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general reading for october 22nd, 2020.

you’ve been working on yourself and it shows. you’re learning how to hold yourself accountable in a healthy, positive way. while childhood may have been difficult, you are now becoming the caring, practical, and responsible presence a younger version of yourself needed. you’re breaking the generational curses that have stood for so long: you’re going to achieve the security you seek. the devil warns you that there are still presences working against you here: habits and dependencies that have stayed with you from your youth brought on by the generational trauma. the devil card wants to bring these shadows to the light so you can be aware of these influences and further promote your growth. with the seven of cups in the reverse the message is clear: don’t be fooled, there’s still work to be done! you have come a long way, but don’t forget to go inside of yourself and make sure you’re looking at the “roots” of this issue, as your oracle card says. it’s one thing to cut off the branches, but it’s another entirely to take the tree out of the ground. make sure you’re giving attention to where your trauma is sourced and addressing the heart of the issue. blessings! - jen.

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✨Daily Tarot Pull✨

Reversed Ten Of Wands


Burden, Overworked, Humility

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October 21, 2020🤍


~ There was a timeline shift. Lots of you are experiencing a resurgence of old wounds and trials. The universe is curious if you’re ready to handle things differently.

~ “there is gold in the horse shit if you know what to do with it”

~ I’m seeing an image of two people, one is physically combing through a pile of horse shit looking for gold, and the other is using it as fertilizer for their flowers which they then sell and buy a bigger house.

~ Things are not as difficult as you’re making them out to be, you just have to change your perspective a bit<3

~ This is your chance to let go and move on from the pain and suffering of your past.

~ New lifestyles require new behaviors.

~ You cannot get where you want to go by doing what you’ve always done.

~ Are you finally in a space where you can respond to your triggers with love and forgiveness? Are you really ready for something new?

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Know all yourselves ☺️

1. Who was I in my previous life.

2. Childhood and adolescent in life previous to this one.

3. Adulthood in life previous to this one

4. Spiritual evolution at the end of that life

5. Who am I in this life

6. Spiritual bond with past life

7. Material and practical manifestation of that bond

8. What do I have to work in in this life

9. Max spiritual development in this life

10. What awaits for me in the next incarnation.

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general reading for october 20th, 2020.

in your past relationship(s), things didn’t go the way you wanted them to. with the five of cups here, clearly this person / these people meant a great deal to you and the separation caused you a lot of pain. all you can seem to think about is how you played a part in it: you can’t let go of past conversation, past memories, and past mistakes. the four of wands in the reverse reveals to me that this has caused you to struggle with your self-esteem. you may be feeling now that you don’t know who you can depend on, or if you’ll ever be able to open up to someone in the same way ever again. good news: on the other side of all this pain, you’re going to be able to have a fulfilling relationship again in your future with the lovers in this placement. with temperance, you’re going to be able to strike a balance in your future relationships that weren’t possible in your past ones. the reason? you’re going to be able to use these past experiences to your advantage and allow them to “benefit” you as your oracle card says. you’ve learned your lesson, don’t beat yourself up about it! take these lessons you’ve learned and implement them in your future relationships: the relationships that lie ahead will be far more rewarding than the ones behind you, so don’t get stuck in the past and miss out on these opportunities! xx - jen.

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