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Friday 5th June,

Lots of walking today, started with a morning walk to try and get myself up earlier ready for work on the 15th, followed by a quick drive to get my car use to moving again followed by another walk in the evening to time how long its going to take me to walk to work come the 15th. About 30 minutes there and 30 minutes back, not too far, plus it means i can keep up with my step target after going back to work! Got to keep up the step target!

Carried on listening to Harry Potter on my walk, I’ve almost finished the first book, maybe 40 minutes left to go, i just got the bit where they play real life wizards chess. So there cant be long left now surely? Then i can move onto book 2! That might have to wait until payday though? We’ll see?

Finishing off the day watching tv with the mother and possibly some xbox with the bestie if she decides to come on xbox!

Another update tomorrow,

Stay home, stay safe!

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This is a few days after Target got broken into this video makes me happy. (Yes I’m from Minneapolis, please don’t stalk me) Fuck 12, Black lives matter.

Didn’t take any pics/video if I WAS there protesting (and if I WAS I was peaceful, leave me alone America)

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There was a LOL Suprise! Boys display at my Target which showed of new characters. However, the balls in the display were not from this line.

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Saw a Lisa Simpson crop t-shirt while at target today and I just had to get it cause my brother in law think that my laugh sounds like Lisa Simpson’s laugh

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That Target by the way, my Target, the South Philly Target, is seriously, the worst Target. Everyone agrees. It’s depressing, poorly stocked and laid out, always has the least cute stuff, and I tell people all the time about when I was there at opening one day and at the team huddle heard them say “well, once again we’re the worst store in the region.” Burning it down so they could be a new one would be a boon to those goons who care more about property than life. 

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