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#talking animal film ramblings
residentjoth · a month ago
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Tumblr media
1/2 the recent Chris Pratt announcement has revived my knowledge of weird 2000s talking animal films please enjoy the breakdown of the real obscurity behind them
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tolbyccian · a year ago
OP feel free to save this ask for when you wanna yell abt season 1 gang because i care them,,, so much,,, and i LOVE your takes <3
LMFAO this is sooo sweet, this ask makes me feel like i was given a free coupon.
i think a lot about the adorable potential for any of them to team up and get passionate about something, to the other’s detriment. i think we all have a decent idea of what tim and sasha’s or jon and martin’s brand of back and forth look like, but play in these sandboxes with me real quick:
back in research, tim sitting with his cheek resting on his palm listening to sasha and jon get incredibly heated about corporate academia conspiracy theories (it was fun when it sounded like office gossip but they lost tim somewhere between “accreditation loopholes” and “audit fraud”) just hearts in his eyes like “you are both so much fucking nerdier than i ever anticipated, god bless.”
a week later shift this to sasha quietly eating her lunch and watching jon and tim realize that between jons upbringing and tims illustrious history in publishing that their personal libraries overlap a lot, and worse than that, they are both recovering uni theater kids. it takes a full fifteen minutes of listening to them get increasingly loud about their emily brontë opinions for sasha to realize they aren’t arguing, just very aggressively agreeing with each other. “this is an adorable side of you both, but i cannot stress how little i consented to be in this book club” “sash, you don’t underSTAND--” “and i sure dont want to!” this in particular reaches a nuclear level of loud with martin included.
and jumping off of that, imagine tim and martin with the time and space to just unload their feelings about pop culture classic films with reckless abandon while jon and sasha open their third wine bottle in misery. martin tries, bless his heart, to include them but it back fires dramatically when jon and sasha answer “what’s your favorite western?” with “holes” and “high school musical 2″ respectively and then lean back to let martin and tim explode
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ofcloudsandstars · 10 months ago
I was so busy rolling in the deep of whatever dank energy is being enacted by these transits that I almost forgot that it’s a howls moving castle sort of evening
I feel like every time I am craving a very specific studio ghibli film, especially by Miyazaki it’s like experiencing a very full immersive oracle card that has a message. 
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petervel · 2 months ago
“  i was thinking about a career in medicine .  ”     not only is the juxtaposition of this line with his glance at his armour absolutely exquisite ,     it tells us that peter knew the whole time that even if he lived through the duel with miraz ,     he wouldn’t be staying in narnia again afterward because their   ‘ true ’   time was up .
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wolfofohu · 2 years ago
quick ramble here, i have a lot of criticisms for disney and their movies, but i will never deny that Tangled was a phenomenal movie that changed the way that I, as a child, was able to perceive my abusive mother in a better light that empowered me to see her past her abusive tactics and recognize the true nature of it. i know it helped many other children with abusive parents as well when they saw it as children. mother gothel’s emotional abuse and manipulation was unmistakable for even a child to recognize, and the narrative of rapunzel realizing she never owed gothel anything and deserved to live her life as she chose was excellently done in my book
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silver-stargazing · 3 years ago
I just saw The Last Jedi again and honestly, one of my favorite elements in this film that I haven’t seen discussed much is its representation of animals, especially when compared to the other films in the series.
In previous installments, animals were typically viewed as an obstacle for our heroes to overcome. The garbage disposal monster, an outer-space asteroid worm, giant fish that could swallow whole ships if they weren’t too busy eating other giant fish, tentacle monsters which could inflict great mental pain or cause widespread massacres. Creatures that would certainly not elicit any sympathy from the heroes and, presumably, the audience (barring, of course, that poor Rancor’s keeper and even his sadness was played for laughs).
Even the creatures that weren’t a direct threat to our heroes were usually only beasts of burden. Tusken Raiders rode large Banthas and the Rebels used native Tauntauns to cross icy terrains. If the animals died doing so, that’s just how things go.
For the record, I don’t think the films did a poor job with representing animals, just that they presented a very traditional and narrow view of animals: they are either dangerous to people or they can be put to use for us at the cost of the animal’s suffering.
Which is why I found it so refreshing that generally, TLJ avoids these mindset. There are at least four new species of animals introduced in this film and for the most part, they are just simply there in the background (or the foreground in several cases with the Porgs) existing. Living out their little animal lives to the fullest.
Creatures like the Vultpex (aka the Crystal Critters) are never thought to be threats. The Resistance and the Vultpex even end up helping each other out with the Resistance providing safety against the First Order for the critters in their base while the Vultpex guide the Resistance to safety outside. Luke was coexisting alongside many animals for the past few years, taking only the bare minimum from them in order to continue to survive. The abuse of the Fathiers for the sake of human/alien entertainment is tied in with the abuse of the stable boys, showcasing how the mistreatment of animals can have a direct impact on other sentient species’ with personhood. The Fathiers are even released from their saddles and set free in a hopeful parallel to when the Resistance will free other abused species like them.
Was this movie intentionally playing around with the franchise’s previous depictions of animals? Probably not but I still can’t get over the fact that a blockbuster movie a) had so many animals featured in the film that weren’t all designed around how cute and marketable they were and b) how directly many of the animal species very organically tied in with the overall plot.
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kin-doodles · 3 years ago
so like, i have a weird request because it's for a ship that's not a crossover but the characters are so obscure that i can't really hope to see anybody shipping them. but could you draw some ship art of hiita the fire charmer and aussa the earth charmer from the yugioh card game? i know you'll need refs, but im sending this ask first because i dunno if this fits your criteria. (im hiita, by the way)
From the official art and the little art I could find I’m assuming you’re both young (possibly ageless???) beings? While shipping children/child like characters can go into a No-No Zone super quick, desexualized, wholesome art of young queer (and het too really) couples really are ok, as long as there’s an emphasis that there is no sexualization, doesn’t have pervasive undertones, and isn’t fetishistic by nature, then yeah I’m up for drawing it. The biggest romantically inclined interactions I’d be willing to draw would be hand holding or hugging really.
tl;dr: as long as its not gross and sexualized yeah i’ll draw it. only wholesome vibes on this blog!
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s-sanos · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
𝐒𝐘𝐍𝐎𝐏𝐒𝐈𝐒 // me talking about mikey’s love languages for too long because i lauv him <333
𝐂𝐎𝐍𝐓𝐄𝐍𝐓 // anime spoilers mentioned briefly, fluff, gn reader, slight mention of injuries, that’s it i think there’s not much to mention tbh
𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐃𝐒 // 1.1k
𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐓𝐄𝐑 // manjiro “mikey” sano
𝐆𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐄 𝐒𝐏𝐄𝐀𝐊𝐒 // i had no idea how to end this, it was literally meant to be like a paragraph long so this is basically just a well written ramble idk ⛷
Tumblr media
𝐌𝐈𝐊𝐄𝐘 𝐋𝐈𝐊𝐄𝐒 𝐓𝐎 put up a strong front and hide his emotions. he keeps them away behind his pretty smile and brave exterior, rarely letting the raging storm within his head and heart clear. he needs someone to clear it for him - to help him. Amongst his feelings of black and grey, he keeps certain parts of his tender heart locked away. the part that wants needs to call out for help from his friends and the part that wants to scream and shout about how much he loves those special people who walked into, and some out of, his life. only rarely do those parts creep out, allowing the words he wants to say tumble off his lips, much to his (and sometimes your) dismay.
he just can’t seem to get them out, and there are times when you think the day he tells you about his issues is the day hell freezes over. he can hardly express or comprehend half of the emotions he has bottled up inside him, so he can’t easily understand yours. he does try, though. he knows when you’re happy, most of the time he’s the cause of it - not that he thinks that - it’s the feelings he can’t quite deal with himself. he tries to recognise the difference between a simple sour mood or something that’s rooted deeper down. he tries to recognise if it’s a single bad day that’ll be forgotten in the morning or one that’s the start of many. tries to figure out if you’re drowning or not. then again, he’s been drowning for so long himself, he’s not sure he’ll ever reach the surface again, even if it’s brief. reaching out for help is just something he’s never really done, not even with the people he loves and cherishes most. so when you come to him, he can’t provide the best verbal comfort.
a love language that comes naturally to mikey is quality time and it’s something that he feels is extremely important to him. although he’s experienced it one too many times, he doesn’t think he’ll ever get used to people leaving him, wether it was due to their own or someone else’s death, or their own choice to walk away from him. each and every time it digs the hole in his heart deeper and causes more and more pain that he can’t express, and the loneliness he sometimes feels visits him more often. one of the last people he wants to give a final goodbye to is you. mikey wants to spend as much time with you as he possibly can before a disaster strikes, though it’ll never be enough for him. he didn’t get to do all the things he wanted to with shinichiro or baji or anyone else that was swept away by the cruel, grim hands of death, so believe me when i say nothing can stop him from spending every spare second he has in your presence.
though some things mikey wants to do with you have to be planned and or will have to wait until a time when it’s best for both of you, he’s more than happy to repeat the same outings you’ve both gone on a thousand times. eating the exact same parfait in that little cafe on the corner or riding around the same route in the evening on his bike that you both know like the backs of your hands. sitting by the river with your heads in each other’s laps or him convincing you yet again that he won’t fall asleep during the film you both want to watch so badly, only to wake up when it’s finished, whatever. it doesn’t matter to him and it never will as long as he’s with you, he’s happy. even when you’re bandaging up an injury that seemed worse than his usual, scolding him for ‘not being careful,’ he’s still smiling to himself and letting your reprimands go through one ear and out the other. he often lets out a soft chuckle at that, mumbling a quiet “‘kay, i will” into your shoulder with a tired smile. he knows he should be careful, and he is! well - as careful as he can be. wether you fight alongside him or not, he’ll always make an effort to be careful because he doesn’t know if one day he’ll have to do the same for you even though he’d probably be completely lost when it comes to it. mikey will always stand by you and handle you with the greatest care because although he knows you cherish him as much as he does you, he needs you stick with him to calm that storm in his head and heart.
when spending time with mikey, he’s all over you not in an annoying way though. physical touch is also important to mikey, both receiving and giving. it’s more of a subconscious thing, but touching you and having you close is a reminder that you’re still there with him. it lets him know that it’s not a trick of his own imagination, yes, you’re still here in his grasp. with mikey it comes in all forms - hugs, head pats, head on shoulder, hand holding, cuddling, pretty much anything he can do in the setting he’s in. he loves to hold you close to his chest and wrap his arms around you and press light kisses on the crown of your head or your face or your hands. yes, he loves doing all those things to you, but he also loves it when you do it to him. when you hold him close. when you press those little kisses to his forehead. when he can hear your heartbeat and just give himself that nudge that yes, that you’re still here, breathing along with him. in those moments, he feels as if he can forget everything, wether he’s holding you or you’re holding him.
although physical touch helps him comfort himself, it also allows him to comfort you. he isn’t the best at understanding and dealing with his own emotions, so he isn’t the best at understanding or sometimes even taking notice of yours. he fears that during those times when you come to him he’ll say something that makes it worse and half the time he’s not exactly sure what to say, anyway. it can make him feel helpless, knowing he can’t give you the half the advice and the verbal comfort you probably wanted out of him. so seeing that he can still alleviate your pain in his hold and with the few words he could give you, it makes him feel a tad less useless during the times you need him most. he’s more of a shoulder to cry on rather than a therapy friend - a listener. ( we all know damn well he needs years of therapy himself ) 
in conclusion mikey lauvs you and wants you to stay with him forever and play with his hair 🙄‼️
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated <3
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alsharira · 7 months ago
What a ridiculous situation. Anyways, let’s actually talk about actual anti-Asian racism instead of weaponizing real people’s sufferings to cancel a youtuber you don’t like.
Check out #StopAsianHate.
You could also simply check out Asian youtubers.
Here are some that I’m subscribed to (you can add other A-YTRs you like!) :
Mina Le : fashion & film critic (obsessed with this channel rn).
Trin Lovell : movie commentary, funny reactions AND interesting commentary.
Cherry Bepsi : video essayist, reaction channel & all around fun.
Mei Yu : makes adorable art/cartoons, really talented & family friendly.
Xiran Jay Zhao : video essayist & historical fashion enthusiast.
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utopiaawritessv2 · 5 months ago
Meeting MC Again After the Exchange Program
; This is my first work. Kind of nervous honestly. I also type in all lowercase letters, but for writings I go for proper lettering so it looks put together.
; This takes place after Chapter 20 so slight spoilers on that and the earlier chapters.
; Chapter 21-latest didn't happen either. This is an AU where after a year, MC goes back to the human world and doesn't come back till a few years later.
; Gender-neutral MC! Uses they/them and “you.”
Tumblr media
So, the exchange program ended. Although promising to keep in touch, the MC hasn't been present for... how long was it? A few years?
They waited and waited, but they also got busy, causing them to forget about their human. Until one faithful morning came. They were greeted with the MC coming out of a portal!
Did not expect Diavolo to throw the best surprise of his life truthfully speaking.
He's genuinely smiling for the first time in a few years, and his face is nothing but bliss.
But Lucifer does not move an inch. He waits for you to greet him.
When you do, his smirk is almost cheeky and mischievous.
“Welcome back to Devildom, MC.”
Ah, just like old times. When you first came here, he only cared about your safety because of Diavolo's reputation and even his.
But, like the spectacular human you are, you actually managed to make him smitten for you.
Lucifer laughs, taking your hands in his, and in his eyes is a shine, for a moment. A glint. And you knew what that meant.
Visit my room later.
(not in a sexual way though. He just wants to catch up with you and make up for the time lost without his brothers interrupting and seeing him so open).
Honestly, will this demon ever forget about you? You're the most rare person he's ever met! Everyone insults and ridicules him, and you're the only one who's ever been nice. That should stay in his mind forever.
He's immediately running towards you with a smile.
But no, he doesn't care alright?! >:/
Mammon goes to hug you as tight as he can, afraid if he lets go you'd turn into dust. That you'd turn into a fragment of his imagination once again.
But you hug him just as tight, reassuring rubs on his back that expresses more than a thousand words could.
I'm here and I'm not going anywhere, you don't have to worry.
Once you two pull away, his cheeks and ears are dusted pink, but his smile is nothing short of blinding.
“I knew you'd come around again for The Great Mammon! Besides, I am your first.”
The day is spent with him glued to your side. He even waits outside the bathroom for you at home. He's so afraid you might go away and leave him again. :((
He didn't know what to do because he's short-circuiting.
You're back? His Henry's back?! This isn't a dream right?
Levi stands there kind of awkwardly, but when your eyes meet, he just can't resist. He immediately pulls you in a hug when you two start running towards each other.
Honestly it looked like a movie scene of two lovers reuniting. Which is probably what it was, yeah.
“You're real...”
“Yeah I'm real, Levi.” you laugh and hold him closer.
His eyes are slightly watery as he felt your hands grip him tighter. You were the only one that listened to him, you know?! He had to resort back to talking to Henry 2.0, which honestly isn't something to be proud of...
But you're back! You two can go back as you used to be; playing games, watching anime, filming his brothers shenanigans...
Leviathan asks you what happened while in the human world when you two are alone though. For once, he can be the listener as you ramble! :>
He's shocked, first of all. I mean, look at you! You're here after a few years, and you've changed, even a bit (or alot, it depends on you.)
But that's not the point. He's basically like a prince charming. Satan whisks you off, offering an arm or a hand.
“What a pleasant surprise. I need to make it up to you. Will you let me do so?”
(screams internally, I love Satan sm)
(I just realized that sounds awful to people who don't know obey me. I am a clown.)
If you decide yes, well he's going to tour you around Devildom again. After, he can settle down with you in his room, talking about what happened while both of you were away from each other. Will recite poems to you in between your rambles since he's reading.
If you decide no... then uh, you know, flashback to when the MC denied his pact. Just kidding. He'll sulk for a bit since he wanted to be a cool knight in shining armor type.
Satan is honestly relieved to have you back because his brothers were nothing but annoying. The first time he heard your voice again, he felt really nostalgic.
I'll just add here that he might buy you flowers during your date (or tour). Since he's making up for time, and he's a gentleman.
Oh dear, someone pick his jaw up from the floor. He's so happy but jeez, shocking! Darling MC changed quite a bit!
Will definitely run up and hug you. Comments about your outfit and asks about your time in the human world.
“You look wonderful as ever, MC!”
Intertwines your hands in his as he excitedly tells you about this skin product that he's been using (that's basically an indirect warning that he's certainly going to apply it on you later.)
He's just genuinely happy you're back. His hugs feel different than they were before. They feel more domestic and caring. (not implying he didn't care for you back then, it's more of he misses you and he's taking all his longing into the hug.)
Asmo just cannot shut up about you the next hour or so. It's even more a shock that he's not talking about himself. Definitely updates his Devilgram after an hour of you arriving.
“MC, I need you to pick an outfit! Which one do you prefer?”
“The one on the left.”
“Great, try it on!”
“Wait, it was for me—?”
Asmo certainly became a whole lot happier. His brothers even noticed a change in his nightly schedules! Instead of going club-hopping, he's glued to your side, peacefully sleeping.
MC? The same human that came years ago? As in, MC the former exchange student—
Yes, Beel cannot believe it. They're back! It's been quite awhile but that doesn't matter now, does it?
Bear hugs. Please, he would be engulfing you in the warmest, tightest and biggest hug you've ever experienced! Even lifts you off your feet accidentally, but do you really care? (please just cherish the moment, he's super happy—)
A hand rubs your hair lovingly. Even as his stomach rumbles like wolf growls, he focuses on you, forgetting about his hunger and the food that was on his mind.
It's one of those moments Beel truly feels happy. It's one of those moments that he'd remember forever, and one that he knows would make him smile just at the thought of it.
After that, being Beel, he proposes you go food touring around Devildom. But then he stopped and realized that he's already done that with you countless of times. So, he thinks of what can make you happy.
He asks you for your input of course. So you spend the day doing what you love, with a few food stops in between. Even if it's staying at home or going out, he doesn't mind as long as it's with you.
Congratulations, you made him wide awake! His eyes are wide but he also waits for you to notice him. If you don't immediately, he's gonna go, “I'm right here, you know?”
But when you do, he's smiling softly. Will a hundred percent go soft and get near to crying when you hug him.
As you hug him, his head rests on your shoulder. The height difference doesn't matter, he'd bend down or tip-toe if he has to. It just feels natural to lean his head there.
A minute passes and you'd think he dozed off due to how quiet he is. Even his breathing is silent. But no, Belphie is simply enjoying the moment.
You might think he'd want to cuddle up to you and sleep, maybe use you as a pillow while he's at it. But no. This demon would invite you to explore Devildom again.
Since he was locked up in the attic, he didn't have a chance to really hang out with you. Add the fact that you left after... well, he's a bit bitter that the others know you so well.
So he'd muster up all his energy for you. And during night time, you two stay in the planetarium, stargazing. How romantic for someone who *ehem* killed the MC... he's also sorry about that, that's why he took you out despite almost collapsing into a deep slumber numerous time during it...
It's the thought that counts though. •^•
Tumblr media
; Might do a part two for the side characters! But for now, here's the brothers while I wait for potential requests! <3
(you can tell i wrote this on impulse and in under two hours, so sorry if they're a bit out of character!)
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mcpippins · 5 months ago
Hi!!! So I’m not sure if you’ve talked about this before since I just found your Stardew artwork recently, but I absolutely adore Dallas, Galeo, and Declan and so I was wondering if we could hear more about them- what their life was like pre-farm, likes, dislikes, how they met their spouses etc. I just love your art and your farmers and it’s all so pretty and makes me so happy and so I’d love to hear more of you’re willing to rant about it!! No pressure if you’re busy of course but I just wanted to ask! <3<3 Thanks so much!
nothin would make me happier than to ramble about ocs - i'll try not to make this super long!! thank you!!! 😭
first of all, a quick introduction ...
Tumblr media
(👇 continued under the cut!! 👇)
before moving out to the farm, dallas scraped by in the city through odd jobs and shitty apartments. he's the spontaneous type, so as soon as he finally took the time to realize he was unhappy, he packed his belongings, grabbed his grandpa’s deed, and bounced B)
galeo's life pre-farm was actually ... on another farm LOL they helped with their family's ranch for most of their life! with some nudges from mom and dad, though, they took up the deed to their grandfather's old land to strike out on their own.
declan lived on the city outskirts his entire life with his twin sister, lynn, their older brother amos, and their grandmother! both declan and lynn initially visited pelican town to prepare their grandfather's land to sell ... but ended up staying 💕
dallas: likes loud music, good company, and anything a little edgy. one of his favourite pastimes is hair-dye night with abigail, sam, and sebastian, and his favourite 'crops' are void eggs and hot peppers! he isn’t so wild about retail, leafy greens, or bugs.
galeo: likes shiny things - pretty rocks, fish, rocks ... rocks. galeo spends a LOT of their time mining the caves, and their favourite crops are blue jazz and sweet gem berries! they have a fear of ghosts, and dislike dry, hot weather, spicy food, and eating alone.
declan: loves vintage media; old film, records, train tickets, etc. he particularly prefers warm sunny days with big fluffy clouds, and his favourite crops are cranberries and sunflowers. he’s not a huge fan of big animals, large bodies of water, winter, or rainy days when he’s cooped up inside.
Tumblr media
dallas and elliot
long story short, elliott met dallas on a warm, rainy day. he was having a particularly hard time writing that week, and stormed out to stand in the rain and re-center himself. when he stepped outside his cabin, he saw someone on the dock, struggling over a bent fishing rod - and afraid that it was willy about to fall in, he raced out to support him, slipped on the wet dock, and splashed face-first into the water.
needless to say, dallas had a big laugh as he helped elliott out of the water LMAO and the two had their first real conversation after!! dallas's personality is pretty close to the polar opposite of elliott's, so the they had plenty to learn about each other. dallas, elliott discovers, is incredibly funny and doesn't like to over complicate things. and elliott, as dallas discovers, is a dreamer and kinda unlike anyone he's ever met before. they walked away from their first conversation already looking forward to their next :)
galeo and sam
their meeting has a lot less substance bc it was my first playthrough and i never gave it much thought LOL but it was definitely abigail who introduced galeo to sam!! (abigail is fluent in ASL and teaches seb and sam in their free time)
declan and alex
declan and alex met a long while before they really started chatting. neither took a particular interest in the other, so it wasn’t until alex noticed declan hanging around his dog that they found something to talk about. it went something along the lines of alex making the passing comment, “his name’s dusty. you got a dog, farm guy?”
note: declan's 'dog' banjo was probably a coyote who wandered onto the farm to take a look at declan’s chickens. alex didn't know how to tell him, so instead, he decided to spend a lot of time with declan to make sure he didn't get hurt. this was a mistake bc they fell in love 🤷‍♂️
UM .. THIS GOT LONG IM SO SORRY 💦 thank you so much for giving me the chance to talk about my ocs!! i wish i wrote about them more often but i get shy LOL
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wonscafe · 2 months ago
pairing: nct dream x fem!reader genre: fluff and possible crack because it’s the dreamies cmon warnings: none
ー aaaa this is my first piece of writing centered on nct dream. kinda nervous tbh but it’s exciting !! @juysblog for header
Tumblr media
MARK ー 이민형.
fun and lighthearted. regular movie nights and watching new blockbuster films recommended to him by his friends in canada. filling the house with loud, bursting laughter unfailingly. reading together at night. recommending his favorite books to you and looking over your shoulder to see what part of the book you’re in. leaving you short and sweet poems before you leave for work or school. him jokingly serenading you with justin bieber songs, resulting in you shoving him away and him just following you, guitar in hand and ‘i’m off my face in love with you’ spilling out of his mouth in giggles. opening your eyes drowsily in the middle of the night and seeing him on his knees, hands clasped together, thanking God for you in his prayers.
RENJUN ー 황런쥔.
think museums, pottery classes, couple dancing, and feeding koi fish in the park. lots of adventures and trying new things together. weekly date nights in the city. deep and thoughtful conversations by han river. late night drives with the car windows down and music blaring out of the speakers. paintings as anniversary gifts. singing you lullabies before bed. passionate debates in random parts of the house during randoms times of the day. being each other’s safe place. adopting animals together. soothing you when you wake up in the middle of the night, sleepily humming and mumbling beside your ear to lull you to sleep. warm belly rubs. impromptu dancing in the dull kitchen light.
JENO ー 이제노.
going on lots of spontaneous sporty datesーoften unwillingly on your part. watching sunrises together after hiking up a hill early in the morning. sitting on his lap whenever he’s playing games with the boys. running after you with his arms outstretched right after his work-out. the dynamic of ‘one who really loves to talk’ and ‘one who really likes to listen’. listening to you ramble with an eye smile, just supportively nodding to whatever you say and running a hand up and down the sides of your thigh. gentle kisses whenever you’re upset. warm hugs after a rough day. curling into you whenever he feels fatigued. cackling over dry jokes over a bowl of ramen in a random convenience store by the road. teasing him as he continuously sneezesーyou specifically warned him not to play with the cats but he did anyway.
HAECHAN ー 이해찬.
extremely playful. making bets as a way to express your love for each other. not allowing the other to back out of a bet unless you give a huge smooch in exchange. whining, whining everywhere. clinging to each other whenever given the chance. lots of stolen glances on his part. scolding you in the kitchen when you mess up an instruction, and proceeding to tell you to wait in the living room as he turns the disaster into a feast. smugly bragging about his talent at dinner but also secretly waiting for your praise. soft looks and smiles whenever you roll your eyes at his antics. denying it whenever he’s called out by a member. on rare occasions when it’s quiet and peaceful, you’d exchange quiet ‘i love you’s and feather like touches.
JAEMIN ー 나재민.
the most domestic out of all the relationships in nct dream. doing chores together. sneaking in kisses during cleaning days. creating a shared account that you use for donations. couple photography daysーposting the photos on your social media account which is completely compromised of photos taken by each other. volunteer work as a couple. nuzzling your head in his chest as he edits photos on his computer. never feeling insecure because of his constant reassurance and constant compliments. him never failing to look after you; staying home when you’re sick, preparing a hot bath for you when you’re upset, moving you to the other side of the sidewalk. you don’t know this but he already has money saved for the future he imagined for the both of you.
CHENLE ー 천러.
lots of trips to a lot of different places. taking you to china to introduce you to his family. dancing with the older chinese neighbors in their local park. amusement park dates. trying out every ride and laughing it off when one of you throws up. brunches in expensive cafes. learning about new movies and the backgrounds of its actors. watching his old videos in vienna as he shyly laughs beside you, his hands covering his eyes. shopping dates. waiting for you to finish trying on all the clothes you liked in the changing room, and complimenting how you looked in each one. braiding your hair at home and laughing at how terrible he unintentionally made your hair look. showing off his basketball skills. quietly cooking dinner and smirking whenever he feels your eyes on him.
JISUNG ー 박지성.
trial and error-ing everything you do together. looking at each other in alarm when you burn something in the kitchen. hugging each other tightly on top of dining tables as a cockroach lurks somewhere in the house. walking around the city and stopping by ice cream stalls. blushing when the members catch you two together but waving them off with a groan—chucking pillows at them when they don’t leave. deep stares accompanied by shy chuckles. sheepish grins directed at you when you’re forced to wash both of your clothes once again. even more sheepish grins when he accidentally breaks the washing machine despite not touching it. watching movies and playing games with bowls of malatang steaming beside you. playing with each other’s fingers as you lie in bed side-by-side. teaching you how to dance and laughing at you when you fail to follow to choreography. 
Tumblr media
© 2021 copyright. All rights reserved.
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certified-sloth · 3 months ago
Me seeing the brothers for the first time
Me *pointing at lucifer*: sketchy and lowkey kinda seggsy 😳
Me *pointing at mammon*: bottom
Me *pointing at levi*: annoying
Me *pointing at satan*: reasons why I have trust issues
Me *pointing at asmo*: ur basically a carbon copy of my friend but if she was more annoying (still luv her tho)
Me *pointing at beel*: he reminds of the robots from castle in the sky :]
Me *pointing at belphie*: reasons why I have trust issues (2) and reasons why I think men have shit fashion taste
Brothers reaction?? 👀
He heard the second part and chose to ignore the first part
And you just stroked his ego, good job
He knows his charms quite well
Imagine a peacock spreading it's feathers wide after that compliment
Yep, that's him, the well-respected avatar of pride, flattered by your lowkey compliment
What did you just call him?
WELL- He's not a Bottom, MC
He can top anytime of any day
Unless if it comes to you...
Shut up, he's not a bottom! He can prove it!
He knew you would say that
Who would want a yucky otaku like him who just rambles about anime
And games...- wait that's not the point
He likes you, he tries to stop talking as much
Because in the eyes of the demon of envy, he wants to at least look good to you
And you make it sound like it's a bad thing
Having trust issues would make you stay on guard
Which means higher chance of survivability
Not offended, is highly amused
Would have you keep your guard up most of the time for safety reasons
He takes that as a compliment
But no darling, he's not annoying
He's pure perfection
Everyone would die to at least gaze upon this beauty
But... comparing him to your friend? Hm, he'd like to meet her to see if she is a copy
Thank... you..?
Is that a compliment?
Apparently had to watch it to find out what you meant
The boy smiled at how the film played out
Sometimes, he would eventually pick up the habit of holding his arm out to suggest in carrying you
Ok, the trust issues...'s understandable
It's not like he needs to dress up when he's just going to lie down everywhere and nap
He just wears whatever is in his closet and keeps it on for the whole month or so
Beel has to take him to the bathroom with him most of the time
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helloalycia · 8 months ago
teenage dirtbag [three] // wanda maximoff
summary: Wanda's boyfriend continues to be an aggravation in your life, causing some distance between you and Wanda
warning/s: none
author's note: i really appreciate the feedback you guys gave in the last part – it’s always motivating to read your reactions/comments 🥰
part one | part two | part four | part five | masterlist | wattpad
Tumblr media
Sorting things out with Wanda made everything return to normal in no time. So much in fact that she decided I was worth inviting to her and her brother's birthday party.
Never in a million years did I expect the most popular girl in our grade to know who I was, let alone invite me to her birthday party, so to say I was surprised was an understatement.
"It's not a big deal if you can't make it," she said when she handed me the invitation in class. "I mean, I'd love it if you could, but yeah, no pressure."
I was in awe, accepting the invite and reading it quickly. It must have been a pretty expensive party if she was giving out special invites, that's for sure.
"You want me to come?" I asked, still unsure whether this was a joke or not.
"Only if you want to," she said quickly, eyes darting around the room and anywhere but at me. "Like I said, you don't have to. It's not a big deal and– I– yeah." She pressed her lips together and stopped rambling, offering me a small smile.
"Thanks," I said quietly, slotting the invite in my notebook. "I'll, er, I'll think about it."
She pushed a strand of hair behind her ear and faced forward, nodding. "Yeah, sure, no rush."
After that awkward conversation, I discovered she'd also invited Y/BF/N, the two of them developing a little friendship the more she'd hung out with me. He didn't mind going, but only wanted to do so if I went.
"I feel like I kinda don't wanna go," I admitted to him after school as we were studying in the library.
"Oh?" He rose an eyebrow. "And why's that?"
I played with the pencil in my hand. "I don't know, it's just– it's gonna be full of all of her other friends. And they don't really like me. Plus, her dick of a boyfriend is gonna be there. I just think she might have invited me to be nice. Like she might have felt like she had to because we sit together, y'know?"
"I think you know that isn't true," he said knowingly. "Maybe, just maybe, she actually wants us there, wants you there, to celebrate her birthday."
I chewed the inside of my mouth, giving it some thought. But the idea of going to Wanda's house party and seeing a bunch of people I didn't care about getting pissed wasn't comforting. Besides, even if I went, I'd probably see Wanda once before she'd get scooped away by Nate. What was the point?
"Nah, I don't think I'm going," I decided. "She won't notice. I'll just get her a present instead."
Y/BF/N sighed, clearly not impressed with my answer. Nonetheless, he said, "Okay, suit yourself."
"You can go if you want," I added, knowing his presence wasn't linked with mine.
"No Y/N, no party," he said with a dismissive shrug, and I couldn't help but smile.
"Such a good friend," I said teasingly, but there was truth to my words. And I knew he knew that. 
When I saw photos and videos of Wanda and Pietro's party all over my social media the day after, I knew I'd made the right choice in not going. It was the same visuals of everyone getting drunk, doing stupid shit and making a mess. Call me a loser, but that wasn't really my scene. Pietro and Wanda both seemed to enjoy it though, judging from the pictures.
Instead, I bought her a birthday present, knowing I didn't have to but I kind of wanted to, and planned to give it to her when she turned up to class. It was her birthday today, despite throwing the party over the weekend, so I hoped it would make up for my absence (thought I doubted she noticed).
She showed up and settled beside me as I was writing the date in my notebook, making me look up to see she'd made an extra effort to dress up for her birthday, looking fancier than usual. I couldn't help but smile at the giant '18' birthday badge pinned to her jacket.
"Happy birthday, Wanda," was the first thing I said when I saw her. "You look amazing."
A bashful smile appeared on her lips. "Thank you, Y/N."
"I hope your party went well," I said, giving her my full attention whilst trying not to drool over how beautiful she looked.
Surprisingly, her smile faded and her eyebrows knitted together. "Yeah, it did... could you not make it? I tried looking for you and– yeah..."
I opened my mouth to speak, admittedly a little embarrassed that she'd caught me out. I was sure she wouldn't notice – the pictures made it seem like there were loads of guests, I'd definitely have blended in if I were there – but clearly I was mistaken.
"I just thought–" she began, before shaking her head. "Never mind."
"Sorry, I thought–" I started, but like her, didn't know what to say. "Parties aren't my thing," I admitted truthfully. "But it looked fun. You enjoyed it, right?"
She nodded, a small forced smile on her lips. "Yeah, right. It's cool. No biggie."
I swallowed awkwardly. It seemed like a biggie and now I felt bad.
"I, er, got you a gift," I blurted, hoping to change the subject. Reaching into my backpack, I pulled out the terribly wrapped present and held it out nervously. "I hope you, er, like it."
Her eyebrows raised as her eyes flickered between the present and I. "Oh? You didn't have to. I wasn't expecting anything."
Was it hot in here or was it just me?
I pulled my collar away from my neck, hoping to circulate some air. "I wanted to. It's not a big deal."
She accepted the gift, fingers brushing mine and making me even more nervous, before opening it up. Her eyes sparkled with delight as she revealed a brand new leather paintbrush carry case.
"The one you always carry around is tattered and falling apart, so I thought I'd get you a new one," I explained, feeling like I had to. "I mean, unless the other one has some sort of sentimental value, then in that case, I can just return this."
"Are you kidding? I love it!" she exclaimed, looking to me with a grin. "It's beautiful, Y/N. I don't even know what else to say."
My shoulders relaxed, a relieved smile tugging at my lips. "Good. Th-that's good. I'm glad you like it."
Without warning, she moved forward off her stool and wrapped her arms around my shoulders, pulling me in for a hug. I was startled, unable to think straight with her body pressed so close to mine and her floral perfume wafting into my nose. Why did she have to smell so good?
"Thank you," she muttered, pulling away but not quite letting go. Her eyes were glowing as they watched me carefully, accompanying her weak-in-the-knees smile. I was sure I'd melt. "It means a lot."
I nodded, not trusting myself to speak for fear I'd say something stupid. I resisted the urge to look down at her lips, which were pulled into a small, appreciative smile. She let go of me, looking to the case again and unravelling it. I caught my breath meanwhile, my senses still on override as her perfume lingered.
She was just so damn beautiful.
"Okay, how about this – robotic or organic aliens. Which would you rather invade our planet?" Y/BF/N asked.
I chuckled at his question. "Definitely haven't thought about that one, but let's see..."
We were hanging in the bleachers out near the football field as we waited for football practice to end. Y/BF/N had a Film project to do and needed to film the field, so I offered to help like the good friend I was.
"Probably organic," I answered as I balanced on the bleachers, standing up and tiptoeing down them like steps. "At least we could reason with them if they tried to kill us because they'd have a conscience. Robotic aliens would just be programmed to take over and that's it."
Y/BF/N seemed against the idea as he played with his camera. "Yeah, but if they were robotic, all we'd have to do is launch a missile at them and they'd explode. You can break metal. It's harder to break organic matter."
I stifled a laugh. "You've given this much thought, I see."
He gave me a knowing look. "You telling me you don't think aliens exist?"
I stopped tiptoeing and stood still as I looked down at him with humoured eyes. "You know I know aliens exist."
He waved his hand like that was enough reasoning. "There you go then!"
I laughed, wondering how he thought of this stuff, then continued to balance as I walked down the bleachers. Probably the wrong choice as when I heard a voice call me, I looked up, saw it was Wanda, then proceeded to miss a step and fall onto my arse.
"Oh God, Y/N, are you okay?" she asked, moving forward to help me.
My face heated up as Y/BF/N laughed his arse off beside me. I accepted Wanda's hand and let her pull me up, before letting go immediately when I could handle it myself. Her presence always made me nervous, but this was just terrible.
"Yeah, I'm good," I said, glancing at her and freezing at her piercing gaze and suppressed smile.
"You sure?" she asked, glancing at Y/BF/N, before trying to hide her own laughter.
Fuck me, why was I such a mess whenever she was around?
"Very sure," I said, though my back began to ache from where I hit it. "What's up, anyway?"
Y/BF/N finally shut up, to my relief, and Wanda minimised her laughter before scratching her head.
"I'm waiting for practice to end so I can take Pietro home," she said, nodding to the field. "I saw you both sat here and thought I'd say hi. Are you guys watching practice?"
"Not really," I answered, before tilting my head to Y/BF/N. "We're just waiting for it to end so Y/BF/N can film for his project."
"Ooh, that sounds interesting," she said, intrigued and looking to him now. "What's that about?"
As he caught her up on it, I found myself checking Wanda out without realising. She was animated as she listened to Y/BF/N talk about his assignment, eyes giving him all of her attention, and a permanent smile was fixed on her lips as she listened to him. Though it wasn't directed at me, I felt butterflies swirling a storm in my stomach and clutched it, hoping they'd go away. I loved and hated the feeling all at once.
Breaking me from my reverie, a football flew past all three of us and hit the bleachers, startling us all. We looked in the direction it came from and saw the football team looking back at us, some laughing and some disgruntled. Two players ran towards us and when they got close enough, I made them out as Pietro and Nate.
Nate was laughing as he looked between us all, before his gaze fell on me. "It's Y/N, right? I feel like I'm always throwing that thing at you. Sorry about that."
But his constant laughing and lack of guilt refuted his words. I merely clenched my jaw and narrowed my eyes his way, not that he seemed to care nor notice. I was a mere fly in a world that revolved around him. He'd never notice.
"Babe, I'm sorry, I didn't even know you were over here," he added, looking to Wanda. "You okay?"
Wanda crossed her arms and seemed frustrated. "I'm fine, Nate. Just get your ball."
He shrugged and grabbed his ball. Before leaving, he pressed a kiss to Wanda's cheek which made me wince, but she made no attempt in enjoying it. He didn't seem to care as he took off running back to his team. Pietro smiled apologetically at the three of us.
"I'm sorry," he said genuinely. "He can be such a dick sometimes."
That was the understatement of the century.
With that, he turned and ran back to his team to finish up. Wanda sighed, running a hand through her hair, as Y/BF/N and I exchanged glances.
"I should get the car running," she said awkwardly, pointing a thumb over her shoulder and towards the car park. "Good luck with your assignment, Y/BF/N. And I'll see you tomorrow, Y/N."
Waving goodbye with an awkward smile, I watched her leave and wondered the same thing I always did whenever Nate decided to make an appearance in my life.
How could she be dating such a dick?
Apart from the birthday party I didn't go to, I'd never been invited (or had a reason to go) to Wanda's house. I'd seen it, rode my bike past it, but never actually been in it. So, when she invited me to her place to work on a project we'd been assigned in class, I was unsure how to feel. She was adamant though and I had no reason to say no, so the only thing left to do was say yes. Even when she offered to drive me there after school.
"This is your car?" I asked with disbelief.
I knew absolutely nothing about cars, but I wasn't blind. Hers was a gorgeous deep red colour with a convertible roof that was currently lowered so anyone in it would feel the sun on their back and wind in their hair.
"Yeah, you like it?" she asked as she got into the driver's seat.
I gulped and sat in the passenger's seat, throwing my backpack at my feet. "It's so nice. You sure you don't mind me drinking in this?"
I had a Pepsi bottle in my hand and was deathly afraid of opening it now in case I spilt it and the cleaning bill would be more than I made in a year at the pizza parlour.
She laughed, already pulling out of the car park. "Of course. Don't be silly."
I glanced in her direction, trying not to get distracted by how good she looked in the driver's seat. She was wearing a red leather jacket, funnily enough, matching the exterior of her car, and she had dark eyeliner around her eyes, accentuating the shape and colour of them and leaving me speechless whenever she looked my way.
"There's CDs in the glove compartment," she was saying as she focused on the road. "Or you can mess around with the radio. It's up to you."
"CDs?" I asked, it piquing my interest. I reached into the glove compartment, adding, "What is this, the 2000s?"
She rolled her eyes playfully, accepting my teasing, as I flicked through the small stack of albums.
"I don't know, I guess I just like having the physical version," she said with a shrug. "It's kind of like a collection."
I chuckled at her need to explain herself, watching the way she rubbed her neck nervously, smiling with embarrassment. Looking back to the albums, a particular one grabbed my attention and I plucked it out with raised brows.
"Oh my God, you like Paramore?" I asked, looking to her with surprise. "Now it's definitely the 2000s."
Her cheeks flushed as she grew flustered. I nudged her in the side gently, getting her attention briefly.
"I'm kidding," I reassured, tilting my head her way playfully. "I actually love Paramore. They're my favourite band."
"Really?" she asked with surprise as I put the CD in her car. I hummed in response, to which she continued, "Have you ever seen them live?"
As For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic played quietly in the background, I nodded my head. "Yeah, once. It was a few years ago, but the tickets were shitty and I could just about make them out on stage in the distance."
Wanda laughed, the sound making my heart skip a beat. "No, that's so sad!"
I chuckled in agreement. "Yeah. It was, but oh well. They have a tour coming up this summer, right? Maybe I can get better tickets this time 'round... what about you? Have you ever seen them live?"
She hummed, making a turn at some traffic lights and chewing her lower lip as she focused on doing so. It was definitely the wrong time, but I found myself admiring how attractive it was, especially when her jaw tensed and her defined jawline was on display.
"Yeah, I saw them a few times," she finally responded, pulling me from my stupor. "Some really good seats, some really shitty ones." She giggled at the end, making me smile. "Maybe we could go to that concert in the summer. If you're up for it?"
This seemed like one of those times where you made plans with a friend that you knew would never happen, so to not cause an awkwardness in the conversation, I nodded in agreement.
"Yeah, maybe."
She glanced at me and I mirrored her smile, the flash of excitement in her eyes knocking me breathless.
When we reached her house, I was awestruck at how big it was from the inside. I mean, it looked huge from the outside, but the inside was even better. Her family were rich, I knew that, but this was some other level of rich.
"Here, c'mon, I'll get you a drink, then we can go into the dining room to start," Wanda said, failing to recognise my amazement and instead leading me to the kitchen. "We have tropical juice, apple juice, water, Sprite, Cola... which d'you want?"
I settled at the island, taking a seat and subtly admiring her kitchen. "Er, apple juice is fine with me."
She smiled brightly before pouring me a glass, whilst pouring herself some Sprite. Standing opposite me, we both took a moment to have a drink, but didn't get chance to exchange words as her mum entered the room and noticed me instantly.
"Y/N, it's so lovely to see you again!" she said kindly, patting me on the shoulder before heading to the fridge. "You girls hanging out? Studying?"
"We have a project," Wanda filled in as I nodded in agreement. "We alright to claim the dining room?"
After grabbing some water from the fridge, Wanda's mum pressed a kiss to her daughter's cheek. "Sure thing, sweetie. If you need anything, just let me know." Smiling once more at me, she said, "It's good to see you, Y/N."
"You too," I said with a friendly smile before she left.
"Come on," Wanda said, motioning for me to follow. "We have tons to do."
The next hour and a half was spent with Wanda and I planning out our project, our work sprawled along the dining table messily. We were making progress, until she got a call suddenly. It seemed serious as she gave me an apologetic glance and excused herself. I let her go and leaned back in my seat, wondering what I could do as I waited for her to return. That thought was resolved quite quickly when Pietro popped his head in the doorway and spotted me.
"Y/N! What an honour to welcome you to our humble abode," he exclaimed, entering the room fully. "What brings you here?"
Pietro's presence always brought an amused smile to my lips. "Wanda and I are working on a Chemistry project. She's just nipped out for a phone call."
He tutted dramatically, crossing his arms. "Well, well, well. We can't have that! Wanda needs to learn to entertain her guests. C'mon. I was about to head to the gaming room and could use the company."
I was visibly surprised. "You have a gaming room? Dude, that's awesome!"
He laughed. "C'mon."
Joining Pietro, the two of us headed to this so-called gaming room and I was not disappointed. There was a huge TV with a PlayStation and Nintendo Switch connected to it, a snooker table, a foosball table, a dart board, some old arcade games – it was amazing, any gamer's biggest dream.
"What you feeling, princess?" he said with that flirtatious smile of his.
I rolled my eyes playfully. He was being overtly flirty, more so than his sister was – was it a Maximoff personality trait or something? – and I wasn't sure whether he meant it or was just being his usual self.
"Are you flirting?" I deadpanned, tilting my head curiously. "I can't tell."
He pocketed his hands, swinging back on the heels of his feet. "That depends. Is it working?"
Despite my lack of interest in him like that, I felt my face heat up at the attention. "Pietro, I must tell you that any moves you attempt to make kind of won't work."
"And why's that?" he asked, sitting on the edge of the snooker table with a cheeky smile on his lips. "Am I not your type?"
"Unless you change into a girl, then no," I played along, making him flush with embarrassment. "Hate to break it to you, but I'm gay."
"Okay, I guess that makes sense," he mumbled to himself, before sighing and meeting my eyes. "We can still be friends, right? Or is that forbidden since you're already friends with my sister?"
I laughed and approached him. "Friends works. I don't think Wanda will care. I certainly don't."
He grinned. "Awesome! Well, d'you wanna play a round of foosball?"
"Sure," I said with an amused expression. "Bet I can kick your arse."
He pushed himself off the table and feigned surprise. "Oh? Game on, Y/L/N."
I didn't realise how long Wanda had been on the phone until I managed to get through three rounds of foosball and was in the middle of a snooker game with Pietro.
"You may have beat me at foosball, but you're terrible at this," he pointed out with stifled laughter.
I'd missed my third shot and it was more funny than it was embarrassing.
"Your talking distracts me," I said dismissively, before lining up the next shot with my cue.
He watched as I tried to take my shot before sighing loudly. I glanced at him with a quirked brow.
"You have a thought you'd like to share?" I asked playfully.
He hesitated, moving forward to correct my posture. "Look, if you just aim it like this–"
"Don't even think about it, Romeo," I said jokingly, standing up straight and pushing him away gently. "I know what you're thinking."
He laughed. "What? I was just going to help you aim!"
I gave him a knowing look. "So holding me close is just a bonus?"
"Fine, take your shot without my help and see what happens," he said dismissively, waving his hand.
"I'll do just that," I said with confidence, before bending down and taking my shot. The ball hit the other and neither were pocketed, which was an achievement as I'd got the cue ball in several times before, but still pretty shit as I didn't score any points.
Pietro smiled with satisfaction, leaning on his cue. "You happy with that?"
I held in a laugh as I looked to him. "Shut up."
He chuckled before bumping me out the way. "Now for the professional."
Bending down to take his shot, he pulled back his cue before hitting the balls. They rolled around on the table and one ball was about to go in, but I quickly grabbed it before he could get the point.
"Y/N!" he shouted between laughter. "That's cheating!"
"Technically we didn't establish rules," I pointed out, before moving backwards as he tried to grab it from my hand. "What do you say to calling it a draw and playing something else?"
"I say that's a childish way to admit you've lost," he responded, before moving forward quickly. I dodged his attempt and he pursed his lips. "Y/N."
He smirked. "Seriously?"
I grinned.
He tried to grab it again and ended up chasing me around the room as I avoided giving in. Taking the piss out of Y/BF/N enough times had prepared me for moments like this, so I was able to avoid Pietro long enough to run into whoever walked through the door.
"Shit, Wanda, I'm sorry," I said between laughter, steadying both me and her.
She smiled with confusion, about to speak, but Pietro caught up to me and lifted me up, throwing me onto the couch before I could protest.
"No more cheating," he said sternly, as I lifted my head from the pile of cushions on the couch to look up at him.
"You're an arse," I said, pushing myself up off the couch.
"And you're a sore loser!"
We had a mini staring competition before the two of erupted into laughter.
"You're not half bad, Pietro," I complimented as he helped me up.
"Thank you, princess," he said, the flirtatious smile on his lips again.
I shoved him in the shoulder playfully before looking to Wanda, who was chewing on her lip as she looked between Pietro and I with an unreadable expression.
"So, what prompted you to leave Y/N alone for an hour?" Pietro asked, wrapping an arm around my shoulder, making me shove him away. He grinned at me before looking to Wanda.
"Nate called," Wanda responded carefully, arms crossed as she continued to look between us. God, I hoped she didn't think Pietro and I liked each other. That would be embarrassing.
Pietro scoffed from beside me, making Wanda sigh with annoyance.
"Don't start, Piet," she said and gave him a look which he seemed to understand.
By the sounds of it, Pietro didn't seem to like Wanda's dick of a boyfriend either. That was strange since wasn't impressing the brother the first part of being in a relationship with someone? And they were on the same football team, so I figured he'd at least tolerate him.
"Are we alright to get back to studying?" Wanda asked, directing her stare to me. The annoyance she held for Pietro was still present in her eyes and I suddenly felt nervous when she looked my way.
"Yeah, of course," I said, before giving Pietro a half-smile. "Rematch at snooker next time. Sound good?"
"Try to keep the balls on the table and we'll see," he teased, before nodding to Wanda. "You should get back to your project before Wanda kills us both with her deadly glare."
I smiled awkwardly, looking back to Wanda as she was indeed glaring at her brother. Clearly there was some sibling rivalry going on here, and I definitely didn't want to get in the middle of it, so I headed to Wanda, signalling I was ready to leave.
The two of us headed back to the dining room in an uncomfortable silence. I felt like I'd done something wrong and she was giving me the silent treatment which was strange. Then I figured it was probably something with Nate that made her annoyed, so didn't question it too much.
We sat back down and I looked at what we'd done so far to try and pick up where we left off, but then she spoke out of the blue, taking me by surprise.
"Do you like my brother?"
It was so abrupt that I took a moment to acknowledge it, blinking. "What?"
"Pietro," she clarified, saying it with such dismissiveness like it wasn't a big deal. Her attention was on the books before us as she continued, "Do you like him?"
I tried not to laugh as I shook my head. "No, Wanda. I mean, don't get me wrong, he's a great guy. But yeah, no, I don't like him like that."
She chewed her lip, nodding, but I swear I saw a hint of a smile on her lips. I hoped it wasn't the thought of Pietro and I that made her annoyed. I wasn't that bad, was I? I know she cared about her brother and was probably overprotective, but me being his girlfriend couldn't have been that bad, right?
We got back to work in no time, getting a lot done. I didn't realise how late it was getting until Wanda's mum poked her head in, asking if I wanted to stay for dinner.
"Dinner?" I asked, eyebrows raising with surprise. I checked my watch and realised how long I'd been here. "Damn, maybe I should head back."
"Nonsense, you must stay," her mum insisted. "Y/M/N won't mind. A daughter of hers is a daughter of mine."
"You can even sleepover if you want," Wanda offered, and I almost choked on my own spit. "It's getting pretty late."
I shook my head, forcing a small smile so they wouldn't get offended. "Honestly, it's fine. I can head back."
"Please?" Wanda asked with a hopeful expression. "It's the least I can do. I kinda wasted your time for an hour earlier..."
"I should ask my mum," I said, chewing on the inside of my mouth.
"Oh, I'll ring and let her know," Wanda's mum said breezily, before looking to Wanda. "D'you think you can clear your things up? Your brother is gonna set the table."
"Sure, mum." Wanda smiled her way as she left, before looking to me. "I've got clothes and a spare toothbrush you can use tonight."
I smiled awkwardly, nodding. Sleeping over at my crush's house wasn't how I thought I'd be spending my Wednesday evening, yet here we were.
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brennik1221 · 4 days ago
Oil and Water
Tumblr media
Rewatch no. 1142 and I can't stop obsessing over the little things.
Long rambling post ahead, with minor spoilers.
So at the end of Act 2: When the Walls Come Tumbling Down, Caitlyn carries Vi to what is later revealed to Cait as her childhood home. Vi is hurt, grappling with the Powder/Jinx realisation, and Cait tries to comfort her. What does Vi do?
She pushes her away.
Talks about distrusting Topsiders, about how any alliance between them would never work. How Caitlyn knows nothing about her.
Vi being guarded in a place where she's been young, and carefree and vulnerable before, strikes up such an intriguing contrast for when they're in Cait's room later.
Speaking of: Act 3: Oil and Water
We've got this beautifully charged moment between these two, away from all the action and drama of the world, where Vi opens up to Cait. It's not just in the dialogue, but also the way they move around each other in this scene.
Vi is left alone in Cait's room, with all of her research, sprawled upside down on her bed. Closed off.
Tumblr media
Caitlyn approaches her and Vi turns over and, quiet literally, gives her an invite into her space.
This overhead shot is so fascinating to me because even though Vi is the one opening up and admitting something about herself that she's ashamed of, it's Caitlyn who holds herself guarded, not quite as eager to let her walls down, just yet.
(arms crossed over the front, as opposed to Vi's more open stance.)
Tumblr media
Vi talks about Powder and their imaginary monsters, Cait realising the significance of what Vi is telling her, she turns, and only then, does Vi follow suit. Completing this little yin yang circle of giving and receiving.
Tumblr media
And THEN. The last juicy bit of this scene is captured in this shot-reverse-shot sequence set up that just takes my breath away.
Caitlyn is set up in a wider frame, with her eyes looking directly at the lens, just drinking in everything Vi is giving her.
In this scene, Caitlyn is us, we see what she sees, and what she sees is Vi - vulnerable, open, trusting, someone to take care of.
Tumblr media
We (and Cait) really get to focus on her face, her eyes, her freckles. Accordingly, Vi's frame is tighter, peripheries blurred out, eyes looking down and away from the lens (i.e. us and Cait).
Tumblr media
With this final admission, "When the real monster came, I just left her" Vi finally says the thing that's been eating at her, this great burgeoning guilt.
Peak vulnerability.
Tumblr media
And Caitlyn is relentless in the following split second, with her eye contact, as if willing Vi to look at her. (MAJOR props to animation, there is a microexpression here, Cait's eyebrows tighten, before she makes the decision to reach out to Vi.)
Tumblr media
When Caitlyn reaches out this time, Vi doesn't push her away.
Tumblr media
She accepts her hand, lets Cait comfort her, and for the first time, Vi looks up and into the lens i.e. at Caitlyn herself.
Tumblr media
This little push and pull dance of theirs is such a soft, poignant moment that has me weak for them.
Not only is this amazing storytelling, the choices made in filming this sequence, the animation - the technical aspects of which I can't even understand, but only appreciate as a pleb, the details ---
They deserve all the props and praise and kudos for this storyline and the way it's made me fall in love with them
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