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should i just start making personal posts here? ok yeah why not. anyway i started listening to babymetal and i genuinely believe i need to see a therapist like right away

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I just now remembered that recommended posts on the search bar still show posts without tags. No wonder my tag-free shitposts will mysteriously get hundreds of notes and piss off a lot of people LMAO

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toji fushiguro……. i want u rearrange my organs it’s ok u can leave me too and not pay child support that’s ok just [redacted] my [redacted] until i [redacted] [redacted] [redacted]

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ig me getting pporappippam on that quiz makes sense since it was literally my top song of 2020

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Yeah listening to women artists including kpop is not feminism but it SURE is misandry because I can’t listen to men sing for too long or i get annoyed on GOD. Like after a while they just sound all the same to me I need to listen to them #sprinkled thru women singers 😔

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i gained exactly one follower after sending sarah zee an ask on tumbler dot gov, am i an influencer now

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Ive always had painful incapacitating periods and I fear the possibility of endometriosis but the part of me that isn’t afraid of endo is hopeful I can give my uterus to someone who wants a baby and it’ll go well. And I can try and get it to another trans person!!! I guess I just gotta do the scary and get my hardware checked out either way. PP is trans friendly for exams and shit for sure but we don’t have that many in socal. Plus reaching out to my LGBT center during the plague isn’t as easy rn (like to ask about potential friendly doctors in my network but they once said they recommended an evil psych of mine sooo) but jehsheehehebhe

Catch me driving up to fucking LA just to get this done

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Un petit message pour vous prévenir que je ferme temporairement les commandes, le temps de répondre à celles que j’ai en cours (et, oui, de faire autre chose à côté, hahaha). Cependant, comme alternative, je peux vous proposer de m’envoyer des suggestions (toujours avec galerie svp, je gère déjà tellement mal mon temps dernièrement que je vais éviter d’en rajouter en devant chercher des photos). Un peu le même principe, mais je me sens moins poussée à y répondre / à y répondre rapidement. Cheers.  ♡

Just a few words to warn you that I’m closing the requests at the moment, to take the time to realize the ones I currently have (and, yes, to do other things as well hahaha). But I can offer you the possibility to send me suggestions (still with a gallery tho, so I don’t have to take the time to look for pictures). Kinda the same thing, but like that I don’t feel like I HAVE to do them / to do them quickly. Cheers.  ♡

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Second night of being with the gaang Zuko makes a dinner request like he would with palace servants and Katara picks him up with waterbending and wrings him like a wet towel

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yeah it’s kugisaki/fushiguro/itadori for me. they have such a good dynamic as the three of them that i couldn’t imagine splitting them up

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i be like *has symptoms*

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other rgu characters, even mikage, thinking disdainfully of saionji as just some kind of court jester to them is so funny

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redza corruption arc could be SO good but also. completely terrifying bc he is SO powerful and the only thing that holds him back is his occasional mercy + the fact that he just tends to not get directly involved? so if they take that away. holy fuck. he would be absolutely TERRIFYING. angel of death indeed.

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being a trans man attracted to women adds this whole new level of socially ignited insecurity, where youre not only hyper aware of what society deems masculine, but also by the norms around you regarding what a man should be like in a relationship to a woman, and your hyper awareness of your masculine shortcomings translates to a perception of inability to be taken seriously as a romantic partner

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