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card of the day: THE WORLD

✫ fulfilment

✫ harmony

✫ completion

┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊

┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ˚✩ ⋆。˚ ✩

┊ ┊ ┊ ✫

┊ ┊ ☪︎⋆

┊ ⊹ ┊

✯ ⋆ ┊ . ˚


to encounter the world in your cards is to encounter a great unity & wholeness. it symbolizes the moment when the inner & the outer worlds - self & other - become a single entity. in some traditions, this state is described as enlightenment, or nirvana. there is a recognition that the individual self is profoundly linked with all other things, & that we all dance & sway along the flow of life to one rhythm. not only do you hear this rhythm, but you participate in it - following the dips & the rises, the joys & the sorrows. how this feeling manifests may differ from person to person, whether it is a calm on a summers day, or a recognition of a lifelong achievement.

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✨Daily Tarot✨


Honesty, Balance, Fairness

✨Message me for a reading✨

My specialty is channeling messages and lessons to help you grow🌱 but I also offer relationship and outcome readings. If you have any questions please reach out to me, I’m happy to help!

I want to use this page to help educate people on the metaphysical so if you have any ideas or want to see something I’d love to hear it!

*Payments are available through PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp. Once payment is received, I will begin the tarot report. Reports are sent online and include pictures of the cards with their insight. All proceeds go towards college tuition.*

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These two cards came up in a reading. The fairy one was used for the spread and the stain glass was for clarifier. Four of pentacles called me to rest in preparedness. She knitted those baskets and fills them with fruit with the help of mice for the winter. And the eight of pentacles clarifier calls me to focus in my craft. Which in this case is crochet. Rather than being anxious in the future I can ground myself in my craft. It’s comforting.

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Daily Tarot


Thursday November 26 2020 Tarot

When the Hierophant card is reversed, this may be indicating that you bring an unnecessary episode of rebellion against traditional, long held ideals and spiritual beliefs that belong to your lineage. Be aware that without the steadying influence of tradition observed from generation to generation, there would be no stable support system within which you could afford to rebel.

Get a sense of whether you are biting the hand that feeds you. Take care lest you damage your right relationship to the Great Mystery.

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Thursday, November 26, 2020
Good morning. Today is about Teamwork, Diligence, and Accomplishment
Tarot of the Day: Three of Pentacles

This card brings positive messages of support in all areas of your life but, as is true of most of the Pentacles, it speaks primarily to career and reward. It indicates that you may soon receive the finances and/or an opportunity to nurture or develop something you’ve been working on.

Whether it’s an invention you started in your basement, a work solution you developed that now needs a team, or a commitment you made to your self-development, the time has come to bring it into the light. This means you need your interpersonal skills and people you can trust, to help you complete your vision. If you feel disappointed or unmotivated by slow progress, consider seeking assistance, or brainstorming but, stay on focus.

💚 If Three finds you at work, today, know that you are well respected for your work ethic, trusted for your expertise, and generally well regarded.
💚 If you are looking for work, this card indicates a short search and a job you’ll love so, start hunting!

💙If your relationship is touched by Three today, take an opportunity to appreciate your partner. Share the good feelings you’re feeling.
💙 If you’re interested in someone, take heart! This card indicates that they dig you, too. Although love likely isn’t where they are yet, they definitely see the potential. If you’re “still looking”, work or a place where you’ll find people who share your passions, is the place to be.

🧡 Whether in a physical or metaphysical area of your life, this Three tells you you’re on the right path. Maintain your clear sense of purpose, rely on others when appropriate, and you’ll rule the day.
Gun a-màireach (until tomorrow), Lovelies
Peace out

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Free Tarot Readings


Originally posted by thewitchystuff

For Thanksgiving I’ll be doing FREE tarot readings from 9am est til 4pm est. This is for a general 3 card spread using my Rider Waite deck.

I’ll also be doing FREE pendulum readings with my pendulum named Lazarus. This is limited to 2 yes or no questions of your choosing.

Just send me a message stating Tarot or Pendulum, including your questions for the pendulum readings.

Stay Magickal and Be Blessed

🔮 Chole’

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hello everyone hope this reading finds you in good health. it is going to be a December reading, pick the pile or piles that you feel resonates with you the most. I’d appreciate feedback and any suggestions for future reasongs. always remember this is general, not every message is for everyone but i still hope this can bring insight into your month. thank you very much for being here, have a nice day or night, stay safe and dont forget to eat some food, drink some water and take your meds if you are perscripted any 😊

group one is the red ish stone, two is the white marble stone and third is the purplish one

(all of them are hand picked from the beach 😂)




so first question i asked was the overall theme of your month group one and i got the prisoner. what i feel with this card is you are very in your head this month. you are focusing a lot on whats going on in your mind, possibly even trying to “organize” your thoughts, whether these have to do with trauma or not.

as end of deck energy, more or less adding to the first card i pulled. we have the 6 of wands in reverse, kind of face to face with the world card. i cant really think of arrogance that tends to be the 6s meaning when reversed but i do feel that you darling have a lot to sort through, a lot that is holding you behind. the thing is that if you look at the right and left side of each of these two cards you’ll see what you are missing by focusing only on your past. the thing is the world always turns around, it doesn’t stop darling, it doesn’t, but you feel like it has. there is something that you have been stuck on, a thought, a fight, a conversation, in which your state of mind has been stuck in time there. all you can focus is that and your mind is torn.

but i see the six of swords with the nine of cups in reverse and the seven of pentacles. the six of swords depicts a move, a travel; a journey. what i feel with these three cards is that, as i mentioned your mind is stuck on one point, on one thing not going right, on something that keeps you stagnant. i feel like you do know that the world moves whether you do or not, and it is part of what makes you so torn between taking your time in the fast pacing world or moving to fast into building something, giving too much into a relationship (10 of pentacles) of any kind that still is out of your control. i do feel like i have to tell you to let go of the constant questions honey, to stop worrying how this and that will happen, and have this constant battling in your head. we have to cards that in reverse (at least to me) symbolize clarity of some kind. the 9 of cups, all the cups are turned around, someone’s once arrogance or withdrawal or lies are being spilled in front of you, all in your hands. and then we have the moon, upright it usually symbolizes being deceived or simply not seeing something but here its in the reverse. remember that 3 things cant be hidden, the sun, the moon and the truth (and yeah i thought of this because of teen wolf 😂)

then to close this with the lenormand we have the cross, the letter and the dog. for some of you i feel the in the month of December you are coming much closer in touch with your spirituality and that all that ive spoken about so far is closely relatwd to this. for the rest of you i feel trusting into someone with all that has being going into your head.



first question we asked the cards is what the main focus/theme of this month is. this ice-cream sandwich card is what we got. now what im picking up from that is youre trying to press everything together. what i mean is you have a lot to and you try doing everything all at once, you do 5 things in one time, you have a finger in every pot but you dont have enough time to do that all so you are kind of frantically rushing here and there. i know you most likely expected something more playful from this card 😂 although maybe a more playful approach is what resonates with you or honestly a way you should see that. i feel like the message here is you need to chill a bit (i know, easier said than done) and realize that everything will be finished by the time you want it to.

seeing the cards coming afterwards, the fool reverse and five of cups with their clarifiers, ace of cups and 5 of swords, i fell like one issue here is trying to stretch your time to have some “me” time but also some time for your partner if you have one and if you dont its about your intuition, your spiritual side.

so inthemonthof December you are jumping into conclusions like no tomorrow, man… thefive of cups is actually the end of deck energy and in your pile it feels like it has to do with the energy youget into your month with. you are very stressed out darling I know, you are trying to tackle everything within some time limit… its tough, but you need to take a step back for a moment and truly assess the situation, take a deep breath and detach your self feom it for a second. ask your self are things really that bad or am i not seeing something.

now as for the fool and the ace… for some of you i hear take a leap of faith in spirituality, dip your hand in that jar as well ahaha. for the ones of you where the ace resonates as romance, i feel you are acting a little to early in a connection. more in a way of jumping into conclusions that arent true rather than saying i love you too early or something. please look out for that.

looking at the rest of the cards and specifically at the 7 of cups, the 9 of pentacles and theclarifiers, the 5 of pentacles and knight of cups… you darling have been searching for something for too long, to the point of feeling hopeless, to the point you know its there but you dont see it. i feel like there has been a pattern in your life recently, one that is no accident, that you have paid attention to because you know its something important, but you can figure what it is. so you are going on with your days being dragged down by this energy of “something is supposed to be happening right now but i dont see it”. its gotten you quite emotional and lonely.

looking at the other two tarot cards we have the 4 of pentacles and 10 of cups both reversed. im not going to lie to you guys, i feel like youve been quite unstable in your life for some time now and it is going to be prolonged just a little bit longer. although i believe it is all for a very specific reason.

honestly we have the child, the tree and the key as the Lenormand cards for you and what it tells me is pretty mich the reason this will be prolonged for a bit. theres a new path unfolding in front of you, one that resonates a lot more for you.



so for you guys i feel this month might be a bit more intense. as the general theme of your month we have the father and the fresh tomatoes. generally i feel this month is very focused on your family, for some i feel rejuvenating the relationship you have with them and for others it is you deciding to extend your family. i feel for at least one of you, you are currently expecting a child and theres a big possibility you’ll meet the little one very soon!

mobing to the next carda we have the 10 of pentacles and 2 of cups, and their clarifiers, ace of swords and 5 of swords. now, with these i once again feel a very strong family theme. someone is as i said expanding their family with whatever it is a child, a pet… anything really. and there is a past detachment from your partner, which will be mended when you both take a step back and take a breath, thinking more clearly, before reconnecting fully and setting the foundation for the next step, whatevee that might be. now if this doesnt resonate as romance for you it is a similar situation but with a parent i feel. there has been or will be this month some, mental mostly, distancw between you and after taking the chance to calm down and breath you take a step forward, compromising and meeting somewhere in the middle before medning things for good.

moving on we have the king of swords and the 3 of cups reversed, with the clarifiers 2 of wands and 9 of cups. As i said, distance, mental distance. you will have to be the more mature one at first darling. youll need to realize that a bit of isolation will be needed at first in order to be able to see things more clearly, possibly getting some information that you havent seen before.

finishing off the tarot, we have the emperor and the king of wands. lots of masculine energy, the ruler type of energy, the one that you feel and are in controll of the situation. generally in the whole month you will be simply standing your ground, in an admirable nature actually.

to close the reading you have the clouds, the scythe and the stars as your Lenormand which tells me tou you guys will enter a period that you need this distance, this bit of isolation before you are able to break through this and into a time of prosperity. its just that your dream life is a few more steps away loves.

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Sagittarius Szn Readings for the Air Signs 🌬🌪♐️

(Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) Apply to your sun, moon, rising, or Venus as it resonates!

Y’all’s intuition has been on point lately. A lot of insight and messages have been coming to you guys in one form or another, and it seems you’re finally growing the courage to listen to it ! Good for you guys. I sense a lot of you guys have been in your carefree, detached energy. Not necessrily detached in a bad way, just not wanting to be tied to anything too serious or requiring heavy commitment, as you want to be free to move about as desired and act upon your own desires and strive towards your own goals. Be sure you’re protecting your passions and plans at this time , however. There may be more sinister presence that’s secretly wishing on your downfall. They may feel jealousy or envy over your life and accomplishments , because you’ve done the work and they haven’t, therefor you’re seeing the rewards and they aren’t. They may have convinced themselves that they deserve your blessings instead of you. This person may also feel a possessive or controlling energy over you, like a “they hate you so much they love you” type vibe. They don’t want others to have you or be close to you , or they want to be the most important person in your life but when they’re around you it’s nothing but subtle put downs and insults, trying to play on your insecurities or make you second guess yourself. These types of people disguise this behavior as trying to “help” you, or being real. But these people are energy vampires , attempting to dull your shine so you don’t outshine them. Leave them where you found them and keep it moving.

There’s a lot of abundance here. Making moves towards your vision of how your life should look. Some of you may be entrepreneur Or small business owners / artists. I sense these avenues being very profitable for you soon. Grab hold of your passion and don’t let go, because it’s about to take you to a whole new level. The journey is far from over, but I do see a lot of positive results finally rolling in for you guys. Different parts of the puzzle are matching up to paint a clearer picture of the path you should take to get exactly where you wish to go. I definitely see a lot of options for you right now , but listen to your gut and try to focus on one. Zero In on it , and go full throttle. A lot of what you’ve dreamed of is right around the corner, but be sure that when you get it you keep it sacred. Don’t be so quick to share your plans or your success with the world. Not everyone would be happy to hear it, and sometimes all that energy and evil eyes will delay your progress.

Peace and Love


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Today I sat down with my tarot cards. I asked “if I will become pregnant in December, show me the empress”. I felt disappointed as I shuffled my cards and the empress did not fall out. As I lost hope and decided to wrap it up, I accidentally dropped all my cards… the empress was the last card to fall and it immediately drew my eye… it was the only card not covered by another. The emotion I felt was overwhelming, the message felt very clear and I quickly scrambled to capture this picture.

… call me optimistic but I have a feeling about December

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It Is Time To Reflect From Inside Out 🦋🌿 Thanks @MSLauraPerry 😌 #TheMinoanTarot #TarotReadings

I consider myself a very disciplined person, I love my protocols and I can’t live without my daily routine. Every two days I read my cards and I ask for a general message trying to understand the energy available and the emotional atmosphere around 🧙😌

In the day of today I catch this very deep social message about the way how we force ourselves to believe we are doing our best, when we are just not moving enough rocks for fear.

In Positive Psychology we consider the Ego, not a enemy, more as a difficult ally, the work of the ego consist in create a barrier that separates you from others, is a way to build a emotional frontier between ourselves and others, especially against their influence to change us, but ego grows faster than others aspects, and is very easy for ego try to take the control over everything, how? Using fear, to create a emotional comfort zone where we feel brave to move.

The card of the Tower is always intriguing 🧐 the world is coming down from inside out, but the build stays in the middle of destruction, just like the inner change happening now in the world, the world is changing faster, but we are doing our best to stay complete. The problem? That fake sensation of safety and comfort, where we stop moving because we think we are doing well.

In my meditation today I catch a message of precaution, about move in different directions, about change the perspective, about see ourselves from the shoes of the person next to us, and understand from a different view, what we are doing admirable good, and what we can do better.

As long as you hold tight to frustration and fear, you will not be able to move forward and take what belongs to you, how to take it? If your hands are busy holding on to fear and a false sense of security, perfectly designed in your field of vision to make you feel okay?

In words of Laura Perry about the Card of The Tower: - All the masks and walls you have built to help you pretend that life is something other than what it really is, are now tumbling down -

#MinoanTarot #MinoanTarotDeck #Tarotcommunity #Tarotreadings #TarotDeck #Tarotreaders

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if you picked picture 4 🗣


I see your hard work paying off and your happy and ready to expand in this situation, your self confidence is amazing rn and i see you still being brave and making hard decisions. please know the odds are in your favor lol. I see someone using their authority to make you feel powerless, now please hear me out. Some of the advice could be helpful but because this person comes off in the wrong way it throws you off. I see you do need to stand up for yourself but it needs to still be respectful because making it a big disagreement or argument wont get you anywhere its best to keep your composure, take the advice thats giving and dont let the other smart remarks/ bullshit get to you. And for some of you need to balance the heart with the mind dont make a decision based off just your emotions, think it through entirely and find that balance. Overall i see ideas coming to you and i want you to act on it i see you have the energy and wisdom so now is the time to plan and set goals and put them in motion literally. I see alot of travel and i see it going very well, i hope yall enjoy that time away. Im getting fire energy you could be a leo, sag, or aries or it could b heavy in your birth chart lol. (even if you not a fire sign if you were drawn here this message is still for you).

- Slow and steady process.

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