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I just bought my first tarot deck!!! Reblogs with some of your favourite spreads <3

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Knight of Wands

It’s an easy thing to do, just go about life with a blazing heart and outrageous self-confidence. It certainly creates more fun and good stories to tell! But you don’t always see the consequences of your own making. That energy, that cleverness, shouldn’t be locked away but it does cause trouble when it goes unchecked. Focus that drive into a passion or a cause and you’ll light up the world, not just a path.

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Thursday, January 21, 2021
Good morning! Today is about Journeys, Change, and Energetic pressure
Tarot of the Day: Eight of Wands

Things are about to get very busy. Any projects you begin will move quickly, with few if any, delays. The results will likely to be successful so long as you keep your head and don’t get distracted.

This card signals you are approaching an end of delays, and being stuck by indecision – yours as well as from others. If you’ve done all you can do, then, now is the time to let others do what they need to do to ensure the end you were hoping for and working toward. 

This Eight signifies movement of energy where there previously was none so look for that cosmic *sigh* as the energy that was building but getting you nowhere, is released and begins to draw you forward. Expect great news, great hope, speeding toward an end that promises happiness. This can also represent the arrows of love (which is where it’s ok to lose your head a little).

💚 At work, you are likely waiting for others to make decisions and it feels as though you are running and not getting anywhere. Consider the adage that no news is good news; relax, don’t push, and trust the work you offered; the delay isn’t yours to fix.

💙 Travel may become a key focus in your relationship today. Whether that means an unexpected requirement to travel, the relationship you seek will require a willingness to travel, or will be found in travel, go with the flow. Don’t force things to remain the same. Find, and then focus on, the benefits of the change.  

🧡 Wherever this flurry of energy appears in your day, know that it will soon speed you toward rewards with hope and momentum, and land you on your feet. Happy trails, Lovelies!
Gun a-màireach (until tomorrow)
Peace out …

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hey all, just a quick note to let you know that i’ve now published all the asks that were in my inbox regarding free readings. thank you to everyone who requested a reading and left feedback! i hope the readings were helpful.

if you’d like to get a more in-depth reading from me, you can purchase them on fiverr. i would really appreciate your support 💚 

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Los Enamorados. Art by Stefany Margaret. 

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My ask box has so much amazing stuff in it rn I dunno where y’all got these ideas but I’m glad I can finally use my tarot/cards against humanity cards 

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Countdown to Fiona S2 E7-9

Here is today’s message for the collective.


The Ten of Cups card depicts several people and a child who are celebrating. Someone is holding a glass of champagne and there is an obvious joy on everyone’s face.

This card is all about happiness, fullfilment, happiness in your relationships. It’s a time of harmony, love and peace. Take the time to reflect on what you have and what you are grateful for. You are blessed with do many things!

You are in the ‘right moment’, the right place at the right time your needs and wishes granted, sincere friendships and a gratifying love. Relax and enjoy this time.

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20 de enero de 2021

Tirada de la Luna en Cuarto Creciente 🌗♉️✨

🌙¿Qué me ilumina en este momento?

El JUICIO: Arcano XX, doble nuevo ciclo, dualidad, recibir. Revelación, nacimiento, nueva filosofía de vida. Nuevas ideas, creencias, verdades que emergen de la experiencia vivida, la pandemia, el encierro, el encontrarse con nosotras mismas y nuestras necesidades y deseos.

🌙¿Cómo puedo acercarme a esa luz?

3 de COPAS: resultado y emociones. Felicidad, unidad, núcleo familiar, nido, hijos, amistad. Celebrando la felicidad de la unión con las personas que más amamos.

🌙¿Qué me ayuda a ser más positiva?

10 de BASTOS: totalidad y trabajo. El peso del trabajo realizado, el esfuerzo invertido en nuestro crecimiento personal. No olvidemos que todo lo vivido, aunque haya sido doloroso, fue necesario para estar hoy en este momento de sanación.

🌙¿Qué energías creativas se están manifestando?

Reina de BASTOS: Agua y fuego, poder pasivo y pulsión de vida. Una mujer cuyo poder amoroso enciende la pasión y la llama de nuestro corazón, una mujer entusiasta, alegre, divertida, con iniciativa, que nos invita a vivir la vida con toda su intensidad. Inspirémonos en ella.

Bendiciones de la Luna.

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Selecting an Tarot deck is very important. The deck should resonate with your spirit . Tune to learn how to select your first deck and what to look for in a good deck

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Four of Wands and Death

Wow, we get to spend a day celebrating a major change, as old routines come to an end and make way for something new.

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Daily card.

Knight of wands. Put you ideas and plans into action. Finish what you started but don’t rush.

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