b1rdza · 7 hours ago
c!tubbo truly does embody the tbh/autism creature because as a minecraft skin he's always wearing a fairly neutral expression, but something about those eyes holds an unfathomable amount of emotion. this is multiplied by five whenever he goes nonverbal during something upsetting. i mean just look for yourself
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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spaceshipsandpurpledrank · 11 hours ago
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pyrovisionary · 9 hours ago
in tf2 its very simple it works like this
the offense class are the mentos illness
the defense class are the babygirls
the support class are the tumblr sexymen
if you remember this and put it to heart i know you have the ability to become a true warrior *explodes and dies in your arms covering you with organs*
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clealambpmy · 11 hours ago
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wackywizardz · a year ago
there is something so so funny about my wonderful quails
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violenced1strict · a year ago
i love the bloodborne messengers. they look like this:
Tumblr media
and the game is just like oh they're just silly little guys :] like thats so good. i love bloodborne
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noeggets · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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afumblebee · 6 months ago
"it was ooc for techno to put sam in the prison" literally multiple times over the course of the stream its shown that techno was letting tubbo take the lead, he was following his word because while yes he cared a lot for ranboo, sam had affected tubbo way more by tearing apart his family, murdering his husband and kidnapping his child, he was fully aware that this was tubbos rescue mission, knew this was tubbos revenge, he consistently asked tubbo what they were going to do next he never forced tubbo to do anything any time tubbo did something that techno had said (like moving into ranboo's house) it was him agreeing after techno had Suggested it or Asked him so yeah while it goes against his ideals it wasnt his choice
AND SPEAKING OF??? "techno forced tubbo to move into ranboos house" NO?? he asked tubbo if he wanted to move into ranboos house after tubbo had established. Multiple Times Over The Stream. that snowchester was no long a safe place to keep michael or any of his belongings since all of his shit got stolen and tubbo said yeah like come on???
technoblade is in grief for the first time that we've ever seen it so like hell yeah if that means he goes soft for the person he lost's young family
i dont even care if this plotline goes the fanservice-y route im a fan who likes to be serviced idk what yalls issue is my big high heels click loudly as i walk away
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theveryworstthing · 3 months ago
I Live.
Gonna give y’all a little life update copy-pasted from patreon since I’ve been gone for a thousand years. I don't really want to get deep into everything because sharing too many private details about my life/family on the internet feels a little icky even when people are nice but a quick rundown is:
1. My mom was helping my aunt through the legal proceedings of a messy divorce from her abusive ex husband and had to fly to her place like every 2 weeks. During her stays there she sensed something was wrong and after a few doctor's visits we found out that my aunt has early onset dementia. She's being taken care of by family and her shitty ex will never see her again if we have any say so but it's been Rough. She doesn't deserve this shit.
2. Surgery Bonanza! Mom has to get a giant mysterious fatty mass schlorped out of her back and my Grandma Lou' s thyroid gland went insaneo style and blew up into two huge masses that had to be cut out of her throat before they completely cut off her breathing. Then she had a bonus surgery to help with her failing eyesight. On the bright side, there was no cancer found in the weird lumps harvested from my kin.
3. My cat developed a weird lump full of cancer. I spotted a small lump on his right back leg over a month ago and after begging his former vet for an appointment sooner than 2 weeks away we finally got him in. Within seconds she said that it was probably cancer and that if it is he probably won't survive the treatment for it because he's 15 so do I really want to know? Because if I know then maybe I'll want to treat this expensive thing  but if I wanted to let it ride it might be easier I guess? Because letting my weird little son die without trying to save him or give him proper end of life care is cool as long as it's cheaper and I don't have to think about it as much???? This was before any sort of intensive check on him or the tumor was done btw. The little dude was pretty much either a dead man walking or he had some mysterious swelling that time would take care of as far as she was concerned. Either way there was the vibe that she kind of wrote him off.
I ordered tests for him anyway, waited 2 weeks to get inconclusive answers, ordered an x-ray (which should have been done with the other test but whatever), waited a week and a half to learn that yeah, he probably does have cancer maybe and thank god it's not spreading too fast because uh oh! It's been almost a month and that bad boy has been growing this whole time!!!! Also it took weeks for them to bother scheduling any kind of re-check. At this point they say that there's nothing they can do and offer to get me in contact with what seems to be the only animal cancer specialist around. Who's like 2 and a half hours away. And has a crazy wait list. Did I mention that Coup hates being stuck in his carrier and will stress out and cry constantly every time he's forced to travel anywhere? So after reaching out to friends and family I found another much closer vet who could give me a second opinion first and thank god I found that place because not only did they actually judge him by his actual level of health instead of just his age when it comes to treatment (besides the cancer Coup is healthy as an ox, stellar scores in bloodwork and overall cat-ness, vet said that judging from his behavior/usage of the leg that we're probably more concerned about the situation than he is) but they also had a treatment plan rolled out and ready by the end of the visit. The boy is almost done with his chemo injections now and even though the shrinking is slow he's still in great health so we're daring to dream.
Tumblr media
Fuck The Haters.
Other things happened but I don't want to talk about those things. The bottom line is that I'm not juggling a hell schedule or crying every day now so I want to get back in the drawing saddle. Thanks again to everyone on patreon who stuck around and basically threw their money in this mysterious pit, Y'all helped pay my bills when I was literally too mentally wrecked to work. And thanks to everyone else who sent me random good vibes, hoped I was okay, said nice things about my art, and were generally pretty cool even though I fled social media. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
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sea-beam · 7 months ago
I had a dream once that toby fox posted official artwork of gaster to his twitter but only the bottom half of the artwork so it just looked like this
Tumblr media
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jupiter-oak · a year ago
fuck it. which minecraft disc are you based on this uquiz
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b1rdza · 10 hours ago
i knew bdubs knows what a skrunkly is now but nothing could have prepared me for hearing hin say it in a regular sentence
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spaceshipsandpurpledrank · 2 days ago
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pyrovisionary · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
this bitch was like moses to autistic people
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minimumwageangel · 3 months ago
something i love about mystery spot is all the questions it raises for sam. how long was he hypervigilant and overprotective of dean, unable to stop seeing all the ways he could die at any moment? what was it like seeing bobby again when he knew what his body looked like bleeding out on the floor? how much did it fuck him up to realize that he'd gone on a revenge campaign just like his father? did sam tell dean what happened? did he tell anyone at all?
of course this is supernatural, so none of these questions are addressed in any capacity and the series continues as if one of its best episodes of all time never happened at all
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four-bastard-bustle · a month ago
Tumblr media
The absolute teehee of this guy
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b1rdza · a day ago
i'm like half convinced that after playing security breach something in ranboo's brain snapped
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