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#tamaki amajiki

Autistic Amajiki Headcanons:

-likes fluffy things cuz they’re stimmy

-he has a hundred stuffed animals, for that reason

-definitely has a custom weighted blanket, because he uses one so much

-has a bunch of motor/tactile stims

-happy absent minded rocking n cute lil excited hand flaps

-tapping fingers n pen clicking mostly, though, small stuff he can hide

-fixates on cooking, it started cuz it’d benifit his quirk, but he ended up enjoying it more than he thought he would

-it also helps him break out of eating the same safe foods all the time!

-is either listening to hyperpop & punk music very loudly, or exclusively the Undertale soundtrack, there’s no in between

-really good at repressing stims cause of his anxiety

-though, if he’s alone or trusts you, chances are he will not give two shits about what he’s doing

-the bb will flap his hands and if you don’t like it, he’s probably not doing it in front of you anyway

-doesn’t get social ques or sarcasm but has forced himself to learn them to avoid embarrassment

-also has that complex of “I am aware what I tend to do and say isn’t socially accepted, but I don’t how to stop doing these things, so I will overthink and suffer”

-he probably hides under anything he can when overloaded. like, anything.

-is also the type that likes (needs) physical affection when they’re overwhelmed, but pretty much only from people he wholeheartedly trusts

-has terrible posture and would rather sit on the floor than a chair

-feels emotions very heavily, when he loves someone, he will adore them

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Tw- Slight violence in bakugos

I have the villains and pros posted but tumblrs lame and decided to shadowban it T-T but it’s on my profile!

💣💥Katsuki Bakugo💥💣

  • Will not hesitate to cut a bitch
  • This man could care less about what they think of him
  • He ignores any fangirls/boys who hit on him -
  • But you???
  • You’re his
  • he’s gonna make sure your ex is well aware of it
  • Boku comes back without a scratch on his body
  • …however your ex is COVERED in bumps and bruises
  • Don’t you think you took it too far Bakugo?
  • Shut up and be greatful”

☀️✨Mirio Togata✨☀️

  • Honestly the purest of them
  • Your ex partner stares at you for a little too long
  • Will most likely give them a taste of their own medicine
  • Will wink at them from across the room
  • Make them uncomfortable with blow kisses and compliments
  • Write his number on a napkin and slides it to your ex
  • They look disgusted and feel too awkward to say anything

🐶💚Izuku Midoriya💚🐶


Originally posted by lord-bat-jesus

  • Would honestly just try to distract you from them
  • Lots of joke telling, compliments, and small kisses
  • Are you okay?
  • This is the 12th time you’ve asked, Deku.
  • If they get too close to you he will politely ask them to leave
  • If they don’t stop he will probably give them a long ass lecture of why harassment “isn’t cool
  • He tries his best - he really does
  • Your ex will probably get tired of hearing him talk so they’ll jolt outa there pretty quickly
  • In his mind he thought he told them off but in reality you know they just got bored of listening to his speech
  • But you don’t tell him because it makes him feel manly

🤍🧊Shoto Todoroki 🔥❤️

  • His cold stare could make seagulls flock from a piece of bread
  • Your ex walks in the restaurant and strikes up a conversation with you, ignoring shoto
  • Now, our icythot isn’t the best with social situations (let alone a relationship)
  • He has a hard time reading the room but once he realizes what’s going on - he quickly leans forward and gives the person an intimidating glare
  • “Me and my s/o would now like to enjoy our date together so if you don’t mind… leaving.”
  • The ex met his eyes and quickly stumbled away from the table
  • His eyes can cut through butter *shivers*

🦿📖Tenya Ida📖🦿

  • If you don’t have something nice to say don’t say nothin at all
  • Now Tenya isn’t once for conflict (unless they’re arguments of course)
  • Your ex will try to say hello and strike up a conversation but THIS MAN
  • Woah y/n did you hear something?”
  • No but it sure feels like someone’s standing right next to us…creepy…”
  • The ex immediately catches on and scoffs, leaving you two alone for the night

🖤🦅Fumikage Tokoyami🦅🖤

  • He’s pretty used to giving people the creeps already
  • He’s had to deal with shitty people enough through his life so he knows exactly what to do to make them leave him alone
  • Your ex approaches you two at the park and you go into straight panic mode
  • You attempt to bury yourself in his cape “Oh no…hide me
  • Instead - he grabs his backpack pulling out an oujia board, some candles, and other ritual items that he uses when he practices
  • Alright y/n, so who is this ex you would like to curse?” Tokoyami says loud and clear
  • Looking up, you see your past lover turn around and yeet the other direction

💜🐈 Hitoshi Shinsou 🐈💜

  • Would probably be the most forward about it
  • We all know he’s not afraid to say what he’s thinking
  • “This is my s/o now.”
  • The ex won’t go away? Harassment?
  • It’s evil shinso time-
  • “Since you’re so aggressive about trying to take my partner…”
  • Quirk activated
  • “Why don’t you put on a little show and try to win them over” ;;)))
  • Next thing you know the past lover is standing on the table doing a terrible strip tease infront of the whole diner

💜🐙Tamaki Amajiki 🐙💜

  • This poor boy
  • Will just silently watch you two interact
  • He can obviously see your uncomfortable but he’s so filled with both anger and anxiety - but he just stands there
  • But the moment your ex touches you and you flinch, he quickly gets in between you two.
  • Don’t ever lay a finger on y/n again.” Tamaki says in a stern voice while he looks your ex dead in the eyes.
  • WHAT???
  • Once your ex walks away, Tamaki turns around to see you looking confused as HELL
  • “S-sorry…I didn’t kno-“ you stop him mid scentence with a kiss, thanking him for his bravery

⚡️💛 Denki Kaminari 💛⚡️

  • Oh? Your ex is following you at the mall
  • Ain’t NOBODY taking away a love he worked so hard to get
  • He senses them following you two around the mall for awhile, even sitting a few tables away at the food court.
  • Like he finally got a partner?? And this person has the AUDACITY to flirt with them?
  • Your lightning boy had officially had it when your previous partner tapped you on the shoulder on the way down the escalator
  • He pulled you in and started making out with you right then in there
  • Oh sorry, did you need something?” Denki smirks
  • I uh- uh, just needed to get by….”

⛰ ❤️ Kirishima ❤️⛰

  • Would def try to alpha-male who ever is talking to you
  • Your past lover walks up to you to strike up a conversation
  • *alpha male activated*
  • Literally every few words your ex spits out kaminari flexes his arms and sighs loudly, acting annoyed at the conversation you two are having
  • Wanna feel that babe?”
  • You smile quickly catching onto what’s going on
  • Yeah feel this rad manly six pack I’ve got goin on, haha! Oh! You can feel too if you’d like” Kirishima offers them by lifting up his shirt
  • Uncomfortable and feeling quite inferior, your ex leaves with a soft goodbye
  • Kaminari smirks at his victory accomplishment and grabs you by the hand to finish your date

It’s been awhile!! Pros + Villains will be up shortly! Sorry I haven’t been posting unfortunately my home was struck with Covid and it’s been super stressful! But I will be updating more frequently ❤️

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— Bringing Home a Random Cat


summary : you see a small cat in a box in the rain, and you weren’t just going to let it stay there, so you bring them one.

characters : tamaki amajiki (bnha), issei matsukawa (hq), oikawa tooru (hq)


[ tamaki amajiki ]

  • “tamaki?” you call out into the apartment, but no answer, you let out a sigh of relief as you set the cat down on the ground. “he’s not home lil’ buddy, but i think i can convince him to let you stay.”
  • “convince who?” you jump at the voice, turning around and coming to see tamaki, you force a smile
  • and then the orange tabby came out from behind you and wrapped himself around your leg
  • “oh.” tamaki looks down at the small kitten, they looked hungry. “hold on!” tamaki disappears into the kitchen and you pick up the kitten, curious as to what tamaki would bring.
  • tamaki came back with some cheese, “cheese?” 
  • “yeah, for the cat.” he says, “s-so who do you need to convince?”
  • “uhm,” you laugh looking off to the side before looking down at the cat that’s eating the cheese and then to tamaki. “you.” he furrows his brows. “can we keep him?” you say, gesturing to the small kitten in your arms.
  • “w-well,” tamaki said, “what if he has an owner?”
  • “he was in a box with the words ‘take me’ i don’t think he has an owner.” tamaki’s heart dropped at the explanation before glancing at the kitten.
  • he wouldn’t lie, he was a bit nervous, but when the cat purred so softly…
  • “okay,” he says, moving closer and scratching at the kittens belly, the kitten purring happily and his little arms pawing at tamaki’s finger. “what should we name them?”
  • “r-really!” you were so excited, and tamaki chuckled, nodding. “hmm… maybe, milkshake?” you ask, tilting your head to the side in question.
  • “okay,” tamaki says, smiling softly, “w-we should buy some food and toys tomorrow!” you nod in agreement, pressing a kiss to tamaki’s cheek. “oh! what was, uhm, what was that for?”
  • “for being the bestest boyfriend ever.” 

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It’s kenmaro! This coming November, I made a collab with my friend @plip-ploop !

The collab is based of the Spotify playlists, I found and I had a great idea to make a fic about them!

all the credits of the idea goes to the person who made these playlists here! 

 ajie’s playlists



one night stand(s) with Dabi @plip-ploop

the morning after with Keigo Takami (Hawks) @yoon-dpx

kaminari denki teaches you how to skate @yoon-dpx

party at class 1-A dorms

watching tomura shigaraki rule the world on the sidelines @plip-ploop

the last time katsuki bakugo said “i love you” @yoon-dpx

eijiro kirishima falls in love you as he wipes the tears off your cheek @yoon-dpx

fake dating neito monoma @plip-ploop

a future with izuku midoriya @plip-ploop

slow dancing with shoto todoroki @plip-ploop

falling asleep in tamaki amajiki’s arms @yoon-dpx

spiderman kisses to sero hanta @yoon-dpx

studying with momo @plip-ploop

no commitment with mina @plip-ploop

late-night walks with hitoshi shinso @plip-ploop

picnic date with ochako uraraka @yoon-dpx

pinky promises with togata mirio @plip-ploop

locking eyes with kyoka jiro at a vinyl store


babysitting eri-chan @yoon-dpx

crushing on nejire hado @yoon-dpx

being scouted by the League of Villains


I’ll put the link to the playlists to the fics I’ll be writing!

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So I finally made a manga wall and I don’t regret it at all. It makes me so ungodly happy I think I squealed.

#bnha #mha #bokunoheroacademia #myheroacademia #shigarakitomura #tomurashigaraki #amajikitamaki #tamakiamajiki #isaccfoster #zackangelsofdeath #angelsofdeath #hawks #hawksbnha #keigotakami #souleater #deaththekid #kau #togainunochi #togainunochikau #highschoolearthdefenseclub #ryuuzaou #aizawashouta #dantedmc #dmc #devilmaycry #dmcdante

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Dabi (27), Hawks (24), Tamaki (20), and Mirio (20) x Fem!Reader (20)

Warnings: Smut, Rough Sex, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Curse Words, Praise Kink, Overstimulation, Porn with a Plot?, Polyamory, Unrealistically Healthy Relationships

Author’s Note: This is my literal dream relationship. Communication, Compliments and *ahem* lmaooooooo

Your relationship with your boyfriends randomly happened. You were a second year college student, quirkless beyond your increased stamina and endurance. You were always friends with Mirio and Tamaki from childhood, though they went the hero route. When they asked you to be their girlfriend, you were shocked. The two were such famous heroes even before the three of you had graduated from high school. You couldn’t fathom why they wanted to be with you, but you agreed and had been in lovely bliss until you met Keigo and Dabi.

How you met Keigo was rather accidental. You were walking to the apartment you shared with Mirio and Tamaki when you got caught in a torrential downpour. As you tried to run for cover, you noticed that you were being shielded by a large set of red wings. After that day, Keigo became smitten with you. When he found out about your polyamorous relationship with Mirio and Tamaki, he asked to join because he just couldn’t live another day without his baby bird. The three of you agreed that Keigo would be a lovely addition and you became a quartet.

Dabi, on the other hand, forced his way into the relationship. It wasn’t that you all didn’t love him, but he definitely wasn’t the soft type like the rest of you and when he wanted something, he went for it. When he met you at your part time job, he instantly asked for your number and didn’t take no for an answer. After he had your number, he began to pursue you like crazy. Queue the fancy dinners and expensive gifts. When you told him that you already had 3 partners, he retorted, “Why not make it 4?”

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