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tank air studio lotus skirt
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Erika Kamano in Tank Air
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via Tank Air Studio (x)
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12 year old Roxy bikini and Tankair mini goes hard
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Kiko Mizuhara in Tank Air, 2020
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I fall in love because there is nothing else better to do these days
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The Ever Stunning Coromandel Peninsula
While we wait for our new freshwater tank to be manufactured the Dazzler crew heads on land to explore more of stunning New Zealand. First stop...The Coromandel Peninsula. Click here to read more.
The dismantling of the freshwater tank is finished. Dazzler is in complete and total disarray and there’s nothing to do now but wait for the new tank to be manufactured. So, what do two adventurers with the longing to wander in their souls do? Well, we take off to explore the area by land. And so it is time to head off to the Coromandel Peninsula. We’ve done a fair bit of traveling around this…
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a/n: i saw some fanart and when i say my mind got to work…it’s on a ten hour shift with overtime.
pairings: wakasa imaushi x tattoo artist!black coded reader
warnings: language, mention of needles and blood, slight size kink, praising, soft wakasa, fingering, safe sex
tags: @dejwrites (thanks per usual sis)
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“A tattoo that detailed is gonna cost you a bit of money, sure you got that?” you queried, swirling around on the small leather stool beneath you. The man merely shrugged his shoulders, dropping himself into the reclined seat that stood in the center of the room.
“Money isn’t a concern, it’s your skill. Make sure I get my money’s worth.”
You pushed the pesky braid behind your ear, the lock of hair obscuring your view of the man lying before you. “Wakasa, was it? You’re from that gang, Brahman or some shit like that. Don’t bring any trouble to me, got it?”
Wakasa shook his head, “I have no intention of doing that. Why else would I recommend that we do this,” his finger pointing down to the waxed hardwood floors of your home studio. The walls painted in a sage green were lined with stencil sketches that proved your worth as an artist. The care to detail, use of shading, and even the stillness of each line brought praises from all over the Shibuya district.
Wakasa was no different from the other delinquents who came to you, asking for a tattoo that would prove as a sign to have enemies trembling in their boots.
“True, go ahead and take your jacket and shirt off for me,” you requisitioned, turning your attention to the latest sketch of Wakasa’s request. It was a variation of swirls and curves, all creating an abstract leopard when taking a glance at the piece. He came to you two weeks ago, allowing you to work at your own pace for the rough draft. He approved without ever taking a glance at the finished project.
Theoretically, tonight would be the first time he’d view the drawing before it being etched onto his skin.
“Okay, where do you even want this?” You quizzed, peering over at the topless man. He wasn’t much for brawn, his body being more toned than bulky. He possessed the physique of a more than average, the cuts of muscles were faint but visible to the eye. He sat upright with a hair tie between his lips, collecting the blond and lilac dual-tone locks behind his head.
“Right here,” he mumbled, planting the palm of his hand along the left curve of his neck. As he laid back into the cushioning of the seat, you placed the stencil against his skin, the sketch consuming the pulse of his throat to the tip of his shoulder bone.
“It’s gonna be painful, but look at you…you beat up people for fun,” you remarked, tugging on the strap of your azure tank top. He snickered jeeringly at your comment, a thin smirk appearing on his lips. “That I do. It’s not fun, more like work, though,” he replied, lifting his arm from his side.
You instantly filled the space, leaving little to no distance between you both. Your cheeks grew warm in response, you’d worked in close proximity with other clients before but Wakasa seemed to coax a different reaction from you.
“Oh yeah, that’s quite an honest answer. What makes you think that it’s “work”?” You inquired, the question taking your mind away from the flurry of pangs erupting from the pit of your stomach.
Wakasa’s eyes drifted to look at you, the topic of conversation piquing his interest. His hazy lilac hues caught your own earthy brown sets, your lungs gathering an abundance of air. There was something quite alluring about him, the smoothness to his voice, the uninteresting expression marked by his hanging eyelids.
“Do you mind if I leave my arm here? It might help keep you steady?” He questioned, his arm hovering around your hips. You nodded your head, reaching for the stencil lotion sitting on the desk nearest to your seat.
“But back to your original inquiry, why can’t it be a job? Men fight all the time, boxing, ultimate fighting, the only difference is that I fight with meaning, not for a paycheck,” Wakasa returned, his arm latching onto you firmly.
“I guess you’re right, but still…you risk your life for selfless pride. And all for what? ‘Cause some guy called you weak or something?” You shot back, lifting the wax paper from Wakasa’s neck, the markings left behind.
“That’s what you believe, it’s more about honor. If someone called your work shitty, wouldn’t you be pissed? I never go looking for fights, more like they come to me. I don’t really entertain it until my pride and honor are being questioned. Then, and only then, will I ever retaliate,” Wakasa elaborated.
“Is that right? Do me a favor, pretty boy and keep your head to the side,” you chuckled softly, attaching the needle to the tip. “Pretty boy, huh? I like it,” He teased, abiding by your request.
“Then it’s all yours!” You giggled, dipping the needle into the ink to begin the filling process.
As the hours strung along, you found yourself indulged with Wakasa, him filling your ear with tales from his early days, the soft trickling of the midnight rain acting as background noise. You filled in each curve, having at least the tail completed in the time that has passed. You both stole occasionally stares at Wakasa and his rambling mouth, the way his lips would curl brought a slight grin to your face.
Every laugh that left his lungs filled your ear with its gentleness, your heart throbbing with anticipation. Wakasa loved the amount of attention you gave him, asking questions after each recount he told. He found himself intrigued with you, picking up sublte details about you. From the way you’d giggle at his mediocre puns or add the bits of your past to relate his own, he adored it all. Gradually, the muscles in his arm lost their tense hold, encircling you comfortably at last.
“And that was the last time I ever lost to someone,” he ended with a grin. Before you could respond, a sharp wince parted Wakasa’s lips, your legs twitching at his reaction. “Oh! I’m sorry about that,” you exclaimed, wiping away the puddles of ink and beads of blood left behind. You brought your lips closer to the crook of his neck, blowing a thin stream of cool air onto his exposed skin.
“Does that help a bit?” You whispered concernedly, Wakasa shifting to meet your worrying gaze. His eyes were pinned on your mouth, the pout forming on them bringing him amusement. “It did but I think this’ll help me even more,” he hummed, settling a kiss onto you. You held the kiss, muffled groans grumbled from Wakasa’s throat. His arm nudged you closer into his side, slowly lifting to meet your height above him. You’d be lying to yourself by claiming it isn’t what you wanted since the start.
“Real smooth of you, Wakasa. I need a break and I’m pretty sure you do too,” you speculated, pulling back from him. Wakasa nodded dopily, following your lead. You guided him out from the deep-set leather seat, both your legs weakened from maintaining the same position for the past few hours.
“The bathroom is to the right and I’ll be in the kitchen, looking for some snacks,” you expounded, leaving Wakasa’s side. He nodded as he strolled to the bathroom, stealing one last glance at you before disappearing into the tiled chamber.
A blissful smile appeared on your face, bending over to open the refrigerator door. Wakasa certainly did not seem to be the bold type, his nonchalant demeanor was a horrible cover for him. You could still feel the pressure of his lips on yours, the tingling sparks lingering upon your own. Naturally, you wanted more, the explicit thoughts running amok within your brain, your thighs coming to a firm clamp.
As much as you’d love to pursue him, Wakasa was a client first. That was the only thing on your mind…for now.
“Y/N, this looks fucking amazing! But are you gonna be able to finish tonight?” Wakasa bellowed as he walked around the corner towards the bar counter. You stood up from the fridge, tugging down the bunged fabric of your gray shorts. “Probably not, it’s tedious work and I’m not rushing it. You could always come back tomorrow if that works,” you suggested, walking towards him.
You studied his face for a second, Wakasa biting his bottom lip harshly. He kept his hand pressed against his chest, inching to the marked spot. “Wakasa, does it hurt?” You solicited, his head nodding in agreement. “Just a bit, do you have anything to help numb it at least?”
“Yeah, I have some aloe Vera gel that should help with the pain. Go sit and I’ll bring it right out,” you instructed, your finger waving to the mahogany corduroy sofa behind him. You yanked the cabinet open, the clear bottle with a half stock of gel meeting your eyes. You took haste with your steps, standing before him.
You applied a few drops onto your hands, dabbing the cooling substance along the swelled skin. You kept a considerate amount of space between you and Wakasa, his eyes plastered on your concentration. Your brows knitted together from the stance, your back aching from hours of being hunched over. Yet, if it meant ensuring the comfort of your client, then it was all worth it.
“You have a knack for detail, don’t you?” He began, creeping his hand to lace around your wrist. A gasp entered your lungs, another bold attempt catching you off-guard.
“I know what you're doing but you just look uncomfortable. You can sit on me,” he assured, pulling you down to straddle his lap. You dropped your hand from Wakasa’s neck, the pads of your digits brushing along his bare chest.
“Okay, pretty boy, what’s the deal? Are you flirting to bring down the cost or because you want to? I don’t have the time to sit—”
Wakasa could only laugh in response, his sudden outburst bringing a pout onto your lips. He allowed his hands to brace your lower back, pushing your chest flush against his.
“Now, isn’t that quite the accusation, hm? First of all, I’m planning on giving you more than what we agreed on, the way you’ve been taking such good care of me, I have no choice but to. Second, I’m flirting with you because I want to. You have me very interested in you, so I’m just going with the flow.”
“What you want? Why not ask me what I want,” you chuckled, hovering your flustered visage above Wakasa’s reddened cheeks. He tilted his head to the side, the words pouring from his mouth like clockwork.
“And what is it that you want? Can I help you in any way?”
Without another sound, you pressed your lips to Wasaka’s, finally closing the distance. His hand clutched at the back of your tank top, the grip causing the straps to dig into your shoulders. You winced at the pain but grinned along Wakasa as your teeth sank into the flesh of his bottom lip. Instantaneously, your hips rolled into his pelvis, coaxing muffled groans vibrating into the kiss.
Wakasa pulled away first, the thin strands of saliva twinkling in the dim light of the room. His hand traced up to your cheek, the calloused pad of his thumb brushing along your skin. With his other hand still around your hips, he brought all your movement to a chilling end, the heavy breathing echoing from both of your chests.
“Tell me what you need,” Wakasa spoke, tugging at the waistband of your shorts. The thought was just embarrassing to you, confessing your desires to someone who was once your client. The burning heat of your core led your mind elsewhere, the words slipping past your quivering lips.
“You…,” you admitted, “I need you, right now, Wakasa.”
The grin that formed on his lips was downright lewd, but that didn’t stop you from helping the man rip the obstructing clothing off your body. “Then you’ve got me all to yourself, baby. I’m yours to play with,” he groaned, pushing another needy kiss onto your gaping lips.
His fingers were quick, the cold pads placing kisses onto your spasming clit. Your stomach caved in from the sudden shift in temperature, the action going unnoticed.
“Sensitive, are we?” He whispered, running a finger between your glazed folds. Wakasa pulsed his index finger at your slit, a wince acting as your response. “Mm, you like that? Then what about…this?” He guessed, swiping his thumb along the swollen bud. You nodded frantically, rolling your hips to increase the friction.
Wakasa chuckled at your desperate whines as he continued thumbing your clit vividly. He made a mental note of how much you enjoyed the simple motion, but he sought to proceed on.
Gently, he slipped his middle finger into you, adding his ring finger moments after. Your body flinched at the abrupt intrusion, your walls closing in on Wakasa's digits. He drew his hand back, only to drive the two fingers back into you. A heated sigh left your lips as he pressed on with the gentle drag of his digits, your body melding into his.
“You must really like this, don’t you? What do you think’ll happen if I push a little deeper,” Wakasa hummed, curling his fingers to nudge at your sweet spot. You threw your head back, a squeal emitting from the depths of your being. He was quick to attack your exposed skin with kisses and bites, decorating your neck with his own personal markings.
“Wakasa–fuck–if you keep doing that I’m gonna—” you shrilled, only for the pads of his digits to continue to graze past the dense bud of nerves. “You’re gonna what, Y/N, finish your words,” he sneered. Your hands found purchase into his hair, viciously yanking the hair tie from its post. Down came the locks of Wakasa’s hair, creating a curtain settling at his shoulders.
At the mercy of his gentle yet persistent efforts, the knot within your tummy met its limit, your walls clamping around Wakasa’s slender digits. You released onto him, coating the fingers in your essence. He watched in marvel as you clung to him, searching for some kind of grounding to bring your senses back.
Wakasa could only beam at the scene, his mind wanting to see how’d you react from more than just his measly fingers teasing an orgasm out of you. The thought immediately sent aching pangs to his clothed cock, causing him to shift about beneath you.
“Oh, that’s a good girl, just look at how you're glowing!” Wakasa cooed as he admired your exhausted state through his lashes. He kept his hand pressed into your cunt, cupping your twitching heat.
Absent-mindedly, you brushed your hand past the belt of Wakasa’s black jeans, earning a wince from him. He met your hazy sights, lust clouding your eyes. “Such a greedy thing, but who am I to deny you, right?” He hummed excitedly.
You pressed your chest into Wakasa, smothering his face in your bosom. He showered soft pecks onto the top of your breasts as he reached down between you both. He quickly unclasped the belt around his waist, kicking his pants to his ankles, his briefs joining shortly after.
The subtle ripping of a package slid past your ear, Wakasa fumbling to open a condom single-handedly. He slid the thin covering down his shaft, a shallow grunt leaving his lips.
With each inch you took down, the prickling burn of tears began to warm your eyes. It hadn’t occurred to you that Wakasa was given the right to brag, the girth of his cock alone was more than you could handle. Your eyes took a harrowing peek below you, in reality, you’d barely made it towards the goal of half. You returned your gaze to Wakasa, unsure of how to explain the situation to him.
“Waka…it’s too big. I-I don’t think I can take it all,” you babbled, pushing out your bottom lip in protest. Wakasa placed a soft smile on his face as he pressed small pecks along your jaw. He brought his thumb to your clit, rubbing delicate circles into the stimulated bud.
“You’d be surprised at what you can do, sweetheart.”
To your amazement, you found yourself slipping down along Wakasa’s shaft, your walls pulsating around him. Even with the success, the pitiful tears still found a way to make their appearance, painting your cheeks in thin streaks of white.
“Look at that, you did it!” Wakasa praised, planting both his hands onto your hips. “Now let me take care of you the way you deserve to,” he whispered, his hips thrusting up into you. He kept himself at a slow rate, allowing you to adjust him at your own pace.
Wakasa tried his hardest but couldn’t help, his mind barely being able to comprehend the moment. Slowly but surely, he began to lose all senses with you at fault. The way your slick painted the condom made him scowl in jealousy, feeling as if he’s missing the full experience of your sopping hole.
His eyes were pinned to where you both were connected, the mystery as to how you managed to fit all of his length inside completely flying overhead. He didn’t care, everything except his pleasure consuming his thoughts.
The whimpering of his name pulled Wakasa back to the present, the sight of your crumbling exterior was enough to make him explode right then and there.
“Wakasa..” you croaked, “I want more!”
He snickered at your request, pressing his back into the frame of the sofa. “Aw, I’m sorry, I got lost there for a minute,” he apologized, his hips meeting the lips of your cunt at a heightened pace.
Your back arched in his hold, an inaudible moan escaping you. The curve of your nails etched themselves into Wakasa’s chest, the man not even batting an eyelash at the searing pain. How could you when he had you practically crying for more?
Wakasa surely didn’t plan on keeping you waiting.
“Shit, I’m gonna cum,” he panted, the hitching breaths logged in his throat. Wakasa knew you were close too, your walls fluttering around him. He uses the remnants of his strength to rut into you, eyes rolling back into his head. When he couldn’t take an ounce more, Wakasa slammed you down, a prolonged moan flowing from out his lungs.
He flooded the condom in thick ropes of white, spewing curse after curse. You didn’t help with his orgasm, the pressure of your spasming walls coaxing whines of overstimulation out of Wakasa’s parted lips. He managed to fill the condom more than usual, the filthy mess entrapping his shaft.
He didn’t bother to pull out just yet, relishing in the warmth you offered. You burrowed yourself into his chest, Wakasa keeping you close to him. He peppered kisses along your forehead, the soothing waves of comfort overtaking you. It wasn’t until a few minutes had passed that one of you broke the silence, leaving one thing unresolved.
“Wakasa,” you piped up, searching for his eyes. “Hm, what’s wrong?” He pressed, his voice coarse in your ear.
“I don’t think I’ll be able to do anything else with your tattoo right now…’m sorry.” Wakasa scoffed at your words, his hand finding way to your chin. He directed your sights to exchange with his own, a softened glimmer shining within his own eyes.
“Looks like I’ll have to stay the night, won’t I?”
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Me in the Romeo Bodysuit by Tank Air
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can i please request where jack just finds everything the readers doing cute? like she’ll be just sitting there wearing a buckethat on and he’ll be like “you’re so cute” and everyone’s just teasing jack how soft he is lol
Tumblr media
AN: i had so much fun writing this 🥺 I combined these two asks bc I felt they were pretty similar, hope that’s okay! CW: swearing
The studio was cold. It was winter, you supposed, but still, for a room with no windows it was pretty chilly. You were curled up on one of the leather couches in the corner of the hang out area, waiting for the guys to finish up. You tucked your icy feet up underneath you, not even your thick fluffy socks were enough to keep the cold at bay. You were regretfully wearing thin leggings with mesh panels on the side, giving the freezing air full access to your almost bare skin. On top you wore Jack’s pink New Balance hoodie over a tank top. The hoodie was oversized on Jack, making it almost comically large on you, the hem falling just shy of your knees. It was warm, the worn material soft and it smelled like Jack’s cologne. You tucked your chin under the neck of the hoodie, adjusting it so the collar came up above your mouth and nose, which had turned bright pink in the frigid air. You had thrown on an old bucket hat of Jack’s before leaving the house, finding it easier to cover up your hair than deal with the mess it currently was. The low brim of the hat combined with the pulled up neck of the hoodie meant that only your eyes were visible, peeking out from the swathes of fabric obscuring the rest of your face.
You scrolled aimlessly through Instagram, reading random posts from former classmates to keep yourself occupied. You were engrossed in reading an extremely convoluted caption about treating people with kindness from a girl who bullied you for several years in high school, when the door into the common area flung open. Jack came barrelling into the room like an overexcited Labrador, making a beeline for the couch he had left you on. He started laughing once he saw how you had cocooned yourself with only your big eyes looking out between the layers. You craned your neck, trying to look up at him from under the brim of the bucket hat.
“What?” you asked, confused. Jack shook his head, a huge grin on his face.
“You‘re so goddamn cute. You look like a bush baby or something.” he said. You scoffed indignantly, pulling your chin free from the hoodie. “What the hell does that mean? I’m fucking freezing here!”
He bent double, reaching out to cup your face in his hands. His soft palms were warm against your skin, his thumbs stroking gently across your cheeks.
“You look adorable, baby. I wanna just squish your little face.” he said, his usually intense stare lightened by the humour in his eyes. Your eyes trailed over his handsome features, falling on his slightly parted lips. He followed your gaze and smirked, leaning even closer to kiss you. His lips were soft against yours, the scent of him invading your senses. You parted your lips to allow him more access, completely lost in the feeling that coursed through your body. Even though you had kissed Jack hundreds of times, it never failed to make you feel shaken to the core. You had just reached your arms upwards to loop around Jack’s neck when you heard a snort from the other side of the room. You froze, unsure of what to do. Jack reluctantly pulled back, pressing a final kiss to your lips before straightening to his full height and turning around. You could see Urban and Druski standing in the doorway, sniggering and elbowing one another like school children.
“What are you two laughing at?” Jack demanded, trying to keep a straight face himself.
“Just laughing at you two making out like a couple of horny teenagers who’ve been left unsupervised for five minutes.” Urban commented. “Like, get a room.”
Jack rolled his eyes, going to sit down beside you on the couch. He pulled you to him immediately, his arm wrapped around your shoulders. “Just because you guys aren’t getting any doesn’t mean you have to be sore losers about it.”
You giggled, pressing your face against Jack’s side in an attempt to smother the laughter. You ended up with your head tucked under his armpit and you took a moment to ground yourself with his scent; a mixture of detergent, deodorant and something that was just Jack, a scent he still had even fresh out of the shower.
“Yeah, yeah, we get it. You’re getting laid all the time and we’re not, it’s all very funny.” Druski said, crossing his arms. “Anyway Mr. Big-shot, Nicky wants you to come listen to the finished product.”
Jack looked down at where you were welded against his side. He could feel you shiver slightly, the cold still getting the better of you, your fingers like icicles digging into his ribs.
“Nah, I’ll listen tomorrow, I gotta take my girl home.” he said, shrugging. Your head shot up to glare at him, shaking your head. “No Jack, I’m okay honestly-“
“Nope. You’re shivering and I’m gonna take you home and get you into a warm bath and then under some even warmer blankets until you heat up.” he said firmly, his eyes telling you there was no brokering to be done here. You didn’t say anything, genuinely quite relieved to be going home and to have Jack all to yourself for the evening. You were certain you could persuade him to take a bath with you, something you absolutely loved doing.
“But we were supposed to go to that arcade bar afterwards!” Urban yelped, looking from you and Jack to Druski and back again. Jack shrugged, laughing easily.
“You guys go without me. I wanna take her home since I’m the reason she’s here and close to hypothermia in the first place.”
“You’re so fucking whipped dude, it’s not even funny anymore.” Druski said, his smile indicating that he wasn’t really angry.
“Course I am, have you seen her? I’d be crazy to not drop everything for her.” Jack said, standing up and pulling you up with him, linking his hand with yours. He began to pull you towards the door. “Have fun at the arcade though, maybe you can score some girls there and experience this first hand.”
“Be sure to keep us updated!” you called, looking back at the boys as Jack all but dragged you down the hallway. You struggled to keep up, the rubber soles of your shoes squeaking against the linoleum. Jack pushed his way through the nearest exit door, leading you out into the car park. You made your way to his Jeep, him opening the door for you to climb in like he always did. He went around the other side and swung himself into the vehicle too, immediately turning on the ignition and pressing at buttons to turn the heat up. Once he was finished, he leaned across the centre console to kiss your cheek, his eyes warm as they took you in.
“I love you, baby. Now let’s get you home.”
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iwaslut · 7 months ago
thirst tweets — msby edition.
bokuto kōtarō, hinata shōyō, miya atsumu, sakusa kiyoomi, shugo meian.
gn!reader, timeskip!spoilers
ageless blogs + minors do not interact. suggestive/nsfw content.
— bokuto kōtarō.
Tumblr media
bokuto’s energy is infectious as he enthusiastically flips the notecard over and immediately begins to read its contents out loud: “bokuto’s so fucking big i want him to suffocate me with his tits and thighs.” the grin already settled on bokuto’s face widens. “thanks for the compliment,” he teases while flexing his pecs through his tank. “but i wouldn’t want to hurt you.” his hair droops for a brief moment, thinking about someone actually suffocating from his chest or thighs. 
— hinata shōyō.
Tumblr media
hinata’s unable to sit still in his seat, too eager to read what people have said about him. he quickly grabs the notecard and begins to read it off. “hinata and his juicy ass thighs are gonna make me act up.” his eyes light up as he beams at the camera. the sound of his laughter fills the air. he runs a hand through his hair as he grins. “people really seem to like my thighs on twitter.” (yes. they do. #hinata’sthighs has trended more than once on the platform.)
— miya atsumu.
Tumblr media
atsumu is hunched forward in the seat as he waits for the camera to begin rolling. once he’s given the signal, he picks up the first notecard from the stack and reads it aloud. “i hate to say it but miya atsumu is so hot lol xoxo i don’t have a gag reflex.” atsumu’s aware of the numerous thirst tweets about him, but he definitely wasn’t expecting the second half of that tweet. a cocky grin spreads across atsumu’s face. “i’ll keep that in mind,” he says while shooting a wink at the camera. 
— sakusa kiyoomi.
Tumblr media
sakusa already looks like he’d rather be anywhere but here in the studio once the camera begins rolling. (the only reason he is here is because his manager made him.) his brows scrunch together as he lifts the notecard to read. there’s a deep frown marring his face behind the thin material of his mask. “i would create a new hole to please this man.” the individuals behind the camera muffle their laughter at the blatant disgust on sakusa’s face. “how would that even work?” he mutters quietly to himself before clearing his throat and deadpan at the camera. “don’t do that.”
— shugo meian.
Tumblr media
there’s an easy and welcoming smile on meian’s face as he picks up the thirst tweet to read. “do you think shugo meian has a captain kink???? if so, i’d happily call him captain.” there’s a slight red hue to meian’s cheeks as he brings a hand to rub at his jaw. “that’s very kind of you, but whenever i think of someone calling me captain, i think of my teammates,” he explains with a light wince. the mental images of hinata and bokuto screaming captain pop up in meian’s mind.
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mcytwheeze · 4 months ago
can we have a wilbur × drummer!reader fic👀?
i feel like airdrumming every time i listen to his Are You Alright? EP
having a jam sesh with his drummer would be *chef's kiss* mwahmwah
also wilbur watching sweaty reader w a tank top ripping apart a drumkit-
hhh im just brainrotting so hard🤚😔
ahhhhh love!!!
and for some reason, for the life of me, i could not figure out how to make this an imagine, so i'm hoping you like it anyway as headcanons!!
Watching you drum is Wilbur's favorite thing in the universe
And that might even be an understatement of sorts
There's just something about watching you tear up a drumkit that drives him mad
He tries to avert his eyes or at least look subtly, but he can't help it
Especially when you do a solo or improv
When you ask his advice?
He absolutely melts
"Hey, Will. What do you think about this sequence?"
"Will, can I get your opinion on this?"
"Okay, high hat or no?"
Sometimes he might have you play one singular beat different just so he can hear it all again
Or just to be able to watch you once more
He might even have you stay late to work on something or re-record
"Hey, can you record the last half of this song again? Something's weird with my computer."
"y/n, can you help me work out this song idea?"
"y/n, I'm struggling. Please help me."
His favorite memory?
There once was a time where the air went out in the studio
But you had persisted that everything would be okay
Band practice continued as normal
However, by the time you were done, you had sweat almost completely through your tank top
Wilbur could barely get one coherent thought through his head
You're just so
"Will, Earth to Will!"
His cheeks bloom a bright red as he gets caught staring
When the album comes out, he's more than happy to answer any comment asking who the drummer is
And when people thirst over you when they post group pictures, he only gets a little jealous
However, at the end of the day, you're with him in a band, not the random strangers on the Internet
Maybe one day he'll actually be able to vocalize how he feels
But for now, he'll settle for writing vague love songs and hoping you pick up on it
Tumblr media
i love mark!! truly an icon :)
and ahhh starting line is great!! his entire new album is amazing, and i am in love with luke like always
and omg, i love that video. i’ve only watched it a few times 👀👀
i remember when that video came out lmao, i’m old as hell
i hope you liked this!!
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writerpeach · 8 months ago
Lights & Cameras
Jeon Somi x Male Reader
5575 words
Categories: smut, daddy kink, rough sex, dirty talk
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Tumblr media
Three hours. Endless outfit changes. Barely an hour for lunch.
Jeon Somi had done photo shoots before, both as part of a group and as a soloist, for commercials and for album covers, but she had never had the focus be on her just like this. Her beautiful face was going to be on the cover of a magazine for the very first time for the entire country to see.
It took countless people to make a magazine shoot run smoothly. Stylists, photographers, directors, makeup artists, interns, and a plethora of untold staff members whose titles were unbeknownst to you.
Somi’s first magazine shoot was exciting. If she was nervous, she hid it well, radiating confidence behind the camera as hundreds of flashes went off every second.
You had lost track of how many times you saw Somi disappearing from the set into her personal dressing room, reemerging in an outfit that either tantalized or confused you. Each ensemble brought out several emotions and at least one change that left you scratching your head.
Fashion never made sense.
There wasn’t a moment behind the cameras that Somi wasn’t swarmed by staff - fixing her hair, touching up makeup, and preparing her for the next set of blinding lights. Somi basked in it all, she loved the attention and loved every moment of being in the spotlight.
You weren’t hired by anyone, yet had one of the most important jobs in the building.
Your job was just to be there. You were a familiar face to the gorgeous young model, keeping the couch warm in the first-story studio where you could be seen at all times when Somi felt a pit in her stomach from being overwhelmed.
One look into your eyes across the distance brought a bright smile to Somi’s lipstick painted lips, one that melted you like a hot summer’s day.
Another outfit change. One more shade of lipstick applied to her lips, her cheeks now a shade of pink instead of red. The fumes of hairspray lingered in the air as her dark big brim hat was swapped out by a simple white ball cap and blue sunglasses.
Truth be told, Somi could make any outfit look good. Whether it be tall high heels that almost made her trip, short skirts that showed off her amazing legs, or puffy coats that she looked adorable in, anything and everything looked great on Somi. You’re pretty sure she could make an astronaut’s spacesuit look sexy.
Somi loved dressing up, wearing expensive clothes and outfits she only dreamed about, each time she was presented with something new feeling giddier than a kid in a candy store.
This outfit you particularly liked on Somi, a rather long green dress that almost touched the ground, perfect for summertime. At first glimpse it seemed to cover her up, the sacrifice worth it as it did a terrific job of hugging her body nicely, leaving her shoulders bare and just a tease of her exposed back.
The best part of her fancy dress was how good her tits looked in it. Her wide hips were plainly visible, curves everywhere and outlining her delicious backside, the perfect woman.
Four hours in, Somi's energy level was just as high as at the start. Perhaps it was your company, or the high of her first solo photo shoot that kept her spirits lifted, filling her tank to get her through the rest of the day.
Bright lights went off again as Somi rotated through a myriad of poses, from sensual, to serious, to downright goofy, conveying a multitude of expressions that seemed to please the director.
Somi was a natural, the camera was in love with her and the feeling was mutual. You couldn’t hear her cute voice over the constant shutter sounds of the camera drowning out her playful laughter, but you knew she was having the time of her life.
Sitting there for hours at a time might have been dull as a spectator, but not so much as you loved watching Somi in different outfits and different styles of makeup. She stepped back into the dazzling lights appearing as an almost completely different person.
The brightly lit set became flooded with staff again. Somi was handed a bottle of water to her left, while on her right someone wiped her brow carefully with a white towel, heading out of view as if that were their only job.
“Thirty minute break!”
An echoing voice from the director rattled the walls as a much needed break was called. Somi was filled to the brim with unlimited energy as she headed to catering and you followed in her footsteps.
The catering table was surrounded in no time flat, trays of pastries and sweets spread out, an assortment of fruits and cheeses, sandwiches and skewered meats all made up a fantastic spread.
“Oh my god, I’m starving,” Somi said as she picked up a plate, stuffing it as high as she could, not even bothering to take a seat as she stuffed her face, forgoing the image she was portraying as a model as soon as she took her first bite.
“What do you think so far?” Somi asked as she found you, mumbling her words as she talked with her mouth full as she approached your position.
“You must be bored out of your mind.”
You shook your head and smiled. “I don’t mind. You look cute wearing all these outfits.”
“Which one was your favorite?” she asked, practically inhaling a bite of strawberry cheesecake.
“I liked the pink dress. And the white top with the jeans. This dress looks really nice on you too,” you said, trying your best not to stare at her chest while dozens of eyes were on you.
“I like it too. It’s light and comfortable and I can move around in it freely. Some of those other dresses I could barely walk in,” she said, annoyed.
Somi waited for a handful of staff members to pass by, exchanging polite bows and smiling as they headed off with equally filled plates.
“I want you to take it off me,” she whispered, flashing a mischievous smile, one that had you seen before.
“You want me to help you change?”
Somi shook her head cutely, keeping her lips pressed close enough to your ear that you could feel her hot breath nuzzling your earlobe.
“I want you to fuck me in this dress, daddy.”
Thankfully nobody was in earshot.
“It’s going to be several more hours before I’m finished shooting. There’s a spare dressing room in the back that nobody is using...” she playfully said, her expression the same as when she tried to convince you her vibrator was a neck massager.
“You’re bad, Somi,” you said, her gaze agreeing with you as you stared into each other’s eyes as if you were wondering what you were about to get into.
You took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. “Lead the way. I’ll stay a few steps behind you.”
Somi nodded gleefully, putting her half finished food down on the nearest table.
“I’ll uh, be back. I think something I ate didn’t agree with me,” she announced, letting the staff know she wasn’t going to be available for the time being.
If your calculations were correct the break was called about ten minutes ago, leaving you with twenty minutes left, yet also Somi leaving herself an excuse if extra time was needed.
But twenty minutes was more than enough time for what you wanted to do to her.
You carefully followed Somi, taking care to leave additional space in trailing her as you weaved through makeup tables and desks full of equipment, disappearing behind the set as your heart raced at what was about to happen.
“Come on,” she said, waving you down a long dark corridor and looking behind her as she took purposeful steps. Shortly after, she opened a door and stepped inside, ushering you in as the two of you looked around, making sure the coast was clear before entering.
Somi entered first, locking the door behind you as her lips smirked. She placed her hat and sunglasses on a nearby countertop, ruffling her hair messily.
“You’re so naughty, Somi.”
“Am I? What are you going to do with me?” she asked, putting her arms behind her back.
Stepping closer, you moved her hair out of her neck, planting your lips on her soft skin and sucked for several seconds, careful not to leave a mark. You took each of her dress straps in your fingertips, playing with them as you looked deeply into her eyes.
She stared back as if to say do it as you pulled the top of her dress down to her waist in one swift movement, exposing her full supple breasts as they bounced freely. You kissed up her stomach, marking her soft skin with your mouth until you reached her large heavy breasts, practically drooling all over her chest.
It was regretful that you couldn’t spend the entire hour worshipping her perfect tits, lips closing around a sensitive nipple that had already hardened as you latched on, sucking gently while you squeezed her free breast.
“F-fuck, daddy,” Somi moaned, as you took your time in sucking her tits, enjoying the sounds of satisfaction she released as your lips wrapped around each of her nipples, covering them in your saliva.
You loved Somi’s huge breasts as much as you loved breathing, the threat of a deadline hovering over her almost didn’t deter as you devoured her breasts.
Your pants tightened as you alternated breasts, slurping loudly and slicking up her stiff pink nipples with your tongue, leaving them swollen and doused in drool as you gave equal attention.
“I wish I could suck these all day,” you said, giving a disappointed look as you kept your focus on her beautiful tits, squeezing and kneading them, never wanting to leave your hands from them.
“I want you to do just more than suck them, daddy,” Somi said, moaning at your touch. You simply couldn’t get enough of her delicious tits, biting her swollen nipples as she whined and threw her head back.
Somi’s attention shifted to the bulge in your pants, and without another word she lowered to her knees and began to undo your pants. Her needy hands cupped your crotch, giving a firm squeeze.
She looked up for a second before she hooked her fingers into the waistband of your thin boxers, yanking them down with power and unleashing your stiff erection as her eyes widened, her lips smiling hungrily.
Her gaze never broke as she rubbed your leaking tip on her stiff nipples, spreading precum on and using your shaft to slap her large breasts with your cock. Somi loved getting your hungry shaft ready for what she was about to do, but no amount of work would ever truly prepare you for what was next.
Somi opened her mouth without a word, spitting on your shaft several times and stroked your cock furiously, lubricating you nicely with her own saliva. She took control of your shaft, placing it in the comfort of her pillowy soft breasts, trapping it as you moaned at the warmth enveloping your hard shaft.
Her chest began moving slowly, massaging your throbbing shaft and causing a torrent of pleasure as she created orgasmic friction, causing your shaft to twitch. Your cock had no chance to escape, surrounded by flesh that wrapped around it, causing your breath to be taken away as several sensations flooded your body.
Somi had the biggest grin on her face as she squeezed her tits around your cock firmly, using her hands to cup them and make sure you weren’t going anywhere besides her abundant cleavage.
“How does it feel daddy? You love fucking my big tits, don’t you?” she pointlessly asked, picking up the pace just enough to drive you wild with intoxicating pleasure. Your eyes were glued to her huge tits, watching your cock disappearing, every inch of throbbing flesh being swallowed up by her lubricated cleavage.
“Fuck yes, baby. It feels so damn good,” you replied, matching her rhythm and helping pump your shaft in between her tits, so much warm flesh hugging you tight that never wanted to let you go.
You couldn’t help but moan freely at the intense pleasure. You loved the way your leaking cock felt snuggled in between her cleavage, you wanted it to stay there forever. Her breasts felt so soft, softer than silk as you thrusted endlessly, savoring every moment of ecstasy.
Somi loved the feeling of your hard cock trapped between her sizable tits just as much as you did, trying to lick the sensitive head of your cock when it showed itself again, adding additional spikes of pleasure each time she succeeded.
You were more than content to keep this up, keep the incredible pleasure going until you couldn’t take anymore, but things were just getting started.
“Daddy…” Somi whined, moving her breasts up and down as you thrusted in her deep suffocating cleavage.
“What is it, baby?”
“I want to suck your cock. I’m still hungry,” she said, anxiously waiting for permission.
“So suck my cock.”
Somi gave an ear to ear grin as you pumped yourself in between her chest a handful more times as she slowly let your cock slip out of her tits, rubbing it between her wet cleavage. Her delicate small hand wrapped around your shaft, throbbing at her touch as she stroked your cock up and down gently from base to tip.
"You're so hard, daddy,” Somi hummed, pumping your shaft and squeezing it tighter as you leaked over her slender fingers, giving your shaft a single solitary lick from base to tip, proudly tasting your precum.
“So yummy,” she said, giving repeated licks of your cock, teasing the sensitive underside of your shaft, causing more fluids to leak out of your slit.
You would have loved Somi to spend more time teasing your cock, but time was of the essence here. She planted a soft wet kiss on your swollen tip, followed by another, kissing up and down your throbbing shaft and leaving her lips everywhere she could.
“This is much better than our catering,” Somi giggled, her voice full of desire and need, her wet tongue roaming every inch of your shaft. She pressed her lips on your flesh for one more deep kiss, causing a loud smacking sound to escape.
Her beautiful lips parted as the head of your cock disappeared inside her mouth, Somi sucking ever so softly on your tip and nothing more, causing you to groan softly at the intense sudden pleasure.
“Fuck, baby…”
Nothing ever matched the way Somi sucked your cock. Her small soft lips wrapped tightly around your cock, staring intently at you as her cheeks hollowed, applying the perfect amount of suction. Her mouth felt incredible, warm and wet in all the right ways. She took you deeper into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down in a short rhythm and as she held her gaze.
“Oh fuck, that feels so good,” you moaned, scrambling for something to anchor yourself to. Thankfully you were inches away from the nearest countertop, finding the edge and gripping it tightly as Somi pleasured your cock expertly.
“I love sucking your cock so much, daddy,” Somi said as she lowered her head, nudging her nose against the base of your cock as she gave a few teasing licks on your tender balls.
“I love the way I can feel it throbbing inside my mouth. I love the way it tastes, it makes me so fucking wet, daddy.”
Somi’s filthy words aroused you even more as she dove her mouth onto your sensitive balls, tenderly sucking on them individually with just as much hunger. She kept a tight grip on your cock, giving slow strokes that accentuated your pleasure until your balls were doused in her warm saliva.
The combination of pleasure made you groan endlessly as she withdrew her lips from your balls after a few loud slurps, carefully fondling them.
“They feel so full. Is all this cum for me, daddy?” she asked, returning her focus to pleasuring your shaft, spitting on it several times and stroking it.
“Every last drop. They’re ready to be drained, baby.”
“I can’t wait, I want a nice big load inside me, daddy.”
Somi gave an approving smile, taking you back in the comfort of her wet mouth and sucking you off loud and wetly, lips almost to the very base of your shaft and leaving a glistening trail of saliva that followed.
Given the circumstances Somi wasn’t able to take her time with much regret. In a matter of moments she was furiously bobbing her head and taking every inch, letting out a shallow gag with every few strokes. She never quite conquered her gag reflex but didn’t seem bothered, she was just happy with every second her throat was filled.
Somi poured all her energy into giving you such a mind-numbing blowjob, moving her lips from tip to base, spilling saliva out of her mouth, covering your shaft in it. Her lips rested at the end of your shaft as her cute nose pressed against your stomach, smiling with a mouth full of a cock.
She came up for air, saliva dripping down her chin that she didn’t bother to wipe, her expression lust-filled.
“Fuck my face if you want,” she invited, taking your shaft and smacking herself in the face with it, rubbing it on her cheeks and lustfully grinning.
“I’d hate to ruin your makeup,” you replied, the one and only time you had that concern. Somi’s expression was full of disappointment, her smile fading and forming a pout.
“That’s the point,” she said, matter-of-factly. “My makeup artist can fix it later. She gets paid too fucking much anyways.”
Well, that settled that. Somi went back to slobbering on your cock as you placed your hands on both sides of her head, running your fingers through strands of hair and started thrusting inside her pretty mouth.
Consequences be damned, you were going to fulfill Somi’s wishes and desires, thrusting your hips back and forth and sliding every inch of your shaft down her tight warm throat.
Satisfied grunts and moans escaped your lips as you used Somi’s mouth for your pleasure, gagging her with your length as you struck the back of her throat to the point of tears from your forceful use, only encouraging you to give harsher thrusts.
“If only everyone knew what I was doing to you,” you said as Somi kept her mouth wide open for you as you furiously fucked her gorgeous face, slapping your full balls against her chin as she held onto your thighs and slurped hungrily.
“I bet that director had no idea what a cock-hungry little slut he hired did he?” you said, using Somi’s mouth as your personal toy, the constant sounds of gags and erotic slurps filling the small room as your pleasure sky-rocketed.
“Or your stylist unnie, she has no idea her cute innocent model loves choking on cock does she?”
Somi hummed around your cock in satisfaction, the vibration spiking your pleasure as you forced your cock down her throat, streaks of mascara starting to run and drip down her face.
Her makeup artist would certainly have her work cut out for her.
That wasn’t enough for you as you thrusted harder down her throat, slamming every inch nonstop without mercy, drool spilling out of her mouth and dripping onto her beautiful exposed tits as she choked and gagged on your needy cock.
“Take it all, baby,” you growled, holding the back of her head firmly against your crotch, not
caring if she could breathe or not. You desperately wanted to fill her messy warm mouth with cum, coating the back of her throat with it, but that dress looked so fucking sexy on her and you had other plans.
Instead, you savored the intoxicating warmth of her mouth for a few more thrusts, slowly withdrawing your drool-covered shaft as several lines of messy wet spit ejected from her lips, connecting to your swollen tip.
Somi gasped for air, rubbing her drool-covered face all over your wet shaft as she got the treatment she deserved, gargling the leftover saliva and spitting it onto your already drenched shaft.
You smirked at what you saw, once perfectly brushed hair was disheveled and out of place. Her eyes were still filled with tears, whatever leftover mascara she had staining her cheeks, drool glistening on her chin and her chest, an absolutely beautiful mess.
If only her staff could see her like this.
“Was I a good little slut, daddy?”
You nodded proudly and grabbed her dainty wrists and gently helped her to her feet, sharing intense eye contact as you kept the anticipation in the air high.
“I want to fucking ruin you,” you said, squeezing her breasts again, the drool coated on them making them glistening in the lights.
“Do it, please. Fuck me like the whore I am, daddy,” Somi begged, flashing the deepest set of fuck me eyes you had ever seen. You had gotten this far without getting caught, there was no reason to stop.
The dressing room was small with just two countertops, mirrors resting on top of each one waist high, used beauty products still scattered on both surfaces.
There weren’t that many options, no chairs in sight and the floor looked dirty and unkempt as it most likely hadn’t been touched in months if not longer. The counters provided ample space, but not enough for what you needed.
Somi looked at her designer watch she still had kept left on, and you saw you had ten minutes left before they would be looking for her. Plenty of time.
“How do you want it, baby?” you asked as you hiked her green dress up, surprised to see she had on a dark pair of blue panties for once.
“I don’t care, daddy, as long as you’re rough with me,” she said, biting her lip. You couldn’t help but smirk, roaming her tight body with her hands as you gripped her wide hips, harshly spinning her around as she gasped in delight.
“P-please, daddy. I need you. I need to be fucked so bad,” she pleaded, her eyes wide and bright. You kissed her bare shoulders, planting your lips behind her neck and whispered into her ear.
“I want you to watch me ravaging your pretty little cunt, baby.”
Somi dripped between her thighs and her muscles tensed up as you slid her skimpy thong to the side, exposing her gorgeous pussy to you, pink flesh dripping with arousal.
“O-of course, daddy,” Somi said, bending over the makeup countertop, sticking her plump round ass out and placing her palms flat on the surface, ready and willing to be taken right there.
Had there not been time restraints placed, you would have loved to make her beg and tease her pussy until she was as needy as could be, but unfortunately that wasn’t an option right now.
You spread her long legs, grabbing your throbbing shaft and rubbing her aching sensitive clit, pressing it against Somi’s hot wet flesh as she looked back, eyes full of desire.
“Fuck me, daddy. Fuck me like a whore.”
You didn’t hesitate for a second and pushed yourself in deep, her warmth suffocating you as you sank inside every inch of hot flesh, her cunt clenching hard as she moaned loudly. You didn’t waste time, thrusting immediately without any build-up, harshly gripping her hips as you began fucking her tight body from behind.
“Oh my god, daddy,” Somi moaned, her erotic expression visible in the mirror. Your rhythm was frantic from the very start, pistoning your hips and smacking them against her beautiful ass, causing her cheeks to ripple with every stroke.
“Such a tight little whore aren’t you? You like your pretty pussy stretched like this, baby?”
“Y-yes, daddy! You’re so fucking big, pound me daddy, pound me with your big fucking cock.”
“I’d fucking love to,” you replied, grabbing a rough handful of hair and wrapping your fingers around it, forming a ponytail and yanking back hard on it, tugging her head back. Her pussy clenched as she looked directly into the mirror, her eyes barely able to keep open as her mouth let out nothing but needy moans.
“Watch yourself, baby. Watch what I’m going to do to my pretty little cumslut.”
“Y-yes, daddy. R-ruin my pussy, please. Fuck my tight little hole until you blow your load in it!”
Somi’s filthy mouth only served to bring out your carnal desires, increasing your pace rapidly as you slammed her body against the counter, causing her back to arch perfectly as she screamed in delight. You really hoped the dressing room was far enough away from the rest of the staff to not be heard, but at this point you didn’t give a shit if they were listening right outside the door.
“F-fuck me harder daddy, p-please fuck me like the naughty whore I am!”
Your strong grip tightened on her hips, firmly pressing both thumbs into her toned back hard enough that you’re pretty sure was going to leave a bruising mark, one of the myriad of things Somi was going to have to figure out how to explain.
“Treat me like your pretty little fucktoy and break me!”
You watched intently in the mirror in front of you as Somi’s expressive features grew more contorted by the second, her lips only able to form breathless whiny moans and several strings of profanity.
Her pussy tightened to the point of almost causing pain, your shaft being lubricated thoroughly by her abundant slick that dripped down her thighs as you gave it your all, watching her breasts bouncing in the mirror in a way that hypnotized you into a trance.
“Choke me, daddy. Please, fucking choke your whore,” Somi said, as you seemed to be taken aback by every new sentence that left her lips.
You didn’t know what had gotten into her, but you didn’t have time to care as you dropped the bundle of hair you had, bringing the same hand to the front of her body, fondling one of her breasts before finding her warm, soft neck and wrapping your fingers around her throat and giving a gentle squeeze.
“More,” she demanded, and placed her small hand on the back of your own, increasing the pressure as she felt more airflow being restricted, thriving off the feeling she felt.
Somi’s dripping hot pussy pulsated wildly as you pumped into her, keeping a hand on her delicate throat as you looked at the sight in the mirror, something you’d never forget. Her chosen dress barely still on, mascara stains still visible underneath her eyes, her breasts bouncing deliciously with every rock of your hips as you choked her.
Somi kept her eyes focused straight ahead and loved every second of it.
It was hard to remember where you were, that this was still a designated break for Somi and that she would still have to return to work in a few short moments. Yet, you continued to pound into her tight cunt, giving such powerful hard thrusts she was liable to forget her own name.
“God, you’re so fucking deep inside my tight little pussy. Don’t stop fucking me, daddy, use me until you’re done with me!” Somi said, her words becoming an unrecognizable slur that all ran together.
Her warm wet walls grew wetter the harder you drilled her as the room became an orchestra of pleasure - the wet squelch of her pussy, harsh sounds of flesh smacking against flesh, and the constant rising volume of her loud needy moans and gasps, every second that went by without a knock on the door caused a sense of relief.
That satisfying smack of flesh grew louder and louder as you released your grip on her throat. earning a whimpering moan. Your hands weren’t kept idle as you grabbed Somi’s arms and pulled them back, gripping her wrists as her back arched even more, hammering into her pussy with as much energy as you could exert.
“Oh f-fuck, daddy! D-don’t stop, don’t stop fucking your slutty little whore!” Somi said, her clouded eyes barely able to watch herself in the mirror as you saw her vacant stare. You used her slender arms as handles to fuck her senseless, feeling her gripping pussy squeezing the life out of your cock as it pulsated wildly as the stale air in the small tight room grew hotter.
“I’m going t-to cum, daddy! Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, daddy-”
Somi didn’t even have time to finish her sentence, her body already trembling, her held back arms shaking as her pussy tightened even more. Her hips bucked, toes curling into her expensive heels as she shrieked, juices flooding out of her cunt as she came the hardest she had in some time.
You didn’t let up, not that she would have wanted you to as you fucked her through her intense orgasm, pounding away and maintaining the same breakneck pace, harsh stroke after harsh stroke into her heat.
Somi's constantly clenching pussy sent tingles up your spine, and you weren't that far off from your own release if the aching tightness in your balls was anything to go by.
"I'm gonna fucking fill your needy cunt with cum, baby," you hissed, not asking for permission, hooking her arms and bringing her body upright until her back was pressing against your chest, making sure she wasn't going anywhere.
"P-please cum inside me, daddy. Cum inside your filthy little whore! Please, daddy, dump your huge thick load inside my slutty wet pussy, please!"
You loved using Somi like this, her pussy begging for cum as you railed her without mercy, the use of her arms taken from her and nothing to hold on to and at your mercy, taking every thrust into her body and pleading for more. You watched her lustful expression in the mirror as her breasts never stopped bouncing, chasing that sweet release you both desperately wanted.
It wouldn't be much longer now, your hips smacking harshly against her ass as her cunt was fucked so hard she would definitely have trouble not only walking out of her but for the next few days. Savoring every thrust into Somi’s tight warm body, you never let up, keeping the pace as fast your limbs allowed you to move until you finally were pushed over the edge.
“I’m fucking cumming!”
It took less than a handful of thrusts as you buried yourself in Somi’s wet warmth, groaning loudly as you spilled your seed deep into her cunt, throbbing with each shot of hot cum that you emptied into her inviting body, filling her to the absolute brim.
You used the last remaining energy in your body, hips tiredly working until you had no more to deposit in her. Thoroughly drained you never stopped thrusting, trying to fuck your hot deep as it possibly could go, spilling every drop into her womb.
Your moments slowed down little by little until they halted completely as you released her arms as she collapsed against the counter, both of you spent, filled with fatigue and gasping for air, an equally exhausted mess of bodies.
You rested inside her for one final moment, wanting to savor her smothering warmth for as long as possible as you gave her ass a quick smack and slowly pulled out, a flowing stream of thick semen dripping out of her roughly used pussy, staining her beautiful thighs.
“H-holy shit, d-daddy, you fucked me so well,” she said, her words trembling as you slid her thong back in place and pulled her dress down as she turned around to face you.”
“You asked me to.”
“I’m going to be so sore,” Somi smiled as she leaned in and kissed your lips, her bare breasts pressing against your chest.
Your breathing resumed gradually as you wiped the sweat off your brow. You wanted to say something but were rudely interrupted by a voice from the intercom.
“Jeon Somi to the set please!”
The two of you frowned as Somi took one more step, lips locking on to yours deeply, gasping for air as they withdrew.
“You really made me a mess, daddy,” she said proudly, as she pulled her top back up, trying to fix her hair as best as she could.
“I better get cleaned up. Fuck me again after I finish up?”
“Of course, baby.”
She kissed you on the cheek as she made her exit, walking gingerly and taking slow, tired steps out of the room.
You felt a little guilty that her staff would have to put in so much extra work, but that was their problem not yours. The fact that your load would be dripping out of her for the rest of the photo shoot, just the thought putting a smirk on your face.
You pulled your pants back up, stopping by the nearest bathroom to try and fix your hair, freshening yourself up before heading back.
Somi had a lot of explaining to do.
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ateezinmymind · 6 months ago
seeing their s/o’s nipple piercings
ateez x fem! reader
fluff, some members suggestive
requested by @tinkerbellwoo 💓💗 tysm ily!! (did you end up getting your nips pierced?!)
get ready for lots of questions
he’s gonna be a little shy though
opening the door into the studio, hongjoong seated in his chair- you couldn’t help the wicked grin on your face as you pace towards him.
“hey joongie~ you’ll never guess what i did”
spinning his chair around to look at you, hongjoong wished he didn’t start talking before he saw what you were doing. “hmmm you went and got me a- OH~!”
the view of your lifted up hoodie and newly pierced nipples on display made the man in front of you audibly suck in a whiny gasp. slapping his hands over his mouth, hongjoong quickly tried to cover up the awkward noise he made with a light giggle.
“u-ummm… what is this y/n?” he says unable to stop himself from staring hard at your chest. he knew it too, but you were so mesmerizing and your nipples hard from the cool air and pierced with silver made hongjoong’s face burn with a blush.
the more you talked about the whole idea of getting them pierced and why, and how long you’ve wanted them- hongjoong couldn’t help but reach his hand out to touch it. but before he could do anything, he let out a yelp as you smacked his hand away. “no sir! no touching- they hurt!”
the way his face contorted into this shocked, open mouthed flushed cheeks look- made you chuckle out. “a-ah sorry y/n! umm i just wanted to uh..” scoffing out in embarrassment, hongjoong took his head into his hands as he bend over in his chair. you were about to say ‘it’s okay’ and pull your hoodie back down, but when he jerked his head back up to look this time into your eyes you perked your eyebrow in question. and you couldn’t help but shiver after what he asked…
“y/n… how long until i get to touch them?”
literally smirks when he sees them
you’ll make him GULP for sure
“ugh it’s so hot in here babe, open a window” you whine out while sprawled across the couch fanning yourself. making seonghwa just give you a low chuckle to slip past his smiling lips while watching you squirm.
“well y/n, you are in layers.. you’ve literally had my sweater on for days” he spoke softly coming over to stop your flapping hands, and give them a quick kiss. “you know.. sometimes your man wants to see his pretty girl’s body~”
the way you opened your eyes so fast and brought your hands instinctively to cup your breasts- sent a low hum to come out of seonghwa, and seemingly enough sent you to stutter out some incoherent blabber. “w-what?? well i-“
“y/n. take off the sweater” his strong demand made your body sit up on the couch and scoot back slightly. his eyes burning into yours, as he leaned down further. “or do you want me to?”
it wasn’t really that you didn’t want him to take off your clothes- but because of what you were hiding, you thought he wouldn’t find out about your new piercings this way. so, with fumbling hands and giving seonghwa a small “no i’ll do i-it,” you lift his sweater over your head and get met with a click of his tongue.
“oh-? and you’ve been hiding these from me for how long?” seonghwa says through his tight lipped smirk, watching how you still went to cover your breasts through your tank top. bringing your hands up to play with your tops straps, seonghwa swallows in the sight of you. “well, just like a week maybe, more?”
“a week-?!” he exclaims unexpectedly loud, bringing his hand to pull down the front of your tank top so your breasts come into pure sight. he can’t help the groan that escapes him as he brings his finger up to trace the piercing, and the gasp that comes out of you.
“a week and i haven’t known about this?! y/n. this is going to be fun”
curious boy
he wants to touch this can go both ways
as yunho cooked himself some ramen in the kitchen, you sat in the living room and watched him from there- the two of you talking about the weeks plans, until you randomly blurted out a question you’ve been wanting to ask for a little while.
“yuyu, what do you think about nipple piercings?”
the choice of question made yunho immediately look at you with a little smile. he knew since you brought it up, it had to be something you’ve been thinking about and his opinion was important to you. so, putting down his bowl- yunho strutted over to your side of the couch and plopped himself down.
“and why is this relevant my love?” he asks back to you while tucking his legs up to his body and facing you, leaning his head into his propped hand on the couch cushion. seeing you blush softly and give him a little giggle- he knew you were embarrassed.
“well, it’s just.. i did something a little bit ago- and well-“ you mutter lowly while looking straight at his chest where a splatter of sauce catches your eye. your gaze making him look down himself, right at the stain. laughter comes out of him and it makes you snap out of your trance and blurt out the next statement.
“yunho- i got my nipples pierced!”
your confession made him stop his noises and cover his mouth, “wait what?”
“a couple weeks ago- you were gone on that trip and i wanted to do it, i didn’t know that i’d lowkey be regretting it and-“ your rambling stops when yunho kisses you quickly, cupping your cheek. “y/n, stop worrying” going in for another kiss- a little more passionate this time, he pulls back again and shifts his position. “well… let’s see em!”
and with taking off your shirt, the sight of your breasts perked out in front of him, decorated with silver and the small nervous breaths you let out- sent yunho into a crisis of his sanity.
“fuck- wow… they look so good..” his paused causing an extreme tension to fill the air, with you partly undressed and shy- yunho’s pants began to tighten
AWKWARD BOY at first
but he’ll come around ehehe
just force him to look
“yeo come here, i need your help!!” your shout echoed through the bathroom out into the bedroom where your boyfriend laid. his body tucked into bed, warm and tired- all got disheveled when he made his way towards you in distress.
“what is it babe-“ seeing your bare back facing him through the showers glass door, flexing with your arm contractions trying to open your body scrub lid. just the sight of your skin made him clear his throat nervously. you never failed to send him immediately into alert with your effortless beauty.
“this stupid thing won’t open, my hands are too slippery” touching your back, signaling for you to give the object to him- yeosang couldn’t help himself but to look down at your bare chest. and even with the split amount of time he glanced- he noticed.
you got your nipples pierced.
all of the sudden he had gotten warm all over, and when he got more quieter than usual you looked up at him. yeosang’s face flushed, and his eyes focused up- you knew he saw. none of it helped when you let out a giggle, “oh sangie… you saw~” not trusting his voice enough, all he gave you for an answer was a nod of his head.
“well-“ you start, fully facing him now “do you think they look okay?” making sure to slide your hands up your body to cup your breasts, you accent the freshly decorated flesh with a light push. watching his eyes dart down from your chest up to your face and then away repeatedly. he stuttered out, embarrassed from how fast he got distracted “yes! y-yes they do”
his response made you smile widely and kiss his lips softly, then with your hand- you bring it up to his neck and hold it softly, then pulling away from yeosang’s mouth you whisper for another reaction
“once they fully heal, i’ll let you play with them~”
lots of licking his lips
thinks you’ve exceeded the expectations of hot
“just let me see them y/n!!” san says with the biggest pout formed on his lips. currently tugging at your loose fit shirt in wanting of it off.
you mistakenly told him that you went and got your nipples pierced, and now he was continuing to pester you about showing him- because apparently he was the reason you got them.
well maybe it was a reason, but you’ve always wanted to get them done so you did. “no san! they are sore- i don’t want you to touch them!” you complain back with a matching pout, pushing at his chest. which made him start becoming fussy and succeeding at pulling up your shirt to where he saw your stomach.
“y/n- i am the one you got them for!! let me see!! i won’t touch them i promise baby! please!!”
you didn’t know how much more complaining you could handle so you gave in to the whiny man on top of you, “fine!! just don’t be weird san” he didn’t know what you really meant by weird, but neither did he care when you said yes. he gave you the biggest smile and lifted your shirt up for you easily now without your struggle.
when he got met with your chest, san didn’t look away- just dead panned straight on. gulping down the saliva he unexpectedly got from the view. “holy- y/n, fuck- you” and before he could say any more, you put and finger up to his wet lips and shushed him. “no, don’t get weird with it”
“but i’m not weird with it!! i’m sorry- i just happen to be very turned on-“ he can’t even finish over the small scream you let out from hearing his confession, “san!!!”
“but y/n seriously, you look so fucking gorgeous- i hope you don’t mind me taking all your shirts away forever now.. you’re going to be topless from now on”
really actually is curious and wants to touch
loves how they look through your shirt
you told mingi that you got your nipples pierced, so when you came back from the appointment with just a tank top on- he was so excited.
from the bright blush on his cheeks, to the biggest smile you’ve ever seen on his face- mingi was hopping over the couch to come see you. “y/n!! oh my gosh- you’re here!!” his little giggles and stomps through the hallway made you feel so happy. he was so cute with his enthusiasm for something you thought was fun and cool to do.
and when he came into sight to you putting down your purse on the counter, he blurts out cutely “i see them through your shirt y/n” his honesty and bluntness never failed to make you laugh, “yes mingi baby, but do you wanna see them without the shirt?”
his small gasp and ‘yes’ chants gave you his answer, so lifting your tank over your chest- your breasts all perked up with its new accessory. mingi immediately brought out his hands with a grabbing motion. “no, no touching yet okay? i’m sorry” the pout formed on his face sent you small pings of sadness.
you couldn’t wait until they fully were ready to be played with, so mingi could one; be entertained, and two; feel pleasurably sensitive.
“y/n, but what if i want to hold your boobs? what am i going to do then?”
pops a boner right then and there
honestly probably the most dirty minded
peeling the potatoes that wooyoung had set out for you, he prepared the other ingredients for his dish. “thanks for the help babe~” the two of you were busying yourselves in the kitchen this evening, he had thought it be a good idea for you to get a good meal in after the little argument you had earlier about something you chose to do without his knowledge of.
you decided to get your nipples pierced about a month ago while wooyoung was out of town for work. you’ve been wanting them for awhile, and wooyoung knew that, but you didn’t end up telling him about it, and evidently he didn’t even know about it until tonight when he slipped his hand under your shirt and was met with metal.
“i still want to know how long this whole healing thing is going to take y/n.” he speaks up while stirring the boiling pot of ingredients and broth. “well it’ll be a couple months woo, i don’t know why you’re so uptight about it”
from the sink, which you were washing your hands at- wooyoung reached over and slapped your ass. causing a surprised yelp to come out of your mouth. “what the heck?!” you turn back to look at the smug face plastered on the male.
giving him a wrinkle of your nose and sticking out your tongue, you flick water into the vicinity of his face, making wooyoung playfully snarl. “it’s because i really want to use this to my advantage”
his statement peaking your interest, you finish drying your hands and then position yourself over the counter, propping your chest for the perfect view above for him. you try and look confused until he dumbs it down for you
“y’know for sex?”
but on the inside he’s screaming holy hell
PLEASE THE GASPS YOU MAKE WHEN HE TOUCHES I- he’s going to get horny i’m sorry
you could’ve sworn jongho knew about your nipple piercings from when you first got them, but you guess he just didn’t pay enough attention to it.
but with two weeks past, and no word out of the man about it- you wanted to make sure he saw them. so when you knew he’d be coming into the bedroom for something, you caught yourself in there before- taking off your shirt.
but to what he said, really surprised you
“y/n i know what you’re doing.” you stopped your movements and stood still, breasts out in the open room, open to his roaming eyes. jongho brought his hand up to scratch at his scalp as he began towards you slowly. “oh yeah, do you?”
your little remark back just made him smirk slightly and nod his head in affirmation, “mmhmm, you’re trying to catch me off guard and make me notice what you did to your pretty boobs, yeah i know.”
his confession left you with a blazing blush across your face and a hand to cover your bare chest, but with jongho’s sudden strut forward and stop to your hand from coverage, you didn’t know what was going on.
“i noticed at first, but i can’t handle it. it’s too much y/n, you don’t even know” his desperate tone and tighter grip to your wrist gave you a wave of sudden weakness, “wait, really jongho?”
“oh my fuck- yes! i just get so crazy around you, i don’t know what to do about it.”
once you let him get a feel, he’ll never go back… he just can’t when you’re so sexy and beautiful- making all the most pretty noises and reactions…
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latte-fairytaekwoon · 11 months ago
𝐀𝐭𝐞𝐞𝐳: 𝐓𝐫𝐲𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐓𝐨 𝐆𝐞𝐭 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐫 𝐀𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 (𝐑𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝)
Warnings: NSFW content. Read at your own discretion. Not requested.
❥𝓚𝓲𝓶 𝓗𝓸𝓷𝓰𝓳𝓸𝓸𝓷𝓰
Tumblr media
You were practically swinging your feet in the air, whining and pouting like a child out of boredom and annoyance at being cooped up in the studio with your boyfriend.
"5 more minutes." He repeated.
"You've said that for the last 45 minutes." You groaned, tired of waiting for him to finish up.
"I promise I'm serious this time." He assured you.
5 minutes quickly turned to 10, nearly becoming 15. You let out a huff every now and then, eyes staring daggers into the back of your boyfriend's head. Seriously, why could he not take a little break? You wanted to spend time with him yet even on what's supposed to be his day off, he still chooses to work when you could both be doing.....other things.
Getting an idea, your hands quickly worked to rid yourself of your pants and underwear, Hongjoong, still focused on his task didn't even budge at the sound behind him. But when he began to hear some rather familiar moaning, he swung his chair around and was shocked to see you legs spread on the couch, your fingers rubbing against your clit as you stared at him through hooded eyelids. Hongjoong instantly got hard. Licking his lips, he got up and took his place next to you on the couch. Fumbling with his zipper, he pulled his pants down enough to stroke his hardened member.
"Let's play a game since you're so bored. If you can get yourself off before I cum, I'll eat you out right here. But if I cum first, you have to suck me off."
❥𝓟𝓪𝓻𝓴 𝓢𝓮𝓸𝓷𝓰𝓱𝔀𝓪
Tumblr media
You were even more tired and angry than when you woke up. Why did your boyfriend have to be so difficult and special about cleaning? You literally spent over an hour lint rolling the shelves over and over again because you had 'missed a spot.'
"Make sure to get the corners, that's where the dust mostly accumulates." He called out from the kitchen.
Not being able to take it anymore, you threw the roller and the rag you were holding down onto the floor. You were tired of being ignored by your boyfriend except when he came over to inspect your cleaning. So you decided it was time to get back at him while simultaneously showing him getting dirty isn't such a bad thing.
Picking up the bucket of murky water, you mentally patted yourself on the back for choosing not to wear a bra underneath your white tank top. Looking over at Seonghwa, who still had his back turned, you put your plan in action. Splashing some of the contents all over you, you let out a squeal that had Seonghwa running over immediately.
"What?" He asked as he came in.
Putting on the biggest pout you could muster, you turned around to let him see the mess you made: white tank top soaked, your breasts completely visible through it, nipples poking out. Seonghwa's mouth dropped as he stared at them, unable to peel his eyes off.
"I'm dirty." You let out a huff.
Discarding the rag he was holding, Seonghwa pulled you against him as he began to peel your shirt off.
"Why don't we get you cleaned up then?"
❥𝓙𝓮𝓸𝓷𝓰 𝓨𝓾𝓷𝓱𝓸
Tumblr media
Once again you tried to pull your boyfriend out of bed.
"Yunho, baby. Come on. You have to get up."
You tried to tug his arm, pulling it but he didn't budge at all. Dropping his arm, you looked at him with an 'are you kidding me' expression.
"You said you were going to get up early to spend time together." You reminded him.
Letting out a tired groan, turned onto his stomach and hugged the pillow underneath him.
"I will....just give me a few more minutes..."
Shaking your head, you smacked his back before getting up yourself. You decided to let him have it his way. You had a lot of things to do today, starting with taking a shower. You made sure to slam the drawers rather loudly in an attempt to annoy your boyfriend, which he did not really appreciate, but still didn't say anything.
You were barely 2 minutes into your shower when you remembered you forgot your shampoo in your vanity dresser. Not even caring to turn off the water since you would be in and out in less than 10 seconds, you sprinted out the bathroom, door accidentally letting out a loud noise that startled your boyfriend. He quickly shot up and his gaze fell on you and your dripping naked body.
"Sorry Yunho, I forgot this." You apologized profusely.
Yunho blinked slowly, eyes scanning your entire body as he began to move off the bed.
"Damn...I'm definitely up now." He chuckled at the double meaning behind his statement.
Although you didn't plan it, you couldn't complain when he pulled his shirt over his head and began walking you back into the bathroom.
"Let's hurry before the water gets cold." He said with a smirk on his face as he closed the door behind him.
❥𝓚𝓪𝓷𝓰 𝓨𝓮𝓸𝓼𝓪𝓷𝓰
Tumblr media
"I swear to god, you probably love chicken more than me."
Besides the fact your cold boyfriend was being a selfish asshole by not sharing his meal, he had been blatantly ignoring you when you both knew damn well he was more than capable of maintaining a conversation while also eating his dinner. You let out a scoff when he still didn't acknowledge you and just kept munching on the stupid drumstick. Picking up one of his fries, you flung it at his head.
"I am talking to you!" You exclaimed.
"Busy." He pointed down at his food, mouth full of chicken, you don't even get how you even understood that one word.
"Well you definitely answered my question. You do love chicken more than me. I bet if you had to choose between me or a chicken leg, you wouldn't hesitate to grabbed the chicken leg and ditch me."
You were seriously about to smack him when he just stared you down as he reached for another chicken leg.
"Are you serious-"
Getting up in frustration, you were going to go the bedroom and make him sleep on the couch, but suddenly an idea popped in your head. Turning back around, you stood right in front of him from across the table, hands on your hips. He gave you a questioning look when he finally looked over at you and then proceeded to choke slightly when you lifted your shirt up and flashed your boobs at him. The poor boy was nearly wheezing at the sight. Feeling satisfied, you put your shirt down and chuckled at him.
Quickly putting the leg down, Yeosang began wiping his hands on a napkin as he walked over to you.
"I'm suddenly hungry for something else."
❥𝓒𝓱𝓸𝓲 𝓢𝓪𝓷
Tumblr media
"Who's the prettiest girl? You are..yes you are." San cooed at the siamese he was currently smothering in his embrace.
Meanwhile you were on the other side of the couch, no longer paying attention to the movie playing. Well technically neither was your boyfriend, but you weren't watching cause you were too busy witnessing some furry feline steal his attention away from you to the point of abandoning your cuddling session in favor for her.
"San, she doesn't even want to be held." You pointed out how her claws were sticking out, her head looking in all directions trying to search for a way out of his embrace.
"Nonsense! My babygirl loves me." He chuckled as he kissed the top of her head.
"I thought I was your babygirl." You whimpered slightly.
San didn't respond which made you even more jealous of the stupid yet totally innocent cat who just wanted to be free from her owner's caresses. Tapping a finger against your cheek, a sinful idea popped in your head. Taking advantage of the fact a blanket was covering your lower half, you pulled your shorts and panties down without San noticing anything. Pulling the blanket off you and lifting his hoodie that you were wearing slightly up, you spread your legs before calling out to him in a sing song voice.
When San looked over, his jaw dropped at the sight and he immediately put Byeol down on the floor.
"Go on now girl, run along." He patted her behind.
With a sly smirk, he began to position himself in between your thighs.
"Cause there's another pussy I want to play with."
❥𝓢𝓸𝓷𝓰 𝓜𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓲
Tumblr media
It was supposed to be a date night with your boyfriend. You two had already finished eating the delicious meal you cooked specially for him and were now supposed to watch a movie together, yet his eyes were glued to his phone. Glancing over, you frowned when you saw he was texting no one else but Yunho.
"Mingi?" You poked his cheek.
"Hmm?" He barely acknowledged you.
"You're not watching the movie." You said.
"Yeah I am." He responded, typing something into his phone.
Rolling your eyes, you then asked him what part was it on.
"The part where they found out the butler did it." He answered you.
You wanted to face palm. The idiot forgot it wasn't even a thriller since his baby ass couldn't handle them. Getting up, you told him you were going to the bathroom, which he probably didn't hear since his conversation with Yunho must obviously be more important than his date night with you. Turning on the light, you peeled off your pajama set to reveal the new lingerie set you bought specifically for tonight. Pulling out your phone, you quickly snapped a photo and sent it to him. Hearing a loud thud, you smirked as you knew he saw it and that noise was of him dropping his phone.
When you came back out, he was no longer on his phone, instead his attention was fully on you. Clearing his throat, he stared at the pastel pink set.
"You got that just for tonight?" He questioned you.
"Yep." You nodded.
Letting out a long sigh, he got up and went over to you, an arm slinging around your waist.
"I'm an ass aren't I?"
You giggled at him and pecked his lips.
"Just shut up and come on. I didn't spend so much money on this for it to go to waste."
Mingi was a giggling and blushing mess as he allowed you to lead him into the bedroom.
❥𝓙𝓾𝓷𝓰 𝓦𝓸𝓸𝔂𝓸𝓾𝓷𝓰
Tumblr media
You covered your ears at your boyfriend's obnoxious and loud laugh, no doubt signaling another victory on the stupid game he was currently playing. He had the volume up so loud you could actually hear some of the sound effects emanating from it.
"Jung Wooyoung!!!!" You screamed at the top of your lungs and yet he still couldn't hear you.
Throwing your hands up in frustration, you gave up and went into your room. Taking out your phone, you began scrolling mindlessly through tiktok. Nothing besides cat videos were actually interesting at this point....
Until you saw the newest challenge that was trending all over. Perfect for girls who had oblivious gamer boyfriends like the one you had. Getting up, you decided to put the plan into action. Stripping out of your clothes, you grabbed a towel to wrap around yourself and grabbed a nearby plushie toy to throw at him since yelling wasn't going to work.
As expected, he did not notice you standing in front of him for a while after you came out. Aiming the plushie at him, you struck him right on the face. He immediately ripped his headset off.
"What the fuck are you-"
He froze when he saw you standing there, a mischievous look on your face. Swallowing hard, he widened his eyes when you let the towel drop on the floor, your naked body on full display for him. Not even bothering to see if he paused the game or not, he quickly got up and started walking towards you.
"Come here babygirl."
Knowing his teasing tone to well, you quickly sped down the hallway, giggling loudly as Wooyoung chased after you, catching up to you and holding you in his arms.
"Stop right there. You caused a problem, now you fix it."
Throwing you over his shoulder, he gave your ass a slap as he walked into the bedroom. Throwing you on the bed, he straddled your lap and began to free himself out of his sweatpants.
"Ok. Why not show me your skills with a joystick for once?"
❥𝓒𝓱𝓸𝓲 𝓙𝓸𝓷𝓰𝓱𝓸
Tumblr media
You could not peel your eyes off your boyfriend's arms as they continued to lift up the weights he was holding. You were pretty sure you were drooling at this point. Every time his muscles flexed, you were tugging at your bottom lip with your teeth, your thighs clenching closer together.
"Jongho?" You shyly called out to him.
He didn't respond since he had his earbuds in, music full volume. Besides, when he was concentrated on something it was very difficult to get him to break focus. So you needed to think of something that would work.
Looking down and fumbling with the hem of your skirt, you finally had an idea. Moving cautiously so he wouldn't notice, you slipped a hand inside and began pulling your panties down your legs. Not like you needed them, they were practically drenched already.
Casually walking in front of Jongho, you pretended to be on your phone and 'accidentally' drop it. Bending down, you made sure your skirt rode up enough for him to notice you weren't wearing underwear. That is if he had even looked over at you. Glancing back, you caught your boyfriend's eyes, which were staring at you in disbelief.
"Guess it worked." You chuckled inwardly.
Putting the weights down, Jongho took off his earbuds and walked over to you. His fingers glided down to your skirt.
"Are you trying to tell me something?" He whispered, lips ghosting over your earlobe.
Sucking in a breath, you whined at him.
"I want you to pay attention to me."
Chuckling softly, he pressed your body to the wall, hands going to the back of your thighs and lifting you up effortlessly.
"Well then. Wanna help me out? Let's see how long I can lift you in and out of my cock."
Gifs not mine. Credit goes to their respective owners.
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kindestegg · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
*brazils your robots, makes them into funk musicians*
image id under cut
a picture depicting human versions of the deltarune characters sweet, cap’n and k_k. cap’n is wearing his usual hoodie and has curly hair poking out of his cap, and is holding a microphone as he gives a rock hand gesture to the camera. sweet is in the middle pumping his fist up in the air while he grins and holds a microphone up to his mouth. he has a square afro, has his trademark headphones around his neck, is wearing a loose shirt with the group’s initials and baggy striped shorts. k_k has green and yellow dyed dreads and is wearing a pink-ish purple tank top with a zipper in the middle and gold details. he is holding his microphone up to his mouth as he sings happily. he is also wearing baggy pants. all of them have their trademark gloves, however in this case they are fingerless gloves.
behind them is their usual music studio/junk shop background with a few alterations: there are cans of guaraná, a popular brazilian soft drink, scattered around, as well as a brazilian flag hanging from the ceiling. above them are the words to a brazilian funk song, which read: “poderosa, rainha do funk”, and they translate roughly to: “powerful girl, queen of funk”
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uelden · 7 months ago
Vanity Fair interview translated
Just a side note before the actual translation; I don't know why, but instead of reporting the full questions and answers in full as she should, the journalist decided to report only summarized fragments of what Måneskin said and patch these fragments up into messy clusters. She also worded a couple phrases in a very confusing way (and yes, she's fully Italian). In short, she did quite a poor job, so the final shape of the interview is not that good. I didn't expect top-tier journalism from Vanity Fair but ffs. You'll see what I mean.
I translated it as it is, adding just a couple footnotes to give you insight on Italian pop culture references.
Translation under the cut
Måneskin: "Different from whom?"
by Lavinia Farnese, 09 June 2021
"True justice is being judged for what you do and not for what you are." The ones who are convinced of this are Damiano, Victoria, Ethan and Thomas who, by being the emblem of a generation that is finally free, refuse labels and conformism. In life, in love and on the stage. Where, maybe precisely because of this, they're winning everything
With the still unexpected (first place at Sanremo Festival) and the incredible (triumph at Eurovision) in their eyes, Måneskin are on the sofa of the house-studio they rented - to resume writing songs and rehearsing them - like you are after a won battle: lying in a calm and unreal silence, alert and a bit irreverent, happy.
In the garden there's the tennis table and the pool, the light of summer when it's starting and calming the country all around, and it filters inside from the large windows, and it goes onto the shining black of Ethan's hair, which blends with Thomas' eye shadow and the butterfly he has tattooed oh his naked forearm, which completes the picture of Victoria's golden crucifix hanging between neck and tank top and ends on the black nail polish of Damiano's stretched hands.
It's a human fresco, a Theatre of wrath [translator's note: "Teatro d'ira"] - to call it with the title of their latest album, a platinum record already - where their flaunted 20 years of age, their irregular femininity and virility are grown into proud and challenging custom, a pop glam rock generational manifesto of hard-earned liberties in a finally-unconditional expression of the self.
To watch them from any angle and from another age is to think that a great love will be born in those who'll understand: this new way of being in the world, the true and sovereign realm they hold where "diversity=exceptionality", the power of the artistic and cultural revolution of which they are healthy carriers in establishing in all lyrics and gestures the right to live according to one's own nature past the "people (who) talk, the people (who) unfortunately talk, and don't know what the fuck they're talking about." [tn: "Zitti e buoni" lyrics]
We go where we're afloat, where the air isn't gone. [tn: journalist's own variation on "Zitti e buoni" lyrics]
Miley Cyrus says hi – The numbers of a phenomenon
"The streams of Zitti e buoni are growing by the second, and they bring us above Muse, at the top of English charts, twelfth in the Spotify Global Chart. Followers almost tripled, in the post-Rotterdam period (from 1,4 to 3,3 millions, ed.) Contagious and universal folly: t-shirts and merchandising sold out in 10 minutes. Like the records, the tickets for a tour that keeps adding dates and expanding over geographic maps. They're contacting us even from some festivals were The Rolling Stones went." Thomas
"After the pretextual controversy over cocaine that France built against us, later disproven by my drug test, some graffiti popped up in Spain depicting me as a “No drugs” poster guy. Some tweets made us laugh: "Congratulations, Italy! I've never been more certain that four people have had sex with each other." Miley Cyrus started following us -You're great. -You guys are greater." Damiano
From the garage to the stars – Story of a flight
"It was only 2016, and we played in restaurants, in the streets, in via del Corso. Damiano without even a microphone, Thomas' guitar with wonky strings, Ethan was drumming on a cajón. During Rome highschools' sit-ins (Kennedy, Virgilio, Mamiani) we had our first confirmations and half-hours of celebrity, playing among those who criticized us and those who went "wow they're really cool." One of the rare times when they would have paid us – 50 euros each – we gave the money to the next band in the lineup so that they would make us play in their spot, later in the day, when there would have been more people. We had already realized how things worked. Visibility mattered more than money. And we still think that." Victoria
The intimacy of rock – Choice of a genre
"Music allows us the miracle of extending to others some very personal and private topics, sometimes even difficult and thorny ones. They are and they remain deeply your own, but at the same time they become a confession that reaches a wider audience, and in this passage that is alike a delivery, they find a place in you as well, a processing of them. You overcome them, you accept them. One second it's something aggressive, the next it's a ballad. Cathartic». Damiano
Against panic – The stage as therapy
"I've suffered a lot from anxiety and panic attacks, it's an issue I've worked on thanks to a psychotherapy course, my friends and my family. Playing helped me in not letting myself be paralyzed by my fears, not making myself limited in my private and professional life. I've learned to accept, to live with this side of myself. I don't hide it. I don't feel ashamed of it." Victoria
Analysis as necessity – Relying on someone saves you
"This belief that only madmen go to the psychologist is a widespread ignorance. No-one's born learned. [tn: common Italian saying] And it's often hard to understand the very reason why we're here, let alone the origin and direction of our desires. It's a long and legitimate journey towards lucidity, a kind of backing to become transparent." Damiano
Being out of our minds – But different from them [tn: "Zitti e buoni" lyrics]
"When you feel a strong passion towards something that is not a canonical job but an artistic language, that already puts you on a level of anomaly, which is not superior or inferior to other people, but it puts you in the position of the one who breaks the mold and also works at a loss, the one who sustains great risks while trying to do something that who knows if it will take you anywhere. "Why do it if it doesn't pay?". You want to give this dream of yours an aesthetic, but it becomes "You're dressing so weird! You must be gay!" - now that I'm 22 I laugh about it, but when I was 17 it had an effect on me, too." Damiano
The beauty of uniqueness – Of believing in it and defending it
"And I mean, at the end of the day if we're all different it's not because we want be alternative but because, really, no-one is the same. Justice is being judged on what you do and not what you are. Justice is equality, respect, beauty." Ethan
Fluid sexuality – Pride is freedom
"Heels for men that like themselves in them, kisses among ourselves, we have an open, extended mind, and we're proud of it. The horizons become vast, past the oppression of conservative families. With the information on the web knowledge becomes greater and with it the possibility that minorities will be less and less minorities, because the majority will be less of a majority. This way we'll make insults and bullying grow quieter. If social media get to a village of 50 souls and reveal to a girl who's afraid of the dark that someone has felt her same fear, then there's no reason to give a name to that fear, to mark it with labels which also limit and restrict. Definitions always had this effect on me. You shouldn't even consider the gender when judging someone, let alone their orientation." Victoria
Sexism – A culture to be dismantled
"Emma [tn: Emma Marrone, Italian singer] drops the bomb: “At Eurovision when I was there they massacred me for a pair of shorts, while they said nothing to Damiano – bare-chested and in heels.” The easy judgment against women is more fierce, constant, debasing (if I have a lot of sex I'm cool while Vic is a whore, where I show myself strong I'm a leader while Vic is despotic and a pain in the ass who reached success because she's hot.) As a male I'm privileged, the abuse I get is not comparable to those a woman has to live through, the comments over my aesthetic are centered only on my aesthetic and don't insinuate anything about my professionalism and my competence, while women are victims of this kind of thought in a systematic way. It happened though to find myself standing with a woman who while pulling me to herself to take a selfie, started licking my face out of the blue... I mean, what the hell do you want? Who asked you? Consent exists, and it's due." Damiano
Grow yourself – The only commandment
"To me conformism is the opposite of education [tn: could also mean "politeness"] and is the asphyxia of expression. I fortunately never endured heavy bullying, heavy enough for the the judgement of others to change me. But the mold of the small crumbs of bullying I got and of the kind of aggression that scars is the same. If I'm a kid who dances and likes dolls you have to let me do what I like. I was a kid who wanted to keep his hair long and played with Barbie. As a teen, my friends looked at my hair: " You have to find a girl with short hair to be at your side." My grandparents took away my dolls: "Stop it, they're not for you." Ethan
"When I was six I was already sick of them, the distinctions between masculine and feminine. I've always had strong ideas about how I wanted to be. I refused things that were typically defined as girly, and all around me they mocked me because I went skateboarding, I played soccer, I didn't wear skirts, I was giving myself the chance to be as I wished. I endured it a little, I suffered a little, but I had courage, and now thanks to that courage I know that I could have gotten even much more hurt, otherwise I would have left to others the most important choice: the one about myself." Victoria
Love in progress – Music, girlfriends
"I've been married to music for the last 20 years. I can't wait to celebrate our golden wedding anniversary." Ethan
"Everyone makes their own experiences, sometimes it goes well, sometimes it goes wrong, but it's always not anybody's business." Thomas
"When I first felt feelings and attraction towards a girl it was a bit disorienting because I had never had the courage of going beyond the limitations I had put for myself. For society being heterosexual is the norm and so you often define yourself in that way automatically, depriving yourself of the freedom to live many shades and faces of love. Once I overcame the initial insecurity of having to call into question my certainties I've lived my sexuality in a very natural and free way, as it should be for everyone." Victoria
"I had paparazzi at my door every day and night. So, after four years of relationship, I revealed her name. I still have paparazzi at my door every day and nigh, but at least I don't have to hide anything anymore." Damiano
The worth of the group – Phenomenology of protection
"The true engagement though, the true family is among ourselves, our band. We've believed in it since day zero, even before we called ourselves Måneskin (Moonlight in Danish), even before Ethan drew a giant moon on the flier for the first concert we ever did. We share everything, even the pain for the tragedy of Seid Visin, who committed suicide at 20 because of racism. [tn: I think the journalist asked them their opinion about Seid Visin's death, which was a current events topic in Italy, and then pasted it syntaxically in the middle of Thomas' answer, which was not a great move] A group is what we all should be: stay united and not back down an inch in the face of oppression that is generated by a distorted view of diversity." Thomas
I'm not of the right age – Like Gigliola [tn: Gigliola Cinquetti won Eurovision with her song "Non ho l'età", which means "I'm not of the right age"]
"Before you the only one who won both Sanremo and Eurovision on the same year was Cinquetti (1964). If there's anything I feel I'm not of the right age for? No, honestly no. Maybe having children. Regarding children I'll be honest: I'm not of the right age." Damiano
Having touched the sky – The fears that remain
"We're more than inside the dream, we're in the conquered dream. When you fly high there's the risk of plummeting and hurting yourself, but we'll work hard not to end up like Icarus, who burns his wings with the sun. Everything is in our hands. And this - a bit pretentiously - reassures us rather than scaring us." Damiano
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