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b1rdza · a day ago
playing singleplayer minecraft is something that simultaneously fills your heart with the joy of creation and also the pulsing terror of being left alone in the world with only ruins and scraps of civilization to comfort you
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volvolts · a day ago
van zieks headcanons
cuz i want to
-  while both klint and barok are flexible, the leg objections are from barok alone. in one of his early trials he was so pissed at a defense attorney who was clearly paid off by the defendant that he slammed his leg on the bench and demanded that they shut up. it worked
- he’s left handed but klint and his tutors always trained and encouraged him to use his right hand. he still uses his left hand when he writes and uses a sword
- he has a black thumb no matter how much he researches plants they end up dead within the week so he gave up gardening
- barok has always been kinda bad at expressing his emotions but it was because he was shy than anything else. he really pulled away after the professor case and after 10 years of being the reaper, has perfected his resting bitch face into an artform
- only a small few of the van zieks’ manor staff are actually ride or die for barok since most of the ones who knew him were already very old by the time barok owned the manor and he was very aloof to his staff after the professor. his staff dwindled considerably after his first poisoning attempt and is rather small for an aristocrat
- following that, barok does know how to do a little bit of housework. his paranoia also makes it so he personally goes over his staff’s work (which makes the new staff not like him) and he doesn’t trust anyone to make his tea but himself or his most trusted chef
- he hopes one day, kazuma will trust him as a colleague and maybe a friend. he doesnt know exactly if kazuma even likes him so for now he keeps a polite distance and stays away as much as he can. kazuma doesnt know whether to be annoyed or appreciative
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four-bastard-bustle · an hour ago
Tumblr media
@mxttellion is too much of a coward to post this so i guess i have to do every fucking thing myself
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wackywizardz · 4 months ago
there is something so so funny about my wonderful quails
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violenced1strict · 5 months ago
i love the bloodborne messengers. they look like this:
Tumblr media
and the game is just like oh they're just silly little guys :] like thats so good. i love bloodborne
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jupiter-art-alt · 7 months ago
fuck it. which minecraft disc are you based on this uquiz
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theveryworstthing · a month ago
update time.
i’ve finally checked my inbox and discovered that people are wondering where i am, how i’m doing, and if i’m still alive. the answer basically boils down to: insurance hell sucked up so much of my free time and put me into such a crappy mental state that i drew very little that i was not under contractual obligation to draw and stayed away from all social media because i was not really fit for public interaction.
the slightly longer story is that after i got into the car accident i found out that my bank had mistakenly put a lien on my car even though i paid it off years ago. so for two months i was run around making calls, having panic attacks, dealing with rude tow lot ladies, having to repeat what happened over and over, being assured by the main branch that they were sending me a lien release, waiting for said lien release for 7-10 business days before calling again because it never came, doing this THREE TIMES until a lady at my local branch convinced them to send it straight to the bank for me to pick up. then once i got the damn thing the DMV said that my car had been labeled abandoned. so i had to search for who did that, which was hard because my claims guy was gone on a family emergency for a week and no one else knew what i was talking about. the tow lot wouldn’t take responsibility and said that the cops did it because they went and searched my car for crimes for some reason? but anyway i finally get the title after a lot of hours long phone calls and crying in my brother’s car and then handed off for my check.
meanwhile i was dealing with other life things like family disasters and the fact that on two separate occasions opossums broke into the house by way of the laundry room, ate my cat’s food, and snuck into my room. since i’m the Animal Person that meant i had to spend days/hours shooing them out and capturing them respectively. both times they jumped up on my bed in the middle of the night while i was chillin’ and i thought they were my cat until they were perched right up on me. it was a mess.
anyway, i’m not dead my brain/motivation has just been destroyed by stress and i’m going to try and do interactions more so people don’t send me worried messages.
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evildog · 8 months ago
every sapphic on tumblr is like IM SO ALONE!!!!!!!!!!! *posts bubbline* *posts catradora* *posts lumity* *listens to mitski*
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sludgies · a month ago
pov you are a can of pringles
Tumblr media
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b1rdza · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
c!tubbo real
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Tumblr media
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switchyfox · 4 months ago
Friendly reminder to please not just write "x reader" if the fiction is clearly gender specific... just write xf!reader or add the pronouns (and genitalias if it's explicit) in the summary or warnings. Please think of queer readers who will dive into your story only to read something that will upset them just because you didn't make it clear. It won't take you more time and it will be better for everyone.
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dynamicspacebud · a month ago
Yoooo Sarah-Nicole Robles ATE up this last line. Like the fucking delivery is incredible
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theotherendcomics · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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mydumbholes864 · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
It’s still early, I’m gonna see what kind of trouble i can get into 👅😈
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volvolts · 9 days ago
writing whether or not the great ace attorney would like the steel samurai
Ryunosuke: like phoenix he doesn’t understand the appeal of it and sees it as a mindless kids show. he learns most of the plot and characters through osmosis from his friends tho
Susato: LOVES the steel samurai as much as “the adventures of Herlock Sholme” if not more so. has watched the entire series thrice, seen the stageplays, the movies, and buys merch and cards. definitely tried to convince kazuma to teach her the sword at some point. hates plumed punisher with a passion and once ranted about it for hours when ryunosuke asked why
Iris: loves the steel samurai just as much as susato. they can discuss metas and characters and plots for hours in susato’s room. Her favorite character is the pink princess and she’s tried to imagine a story with herlock in the steel samurai setting. she loves the plumed punisher BECAUSE it’s so similar to the steel samurai since it’s twice the good, right?
Herlock: he claims to love the show and perfectly seems to match the energy that susato and iris have but ask him simple plot points and characters and he’ll draw a blank. he’ll forget bits that even ryunosuke knows
Gina: gina’s not in it for the characters or the plot, she’s in it for the action! she loves the effects and choreography and sits back bored out of her mind when they start talking again. she’s a big will powers fan and also has the card collection
Kazuma: genuinely has no idea what is going on in the show. put it on and his eyes glaze over. he doesn’t mean to but he just can’t get into it but he tries for susato. once he finally got a character’s name right was so proud about it...and no one had the heart to tell him that the character was from the plumed punisher
van Zieks: definitely out of his demographic but he watches it because Iris likes it. he’s watched the entire series with the girls and knows all of the lore and characters and can even have discussions with susato about them. you’d mistake him for a superfan but its only because he’s watched so much of it at this point. susato and iris always take him along to merch promotions or conventions because his height and fear factor scare off the other fans which gives them first dibs
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jupiter-art-alt · 6 months ago
happy monday aromantic people!
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theveryworstthing · 21 days ago
spent a week being mad at chronic illness but now i’m semi-good. i did make my acnh island half way presentable while i couldn’t sit up though, so come visit my dream.
Tumblr media
see the sights, find secret spots, mingle with the collection of stray small gods, stare suspiciously at the map and wonder why the center of the dang place is only accessible by vaulting over rivers. 
it’s a mess. come on over.
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