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#tanjiro my beloved
weebannihilator · 5 months ago
Good news everybody!!!!!! Tanjiro!!!!
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honey-buv · 2 months ago
Early Estrus
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Tumblr media
Tw: mentions of breeding, dubcon?, ass eating, fingering, sir kink, size kink.
Tags: @cherrykamado , anyone else who likes Tanjiro
Au: Little red riding hood au
A.N: Any/all minor characters have been aged up for this specific smutshot
Tumblr media
Tanjiro was a common racoon around the village, from his sweet bubbly personality to his big, fluffy tail, he was the envy and admiration of both men and women in the said village.
While you were the feared big bad wolf, you were much larger in comparison to smaller prey and predators even some folks confused you for a bear from your size alone.
You were a rare wolf species know as Dire wolves, they were much larger in comparison to smaller snow habitant wolves
Your estrus was expected to come in spring but it came in early this season so you didn't have time to prepare, so you had to get out of your cave and find someone to fuck.
As you were walking down the path you noticed a red tipped hair boy walk into the forest, being the curious person you were you hid in a few bushes nearby and watched him walk along the path
He wore what seemed to be a mini dress with a large, red ribbon at the back of the outfit along with stockings that had the same shade of red ribbons at the back of them along with black slippers and a little red cloak to finish the look
He looked so....tasty
As he continued his walk you followed him of course making sure to stay a few feet away just so he couldn't spot you.
However His sensitive nose caught onto you instantly and he bolted deeper into the forest, finding somewhere to hide from you, you of course chased after him.
As he ran deeper into the snowy yet gloomy forest he decided to hide in a cave, unsuspecting that it might actually be yours from the clean state it was in.
As he hid inside the cave he controlled his breathing as much as he could to no avail, as you spotted him from his obvious red cloak.
Before he had the chance to run you jumped out infront of him, locking the surprised male in your arms.
"Sir please let me go! I promise I won't tell anyone I just want to see my family!" he cried, struggling to free himself from your grip, you however didn't even budge as you took in his strong scent
He smelt like sweetberries and rain, his distressed scent making your urge stronger to breed him.
You rubbed your nose against his neck, making the previously shocked male look at you in confusion. Why weren't you going to eat him?
He later got a response after he felt your large bulge rub against his inner thigh. Making the smaller male blush underneath you.
He felt your large hands tear off whatever undergarments he had on underneath, making his blush shine brighter as you squeeze his soft, plush ass.
"S-sir, please be gentle with me" he begged, he didn't want to spend the night in a stranger's home.
You grunted in response and placed him on your futon gently, you teased his hole with your thick fingers by prodding him, making him mewl in response to your teasing action.
You opened his legs slowly, kissing at his thighs but avoiding his pink hole, after a bit of teasing you decided to taste your reward, earning a moan in response to your actions never in his life has he felt anything this good.
He played with your ears, earning a groan from your throat, vibrating and pleasuring his prostate. Making him bite his knuckle to supress his lewd cries of pleasure.
As he felt the knot inside him slowly start to loosen you let go with a pleasuring pop. Making the smaller whine below as you deny him from his release.
Of course he got what he wanted after he saw you unbuckle your belt and exposing your large, thick girth. His walls clenched around nothing at the sight of pre drip from your throbbing cock
You shoved the tip of your girthy cock inside, making the sub below you cry out tears from just your tip alone.
"S-sir please pull out you're too bi-big *hic*" he sobbed as he tried his hardest to get you to pull out to no avail as you held his hands above his head and forced him to wait it out.
After his whining stopped you decided to push the rest of your meaty cock inside inch by inch, making him feel how big you were inside him.
You waited for any signs of discomfort only to feel the previously whiny boy's hand hold one of your cheeks, making you rub your face against it in response.
You started your pounding somewhat slow to get him prepared, making him purr slightly from your somewhat kind gesture. Then starting to fuck him rough and rapidly, making sure that your cock hit against every sensitive spot against his throbbing hole.
He felt his eyes roll to the back of his head after your first thrust. Spewing out cries and moans from his innocent little mouth as he clung to your back, his sharp nails cutting small parts on your back making you moan in response and proceeded to fuck him harder.
Loud, wet squelching noises could be heard from nearby the village had you lived nearby. Making the red haired boy think about how worried his family must be, hell they wouldn't be surprised from the fact that he was in the cave but what would shock them was their 'innocent' elder son Tanjiro being brutally anal-fucked by the big bad wolf. Making him cry out louder.
You flipped him over in a leap frog position, making your large, cock penetrate deeper parts into him. Turning him into a puddle of tears, sweat and drool. It was a sight to behold.
"Si-sirr*hic* sl-slow down" he slurred as you pounded his pink hole as he sobbed tears of pleasure. He felt like he was about to pass out as you pressed into him harder, nipping at his ear in response to his tight hole.
Your thrusts started to become erratic and fast. Giving him somewhat of a signal that you were about to cum soon.
"Can I filled you with my pups?" you asked him softly, your low and heavenly voice finally broke him as he sobbed out a yes, his climax finally washed over him as he felt your balls snap inside him, thick ropes of cum spewing out into his ass as he finally reached his high.
He looked like a worn out sex toy underneath you as if he'd been used continuously. You feeling guilty, helped him clean up himself by washing him off with a cloth and warm water, you tried your best to fix his cloak and dress to no avail as it only remained dirtied and somewhat torn in few places.
"Uh, sorry about the dress, I kinda went a bit too hard. Are you still able to walk or do you need help?" you asked, making the flushed male nod a yes, the poor boy's legs felt like jelly.
You carried him off to his home and thanked him by giving him a kiss on his forehead, making giggle and blush softly as he thanked you for the lift.
Now how was he going to explain his disappearance and messy clothing to his family?
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marymewt · 2 months ago
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I want to post my kny art too ❤️
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goth-juiceee · a month ago
A/N: late night Tanjiro date at the beach, I repeat, LATE NIGHT TANJIRO DATE AT THE BEACH
Pairing: MODERN AU! Kamado Tanjiro x reader (gender neutral, no pronouns used)
Warnings: none
Tanjiro looked back at you, his hand interlocked with yours as his eyes lit up with excitement upon seeing you smile. The moon and stars shone down on you and your demon slaying boyfriend as you ran together to the train station that would take you to the beach. The two of you ran through the underground train station hand in hand, laughing and making jokes along the way.
You jumped onto the train, with Tanjiro right behind you as the doors closed at the last second, with you and your boyfriend ending up a little too close together, looking into each other’s eyes for a quiet few seconds. In all actuality, it was around a few minutes, because the train quickly stopped, throwing you and Tanjiro on the ground, both of you laughing from how off-guard you were caught by the train’s stop.
Once again running towards the beach, though this time the weather outside was significantly cooler, and you could smell the salty water in the air and hear the crashing of the waves against the shore. You and Tanjiro took off your shoes once you ran into the sand so as to not get it in your shoes, since no one knew you and him were multiple cities away on a date late at night.
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I gotta be honest, Tanjiro with long hair was better
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mitfu · 3 months ago
mini tanjiro as a demon
Tumblr media
©️ all content belongs to mwhty, please don’t repost
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crushcoreedits · a month ago
I dare you to do spooky Tanjiro edit set :)))
bet bet I'll work on it when I can -Mod Cyber
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itsdanyy · 3 months ago
A couple of days ago, out of nowhere, i woke up and decided i NEEDED Tanjiro’s earrings,and just like that I’m now sitting in pain with pierced red ears and the only position i can sleep in is on my back, but yeah, totally worth it?
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uminozerol · 22 days ago
i had a Demon Slayer dream last night where i was putting lotion on Tanjiro's hands cause i felt bad seeing them so calloused 😭
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persephoniist · a month ago
my tanjiro is way angrier than canon and honestly i think he deserves it, like, as a treat
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oddlybitter · 5 months ago
i went into demon slayer completely blind and wow i was not disappointed
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