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2021 is just around the corner! What’s to come!? Get a 12 card intuitive oracle reading with each month’s (January - December) general theme! You will receive a photo for each month with the card, meaning, and other insights. Get reading here! You can choose up to THREE decks to have this reading from (see below). Don’t hesitate to message me with any questions or comments! 

Decks you can choose from:

The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle
Healing with the Fairies Oracle
The Anubis Oracle
The Earthbound Oracle
The Floret Oracle
The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle
The Pythia Botanica Oracle
Season of the Witch: Samhain Oracle
The Pagan Otherworlds Tarot
The Wildwood Tarot

Get reading here!

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Now offering 2021 readings!

Pulling a card for each month with detailed explanation. Will be sent in video format.

$15 for one card per month + one clarifier

$20 for one card per month + 2-3 clarifier

I accept payments via Venmo and cashapp only, DM for booking and details ✨

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3rd of December 2020

Do as I say may not be the response you want to hear today considering that your life experience teaches you to think and act differently. Today you are asked to re-evaluate and especially examine why you choose to associate with the very people that demean your values. Be confident and have assurance in your ability that you can stand up to their criticism and walk away.

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This is a reading on someone in my life who wants a way to be in my life that is an alternative to the former romantic bond. We are both in need of healing, but have opposite energies. He is strongly Yin and I am deeply Yang. I believe in finding the balance of complementary energies and maybe he desires this on a subconscious level, but he is very suspicious originating in long-term, deeply rooted trust issues. He stays emotionally distant because he’s had to heavily protect his sense of security in the past. He is guarded to keep his emotionally vulnerable self safe, as if he’s defending himself from threats to his survival.

He’s unhappy with the family he started, and his relationship with his parents; and from past conditioning he has benefitted from larger-scale thinking, even if it is to the point of neglecting someone’s feelings, because he had to do that with his own, or generally just act for his own self-interest. This lead him to his cunning, tricky ways of manipulation to stay in control.

Though on some subconscious level he may seek to free himself to be a more emotionally open person, because he does desire the benefit, but fears the risk. He may believe there is some resolution to this problem that he can’t see or understand, and this will be spiritually healing. But he is so resistant to this because of his strong need to protect himself.

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Everyone.. You don’t have to put up with that. If you asking politely for a reading and the tarot reader says Yes it’s alright “first you have to follow me on Instagram and YouTube. Then you can ask your question.”

Yes you can follow them, but you don’t have to just for a reading. The intentions of the reader are more “I want followers and a community so you have to follow me for a reading.” nothing wrong with want to build a community it’s great but as guidelines for a reading.. It’s very brazen.

Second, if you followed them and ask your question.. The person always will tell “hey I will do the reading for you today!” it’s alright.. I am myself a tarot reader and I know that we have to connect to the spiritual and have to have energy to readings. It’s alright if it takes a little longer.. But it the reader almost writes you everyday, they will do your reading today.. I’d feel very fooled by them. Like I’ve said it’s completely alright if the reader takes longer but why do they tell me almost every day they will do the reading and then doesn’t do them but make videos and other things. It’s alright but don’t tell me everyday you’re doing my reading soon and then don’t do it. I’ve waited 4 weeks now and I was completely alright that it takes longer but not in this way. So I’ve decided I will look for another tarot reader and tell them that it’s not alright to deal in that way with people who are interested in their work. I think a good tarot reader is someone who really cares for their customers. But they just want some fame, they want me to check out their videos and support them even if I don’t have a reading and don’t know how they are as a tarot reader. It has all to do with being fame.

I won’t say who this person is because this is my own opinion about this situation.

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1st of December 2020

An olive branch will be extended out to you today in a bid to end the niggling hostilities between you. Two choices become apparent. You can either accept their offer of restitution or allow the troubles to keep on festering. There is no point in lying to yourself today so be honest in your decision by responding by what you really think and feel.

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General *Timeless* Tarot Reading

By, ShiningMysticTarot

Hello friends, here is my second ever general reading meant for anyone and everyone. This is a timeless pick a card reading so whenever you see this at anytime in the future it will still apply to you. I’m sorry to the lovelies that might pick a card and nothing resonates. I am probably not picking up on your energy. Stick around for other general readings that may apply to you as I expand! This is meant for multiple groups of people so not all messages are meant for you, thank you for your time 🙏🏻


Originally posted by amandaherzman

This is your general energy reading and what is coming towards you. Also advice and awareness in between.

You can pick multiple piles because there are a lot of mixing energies in these groups. It’s quite funny honestly.

Here are the groups:


Right to left

Pile 1:

Your Numbers: 8, 77, 33 and 9


First off to begin, Recognize your strength and power. You have everything you need to move forward with your ideas and aspirations but right now you must build your security and foundation. I know its hard with your emotions from the past still influencing you; possibly a memory of failure hanging over your head is still bringing you down. A past situation between you and friends possibly bringing you down, like some drama fest or something they have said about you. That moment does not define your entire existence. That failure or fail does not define your ability as a person. You are being too hard on yourself and need to lighten up. You are capable and powerful and deserve happiness like everyone else. Structure in your life right now is key wether it be about work, love or your life in general. Many things are on your mind and the past is affecting your decisions. Don’t be afraid to ask for help; let people (that you know support you and don’t judge you) help you with your goals, not drive your path for you. I think you should also give yourself some more time to rest and relax. Nobody makes good decisions when their brain is focused on everything bad. Take time and meditate; this will help you at this time. Meditation will help you with these negative thoughts and feelings that are running amuck and will help you restructure your life to feel more helpful and accommodating to your needs. The advice from your spirit guides is to continue forward on what you are doing; make it more stable, re-evaluate plan of attack, move forward and preserver; you WILL reach your goals!!! Have faith in your guides and have faith especially within yourself. You are moving forward even if it feels like you’re not. You are on the right path you just need a change its structure and execution. I send you all the luck and one on your journey!!

Pile 2:

Your Numbers: 1, 9 and 5


You may be feeling unstable and in an insecure energy. You might have been kicked out of your home or someone threatens your security and safety. Some of you are graduating from school and have school related issues. Maybe even school related security is on your mind like not having a safe school environment. This might indicate you losing your home or moving. You need to take your time and plan step by step forward to know you are moving at your own pace. There is a recommendation at this time to be aware what you truly want from the world and finishing something you started with your concentrated energy/focus. Making sure your decisions stick to your morals and values. There is a scattered energy which indicates being out on your journey and not knowing if your decisions are right or not; you possibly feel lost and unconfident in yourself at this time. Right now you should slow down and look at your situation from different perspectives and fully see how things truly are. Slow down, re-evaluate and execute. Its a good time to listen within and have moments of rest to have a clear and heathy brain to not make radical impulsive decisions. You are going through an awakening which is why you should take it slow and have patients with yourself and your energy levels. Both inwardly you are awakening and outside things are changing, its a lot to handle! Don’t be afraid to ask for support and advice from a mentor, friend, or parent. A sudden change and shift is happening or will be occurring soon so be warned! But remember to not get so caught up in the mess of things. Always take a breath and step back, you know you are human and need to take care of yourself to get the best results; just know you are the queen of wands and can light up a room. You are capable, powerful but the flame needs to be tended to, don’t forget your self care!! Don’t let your judgment of yourself hold you back from this good idea that you may have been working on or might be doing right now. This good idea you have might not be something you are confident in but understand it is something full of potential! Right now focus on your step by step goal/plan and hone in your focus on moving forward. Have faith in yourself, you’re getting there!

Pile 3:

Your Numbers: 2, 22 and 8


At this time you will have a positive movement forward in your work life. This could be talking about other aspects of your life but for many this is about your career and work life. You are coming into your power and taking the wheel. You are going to get promoted or having a large unexpected pay out! Right now its a good time to listen to your gut, you are very connected to the beyond at this time and will have a clear head to move forward. You have been juggling things in your life trying to keep balance but flowing with the waves. You are flexible and accommodating with your career or with your projects. With this deep connection to the other side do not be afraid of speaking up and saying your truth. Be clear and honest with yourself. Your pay off is finally coming to fruition, you’re allowed to finally scream out in relief from juggling all your responsibilities and reaching stable shore. Advice on moving forward, hone your focus on your main goal in this moment and go for it. You are very capable of making whatever you’re creating into reality. Be persistent and pick one of the many ideas you may be juggling around in your head and sow the seeds! You are at your peak potential follow the tide and you will reach the shore!

Hope this helped you, have a blessed month my lovelies! 🥰

Tarot decks:

  • Dreams of Gaia Tarot, Ravynne Phelan
  • The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck, John Holland
  • Ethereal Visions: illuminated tarot Deck, Matt Hughes
  • Palmistry Cards, Vernon Mahabal
  • The Wild Unknown Tarot, Kim Krans
  • The Rider Tarot Deck, Arthur Edward Waite
  • Personal added messages by ShiningMystic

Originally posted by prinsomnia

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Blessed “Moon” Day!

Hello, Dear Ones

I have returned from my Yuletide deep cleaning ritual. I am refreshed and revitalized, and I truly hope this message finds you in good health and in good spirits.

I have fulfilled new reading requests received over the break, and am open for booking free and paid readings again.

There’s also some new posts in the works for the weeks ahead; in addition to the esbat post for the Gemini full moon this evening:

💫 Practicing Gratitude and Mindfulness.

💫 What Reiki is, what it does, and how it enriches your life.

💫 Yule ideas and correspondences.

There’s also two exciting announcements to make!

🌟 I’ve joined a local group called Aventurine Clairvoyant Intuitive Healers. My partners are Heidi Mello and Jane Dowler, a truly gifted witch and medium, respectively. More on that this week. 😊

🌟 Speaking of Reiki services, I am making preparations to finally open paid distance Reiki healing sessions. 🙏🏻🌈 I’ve scheduled that for Friday, December 11.


Be on the lookout for lots of great content to come!

Though 2020 has had considerable challenges, it’s been an absolutely incredible experience to get to know and work with so many of you. I look forward to continuing to do so throughout 2021 and beyond.

I hold heart space for you today and always. Blessed Be and be well. 🙏🏻✨



Originally posted by geyashvecova

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Month Ahead Pick a Card


What does the coming month have in store for you? What energies can you expect? Take a moment to relax, take a few deep breaths, and let your intuition guide you to choosing a pile. Remember that you will never choose wrong. Pick whichever pile, or piles, are calling out to you in the moment. 

I do accept tips for my readings if you ever feel called to contribute(info in my bio). It is never expected, of course! Do what you personally feel called to, whatever that may be. I appreciate all of you guys for any support you give, including just being here on this blog and sharing space with me. I hope all of you are doing well and wish you peace and blessings 🤍🌙

Individual choices under the cut

Keep reading

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