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#tanjiro kamado
coconutlimeverbena · 2 days ago
Did anyone else yell "is that YUUJI???" when Inui spoke
Bruh. INSTANTLY recognizable
Koko is voiced by Hanae Natsuki (Tanjiro)
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gurugurusstuff · 15 hours ago
new official updates from ufotable‼️✨
@ufotable_inc on instagram
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kikikittykis · a day ago
What They do At A Fair Demonslayer
Characters: Kyojuro, Tanjiro, Uzui Tengen, Inosuke, Zenitsu
Tanjiro Kamado
Tanjiro loves the smell of Carnivals
It’s all so happy and all the sweets and other foods
He likes seeing the performers If there’s a circus type show
He can’t stand the smell of the big rides
Because with big rides comes nausea and nausea becomes vomiting and vomiting well the smell is horrible
So it smells even worse to Tanjiro
Though he does like riding a few of them
He really likes Ferris Wheel
Zenitsu Agatsuma
It’s all really loud to Zenitsu and he’s afraid to go onto the rides and into the haunted houses
Unless you ask him that is
He’d do anything for you so that includes big rides and haunted houses
He likes the sounds of the kids laughing and some of the music though
Sometimes the ride noises overwhelm his poor ears
Inosuke Hashibira
Loves the deep fried well anything and everything which is fried in oil
Corn dogs, pickles, you name any oil fried food from a carnival he’ll eat it
He likes winning those hammer to hit the bell type games
He always gives the prize to you
Sometimes you’ll win a prize and give him it back he really likes that
At first he thinks that the rides are living and he can challenge them
You show him that their not and that you just ride on them
So he really likes the big rides
Tried to stand on the Ferris wheel
Almost got in trouble from the staff
Kyojuro Rengoku
Eats everything at the carnival and thinks it’s delicious
Snacks the entire time
Somehow doesn’t end up puking
Rengoku likes going the rides with Senjuro
Has a lot of fun with you on rides too
Loves the Ferris wheel with you
Teaches Senjuro how to beat the games at the fair
Senjuro somehow loses his money with a fortune teller
Uzui Tengen
Thinks it’s Flamboyant to go on rides and try not to puke
One time was a strongman at a fair
Likes to eat the snacks
Gets his face painted like a kid would
Gets matching paint jobs with you and his wives
Like some sort of flower or something like that
Maybe they even get his scar painted over their eyes
Tengen likes to ride the scrambler with each of his wives (Which includes you) at least once
Hah he squishes them everytime
Like they got flung against him and into his side of the cart
Then he squished them back
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tonkithecat · 2 days ago
Tanjiro Kamado as a S/O
Tumblr media
You two probably met when he saved you from a demon and hit it off from there
Takes you on a date to a festival or somewhere out to eat your favorite meal
Would love the bond you have with Nezuko, you are both important to him and he would be heartbroken if you didn’t like each other
You better prepare for the wedding (in a few years ofc) when he sees you and Nezuko braiding each other’s hair ❤️
Tells you about why he became a demon slayer, tells you everything (hates to keep secrets from you)
Definitely teaches you some combat moves to protect yourself if you come across demons and he isn’t there to protect you
If he’s around when you get attacked he would never forgive himself, reassure him that everything’s alright
Being his s/o means you’re also going to be around Zenitsu and Inosuke (be prepared for the time of your life) ☠️
Patch his wounds for him and he’ll be on cloud 9, apologizes for getting himself hurt
If you also happened to be a demon slayer he would be in complete awe, definitely fights by your side and compliments your fighting techniques
Loves taking naps with you after difficult battles
Favorite cuddle position would be hugging you like a koala (feels safe knowing that he has you protected)🐨
Trusts you being around the other hashiras, they would also trust you after being around them for a while
If you even lost someone close to you he would immediately be there to comfort you, he knows the immense amount of pain you feel losing someone and would be completely understanding
Keep this one close, he’s a good one :)
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cupofcolors · 22 hours ago
He’s a stupid bi disaster
Good for him 😤
(Inosuke close up bc his mask came out v fluffy)
Tumblr media
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keithsgaycousin · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Currently drawing one of my favorite MCs :p
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thebeautyoffanfics · a day ago
hi, hello! I hope you don't mind me requesting, but could I get some headcanons of Tanjiro with an s/o who is really dense and not exactly the smartest person ever, but they're scarily intimidating when someone upsets them?? Hopefully this makes sense,,
tanjiro kamado x gn!reader
a/n: hihi!! I don’t mind in the least <33 sure thing, it makes perfect sense! Thank you so much for requesting, and I’m so sorry for how long it took!! And I’m sorry for how short it is- and I’m sorry if Tanjiro is OOC;;; this fic is probably lacking, and you deserve a lot better but- I hope what I provided is alright aoinfoanfr <3
warnings: none <3
word count: 685
When Tanjiro hears you call yourself dense, he’ll get a tad defensive- not angry, and it’s all lighthearted. Just a whole lot of: “You aren’t dumb, (Y/N)!! You’re perfectly fine, just the way you are! I wouldn’t have you any other way!!!”
Plus, to be fair, Tanjiro can be a bit too… pure, I guess? Which, in turn, makes him appear a tad dense. However, he’s simply a sweet boy, and never really has enough malicious intent to understand things such as when Genya got upset, shouting that Tanjiro couldn’t be the one to kill the demon. Tanjiro’s goal was to help Genya after all- and, of course, I suppose to make sure the demon was killed.
To be honest, sometimes your density can be a bit cute. However, if it ever puts you in a dangerous situation, Tanjiro doesn’t know what to do- he’d never ever blame you, but… he isn’t sure how exactly to scold you for whatever it was.
(Of course, Tanjiro’s scolding is very lighthearted, and he feels bad if he’s even slightly harsh. He does just enough to get the point across, then will smother you in affection to make sure you know he isn’t mad at you!)
The moment Tanjiro sees you upset, he no longer worries too badly-
Rarely is Tanjiro at the receiving end of your rage, but he has observed it. Watching the way your usual aura quickly changes to one he didn’t even know you could muster. Yep… he’s not going to mess with you- as if he was going to in the first place.
When you get intimidating, a part of Tanjiro is cheering you on, especially if the other person truly is at fault. Even if he doesn’t realize/acknowledge it, he thinks scary (Y/N) is… scary, but cool. Heck yeah, (Y/N), you tell them!! “Now, now, (Y/N)! Maybe I should handle this?”
“I can take care of it myself, Tanjiro.”
Conflicted Tanjiro sounds.
While on one hand he does want to see you show whoever upsets you what they’re worth, Tanjiro also doesn’t want any unnecessary fights or anything of the sort, so he’ll usually drag you off, explaining that someone like that doesn’t deserve your time!
Once you calm down and go back to your usual self, Tanjiro is right back to wondering… his sweet (Y/N) going from 0 to 100 right back to 0. Sort of like Zenitsu when he falls asleep…
“Eh?? How???? We look nothing alike-??”
“No, no! I mean, you both aren’t intimidating normally, but get fairly scary when some sort of switch is flipped!! Or- maybe you’re like Inosuke? Threatening, but… hm...”
“Switch?? Tanjiro, I’m confused. I’m not like either of them??”
In any situation, Tanjiro is going to be there to help you out! And protect you!! No matter if you’re not upset, and going along with whatever is happening- he’s right beside you, most likely holding your hand, and making sure that you’re safe!
If you’re upset? He’s right beside you, hand on your back, making sure that you don’t get yourself into any dangerous situation.
It isn’t that he thinks you can’t defend yourself, of course!! It’s just him being a bit protective, not wanting you to have to defend yourself. He’s standing, prepared to hold back anyone he needs to!
(However, with one glare, he’s pretty sure the only person he’d have to hold back is you-)
Tanjiro overall treats it all very lightheartedly. Unless he needs to treat it seriously, he’s perfectly content going along with his sweet s/o who sometimes gets very intimidating! He goes along with it, shrugging it all of with “well, there’s never a dull moment, haha.”
(As if there would be a dull moment anyway, with Zenitsu and Inosuke as his two best friends. The 4 of you together? Man oh man. We have big-brother-somewhat-a-softie Tanjiro, coward-when-awake-scary-when-asleep Zenitsu, no-thinking-only-fighting Inosuke, no-thinking-scary-when-needed (Y/N), and… demon-sister Nezuko.)
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weebannihilator · 3 months ago
Y'all. This scene was by far the least neurotypical interaction I have ever watched in my life.
-Rengoku doesn't make eye contact the entire conversation
-Tanjiro notices this, so he stops making eye contact too
-Rengoku being very straight forward and making commentary on everything
-Rengoku having zero volume control
-Tanjiro realizes that Rengoku is being loud, so he tries to match his energy by shouting too LMAOO
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