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#talking about corporate stuff
nimbus-tatze · 8 months ago
Ok so lab grown meat
I hate (with a passion) the idea that stuff like lab grown meat or vertical farming (the indoor uv lights stuff) would be a good long term option of massive food production. The concepts themselves are amazing, bc maybe it'll be used in healthcare and it's generally nice to know what options you have and to expand them and just drive science forward, you know?
But when people talk about lab grown meat as a serious alternative in the food market I just have to log tf off bc that's the typical 'man-conquers-nature' bullshit that my indigenous self can't deal with.
People are seriously taking mars colonies or lab grown meat into consideration bc they are just unwilling to get dirty for once in their lifetime by turning around and cleaning up their own shit. Instead there is this idea of just leaving it all behind to rot by itself and venture to new horizons bc they think it's cleaner and more efficient.
Like if you would bother to turn around you'd see the millions of piss poor farmers that have done it clean and relatively efficiently regarding their circumstances, for centuries. Imagine how much more efficient they could be if they received a shred of the funding and support they actually need and deserve. But of course it's a lot more tempting, more shiny (and racist to a degree), to invest into another adventure with the belief that we'll make it better. How tf are you going to make it better if these technologies CONTINUE to leave behind rural communities? It's like a spoiled child that gets tired of their toy a week later.
This is getting long but shit it's a rant bc I'm frustrated like many others in our field
How on earth do you support these weird ass billionaire wet dreams and then make cyberpunk pity parties about being stacked on top of each other in the cities?? Like, I don't understand it at this point.
You feel bad about animals dying for food and that's why you feel great about lab grown meat, ok. But at this point, in my field at least, we're standing in front of a huge, like globally huge, problem in terms of food production and the current popular trends just...fucking tire me out man. I don't even know what to say. We have a big fuck up to take care of and rural communities need to be backed up to deal with it. And essentially many smaller communities still survive off of animal agriculture, not the industrial kind, so it boggles my mind that there is this unintentional attempt by some at getting rid of these forms of agriculture (at least unintentional by society, personally I very much belive this couldn't be any better for corporate entities). Like pls, I beg you, look outside the western world. Travel if you can, visit villages, talk to the people (and not to impose your own beliefs like some missionairy but to learn!!!).
And before I get ARAs on this post as it sometimes happens, I honestly can't take people seriously that want to treat animal agriculture as though it is the same everywhere and I just plain don't see the point in having a conversation with folks that to get rid of animal ag, no matter the form.
This isn't about eating or not eating meat or how it tastes, in case I didn't make that clear. This is about entire communities, it's about landscapes maintained by nomadic lifestyles that very much include livestock and hunting. It's about how we leave them behind and make feel-good-alternatives instead of looking at the issues case by case and let the locals speak.
If you think the solution is to let everything rewild and get meat exclusively from labs I can't with you. This is borderline neo-colonialist bc you are pushing shit on people that don't need that solution. Globally we need rural communities (especially indigenous ones!!!) and their adapted and respectful forms of agriculture (and this includes animal agriculture, can't believe this is seen as smth so seperate), and that's a hill I'm not just willing to die on but be buried in.
Don't interact with me if you want to preach against animal agriculture and get rid of it. I KNOW what's going on in the industry, I know it's not perfect and god we work our asses off to improve shit. But some of you really need to reavaluate your positions bc I do see enough of you (sometimes the exact same person!) argue with dairy farmers about dairy farming, with conservationists about conservation, with vets about animal care, (with me about indigenous matters and ag engineering) and so on and that's not ringing a bell??? Like you don't realize that you are arguing with people about their own fields?
Anyways new technologies aren't always good and lab grown meat is one of those new technologies people should be careful about.
#I beg u to study agricultural engineering like to get a degree bc god knows we need more good people#dunno man everytime i get deep deep into engineering stuff I could call my therapist#tf#people still talk about climate change like it's just around the corner#in agriculture and rural communities of certain countries it's been fatal for DECADES now#certainly the regions I've been to are fckg dying out with houses and huts rotting away#and people in the city complaining about housing and traffic#and I'm not putting the blame on individuals either btw#this shit is political and deeply so and if I'm honest it's fckg strategic to the point of being a prime tool for wars#I promised a post about famines and agroterrorism and i'm working on it oh don't you worry I'm working on it#but i could combust with the frustration about articles praising some other new technology#support small communities and small farmers!!! and if they produce animal products and that's a reason alone for you to shy away#even though their animals receive good care/welfare i will actually judge you a bit#not that it matters or is right for me to judge#but if you're ok with small farmers disappearing or changing professions bc they're working with animals i don't want you anywhere near of#agricultural engineering#indigenous#nt long post#animal agriculture#can you imagine the number of people killing themselves bc corporate forced us into a dystopia? it makes my blood boil#edited to fix some typos and sentences#lab grown meat
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valleydean · 8 months ago
castiek novak's office is your diary in fic form ... so office affair? i mean thanks because that fic is great reading
NO NO NO NOOO NO NO!!!! NO NO! bahahahahhahahaa. i never fucked my boss, i promise! (i know it sounds like something i’d do but i promise. please believe me) but like..... i’ve also never had a boss as hot as cas so like..... would you blame me????
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glitchgeek · 4 months ago
tbt (thinking 'bout tattoos)........
for years and years, i've thought about just getting some simple lineart on my forearm — something like the pulsar map from Voyager 2's golden record, or a logogram from Arrival?
but recently i've gotten this idea in my head that i want something colorful aaahhh. Like color dye splotches or lineless watercolor brushstrokes aaaaahh
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maybemorrigan · 5 months ago
OKAY quick update: rheuma went super well!! I got More tests done so we shall see what is up with my janky immune system; I have been forwarded to cardiology to diagnose/manage my POTS which the rheuma DEFINITELY agreed I have; and I have been officially diagnosed with hEDS. Also I'm getting part 2 of my Covid vaccine on Monday.
I am currently Recovering from all of this by sprawling in some deck chairs, enjoying the sunshine and snacking. I will be doing this until dinner and then sometime after that I will recommence functional thought and do some homework. For now my thoughts are only about cheese and pretty trees.
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inadistantworld · 6 months ago
I wish people would simply block blogs they don't like seeing instead of getting off on hating them so much
Social media is a curated experience and if you hate something, feel bad with something, if it makes you angry and grossed out and just unhappy to have this thing in your life then you should maybe work on keeping it out of your life instead of having some weird hate club to talk about how much you hate something and wish you never had to see it around you. You're in control of content you take in.
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transannabeth · a year ago
les mis squad: does grandson have grantaire vibes?
#his looks or his music either or#ever since i saw his acoustic blood//water video i havent stopped thinking about this#i dont like. have face claims for les mis characters since were all just out here vibing#but a lot of grandsons stuff makes me go 'could this grantaire?'#or maybe i just love grandson a lot and wanna connect that to something else i love#btw if you do listen to his stuff there are some songs that deal w more triggering stuff#those are some of my favorites but just stay safe! id rec clicking around his genius page if you wanna avoid stuff#thoughts & prayers is one of my absolute favs it gets my blood pumping#BUT that ones about and was written in response to gun violences specifically parkland#a lot of his songs are pretty political (6:00 is another i really like and that one talks about police brutality)#and his latest singles were dropped under 'text voter xx to 40649'#writing these tags is making me wonder if grandson is TOO political for r but you know what? my r interp my city#just check out grandson blood//water is a good place to start#(that ones about corporate greed and political corruption! apparently it was on riverdale? lmao i didnt know that i found it on youtube)#bury me face down is another fav and is on my edgy character playlist#the songs under text voter are (imo) softer than his other stuff but theyre still so good#how bout now is my 'get through this' jam atm#'i'm so sick of that same old shit i'm so sick of hearing not right now i hope one day it gets better than this'#ANYWAY LISTEN TO GRANDSON THATS ALL THIS ENDED UP BEING LMAO#not pjo#chitter chatter#tea listens to music#les mis. im freaking out about les mis again#this is a STUPID post
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normrespector · a year ago
Is there a pride flag for being a turbo virgin
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laufire · a year ago
I spend an ungodly amount of time grumbling about aspects of The Law that bother me --mainly about Spanish Law, but a lot of the time about USA Law too, since it’s the one I know the most about after my own.
but I always go back to my despise of plea bargains as sufient proof for a condemnatory sentence (I haaaaaaate common law systems and it’s 90% because of them) and about the fact that premeditation is actually-fucking-used as the deciding criteria for distinguishing between homicide and murder anywhere.
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emperorren · a year ago
I’m so glad you’re against what a lot of reylos are suggesting! How that person was harassed by so called ‘anti antis’ is disgusting and why I’m against the whole idea. It’s just shippers viewing people who can’t morally back a fictional character or ship as an attack on them as a person, and they need a reality check. the online screaming match was so embarrassing and I hope that employee feels okay. They didn’t even call shippers mean names or anything. people need to go outside
I have no idea what you’re talking about, tbh
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messofneutrellas · a year ago
Tumblr media
It's a bit of a sketchy test but - a bit of work and staring at text files at 2AM has led to this!
A successful test at creating and adding through BaseMod. Keep in mind that everything is in the rough at the moment, so there are some things that need to be addressed:
1) The coat layer in practice is below the arms, so certain things will need to be added to the arms
2) A weird clipping issue that happens while en-route to suppress - the weapon likes to clip through the coat
3) When designs are finalized, minor (very, very minor) shading needs to be applied to give some color variation and a sense of depth to the outfit
Planned things:
1) Custom Hairstyle
2) Custom Expressions for all eye and mouth slots (excluding dead eyes)
3) A full release of the content once out of draft stages, and potential inclusion of special effects in equipment
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