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Out of context this looks pretty bad but I swear it’s another friend shenanigans thing— ⚆ _ ⚆ Have some murderous icons to match with your fave stabbity pal ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

I love how I got Tumblr for both angsty fic excerpts and doodle shitposting. We writers do love us some juxtaposition, after all (─‿‿─) *awkward drum beats* 

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Hello everyone! I’m BACK!!! It’s so good to be back I’ve missed you all 💕💕💕 hope everyone is doing great and have a wonderful Memorial Day! Here is raining and nasty but celebrating it with my family❤️❤️ and thank you to all the new followers that have followed me 💕💕

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Thank you @spideyfan67​ for tagging me!

I usually don’t do this stuff but this one sounds fun :)

10 characters from 10 fandoms

1. Varian from Tangled The Series


Originally posted by tangledtheseriesdaily

2. Emiel Regis from The Witcher


Originally posted by ayrennaranaaldmeri

3. Stanford Pines from Gravity Falls


Originally posted by the-angel-introvert

4.  Black Hat from Villainous


Originally posted by zencooly

5. Alastor from Hazbin Hotel


Originally posted by jokerlives

6. Sauron from Lord Of The Rings


Originally posted by fuckyeahyonicsymbols

7. Chase Young from Xiaolin Showdown


Originally posted by iblue-kitzune

8. Loki from MCU


Originally posted by astouract

9. 11th Doctor from Doctor Who


Originally posted by snape-the-hbp

10. Professor Minerva McGonagall from Harry Potter


Originally posted by avocadosalad2

Honorable mentions :’D Because I can’t stop at 10…

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I’ve seen people joke about Varian’s line “Didn’t you steal from dozens of people?” in Day of the Animals and how Kiera should have fired back with his multiple counts of treason and attempted regicide. Which, first of all, all he was doing was answering her own question. Second, his crimes are way more of a sore spot than Kiera and Catalina’s thievery. But mostly:

I think Kiera and Catalina just can not wrap their heads around the concept of Varian having done these things. The treehouse they live in is implied to be around Old Corona + the fact that they’re all part of Rapunzel’s group, so it’s probable that they have had multiple encounters with him offscreen but each and every one of these encounters came after he redeemed himself. Someone brings up his record and they start running through mental flashbacks

  • freaking out at the sight of blood
  • getting stuck in an apple tree because his ladder fell
  • launching into complicated explanations about alchemy at the drop of a hat
  • that time Kiera stole his hot air balloon
  • “10 on the doom scale”
  • just the fact that he has a pet raccoon with matching gloves and goggles to his

And they’re supposed to believe he kidnapped the queen, took out half the royal guard, and nearly killed the royal family, among other things? This guy stands as one of the biggest threats the country ever faced? Alone, even?

They’ve watched him get so excited talking about his latest experiment that he stopped paying attention to where he was walking and ran into a door.

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I don’t understand how Rapunzel wasn’t sequelling about how cute baby Varian was. I mean, just look at him!


He’s a smol, tired boy. And those goggles! And messy hair! I had to pause it just to talk to myself about how cute this lil bean is. In this essay, I will-

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If Brock is actually Horace, then why did the ghosts let Eugene past the doors to the moonstone?

When Rapunzel and the others came by, the ancestors popped out of their statues to defend it, but when Edmund and Eugene (a member of their own flesh and blood) came by, they stayed completely silent.

(also I don’t think it has anything to do with a potential threat against the moonstone because Edmund was gonna try to destroy it anyway)

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