she got game- @ghostfacekill-monger

- kiss, untitled series- @madamslayyy

- (n)written in the stars series, forget you not, move, fried green tomatoes series- @iliketowrite1996

- make the bullshit worth it series- @wakandansunsets

- love galore series- @calif0rnia-lovers

- cut from the same cloth series, i mean that shit, lake ronkonkoma series-    @wakandas-vibranium

-late night drive- @wakandaforeverwrites

- out of your league- @plussizeappreciationfics

- papa killmonger series- @destinio1

- to move on series (with m’baku)- @wakandanblogger

- don’t take it personal series- @teakturn (<- ao3 same name)

- kissing strangers series- @thehomierobbstark

- worry ‘bout it, i wanna be, feel love- @songficsbyrissi

- hoe ass erik series, trap card, the great reveal- @goddessofthundathighs

- erik x deja series- @wifeyofnjadaka

- black panther greek life (with t’challa and m’baku)- @sweettea-and-honeybutter

- i love it -@zxddy-panther

- wishing- @ororowrites

- baby mama- @wakanda-inspired

- let me tutor you, ma series- @blacksteel-art

- telling erik that you’re pregnant, taking erik to the beauty supply store with you- @maleficentcheekbones

- imagine: erik is the student and reader is the professor, erik talking teal nasty and the reader can’t take it series, imagine: erik cuddling with the reader  while she is on er period/having sex with reader while she is on her period, erik shaved the reader, Erik helps reader with an anxiety attack-  @nahimjustfeelingit-writes

- time to slay series- @leelahsrose

- thursday, silver ring series- @theblekromantik

- dating erik stevens- @loveviera

- the let out series, house party, token, trick or treat, gumby, and say my name series - @sonofnjobu

- we’ll always be together. i’m gonna help you-  @muse-of-mbaku

- all the stars series (with t’challa)- @generalshazam

- the library will be closing series- @killmongurl

- you say it’s food for thought (let me feed you) series- @lostncrowned

- changes series- @melaninmarvelgirl62

- laid up series- @pastelastronomy24

- stress & love- @dragonglassx

-tutor session- @writerbee-ffs


- black panther (au) headcannons: college life (with erik and m’baku)- @laketaj24

- love, apps and attitudes series (with erik), college days series (with seasons)- @iliketowrite1996

- real love- @zxddy-panther

- the pledge: fire and ice- @kumkaniudaku

- you make me begin- @elixirtchalla

-  prince who- @minim236

- all the stars series (with erik)- @generalshazam

- keisha’s way series- @ororowrites


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Hey hey! There's this one fic where Erik's girl is enamoured by his cakes and is being hella goofy with 'em. Do you know who wrote it or can you link me to the fic, please?

By the good sistren @killmongersbootycall and @killmoncoochie

I know there’s at least one headcanon too but here are two fics i know of! If I come across/find the headcanon, I’ll send it to you!

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Can you link me to some dark!T’Challa smutty fics? *scratches neck intensely*

I know of one by the good sis @royallyprincesslilly. It’s called King’s Orders series. 

Here’s the masterlist so you catch up!!


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