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If you have eyes for a water sign or air sign right now this message is for you 🌚:

You had a big choice to make this week. You put a lot of effort into covering all your bases, making sure you got it right because this means a lot to you. I see you might have given someone one last shot and the answer allowed you to finally, finally close out this cycle. I’m so happy for you. Now you can move on to better things, guilt free. You don’t feel that “what if” haunting you anymore. You got your closure. Stop obsessing and switch your focus and efforts to building with this person. Whoever this is, is your person. You manifested this relationship and you are deserving. Believe that. The way you and this person are gonna connect is intense and kinda romantic. Almost like destiny. They will show they are committed to you once you let them in. Accept the love! Let yourself be happy again!

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The devil, hierophant, page of cups and magician

They are very magnetic, the type of person who can make anything out of thin air and be very positive in negative situations. They also have very internalized emotions, even if they appear happy they could go through some sort of inner turmoil. May be into something spiritual, like crystals, meditation and they are a powerful manifester. They do something with books or have a lot of books. Maybe a big reader. When you meet them they’ll have a stable job and money income. They may do something in filing or writing. I am seeing a lot of reading and writing. May work at a school or do some sort of job where they have teach people under them. Maybe a secretary. They have a magnetic aura, lots of sex appeal. Thick hair, could be dark or dark when you get married (possible they dyed it), deep eyes very scorpio eyes that are intense. I am seeing cancerian energy could be a cancer moon, venus, sun or rising. I am seeing some aquarius energy there as well. Overall very amicable person may have trouble with past heartbreaks and suffered mentally from them. You two will get along very will.

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Persona 5: Ohya’s Devil

Not 100% sure I’ll keep it exactly like this but I think I need to move on to the next one. The Japanese in the articles is written: “Phantom Theieves Innocent!”
I’ll circle back here when I have to finalize the cards.

Ryuji the Chariot
Mishima the Moon
Hifumi the Stars
Akechi the Justice
Yusuke The Emperor
Futaba the Hermit
Yoshida the Sun
Iwai the Hanged Man
Ohya the Devil

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first Blue Moon reading for a regular already done! thank you so much for your purchase, Luna! ❤

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“I think of the trees and how simply they let go, let fall the riches of a season, how without grief (it seems) they can let go and go deep into their roots for renewal and sleep… Imitate the trees. Learn to lose in order to recover, and remember that nothing stays the same for long, not even pain, psychic pain. Sit it out. Let it all pass. Let it go.” —May Sarton

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The Queen of Sheba
The Queen of Sheba, Makeda, traveled from Ethiopia to Israel with precious spices and gold to trade with King Solomon. He was so charmed by her cleverness and beauty, that he fell in love with her immediately, and when she returned to rule over her homeland she gave birth to a son. The Queen is here to advise you to use all your charm cleverly, to get what you want out of negotiations. Be fair and enterprising.

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tarot reading 27-10-20

Page of Cups (reversed), The Star, Five of Pentacles (reversed)

This week’s tarot readings pertain to domestic life and space.

We start with a delicate flower - naive and emotionally vulnerable. The Page of Cups feels like being a teenager, where it’s the best of times and the worst of times. Life is dramatic and so are you. You’re drawn to creativity because you’re building yourself everyday. You can be easily crushed by anodyne words, and crush others in your awkward flailing. 

Once you’ve been around the block a few times, you get to grips with these regular feelings. You realise you don’t have to panic everyday because you’re running late, because you can just set your life up so that you’ll be there on time. The Page of Cups hasn’t quite learned that yet. 

They still believe in dramatic reveals, dreaming of being plucked from obscurity and becoming famous and adored. As Lady Gaga said repeatedly on her campaign trail for A Star Is Born: “There can be 100 people in a room and 99 of them don’t believe in you, but all it takes is one.” The Page of Cups is, and sees themselves as, a creative ingenue, and we love them for it, as long as they don’t moon about too much when the chips are down. 

When reversed, the Page of Cups suggests creative blocks. Maybe you’ve been keeping your dreams close to your chest, toiling away in secret for fear someone might sneak a peek at your work and disparage it, and by extension, you. Maybe you haven’t been able work at all, because you were terrified of what creating might mean. As regards home life and space, it suggests that you wanted to change, create something new, but you were afraid that other people wouldn’t approve. And that feeling of having your creative expression blocked was getting you down even further. 

Take strength from yesterday’s High Priestess in knowing your interior world is a valuable source of knowledge. Can you take the emotions out of the situation, for once in your life? (I say this with a gentle smile). Does a minor setback have to be added into the grand unified theory of how tragic your life is? Do those people really disapprove of you spreading your wings? Or is it just that they’re not offering you praise and encouragement and validation? 

Wherever you are, this isn’t the end of your story. You’re actually only at the beginning of your creative quest. Play into that idea you’re rather taken with, the one where you’re an undiscovered creative ingenue. Be kooky, and talk to the other unlikely characters you meet by chance along the way.

After all, hope is shining brightly. As you travel through the dark of the night, the stars point the way and lead you to what you are searching for. The Star kneels naked by the water, with no bulky armour or courtly robes holding her back. She has left behind old things, relics of past lives which weighed her down, kept her tethered. Leave behind the adolescent mood swings of the Page of Cups, and instead use your feelings to nourish your hope, like The Star does to her environment, as she pours from the jugs in her hands. How can you act truly? How can you nourish hope in your life and the lives of others?

In the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck, which I’m using above, the card strongly recalls Temperance; a similar shore with mountains rising behind. We can draw connections here to Temperance’s message of moderation and simplicity. Like Temperance, the Star has one foot in the water, one on land, balancing feeling with the material world. She pours a great torrent of water into the lake, speaking to depth. But she also trickles a tiny stream that snakes away in different directions - tentative feelers outwards signalling many different possibilities. Big changes or little changes are all useful. Throw away the holey socks, practice that habit, talk to the people you live with about what you want. The Star says, ‘Do it.’ The Star has faith in you. 

From this burst of proactivity comes the Five of Pentacles reversed: the only card of our reading to pertain specifically to the material world. This is one of the few cards in the tarot deck that is better reversed than it is upright. Upright, the Five of Pentacles speaks of penury and exclusion. In it, we see two figures dressed in rags, one crippled, trudging in the snow outside a church whose fine stained glass windows suggest wealth and dignity that these two cannot access. Reversed, those hardships are inverted - a lessening of or an end to financial trouble and isolation. Perhaps the figures go to the door and seek refuge in the warmth of a congregation. Perhaps the priest opens the door of their own accord, and invites them in from the cold. At any rate, we’re seeing a move away from isolation and material scarcity. This could be a new income stream, or something new for your home that has made a world of difference. This might look like a more concrete support network. Through reaching out to others, you realise you’re not alone (and it helps you put your own plight into perspective).

We carry so many emotions around in our homes and our home lives. We spend so much of our time there now that it would be hard not to. Forgive yourself for being overdramatic about creative blocks. We’re living through a pandemic: it’s understandable that you’re not operating like you would have been a year ago. Choose openness and connection to bring you out of your slump. Hope is opening. It is also constant: the stars are always there even if you can’t see them. Emotional maturity and hope will take you out of scarcity. In a time where emotional maturity and hope themselves are scarce, create them ex nihilo. Wealth begets wealth, as we know. You can have things too.

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