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lisandra-phillips · 13 hours ago
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As I said
Your idea is just adorable, thanks a lot for the inspiration! I've been waiting for the moment when I can start implementing it, and finally it's here!
P.S. I'm really bad at picking songs to sing together, so let everyone come up with one that you think is perfect for the two of them.
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Idk but tanjiro reacting to reader eating poisoned food and they did not get any reaction since they were raised to have resistance almost as immune to poison at a young age and the same goes for physical injuries and poison just taste it bitter
Tanjiro Kamado
Tumblr media
You and your boyfriend were eating completely normally.
Or actually your boyfriend was just starting to eat.
But luckily you got him stopped.
You just stated that "don't eat it it's poisoned".
In a completely mundane voice.
You then explained this about your “ability” and the parenting methods of your parents.
Tanjiro would be really worried.
What kind of parents do this to their child?
Tanjiro's face is really upset.
He is unable to process this information.
It just feels too awful.
Tanjiro doesn’t understand why any parent could do that.
He really couldn’t face your parents anymore.
(So ​​if you're still dealing with him.)
You think his reaction seems like an overreaction.
It is not.
Your parents have always wanted you to become a demo slayer.
And it wouldn’t be appropriate if the demo Slayer dies due to poisoning.
That's why they started that.
Tanjiro will try to support you when you realize that your parents' upbringing is not normal.
It is certainly difficult.
At least he thinks so.
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the-chikyuu-times · a day ago
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ghostlymews · 2 days ago
i have no motivation to finish any of my current longer drafts,, so take some word vomit tanjiro thirst for now :)) dw, i’ll get to requests when i feel up to it!! y’all deserve the upmost quality so i don’t want to force it ! NSFW below!
tanjiro with pussy slapping. he’s so sweet to you, yet condescending in such a gentle way when you’ve been bad — and you know it. teasing him to push him to the edge, batting your eyelashes up at him so innocently, but he sees the way your pupils are blown wide with lust and how your eyes narrow oh-so-subtly to give away your intentions. he rubs gentle, repetitive and slow circles on your swollen neglected clit before he sends a sudden brash slap! to your most sensitive part, causing you to jolt. he gives the most tender smile the entire time, kissing the very corners of your trembling lips but refusing to fully kiss you. “you’ll be good for me, hmm? my perfect little angel.” <33
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silverynightart · 2 days ago
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"Do we have to infiltrate the Red Light District again?"
Tanjirou doesn't understand why Uzui's wives made him wear that outfit.
Kofi / Patreon
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genuienlytired · a day ago
inspired by the doctor strange audio 
“this isnt the end there are other things that can give your life meeting”
“like what? like you?” 
How demon slayer characters realize what they say to you (yes even the ones that don’t actually seem like they would say it but its happening cause I’m writing it lol minor characters are aged up too)
Tanjiro it was quiet, soft pants was all that was heard when only moments ago there was just a bit of yelling. He was frustrated, you understood he was, you knew, you knew he didnt mean any of it. You saw the regret fill his eyes as he stared at you.You were to shock to move but hearing those words hurt so much. You faced away from him hugging yourself. Tanjiro lunged forward you. smelling the hint of sadness and hurt from your scent, he was holding you in his arms endless apoligies escaping his lips. Tears spilling from his red wine eyes, all you could do was hold him shushing his cries as you knew he didnt mean it.- -"Y/n!No, NO, im so *hic* s-sorry!" He would cry into your shoulder hugging you tighter as he sobbed "I- I didnt mean it!" he would say almost yell.
Inosuke He huffed at you, an angry expression settling onto his handsome face eyes never leaving your own both huffing and scattering away from each other. The mintue you hear those words escape his lips,you stand up straight watching his eyes go wide as you slowly walk away from him. no more words spoken from you as he starts to yell for you starts to run after you not comprehending why your leaving now why your not fighting back like you both usually did. He huffs angrily turning from your figure to a tree/rock trying to lift/break it apart. -"where are you going?!OI" he would scream at you trying to grab your attention by throwing a small pebble near you but you ignore it walking away "HEY COME BACK!! FIGHT BACK!!" Is all you hear behind you never turning back to face him.
Zenitsu You both stare at each other your eyes filled with shock as he glares to you. He pushed you off of him after you tried comforting him you laid on the floor hearing his voice of anger shouting why didnt you wouldnt just leave, is what he would probably think at the moment.When he saw you on the floor did he realize the damage he had done. The tears that spilled from your eyes as you held your chest he could hear the beating of your heart fasting at every movement or word he would say. afraid to hurt you anymore he bows infront of you head hitting the floor as he softly sobs his apolgies to you.
-"y/n-" is all he could make out as he sees you slightly flinch, his heart tightens at how stupid he was how stupid he reacted. He bowed his head down almost immeaditly taking your hands into his own as his face hit the floor "MY LOVE IM SO SORRY" He wailed sobbing into the floor hoping you wouldnt leave him for his idiocy.
Tengen You watched his firgue turn around rapidly a swish was heard as you were about to leave. He races to you grabbing your wrist tightly pulling you back,away from the sliding door, face now hitting his chest gently. You sobbed and hit his chest harshly with your free hand. yelling for him to let you go and you swear as you look up to those beautiful maroon eyes you could see the regret and sadness that weighed in them. He cooed to you that he was wrong he didnt imagne you to walk out he didnt want that to ever happen. He held you until you stopped hitting him smiling that you started to burry your face into his chest now rubbing soothing circles after hitting him, softly he apoligize as he reassures you hes okay.
-"yes, yes, I was bad my little firework.im sorry~" He coos softly holding you finally letting your wrist go and holding you waist into a tight embrace. "im fine my love, I deserved it for being so harsh with you. dont leave."
Rengoku FUCK T-T,imaging this is hurting me on a deep level but- He would most likely let you leave if not you he would leave to avoid hurting saying anything else. Its not hard believing this man didnt mean it either.He would walk away from you, noticing the tears falling endlessly from your eyes. His frown evident and hands now clenched into fist not being able to go to you, he already hurt you something he promised to never do and yet he anwsered from frustration. He hurt you and thats all this man can think about, your tears were his cause and all he can do is walk away or understand if you do.
-"I must leave" He says his frown and features grimacing at your sadness. Holding his sword as he walks away from your shrinking fram holding the pain in his chest reminding himself to apoligize after you both cool down.
if you want a part two I dont mind!!
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silverynight · a day ago
What if something similar to this happens whenever the Pillars see Tanjirou. I mean like yes, the boy is cute, beautiful and charming but from the hashira's perspective Tanjirou is constantly glowing and shining like the sun and they can't quite focus on anything else when he's around; his eyes are like rubies, his smile is blinding, his hair is the most mesmerizing they've ever seen...
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wiadrorobakow · a day ago
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Little inotan art I did in like 15 minutes
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deleteddewewted · 2 days ago
I saw that you made a Tanjiro master list so I wanted to ask if you could make some fluffy (or smutty) Headcanons for him, Have a good day! -🎵anon
Fluff Tanjiro Headcanons
Tanjiro x GN! Reader
W: Trauma?, Spoilers
Tumblr media
Tanjiro was elated when he found out that you made it through Final Selection.
He met you while he was resting up high in one of the trees.
You had covered him with your haori and kept watch while he slept away.
You looked tired when selecting your ore but you were alive and that was enough for him.
You both frequently bumped into one another while on your missions. 
In those moments, he always invited you to eat with him and his group.
Zenitsu would occasionally make flirty remarks to you but after receiving more than a few neck chops from Tanjiro, he eased up.
He enjoyed your presence in his life. It brought him odd tranquility to the chaos in which he lives.
He’s never truly interacted with people outside of his village so meeting you was a new experience for him.
When taking a moment to rest, he noticed your posture becoming more slack. Concerned, he asked if you’ve been sleeping properly to which you answered no.
“Rest, L/n. You need it if you’re going to fight demons.” You sit down beside him and rest your head on his shoulder. He didn’t know how to feel about the sudden contact but he couldn’t say he didn’t enjoy it.
He felt fuzzy at the sudden touch. He couldn't help how fast his heart was beating and he feared that it might wake you up.
He's huge on contact after that experience and he's big on actions too.
He'll give you his things without thinking much of it and will silently wait until you pat his head or give him a hug.
The only kind of "thank you" you could give him that is valid.
As friends, he makes sure that you come before him but once you start dating it's all enhanced by 1000x.
He's pretty new to the whole relationship thing so don't expect him to stop blushing when you hold his hand.
His face, specifically his ears, gets pretty red when you kiss him.
Even after being together for months, he will still blush when you both make out but he won't try to cut it short.
Once he feels your body on top of his, it's the only way he would fall asleep peacefully.
It's not sexual per say, just comforting to know that you were still there, that you were still alive.
Gets jealous oddly enough.
He knows he shouldn't, he knows that the others know about you both being together but he isn't able to help the frustration that boils inside him when other men, and specifically men, look at you.
He wants to be the only man that gets to look at you with such adoration and touch you.
He wants to wake up every morning to your beautiful face, he doesn't care if you snored or drooled in your sleep, you were perfection in the flesh and he wanted that all to himself.
Seeing you interact with Nezuko had him in tears.
He usually steeled himself so as to not express too much but he couldn't help how overwhelming it was to see you be kind to his sister.
He felt like he was part of a family again. You and him taking care of his sister you both find a means to change her back into a normal girl again.
He will always be grateful for your compassion.
Once Muzan is defeated with many of the pillars and even Ubuyashiki dead, Tanjiro asks you to marry him.
"I know that we've been through so much loss as of recent and that this is all still a fresh wound for us, but would you please make me the most fortunate man in the world and marry me?"
He breaks down at your feet, his head pressed onto the floor in a reverent bow as you accept to be his spouse.
"Thank you." He isn't able to stop the babbles of gratitude as you both held each other in a loving embrace.
Be it that everyone that you both would have wanted to share this special moment is not here anymore, they were ever-present in your minds, and thankfully many more people will make their way into your lives such as the nieces and nephews that would follow and your own children.
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kimetsu-garden · a day ago
Tanjiro & Rengoku: Tiger Edition
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Credits: @KimetsuPetit on Twitter
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magicmooshka · a month ago
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baby steps, inosuke
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tehtariks · 3 months ago
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"That's right... I can't be like you, Rengoku." | KIMETSU NO YAIBA
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kyojuuros · 4 months ago
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So my brother’s eyes are red because when he was inside your tummy, you ate red berries?
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duckflyfly · 3 months ago
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Inosuke is me rising from the dead
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lisandra-phillips · 3 months ago
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Now I want to draw a sequel where Tanjiro bought Inosuke a huge amount of food that he only wanted! If only he wasn't on the verge of death again😗
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smol-ackerman · 2 months ago
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vixxicons · 2 months ago
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incepstla · 4 months ago
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“Isn’t this Nezuko Kamado? I see she’s becoming a flashy demon.”
“No one ever told her to become a flashy demon!”
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bloggersltd · 3 months ago
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Inosuke calling Tanjiro by the wrong name is an aesthetic
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the-chikyuu-times · 3 months ago
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