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Knight of Wands

It’s an easy thing to do, just go about life with a blazing heart and outrageous self-confidence. It certainly creates more fun and good stories to tell! But you don’t always see the consequences of your own making. That energy, that cleverness, shouldn’t be locked away but it does cause trouble when it goes unchecked. Focus that drive into a passion or a cause and you’ll light up the world, not just a path.

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hey all, just a quick note to let you know that i’ve now published all the asks that were in my inbox regarding free readings. thank you to everyone who requested a reading and left feedback! i hope the readings were helpful.

if you’d like to get a more in-depth reading from me, you can purchase them on fiverr. i would really appreciate your support 💚 

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The Arcana hit 100 subscribers!

In celebration I’ll leak some info about the character above :)

This is Dahli, last name unknown due to the fact that most of the Arcana cards drop their last names when assuming their roles. Dahli assumes the role of the magician arcana card.

Magician characteristics are in Upright so he’s Determined, Dexterity, Resourceful, Skilled, Strong powerful

His personality parallels the upright drawing of the card.

He is upright instead to reversed(like some other cards) because he had no grudges when passing over infact it was completely intentional.

TW: Death, Possible Suicide


Dahli lived in a home with a very neglectful family. Aside from this he suffered from depression but when having his episodes, his family wouldn’t care and he could see that they only really paid attention to him when he was aiding them I.e. helping his mother cook, picking up his siblings from school, cleaning up after everyone and so on. Basically being as useful to them as possible, but his parents didn’t care much about how he was doing in school nor his passions because they viewed him as a lost cost of a child out of his three siblings, him being the middle child. He wasn’t doing well in school due to his mental health and at the height of it he started self harming. The school he attended found out about it and reported it to his parents, the guidance counselors erged his parents to take him to therapy but they did not believe he had anything wrong with him. Eventually Dahli went to the hospital and was prescribed anti-depression, and he felt a bit better and began working his way back to getting good grades. His mother though, couldn’t stand the thought of her child possibly being “sick” or needing meds so a week after taking them, his mother threw them away. After finding them in the trash, Dahli realized his family didn’t want to understand what was wrong with him. They didn’t care to know what he was dealing with no matter how many times he tried to get their attention. So as a retaliation and a final horah, Dahli took all of the anti-depressants at once, and to avoid the pain, he took some drugs to numb his body. He ended up standing on top of his own roof for his family to gather, screaming for him to come down. “They really sound like they care for once.” He thought. But it was all a lie to him. The police came to get him down even setting up a safety net at he front of the house to catch him. He jumped off the roof to the safety net and quickly climbed off and booked it away from the police and started a chase. He just kept running without anywhere to go. He had no plan just to punch his ticket. He ran and ran until he started to slow down and feel the beating in his chest become louder and stronger. He fell to his knees and let out a gasp for air. He suffered a heart attack.

Ik it’s not too refined lol but it’s just my writing of his backstory. I’m not the best at actually writing but hey that’s why I have someone to edit the story itself and turn my rambles into something lol.

~Sorry for the heavy stuff~

Thank you for reading this far and I’ll possibly post more excerpts here about the characters.

You can read The Arcana on webtoon

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21st of January 2021

Sparks fly when you share you plan of action with others today. It seems that they are clouded in misinformation by what they perceive you are actually saying. Internal strength will be required in transcending their stupidity. It certainly would be a lot easier to agree to disagree in the hope that the folly will quietly disappear so that you can dwell back into feeling calm and at peace with your original plan of action.

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Also I’ll be migrating a bit more over to Instagram for art/deck purposes, so I’d love it if you’d give me a follow on there! I’ll be announcing the theme of my deck pretty soon too :)

I’ll still be active on here but just thought I’d update y’all. My IG is autumnwoodstarot

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the HIEROPHANT (V) - Taurus’ Card - Earth - Ruled by Venus

Upright: Scholar, Education, Traditions, Guidance

Reversed: Rebelliousness, Ego-driven, Challenging the Status Quo

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tarot deck design question…

So for my deck design, I’m not changing any of the suits, I’m keeping with cups/pentacles/wands/swords. But for the imagery, I’m having a hard time sticking with one representation of the suits. How do you guys feel about different objects throughout the deck to represent the suits?

For example, a sword may be represented by an axe, an arrow, a scythe, etc. Cups could be actual cups, mugs, or buckets. Wands could be a staff, or large posts, a shovel or a broom. Pentacles might be an orb, or a carving of a pentacle etc.

See what I mean? I liked the idea when I came up with it, I think it allows for more descriptive images and creative variation. I just want to know what others think before I really commit to it.

Let me know if you have thoughts !

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I’ve been watching a lot of tarot card readings lately. And I’ve learned a lot of things. About myself and about readings.

I think I believe somethings with the cards, and I don’t believe others. I feel like I’ve always been able to tell, or I have been able to see what’s true and what’s random.

I’ve read cards that have told me what spiritual “powers” I have, and I completely believe them. I’ve always had a funny thing about how people feel or the future. I wish I could explain myself further, but I don’t think I can.

Something I continuously keep seeing come up is my love life, and who’s going to be in it. I keep getting the same cards, over and over. And it gives me a lot of hope. Do I feel like they are real? Yes actually. I do.

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No, he isn’t honest. Listen to your heart. I feel like you already know what’s going on. He’s holding information from you.

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Sure thanks.


Have faith in yourself and know your work is good and stands on its own. Persevere, be determined, and let nothing divert you from having what you want.

The problem(s) isn’t going to go away of its own accord. You must alter your stance or take action to resolve it.

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Thank you but here’s what you NEED TO KNOW.

Hun, you don’t need to know all of the bells and whistles. You need to be patient and continue working on your path including having a career. I know this is hard to do. Being single isn’t a death sentence and having all these answers isn’t going to really help you. You don’t need all the answers to the test. Just by asking, it shows you are very very willing to know but there is underlying fear that needs to be dealt with as well. It doesn’t take a card reader to know this. You got it in you to keep waiting. You are much stronger than you know. Waiting as you have isn’t hard to do but trust me, the right partner will respect this and respect you.

They will come and for the sake if divine will, I won’t tell you when or how this person will come into your life. You need faith and patience. You already know you will meet someone and you will. The problem is having patience.

Okay here goes….


As I said you’re being tested on your faith, there might be some checking on theories or beliefs with focus on promising unions, business ventures, or partnerships, large or small companies, contracts or documents, and unexpected wins.

You want a successful partnership or union and to overcome the nagging feeling of fear or apprehension concerning it.

A difficult decision will be made soon regarding a new relationship as far as should you or shouldn’t you.

Feeling apprehensive or distrustful, but this feeling will soon pass.

The key to liberation is to find inner peace and thereby transcend choice or result.

A new element or “flight” to a new environment will ease existing tensions or loneliness.

Someone will want to make living arrangements with you.

There will be a fresh start and a new level experience.

The person you will meet will be charming, charismatic, kind of a hippie, but the downside to this is that he may be a little wild or does things in excess and irresponsible. I get the sense of somewhat like that character in the show Cuckoo played by Andy Samberg.

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You want to get out of an oppressive situation or change your present line of work.

You feel limited, restricted, or immobilized by others and as a result will experience hardships.

You may take some sick leave or blow out of an unpleasant job or work situation; or you could change your mind about taking a job you really didn’t want anyway but felt you had to because of financial considerations.

If obstacles are confronting you, it’s because you’re moving in the wrong direction or preceeding in error. More facts need to be uncovered.

Be honest with yourself.

In time you will make some profit or get a little more than usual, but work will still be unsatisfactory, and new elements will make it necessary to effect changes or make new arrangements.

Some advancement will be made but your position will still be unstable.

Your success will come through preordained changes that will alter your present circumstances, ease tensions, and better your conditions in the future.

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This took months and the colors changed like three times but i finished it!!

Ea Fay as the Star Tarot card

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