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It’s hard for me to put into words how much the stories of Weiss Schnee and Zuko mean to me tbh

It’s the “I was not born guilty of your crimes!” the “I’ve learned everything, and I’ve had to do it all on my own!” It’s the This 👏Life👏Is👏Mine👏,“My mind and heart are one” and the wanting to do everything possible not to let the ideology and unjust situation you were born into continue on after you

I just really look up to them both and they both mean a lot to me

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Have my niche meme that probably only applies to me

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Realized this site has ruined me when my prof said “the problematic part of this function” and I was like wtf did it do 👀

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Really really just about want nothing more than to go to Island right now

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I have two types of hyperfixations

I either spend like a month being invested in it and then kind of forget about it

Or I spend years being invested in it on and off like a fuckin sinusoidal type shit

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Ren getting ready to expose the next person’s innermost trauma and coping mechanisms

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I am L I V I N G for empath Ren

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I love Thirteen, but it’s just…. sooooo obvious that her bisexuality was written by straight dudes who find it ~hot~

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Update: I Am Going To make one of those long rainbow edits for Lost, it’s just that college has started again and my classes are a looooot™️

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Gosh dang it now I wanna make one of those rainbow edits for lost

Honestly it seems like it’d be fun, pick a bunch of cool looking scenes and then color them…and I’d get more experience with canvas layouts…hmmm….

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Really hard to express how much I love Desmond Hume and just how much his character and story means to me tbh

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Hmmmm I know I’m late but how do you feel about me making one of those 2020 year in review calendars - LOST edition

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I love that moment when you get to that point with a story and its characters where you’re standing there and it just hits you that yep, you’re in it for the long haul with them now

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“Did that happen in canon or did I just read it in a fanfic” is the fandom version of “did that actually happen or did I dream that”

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