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feyre-a · 48 minutes ago
Im staying in velaris, i truly dont want to go investigate what tamlin is up to
Cauldron knows he is just crazy and probably having another one of his fits
We don’t owe each other anything
Not anymore
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blackreaders-assemble · 4 hours ago
If you hate Tamlin you gotta hate the Darkling too, I don’t make the rules! 😂😂
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ratabrasileira · 21 hours ago
You know what I want?
I want Tamlin sacrificing himself for Lucien's life. I want him to do the same he did for Feyre in ACOWAR. I want his redemption arc for Lucien: dying and probably giving the Spring Court for him (but part of me prefers Lucien as heir of DC so give the SC to someone else)
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feyre-a · a day ago
Well they went to the human lands
There’s signs that there’s been movement around the estate
But tamlin was nowhere to be found
Its strange
We are going to investigate a bit more
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haj-is-reading · a day ago
my sister just started to read acotar and she told me Feyre is with her future lover, thinking that tamlin was her real love interest hahahahahahahahahahahahaha sure.
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houseofhurricane · a day ago
Chapters: 2/32 Fandom: A Court of Thorns and Roses Series - Sarah J. Maas Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Elain Archeron/Tamlin, Lucien Vanserra/Vassa, Elain Archeron/Azriel, Azriel/Gwyneth Berdara, Feyre Archeron/Rhysand, Nesta Archeron/Cassian Characters: Elain Archeron, Tamlin (ACoTaR), Lucien Vanserra, Vassa (ACoTaR), Feyre Archeron, Rhysand (ACoTaR), Nesta Archeron, Cassian (ACoTaR), Azriel (ACoTaR), Gwyneth Berdara, Morrigan (ACoTaR), Amren (ACoTaR), Koschei (ACoTaR), Emerie (ACoTaR) Additional Tags: Epic, The Spring Court (ACoTaR), The Night Court, Gardens & Gardening, Firebird Summary:
Elain lies about a vision and winds up as the Night Court’s emissary to the Spring Court, trying to prevent the Dread Trove from falling into the wrong hands and wrestling with the gifts the Cauldron imparted when she was Made. Lucien, asked to join her, must contend with secrets about his mating bond. Meanwhile, Tamlin struggles to lead the Spring Court in the aftermath of the war with Hybern. And Vassa, the human queen in their midst, wrestles with the enchantment that turns her into a firebird by day, robbing her of the power of speech and human thought.
Looming over all of them is uniquet peace in Prythian and the threat of Koschei, the death-god with unimaginable power.
With powers both magical and monstrous, the quartet at the Spring Court will have to wrestle with their own natures and the evil that surrounds them. Will the struggle save their world, or doom it?
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dreaming-of-azriel · a day ago
Watching La Belle et La Bête (French version of Beauty & The Beast) and it’s literally Elain & Tamlin. Roses everywhere, “A life for a rose.”
I do not support the pairing of Tamlin & Elain but this is them.
Tumblr media
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kayla-2 · a day ago
So let’s just say Tamlin didn’t kidnap Feyre. Was she just going to be the sole provider for her family her entire life. I know it’s started when she was 14, and it’s not the kids job to feed the house. But the events in acotar everyone but Feyre was an adult and she was still hunting. And no one but her seemed to want to help or be useful. In acosf, nesta said that the father use to carve stuff and try to sell it but other than that, nobody moved. So... was she just going to be feeding and clothing her family forever?
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parcai · a day ago
i love when lucien cringes at everything tamlin does, like that one polite boy who greets your mother and flinches when his best friend talks back to his parents
it makes me laugh SO much bc everyone's just chilling and then tamlin acts like a fucking tool and lucien's just like 🤥 i'm sorry he can't behave LMFAO
he's the best i love him <3
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danaanruhn · a day ago
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: Feyre doesn't want to think about Rhysand. Not anymore, not after Morrigan's death and the mysterious circumstances that surrounded Rhysand's change in behavior in the last year. Feyre is fighting an uphill battle--trying to love her best friend and meet her own needs.
Enter, Tamlin Springer. He's gorgeous, sexy, and everything Feyre thinks she needs.
Both the men in Feyre's life are hiding dangerous secrets. Will she discover what Rhys is hiding before it consumes him? Will Tamlin save her or will all paths lead to ruination? 
AUTHOR’S NOTE: there is graphic feylin sex in this fic--however the rhysand you know and love is not in this fic, he’s spiteful and cruel. i’ve reimagined tamlin’s entire personality (as well as rhys), take from that what you will. 
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frulyall · a day ago
I need to say this, but I still love Tamlin I think he deserves a redemption arc and to find his mate and be happy. He has done some horrible things but I think all the characters in the story have, but he is painted more as a villain than the others, which is bs.
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dar-as-rad · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Bacta: Let me see what you’ve got there!
Tama: A SABER!
Bacta: NO!
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jill00s · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
My drawing of Tomlin and Feyre.I really love this drawing and hope everyone will love this too(●’◡’●)ノ
So please like and comment this for supporting me♥︎
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danceharder · 2 days ago
not me reading tamlin fanfics because I need the redemption arc
Tumblr media
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bookofmirth · 2 days ago
Hey! I saw that you said people were writing hateful anons to you and I’m really sorry about that. Attacking people is never okay regardless of the situation. But I just wanted to say that seeing your posts about the similarities between Azriel and Tamlin really hurt me. I was crying and feeling like shit because I relate to Azriel a lot. I would never hurt anyone and I don’t think that Azriel would either but seeing you say that did not feel good at all.
I don’t think that you meant to hurt anyone and this isn’t me trying to start anything I swear. I just thought you should know that what you wrote was hurtful to me and from what I’ve seen to many others as well. I understand that your personal experience has made you see red flags in Azriel and I’m truly sorry about that, but the truth is Azriel has never and (in my opinion) would never hurt anyone he cares about.
I hope that this anon doesn’t come across as rude or mean because that was not my intention at all, I just thought that you should know that your posts about this topic can be hurtful. Again, I’m sorry people were attacking you, I may not agree with you but that’s beside the point, being mean is never okay.
Just to clarify, no one is writing hateful anons to me. IDK why, maybe because people know that i have zero problem deleting stuff I don’t want to answer? Or stuff that’s rude? I’ve seen a lot of vagueblogging about me though, including something about me being gross or something. @hellacioushag received a lot of hateful anons, which shouldn’t happen.
I am honestly very sorry that my words caused you to have that reaction and made you feel poorly. It’s definitely not my intention to hurt anyone. I try to be very intentional in how I frame things as always being my reading, from my perspective, and acknowledging multiple readings. I don’t like vagueblogs or personal attacks, I always talk about this stuff while centering the characters and not real people’s reactions to them. 
I understand how, since you relate to Azriel a lot, then a comparison to Tamlin, whom the fandom pretty much hates, would be upsetting. I’ve actually had this opinion for a few years but knew that people wouldn’t like it or understand it, so I just never talked about Azriel. When acosf came out, I felt quite vindicated in a lot of my previous opinions and thus more comfortable talking about them. But I’m not saying, “hey Azriel reminds me of this a**hole over here who I really hate and is a horrible person” because I do NOT think that about Tamlin. I think the general fandom assumption is that Tamlin is Public Enemy Number One and he’s horrible and unforgivable and irredeemable etc etc but that’s not how I view him? So to me, the comparison isn’t “guy who rescues people + horrible asshole poop man”. I am comparing, from my perspective, “guy who has suffered + guy who has suffered” and the looking at how they deal with that suffering.
There is an astonishing lack of kindness in this fandom lately, and I never want to contribute to that lack. Just a side note.
Just so you are clear, anon, I don’t think Azriel would hurt anyone. Everything he does indicates that he overcompensates the opposite way! So if you relate to him on a deep, personal level, I don’t think that you would hurt anyone either! Azriel has saved a lot of people (Feyre, Elain, Briar, Gwyn, defending Cassian and Rhys during the war I’m sure, countless others). @hellacioushag actually went into this in this post about how Tamlin went one direction, and Azriel went the other direction, because of their similar experiences.
I hope this makes you feel better about what I’ve said, or at least understand it better. If you are coming from the perspective of someone like Azriel, then I am coming from the perspective of someone like Feyre. They don’t have to be opposite or warring perspectives. Neither of these characters are perfect (I’m still mad at Feyre for the beginning of acowar). But they both deserve some amount of empathy and understanding.
I think this is the last ask I have about Az and Tamlin so I am taking a break from talking about them! I stand by what I said because, as I mentioned, I’m coming at this from the perspective of someone who experienced abuse and I don’t think that’s a perspective that should be ignored or forgotten. But if anyone ever has questions about what I’ve said or feels uncomfortable, let me know and I can rethink or try to clarify!
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bookofmirth · 2 days ago
You can compare Tamlin and Azriel all you want, as long as we're being careful when dealing with sensitive topics like child abuse, etc, it's okay. It's just your thoughts so I don't see the issue. I wanted to say though, that I don't think that's where Sarah is going. I don't think she sees Az and Tamlin as similar at all. Sarah loves Azriel, she's not gonna make him the bad guy. Also, Rhys and Cass have been possesive too (actually to me Rhys is way more possesive than Az), and they still ended up with their love interest and got a HEA. Many fans can not like that, we all have different preferences, but Sarah does and that's all that matters. So in conclusion, while it's cool that everyone can voice their opinions, the "Elriel is toxic" argument is not a very strong one (at least to me) because Sarah doesn't think so given her history.
Once more, I really enjoy reading everyone's thoughts because many times people point out things that my biased brain misses, etc. So this is not me telling you to stop comparing them at all, I just wanted to give you my thoughts (that no one asked for Lmao) on the subject.
Yeah I agree with some of this! I don’t think that Azriel 1) has hurt anyone (other than himself, which is a different issue) or 2) will hurt anyone. That’s not the point of my analysis, at all. I almost never wade into theory/prediction territory because I just prefer to analyze what is actually there. But I feel like I keep repeating myself on some points because I’ve said a few times now that I don’t think that he will end up going the same path that Tamlin did. I have my reasons, they are in the depths of my blog, tagged.
Author intent is notoriously difficult to interpret and maybe when the series is done sjm will talk about what she was thinking when writing Azriel to be so full of rage and jealousy and cruely. It would be kinda nice! 
I don’t think I’ve ever talked about the possessiveness before, I’m trying to remember. That’s just a normal part of the mating bond, but the difference is what those people do with that feeling. While Tamlin was possessive and he restricted Feyre’s actions because of it, Rhys and Cassian work really hard to overcome their possessiveness. That’s why Cassian and Rhys beat the crap out of each other. Rather than express that possessiveness in a way that would stifle their mates, they choose a different outlet and it’s with someone who empathizes and consents. I don’t actually see Az being possessive of anyone, now that I think about it. Just personal interpretation.
I guess I don’t understand the idea that sjm somehow is okay with toxic and/or abusive relationships? Because that was the whole point of feylin. It didn’t start that way, but it turned into that. There is conflict in all of her relationships, especially at first. That’s the whole nature of rivals-to-lovers or even enemies-to-lovers. That’s fine. That’s not really what I’m talking about, though. When I first joined the tog/acotar fandoms in 2016 there was still a TON of discourse about whether or not rowaelin was abusive, and I’m still firmly in the “no” camp. I just personally don’t understand how people can think that she likes or promotes abusive or toxic relationships when the whole point of a lot of her main ships is that they find themselves to be equals and go through a lot of healing together. (Not looking at you, lysaedion, I still hate it). (Also these are attempts at making the ships equals and kinda... feministy? Right now I’m having a hard time with that re: feysand.)
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dreaming-of-azriel · 2 days ago
It wasn’t a guarantee that a High Lord’s firstborn would be his heir. The magic sometimes took a while to decide, and often jumped around the birth order completely. Sometimes it found a cousin instead. Sometimes it abandoned the bloodline entirely. -ACOSF chapter 22
Is this foreshadowing that Lucien will become the High Lord of Spring?
Tamlin could abdicate or abandon the throne to become or to stay a beast. 
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bookofmirth · 2 days ago
So I initially deleted this because I didn’t want to get into it, but I also think the question is genuine and I wanted to explain my thinking. CW for emotional and physical abuse and sexual assault.
Tumblr media
I am tagging @silverlinedeyes​ because this ask concerns them and I don’t appreciate being vagued, whether it’s a blogger or someone answering an ask that mentions me. I try not to vague other people and I’m not perfect but... just getting this all out in the open.
So I can’t speak for everyone who was upset at the initial post comparing Ianthe and Gwyn. Personally, I kind-of grimaced and was mostly confused about what in the world they could possibly have in common and why such a comparison would be necessary. As people, they are fundamentally different. And to me, the comparison is incredibly thin. Eye color and priestesses? How many priestesses have that eye color? And to use that to connect them to a creature we’ve only read about in two sentences in the whole series, a creature we’ve never actually seen on page and know next to nothing about? Basically, the intention or purpose behind the comparison didn’t make sense to me.
Now I’ll be perfectly transparent - I didn’t read the whole post because I could tell that it wasn’t for me. I also didn’t go around vaguing it. It was mentioned in some asks that I got and I tried to limit my commentary on that post and focus on the comparisons I had made, intentionally. Because 1) I can’t speak from the position of a SA survivor, and those are the people that post concerned, and 2) I didn’t fully read it, and 3) I don’t want to vague people! This fandom is divided enough. I know I made a joke after acosf came out how we are all having separate, loud conversations in the same room and refusing to acknowledge the other conversations while somehow responding to one another. And it was kinda funny at first, but now it’s exhausting.
To me, comparing Ianthe, who is universally reviled as a r*pist, and Gwyn, who we know is a SA survivor, is unnecessary. That’s pretty much what it comes down to. Why do we need to do this? What is it telling us about any of the characters? About relationships? I know a lot of people found it anything from distasteful to downright offensive, and while I think that just about anything is fair game when it comes to fictional characters, I also personally think that the intention behind the comparison was confusing. I just personally don’t understand why we would need to talk about those characters in the same breath. What purpose does it serve? Someone who can speak from the position of a SA can please feel free to add on, if comfortable!
The reason that I compare Az and Tamlin is to analyze them as people, as characters, because I see a lot of similarities in who they are on a (currently) fundamental level - their anger, their loneliness, their attempts to restrain their destructive impulses. These are major parts of who they are as people and how they interact with the world. There were red flags present in acotar that I recognized from my personal life and that I can now see in Azriel. Frankly, it concerns me that people see Tamlin as a completely irredeemable villain, while not recognizing that Azriel shares some of the same personality traits. 
Comparing a r*apist and a SA survivor is an unequal comparison. Emotional and physical abuse, on the other hand, tends to be generational. I’m not an expert on a professional or academic level, but I did a quick search on my university’s database, and found this from “Interrupting the Intergenerational Transmission of Violence”, and please note that these lines were the context or background - this article didn’t set out to prove these statements to be true, they are already commonly accepted knowledge and so their research was looking to solve the problem:
Children exposed to domestic violence are at increased risk for a wide range of emotional and behavioural disorders. Conduct disorder, in particular, may ultimately lead to the perpetration of further domestic violence in the next generation. Parental characteristics such as warmth and positive attributions may mitigate the risk for intergenerational transmission of violence.
I think that as a fandom, people really, really tend to mischaracterize Azriel. It bothers me. He’s not soft. I’m sorry, he’s just not. We have multiple examples of him being described, using words like “rage”, “cruel”, “temper”. One of the first posts I ever made in this fandom that got a lot of attention (over four years ago) was trying to correct these mischaracterizations. They keep happening.
There was an icy rage in Azriel I had never been able to thaw. In the centuries I’d known him, he’d said little about his life, those years in his father’s keep, locked in darkness. (ACOMAF)
One moment, Azriel was seated. The next, he’d blasted through Eris’s shield with a flare of blue light and tackled him backward, wood shattering beneath them. “Shit,” Cassian spat, and was instantly there— And met a wall of blue. Azriel had sealed them in, and as his scarred hands wrapped around Eris’s throat, Rhys said, “Enough.” (ACOWAR)
Az didn’t answer. I held his gaze, though. Held that ice-cold stare that still sometimes scared the shit out of me. (ACOFAS)
Az had a vicious competitive streak... quiet and cruel and utterly lethal. (ACOSF)
Azriel stiffened, an outright sign of temper (ACOSF)
These are just a few of the examples, but we can also think about acofas when he gets angry at dinner thinking about how his mother was treated as a servant, when he can’t handle being around people who are happy on Solstice. I could make a whole post but I’m kinda sick of talking about Azriel at this point.
I have experienced an emotionally abusive relationship much like feylin was. I made myself so small, for years, because this person’s anger and anxiety and grief took up so much space in the world. I felt like I had to overcompensate, to not make them feel jealous if I was having a good day, and to not take on my negative feelings if I had a bad day. So I just stopped feeling things. For years. It didn’t go well. I’m still dealing with the aftermath. 
I have also witnessed physical domestic violence, as a child. I don’t think I need to explain further than that.
My fanfiction A Loveless Romantic deals heavily with the feylin abuse, and I only feel comfortable writing it because of my personal experiences. I’ve written posts about Nesta and alcohol and another post that I can’t currently find about why acotar is such a good book because it shows us all of those red flags for abuse before many people knew they were red flags. (If I can find it I’ll reblog.) My point is, when I go into analyses and metas like these, they aren’t just an exercise in “oh hey what if?!” It’s “here is my experience with this topic and so here’s how I read this with that background.”
The comparison between Azriel and Tamlin is deeply personal to me, and I didn’t exactly expect to have to disclose my personal history when making it, but when I see people vaguing about how the comparison “hurts people who have experienced abuse”, hi, OP knows exactly what she’s talking about on a personal level, thanks. So I’m going to keep talking about it, because I know what I’m talking about, and it bothers me that people can’t see it in fiction because I worry that they then won’t be able to see it IRL until it’s too late. I’m going to keep writing my “thinkpieces” because this is a topic I know a lot about, it’s important to me, and it’s something that I think a lot of people can and should learn more about.
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tiny-g0d · 2 days ago
someone needs to tell Sarah J Maas that her male characters' desire to violently maim, tortue, or kill men who've wronged the women in their life is counter-productive and not feminist.
literally, men saying they would or should react to victimized women's pain with violence towards the source is so stupid.
if someone you love has been hurt, you don't take it into your own hands to "defend" them, bc SA survivors often don't primarily need or want their abusers to live miserably or die; they want to heal.
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