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#talking through replies
pilferingapples2 years ago
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adorablecrab replied to your post: apaladinagain replied to your post: ...
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pilferingapples2 years ago
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thiswaitingheart replied to your post: okay but I am genuinely hilarified by Javert鈥檚...
Someone should photoshop beeble valjean into the liberty leading the people painting鈥 and replace everyone else in that painting with sheep or something.
How BBC Javert Sees The World For Some Baffling Reason
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corasharper7 months ago
You liked Mass Effect: Andromeda? I'm not judging, I'm just curious because it always seems like most people hate/dislike it. Which I don't. So it's hard to even talk about it.
i love andromeda with my whole heart, and i鈥檓 still constantly sad over the way it was treated at launch. i think it鈥檚 pretty promising that a lot of recent reviews (like on steam) are all very positive, because i really strongly believe the andromeda cast and universe deserve to have their story continued聽
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yamiiino5 months ago
Instead of being on a boat I thought Jon was flying at first, bc the person in the statement was describing something floating above them, watching. And I thought Oh Shit Jon Went Full Horror Avatar Bc Martin Is Gone. But then he was just rowing the entire time :/
Jon in the fear soup in mag 195
Tumblr media
[ID: The meme of the guy in the hallway running away from a different, floating guy, edited so there's badly drawn water on the bottom that the running guy is wading through. /End ID]
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sleepinglionhearts2 years ago
Aww, that last picture you made of Izana and Kana was so cute! Are you going to continue the baby comics with Libra? They're adorbs as well ;v;
There鈥檚 gonna be more of those. I mean, I鈥檓 having a lot of fun drawing emotional Robin and also I realized I made a bit of a mistake concerning birthdays and so Robin and Libra are in for a surprise (but not a bad surprise, so don鈥檛 worry)
Until I get around to that nonsense, you can enjoy this nonsense.
Tumblr media
..and this too:
Tumblr media
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bobcatmoran10 months ago
Hey, do you have a Ko-fi or something? Because I want to show my appreciation for your debate liveblogs. I can't actually watch them because they make me so intensely anxious, but your coverage lets me keep up without needing a xanax and a nap. Thanks for what you do!
Hey, Anon, I do not have a Ko-fi or other donation box, but what you can do if you鈥檙e a US citizen and old enough to vote is go to !
Check your registration, look up deadlines and procedures for how and where to vote in your state by mail or in person 鈥 it鈥檚 a great resource, especially for this year where there鈥檚 so many variables.
Then, MAKE SURE YOU VOTE! If you鈥檙e not eligible to vote in the US (too young, not a citizen, live in a state with garbage laws against ex-felons voting, etc), make sure your friends and family who are eligible to vote do so!
That is more than enough of a tip for me :D
(or, if you really wanna give money, look into your local bail funds or your local food shelf. They could use it more than me.)
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Following up with that post about Blake and Yang being avatars for the gods and bringing balance, the fact that they are a Faunus and a Human and could plausibly, potentially, finally unite the two races, could play into that. Just thinking about the two of them becoming a couple and showing their respective races that they can coexist peacefully and even love each other just makes me melt into a puddle of joy and feels. Please give us this, RT!
love this!!! absolutely entirely agree!!!!! that鈥檚 another huge reason why bumbleby is such a good endgame couple -- like for us in reality/as an audience, it鈥檚 huge bc they鈥檙e two women and media in our world, wlw relationships aren鈥檛 super built up to this depth, and especially not in the animated genre. so for us! big fucking deal!!!
in remnant? not so much, based on the whole homophobia isn鈥檛 a thing. again that doesn鈥檛 mean that comp. het. isn鈥檛 a thing, but just that people don鈥檛 see two women together and go聽鈥渨ow gross鈥 -- however i would imagine that there would be some people in remnant that would see a human and a faunus (regardless of their gender) dating and THAT would get a聽鈥渨ow gross鈥 reaction. which would also be interesting to see if RT would like .... do a meta commentary kinda perhaps? on like, the contrast. that鈥檇 be whild it would.
and so for blake and yang to fall in love and get together???? wow. WOW. revolutionary. my heart just kinda exploded a bit thinking about them united against all kinds of comments and disgust and weathering it all TOGETHER bc they鈥檝e been through hell and back together, because of each other, FOR one another. so they can withstand everything that comes their way.聽
wow i鈥檓 gonna lose it thanks friend time to go bury myself under a pile of blankets and cry for a little while. i鈥檓 what you鈥檇 calle Fuckin Overwhelmede聽
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aflamethatneverdies4 years ago
pilferingapples聽replied to your post鈥淎nyone wanna talk about their headcanons or swap headcanons or prompts...鈥
**HUGS** y' wanna talk Revenge Sandwich things? or French Romantics? or cats? (I am sorry everything is being terrible!)
Thanks Pilf! I do, there鈥檚 a lot to talk about in Revenge Sandwich, I鈥檓 not sure where to begin, though I did like your analysis post, I鈥檓 gonna have to think about it before commenting. And well, the other topics are fantastic too, I鈥檝e been making my way slowly through Journey and Sylvie and a bit of a History of a Crime too. I don鈥檛 have a cat but I really love pets and I want them so much. Thank you for the hugs too. 聽<3
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pilferingapplesa year ago
Tumblr media
@spacestationtrustfund replied to your photo
Hey! To be fair, one of the original drafts DID have Courfeyrac as the one delivering that line! It's simply accurate to an earlier version, that's all XD
was this back when Marius was Thomas??聽聽
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bobcatmoran11 months ago
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! This has Been A Year but I hope you are able to have an enjoyable day all the same! Much love and cake!
Thank you! The last month and a half have indeed Been A Year :P (oh gods I am pretty sure January was a decade or two ago at this point)
I鈥檓 taking the whole week off of work though, because I鈥檝e got a bunch of use or lose leave that hasn鈥檛 been used since various trips I had planned are obviously not happening, and I鈥檓 gonna go on some local hikes and catch up on Big Housework Projects and watch some Ultraman. So it鈥檚 looking like a nice, chill 鈥渆verything involving agricultural exports and soil labs and unsolicited seeds is someone else鈥檚 problem now鈥 week, which is lovely.
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toukatan3 years ago
I know a lot of this was resolved with chapter 50, but I'm forever a sucker for eren realizing the hurt he's caused mikasa with him pushing her away and all that stuff (ya know, trainee-era angry eren + protective mikasa). I think it's really nice that their relationship has progressed, but any (angsty) headcanons for above scenario?
did someone call for my middle name?? angst??? i see you! i鈥檓 literally analysing chapter 50 with a friend of mine right as you sent this so what perfect timing! (some things are shown in canon but ya know, gentle eren is what i stan and i鈥檓 kinda ignoring what鈥檚 already canon???):
eren being a little more careful in the way he speaks and acts around mikasa now considering that he knows how much the scarf and him mean to her, he鈥檚 more gentle聽
as shown in chapter 51 he already feels sorry for her getting hurt so this is canon !! but mikasa is an angel and reassurances him that she鈥檚 fine
eren is more worried now when mikasa is injured always asking if she鈥檚 okay when he sees something that isn鈥檛 quite right
he asks his comrades if she鈥檚 alright when something is off as well
eren staying up late at night recalling all the things he鈥檚 done to her and wanting to apologise but he has never done anything like this so it鈥檚 overwhelming for him and keeps him up all night聽
eren staying by mikasa鈥檚 side until she has woken up, even stitching up her scarf where there鈥檚 damage
or eren visiting mikasa鈥檚 room at the dead of night when no one is awake and just gazing over her while thinking of the events that had just occurred
once she鈥檚 recovered a little he鈥檇 wrap the scarf around her and say 鈥榠鈥檇 wrap this around you as many times as you wanted, i promised you didn鈥檛 i?鈥
if we really wanna go angst by anons request i can see the two of them getting into a really heavy conversation where he kinda just apologises for any pain he has caused her, though i do see mikasa telling him thats it鈥檚 okay and it鈥檚 not his fault for the things he has done and then they just stay with each other for a little while and reminisce old times
this list turned out so much longer than i thought it would! it wasn鈥檛 too angst??? but hopefully it gets you in the feels anon!
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pilferingapples3 years ago
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@adorablecrab replied to your post: @adorablecrab replied to your post: ...
now I need an enamel pin that says 鈥渁ngry book nerd鈥
omg that would look so cute in your art style??
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aflamethatneverdies4 years ago
pilferingapples聽replied to your post鈥減ilferingapples聽replied to your post鈥淎nyone wanna talk about their...鈥
Ooh, History of a Crime is INTENSE, isn't it? I can't get through that one too quickly either D: It's just so... so nightmarish. And I know it's not the only time something like that ever happened, but it feels like--so Modern Political Horror, you know? not at all what I was expecting the coup to be like when all I had was wiki-type writeups.D:
It is. It just makes it all the more real and urgent, the way Hugo is describing it all, because he was there, this is all happening around him and I feel very sorry for him and the people. This is a very terrible thing and really, I had no idea about what to expect with the coup and the representatives being arrested by force, it鈥檚 a nightmare-horror event definitely and yeah, I agree very modern political horror. Arghhh!!! Although, maybe I see where Hugo got Thenardier鈥檚 description from, it鈥檚 vague-ish but very possible. Drag NIII, Hugo!
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bobcatmoran11 months ago
I am having so much trouble listening g to this omg. Also the guy who鈥檚 like 鈥淭rump is like the Wisconsin Badgers they鈥檙e smart and tough鈥 is the most em art thing I鈥檝e ever heard someone from my state say
I鈥檓 grateful that I鈥檓 watching this on PBS, which regularly cuts away for long periods of time to have rational people discuss what鈥檚 being said. I don鈥檛 think I could take this undiluted.
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chittychittyyangyang2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What I find interesting is the choice of wording Blake chooses now when talking about Adam:
Adam鈥檚 strong but his real power comes from control. He used to get in my head, make me feel small. But now I see he just wanted to pull me down to his size.
Here is the thing about what they are BOTH doing: they are both in their own ways trying to control their situations (which before I even get too far isn鈥檛 a bad thing on it鈥檚 own but taking it to an extreme is why they have having issues.)
Yang is still in the mindset that when things get bad Blake will leave. As such she needs to just carry on like she did before. She needs to be the rock and be there for everyone else and never need someone again like she needed Blake. Here is the thing: that鈥檚 not strength. That鈥檚 just her trying to protect herself. For Yang the girl that always needed to step up and be the bigger person and protect everyone else who had to deal with the loss of two mothers while raising her sister, who will happily take a hit if it means the people she cares about are safe: needing someone was a big deal. It is not strength to feel like you have to shoulder the world yourself. Needing people doesn鈥檛 make someone weak and doesn鈥檛 invalidate Yang鈥檚 strength as a person. There is a reason Oz paired people up and put them in teams: people are better when they have others they can rely on. It will take time but Yang鈥檚 recovery depends on her needing others (Blake) again and them being there for her.
Blake鈥檚 illusion of control is more external with her always looking over at Yang to see that she鈥檚 there and okay, trying to get her bag for her, and saying she will protect her. Yes, some of it comes from being 鈥渆mo鈥 or you could say a victim of abuse who is trying her best to fix something she blames herself for. The thing about being in an abusive relationship is that Blake is probably thinking regardless that everything is her fault. Not just that night Beacon fell. Thing about moving from an abusive relationship to tying to have a healthy one is that you might still have the mindset from the abusive one. It鈥檚 a hard thing to unlearn. If Adam was upset I鈥檓 sure he made it Blake鈥檚 fault when no fault could be put on her. Now Blake does it without prompting. Adam is still hurting her even when he is not there because she hasn鈥檛 really dealt with any of her guilt regarding him. I also feel like a lot of people seem to just down play the effects of being in an abusive relationship because Blake has also really been through enough.聽
I don鈥檛 want Yang to go through more. She has had pretty constant Bad Time since her fight with Mercury back in Vol 3 and I want her to have one chapter where she can actually relax for once. That said, it鈥檚 not going to happen now. What they are all trying to do mean they will constantly be in danger. What the danger now has a chance for both Blake and Yang is that this danger is something they couldn鈥檛 have known about and is out of both of their control and not tied to Adam.
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pilferingapples2 years ago
Tumblr media
aroacevaljean replied to your post 鈥渙ooh, do you have a fav word pun in Les Mis? Or are there just Too...鈥
wait what does that mean?
oh geez it鈥檚 all so complicated and Hugo should be ashamed of himself for it and I should be ashamed of myself for liking it but聽
all right, you know Legle is called Bossuet as a joke, because of the archbishop Bossuet,聽鈥 eagle of words鈥 --聽鈥 l鈥檃igle do mots鈥 -- and who was also Bishop of聽Meaux.
Well, that聽聽Bossuet was famous for his funeral orations--hence Amis Bossuet playing along and giving Funeral Orations as a joke.聽 And one of that聽聽Bossuet鈥檚 most famous funeral orations was for Queen Henriette,聽 in which he repeatedly called her a 鈥 daughter of Saint Louis鈥-- a聽鈥 fille de Saint Louis鈥 -- which of course sounds like聽聽鈥 fille de cinq louis鈥 because that鈥檚 just how French rolls, hey.
He also had another聽聽famous oration -- 鈥淩茅flexion sur notre amour pour le Dieu et pour le prochain鈥--that ended with him repeating聽鈥 Tirez-moi! Tirez-moi! Tirez-moi!鈥 (which of course sounds like tire-moi)聽 which is, ah, take me; in that case, it was a please to God to take his soul, you know, as one asks God to do when one is a bishop.聽
In Legle-Bossuet鈥檚 case, though, it鈥檚 rather obviously Not That, what with the聽鈥 mes bottes鈥 (鈥 my boots鈥) added in.
鈥 Take me!鈥澛 is pretty obvious sexual innuendo in French or English, then and now; and the root verb of tirez/tire,聽鈥 tirer鈥 (and its conjugations) was, at the time, very聽聽popular and direct slang for sex.聽
And Bossuet鈥檚 orations were not obscure speeches! in canon era , they were the kind of Culturally Canon speeches that kids (boys) learned to recite in school.聽
So Legle!Bossuet鈥檚 taking two very well-known catchphrases from the speeches of an archbishop and combining them to form a single Very Risque Pun.聽 Which is amazing, and also so incredibly college kid聽聽of him XD聽
(nod to @needsmoreresearch , @robertawickham and @barricadeur聽 for doing the actual research on all these lo so many years ago!)
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sourwolf-sterek322 years ago
You鈥檙e Not Alone ( Daryl Dixon x Reader )
Summary:聽You鈥檝e been on your own for 8 months now after your brother died. Scavenging and hunting, using the skills your father taught you to stay alive. Until you came across a little girl lost in the woods. You were determined to get her back to her mother, but once you found her group everything changed and you found yourself falling for the blue eyed archer without realising it.
(Set during Season 2. Roughly around the time Sophia went missing)
Parings: Daryl Dixon x Reader
Warnings: Language, slight references to past domestic abuse. mild descriptions of blood and gore (it鈥檚 twd what do you expect?)
Chapter 7:
"So how do we do this? Just take a vote? Does it have to anonymous? How about majority rules?" Lori asked as the group gathered in the main room of the farm house to decide what to do with Randall. Everyone was spread out in the room, on chairs and tables and leaning against walls while you and Daryl stood behind Rick leaning against a cupboard.
"Well, lets just see where everybody stands, then we can talk through the options." Rick replied glancing around the room waiting for someone to speak up.
"Where I sit, there's only one way to move forward." Shane stated as he leant against the fireplace staring at Rick before turning to Dale as he began to talk.
"Killing him, right? I mean, why even bother to take a vote? Its clear which way the wind is blowing." Dale replied throwing his hands up in defeat.
"If people believe we should spare him, I wanna know." Rick answered crossing his arms over his chest waiting for others to speak their mind. The arguing went on for a while before someone asked how Rick would kill him.
"Shooting may be more humane." Rick replied after Shane suggested hanging the kid and you nodded. You wanted the kid gone but you didn't want him to be hung, that's just not right.
"What about the body? Do we bury him?" T-Dog questioned looking over at the group waiting for a suggestion.
"Hold on, hold on! You're talking about this like its already been decided." Dale suddenly said and you sighed getting annoyed with this argument that clearly wasn't going anywhere and Daryl clearly felt the same as he took a few steps towards the group.
"You've been talking all day, going around in circles. You just wanna go around in circles again?" Daryl asked in a frustrated tone as he made his way back to you. It felt like hours before the group made a decision which was to shoot Randall even though Dale clearly didn't agree as he stormed off leaving the room.
When the sun had set you, Daryl, Rick and Shane all went out to the shed to take care of the problem. Rick was going to be the one to kill him while you and Daryl held Randall up in front of Rick waiting for his word.
"Would you like to stand or kneel?" Rick asked but only got sobbing and crying as a response. You glanced over at Daryl who nodded as the two of you forced him on his knees taking a few steps away knowing blood will be splattered in a few seconds.
"Do you have any final words?" Rick asked but all Randall did was beg for his life some more and you shook your head. At least the kid was blindfolded so he couldn't see the gun pointed at his end, it would be over soon.
"Do it, dad." Carls voice suddenly said causing you to frown in confusion looking towards the shed door to see the boy standing there watching his father. "Do it."
"Are you kidding me? What'd I say to you? What did I say to you?" Shane questioned as he pulled Carl away taking him out the shed, but it didn't matter you could see the change in Ricks stance and expression. He wasn't going to kill Randall, he couldn't.
"Take him away." Rick muttered walking out the shed as you and Daryl exchanged a glance before handcuffing him back to the metal pipe. Neither of you said a word as you grabbed your bow from the ground. The two of you headed back towards the farm house where Rick would be telling the others about what's going to happen next.
"Well at least Dale will be happy Randall isn't dead." You commented trying to make light on the situation and Daryl nodded in agreement when a scream pierced through the cool night air. You both froze before taking off, running into the paddock where the scream came from.
As you got closer you could see a walker leaning over something in the paddock. You quickly bought your bow up firing an arrow through its forehead as Daryl continued to run towards the body on the ground. You took off running again after the shot and your heart dropped hearing Daryl's desperate voice shout.
"Help! Over here!" He shouted glancing over his shoulder towards the flashlights in the distance before he turned back to the body on the ground. "Hang in there, buddy." Daryl said softly as you reached his side and you gasped when you saw Dale lying on the ground, his entire stomach a mess of blood, guts and bite marks.
"Oh my God." You gasped dropping to your knees as you tried covered the bites to stop the bleeding but it wasn't working. "Hold on Dale, please." You begged, tears forming in your eyes as Rick and the rest suddenly appeared.
"Just listen to my voice. Listen to me, all right? Okay, hold on now" Rick said softly kneeling on the other side of Dale, his hands shaking as he shouted for Hershel. You felt Andrea drop down besides you and you stood up taking a few steps away letting the other woman have a moment with Dale, knowing he was like a father figure to her.
"What happened?" Hershel questioned rushing over to him but you shook your head, there was nothing Hershel could do and you knew it.
"What can we do? Can we move him?" Rick asked in a desperate voice but Hershel shook his head telling them that Dale won't make the trip. You felt tears run down your cheeks as you took a few more steps backwards feeling a sense of d茅j脿 vu unfolding, brining back memories of your little brother lying on the ground begging for you to stop the pain.
"He's suffering. Someone do something." Andrea cried and you bit your lip to stop yourself from crying. You only just got to know Dale yet he already meant so much to you, this whole group meant so much to you. Everyone was standing around Dale, all crying and sobbing knowing there was only one thing they could do.
You watched through watery eyes as Rick cocked his gun aiming it Dales head, but he couldn't do it, he couldn't pull the trigger. Suddenly Daryl's hand reached for the revolver and Rick nodded letting Daryl take the gun from him.
"Sorry brother." Daryl said before pulling the trigger ending the pain and suffering for the man everyone knew and loved. You stared at his body for a few seconds before you walked over to the walker on the ground as you pulled your arrow out. You felt someone tap your shoulder and you turned around to find Daryl standing besides you holding out his red rag, you looked up to his face and you could see the pain and grief in his eyes.
"Thanks." You said barely above a whisper as you took the rag and wiped down your arrow before handing the rag back as you clipped the arrow back into the quiver of your bow.
Nobody moved away for a few minutes, everyone still trying to process what the hell just happened before Glen asked what we were going to do now. Everyone looked over at Rick for an answer but he was too busy staring at Dales lifeless body in shock, it wasn't fair that all this pressure was on Rick all the time. You noticed the way Daryl stepped up a few moments earlier relieving Rick from all the hard work and now it was your turn to do the same, you owed the group at least that.
"We bury him tomorrow and have a funeral for him, it's what he would want. I can bury him in the morning, you guys all need the rest." You suddenly said catching Ricks attention as he looked over at you with a relieved expression and you nodded to him before looking back at the others who nodded slightly in agreement.
It took Daryl a while to fall asleep that night, he stayed up until he saw the light in Y/N's tent go out before he let himself relax in his tent knowing she was asleep. He could tell something was off with her once they walked back to the campsite and it wasn't just about Dale. No one was themselves last night, still trying accepted that Dale is gone, that another family member is gone. But there was something different with Y/N, he wasn't sure what but he tried not to think about it, figuring she would talk to him when she was ready.
He woke up suddenly to the sound of a muffled scream. He quickly sat up in his sleeping bag fearing that someone else had gotten attacked by a walker when a soft whimper followed the scream and he realised it was coming from your tent. She must be having a nightmare.
He quickly kicked off his sleeping bag grabbing his crossbow just in case as he exited his tent. He looked over to the other tents in the main campsite but nobodys light was on meaning they were all asleep. He grabbed the small lamp Y/N had hanging from a tree branch as he made his way over to her tent, unzipping it slowly to make sure not to scare her.
His felt his heart sink once he saw her lying on top of her sleeping bag, a layer of cold sweat over her forehead as she tossed and turned in the bed, mumbling words that he couldn't quite put together. He dropped his crossbow on the floor next to Y/N's bow before he placed the lamp on the ground as he made his way towards her, knowing he needed to wake her up to get her out of whatever nightmare she was reliving.
"No." You mumbled in your sleep as Daryl knelt down beside you in worry.
"Y/N." He said softly shaking your shoulder gently but you didn't wake up as you squirmed in his arms.
"No. Matthew!" You whimpered getting more and more worked up from the nightmare as Daryl suddenly gripped your shoulders tighter to stop you from moving and hurting yourself.
"Y/N, its just a dream, wake up." Daryl begged when suddenly you gasped siting up in bed in panic until you saw Daryl sitting next to you and you sighed. It was just a dream. It was only a dream, Matthew isn't here, its Daryl. It was just a dream, you thought to yourself trying to calm your breathing.
"Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you." You whispered as you sat up motioning for Daryl to take a seat next to you which he did without saying a word. It wasn't the first time he had woken you up from a nightmare but you were still embarrassed about it and felt bad for ruining his night.
"Ya know you don't have ta apologise for that Y/N." Daryl muttered in a kind voice bumping your shoulder playfully and you smiled resting your head in the crook of his neck, something the two of you did nearly every night after he wakes you up from a nightmare. It made you feel safe, being close to him like that. Although the first time you did it he froze up from the sudden contact, but before you could pull away and apologise he slid his arm around your waist pulling you closer. Ever since then it became a common thing between the two of you.
"Who's Matthew? You've said that name a few times in your sleep." Daryl suddenly asked and you closed your eyes as the memories of Matthew flowed through your mind.
"Matty was my little brother, he would have been the same age as Carl and Sophia now." You simply said with a soft smile. "When this whole thing started it was just me and Matthew at home, our parents were away on a holiday leaving me in charge. We saw all the news coverage and footage of what was happening until all power and satellites went down. We lived on the edge of town, luckily because when we woke up to screams and people running down the streets being chased by the walkers we had a few extra minutes to get the hell out of dodge. Which was exactly what we did. A few days earlier Matthew and I gathered up some clothes and essentials and packed it into my truck, as well as all dads guns, my archery and camping gear. So when the walkers took over our town I grabbed him and got into the truck and just drove. I had no idea where we were going, he wanted to go to Atlanta because that's where our parents were last we heard, but I knew that would have been one of the first places over run. So we just kept driving north away from our little town and away from Atlanta. We lasted a few months before supplies ran out and my truck broke down. We relied on scavenging and hunting to survive, but one day we got trapped in a gas station, walkers blocked our exits and Matty got bit, it was my fault. I let him walk off for a few minutes, I should have never let him out of my sight... I had to put him out of his misery like what you did to Dale last night. Then eight, nine months later I found Sophia then found you guys." You explained still with your head resting on Daryls shoulder as he reached for your hand holding it in his lap.
"Your brother would have known you did everything you could to help him survive in this world." Daryl replied as he rubbed his thumb in soft soothing circles over your hand and you smiled through your teary eyes.
"And your brother would have known you did everything you could to try get him back, even though he wasn't there when you got back to Atlanta." You said softly remembering the night Daryl told you about Merle and what happened in Atlanta. Daryl scoffed, shaking his head.
"We're more alike than I originally thought." He mumbled and you chuckled slightly but nodded in agreement before going silent for a few minutes.
"What are we Daryl?" You suddenly asked lifting your head off his shoulder to look at him properly, but you didn't release your hand from his.
"What do ya want us to be?" He asked his voice a little tense, not knowing what you were going to say. You took a deep breath hoping like hell that you don't ruin your friendship with him by saying what you're about to.
"I like you Daryl, I like you more than a friend and if you don't feel the same way I completely understand and I'm sorry for bringing it up but-" You quickly said before Daryl cupped your cheek turning you towards him as his lips hit yours. It wasn't hard or forceful like the kisses you were use to, it was soft and gentle and something you never thought you would ever experience, especially with him.
"I like ya too." He whispered in a husky voice as he rested his forehead against yours. "Ya sure you want this though?"
"I wouldn't rather anything else." You replied unable to stop the smile forming on your face as Daryl brushed his fingers through your hair. "The group is gonna flip when they find out. Although, I think Carol and some of the others were getting a bit suspicious about us."
"Who cares how they react, you're my girl now, ain't nothing gonna change that."
The next morning the group joined you and Daryl by Dales grave that the two of you dug in the early hours of the morning. Everyone all gathered around the grave in a circle while you and Daryl stood a bit behind the others, hand in hand. You all listened to Rick make a speech about how good of a man Dale was despite the world turning to shit.
"In the end, he was talking about losing our humanity. He said this group was broken... The best way to honour him is to unbreak it. Set aside our differences and pull together, stop feeling sorry for ourselves and take control of our lives, our safety, our future. We're not broken. We're gonna prove him wrong. From now on we're gonna do it his way, that is how we honour Dale." Rick said and everyone nodded in agreement before you all slowly left the grave.
"You okay?" Daryl mumbled squeezing your hand gently as you looked up at him with a slight nod, not trusting your voice at the moment. You looked back over to Dales grave thinking about how Matthew was just buried in the middle of woods in the middle of nowhere. At least Dale got a proper send off, he was a good man. You thought to yourself.
"Hey Y/N!" Maggies voice shouted catching your attention as you and Daryl both turned around to find the farmers daughter running towards you with a smile.
"Hey Maggie, what鈥檚 up?" You asked giving the young woman a friendly smile. You had grown to like Maggie, the two of you had become pretty close friends over the past week and you adored the cute relationship she had with Glen, they suited each other perfectly.
"You use to work at a motorcycle garage right?" She asked and you nodded slowly unsure to where this conversation was heading. "Can you ride motorcycles?"
"Yeah I can. I haven't since this all started, its something I miss to be honest. There's nothing like riding through the open country roads." You answered as you glanced over at Daryl who was looking at you with an impressed expression.
"My brother, Shaun. He had an old dirt bike he use to ride around on the farm, none of us known how to ride and I figured someone might as well enjoy it. The only other person I could think of was Daryl, but he already has a motorcycle." Maggie replied and you stared at her in shock, you had seen the bike earlier in the shed, but it wasn't yours so you had no right to touch it.
"Wait are you serious? Can I actually ride it?" You asked in disbelief glancing over at Daryl who had a smug look on his face at your reaction before you looked back at Maggie who laughed with a nod.
"There's some spare jerrycans of fuel in the back shed if it needs any." Maggie replied and you thanked her before she jogged back to Glen and Hershel who were making their way back to the farm house. You turned to Daryl unable to hide the smile on your face as you began pulling him towards the shed where the dirt bike was.聽He chuckled softly at your excitement watching you with amusement as you led him to the shed.聽
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