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#tanjirou x kanao

Kanao wants to kiss Tanjiro 💚💜🔥🦋

Kanao knocked her Master Shinobu’s door and looked inside shyly.

“Kanao! Please come in! What do you need?”

“Master… I need to ask you something.”

“What it is, Kanao?”

“As you know… I’ve been dating Tanjiro for a while now…”

“Yes! You both have grown up so much!”

Kanao blushed and smiled at her master.

“Yes… and I want to ask him something, but I just don’t know how to… I was thinking you may help me, master… Since you and Tomioka-san got married recently.”

“Of course! What do you want to ask Tanjiro-kun, Kanao?”

“I-I want him to kiss me…” Kanao blushed. This was all so new and embarrassing to her… But she knew what she wanted.

“Aaaawww, that’s so sweet, my dear! And have you tried… you know… Just ask him?”

“I-I don’t know how to…”

“Then you just need to do what I did with Tomioka-san! Don’t ask, just hold his face and kiss him yourself! I bet he’ll love it!”


“Don’t be shy! Tanjiro-kun is so sweet! I’m sure he’ll be delighted! Now, don’t waste more time! Go find him!”

“Y-yes, master!”

Kanao wasn’t sure that was the best idea. She didn’t want to force herself on Tanjiro… She didn’t know how to kiss… She had just seen her master and Tomioka-san but never experienced it herself. What if Tanjiro didn’t like it? What if he got scared? What if it disgusted him? She just couldn’t bear the thought of his rejection.

“Maybe I should ask someone else…”

Maybe Kanroji-san… She was the Love Pillar and was also married to Serpent Pillar Iguro-san… Surely she knew about this kind of things, right?

“Um… Hello, Kanroji-san!”

“Kanao-san! You look as pretty as ever!”

“Th-thank you! You too! May… May I ask you something?”

“Aaaww, Kanao-san is so cute! Of course!”

“As you know, I’m dating Tanjiro and…”

“Aaaaawww, yes! You both look so perfect together!!”

“Th-thank you! W-well, I-I want to ask him to kiss me, but I don’t know how to…”

“AAAAWWW, that’s SO SWEET, Kanao-san! You should totally go ask him directly! I’m sure he’ll LOVE it! I wish I could see his face!! I’m sure he’ll be in PURE BLISS!”

“You… you think so, Kanroji-san?”

“ABSOLUTELY!! You just need to go and ask him and when he says yes just smooch him!!”

“A-alright! Thank you, Kanroji-san!”

Well, both masters had told her basically the same… So it should be the right thing to do, shouldn’t it? But still so difficult… How could she ask him for something like that out of the blue?

“Kanao…” a soft voice spoke behind her. “Hi!”

She turned around so fast she got dizzy. Oh, no…He was here. What could she do? Despite her nervousness and flush on her cheeks, she couldn’t help but smile at him. Tanjiro looked as handsome as ever, with that beautiful smile and kind eyes that made her heart melt. He held her when her dizziness almost made her fall.

“Are you alright? You look a bit flustered now…”

“Y-yes… I just… I need to tell you something…” Feeling his arms around her felt so incredible. She felt safe. Warmth and joy surrounded her. Despite her shyness, she never wanted to let go.

“Is everything alright? If you feel sick, I can carry you to the infirmary.”

The thought of Tanjiro carrying her bridal style to the infirmary made her feel dizzy with shyness and happiness again and she held on him tighter, blushing furiously.

“N-no, I’m alright… I just…” Kanao looked into his worried gaze. It was difficult because it was like looking directly to such a bright light, but seeing his caring eyes, she knew there was nothing to fear. Tanjiro loved her. He would always treat her with kindness, even if she did anything that bothered him. He could never disregard or hurt her. She just needed to tell him the truth. He would surely understand.

“I just want to ask you to kiss me.” 

The truth escaped her lips before she could even think about it. There was no going back. The girl waited for his answer while looking at him in the eye. It was extremely difficult due to her bashfulness, but she needed to be brave and do her best. He loved her. She loved him. What could be wrong with a kiss?

“Kanao… I-I want the same.” Tanjiro was blushing too. Kanao relaxed in his arms and smiled. Her master and Kanjori-san were right. She was right. He wanted the same. She felt so happy.

Tanjiro’s gaze went from her eyes to her lips and approached slowly, afraid of making any kind of mistake. Kanao looked at his lips too and finally closed the gap between them, touching his lips with hers. They were soft. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling, letting herself go. Tanjiro’s eyes widened, caught a little by surprise, but he quickly recovered and reciprocated, unconsciously embracing her more tightly. Neither of them wanted that moment to stop. When they finally had to separate to catch their breaths, both were blushing but smiling.

Then Kanao realized she had kissed him first and felt a little embarrassed, her cheeks burning.

“I-I kissed you first… I’m sorry, I just didn’t realize… I hope you don’t mind…”

“No! Not at all, Kanao! It was… It was amazing. I’m so glad you did.”

“Really? Did you like it?”

“Like it? It was awesome. I-I hope you felt the same.”

She nodded. “I did. I did. It was wonderful. Can we… Can we do it again?”

Tanjiro chuckled. “I was about to ask you the same.”

Kanao beamed and this time she waited for his lips to touch hers, a wish that quickly became true.


I really wanted to write something more before TanKana week finally ended and that’s what I came up with. I hope you enjoyed it! 💖

#tankanaweek2020 @tankanaweek2020

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apparently yesterday was dedicated to looking at my otps xD Well, you get a birthday once a year so they don’t all have to be the same-

Anyhow, I wanted to post this here yesterday but the WiFi was being a jerk and refused to allow me to do so. >:(

Though I must say, Izuocha is the most adowoble thing I ship, Tankana is precious and Frelsy has just always been there since 2018- I wanted to go with a pink colour scheme this time. Hopefully it’s neither too pink nor fluffy for your eyes xDD

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Hello once again, everyone!.

I won’t make this too long, like the title says this is to inform of the deadline for sending submissions for TanKana Wekk; it is supposed to be a ‘week’ after all.

The last day for sending submissions will be on Tuesday 17th, after that I will officially announce that TanKana Week is over.

That is not to say I won’t reblog art that you want to send, but I won’t do so as part of TanKana Week.

As a quick note, I am unsure as to what to do with this account moving forward, maybe I will just let it sleep until next year, maybe not, if you have a suggestion feel free to send a message but that is something for later on.

Once again, I hope you enjoy TanKana Week and I’m looking forward to everyone’s submissions!.

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Sure thing!! Here you go!!!

Also this is another request from my Wattpad! 💜


Originally posted by full-power-88

Tanjirou Kamado X Kanao Tsuyuri relationship headcannons

  • Starting off with the types of dates Kanao and Tanjirou go on. There dates are mostly outside, Kanao really enjoys the atmosphere and she usually spends more of her day outside. Tanjirou doesn’t mind having dates outside at all! He’s willing to go on anywhere on a date if it means Kanao is happy. If they ever have a date in a vast field of flowers, Tanjirou will pick some and bunch them all together as a gift for Kanao. Kanao will keep this little gift from Tanjirou in a pretty vase right next to her bed
  • Kanao really likes to hold Tanjirou hand whenever they are out together. Even though his hand is callused, she’ll grab on to it anyways. Kanao doesn’t really mind Tanjirou’s callused hands because it means he has been working extremely hard which makes her proud of him. Anyways, Once Tanjirou realizes that Kanao has taken ahold of one of his hands, he’ll squeeze his hand tightly around hers and give her a big smile
  • They both always train together. They used to train together before they started to date but now they both do it more often. Even though they are together, it doesn’t mean either one of them is going to go easy on each other. Both will try their best to win the fight. If it’s Tanjirou who wins, Kanao will walk over to him and give a simple kiss on the cheek for a good performance. If it’s Kanao who won, Tanjirou will clasp his hands around hers and congratulate her on her winning
  • If Tanjirou ever gets hurt, Kanao will be right by his side in a flash. No pillar’s speed could compare to how fast Kanao is whenever she hears Tanjirou is hurt. She can’t stand to see him lying in a bed covered in bandages. She’ll take over the job of changing his bandages from Aoi because she wants to be near him at all costs. Kanao will check up on him and bring him some tea. She’ll also bring in Sumi, Kiyo and Naho to cheer Tanjirou up
  • Kanao likes buying little gifts for Tanjirou whenever she goes into town with Shinobu. They’ll both split up for a while and meet back up later in the day when they both got what they need. Kanao will look around at all the little shops that are spread about to see what Tanjirou may want. She really likes to suprise him so that’s why Kanao doesn’t bring Tanjirou on these mini shopping trips. Kanao will buy Tanjirou some small sweets that they both can try together. Tanjirou is always and will forever be grateful when Kanao gives him gifts. When it’s sweets, he’ll always share with her since he doesn’t want her feeling left out
  • Tanjirou really loves to surprise Kanao with kisses on the face. It doesn’t matter where he kisses her, as long as she’s blushing and her eyes are wide, then he knows he has suprised her. He’s favorite time to suprise kiss her is when she’s cleaning and he has to go somewhere. He’ll quickly peck his lips on her cheek then quickly walk the other direction. This leaves her confused for a moment, turning her head left and right to see what just happens. After the confusion has washed off, she has a tiny smile that stays on her face for the rest of the day
  • Kanao is not really that talkative but even since Tanjirou and her have started to date, she has learn to talk more. All the girls at the butterfly estate have definitely noticed this. Shinobu is honestly extremely proud of her sister for breaking out of her cocoon and finally spreading her wings. Tanjirou really helps Kanao to be more confident in her speech and talk more. Kanao doesn’t even notice that she has started talking more. Tanjirou has such a good impact on Kanao and he will continue to help her grow more as the relationship continues on
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Ode (an elegy to the fallen) pt. III

M. Tokito, Tamayo, T. Kamado


The climb towards Muichiro’s final resting place is rocky and harsh. The overhead grey skies have long blocked the sunlight, heavy with rain that doesn’t quite fall yet. They hang lowly, threatening to muddy the tentative ground beneath you and hinder your climb more. Still, you grit your teeth and try to go faster than before.

This is a farewell you’ve been dreading. Still, it must be done.

Muichiro’s grave is beside his old home, where his family lies as well, though there is no body to bury. Lost in the ruins of a battlefield long gone, the only memento of him that remains are his few belongings in his Estate, and this marked rock beside his brother’s grave.

You want to cry. Again. Aren’t you supposed to run dry of tears sooner or later? It feels like you haven’t stopped crying at all. You swallow through the boulder in your throat.

Muichiro …

He was so young. He shouldn’t have been treated that way. He’s lost so much, been through so much — your heart cries out in empathy. If you could have taken away all his pain, you would have done so in the blink of an eye. You wanted to protect him.

You failed. You failed.

Were you at least happy, Muichiro? Are you happy?

It is perhaps some sort of cruel kindness to yourself to imagine that he isn’t, that Muichiro is sad and angry and just as unpleasantly human like you. That he feels all the bitterness and rage and resentment that you feel towards the indomitable entity that is the gods, those responsible for carelessly throwing life away without regard for anything other than fulfilling their narcissism.

But you know him better than that. Muichiro is just as human as you; he felt sadness and bitterness and hate, no doubt. But in the end, he’s too strong to fall for the wicked temptations of succumbing to the pit of these emotions.

He’s happy, you’re sure. You’re sure. Why does it hurt, even with that? It hurts so much. Too much.

You don’t want to do this anymore. Your heart breaks, and it’s a physical pain that stings all throughout your whole body. You lean over his tomb, face pinching in agony as your lips part in a silent whimper. Too heavy. Too heavy. Nature holds its breath, anticipation built tensely. You hallucinate his presence in front of you, smiling brightly like kids his age should be.

It’s so painful. You could very well cut your heart out of your chest, and the pain would be the same. Perhaps even less. You look up; mint eyes look back, so lively and bright. Ethereal.

“Thank you for everything,” you think he says. “I had lots of fun with you. I was really happy.”

You choke up. “Muichiro …”

“But it’ll be all right. You can move on. It’s fine. No one will get mad at you if you move on.”

Your face crumples. “But, Muichiro …”

You don’t want to move on. You don’t want the future to come. You want to go back to the past and repeat it all again and again. You want to go back to where it’s all familiar and safe. You don’t want it to end. You don’t want to walk away from all this. You — You don’t want to —

You don’t want to live without them.

You’re scared of what will happen if you move on.

In your mind, Muichiro smiles sadly and kisses your forehead, and you close your eyes to the warmth that should have been there. A sob rips painfully from your throat.

“Don’t worry about me. I’m so much happier now,” he tells you.

“Yeah,” you say. It gets caught in a wave of tears. “I know.”

“We’ll be here watching over you.” Mist in the wind. “I’ll be waiting until the day we can hang out together again, all right? So please, don’t cry. I don’t like it when you cry.”

Your eyes snap open to empty air. You feel so, so alone, like the world is crashing down on you. The world should be ending. Why does it keep going? Why do you keep going on? You don’t want to keep going on anymore.

Rain falls in time with the tears that finally force their way down your cheeks. It is cold, in contrast to the heat in your cheeks. Shielded by the rain, you cry out, and sure enough, it is drowned away by the droplets falling to earth.

Your heart pounds brokenly against your chest: it is erratic and unsteady — painful. The rain is icy against your burning skin. Soil in your knees, grass against your fingers. The chilly autumn wind screams. Too much, too much. You’re aware of everything too much.

The veil of numbness breaks, and for the first time in a while, you feel.

It’s overwhelming.

Kanao lets you be. The cat meows in her basket, scratching against the walls, though it’s barely heard over the howling wind.

You just want it to end. To not feel so broken all the time. To stop wanting to cry all the time. To go back. Go back, go back, go back. Wake up to find all these was just a bad dream. You’ll wake up to Aoi and Kanae making breakfast, go to Kyojuro’s to train, hang out with the other Demon Slayers while the Pillars have their meetings, then hang out with them before their missions. On and on. Those boring, happy days. Why did they have to go so fast?

You cry your heart out. Catharsis. It’s relieving as much as it is painful. Muichiro’s there, hand resting against your shoulder in comfort, and you never knew Yuichiro too well, but you imagine him there anyway, beside his brother.

“Thank you for everything, Mui,” you say. For all the memories, the happiness, the times you spent with him, the times you spent clinging to him when everything else seemed so bleak. He was your light and joy. He is your light and joy. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Words can never express your gratitude.

Muichiro grins at you, happy and at peace at last. “We’ll be waiting! Until the next time.”

Yeah. You’ll look forward to that. One day, thinking about him will not hurt you as much, and then you’ll be able to look back at him with a smile and a gentle wave of fond nostalgia. One day, you’ll remember fully how happy he made you.


You’ll look forward to that. It hurts to turn your back on him, but it’s time to move on again.

Happy times will come soon. You just wish happiness won’t come with the price of forgetting him.

Your tears overflow. When you close your eyes to wipe them away, the twins are gone, leaving behind just a gust of wind and a heavy mist settling over the mountain. You feel so alone. So, so alone and tired.

“Are you all right?”

Kanao’s holding her cape over the basket, bangs clinging to her forehead. Her eyes are red too.

You nod and smile hesitantly. Again, it’s not much, but you try. Somewhere, Muichiro beams at you. You’re doing so well. I’m proud of you.

Even though I’m crying?

Even though you’re crying.

Your smile grows a bit at that. Still shaky, but more genuine. “Yeah. I’m fine. Let’s hurry to Nezuko’s before the night falls.”

Thank you again for everything, Muichiro. You’ll always remain in everyone’s hearts.

You close your eyes, and breathe in.

It’s all right. It’s all right. It has to be, even if the ache in your heart won’t fade. It’s all right.

The rain has thankfully lightened up by the time you’ve reached the mountain where Nezuko and her friends live. An old man wearing a tengu mask greets you first, carrying a pile of chopped woods in his hands as he walks around.

He nods at you. “Nezuko is inside. Heaven knows where Inosuke and Zenitsu are.”

You open your mouth to reply, but a voice beats you to it. “Urokodaki-san! Have you seen Chachamaru? I can’t find him anywhere!”

Nezuko pops out from the house, a worried frown on her face. Her hair isn’t made up like usual, and it’s a jerking flashback to her days as a demon though the orange tips have gone away.

“It’s almost night,” Urokodaki says. He puts the wood in his arms by the wall. “He must be wandering around.”

Nezuko bites her lip, wringing her hands. “I know,” she sighs. “I’m just worried. He’s the last one —”

She cuts herself off. Nezuko sees you and Kanao for the first time since your arrival, and she breaks out into a huge smile, dashing forward to wrap her arms around you both. Urokodaki chuckles at her antics.

“You’re both back!” she laughs. “Oh dear, you’re drenched to the bone. Come on in, let us help warm you up. Did you walk through the rain?”

Kanao nods. You don’t have the energy to speak, so she talks for both of you. “We came from Tokito-kun’s house.”

His house. Nezuko knows what she means, however. You spot her sad frown before a smile overtakes its place. She still looks sad.

“You’re visiting everyone again, huh,” she says. Nezuko hands you both a towel to dry yourselves and sets off to boil some tea. “Does that mean you’ll be visiting onii-chan as well?”

Kanao glances at you before nodding. “Yeah. We were hoping to get there and be back before nightfall.”

Nezuko hums. Fire glances off the hanafuda earrings she wears. “There’s still a few hours of daylight, anyway. We should be good if we go now.”

You sniff. “Let’s rest for a bit.”

You’re still too drained.

Nezuko smiles sympathetically. She looks so much like her brother like that: the same kindness emanating from their eyes, the same tilt of the head, the same warmth.

Please … You don’t want to cry anymore.

“You can rest for a few minutes,” Nezuko tells you gently. “Or you can stay here for the night and we can go out tomorrow morning if you want. It might be a little cramped, but we’ll manage.”

Immediately, Kanao shakes her head. She looks embarrassed at her outburst and looks down. “I … I don’t want to sleep away from the Estate.”

Nezuko nods understandingly. A meow resounds, and Nezuko brightens up when she sees a familiar orange and brown patterned cat walk in.

“Chachamaru!” she says, holding out her arms. “There you are.”

She’s ignored in favor of nestling up to you. You lean down and take the cat to your lap, and Chachamaru happily lazes in your arms. Nezuko pouts. Himejima’s cat pops up from her basket.

“He still likes you better,” Nezuko sulks. She sighs, tucking her knees to her chest and resting her chin against them. “I wonder how Tamayo-san is doing now.”

“In heaven,” you say without a doubt. You hold the cat closer to your chest. “Happy.”

Nezuko lets out a little smile. “You think? That would be nice, wouldn’t it? I just wish I got to know them a little better.”

Himejima’s cat meows jealously at Chachamaru. Kanao takes the cat in her arms instead to hush it.

“Me too,” you say. “Me too.”

Another regret, though you couldn’t have possibly done anything to remedy the situation. Tamayo was a chess piece thrown in last, a surprise to both demons and Slayers themselves. And yet, she was the most help, healing everyone and poisoning Muzan harsh enough to be killed. She was invaluable. She was a hero.

Yeah. You wish you’ve known her a bit more, befriended her and learned about her. It’s such a shame. It’s such a shame. It’s just a painful reminder of how much you’ve lost. You’ve lost all those precious moments you could have spent with her too, just as much as you’ve actually lost her.

And you never knew Tamayo at all, but your heart aches in agony. It builds up and up, forever torn and battered by all the pain and loss and heartache and death. Chachamaru claws at your arms.

Nezuko turns her eyes to the ground. “I don’t remember much,” she admits. “But I remember that I saw her as family. Tamayo-san looked a lot like my mom.”

“She seemed like a good person,” Kanao pipes in hesitantly. You look over to find the cat asleep in her arms. She’s still so she doesn’t wake her up. “She saved everyone.”

You nod. Nezuko lets out a small ‘yeah.’ She closes her eyes and sighs, and you follow suit, imagining the demon here. You’ve only gotten brief glances of her, but it doesn’t steal that fact that you owe her so much.

You don’t need to know someone in order to feel so intimately close with them, you suppose.

“If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have won,” Nezuko suddenly says. “Tamayo-san … You have my deepest gratitude, forever.”

Today’s a day of reminiscing. You parrot a phrase of agreement and hear Kanao do the same. And there’s nothing more to be said on the matter. She’s like a distant dream wherein sadness is too hazy to be heavy — especially with all your closer friends who’ve left as well.

The pot whistles.

Nezuko hurriedly turns to it and takes it away from the fire, resting it on a tabletop and standing up to get a few cups of tea. Chachamaru, disturbed, tries to run away, clawing you in the process.

Nezuko winces when she sees you new wounds. “I’ll get you some bandages. Then we can go after tea.”

The sun is sinking behind the horizon. It sets the place into a fiery haze, enveloped by the dancing clouds that lay to rest near the mountain. You can touch them, and it feels like you’re floating — breathless. Nezuko points you both out from hidden traps here and there, and that is the only noise in your journey.

You finally speak up. “How are you guys holding up?”

Nezuko pauses. It’s barely noticeable, and she covers it up with a cheery smile before you can ask. “Inosuke’s been out a lot. I dunno where he goes, though, but he always brings me back some weird trinkets from his walks. Zenitsu’s been, well. He’s been himself. Normally.” She shakes her head and sighs. “Apparently, he thinks we’re married. He’s also been bringing me back a lot of kimonos lately, though I just recently figured out that they were all from Giyuu-san. Speaking of which, I should probably go visit him too, huh.”

Kanao stifles laughter but doesn’t comment.

“How about you, Nezuko?”

Her back is firmly towards you. Tanjiro’s haori, stitched and torn and stitched back again, falls heavily around her shoulders. It’s a great contrast to the pristine white kimono she wears. A long pause.

“I’m …” she hesitates. “I’ve been doing all right, I guess. I think. I think I’m doing fine. Nii-chan would tell me I’m doing fine. I think.”

Nezuko stops walking. You take a few more steps to stand by her side, following her gaze to a small clearing where a huge boulder stands, cut perfectly in half like the gods themselves have come down just to do so.

Nezuko swallows. Kanao rests a hand against her shoulder.

“Nezuko-chan,” she asks quietly. “Are you all right?”

She’s quiet. Then: “Urokodaki-san said nii-chan sliced through this boulder with a katana.”


She nods. Her fisted hands raise to the spot where her heart beats, and Nezuko smiles at the ground, unable — unwilling — to go any further.

She laughs, confused. Her hair covers her face from sight. “What’s wrong with me? I thought I was getting better. I was sure I was. I even stopped crying lately. Why … Why can’t I … I – I’m not better at all, after all.”

Her laughter is hysterical. The pain is palpable, and its weight brings her to her knees. You follow her down and rest a hand against her shaking shoulders as Nezuko breaks down crying in front of her brother’s grave. The fire-shaped hilt atop the patch of land where Tanjiro sleeps glints in the hazy sunlight.

“Why aren’t I still better?” Nezuko asks. The blowing wind does not bother with a reply, but she still keeps wailing. “I was supposed to be better! Nii-chan … Nii-chan wouldn’t have wanted me to dwell on this so much! Why can’t I just move on already?”

Frustration. You turn your head away as Kanao takes Nezuko into a proper hug. Her head bows down, though you don’t miss the crystal tears on her cheeks. Tanjiro — he was the savior of many people. A bright light, a constant source of motivation, a friend, and most importantly, he was a brother. You can’t possibly hope to fathom the depths of pain Nezuko has been hiding behind her cheerful persona.

Or, perhaps, Tanjiro’s cheerful persona that she adopted.

“It hurts,” she whimpers. “It still hurts so much. Why … Of everyone, why did he have to go? Why him? I couldn’t … I couldn’t even say goodbye! I couldn’t even say thank you! This is so unfair! Why did he have to leave me too?”

Your emotions are all dried up, wrangled and torn apart, bathed in the sun until it burnt and shattered. You are thoroughly exhausted, but the hurt does not care about that.

“I know,” Kanao says. Sobs break the steadiness of her voice. “It hurts. I know.”

The sun sinks into the horizon, leaving indigo streaks in its wake. Nezuko cries out loud, a heart-breaking sound that pierces the heavens itself. Why him, why him, why him, she keeps on repeating. You don’t have an answer to give.

She cries for a very long time. Kanao holds her tight, and you cling to her arm, desperately holding on against the tides of sadness in your heart.

You’re just too tired. This world that you live in is too cruel and harsh. You just want it to end.

Eventually, Nezuko’s tears wane. Dry heaves and coughs shake her shoulders and her limbs are trembling, but she isn’t crying anymore. She still wants to, you know. She still wants and needs to cry, longs and waits for her brother to comfort her.

Kanao does her best to substitute.

“Tanjiro …” she murmurs. “He’s a really amazing guy.”

“Was,” Nezuko corrects. She sounds dead. Leaves shuffle beneath her knees and crack. It’s night: the original fear of demons rises.

You don’t have your katana anymore. Of course not. They’ve sacrificed themselves to free you from that despair, only to shackle you with another kind of depression.

“He was.” Kanao winces.

“I like to think no one will ever forget him,” Nezuko says. “I like to think nii-chan lives on in everyone’s hearts. But that’s not possible, is it?”

“He does,” you say. “He’s changed so many lives for the better. He’s a hero.”

Nezuko’s face crumples again, though this time, she bravely holds it back. She’s still trembling from her crying session earlier.

“Do you think … Do you think he’s watching over us?”

Nezuko’s eyes meet yours. By the moonlight, you remember her, once. Slitted eyes, bamboo nuzzle, fierce and angry and so, terribly afraid. She’s matured now, through the hardships and pain she had to go through, but you can still see the traces of the child in her that only wants to be told everything’s all right. Don’t worry, nii-chan will protect you.

Perhaps that side never truly fades in everyone.

“I’m sure they are,” you say. “And I’m sure they’re all very proud of us.”

“But I’m still crying and can’t move on,” Nezuko says. “I can’t be what nii-chan was, no matter how hard I try.”

Kanao hugs her tighter. “You don’t have to be like him.” Her voice is gentle. “It’s all right to take our time to mourn. We love them very much, after all.”

Nezuko breathes in. Shaky. Her head tilts towards the night sky, enveloped by millions of glassy shards twinkling in the dark. Someone once said that the souls of those who have gone turn into stars, and though that might not be true, it’s very comforting to think about. They’re really never gone. You just have to look up, and you’ll find them again.

It still hurts.

“Look,” you say, pointing upwards. “See that bright star over there?”

Your friends look up as well. Kanao realizes your intentions first and laughs weakly. “I bet that’s Rengoku-san.”

Nezuko blinks. And smiles. She stays quiet though.

“The two stars near each other, that’s definitely Iguro-san and Kanroji-san.”

“Yeah. And that star in the middle … that’s Oyakata-sama.”

A giggle. “I bet those stars are Shinobu-san and Kanae-san.”

“That kind of looks like a butterfly, yeah.”

“I bet that giant star surrounded by little ones is Himejima-san.”

“With his kids and pets?”

“Yeah. You think he’s still crying, though?”

“Probably. Oh, hey, Muichiro-kun and Yuichiro-san. Those two stars over there near Oyakata-sama.”

“Hopefully they’re not arguing and disturbing Oyakata-sama.”

“Muichiro-kun might flick a pebble towards his brother again. What about that other bright star by the south?”

Nezuko’s crying again. “Nii-chan …” she says. “That’s him. Along with everyone else.”

You smile. “Yeah. They’re all just nearby.”

Nezuko sniffs. Her heaving sounds painful, but when she looks up at you, she’s smiling through her tears. “Thank you.”

You reach over and join their hug. “You’re not alone in grieving, Nezuko. It’s all right to still cry.”

So she does. She grieves for the could-have-been’s, if-only’s, and should-have-been’s. The night sky dances as you hold each other, painfully trying to stand up in the face of this tragedy. It feels like there’s too much loss sometimes, but here, like this, you’re reminded that you are not alone. You still have the family that you found along this painful journey.

You are still alive.

Tomorrow, a new day will come, and today will have become another day you’ve survived. You’ll be all right. The sun’s rays will pierce through the clouds one day, and you’ll manage to smile genuinely again.

But for now, this is enough. You’re sure they’re all proud of you.


A/N: Muichiro’s part absolutely killed me. Sorry to Yui, Tamayo and Tanji,,, they don’t deserve shit parts, but mui’s just … hhh. I love them and all, but Mui’s just on a different level. His part is the only thing I’ve written that made me cry very hard. Even now, when I’m rereading that, i still cry ahaha … I just love him too much. He’s my inspiration and I miss him very much ;;;

Also! I’ll be back to doing requests! I might be very slow though, so please be patient ⁄(⁄ ⁄>⁄ω⁄<⁄ ⁄)⁄ thank you so much to everyone for everything! ❣️❣️❣️ Time to deny canon until it goes away XD

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