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Pac: You in the future...
Disclaimer this is only for entertainment purposes! Only take what resonates and leave what doesn't <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
♡ 1 ♡ 2
Tumblr media Tumblr media
♡ 3 ♡ 4
I will be doing this pac in sections cuz I want to :")
# your appearance
#your personal life
#your work life
# did you reach your goal?
♡ Group 1 ♡
# Your Appearance
You will have more shades of black, grey and blue colours in your regular style. Tired look. Baggy clothing will be your preference. Whenever you will be in stress and pressure it will show in your appearance. I think it's your college years. Someone will or some of you will pursue medical studies and that will cause you to always be in a more snuggly style and you would rather not care about it much heh. I see you are very beautiful thus many people will like and admire this cuddly look of yours ;)
# Your Personal Life
Messy ;-; very busy and you will have tight schedules. Okay some of you might be single, no like mostly might be. But I see that some of you will be in a very supportive relationship. You will have something as a stress reliever. I heavily am feeling most of you guys will pursue a higher level career (iykwim). Like that will take almost all your time and attention which will keep you extremely busy and focused on it. Your family life will be neutral or maybe also you will be a bit distant from your family due to your own life.
# Your Work Life
:") I feel you will be an intern in this particular time you are asking for. Constant trials and working very hard to achieve your goals. You will be admired by your seniors and co-workers alot. You will be happy in your field but it's just originally a hard field. You will lowkey live the "hospital playlist " kdrama life lol. That's the only thing coming to my mind rn. You will be a celebrity at your workplace meaning that you will literally shine in whatever you choose to do!
# did you reach your goal?
Almost bestie!!! Just there! I see you trying and trying to be the best! You WILL make it even if there will be hardships, life is all about trying to win <3 and that's what you chase, the thrill and excitement of winning your dream position is in trying rather than having it on your own and you know it!
♡ Group 2 ♡
# Your Appearance
Sexier lol. You will look more charming and intimidating. You will be more confident and more of a heartthrob. You might have a charming voice and romantic look. You will more dreamy. Loose shirts and tight jeans are a look <33. You will be more admired by people for your look. Hot and charming lol. Your visuals will certainly be hotter. You will have a glow up until the time you are thinking of.
# Your Personal Life
A high schooler or college student. Playboy/girl image. You will kinda be in alot of attention. This will cause you to waste your time on people if you get in touch with these popularity germs :"). You will face heartbreaks quiet alot. Confusing. You will have alot of fall outs unless you stay strong on your ground. People will kinda try to come close for your looks/fame/ anything flashy you have. You will still have a confident look on your face but inside you will question people alot. Your family life, i feel a subtle presence of your parents in your life especially if you still are a teen or still not by yourself. Not much,you will be mostly by yourself. Loving parents and family btw <3
# Your Work Life
You will do average. For most people, you will be a student. I see you doing well for yourself. Doing good but not best. You will most likely to be the attention of a lot of people which will distract you.
# did you reach your goals?
Well nope. It's a learning period :") especially i got a message that if you are too much into what others say and think and social media stuff, you will learn alot in this time.
♡ Group 3 ♡
# Your Appearance
Cuter ^-^ You might be smol and you will stay smol bestie. No use of worrying to get taller 😶. No I mean you can be tall and still look smol. Clean look. The guy/girl who is always minding their own business. Wearing clothes that wrap you up lol. You will look very warm and approachable.
# Your Personal Life
:) Idk I feel like starting your reading with emojis lol. You might be a mood in yourself. You will be living a simple, peaceful life. Will have a life the way you want. Nothing fancy. Minimalist is happiness for you. You will have a cute boyfriend/girlfriend. (YOU ARE SO CUTE BABYYYY. Lol) I also think, even you have this incredible partner or not ;-; you will have your guards up cuz of past relationships or just fears regarding to relationships you have seen in others life. Again, I don't see a prominent life with parents but you can have supportive siblings.
# Your Work Life
This group is also for students. You will do very good academically. You might have a passion for history or science in specific, you will be doing alot these stuffs like projects. Everything seems peaceful ✌ on the surface unless you have anxiety ;-;
# did you reach your goals?
Your goal is to live a peaceful life cuz you have seen storms right? Yep so you are living your life pretty well. But your anxiety still kicks in :(
♡ Group 4 ♡
# Your Appearance
Finally the fancy group ~ more stylish and feminine you guys are! I'm talking about look. Elegant and cute. You guys have a very good taste in fashion. Air smells like you from 10 feets away even before you walk in lol. You will do amazing make up and look the best even at 5 am in the morning ;-;
# Your Personal Life
Very energetic ;-; you try to be the expensive gworl but do you know that you are actually a cutie. You took love yourself a bit too seriously lol but that's a mood! You are very fun and enjoyable person. You live for yourself. You like stress to be away from you lol. You can travel alone and have loads of fun and make new friends.
# Your Work Life
You might do a moderate 9 to 5 job but you enjoy it! You love your job cuz it allows you to enjoy your free time and does not take all the time and space that is necessary for yourself. It will also allow you to make money ;-;
# did you reach your goals?
I'd say you are living your life to the fullest and are exploring new things everyday, meeting new people and giving the care you need to yourself. (See yourself if that's your goal)
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Tumblr media
0 the Fool
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Tumblr media
Five of Pentacles and Four of Swords
It’s just...you’ve been having a really crappy time, and everything is so difficult, and you’re so tired.
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Tumblr media
Knowing this, what would you want to do with Lucio?
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Since my first PAC was quite a success I'm here for more!
PAC Reading: Random messages from your soulmate
I'm doing this thinking of a romantic soulmate, the one and only definitive one. You know who lol.
W A R N I N G ⚠️
It's honest, it's blunt, it's me 💅
Also, might get a bit non PG. I'm gonna try keep it PG 16+ so if you're under that age pls leave and focus on school and your dreams because that's what's important right now. Don't rush love, sweetie. It will come to you when it's meant to come to you.
Are we ready? Stacy gworls, it's going 👇
(if you get that reference you're an MVP)
Let's go!
Tumblr media
Pile 1
Tumblr media
Pile 2
Tumblr media
Pile 3
Hey girl (that's what I channeled, don't come at me). What you doin' (imitating that one F.R.I.E.N.D.S character i don't remember the name of)
Let's listen to Bruno Mars together and dance under the moonlight on our living room.
I guess there isn't much moonlight on our living room, though.
Oh well, whatever. You get what I mean.
Listen, our life may be simple but we're not. We're complicated. You more than me, though, I'm a little dumb sometimes.
Can we get a dog? A big intimidating one, not a Chihuahua pls you know i can't stand those little freaks. They freak me out, i don't get the hype around them.
I wanna grow old with you, but stay young at the same time. I am afraid of stopping with age. I wanna do things with you forever, I want nothing to stop me. Lol that has connotations if you know what i mean *wink wink*
Anyways, babe. I love everything about you. Even when you're a grumpy h*e and cuss me out for not throwing expired cheese away.
I still believe cheese doesn't expire but i throw it away for you. Because i love you and i respect you and your weird ass stomach that can't handle expired cheese that's not actually expires because cheese overall does not expire ever.
AnywAYS i will stop trying to pick a fight over cheese.
I love you. 3000, 3001, 3002, 3003...
Ok I'll stop
I'll see you soon when i get home.
Your one and only local dumbass.
I love your person skdjdjdjjd they are hilarious I'm ded.
Wassup, bestie. One word: YoLo
(what is wrong with your person, they seem to like teasing you with weird slang skdjdjjd love that)
Moving on, can we like... Talk? You've been so distant lately and it hurts me to realize how far away we are from each other both psychically and mentally.
I don't get why we can't just love each other, it's so unfair.
I love you too much to handle, and I will be there every step of the way. I don't care if you're not successful right now, you will be soon and I'll be there with a sign that says: YOU DID IT! screaming your name.
You are my best friend and my lover simultaneously but you also are my family.
I simply can't live without you.
Please don't give up on me, or your dreams, or anything. Just do not give up.
I love you, ok?
Thanks for being in my life.
Random but i got: spicy tamale, spicy chicken, chicken tenders, 22, LGBTQ community, church
Hey love,
I don't have much to say, you know who i am. Even if you don't know me yet, i am there in your subconscious, letting you know that i exist, letting you know that i acknowledge your existence and can't bare this time in separation.
But worry not, as our souls will find each other. Maybe not soon, but trust that they will. We are meant to be together, always and forever.
You say i remind you of your childhood crush, you say I'm like Edward Cullen and i act like i hate it but i don't. The fact that i resemble something you love so dearly makes me feel important, as if I've been there with you forever.
Plus, vampires are sexy creatures.
I'm glad we don't know each other yet here in the real world. I cannot believe what a mess i am right now. But I'll straighten up for you, dear. I always do.
Stop overthinking and worrying. You'll do great at that function. You always do great and it pains me to see you so nervous. I'll be there in spirit sending you flowers and love. Always with you, no matter what.
I love you, sweetheart. You and your small, little hands.
Hope it resonated!!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pile 1 pile 2 pile 3
𝙥𝙖𝙘: 𝙬𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙮𝙤𝙪'𝙧𝙚 𝙢𝙖𝙣𝙞𝙛𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙜
hello! this is my first pick a card reading and I'm so excited but also so nervous?!?!? i have read for friends and family before though, and i have been into tarot for about 3-4 years, however this is a general reading! so if the message doesn't apply to you, let it fly~
this reading is about what you're manifesting with your current energy, or a confirmation on whether what you've been manifesting is coming into fruition soon. take a deep breath and focus on your manifestation. then, pick a pile intuitively.
! for entertainment purposes only !
! constructive criticism and feedback are welcome !
! piles used: rider waite tarot deck, mermaid tarot, astrological oracle cards !
Tumblr media
pile 1
(cards: the lovers, the star, the tower rx, judgement, temperance, seven of cups, five of wands, two of cups, knight of pentacles rx, the magician, luna, saturnus)
hello pile 1! right off the bat, your reading is very intense! you have an abundance of major arcana cards, so i can't lie to you, i think your manifestation is near to being complete!
i see that you could have had a rough time recently, when it comes to believing in yourself and your abilities, especially your manifestation skills. some inner turmoil here, some control issues there. you have that go getter energy inside you, though! i can tell that you don't back down when you want something. still you're quite emotional deep down. that's okay, that's your strength. don't be afraid to be vulnerable.
in fact, coming in touch with your manifestation in the 3d demands you be vulnerable. you need to find balance between the nurturer and the provider, the feminine and the masculine inside you. that could sound like a whole lot of work, but you have such a loving spiritual team behind you. they feel so prideful in your behalf, for everything you have achieved and everything you're going to have soon.
with the lovers and the two of cups here, i do see that it could involve a romantic connection. you have a lot of offers coming at you, or there could be more that one person in your mind. if this is not about romance, i do see you collaborating beautifully with somebody on your job or hobby. it feels like finally finding your dance partner, I'm so excited for you!
with the opportunities coming up, you might feel like everything is moving too fast, and the choices are too many for you to decide with a clear mind. fear not, because i see you stepping into that power of yours and cutting off (quite literally) any person or situation that doesn't serve you. don't wreck your mind worrying over the details and enjoy the ride to your manifestation.
possible time frames i see for you are cancer or capricorn season, or when the moon is in capricorn next. alternatively, when the sun is in the sign of your moon or saturn placement (ex. saturn in aries, so aries season).
lastly, i can not stress enough how good you are at manifesting. like i was about to end your reading and i saw the magician staring right into my soul so i had to come back lmaoo. you need to believe in that wholeheartedly, and understand that you are the universe, and you can achieve anything <3
potential placements: saturn or moon dominant, capricorn, aquarius or cancer in the big 3, earth and fire signs.
thank you for reading <3
pile 2
(cards: eight of swords, king of wands rx, seven of wands, the chariot, death rx, the magician, nine of cups, the lovers, king of pentacles, king of cups, death, capricorn, aries)
hello pile 2! don't tell the other piles, but i actually pulled some extra cards for you lol. i see you are currently in a situation where you feel a bit trapped inside your head. maybe a big decision is coming up and you can't help but overthink every possible outcome, or you haven't been speaking kindly to yourself. it looks like you have kinda lost your spark in some ways.
the thing is, you have such a beautiful imagination. i can see you imagining several versions of your future, each more fruitful than the next. you have the power to manifest them all, too! however, i believe you have been too distanced from those abilities, or you seem to believe that unless something else happens or comes to an end, you won't be able to move forward.
but you have already been through enough, pile 2! i feel like you've been bending over backwards for people, changing situations and even yourself to cater to their wants or needs. you are forgetting your power, your work, your status! you're not here to serve people who don't appreciate your efforts. you're here to create your own path, and march forward towards it.
you've been cold for too long, stopping yourself from achieving all that you desire. you also seem quite stubborn, and set in your ways. i think you're- subconsciously or not- manifesting a new, more powerful version of yourself who allows change, and who feels in control even within the chaos.
it's time for you to decide what it is that makes your heart happy, and feels like home. go get that! your energy felt quite blocked, like you're protecting yourself from getting hurt. i feel your spirit guides are also being firm in sharing information about your situation, but that's okay. it feels like a family matter mostly. maybe some of you are reaching adulthood soon, or moving out. i hope everything goes smoothly with that, if that's the case <3
possible time frames i see for you are aries or capricorn season, fall and winter. it could also be when the moon is in capricorn or aries next.
potential placements: capricorn or aries in the big 3, mars in capricorn, saturn in aries, virgo and water signs
thank you for reading <3
pile 3
(cards: ace of wands, queen of cups, five of cups rx, pace of cups rx, the lovers, ace of swords rx, strength, page of cups rx, queen of swords, sol, saturnus)
hello pile 3! i feel like you guys have the lightest energy in this reading. like, the cards were popping out like crazy, and i felt super giddy while shuffling. your aura could also be green or yellow.
i see a new beginning coming fast for you guys. it's about something you have been putting a lot of thought into (and, honestly, borderline gave up on), but i see it coming over to turn your world upside down, quite literally.
that is because you have been taking care of yourself, your feelings and thoughts. and this manifestation is so important for you because you have tried to get to it numerous times in the past. however, the only thing stopping you was your ego. i sense a childish mindset, and some jealousy. the "if i can't have it, why can they?" mentality.
you have matured, though! learnt how to see life objectively, figured out your values, and though you may feel like you have a long ways to go, it's your feeling satisfied with what you already have that is bringing this manifestation to you. you're stronger now, and you can handle its highs and lows.
for some, it could be a dream job you have been wanting since childhood, or a job/position that felt unattainable because of how rare or special it is. for others, something to do with art, performing, or management. i see you working hard on this, though, putting in the effort and rising up the ranks quite fast cause of your discipline and self control.
also, you could have a counterpart helping you get there. could be a mentor, a friend, a lover, someone you feel connected to. you could probably need a partner to get this opportunity, or the opportunity itself needs you to work with people, too. either way, you're going to find that communication with this person is great, and they may even be a soulmate of yours!
it may feel like it's too late, but saturn, and especially cronus, his greek counterpart, were the titans of time. this is the correct time, the correct moment, so don't doubt it and seize the opportunity coming towards you <3
possible time frames i see for you are leo or capricorn season, when the sun is in the sign of your sun or saturn (ex. sun in libra, so libra season), august and december.
potential placements: leo, aquarius or capricorn in the big 3, sun or saturn dominant, saturn in leo, gemini, water signs.
thank you for reading <3
Tumblr media
! don't copy or repost my work !
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Foundations of Decay // My Chemical Romance
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maxkennedy24 · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Winter Soldier Death Tarot commission <3
Commissions are open as usual, feel free to contact me via email [email protected]
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shapelytimber · a day ago
Soooo... I might have begun a tarot deck (only the major arcana tho-) and it's Elder Scrolls themed
Since the first two were chosen at random (for a school exercise), might as well do the rest not in order as well
Tumblr media
XV - THE DEVIL (Molag Bal ft. Vivec)
Tumblr media
V - THE HIEROPHANT (Paarthurnax)
Tumblr media
(Part 1/7) (if I ever finish it) (if I do not you're welcome to point and laught)
PS : These are up as prints and stickers on my redbubble :D
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Tumblr media
Ace of Cups.
Follow the desires of your heart. Find your true self. Let nothing stop you from pursuing your dreams. Know that true love requires neither a definition nor an explination.
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Tumblr media
DEATH | Tarot card commission.
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aroacemagic · 2 days ago
Something I’ve been curious about is with so many things in witchcraft having male/female correspondences, are there also things the community/parts of it consider to have other gender correspondences? Nonbinary, agender, trans, etc?
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hello again. I wanted to use the energy of the recent lunar eclipse to do a pick a card for you. Eclipses denote changes and transformation so you will notice that theme here. I hope the message you choose resonates with you and guides you through the night. All my love to you. Until we meet again~
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Tumblr media
The Emperor and Justice
It’s not clear whether the person in charge is going to do the right thing, or get what they deserve. Either way’s fine, really.
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Tumblr media
Do you vibe with your fav LI?
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Fyodor Pavlov, The Moon (Tarot card)
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madstheghost · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I have been having such a blast working on this! I have even been working on Saint Germain on and off on Twitch. Let me know if anyone is interested in seeing me on Twitch and we can set up a time. I enjoy talking with people. You can buy these guys on https://www.etsy.com/shop/FireSphereMedia?ref=profile_header
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Tumblr media
💫Preorders are now OPEN!💫
From now until June 28th, don’t miss the opportunity to get the Drawing Fate tarot deck and all we have to offer! See below for additional bundle information and stretch goals!
Store here! https://drawingfate.bigcartel.com/ 
Suit of Pentacles (Merch a la Carte). Have your choice of merch between 4 double-sided acrylic charms and 1 sticker sheet! (Suit of Pentacles is not eligible for stretch goals.)
Tumblr media
Suit of Swords (Digital Bundle). Get PDFs of our art book, guide book, and concept artbook all in one! (Suit of Swords is not eligible for stretch goals.)
Tumblr media
Suit of Cups (Base Bundle). Get our physical 78 card tarot deck and guide book, along with PDFs of the guide book and concept art book! (Suit of Cups is eligible for stretch goals!)
Tumblr media
Suit of Wands (Art Book Bundle). Get our physical 78 card tarot deck and guide book, along with PDFs of the art book, guide book, and concept art book! (Suit of Wands is eligible for stretch goals!)
Tumblr media
The Major Arcana (Full Bundle). Get everything we have to offer with our complete and most magical bundle! (The Major Arcana is eligible for stretch goals!)
Tumblr media
Finally, we have 2 stretch goals to share! At 100 orders, all eligible bundles will be upgraded to include a physical A5 size artbook. At 150 orders, all card decks will be upgraded to have gold gilded edges!
Tumblr media
We thank everyone so much for their support and please see the 'About' page in our store for any further information you may need!
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trevor out here lookin like the mfkin 7 of pentacles tarot card
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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