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I’m doing a synesthesia art challenge. Send me a song ( preferably from a musical, but idrc) and I’ll do a drawing based on it


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Goes Away - Tarrytown

Synesthesia color pallet top left

God I love this musical

Click for quality

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Is anyone still in the Tarrytown fandom??

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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Who are you?

Tarrytown: I’m you, buy gayer

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My mom: So, what are the kids listening to these days

Me: idk Sam Mendez or something…

Me: But Oh the things I could tell you about Tarrytown the Musical!

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During the Revolutionary War, the redcoat Colonel Andre was captured (about 2 blocks from where I now live).

A monument on the spot depicts this critical moment in American history in all of its homoerotic glory. I appreciate the artist’s emphasis on the SEXUAL THIRST these men had for each other.

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Oh look it’s Cry Over Tarrytown Hours

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Y'all are truly missing the masterpiece that is tarrytown

The legend of sleepy hallow is *chef kiss*

Jeremy Jordan’s voice is *chef kiss*

The power, the passion, the storytelling


*chef kiss*

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Van Tassel apartments, North Tarrytown, N.Y. Arch. Andrew J. Thomas. 1933

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Bet your ass I put a subtle Tarrytown reference in my podcast

Is anyone gonna get it? Probably not. But I know it’s there

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My friend got me very into Tarrytown, and I’m writing my end of year paper on The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and I’m really tempted to annotated every song on genius…

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