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wepepe-draws · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Yey! made another Dragon Age fan tarot art! Your favorite dwarf from Kirkwall, Varric Tethras.
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𝔼𝕝𝕖𝕞𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕒𝕝 ℝ𝕖𝕒𝕕𝕚𝕟𝕘
Hi my loves so this reading will consist of four piles for the four elements of earth. Fire, Water, Earth, & Air. The piles will be listed in that exact order & if you felt guided to more than one, please feel free to read those as well :) hope you all enjoy!
✩。:*•.───── ❁ ❁ ─────.•*:。✩
𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝔼𝕝𝕖𝕞𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕤:
Tumblr media
I’m seeing that you are someone very intuitive, mysterious, powerful, intelligent, passionate, & very spiritually aware. You are achieving some type of success or goal you’ve been working on & I feel like you’re walking away from this path you were on that no longer fulfilled you emotionally & you’re really dedicating your self to whatever the commitment is that you’ve recently made or will be making in the near future. I see you learning from your past experiences & really applying the wisdom you’ve gained into your current life. You’re learning about yourself & who you really are & what you want in life. I also see you spending more time alone or in solitude & using that time to learn or somehow educate yourself on things you need to understand more. I see you feel like you don’t have time to sit and wait for the future. You want to have progress and growth like right now. I see you going against traditional beliefs or what society says is morally true to find what truly makes you happy & also going after something in your love life too. I see you following your dreams & achieving big goals in life. I also see you finding your true happiness while stepping into your power & taking control of your destiny. You are someone very empathetic, nurturing, loving, compassionate, & understanding. You heal others, lead them, inspire them, & give people hope. You are someone very gifted & I see you recognizing your own potential. You are manifesting everything you wish to have in your life & I see it all happening for you because of your spirit guides. Focus on your goals, aspirations, & creative endeavors. I see you achieving a new opportunity & maturing into a more stable version of yourself. I also see that you should walk away from any conflicting energies. Avoid conflict & creating arguments. I see you are leaving behind a painful past where you did pick fights with someone, but I see you releasing this & moving into calmer waters with them & yourself. Focus on your destiny & fight for the things you want in life. There’s a lot of competing energies out there but I see you overcoming any and every obstacle. I see you coming into union with a divine counterpart & finding true unconditional love & happiness in your life.
I’m seeing that you were really sad in the recent past over a loss you experienced. This could be with a relationship, job, person, etc. I see you achieving this new opportunity or goal you’ve been manifesting & it’s definitely commitment with someone you’ve been involved with romantically or if not then possibly someone new. I see you will be very happy, joyful, content, stable, & feeling like you’ve just really accomplished something big. This commitment will be with someone who is spiritually connected to you & there’s definitely a soulmate or twin flame connection here. Balance and harmony will be restored back into your life & I see that you will be in touch with your feelings again. Commitment, abundance, success, happiness, money, & so much more is coming for you & I see that it might be a little delayed because of some heavy energies that you’ve been carrying from the past. I see you carrying a lot of burdens, trauma, pain, & just baggage in general but you will be working on releasing this. Patience is definitely needed, but I see you gaining a lot of strength, courage, & confidence. You’ll be feeling very emotionally stable & loved. I see you recognizing your worth & knowing what you want out of a relationship. This new beginning in love & stability is happening for you & I see that you will be soooooooooo happy with what’s coming. It’s definitely fate & I see it’s good karma for everything you’ve experienced.
I’m seeing that you are being impatient. You’ve put in your efforts & did the work but you’re still unsure of why you are unhappy. My love it’s because you need to fight for what you want. Stop waiting for it to come & just get it yourself. If you want balance go out and get your balance. Don’t allow yourself to stay stuck because you’re the only one who can limit yourself anyways. I see you need to heal your heart space as well. Have patience with yourself. You’re taking this leap of faith to collaborate or come together with someone to build something very emotionally fulfilling and long lasting. I see marriage, a family, & success. If you need to make a plan or figure out how to make all of it happen then do that. You have a lot of options and choices on what can fulfill you, but it’s best to find a choice that will make you happy for the long run. You feel very unsatisfied with your love life right now & I see it’s because you are releasing a lot of draining energies & heavy burdens you’ve been carrying from your past. You will be experiencing this new beginning in love & I see a soulmate or twin flame coming in if they aren’t already in your life. Compromise is definitely being established here for those of you in relationships. I see commitment & long term success, especially with your finances.
I definitely feel a blockage in your throat chakra. Maybe you’ve had trouble communicating or expressing yourself in the recent past or currently & I see it’s in regards to how you’re feeling about someone. I see you’ve been focusing on your worth & really trying to achieve your dreams & I see you tapping into your heart space to heal & make sure you are emotionally available for some type of connection in your life or if you don’t have one yet, maybe just for love in general. I see you wanting long term happiness, abundance, joy, marriage, & a family. You are leaving behind a very painful past & moving into a happier place. I see reconciliation for those of you looking for that, & for others I see you balancing out your feminine and masculine energies & coming into union with self. I see a lot of financial success & a lot of your passions coming to fruition as well. There’s a need to have patience & don’t be impulsive when it comes to communicating. You know exactly what you want & how you feel, but I feel like you were just in a period of giving yourself time to heal & now you’re focused on commitment & dedicating yourself to your long term goals. Balance and harmony is being restored in your life & I see you really happy in your near future. I see you releasing a lot of fears & anxiety when it comes to expressing how you feel & I also see you releasing control over your emotions. There’s some type of connection for some of you & you feel really tied or chained to that person & it’s because the connection is very fated. I see you celebrating a lot of happy things in your near future & also releasing this negative & toxic behavior. Karma was definitely given to you & I see you balancing out your life now.
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servantofthefates · a day ago
Always trust your tarot cards.
When I was new to tarot, I was afraid I was merely manipulating people.
A guy makes small talk about buying a Mother’s Day gift. So when I draw the Queen of Cups, I tell him about his mother, not a lover.
A woman casually mentions her plan to go to Bali. So when I pull the Six of Swords, I say “vacation” instead of “transition”.
But eventually, I came across querents who dropped no hints and even asked no questions. “Just tell me what you see.”
And I panicked.
A woman carrying a Louis Vuitton purse draws the Five of Pentacles and The Empress reversed. Poverty. Nervous, I said it out loud anyway. She said her husband was being investigated for swindling, and they could lose everything.
This handsome man comes in. Very flirtatious. Yet there were no women in his spread. Just knights and kings. Referring to a lover, I said, “She… or he…” He asked about confidentiality and proceeded to tell me about his sexuality.
When in doubt, do not freak out.
No matter how thick a querent’s mask, your cards are always up to the task.
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earthxangell · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
who is your soulmate + channeled love letter || pick-a-card-reading
Take a few deep breaths and let your intution guide you towards a certain pile. Choose a gif and read the meaning down below.  
Only for fun purposes. Based on information that my intuition, astrology oracle deck and tarot gave me + automathic writing. Take what resonates and leave everything else behind.
If you want to leave a tip (it’s not necessary but always appreciated): 
Pile 1
Oracle: Your soulmate may soon experience Saturn return or already doing that. Big 3 in Capricorn or Taurus. Capricorn Sun/Moon, Taurus Sun/Moon. Saturn-Sun aspects, Stelliums or major placements in 2, 8 and 7 houses. Strong Jupiter placements. Pluto in 7th House. Abundant, reliable, responsible, organized, failed attempts at relationships or may have experienced rough endings or blockages when it comes to romantic partners. Care about their image and social status, like attention. Have business or a very stable & secure job, don’t have troubles with money. 
Angel numbers: 50(50), 2(2(2(2))), 52(52), 32(32), 7(7(7(7))). 31(31), 14(14), 11(1(1)), 26(26).
Tarot: Your soulmate had seen the world around them as pure restrictions and competition for the place under the sun. Felt like a survival show at some point or another. ‘The Hunger Games’, you may say. It took a lot of time for them to see that it’s not true & understand that they’re actually pretty free to do anything they want. So they did. They feel very lucky to have a harmonius and stable life. It’s a victory that they worked really hard for. If you’ve already met each other - they think that they won, when it comes to you. The fact that both of your give and recieve equally makes them feel happy and proud. It feels quite nostalgic too - maybe you had connection in the past life as well. They worry a lot about financial and material things - it’s the main source of happiness, security and joy for them. It’s very important for your soulmate to have a solid & strong foundation. They need to feel grounded & surrounded by material wealth, otherwise they’d freak out and won’t feel safe. They strive for a peaceful and honorable life when they get old so they could look back and see how much they have achieved and that they don’t have to prove anything to anyone anymore. They want to gain respect & attention from others. They want to be recognized for what they do.  
Love letter: “I love you. Sometimes I think these 3 words aren’t enough to describe what I truly feel for you. It’s hard to put my feelings into words as well so this is why I’m trying to show you it with my actions. I know that I don’t say cute stuff to you like those characters from your favorite stories or tv shows you’re always talking about but I hope my stable and reliable presence is more than enough to prove you my true feelings. I’m sorry that I don’t say ‘I love you” that much but maybe I should start doing it more often because I love how your eyes sparkle and shine when I’m doing so. You’re the most beautiful person in my life. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have you. Please, don’t ever leave my side because I’m not planning to leave yours like...ever. You’re too important for me to do so.”
Pile 2
Oracle: Karmic relationship, past life connection, stelliums or major placements in 5, 8, 9 or 12 houses, big 3 in Gemini, Sagittarius, Capricorn. Venus in Libra, Pisces or Scorpio. Very spiritual person, religious, may practice some sort of a magic or etc. Very wise and likes to learn stuff. Know how to dress and always look good. Libra Rising. Sensitive as well. May express themselves through art, writing or other creative hobbies. 
Angel numbers: 36(36), 33(33), 44(4), 29(29), 32(32), 22(22), 42(42), 40(40), 21(21), 15(15), 
Tarot: Balanced & mature person when it comes to their feelings, they don’t like to lie about things even if it’s making a profit for them. They’re very honest & know their way around people - talkative, wise, have a great sense of humor and undeniable charisma. Likes to travel & see the world, even if it’s the nearest town from them - it’s still an adventure. Like to go on a walks, hiking. Very quick to take actions when they have an idea - otherwise, they’ll burn out and move onto another one. Busy, hectic, fast, impulsive, charming & curious about everything and everyone. Sometimes people judge them for their impatience & or stuff they’re learning or skills they may have or trying to build. Whatever the case - it can be bothersome at times but they’re quite motivated person when it comes to studying something. And when I say to you that they love to learn - THEY L O V E to learn. Really. It’s something that makes them proud and gives them confidence. They’re quick learners too. I’m also getting a message that they can work as a teachers or coaches. They may also have their own courses about spirituality/practice/religion they’re passionate about. Hard-working, carry a lot on their plate but don’t show their weaknesses. If it’s hard - they may share their burdens but still solve them all on their own. 
Love letter: “I’m sorry for rambling about my passions but I really appreciate how you listen to me with genuine interest in your eyes. You support me no matter what and I’m so grateful to have you on my side. I promise that I’ll show you as much support as you’re giving me even though it’s not something that you care about. And don’t lie to me - I know how girls go and learn football in order to be closer to someone they like. It’s charming and a very nice thing to do so but still. I’m surprised every time when I talk and you listen with an actual purpose of listening to me. No one has a ever done this to me. But you did and still do. I promise that I’ll be as supportive as you are. I love you. Thank you for being my fan number one.”
Pile 3
Oracle: Highly intuitive person, care about their family & house situation. Also about their image, first impression and body. Stellium or major placements in the 1st, 3rd and 7th Houses. Cancer Sun/Moon/Rising. May have spiritual gifts - they can be a tarot reader or practioner. Was born on the day of Solar Eclipse. Vivid and prophetic dreams, lucid dreaming, sensitive & empathic. Can recognize & interpret signs in their dreams very well. Their soul’s purpose is to uplift humanity and raise the vibration of the planet. Could have a spiritual account/or work as a spiritual advisor. Have a quite mysterious aura that is hard to deny when you look at them for a first time. Do not like to overshare things with others. Past life in Egypt or another ancient civilization.
Angel numbers: 37(37), 41(41), 12(12), 52(52), 44(44), 50(50), 16(16), 25(25), 46(46), 27(27), 31(31)
Tarot: I would say that they’re very calm & balanced person. It’s hard for someone to make them angry or mad. Their presence is really nurturing, you just feel so nice and understoon when you’re around them. They don’t like to judge others or participate in gossips. They like to help others when they especially need it and I’m also getting a vision that a lot of people come to them for an advice. Very mature, very stable and secure as well. Sometimes they get confused about world around them and feel like won’t be able to leave their mark on our planet. This is something that they care and stress about a lot because their desire to help others can have a quite large scale. On another side of this problem they shyness and thoughts that they aren’t qualified enough to make a difference. (Spoiler: it’s not true) What is interesting about this person being such a balanced and overall nice: they absolutely hate it when someone judge others for their passions and likes. They instantly move into a protective mode and participate in these conflicts because they can’t stand it. Like pretty bad. Your soulmate may suffer from inner conflicts as well. I’m getting that it was some sort of the trauma for them - for some reason, in the past they couldn’t express themselves the way they wanted. They felt ashamed doing something they loved and maybe were bullied because of that. But this past made them a really strong and confident person. They do not feel ashamed of themselves anymore and quite corageous to explore any area of their interests. They’re definitely a leader and inspiration to others as well because it seems that only a close part of their circle know about that. And the fact that your person survived from something like that makes them really respectable and loved. Plus, I feel like your soulmate also likes to participate in some sort of the charity. They may work or volunteer in charity organisations, donate to them (personally or through some price percent of their own services that they donate after).
Love letter: “Do you feel as though our meeting is not a coincidence? Me too. It’s like meeting someone who you knew for your whole life despite the fact that I’ve never seen you or talked with you before. My soul recognized you instantly - something about you made me never forget you after we’ve met for the first time. Will you count out the time that is left for us or would you look forward for the time that is awaiting us in the next life? Whatever the reason Universe had to bring us together - I’m grateful and happy to be with you. As a lesson. As an experience. As a lover. As a friend. Because my soul will recognize you anywhere and still would want to be with you. It still will search for you whenever you are in order to spend time together as much as we can. I love you. And it’s such a selfish thing of me to say but I don’t want leave your side. Will you let me?”
Pile 4
Oracle: Natural healer and highly intuitive person. Aquarius, Sagittarius  Sun/Moon/Rising. Incorporates spirituality in their daily life (meditation, journaling, shadow work and etc.) May work as a doctor. Emphatic, knows their way with romantic partners. Dreamer, great manifestor, embody their beauty and worth. Sometimes things just happen to them and everybody is wondering how is that even possible. Quite hard to understand them because they don’t like to overshare things or talk about their feelings. Tend to be idealistic about the world and people around them and can get really hurt when something happens to their ‘ideal’ image. Friendly, kind, likes to help and take care of others more than let others do the same. Despite being quite talkative & chatty, enjoy the silence and solitude with their whole heart. Likes to spend their time near water bodies and with the nature. Great with technology & sacred knowledge. An old soul, might receive information in the very odd and unsual ways.  
Angel numbers: 46(46), 12(12), 4(4(4(4)))), 21(21), 24(24), 40(40), 23(23), 30(30), 8(8(8(8)))).
Tarot: They have a really big heart. They care about global matters and it’s quite heartbreaking for them when they see violence, war or other problems that someone may face, while leaving in another continent. I’m also getting a message that they had a pretty rough past. Their parents may have been cold and distant and this is why it’s hard for them to deal with their own emotions. To express them healthily or honest with others. But despite all of that, they have no problem indetifying emotions of other people and feel them as if these feelings are their own. Very unique and very special person - when you meet them, you just can’t move away your gaze from them. They stand out so much that it’s very hard for people to not notice them. They do not judge others and are very open-minded person, curious and always ready to explore and experience something new. They’re very proud of their achievements and skills. They’re quite confident in them too even tho reaching some level of qualification can be pretty boring for them. They do not shy away from their responsibilities and are very hard-working. This is why their manifestation are pretty successfull. They just talk about their intention, let go of it and start working - they’re always ready to take a leap of faith and make first steps towards something they want. Because they understand that no matter what - they’re supported and guided. Even though they didn’t felt and thought like that before at all. Back then, they thought of themeselves as a victim of this big and unfair world. But not anymore. 
Love letter: “I wouldn’t even imagine that the day when I’ve met my second half will come but it did. I’ve never trusted anyone as much as I trust you, because no matter how understanding and friendly someone may look, there’s always something that they’ll never accept and never forgive. But with you I can be completely honest and myself. Sometimes I think that there’s no way you would approve this part of myself but you do. Every single time. And this is such a nice feeling - to talk without ‘inner’ filter and any fears of judgement from the person you love. You’re truly a miracle. I cannot express how grateful I am to have someone like you in my life. And I promise you - I will accept, support and love all parts that are you. No matter how ugly, bad and sinful they may look to you. Your trust in me is something that I’ll never forget. So I hope that you’ll share with me everything that you’re scared to talk about even within your own self.”
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mrk3018 · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
3 Мечей Матрешка🪆
(3 of Swords Matryoshka)
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ukiyowi · 14 hours ago
Detailed PAC! But it's based on my intuition + tarot, please choose the pile you're most called to.
Take what resonates and leave the rest, please leave feedback if you want it will mean a lot as I'm still learning and growing!!
✫ Past Life PAC ✫
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⎙ Pile 1
☽ You were someone who was constantly transforming, both spiritually and mentally and may have gone through multiple cycles. You were someone who took things in stride and believed that everything will turn out well even if it didn't seem that way. You had a tendency to change a lot in a small period of time to the extent of people not recognising you, you may also have been extremely intellectual and learned, being interested in the arts and subjects like philosophy or psychology. You wanted to get to the bottom of everything in existence and were very curious. However, you also tended to be stuck in the past, reliving old days and collecting old ornaments, nostalgia held you back. You didn't travel a lot nor did you want to, you were set in your ways and your self doubt led to you missing out on opportunities that would have made you thrive.
☽ Your life on the other hand, was nothing short of glamourous. You were probably born in a wealthy and well to do household with servants and butlers, people were at your beck and call. You may have been close to your father and he may have had a huge impact on you and your decisions. Your life looked perfect from the outside but it was not what you desired. You wanted to make a name for yourself however could not due to restrictions put on you by your family members. You may have tried to stand up for yourself but were only lectured or turned down. Your siblings nay have gotten more chances than you did and you felt life to be inequal and unfair. You may have had an unstable family life, and their unhappy marriage may have affected your views on love.
☽ Initially you did not feel fulfilled in your long term relationship and both parties may have been involved in infidelity and bring closed off about their relationship. This relationship could have been established against both of your wills as a business deal or relationship for the profit of the families rather than the individuals. This harboured a lot of negative feelings from both of your sides, and you both were unwilling to commit. You may have left your home to go be with this person. However as time passed, you both learned to love each other which led to the both of you accepting each other leading to a deeper level of emotional understanding. From this point on, it may have felt like fate or magic that brought you two together. You may have had one child together.
☽ You've learnt your karmic lessons in your previous lifetime and this lifetime is like a blank slate. You understand and accept how the universe is trying to guide you and are more spiritually enlightened, you may have psychic abilities that may be related to your calling in life. You're starting over completely and you will feel called to indulge and try out different activities and hobbies, and enjoy life at its fullest.
⎙ Pile 2
☽ You were indecisive and lacked direction in life. You felt trapped in every situation you were in and were quite pessimistic, which developed a lot of self-limiting beliefs you never tried to grow out of. You were a fatalist and believed you couldn't do anything to make your life better, and were doomed from the start for a lack of better words. You may have been apathetic and a sceptic and were quite discontent and angry with the universe. You may have spent hours, days even months soul searching, you loved nature and believed that it had the power to heal, you may have liked meditating in caves. You tried to be introspective and listen to your inner guidance, but due to your impulsiveness you never did.
☽ You may have lived a life that was lively but you didn't feel like you belonged. Your family may not have been the most well off but you made it work. Seeing them struggle you may have taken it upon yourself to study and educate yourself to find a way to help. You planned a lot and spent loads of time trying to decide what to do, only to come up empty handed because you believed you wouldn't want to live an empty life. You may have gone through a lot financially, and faced homelessness in your adulthood as well as a myriad of financial problems and health problems leading to a lot of loss. Your feeling of not belonging lead to you lashing out at people randomly making you stay away from romantic relationships, being aversed to the very idea of it, you may have gone through more than one marriage due to seperation or divorce.
☽ You may not have been the most lucky in matters of the heart either as your relationships may have fallen apart due to lack of communication and secrets from either of the parties, you may have gone through a divorce or your s/o leaving you in the past for someone else, however when you did end up meeting someone that you felt comfortable with, you tried your best to communicate with them. You may have felt like your love and affection towards them was illegal (I'm getting lgbtq+ vibes but it can be a secret romance too) and that you need to get rid of your feelings before either of you get in trouble. You may have been avoiding the reality of the situation at the start but after a period of time you may have decided to either get together regardless of what people say, or, eloped. This made you feel free and content, however there were still certain commitment issues and the love fizzled out after a brief period of excitement, and did not procreate rather choosing to live a calm and peaceful life alone in the hills.
☽ Your lesson to learn in this life is to find value in things that are not necessarily materialistic and to stop trying to run after money, and let it flow into your life naturally. You're meant to learn how to balance work and life without burning out in both areas, and learn how to actually execute your plans and work on them rather than simply staying in the planning stage. You need to learn how to accept challenges without doubting your abilities and skills because you already possess what you need.
⎙ Pile 3
☽ You were an extremely traditional person and held strong conventional ethics and morals that made you come off as a perfectionist or stickler for the rules. You were an extremely 'by the book' person and believed that nothing could go wrong if you followed all the rules. You were also extremely religious and prayed every morning, you may have felt very connected to the divine and felt that someone was watching over you. You may have been overbearing and harboured a lot of insecurities especially in regards to your own self but physically and mentally and felt like you were never growing or moving forward.
☽ You may have moved slowly in your life, you may have had a strict and traditional upbringing, with your family being close knit and extremely loving. You had very supportive people around you that always tried to lift you up no matter what and offered their wisdom and advice whenever you needed it. You may have progressed slower than others in terms of your career, but your uncertainty never stopped you from doing what you wanted. You may have travelled a lot in search of what you want to do, and may have wanted to teach or be involved in a career that allows you to impart knowledge. You may have faced failure multiple times and put in a lot of effort in everything you did but we're let down frequently before you could find the correct path. You may have worked in a field where you helped guide people or helped children, you were also someone who got exhausted easily.
☽ You may not have had a lot of romantic relationships and had an arranged marriage which was conducted traditionally. You had similar values, ideas and opinions which led you to have great conversations and you gave each other mutual respect. You were both extremely committed to each other and had similar goals which could mean you both worked towards it together, leading to prosperity and abundance in your career after this relationship as you both built each other up. You both will prioritise your relationship and involve each other in your daily lives, keeping the other in the loop. You'll also make big financial decisions together and have a balanced relationship. You may have two kids together as well.
☽ In this life you're meant to learn how to be alone with yourself without feeling lonely. You are meant to introspect and search for what you truly desire deep in your heart and to stop settling for things but rather striving for more. You'll be learning how to be more intuitive and to be open to takingba spiritual path in the future, while making major sacrifices especially in regards to your ideas or beliefs in order to be more open minded.
© Ukiyowi
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mexicaheart · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
These cards belong to the Court of Hearts from the Tarot Yohualli Ehecatl, equivalent to the Court of Cups.
It includes Yollotelpocatl, Yolloyaoquizqui, Yollocihuatl and Yollotecuhtli, Youth, Warrior, Lady and Lord of Hearts.
These are cards of abundance and auspicious omens, presided over by Tlaloc and Chalchiuhtlicue, rulers of Rain and Earthly Water, elements which fertilize the fields and allow life to subsist.
You can see the Tarot Yohualli Ehecatl in my Etsy store! Click here!
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unhelpfultarot · a day ago
Tumblr media
Ten of Pentacles and Ace of Swords
Yes! If you would like to mingle among the respectable citizens, you will have to be ritually stabbed.
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tarot-dreams · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Queen of Wands.
Do not allow yourself to remain trapped within the toils of sorrow. Have the courage to start anew. Embrace that which is unfamiliar. For if you choose to only walk the paths that are known, know that you should never expect to arrive at a new destination.
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ofoceansandtombstones · 23 hours ago
How Genshin Impact Characters Love (as told by tarot) pt 2
tags: headcanons, tarot (kokomi, amber, mona, kazuha, diluc, kaeya)
a/n: another fun time combining self-insert reading with tarot with some more characters from genshin. kokomi’s out and she is had and i even got a mona to boot so clearly i had to make something celebratory now that the archons post is out of the way and mona had to be included this time because she is literally a diviner i can’t not pull some tarot for her (if you want to read childe/xiao/yanfei/eula/albedo’s tarot hcs click here)
deck: true black tarot 
Tumblr media
queen of swords, the lovers, death, page of cups, the star
a love and connection as deep as the ocean’s unknown depths that many a resident of watatsumi may say is a relationship blessed the watatsumi omikami himself. while the approval of her community is lovely, kokomi mostly focuses on how she feels she can always be herself around you. not only do you have an accute understanding of the sangonomiya kokomi who is the divine priestess but you understand her as kokomi. kokomi’s love is like constant lapping of waves at your feet and the reassurance that even in comfortable silence as she recharges or you discreetly holding her hand for a brief second when you can see she is being overwhelmed by her job with no immediate way to escape from the moment, warmth is passing between the both of you. kokomi wouldn’t say she believes in something as unproven and flowery as soulmates, but she would definitely say she feels as if what the two of you have is pretty close
Tumblr media
three of cups, three of wands, the world, ten of cups, the devil
to amber, your relationship is more than just being lovers. you’re her best friend and one of the most important relationships in her life. whether the times are good, bad, or somewhere in between you are a stable pillar of support that she knows won’t disappear on her. being with you, in her eyes, has taught amber many things. it’s okay if she doesn’t understand everything even after searching and searching for answers. it’s okay if she wishes to be selfish sometimes. you make her feel the happiest she’s ever felt and she hopes that she is able to do and make you feel even a fraction of what you do for her for you. even if the world were to turn against you and become your enemy, amber will always be on your side and she will make it known through her actions and words that she is someone you can also rely on no matter what the situation is. if amber can help you, she will and if she can’t she will be there to hold you tightly when you both feel helpless. amber’s love burns as brightly and warmly as her vision
Tumblr media
six of pentacles, the emperor, the tower, knight of pentacles, death
mona’s love is trying in the fact she does not wish to use her hydromancy and general astrology skills in any way concerning your relationship. she’s done hydromancy for you in the past about general things for you to look out for but once the relationship turned romantic, she halted it. she doesn’t want fate or something unsavory in your collective future to influence her choices surrounding your love. that still doesn’t mean it isn’t hard for her. having knowledge is being in control and not being vulnerable and not knowing things she could easily rely on divination for is a change she didn’t expect to be so impactful. but difficult it may be, mona refuses to be bested by her desire for knowledge and is in your relationship for the long haul
Tumblr media
the devil, five of swords, king of cups, four of swords, ten of pentacles
a gentle and kind love to match the demeanor of a kind and gentleman, kazuha’s love runs deep as the roots of a tree. in your company is a peace that is quite pleasurable, kazuha feeling as if he can put aside his inner conflicts and rest with you for even a moment. a wanderer by nature, there is no place kazuha will sit still for long, not even with a land-bound lover. yet even when you aren’t with him, kazuha finds he can still see you in every part of nature. he hears your voice on the winds, sees your form in the clouds, feels you against the tree he lays his back against. he stirs dandelions, thinking of the melodic mondstadter poem of the seeds flying to a far away land, bemusing that perhaps one such fluffy thing he sends off will reach you and contemplates the stories and sights of his home of inazuma he may one day be able to show you. his path always leads him right back to you and he hopes that one day soon you will accompany him on these travels and you can experience the wonders he often witnesses
Tumblr media
four of pentacles, temperance, two of swords, the high priestess, six of swords
diluc’s love is cautious and possessive out of fear of experiencing the loss of someone he loves again. he understands internally that this isn’t the best way to go about your partnership and he doesn’t wish to scare you off through his intensity whether it be by hovering or insisting he accompanies you when you are going on a trip or handling work. the fear of the unknown of what could prospectively hurt you is bad enough but he doesn’t want to restrict you or stop you from growth or be that possessive man in your life. diluc wants to see you grow and grow alongside you and become stronger and more open emotionally. you both find a balance for your needs and worries with balance and consideration for one another. your burdens are his burdens and his are yours in return, that is the equality both of you want
Tumblr media
the star, page of cups, three of wands, nine of cups, the emperor
a love that is lavishing one’s partner with affection and a love that doesn’t hold back. amidst inner turmoil, broken family bonds, and secret missions, you keep him focused and grounded in spite of the chaos. for kaeya you represent a hope; a hope that his mission can be disregarded completely and he can simply be kaeya the calvary captain of the knights and kaeya, your lover. no more lies and secrets, only the life of a simple man who wishes to protect the people of his home and the one most precious to him. but even if that wish can’t exactly come true, especially not when he hasn’t even made his decision completely, each moment with you makes him feel like he has made that choice and the life he is living with you is the one he has craved for many years. yes he may tease you and he indulges in that quite a lot, but behind the coy smiles and smug remarks is a heart that beats for you only
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PAC - Which divine couple best represents you and your future spouse?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hello there, welcome to pac#2.
If you have trouble choosing a pile then close your eyes, take a deep breath and the first pile you see after opening your eyes will have your answer.
For everyone who isn't familiar with the stories of the divine couples, I have mentioned it briefly before the reading itself.
This is for entertainment purposes only. Take what resonates, leave what doesn't.
Tumblr media
Pile 1
Eros and Psyche
Context/backstory of the divine couple -
Psyche is a greek goddess. She was born a mortal woman. Despite that she had a beauty which rivaled aphrodite herself. Because of this, cupid aka eros was sent to shoot psyche with an arrow so that she may fall in love with something hideous. Instead of that, he ends up scratching himself with his own dart which makes him fall deeply in love with the woman sleeping in front of him thus disobeying his mother's (aphrodite) orders. (Psyche didn't even know eros at that point ).Further, in the mortal world, psyche was left unmarried where as her sisters (who were extremely jealous of her) had everything they wanted. No man was falling in love with her because cupid was in love himself. Psyche's father suspects that they have incurred wrath of gods and consults the Oracle of Apollo. His response was upsetting, the king was to expect a non human son-in-low. A monster perhaps. Psyche is then arrayed in a funeral attire conveyed by a possession to the peak of a rocky crag and exposed. Marriage and death are merged into a single rite of passage. When she wakes up again, she finds a marvelous house and meadows except her death and a monster of a husband. At that night, after exploring the house she meets eros all in the dark. The only exception was that she wasn't allowed to see his face. Time passes by and turns out that psyche is extremely happy with eros. One day when she visits her family back in the mortal world and faces her sisters who plant the seeds of distrust in her. Later that night, psyche watches eros sleep and finds a beautiful man instead of a monster.(She was there to kill him because her sisters said so). Turns out that eros and psyche were separated due to her distrust in him which had deeply hurt him. She had to face many challenges which were thrown at her by aphrodite herself. After she bypasses the cruelness of the goddess, she reunites with eros.
Cards I got for you - The seven of cups reversed, the heirophant in reverse, page of pentacles in reverse, the two of cups, the emperor in reverse and the seven of pentacles.
You see, the seven of cups has some of the most complex imagery in the entire tarot deck. It shows a dreamlike chaos is cups and symbols floating in a mystical world. Each symbol is unrelated to the next. When you meet your future spouse, follow your inner guidance to make sense out of the situation. I feel like you'll be a little confused. Like psyche lost her core values which lead to her not trusting eros enough, here you have to stay true to your values and principles. You and your future spouse's union is one which can stand the test of time. A relationship which will break a cycle, challenge the status quo and question certain expectations. You and your future spouse will be creative while finding out solutions to all the challenges that'll come your way. You will feel as if you took a conscious break from the rules and regulations of the monotonous life when you're with them. When psyche and eros started out their relationship, they had some troubles. I see that for you as well which makes sense with the page of pentacles in reverse. You may start out on a rough note because of the raw passion in the union but with that we also have the two of cups which is all about attraction and mutual energies. What color do you think is your aura? And what color do you think is your person's aura? Whatever they both may be, combine them for they are meant to create a greater energy. A union where you can offer each other balance and stability. Give and take. I got a lot of reversals in this pile, perhaps you will have to face challenges just like the divine couple did. Your person will have to set their role completely in order to connect with you. I am hearing 'a labour of love'. I see that both of you will be working hard on this connection with diligence and a vision for the future. As adventurous and challenging this union is then again, it's one which is full of love.
Tumblr media
Pile 2
Hades and Persephone
Context/ back story of the couple -
According to mythology, Hades, god of the Underworld, fell in love with beautiful Persephone when he saw her picking flowers one day in a meadow. The god then carried her off in his chariot to live with him in the dark Underworld. In some accounts, Zeus had given his consent to the abduction, the location of the crime being traditionally placed in either Sicily (famed for its fertility) or Asia.
Meanwhile, Demeter searched the earth for her lost divine daughter and though Helios (or Hermes) told her of her daughter's fate, she, nevertheless, continued her wanderings until she finally arrived at Eleusis. It was here, disguised as an old woman, that the goddess cared for Demophon (or Triptolemos, who would later give the gift of grain to humanity and teach farming), the only son of Metaneira, the wife of Keleos, king of Eleusis. To reward the family for their kindness, Demeter set about making Demophon immortal by placing him on a fire every night. However, when Metaneira saw this, she raised an alarm. In response, Demeter revealed her true identity and demanded a temple be built in her honour. This was the beginning of the celebrated sanctuary of Eleusis. Once the temple was completed, Demeter withdrew from the world and lived inside it; at the same time, she created a great drought to convince the other gods to release Persephone from Hades. As the drought claimed ever more victims, Zeus finally sent Hermes to persuade Hades to release his ill-gotten bride. Before giving her up though, the wily Hades put a pomegranate kernel in the girl's mouth, knowing its divine taste would compel her to return to him. In other versions of the myth, Persephone could have been released if she had not eaten anything in the underworld during her captivity, but at the last moment, Hades gave her a pomegranate seed. Finally, as a compromise, it was decided that Persephone would be released but that she would have to return to Hades for one-third of the year (or in other accounts one-half).
Cards I got for you - the lovers, the ace of swords, queen of cups in reverse, the eight of cups, the queen of pentacles in reverse and the nine of wands.
This relationship dynamic is one I am personally in love with.
You and your future spouse are gonna be very attracted to each other. There is harmony and bliss. Two people who are perfectly in sync with their emotions. A perfect balance. There is raw power, mental clarity and victory represented in this connection. Your journey will be filled with new ideas and perspectives. "Divine timing". Despite all of that, every union has it's own ups and downs. Sometimes you or your person can be cold. There is more use of hard logic than emotions and natural insight. Sometimes it can even be draining to be so selfless when in love. That particular feeling of being ignorant towards one's own self and not being in term with emotions will lead to disappointments. There will be a point where it will feel like walking away is the best thing which you can do but that's not true. Caring too much and unconditional generosity will make you stand a time where a little bit of tough love is reflected too. But when this state comes, you both will realise that you have the ability to take care of yourself and that self love is important even when you're in a powerful union with someone. You'll be growing and learning throughout these phases of your life. The journey isn't easy, it never is. There will be cuts and scratches along the way but it will teach you how to stand tall and draw upon inner strength when its needed the most. A union which can stand the test of faith and is courageous.
Tumblr media
Pile 3
Ares and Aphrodite
Context/ back story of the divine couple -
The myth of Aphrodite and Ares is one of the most interesting in Greek mythology. Let’s start off by saying that Aphrodite was the goddess of beauty and sexual love. She emerged from the sea and was more beautiful than any other creature. Gods, mortals, or anyone else who saw her were enchanted by her beauty and she knew it. Actually, that’s part of the reason why she was so vain. Hephaestus was the god of fire, forge, blacksmiths, and artisans and was secretly in love with Aphrodite. Hephaestus was the son of Hera and the God of gods, Zeus. He was also quite an ungrateful creature, which was the complete opposite of Aphrodite. According to the myth of Aphrodite and Ares, the god of war fell madly in love when he met the goddess of beauty. Unlike what he did with his other lovers, he decided to win her over. He bought her gifts and complimented her constantly to gain her love. The two spent a lot of time together until Aphrodite fully reciprocated. Hephaestus, her husband, spent every night in his workshop. The two lovers took advantage of this situation to love each other until dawn. Ares was always accompanied by a young man named Alectryon, whose duty was to watch the door. He did this in order to let them know when Helios, the Sun, appeared on the horizon. Helios saw everything. They had to keep their romance a secret, so this was truly necessary. For the Greeks, any god or goddess could have all kinds of love affairs with whoever they wanted. What wasn’t allowed was to have only one lover and maintain it. In other words, formal infidelity. The relationship between Aphrodite and Ares was just that.
Cards I got for you - the four of pentacles, the five od swords, the five of wands, the six of cups, the queen of swords and the knight of wands.
Your relationship with your future spouse will be very stable and secure. Financial security and saving/planning for the future can be very important to the both of you. You know that you have some responsibility towards your connection and you're gonna work on that. Although, there can be some reason which will cause strife in the relationship. I am hearing, 'pick your battles wisely, remember that it's possible to win the battle and lose the war'. Your union will need more attention because there will be disagreements. This can be because one of you can have their guard way up. 'Be considerate and communicate'. There will be moments where past can have a huge impact on the both of you or it is possible for you to cling onto memories. Despite this you and your person will be moving forward and build the future together. There will be a time in this union where you will overcome all those obstacles and reach a new type of mental clarity and strength of will. You both won't hesitate while communicating. You'll both be independent. Things will start making more and more sense and plans will take shape. You'll be a very charming couple. This union will be complex but ornamented with the lessons of life.
Tumblr media
© the-wild-candy
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There’s so many practical witchcraft books at my local bookstore and i never thought to check??? And tarot decks too??? What was i thinking???¿
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Your Love Life In October | Pick-a-Card Reading
It's been a while since I've done one of these so I wanted to come back with a pick-a-card reading for what might be happening in your love life during the month of October!
There are 3 piles in the image below. See which one resonates with you, and scroll down to find your specific pile.
Tumblr media
If you would like more information on your reading, message me for a tip-based extended reading!
And if you just want to help support me so that I can continue to make more readings, all feedback and tips are super appreciated! My Venmo is TiannaRoseTarot 💖
Pile 1
Tumblr media
Seems like you've been feeling a little depressed or worried, probably having some nightmares lately maybe about your connection or about love in general. If you haven't been in a relationship for a while you may be feeling bad about yourself or questioning whether you're ever going to find love. It seems like these fears are bigger in your head and it will be most helpful to put work through them or put them aside because while they do feel authentic they're not necessarily accurate.
We have the Fool so you're starting off into a new connection this month and trying new things in general. Maybe you don't have that much relationship experience already so everything could feel new to you. There’s this feeling of childhood innocence in this connection. We do have the Ace of Water or Cups so this will be a really emotionally deep connection, and it does seem like a new relationship will be starting for you in October or soon after. You're in those early stages right now. Your person does see you as really attractive and an amazing person. It seems you are becoming more self-confident and it’s showing on the outside. People are sensing some shifts in you, maybe emotionally or physically that are causing you to be more attractive. Now, you may typically be a more courageous person or you are being called now to be more courageous and confident. Maybe you’re typically more independent and you don't really feel like you need somebody, but that doesn't mean that you don't want to be in a relationship. So it's important to stay determined and believe that you can have it.
Now on top of that, we have the oracle cards Courage so it’s clear that you are being called to step forward, maybe take a bit of a more proactive role in your love life. Then we have New Moon in Virgo, “a time to give rather than take”. It seems like when you do get into a relationship this will be a good balance and it may be helpful for you to focus more on giving but also make sure that you're not putting in all of the work. This also just connects to feeling more confident in yourself with the Virgo energy and because we're just finishing with Virgo season right now this new relationship could already be in the works so just be patient and see what happens. The Courage card also represents Libra energy, so lots of important things happening this October. We also have the card Leadership, just continuing to encourage you to step forward make that first move, maybe whatever you feel resonates, but you may need to step out of your comfort zone a little bit in order to make this relationship happen in the way that you want it to.
One thing to be aware of is love bombing, so if they seem to be inconsistent. If you have a situation further down in the relationship where you are starting to pull away and then they start to come forward and show you all of the reasons why you fell to them in the first place just be aware that that could be potentially harmful if they're doing it in a more manipulative way to get you to stay with them and then go back to just not seeming to care. But we do have the card “they wants what's best for you” so it seems like they might not necessarily be doing this intentionally and they do really care about you like they want to be with you and they don't want to lose you. They might just not know how to go about that so it's important to communicate because they do learn from you. They want to know how to help, they want to know how to be the person that you need and your own action on yourself might inspire them to take action to improve themselves as well. This person does see you in their future want to be with you.
While this does seem to be in quite the early stages it's definitely moving forward in the month of October so be patient see what happens. Don't be afraid to take a jump and see what happens. It’s definitely scary to take risks but it seems like your feelings/actions will be reciprocated.
Pile 2
Tumblr media
So you have been through some stuff, maybe we're seeing some form of the betrayal, maybe even being cheated on, poverty or a major financial loss, just feeling lost overall. Throughout all of this, you've stayed strong taking care of the things you need to, becoming really smart about handling your own stuff.
If some of these things happened early on in your life you may have had to grow up kind of fast and may have missed out on some important parts of your childhood. The Six of Water or Cups is indicating that you can go back you can still be a kid, maybe now that things have kinda calmed down a little bit you'll be able to revisit some of the important memories from your childhood and get back to your center. If you are in a relationship right now there is a chance that some of these negative things will happen or are happening in your current situation but I think you'll kind of know if that is what's going on.
We do have the Love card which is of course a super good sign to get in a love reading, so I think if you're realizing this you need to get out of whatever connection you might be in right now there will be another one that is better for you, so don't worry. We have the Full Moon in Scorpio, “time to release negativity”, so it does seem like those negative things are going to come to an end and you'll be able to focus more on happiness that is coming into your life this October. The Love card has Libra energy so, with that and the Scorpio card, it seems like these changes may occur in later October or early November so it might take a little bit longer but it is still happening. Then we have the card Prosperity. So if you have struggled with what the Five of Earth or Pentacles is referencing of poverty or financial loss or insecurity, you will be reaching a new state of prosperity financially as well as in love. Maybe for the first time, your material and financial needs are actually going to be met, and it seems like your emotional needs are going to be met as well.
Then we have the card love-bombing just like came up in Pile 1, but I have a feeling that this relates to more of a past negative relationship when maybe you got cheated on or maybe you just felt betrayed because of that manipulation. It does seem like this person is looking at your social media so they probably still think about you but we're done with that I'm moving on, it was not a good position for you to be in and there are better things coming. This person may also be thinking a lot about your past conversations, they're kind of reminiscing on the memories that you guys shared together. I have a feeling that overall you know that this is not the best situation.
This card could also refer to your new relationship coming in October. Maybe they're thinking a lot about what to say because they don't want to mess it up. The next person seems to care a lot and maybe there's a little bit of intimidation because they know how much you've gone through and how you've grown from that. They don’t want to be the one to ruin your glow because they can see that you are just finally starting to get back on your feet after some negative events in your past and they wouldn't want to do anything to jeopardize that.
So overall despite what you guys might have gone through in your past or in your childhood there are changes coming in October and then into November and lots of love going around, so let’s start spreading more positivity and happiness and prosperity.
Pile 3
Tumblr media
There's some powerful energy here with two major Arcana cards and two court cards. You seem to be a very passionate person but you still tend to be a bit more on the practical side. You’re more grounded or you are being called to become more grounded. You may be some type of artist or creator, but no matter what you put your mind to you put your all into it. So before getting into a relationship you want to make sure that it's correct because you don't want to put all of this time and energy into something if it doesn't work out.
With the Hanged One it seems like it might be best for you to kind of try to release some of that control because you don't really get to know ahead of time whether a relationship is going to work out or not. So relax a little bit more, enjoy it, ask the universe to bring you what you need. You might be the type of person who is not afraid to go out and get or ask for what you want but instead of going directly, it might be best to ask for the universe to provide this instead. Focus on manifestation and then let what things happen in the way that it needs to. This is important because it seems like there may be multiple different options or paths that you can go down. You’re kind of staying on the outskirts right now because you are not sure which path to take. I'm hearing that you want to go full speed ahead into a relationship and when you get into a relationship maybe you aren't afraid of it going quickly because when you feel more confident in yourself you're allowing things to happen. But since you don't know which path to go down, maybe there are two good people that you could be in a relationship with, or maybe you have some opportunities that are not directly related to relationships but one or another could bring you a different kind of relationship. You have all of these opportunities in front of you and you have to choose which one you want to take. So try to release control a little bit.
It's really important to focus on grounding, if you've been working on that more during Virgo season and now going into Libra season you can be focused more on just reaping the rewards of your hard work and of your manifestations. We have the Full Moon in Taurus, “your dreams need a practical plan” so again you may want to focus more on grounding; figuring out what you truly want and then if you are a go-getter or somebody who likes to take action you'll be more confident in your decision. And then also just remember that you are safe no matter what happens. You're being protected so if you do jump a little bit headfirst into a new relationship without necessarily knowing how it's going to go, things are still going to work out for you. It just might take you a little bit longer to figure out where you need to be.
Now at the same time be a little bit cautious. Look out for any red flags because they may exist that might even help you to make your decision if you do choose to go forward with any of these different options that are being presented for you. Then also trust yourself. Trust your intuition and what you're being called to do. The universe does have your best interest in mind as long as you make it clear what you want. This relationship may be happening within a few months, so right on track with what this reading is focused on, October. This is going to be somebody who you can laugh with, I feel like you guys are going to make each other smile and have lots of positive emotions. Not that there won't be anything negative but you guys are going to be a great match together and you'll be able to handle these difficulties that you might go through. It seems like you won’t have to be so focused on the relationship and making that work; it'll be more of a sense of security that'll help you through other more difficult things in other aspects of your life.
Overall trust yourself, trust the universe; the universe is going to direct you in the right way so although you might have a lot of options you're going to be able to come to some type of decision.
Thank you
so much for being here, and I hope you enjoyed this reading!
Reach out if you have any questions or if you would like a tip-based extended reading!
Have a great day!
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Tumblr media
Death. Art by Lesly Oh, from Lady Tarot Cards.
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❝ᗯᕼᗩT’ᔕ YOᑌᖇ OᑕTOᗷᗴᖇ ᘜOIᑎᘜ TO ᗷᗴ ᒪIKᗴ🎃🍁🍂🧡?❞
──── ᑭIᑕK~ᗩ~ᑕᗩᖇᗪ ────
𝑇ℎ𝑒 𝑃𝑖𝑙𝑒𝑠:
Tumblr media
𝑃𝑖𝑙𝑒 𝐼:
I’m seeing someone is being secretive or sneaky in the month of October. It’s definitely in regards to their feelings for you, or for some of you, your feelings towards them. I see whoever this person is wanting to take a leap of faith to confess their love. I’m also seeing this person has been thinking about the other very heavily & it’s basically weighing on them a lot. They really miss their person & they have a strong desire to be with them. I’m seeing that either you or your person isn’t communicating to the other and definitely not giving any of their love. I see this offering of commitment & renewal wanting to be made by this sneaky person & they really see their persons worth & how bright they shine. For those of you who aren’t in a connection already, maybe this is a new person coming in or someone from your past. I’m seeing there was an ending here for a lot of you & someone is wanting to rebirth this connection. Both of you are leaving behind a very painful past & moving into calmer waters whether that’s together or separately. I see this connection definitely transformed or has the potential to become something where deep spiritual love is established. My advice for you in the month of October is to focus on building your self-esteem, confidence, & to gain more courage to express who you truly are, & how you genuinely feel. I definitely see a lot of you being the ones to communicate how you feel towards your person, & for others, your person wants to communicate to you because they see how loving, nurturing, compassionate, intuitive, understanding, & how amazing you are. I also see that you make them very happy & your person also makes you very happy. You both connect through your inner child & also through soul ties whether or not you want to be with them. I do see them wanting to be happy with you. Moral of the story here is that a offering will be made in the month of October in regards to your love life & for some of you it will be new, for others of you it will be from your past.
𝑃𝑖𝑙𝑒 𝐼𝐼:
So for starters I definitely see you coming out of a period of healing in the month of October. You were very out of touch with your emotions in the recent past & you will be stepping more into a balanced phase of your life. I see you tapping back in to your empathetic side & definitely healing this pain from childhood that might’ve resurfaced or affected the way you see love. I also see you might be experiencing some negative thoughts or feelings of anxiety because of the pain you’ve experienced in your past. There’s this energy of confusion and feeling a little stuck or lost. I feel like for some of you someone very controlling, manipulative, narcissistic, or possibly very abusive could’ve definitely broke your heart & it took you a while to finally make the decision to leave & I feel like in the month of October you will be experiencing some heavy energies regarding this person & what they’ve did to you. I see this offering of love being given to you by this person & they really want to apologize or make up for what they’ve done because I do see they feel really guilty for letting their ego and pride control them. I see this person really dealt with a lot of toxicity and negative behaviors that influenced you in a lot of ways & possibly brought out “the worst” in you. I feel like this person really made you angry in so many ways & it took you a long time to finally accept what they’ve did to you & to get into a better place emotionally. I see that you will be feeling a lot more optimistic & hopeful about your future with them, whether you allow them into your life or not. I feel like they don’t want you to separate from them & they’re really scared of losing you. I see you both kinda holding onto each other or something that ties you both together in some way & this thing will bring the both of you closer & also help you make growth or progress from whatever happened between you. This person can be a family member, a lover, a friend, anyone honestly.. I do see that they realize what they’ve done to you & how it affected you in a lot of negative ways, but they see you finding your best self & focusing on you & I feel like they’re really proud of you for being so strong. I do see them wanting to make this opportunity to collaborate or come to some type of agreement or compromise with you. This connection definitely went through a rough ending & it transformed on a massive spiritual, emotional, & physical level. I see you both releasing the need to compete with each other, argue, or create chaotic conflict using outside influences. I see you both wanting to be more stable, happy, & supportive of each other. For those of you that were in a romantic relationship with this person, I would say you both see marriage and a family together, but for others I see this person having some type of connection to your home or family life.
𝑃𝑖𝑙𝑒 𝐼𝐼𝐼:
I see so much confusion in the month of October. It’s either being released for some of you, or effecting others of you. I do see some type of third party interference or something that got in the way of something, but there was definitely this lack of compromise or collaboration in the recent past, but I see you experiencing communication & possibly some harsh truths about what happened here. I do see you being a lot more happier & feeling more stable within this situation. If this is a love connection I do see you achieving marriage or a very deep level of commitment. It might feel as if you aren’t getting the results you hoped for or maybe like you are very unfortunate when it comes to love, but I do see the potential for real spiritual love or emotional fulfillment with whoever or whatever this situation is about. I feel like some type of harsh secret might be released & I definitely see something you’ve been manifesting for a long time coming to fruition in the month of October. I also see that this situation was very one sided in the past & it never really benefited you in any healthy way until you walked away from it or maybe they walked away from you. Another thing I’m getting is that for most of you this is a person you experienced something with & I see that they feel very chained or attached to you almost like they can’t escape you. They feel very impatient & want to rush in to communicate about how they want to grow and make progress with you. I feel like this is someone you’ve known for a long time & definitely had some type of connection to them from a young age or maybe they remind you of a nostalgic feeling. I do see that you both feel very stable & loved when you’re together whether this is a romantic partner or not. Some truth about a third party situation might be coming to light in October, but I see you not even giving three fucks about it. I feel like someone was exploring their options in the past due to some confusion about their emotions & I see that it created a lot of fear & conflict in this connection & it made both of you feel this lack of hope or potential for a future between you. I see this reconciliation or offering of love being made sometime during the month, not sure exactly when, but it’ll be different for everyone. There is a lot of financial stability and success when it comes to this connection. I also see there is a strong family tie or something related to your home life or what makes you feel comfortable. Maybe this is someone you know from work or some place where money is involved. My advice for you is to focus on yourself & continue going with the flow of where you’re being guided to go. If your intuition is telling you something definitely trust it.
𝑃𝑖𝑙𝑒 𝐼𝑉:
I see a lot of past energies coming up for you in the month of October. Maybe a lot of truths are coming out & they’re definitely harsh or not the best things to find out, but I also see a new beginning in love or in regards to your emotions & the way you feel. I feel like you are facing some karma & you feel very out of touch with your feelings & coming out of this place where you feel like you’ve lost out on something & you’re definitely grieving a loss here. I am seeing you feel very cold hearted & almost like you need to be on your guard. I see you resisting change or maybe just feeling like you can’t release this heartbreak caused from something in your past. I feel like some of you might be the one to communicate about how you were immature & maybe broke someone else’s heart or caused pain to yourself for hurting someone else because you were confused and possibly exploring other options. There is some type of separation between you and someone else & there’s definitely heart break that happened due to some deceitful energies & I see both of you really healing from this. You both might be holding onto this connection, or maybe they’re holding onto you because they know they fucked up. I do see some type of success or triumph happening here though. There’s also been some type of release of toxic, negative, & unhealthy attachments, or behaviors. I do see reconciliation or some type of reunion here, but it may take time for some of you. I feel like this reunion is definitely coming unexpectedly & might even be hidden from you until it’s meant to actually happen. The outcome will bring you so much wisdom from the experiences you’ve had with this person & I also see you both achieving a very very big goal together. Possibly manifesting a lot of money or creating this very successful foundation together.
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calyx-y-gashideul · a day ago
What You Need to Hear Right Now - Pick an Image
Hello lovely souls! This is a pick-a-card reading based on which picture you choose. You know yourself best, so choose whichever image(s) feel right for you. As always, this is a general reading. Take what resonates and don't sweat it if there is something that doesn't make sense! Thank you so much and have a blessed day!
~ Calyx
Tumblr media
1 - Flowers in the sink
Right now you seem to have your head in the clouds. You are so swept away by something that you forget to ground yourself in the present moment. The best way to help yourself right now is to "come back to Earth" and root yourself in the present. The present moment is the greatest gift you have ever received. Even though it's easy to get swept up in ideas, theories, hopes, and wants, it's important to stay alert in the current moment. You will notice the beauty around you and will find that your hopes and dreams are already manifesting themselves.
2 - Bubbles
In this moment, you are ready for a new adventure. Perhaps you are closing the book on a certain season in your life, or perhaps you are starting a new season. Either way, you have all the tools you need to move forward. You are ready. Yes, embarking on a new journey is intimidating, but this is necessary for your personal growth. There is mystery and uncertainty, but you are more than ready to take on this new challenge!
3 - Burning roses
You are currently second guessing yourself and doubting yourself. There are lots of aspects of your life that feel uncertain or mysterious. They feel just out of reach. However, you have everything you need to move forward and embrace the uncertainty that lies in your path. Remember that the only right way to do things is to do them your way. Your intuition might be on high alert lately, and this is because you are being invited to take the journey into the unknown.
4 - Cat in the hat
Right now you have strong willpower. You have been journeying through your current phase of life for a long time now, and you are strong because of it. Keep going! You have everything you need to keep moving forward. Embrace the unknown. Use your intuition. Keep on fighting. Your journey through this season is not in vain, and you have everything you need to keep going. Don't give up!
5 - Hand in the side mirror
At this point in your life, you are probably clinging onto something that no longer serves you. Something big. You are holding onto this so tight that it is preventing you from moving through the present. You might feel stuck and can't figure out why it's so hard to grow, or you might be forcing a new season. All you need to do in order to keep on truckin' is this: don't hold onto things that don't serve you no matter how they served you in the past. Don't try and manage or manipulate things that are simply out of human control. Letting go expresses just as much power as holding on does.
6 - Cloudy Cotton Candy
You have everything you need right now! You are in a pretty good place that you've been working for so long to get to. Proud of you for that! However, you want to make sure that in this celebratory space, you share your happiness and your feelings openly with friends. Maybe you feel like you're waiting for the right time or person to come along, but don't! Waiting will only isolate you. Share the fruits of your harvest with those you love!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Today's card is Chicuace Topilli, 6 of Staffs, which symbolizes success achieved through discipline and bravery.
In it appears a young warrior who has been granted the highest military rank, for he has shown his ability in the battlefield. The Mexica society, represented by the noble people, the religious sector and the working class, carry the warrior and sing a song which announces his victory.
I based the characters for this card on the warriors' regalia from the Codex Mendoza.
Click here to see the Tarot Yohualli Ehecatl in my Etsy store!
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Tumblr media
Knight of Wands and Nine of Wands reversed
Today you will try to overcome your natural reluctance, and actually go out and do something.
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