messedupdoilies · 2 days ago
ppl are like “oh, it’s a plot hole that Spike says he dug out of his coffin but his mom didn’t know William was dead so he couldn’t have been buried”
Guys, Drusilla was his sire. If you don’t think she’s goth enough to drag his little twink corpse through london to go bury him in a coffin so he’d raise “the traditional way”, you don’t know Drusilla well enough!!!! We even get indirect confirmation on AtS, as that’s exactly what she does when she re-sires Darla.
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pajamamen · a day ago
Fun silly thought that came to me in the shower: the bounty doesn't have great heating and is a flying boat that's usually up high so when it gets cold it's Very Cold. one winter everyone is kinda miserable until Lloyd pops into Kai's room to ask him something and notices that it's really warm in there. Upon closer inspection he realizes it's because Kai is a human space heater and he's literally heating his own room. Man hasn't even noticed the cold. Naturally Lloyd asks if he can hang out in there since it's fuckin cold and Kai says yeah sure. so he grabs his [insert Ninjago version of a 3ds here] and his blanket and just vibes under Kai's bed.. until Nya arrives, having had the same idea. She's now on Kai's bed with a book and music. One by one everyone slowly drifts into Kai's room (with the exception of Zane, who made hot cocoa and is wondering where everybody went). Kai is just sitting there he has no idea why everyone is being clingy all of a sudden
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lesbianwilbur · 9 hours ago
ctechno autism pog
Tumblr media
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princecanary · 17 hours ago
Hey friends! I wanted to be cool and hip like all the kids, so I made a tik tok and I post silly stuff on there if you want to check it out!
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coolfire333 · 14 hours ago
8/8...Sn0wman day again (and I suppose Vriska too)
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talonflamee · 15 hours ago
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saphushia · 3 hours ago
I love you art!! Do you have any advice for choosing colors that work well together?
thank you! colors mostly just come naturally to me (whether its actually natural or if i've just internalized color theory so strongly that it feels natural i'm not sure lol) so im not very good at actually explaining it. most of it is genuinely just what looks good to you, but looking up some basics of color theory can help a lot to narrow down options so it's easier to pin down what you want.
doing those limited palette challenges (especially when the subject matter doesn't necessarily fit the palette colors) can be good practice and i think at least a small portion of my skill in the area comes from playing those color-sorting phone games like blendoku or i love hue lol. also probably related is the year or so when i was younger where i just refused to use gradients whatsoever for some reason
that aside, here's very bare bones color theory (i wont get into it too deep, there's a billion explanations online that are leagues better than i could explain it) and some tips that might be useful?
Tumblr media
|img source|
i tend towards 2-tone palettes when i'm doing full color n they usually end up being complimentary (purple + yellow, green + pink) or close (blue + yellow, green + purple, pink + blue). i like a good strong contrast, which i think is generally what people mean when they say my style pops- having contrast makes the colors seem even brighter and stand-outish.
Tumblr media
| left || top || bottom || right |
maybe that ^ helps? the ratios are rough estimates of how much of each pic is each color group. some common advice in general design (it's actually used in a lot of stuff- webpages, interiors, etc) is having 60% main color 30% secondary color and 10% accent color (but like i said, i mostly work in 2 colors so i don't have a great example on hand)
as for finding colors, i'll sometimes search for photography that has the kinda vibe i want- for the kindred spirits pic i literally searched "blue and green spooky toxic photography" and i think i ended up referencing a pic of green lights reflecting off of wet pavement on a dark street.
one big thing that i hardly ever see mentioned but i personally utilize an absolute fuck ton- dulling colors makes them lie. use this to your advantage. say you're using bright green; if you use a gray-blue it can look like purple and will blend with the green instead of contrasting like an actual purple would
Tumblr media
| right example |
of course there's lots of situations where you do want the purple (or whatever color) to be a contrast, but this is useful when you don't.
a lot of the time lately i'll color everything in a base monotone (or very slightly varying analogous colors ie teal through indigo) and then make the lighting a contrast (complimentary) color on an 'add' or 'vivid light' or other lighting layer, then sometimes color pick the contrast colors shown in the lighting n use them sparingly to fill in a few of the base colors that didn't fit well being the base color. you can see that in the drowning picture (blue is the base color with pink lighting) and the kindred spirits drawing (gray-blue base colors with green lighting).
one last thing: never be afraid to use filters. almost all of the finished art i post has at least one overlay or gradient map or tonal correction layer ontop of it all. i'm quite partial to a low-opacity gradient map layer set to whatever colors i scrolled thru in my list and liked the vibe of, a black and white gradient map layer with the layer set to brightness (also on low opacity), or messing around with a tone curve or color balance layer. if someone starts shit with you for using filters on your art fucking block them. in general if it looks good it isn't cheating (insert common sense caveat that you aren't stealing other people's art etc etc)
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zooone · 14 hours ago
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happy international cat day!!1!1!1 ill b showing off pictures of my cat later :))
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jakeperalta · 2 days ago
love spending my saturday feeling deeply anxious despite not actually doing anything
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wonderfulbike · 11 months ago
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slushyseals · 29 days ago
This man is famous and loves talking to everyone who will listen.
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theropoda · 8 months ago
just. remembered that this morning i had a dream where neil cicierega became a huge fan of spamton and started writing songs about him and one of them was called "silly/sad little thing" and i vividly remember that one of the lyrics was "silly little thing when i pick you up and pet your behind all the stars in the world align" and there was a music video too where he just picked up spamton and put him over his shoulder like a baby and stroked him while spamton cried tears of joy but spamton looked like this
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firethekitty · 3 months ago
me when the spamton plush starts screaming in twisted horrific agony at 3 am
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fakenudes · a year ago
gay holidays include: pride month, the met gala, halloween, and spotify wrapped day
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brobecking · a month ago
good afternoon girls who are boys who like boys to be girls who do boys like theyre girls who do girls like theyre boys
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i-heartart · 4 months ago
some toronto-canadian things in turning red!
- iconography! the canadian flag in the classroom, the maple leaf shirt, the blue jay, the moose bobblehead, and ofc the CN tower.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
even the location design looks so much like canada!
- loonies and toonies!!!!!
Tumblr media
- learning french as a second language, learning about the provinces instead of states
Tumblr media
- timbits for breakfast!
Tumblr media
- hats are touqes!!! punks are hosers!!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
- the people in the background wearing headscarves!! it's very common to see many people donning them in the city. love that diversity
- I haven't personally been to chinatown (I don't live in toronto, i've only been there three times) so i can't comment on its authenticity but i'm sure other people can weigh in!
- there's also mentions of Celine Dion, a canadian singer!
- also the american concert dates are first on the list, and are mistaken for a canadian tour date. most relatable thing ever LOL
Gifs: x x x x
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ijaazat · a year ago
new love languages dropped (i saw it all in a dream)
• boobs
• eating together
• theft
• pure devotion which makes you turn a blind eye to the rest of the world
• salvation through your lover's touch
• going through grief together
• blood
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