sunlightcatcher17 · 5 hours ago
hermitcraft textposts pt 2
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pt 1 here
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infinitewinderword · 16 hours ago
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hi have you watch Chrisrin's Last Life animation MV? GO WATCH IT THEN IF YOU HAVEN'T !!!! LOOK AT THE VIDEO
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burnt-spaghetti · 2 days ago
Third Life/Last Life but as the origins mod:
Grian - elytra, obviously 
Mumbo - Floran. He can truly be a peace loving plant now 
Pearl - starborn. Or would it be moonborne? 
Impulse - piglin. Big dude, good hugs. Grinded for that last wither skull in the nether. 
Scar - arachnid. He gets to climb up walls 
Cleo - witch. Bc of her vibes and the witch origin makes potions last longer, her main weapon near the end of ll was potions of harming 
Joel - wolf. Wolves you take become stronger so his pack in 3L would be even stronger 
Tango - blazeborn. Pretty self explanatory 
Lizzie - avian. Except it’s fairy themed instead of bird themed. 
Ren - evoker. Imagine red king ren being able to summon those pillager teeth right out of the ground 
Bdubs - inchling. He’s a feral little man 
Etho - enderman, tall and can vanish quickly 
BigB - feline. Can’t break stone, which is hilarious 
Skizz - shulk, no he will not drop his shell when he dies scar 
Martyn -  feline bc catboy maid martyn and im not sorry 
Jimmy - merling, once a cod boy always a cod boy 
Scott - he already has an origin but I like to imagine ll!scott as the token human. He has token human vibes
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cocoabats · 4 hours ago
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Something fairly quick to try out some new things
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devilart2199-aibi · a day ago
What if someone squashed your tango. Like a bug....
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I feel like he'd either splat like slime and bounce back or explode on impact
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hermit-chats · a day ago
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Source: Joe Hills Stream November 15, 2021
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incorrect-hermitcraft · 2 days ago
Basic discussions between ZIT when babysitting
Tango: Everyone loves chilli dogs
Zedaph: I don't think he can eat solid food
Tango: Well then put it in the blender!
Impulse: Well if you say so
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lnonbinaryburg · 2 days ago
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ive never watched a tango video but hes very catboyable
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Doc, Mumbo, Grian, Cub and Joe all know galactic standard (the enchanting table language), but neither knows the others also do, which has lead to the longest running bet on the Hermitcraft server, between Zed, Xisuma and Keralis, on who's going to be the first to catch on that there's more people like them besides TFC (who always writes notes for himself in standard for ease of use) and Tango (who's decided to learn it because he wants to "high-five an alien one day" and figures they'd be more likely to speak standard than english). Xisuma doesn't qualify for the galactic standard speakers club because he has a translator built into his suit and that's cheating ~ 🧷
Yeah x! That’s cheating >:{
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similaritycity · 2 months ago
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Hmmmm lots of boats…..
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roenais · 2 months ago
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the last life smp guide on how to be a responsible teammate
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thezitteam · a month ago
last life is a comedy series.
(volume up!)
here's a compilation of memorable or stupid moments from last life!! i miss it alot :(
song: the can can song
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caddied · 2 months ago
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what is last life if not a really big friend group who murder each other in occasion
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fynqeh · 2 months ago
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🤍🤍🤍❤️ [gently hands you this comic]
(tag list) @ghost-jamie @mintteaay @samathekittycat @sweet-candy-kain (can't tag you D:) @thesmpisonfire @weird0strawberry
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hermit-chats · 2 days ago
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Source: Rendog S8 E1
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poorlydrawnmcyt · 2 months ago
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they’re gonna beat you to death (I think)
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tearosepedall · 2 months ago
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There the best around! - N̴̦̔ö̵̮͍̩͇̿ẗ̷͉͈̈̎̚h̵͉̭͓̍̊̅ì̸̠̦̿͋͝ǹ̷̦͍͎͂̚g̵̗̝̓́̉'̶̞̀s̸͙̫̮͠ ̷̱̘̈́̈́ġ̷̟̪͛̓ͅò̸͈͚̈̈́n̸̦͛̐n̸̩͈̋̂ạ̸͑ ̸̥̐ė̴̬̦̅͜v̷͙̹͎̓̊e̷̱̤̙̓ṟ̶̩̣̑̄ ̵̪͌̀͘͝k̵̩͕̺̀̉͜ë̴͎́̈́e̸͇̯͉͖̔̅p̷̛̬̝̝̯̄̅ ̴̡̯̬͕͐t̵̜̤͔̋̈́͂h̸͇͖͔̰́̏͋e̴͈̹̎̿̈́ḿ̶̨̝̝͓ ̴̱͕̀̑̏̈́d̸͓͉͋̍̂o̶̻͚̼͐͂ŵ̸̤͈̇̂̀n̷͙̝͊́͐
close up bonus :
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The type of charm on the chewelry each hermit would have:
Joe - a white @ symbol (Cleo also has one of these, but keeps it in her enderchest as a reminder of her friend) Gem - a deer antler Scar - a grey cat Grian - a macaw feather, but he has another necklace with a waffle chew on it Mumbo - a mustache (Grian has one, too, but much like Cleo he has it for support of his friend and typically doesn't wear it. He did, however, give some out as part of the mumbo for mayor campaign) Zedaph - a sheep (and a chew bracelet that each member of ZIT has, because nothing screams intense friendship like matching chewelry) Stress - a potion bottle with a magenta potion inside of it Etho- a white fox Tango - a gaurdian (and team ZIT chew bracelet) Xisuma - the doom guy helmet (though sometimes he changes his chew with his skin. He had a bee chew in season 7, for example) Welsknight - a sword False - a pair of goggles, much like the ones she wears on her head TFC - a diamond pickaxe Bdubs - a bed (he gets a clock chew to celebrate season 8, though) Ren - a dog Doc - a trident Iskall - a slime (Jevin has one, too, but in blue)
Chewlery my beloved <3
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tikkitronictonic · 2 months ago
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if axolotls are water kittens to tango,,, does that make xisuma,,, a water catboy??
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bebagerie · a month ago
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Alright! I think that wraps it up folks, quest to assign every hermit an elytra has been completed! :)
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