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spiribia · a day ago
Tumblr media
sorry i can’t find the original post anymore but the fact that the responder has an anthy icon still cracks me up so much
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tinyplanetss · a day ago
the more we learn about kris's true personality and self--through small details, comments from other players about their past self or the way they say a phrase--the more i want to CRY
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luchsyy · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hot girl shit B) (only hot people can understand this)
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tour-moved · 7 months ago
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jroxs12pone-pegamom · a month ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❥ For anyone who is confused on what the living fuck Glendale is. She’s a Gerenuk Antelope. The wonky long asses that stand up.  /even her butt color patch is explained by this since Gerenuk’s have that back stripe/ {Antelope images from this search on Google} {images of Glendale from the first episode of CentaurWorld}
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casache · 23 days ago
season eight is just. i am emotionally compelled by cas’s lobotomies. i am emotionally repelled by the worst spray tans on god’s green earth
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poisonedashtree · 2 months ago
technoblade's voices
i think c!technoblade's "voices" should work more like his livestream schedule. off stream/chill times they're an irritating buzz in the background (twitch offline chat lol) but amp up in serious "lore" situations.
considering viewercount, the voices could have gotten worse as he became more popular (switching smps and video ideas, the "trial by combat" spam during the trial of saint-malo was hilarious). when he was younger (bedwars streams, etc.) the voices could have been funny or actually helpful at times.
i'm just not a fan of the "voices compel him to do things" idea because it seems like a cop-out that can excuse or villainize him really easily. ultimately it's his choice to make decisions like killing tubbo or destroying l'manberg the second time, and it's up to viewers to decide whether tubbo's execution was schlatt's fault or if the butcher army was out of line.
plus the voices aren't always supposed to be violent? most of the time chat just spams E or /rainbowchat, and only ever goes into "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD" spam when violence is definitely on the table.
chat being voices is just supposed to be a fun inclusive thing that makes people (including me) happy when i press control v three times. stop making it into c!techno as a violent, unstable being and start looking at him the same way as any other person.
(also, looking at c!techno as a violent psychotic with auditory hallucinations because you watched one hollywood movie is cringe, please fucking stop it)
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janederscore · a year ago
unionize your workplace before they kill you
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foxthebeekeeper · 6 months ago
Here you can see two bees dancing in the same direction for about the same duration, meaning two votes for one potential new home. They are dancing quite vigorously and consistently, meaning they strongly believe that this should be the colony's new home.
If enough scouts return and do the same dance, the swarm will take a vote and if a majority vote on the new location, they'll pick up and head that direction!
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birdkoskincare · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
love is stored in the heart-shaped cookie 🌷
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spiribia · a day ago
sound design is so unsung in everything. how much more does it take you into the scene if you can hear the wind rustling through the tall grass and crickets in a night scene and the wooden creak of the boat youre steering in a video game and crows at sunset and so on. years later and hearing the pop of material being harvested in a minecraft video sometimes makes me sentimental
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tinyplanetss · 3 months ago
god i cannot stop thinking. about when techno and quackity were chatting up on that hill overlooking the houses.... techno fondly laughing at them, as quackity is right there looking at techno's reaction to these people, his friends, his vulnerabilities. quackity now knows about three people techno cares for, and he can use that against him now.
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drawfulneutral · 5 months ago
i feel like there is something physiologically very stable in declan but in like a fucked up way like i think he could drop acid and it would have no effect on him
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tour-moved · 6 months ago
hiiiii maybe rb and tell me the emoji thats just.... yours. like its ur signature and if ur friends ever saw, they’d be like oh theres xyz
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casache · a month ago
their best hugs are when cas unhesitatingly throws his arms up over dean’s shoulders and dean pauses a second before folding his arms around his lower back. love interest moments.............
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blood-sucking-whore · 25 days ago
Gender in Killing Eve and Hannibal (TV Series)
(pls tell me ur thoughts)
Both Killing Eve and Hannibal feature characters who perform gender (or don’t) in particularly interesting ways.  Killing Eve’s subversion of female gender roles is rich and complex, especially for a crime drama - a very male dominated genre.  In crime shows, female characters are typically either non-existent, or badly written props for insufferable male protagonists.
The women of K.E. (namely Villanelle and Eve) are not only extremely intelligent and driven, but have a sensitively-described moral greyness.  It is fascinating to see both women’s moralities evolve throughout the series, especially in relation to each other.  
There are consequences to their actions, but the writers allow them to do bad things, to be bad people.  It is refreshing to see ‘strong women’ written in this way: they don’t have to make women look ‘good.’  Often this moral flexibility is only tolerated from male characters.  
That’s not to say that Villanelle and Eve are never vulnerable.  They are people: their worth as characters cannot be based on filling the age-old mold of cold, dull, emotionless male detective characters.  Eve is manipulated by her employers, by Villanelle, affected by the death of her friends, and is a victim to her own guilt.  Villanelle, similarly, is subject to the needs of her employers, is orphaned, and is overall dysfunctional.  
This inhibits their control of their own situations.  But both characters make decisions, and take power for themselves.  And while their intentions are muddied along the way, they both keep fighting for something, even if it's just for themselves and each other.
The two central characters of Hannibal, Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter, exhibit a similar relationship to that of Eve and Villanelle.  While they (Will especially) don’t flout the rules of gender as decisively as Villanelle, for example, they also are not typical male crime protagonists.
Will Graham is vulnerable, quiet, and uncomfortable with power.  And, unlike other male underdog characters, this isolation isn’t resolved by, or blamed on a woman.  These descriptors apply most obviously in the first season, but even through Will’s development, he doesn’t exactly become masculine or powerful (at least in the traditional way.)  He is consistently affected by mental illness, which is sensitively depicted, and (character-wise) is sympathetic to other mentally ill characters.  This is a point of weakness which is constantly exploited by other characters such as Jack and Hannibal.
Hannibal, on the other hand, is not very vulnerable (until he becomes more sympathetic to Will.) He is always in control, always able to manipulate the situation to his advantage.  But even he isn’t exactly masculine.  He enjoys art and music, and even through murder, is opulent and flamboyant.  
This is easily comparable to Villanelle’s (fashion, visuals, performance) 
Both Hannibal and Will are very clearly queercoded, and in a relationship that can’t really be described as platonic.  Scenes with them are written, acted, and framed in an intimate way.  Even when stabbing each other, there is romantic tension. This is a union between two people who understand each others’ deepest, most hidden nature. 
I am hesitant to compare murder entirely to queerness, because of how this has been used to suggest evil inherent to queer people.  But murder, and wanting to murder, is sensitively and subtly compared to the way queerness is viewed by society, and to an extent how it can be experienced by queer people and their own self-discovery.  The way both characters talk about murder is intensely intimate.  And Will’s development as a murderer, and someone who understands murder, is parallel to his evolving relationship with Hannibal.
Villanelle and Eve are canonically bisexual, and have scenes that are clearly romantic.  They share a similarly obsessive relationship.  It is endlessly entertaining to watch this relationship play out.  It is infinitely toxic, as opposed the clean, unpassionate lesbian romances we’re used to seeing on TV.  It’s also not an oversexualised, voyeuristic male fantasy.  
TV writers need to stop avoiding making queer characters that are bland, moral, nice and boring for fear of making something problematic.  That’s just lazy writing, and it’s up to them to write these characters well.  I am tired of clean, easy ‘girl power’ types, or tick-box diversity.
Another interesting facet of gender performance in the two shows is fashion and costume design.  In particular, Villanelle’s penchant for two or three piece suits is considerably masculine, but not a masculinity typically performed by men in crime shows.  She chooses fashion outside of the default, minimal idea of masculinity, and embodies gender performativity.  
However, Villanelle is just as likely to wear overly feminine clothing (eg. pink tulle dress, black tulle dress) in a way that is just as deliberate and theatrical.  She is fully aware of herself and how she is perceived, and is able to manipulate and enjoy it.  This is an especially enjoyable rebuttal to the ‘beautiful but doesn’t know it’ trope, which I despise.  Her self-confidence is not granted by a man: she seizes it herself. 
Eve is almost the opposite of this.  She wears very neutral, almost utilitarian clothing throughout the show, and rarely considers what she wears, except when she has to.  But this doesn't give way to the aforementioned display of female insecurity.  Both women show a performance of womanhood that is unconventional on TV.  What I think causes this is that the male gaze is rarely applied to either woman.
Will and Hannibal have somewhat of a similar visual comparison to Eve and Villanelle, simply: Hannibal is very attentive to his clothing,  Will, for most of the series, is not.  Hannibal, despite dressing in typically masculine clothing: three piece suits, does it much more deliberately and precisely than many masculine male TV characters.  Will’s clothing is perhaps a choice, less by him than the writers, to make him seem unthreatening and unaware.  This changes in the third season when Will begins to wear fitted suits, and seems to brush his hair more often.  
Some interpret this as Will mirroring Hannibal, but it could be read as Will rivalling Hannibal.  Hannibal was able to, quite literally, keep up appearances of himself as competent, sane and respectable.  He asserts himself as Will’s superior.  However, Will understands that maintaining his appearances is beneficial to him, and shows the viewers, and Hannibal, that he understands the way he works.  He is, by season three, no longer a vulnerable stray, but not a ruthless, efficient killer.
Both series display complex, well written characters: and this is their strength.  But I do wish the writers of Hannibal had developed their female characters better.  
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melkamay · 5 months ago
with gordon freeman its like. hes a science guy. he has no personality. he has a soft and sweet face. hes polygons. he shoots guns and commits violent acts. he is the savior of humanity. hes just some guy. there is nothing there. there is only everything you could ever want there. he is nobody. he is everybody
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