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#tangle the lemur


We’ve got:

1. Mettaton but birb

2. Never met this man in my life, but he’s got a sword so that’s p cool

3. That one “lesbeab” meme


5. Time is Judging You

6. Bot lad

Thank you to @bunnikkila, @darkeondraws, @thethrillof, and @crush-main-destroy for character suggestions!

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This idea had crossed my mind before, but I was previously hesitant to try and bring it to fruition since I had never digitally drawn the likeness of a preexisting character before and wasn’t confident in my ability to make them look right, even by the very loose standards of this meme, and it took a prolonged period of extreme boredom, in which I haven’t been able to work on any videos due to long-term technical issues, to get me to go ahead and take a shot at it. Needless to say, it turned out looking considerably better than I’d anticipated and was very fun and cathartic to make; now that I know the ease of the drawing aspect involved, I may very well make more meme images of a similar technical nature to this going forward…

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