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cryptidizeart · a day ago
If someone says achievement hunter and dsmp should collab, you're wrong and I hope you have a very shut up
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rizguks · 16 hours ago
i do think emily axford has the right to play two characters in the world of spyre al la aabria iyengar. ever since the cast of the seven said she should play tracker it hasn’t left my mind since.
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v-g-b-d · 2 days ago
It's always the boyfriend or husband huh.
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nostalgicfun · 2 days ago
Is driving/riding in the car at night super nostalgic for anyone else? Specifically in a city/town? Double points if it’s in the winter! 
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itsinjustbeing · 9 hours ago
adam groff is literally the dean winchester the cw was afraid to give us
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fairycosmos · 2 days ago
my birthday is almost coming up. i feel alone. i have no friends or lover. i had a dream last night that i came back to my old school from when i was younger, my old teachers were there, my friends were also there. they were preparing a birthday party for me. they hadn’t change although i did grow taller. i remember telling someone in my dream “you see? i always come back here no matter how far i go” and woke up way too sad to even try to understand what this was about. but the way i had changed and they didn’t made me think how much of the past we hold on to because somehow it makes us feel safe
i totally get you, old friends and childhood absolutely permeates my dreams too - people and places i genuinely thought i had moved beyond. i think the subconscious focuses on back then because it was secure, and even if it wasn’t really, we were too young to understand why. it was a different world. i am so sorry it’s all so heavy for you at the moment, love. loneliness is a fucking bitch but it’s also extremely common - it’s not reflective of what you deserve, you know? most of the time it’s just circumstance. feel free to not answer but if you wanted to let me know when ur birthday was i would be happy to celebrate with you even just online!! and happy (early) birthday anyway 💝💓💝 hope this year is much kinder to you and that you find your people, because you’re honestly a wonderful person who anyone would be lucky to know!! sending all the love in the universe your way 💗💝💖
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wonderfulbike · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
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genius0flove · 3 months ago
gay holidays include: pride month, the met gala, halloween, and spotify wrapped day
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ijaazat · 8 months ago
new love languages dropped (i saw it all in a dream)
• boobs
• eating together
• theft
• pure devotion which makes you turn a blind eye to the rest of the world
• salvation through your lover's touch
• going through grief together
• blood
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panaves · 4 months ago
you know how oviraptorosaurs are often called "chickenparrots?"
well i recently learned abt the real life chickenparrot: the kili mooku chicken ("parrot beak/nose" in tamil)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i unfortunately dont know as much about them as i'd like since idk tamil well but from what little i understand, they're a show breed developed in tamil nadu (my state!) who are surprisngly health despite how odd they look! their breed standard also seems to include little to no wattles save a single round comb, so that one comb makes em look even more like oviraptorosaurs!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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malewiferoxy · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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itsinjustbeing · 2 months ago
supernatural where everything is the same but dean has a filigreed pearl-handled revolver as his weapon of choice oh wait uhhhh okay no where everything is the same but dean openly flirts with men oh shit wait fuck no okay hang on it’s the same but dean is canonically referred to as a man’s boyfriend fuck no hang on hang on just wait a second hang on
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saphushia · 2 months ago
I just think it'd be really funny if the hermits were gods who got together as a group n decided to larp as mortals
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homefreeptx · 7 days ago
Writing Resources
I've decided to compile a bunch of resources for people if they need to use them. This will be updated as much as I can.
OTP Generator Links
- SFW -
✧ OTP Prompts Generator #1 - Unknown ✧ OTP Prompts Generator #2 - Unknown ✧ OTP Prompts Generator #3 - Unknown ✧ OTP Prompts Generator #4 - @/promptOTP on Twitter ✧ OTP Prompts Generator #5 - @kogami (won't let me tag them)
- NSFW -
✧ OTP Prompts Generator #1 - @a-cure-for-writers-block ✧ OTP Prompts Generator #2 - @novaxxium ✧ OTP Prompts Generator #3 - Unknown ✧ OTP Prompts Generator #4 - Unknown
Good OTP Prompt Blogs
@otpcompendium @emswritingprompts @writing-prompt-s @writing-prompts-re @promptsamillion @phaserplane64 @otpprompts @lavenderotpprompts
Good Writing Related Blogs (Tips, relatable memes, etc.)
@moonlit-sunflower-books @writingdotcoffee @heywriters @wordlywriter
Words To Describe Facial Expressions - @introvrt-unicorn The Smut Writer's Dictionary - @maybeeatspaghetti Synonyms For 'Said' - @simping4fics Writer's Vocabulary List: Words that Sound Beautiful - @writing-is-my-anchor 26 Words To Use In Replacement Of Very - @cjsworld55 Online Thesaurus/Dictionary
Writing LGBTQ+ Characters
6 Pitfalls To Avoid When Writing LGBTQ+ Characters How To Write Better LGBTQ+ Characters How To Make a Fictional LGBTQ+ Character Beyond the Closet: Writing Gay Characters How To Write Gay Characters Into Your Story
How To Write A (Great!) Sex Scene 9 Tips To Writing Steamy Scenes How To Write Erotica - And a Damn Fine Sex Scene
Hope some of these help.
Much love, Milo.
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