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I’m kind of horrified right now. I found these 2 live mealworms in one of my tarantula slings enclosure. I had given my 1(ish) inch sling a live cricket last night. It was my first time giving it live prey (or so I thought) and I wanted to make sure the tarantula ate it. If you don’t know tarantulas are very vulnerable when they molt and be killed by their prey if there is any in their enclosure when they molt so you don’t leave any live prey with them for over a day. I couldn’t see the cricket but I just had a bad feeling so I removed the cork bark just to be sure and a live mealworm came out with it. I always kill the mealworms before giving them to my tarantulas by crushing their heads. Apparently this one survived the head crushing and even molted in the enclosure. I went to put the cork back in but luckily saw the substrate move and there was another even bigger mealworm. I ended up removing all the substrate to ensure there were no more mealworms. Now when I feed mealworms I’m just going to cut the heads off. The cricket was gone tho so maybe this little baby prefers them anyway and I should stick with those.

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Jafar, my Thai Tiger tarantula passed away this week. He was the second tarantula I bought as I started to get into arachnids. The guy selling him didn’t want him because he was aggressive and kept losing one of his back legs when he would shed. The breeder told me he probably wouldn’t live much longer because of that “defect”. Jafar lived another 9 years. Looks like we showed him Jaffy!

He was an up old man and mean ass f*** but I loved him. Bye my little fuzzy devil. 😥❤


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