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dreaminginvelaris · a day ago
So...according to this post, T@mlin is a saint for giving Feyre's sisters money?? When he was literally abusing her and was the reason they were kidnapped by Hybern? I am convinced this person did not read the same series.
oh my lord what is this shit.
the shit in question:
Tumblr media
(i cropped out their username)
i mean, yeah nesta was embarrassing. and rhys and feyre are literally rulers so it’s understandable why they felt embarrassed? just like feyre said, nesta spent a shit load of their money on gambling and wine when she doesn’t even contribute shit to the city, to the court. it reflects badly on them and that is fucking embarrassing.
love how they mention that they destroyed an entire apartment complex but conveniently forget to mention they had it rebuilt and turned into a shelter for those still displaced by the war. like babes, feysand aint the devil here.
as for tamlin, are we really going to praise that dumb fuck for doing the gods damned bare minimum of providing those useless mortals with money and shelter after taking their sole provider away to use her for his own agenda?
nah sorry but im definitely not gonna do that clown shit.
oh god ew, the tags, they literally say tamlin is such a good male. oh yes, such a good person, such an angel. definitely not a monster who lets the enemy enter his country, lets the enemy work on destroying the wall that would end up hurting thousands of humans on the other side. oh what a sweet saint of a male. 🥺
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worldsnotsaid · 2 days ago
amarantha is a evil creepy sexual predator and I am glad she got what she did. But based on how much freedom Rh/ys had, and the fact he worked for her and seemed so willingly. And he wasn’t held down like Tamlin was, part me doesn’t believe he was a victim of her sexually. I feel bad for not believing him, but the fact he seemed to willingly work and kill for her, had more freedom and got away with more, makes me question him. But I could be wrong, I just feel bad for doubting his story of being sexually abused by amarantha. Not because I hate him and like Tamlin more, but a lot of his actions speak otherwise. Either way, Amarantha is an abusive bitch and deserved what she got. And if Rh/ys was really abused he didn’t deserve to be.
Hi anon!
tw: sa, violence:
Okay, I actually have a lot to say about this but first I have to make clear that: R/hysand is one-hundred percent a victim of SA.
The problem lies in the framing of R/hysand's role UTM. I think that's where your confusion lies, which is absolutely a fault of the narrative, not necessarily the individual.
R/hysand, in general, is already narratively disjointed, but some of the worst understandings of male SA can be found when talking about his character,
I'll break it up in parts
(1) SA portrayed as Noble/Sacrifice:
R/hysand, like other characters like F/eyre and Tamlin, need too many things to be true about his character, which again conflict horribly with one another. But the biggest problem with R/hysand’s character is the way SJM tries to make him in control/the center of every narrative. R/hysand’s is always the master of his own fate, and that feeds into the portrayal of his SA as something he orchestrated to “protect.” His SA is seen as him doing “what he has to” instead of y’know, SA. 
R/hysand's not noble. It's sexual assault. The fact that the story reitrates the language of "sacrifice" or R/hysand "letting" A/marantha do horrible things implies he had some sort of choice, that he is allowing her to gain power over him instead of A/marantha being a perpetrator of sexual violence.
The emphasis is not on male sexual violence, but on R/hysand's virtuosity for being a victim -- a redemptive violence. SJM inclusion of R/hysand's SA is used as a way to absolve him of his actions going forward, not as an introspection of the reality of male victims. R/hysand’s trauma is  a part of his character that is used as an antithesis to Tamlin: R/hysand’s is supposed to commended for how he handles SA. The narrative applauds him, and literally makes a point to emphasize that there is a right and wrong way to handle trauma. Tamlin and Jurian on the other hand, are vilified because they either (1) aren’t doing enough (i.e. they won’t allow themselves to get assaulted, aren’t willing to sacrifice enough) or (2) they’re trauma manifests in different ways and they’re in control of their it.
And it's safe to say this because, SJM has shown time and time again that she doesn't believe any of the males who face SA to be victims -- not in the way she thinks women of SA are -- or just anyone who isn’t R/hys or F/eyre. 
Although the fandom acknowledges L/ucien as a victim of actual SA...SJM does not. And the narrative also makes it so that Calanmai itself is just a horrible thing. Because Tamlin is also villainized for...literally being a horrible mental state and being unwilling to drug himself and have sex. Either way, the males in this story are literally villainized if they don’t perform a certain brand of masculinity. F/eyre can be dainity and beautifully depressed, but R/hys and all of the other males in this series have to suck it up. 
When F/eyre knowingly leaves her room on Calanmai, the story does not believe she was wrong, nor does it acknowledge Tamlin as a victim in that moment. This happens again when F/eyre uses L/ucien the same way I/anthe did, or even when people state that A/marantha deserves to have Tamlin because he's bad. The story is utterly inconsistent in the way it handles male sexual assault. R/hysand was not in control of his abuse, it should not taken as something that he "planned." He was being assaulted. But even in Chapter 54, R/hysand uses really weird language to describe his assault: he says things like:
"So I told myself that it was a new war, a different sort of battle. And that night, when she kept turning her attention to me, I knew what she wanted. I knew it wasn’t about fucking me so much as it was about getting revenge at my father’s ghost. But if that was what she wanted, then that was what she would get. I made her beg, and scream, and used my lingering powers to make it so good for her that she wanted more. Craved more.”
That's...horrible framing. Not only because the story keeps trying to imply that R/hys made this decision purposely and therefore "sacrificed" his body, but also because it's language is so sensationalized that it undermines the fact that he's describing his own SA.
(2) Plot Reasonings:
Mainly one of the reasons SJM horribly handles SA is really because she needs too many things to be true about R/hysand’s role UTM. If he’s just being abused by A/marantha, he’s just like everyone else UTM, and that doesn’t make him the hero of the story, it would just make him like Tamlin. But if R/hysand’s abuse is positioned as noble then it makes him the mastermind, the planner, the High Lord who is willing to do anything for his people. That’s horrible. 
The relationship between A/marantha and R/ absolutely confusing. The best and most straight-forward understanding could have just been that A/marantha is a horrible women who uses men because she’s a perpetraitor of violence...but R/hys’s (I hate to use this word, I really do) also has to “benefit” from it. SJM has to make him the most clever above all else. So she has to rewrite the story so that R/hys is always one step ahead of A/marantha and still the most powerful all the while being the only victim. He becomes the most trusted High Lord, his people are protected, and if he wanted to just ask A/marantha to go do something...he could just go do it (that’s how he’s able to go to the SC). And this “benefit” is literally fucking stupid because it again feeds into a notion that R/hys “sacrificed” himself, not that A/marantha SA’d him. R/hys’s needs to be conceived as this villainous bad boy who would do anything for his people, but the story also needs to employ this redemptive violence to...absolve him. And honestly even if R/hysand has this power, he’s still the victim of that dynamic because its forced. BUT the story doesn’t want to look at R/hys as just a victim, he has to be the mastermind behind.
This brings the problem to the fact that R/hysand’s existence is forever a foil to Tamlin and the narrative has to always draw a distinction between the two -- which is how we get this narrative framing. Both Tamlin and R/hys are victims of A/marantha, but Tamlin isn’t “clever” enough. He did’t plan hard enough, and he couldn’t suck it up like R/hys and he’s a horrible person because of it. BUT R/hys?? He’s clever, he’s always plotting and he knows how to suck it up. It’s ridiculous. R/hys has to be a tragic hero, a sexy villain, a good man, a victim, and all power full all at once. But then we get his actions at the start of TAR till the end, and those are all of his own accord, A/marantha is not controlling him, nothing. And the story then has to make a distinction between A/marantha’s SA that’s based in revenge, and R/hysand’s SA that’s...also based in revenge. And all of this comes together so that his behavior against F/eyre can be forgiven. She uses his SA as plot armor. 
I hope that makes sense. But, just to reiterate: R/hys is a victim of SA. It’s just that the story refuses to let him just be a victim. 
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The whole flirting thing is what we like to a call a retcon. SJM does it a hell of a lot with Tamlin's character and his dynamic with Lucien/the spring court. For example, Tamlin doesn’t enforce rank. We see this. Feyre doesn’t KNOW Tamlin is a high lord until the Suriel tells her, because he and Lucien are chill and Tam doesn’t bother with rank and class. Rhysand twice mocks Tamlin for not having rank. Then comes ACOMAF, and Tamlin is a classist asshole and it’s Rhysan who doesn’t enforce rank.
Hi anon !!
Thanks for reminding me I completely forgot that Feyre didn't even realise Tamlin was a HL until someone else told her!! And then we have Rhysand.."emitting or reverberating power" through every room he walks into. 🙄
And yes, retconning stuff that she has written in the previous books is kind of Sarah's 'thing' ya know. Rhysand was introduced in the first book itself and I mean the first statement that feyre says is "the most beautiful man I had ever seen' or something like that so its clear from the beginning sjm wanted feysand to be end game, but then why not make tamlin the bad guy from the beginning?? He doesn't need to be MR. Perfect for feyre to fall in love with him. It happens so many times irl when you know it's toxic but do it anyway cause you can't stay away.
Tamlin is set up to be the 'one' in the first book and spring feyre's home so it has to be perfect and top notch that's why in acomaf Sarah has to go out if her way to retcon every single good thing about them. She doesn't want anyone say "but in the Spring Court-" It's like no arguments NC is better than SC end of discussion.
It's the same with Lucien's whole character. He stands up to Tamlin in the first book, taunts him even yells at him but in book 2 hes like a scared little kitten. And his back story of Jessminda's death, being chased to be killed by his own brothers and then finding a home and friendship with tamlin in spring is just ignored??!? Probably cause she only wrote that to have Lucien gain some sympathy points. How can people simply ignore their entire history is beyond me. Tamlin and Lucien have been each other's only family for centuries. And i hate the way feyre uses Lucien (who is suffering from SA himself) to get a reaction out of Tamlin. Does no one see how backward and cringy that is ??? Weren't we over the 'gal coming in between two best friends' trope 20 years ago?? It's just so icky. Lucien leaving spring was so pointless. If she was going to retcon Tamlin she might as well had retconned Lucien as well. It's not like he is contributing to the story. He shows up every 15 chp for a page or two that's it.
This retconning is done with every single character. Tell me feyre from Acotar is the same as Acomaf feyre. Look me in the eye and tell me they are the same character. It's so sad. I mean she is the protagonist and yet her whole personality is changed so that rhysie can play the knight in shining armour. The worst thing is retconned feyre from Acomaf isn't even the same as Acosf trophy wife feyre 🤦🏻‍♀️.
Actually the entirety of her beloved IC is different in acosf than they were in the previous books. They are cruel slut shaming narcissists so that the protagonist can again become the victim.
Sarah is just too lazy to actually bother cross-checking the stuff she has written in her previous books. And thats how we get shitty characters, unstable world building and lots of smelly smut!! ☺️
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nikethestatue · 23 hours ago
The way some people ship Elain and Tamlin because she likes flowers is my villain origin story. She's honestly more likely to kill him and take over the Spring Court. Like genuinely WHY would anyone ship someone with their sister's abuser? It's just so gross.
I mean I’ve seen some nutty ships in this fandom but this one takes the cake.
Firstly, she literally SMELLS LIKE JASMINE, the scent of the Night Court. Secondly, it’s not like flowers don’t grow in the Night Court. She plans gardens, plants flowers, helps others with their gardens.
So gardening aside, I’m pretty sure that Tamlin, though an asshole, wouldn’t go after his best friend’s MATE.
Also, Elain has clearly stated that she ‘belongs to no one’. Tamlin’s big thing is that things belong to him—people, lands, women.
Also, he is not just her sister’s abuser, I think many forget the litany of his offenses.
He is also her mate’s abuser.
He is directly respond for her own and Nesta’s turning.
He went to Hybern which indirectly resulted in numerous things that left a destructive path in her life—her home was destroyed, her fiancé broke up with her, her father was murdered, her sister was almost killed, her brother-in-law actually died, etc.
Lastly, even if it doesn’t directly impact her, but Rhys is her brother in law. She lives in his house, helps raise his son, privy to many IC and NC secrets. His mother and sister were murdered because of Tamlin. Kind of a big deal, I’d think.
So the logic is, she is just so madly in love with flowers, she turns her back on everything and everyone and hooks up with Tamlin??? Because…roses.
She should just kill him and put him out of his misery.
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yazthebookish · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Helion is having the time of his life 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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chrismho · 4 months ago
I love the Tam Lin / Glasgow Reel, it’s a hauntingly beautiful tune BUT most of the clawhammer arrangements I know use a lot of drop thumbing (a technique I don’t like because it’s a little awkward and sometimes the base of my nail catches on the strinG hnngg)
so I made a drop thumb-free arrangement lmao 
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writingmanaged · 2 months ago
The Acotar guys x pregnant!mate
A/n: Normally they would just be able to smell it, but to make it more interesting let's say they cannot.
Tumblr media
He is so delighted when you share the news with him
He teared up and held your face with his hands
"We're going to be a family"
During the pregnancy, he is as protective of you as he was when you accepted the mating bond.
He tries to give you space but he wants to make sure everything is going alright
Will constantly ask you if you need anything.
"Are you uncomfortable? Do you need more pillows? A drink perhaps?"
He is very proud of the baby that is on the way.
He is certain he or she will become the greatest fae in Prythian. How can it not with a mother like you?
When you go into labor, he panics.
He is usually very collected and knows what he is doing but right there, he loses it.
He knows how great the danger of losing you and the baby is.
He wishes he could go through it instead of you.
He brings only the best healers.
He holds your hand tight in the entire process.
He even tears up as he hears your screams.
He tries to play mind tricks to ease your pain
Of course, those tears are nothing compared to the tears that fill him once he first holds his heir in his hands.
Tumblr media
You had a fight. And it was heated.
You rarely fight. You are generally a collected, peaceful couple and most always agree.
But then it happened. You can't even remember what it was about.
"Why aren't you thinking straight!?"
"Oh I don't know! Maybe it's my hormones messing up with me, because I'm pregnant!"
He freezes and you have time to flee.
You don't know where to go. Anywhere you went he could find you. So you just went to a random corridor, sat down, and cried.
Azriel was filled with thousands of thoughts. Pregnant. His mate was pregnant. And even worse. His mate was pregnant and alone.
He freaks out. He would hate himself until the end of time if anything happened to you and the child.
He sends his shadows after you. Of course, he tracks you within a few seconds and then he flies there.
He finds you on the floor, crying. His heart is shattered into millions of tiny pieces.
He stands in front of you. You feel his presence yet make no move to get up. You feel how sorry he is through the mating bond. "Y/n"
You look up to find his arm extended to you. "Let's go home. You and the baby will get cold."
You stare at his hand, then his face and you hesitate.
"I am so sorry, darling. I don't mean any of that. Nor does any of that matter any more. Come..." He speaks more softly this time.
You slowly raise your hand and unites it with his.
He holds you with his wings wrapped around you all night long. When he thinks you are asleep, he even speaks to your tummy, apologizing to the baby for all the trouble.
During the pregnancy, he is always with you. He lets work aside, you are more important and of course Rhys has no problem with it.
He is willing to give you anything. All you have to do is ask. Your wish is his command.
Of course, he is there when your water breaks. He carries you and flies to the healers.
Once the baby is born, he can't help but cry and kiss you, thank you for this new meaning you brought to his life.
Once he holds the baby in his hands, he smiles, glad these hands did something good.
Tumblr media
Cassian always insisted you two get trained together every morning.
Lately he noticed you were getting tired quicker than usual but he decided it wasn't a big deal, so he ignored it.
He knew that if you couldn't continue, you would stop.
"Come on, Y/n! That cute little butt can go a bit faster now can't it?"
"oh shut up!"
He laughed and proceeded to run faster in front of you, as if to challenge you and raise your interest.
He is ashamed to admit he was already 20 meters away when he turned around and saw you on the ground.
He didn't remember ever having panicked as much as he did at that moment.
He raced back and carried you to the healer.
Almost as soon as you laid down, you opened your eyes. "What happened?"
"You fainted. I'm so sorry, you should've told me if I pushed you off your limits." He apologized, a guilty look on his face.
"No that's not it..." You said in confusion.
"it really isn't." The healer agreed. "You're pregnant, miss. It only makes sense. You should be more careful."
Your eyes opened widely as you looked over your mate in shock. At first you didn't feel anything through the bond. But then, he opened his walls again and you received feelings of happiness and pride.
"I'm going to be a father... You're going to be a mother.... We're going to be parents." He began to tell himself with a prideful smile.
You laugh as Cassian picks you up in his arms and proceeds to parade with you through Velaris sharing the news.
During your pregnancy, he is super protective.
He won't let anyone come near you and he won't let you do anything either.
He will have lots of late night talks between he and your baby bump
He thinks you can't hear them but you can.
Every single night, you hear him, as he promises the baby that it'll have a happy life surrounded by loads of people who love him or her.
When your water breaks, he was training the illyrians. Gracefully, he felt that something was wrong through the mating bond and raced back to Velaris only to witness the most beautiful sight of all;
You, with a newborn baby in your arms, feeding it while smiling down at this miracle of life.
And Cassian didn't care about the tears running down his cheeks.
Tumblr media
Tamlin is a busy man, which forces him to spend a lot of time inside the walls of his office.
And he hates it. All he wants is to spend time outside in the nature with his mate.
These days, you felt sick so he wouldn't go.
Instead he'd stay with you for the rest of his remaining day.
After the situation did not improve, Tamlin forced you to get to the healer.
Only to hear the words that would change his mind
"You will be having an heir, my lord."
Tamlin was stunned. He had so many mixed emotions on the inside. Happiness; for his mate was carrying their child. Guilt; he wasn't sure if you wished for this. Rage; did she have to use the word heir? He hated being a High Lord, why would he wish such a burden upon his child. But above all love; endless love for the fruit of his and (y/n)'s love.
He didn't say anything only thanked the healer and exited the room. He said no word about it all day.
He walked in your bedroom that night, finding you crying.
Of course, he immediately rushed at your side, pulling you into his arms, not sure what to do. "My love, what's the matter? Who hurt you?"
"Do you not want our kid!?"
Tamlin blinked. That's what you thought? "Don't be an idiot. Of course I want our child. How could I not want the life that came from our connection? I'm just really worried about him or her... This is not the life I would wish upon someone I love."
You had to explain to him that your child didn't have to become High Lord or High Lady if they didn't wish to.
Tamlin chose not to argue over the High Lady title due to your condition.
During the pregnancy, Tamlin was very sweet and tried his best to keep his anger issues within control. Nevertheless, no matter how much you'd complain about it, you weren't allowed to exit the palace.
It was dangerous. Anyone would want to hurt you and your baby. And he could never allow that.
When you gave birth, he immediately knew. After all he was always nearby.
The very second he laid his eyes upon your baby, a big smile decorated his face, and he was a new person. He wasn't just the High Lord of Spring.
He was the father of the most wonderful creature.
Tumblr media
Lucien had wanted to start a family with you ever since he found out you were his mate.
Honestly, he thought you guys would have a baby pretty quick.
Autumn Court males tended to be very fertile.
Only he was only half from the Autumn Court.
He was a bit disappointed but he would never voice it. "When it happens, it happens. Give our baby some time." He would say.
So you can't imagine his delight when you find out, even centuries later, you are pregnant.
Lucien had always been arrogant, but now? Oh boi.
He would brag about his pregnant mate everywhere.
He would take extreme good care of you. He would hire Jurian and Vassa to help you if ever he was gone for the job.
He would spend hours and hours talking to your baby. He would even tell it stuff you didn't know about.
"Lucien... I had no idea-"
"Hush, I'm talking to my son or daughter."
He was so scared when you were in labor. A birth is always difficult, but a fae birth?
Holding the baby in his arms for the first time, he can't believe it.
Finally, he did something good.
Bonus headcanon: Once the baby grows up a little he or she loves to touch dada's scar.
Tumblr media
Helion already has a son.
But that doesn't mean he doesn't wish to have another child with his mate.
Besides, he never got to bring up a child. When he met Lucien he was already grown.
That's why when you told him you were pregnant, he was exceptionally delighted.
Frequent visits to his libraries were a must; he had to make sure he knows everything about the baby.
That means that when he holds you at night, he might drop a random fact. "By now, he or she is able to hear us! That's why we should talk to them. Make a connection."
It's super important to him that he makes a good father.
Surprisingly enough, Meallan's mate gives a birth to a baby flying son not many months before you bring the baby into this world.
That little horse is Helion's first gift to your child.
You have to be protected and he is the master of defense. If Feyre's shields were good, yours are out of this world.
He shields your scent completely. No one other than him can touch you. And sometimes, if you wish it, you aren't seen either.
But that's only for when you insist on joining meetings.
Your pregnancy surely was one of the most enjoyable periods of your life. Helion makes sure you are well protected and loved.
And when the baby comes, a new light shines in Helion's life.
The very second he holds him or her in his arms, he vows to be there for them as long as they need for everything.
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readwithlivvy · 3 months ago
The acotar characters explained by someone who's never read the books
Rhysand (pronounced rice-sand) (I think)
Tumblr media
In love with someone who's like 500 years younger
He's the highschool football player who peaked in grade 11 but still thinks everyone loves him
Feminist king😍😍
Probably calls himself a 'super straight'
Feyre (pronounced fire)
Tumblr media
Chapter 55
Had a relationship with this guy named tampon (weird name but ok)
Has two sisters and she probably supports rice's 'sexuality' of 'super straight'
Nestle Iced Tea (lmao or nessa or something idk)
Tumblr media
Lil bit of a bitch
Apparently rice's feminism stops at her
Hates everyone except her one true love Cassie
Tumblr media
Rice's brother
lmao something about a soap dick????? Was that him??
He would be the guy who makes being a playboy his entire personality
Az (pronounced ass)
Tumblr media
The Nico di Angelo of this fandom
Kinky shadows
Probably gay
Tumblr media
No personality, cannot tell you a single thing about her
Anyways that's the characters in acotar brought to you by someone who's never read the books!
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hellacioushag · 5 months ago
acotar characters as troubled birds
i’m bored, enjoy. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sydneymack · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Artist: @starscrapers
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unhealthyfanobsession · 6 months ago
Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by the High Lord of Night’s official policy that any price is worth paying to ensure that the 5-7 (depending on the day) people he cares about are alright:
Tumblr media
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elithien · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
🌙𝓐𝓒𝓞𝓣𝓐𝓡 𝓓𝓾𝓼𝓽 𝓙𝓪𝓬𝓴𝓮𝓽 𝓣𝓮𝓪𝓼𝓮𝓻🌙
The countdown to the release of A Court of Silver Flames begins and to celebrate the upcoming debut, I will be posting a teaser of each dust jacket design every day leading up to Tuesday and… just as a special treat, you will get to see the full reveal of the ACOSF dust jacket! I will also be officially announcing the preorder date for my limited hand-signed (by me) editions for the dust jacket set. So excited!!!
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saramirza-art · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Thorns and Roses
I wanted to depict that emotionally abusive relationship so I wrapped Feyre’s arms in vines. She trapped and she sad. Can you tell?
I still have some cleaning up to do but I am going to call this done. I never spend the time refining personal work. Future piece. Maybe.
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dominiquewesson · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Honestly, I'm working on other pieces and book series besides this one. 😳 But I just like this piece too much to not to share, so I hope you’ll love it too. As always, thank you so much for all your lovely(and inspiring) comments, I really appreciate it! ❤️
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bi-carli · a month ago
Tumblr media
All millennials pictured this worm while reading ACOTAR you cannot change my mind
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aelingalathyniusrailme · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
actually in love
art by rachelsrealm on ig
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romaisamaria · a year ago
Reason N° 56282929292 I don't trust Feyre POV:
When people say "Ooh Nesta was so mean! She refused to teach Feyre how to read!!"
▪️ACOTAR according to Feyre:
Tumblr media
According to this train of thoughts, Nesta and Elain didn't bother to teach Feyre how to read and hence why she grew up illiterate. As if Feyre asked them and they flatly just said NO.
▪️But then we get to ACOWAR and guess what?:
Tumblr media
▪️A couple of things:
1. Neither Nesta nor Elain knew about Feyre's inability to read.
2. Feyre never asked them to teach her. She straight up made assumptions that they wont bother or they will just refuse.
3. Nesta would have taught her, she freaking loves books and reading!! And Elain, sweet sweet Elain as Feyre always describes her...why would she refuse to teach Feyre?? If Elain is always super kind and nice?
4. Nesta getting all the information about Feyre through Amren. And this is not the first time. If Nesta didn't care about Feyre, she wouldn't even have bothered to ask Amren about Feyre.
You want another proof:
Tumblr media
Again, Nesta getting information about Feyre from Amren, this time regarding the blood rubies. Which btw, this is one of the reasons that made Nesta decide to join the High Lords meeting. Because her little sister risked her life to defend a court that sent her a death threat!
Also, we see how Nesta in ACOFAS detaches herself from her sisters and the IC. We know that she decided to leave Feyre's home and live on her own. Why? Because that way she can have some privacy and also she wont get judged every single minute of the day on what she does or should do. (Apart, of course, from all her PTSD struggles, etc..).
But guess what?
Who is the only person she actually keeps in contact with?? Who, out of her sisters and the IC she actually bothers to visit and talk with?
Yep, you guessed it. Freaking AMREN.
Nesta, the cold bitch who doesn't care shit about anyone else, actually bothers to visit Amren and watch her build puzzles while they talk. And guess who always feed Nesta information regarding what's going? Yep, right again. AMREN.
Tumblr media
Sometimes, I do struggle with first person narrative because they dont tend to be objective but, the trick is to know how to read between the lines. I could go on and on about lots of things I've been finding that I think they're important to highlight when it comes to secondary characters, without involving Feyre and Rhysand.
I find frustrating that people dont seem to move on from the first 4 chapters of Acotar when it comes to Nesta, but the other characters are just fine.
Perhaps, closer to the release of ACOSF I might post some of my notes of the little things I think might be important to mention when it comes to Nesta, Cassian, Elain, Azriel, Lucien, Mor, Tamlin and Eris because I know they will all play a role in the next books.
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