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severnrose · 2 days ago
Genshin Impact NSFW HCs
Tumblr media
➵ TW/CW: Smut, 18+ (MINORS DNI), Public sex, Sadism, Childe being horny for no reason, let me know if I need to add more TW/Tags <3 My blog contains dark content, be careful when interacting/following! ➵ Characters: Tagliatelle (Childe)
⤠ Other NSFW HCs (Childe, pretty old) ⤟ Genshin Impact Masterlist ⤠ «L'ultima tua prova sarà la morte» (Zhongli) ⤟ | If you want to see amazing art insipired by this hcs please go here!!
Tumblr media
This is my apology for not posting much those days since I’m still working on Kinktober :c sowwy, here have some tagliatelle 🤗 yes this is a rewriting of my old childe hcs i found those so bad that i don’t wanna talk about it
Tumblr media
I can see him being very… Active.
Childe has a high libido, and he doesn’t mind trying new things in the bedroom. They are going to be a few things he won’t try (and its easier to name what he won’t try to what he will try), but usually, he is very open-minded
Also, I can see him getting horny very easily, don’t ask why. I don’t know either. It’s the vibe that I get from him
He will pop out a boner in the worst possible situation; like you two are out eating and he watches you eat and hes horny. Just like that.
“That mouth of yours would look lovely around another piece of raw meat” I hate this man so much can u believe me
God, I imagine him getting a boner especially if you get bossier with him or if you are a fighter as well, he’s just like “oh wow, they can beat everyone’s ass! Wish it was me—“
By active I mean he is the type to want more rounds, he has great stamina and Childe loves overstimulating his partner until you are a sobbing mess, and all you can say is his name over and over again. He loves fucking you until you are fucked dumb and all you can think is his cock inside you; how hard is it and how deep he is hitting inside of you
Another thing he loves is having you begging; whatever being to have him inside, to cum, or simply to get touched, Childe likes to see you so desperate for him. It’s something that makes his blood going to his dick in a few seconds
And no, he won’t give you anything so easily. You will have to beg a lot for simply cumming, and Childe doesn’t like it when you act like a brat so prepared for punishment~
He will ruin your orgasm repeatedly; he doesn’t care about how sorry you are, Childe doesn’t care unless he feels like you are learned your lesson. He will degrade yet praise you; shaming you for how desperate you are to cum and how good you are taking his dick
Your ass will probably have a red print of his hand for days, and obviously, Childe is quite proud of it; he will trace a finger around it or even smack it, softer this time, just to see your pained face
Sadistic? Ajax? Yes. A lot. He loves seeing you crying, I can see him even licking your tears laughing over how cute you look like this, he’s a sadistic teaser who can’t shut up his mouth
And no, he won’t ever shut up. Childe is either teasing you until you cry or moaning with little no care about if someone can hear, he will probably moan a bit louder in public or specific places just to be annoying, especially if he knows there are Fatui around
Public sex? Yes, yes. It’s a good way to show people who closer you two are and to satisfy his jealousy, Childe loves cockwarming when you two are simply on a bench seeing the beauty of liyue, or in a restaurant. Does he care about being caught? No, so neither should you
Childe isn’t even subtle about it; his hands are all over your body, whispering in your ear the most filthy thing he can think, and Childe would even put your hand or hips to feel his hard-on with an angelic smile on his face
Obviously, his aftercare is fantastic; as Childe deeply cares about you even if during sex he treats you as cum dump. He will help you wash your body, giving you a message to fully relax, only sweet words before going to bed…
And then his head is between your legs and—
Tumblr media
This work belongs to @/severnrose, do not repost, translate, copy, rewrite or share on tiktok without my permission.
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glazelilyy · 2 days ago
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request from anon - "This fluffy idea came to mind immediately once I saw your requests were open: can you write some headcanons on when Zhongli, Dainsleif, Childe, and Xiao find out their s/o adopted a pet (cat or dog or ferret or rat, IDK XD)?"
a/n - you got it nonnie!! i honestly forgot all about regular requests for a sec (aaaa curse school!!!) but this was super cute and fun!!! and i needed to write something fluffy like this after all the angst i've put everyone through :P i twisted it a bit so a lil playful jealousy was included, i hope you don't mind! :D
Tumblr media
pairings (separately!) - childe/tartaglia, zhongli, xiao, dainsleif x gender neutral reader
word count - 1613
genre - fluff, crack
format- headcanons
warnings - (pets used in order of character appearance: a dog, a lizard, a cat, a bunny), playful jealousy, mentions of a family (with you, the character, and the pet)
summary - when you decide to take on a fluffy (or less than fluffy) companion, your lover finds himself in an endless competition to vie for your attention, even if he's just competing with a pet
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
when you bound through the door one day holding an energetic looking puppy in your arms, childe's actually pretty elated!
he recalls in his childhood: the long painstaking effort of trying to convince his parents to let him adopt one of the many little stray dogs that scoured the lands around his childhood home
only to no avail; poor childe in his boyhood lamented the fact that he never had an energetic companion as bouncy and lively as himself
but now, many years later, he's grinning with joy and bouncing the golden retriever in his arms like a giggling baby
you'd found the little thing wandering the streets of liyue and took pity on the solemn sparkle in its wide, round, innocent eyes
childe seems to take a liking to the puppy more than you'd expected and quickly named it "boris"
"because boris is a strong and mighty little wolf, aren't you ya little rascal?" was his explanation, solidified by the many flurried kisses he drowned the puppy's snout in
little did he know, he'd come to slightly regret his premature enthusiasm
boris seemed to take more of an interest in you and followed you around your modest liyuen apartment, pawing at your ankles and crawling into your lap the minute you sat down
originally, childe had been disheartened because of the puppy's lack of interest in him
"give boris some time, i'm sure he'll come around to you!" you tried reassuring him with a kiss to his cheek
alas, months had gone by and boris seemed not inclined to yearn for his touch; not one bit
in addition to being neglected by his new furry friend, childe also had to deal with your lack of attention on him
you'd become practically entranced by the little bundle of fluff and all of your attention shifted to boris in the process
childe'll get all pouty and poke your cheek while you play with boris in your lap
you find it quite adorable: the mighty warrior tartaglia whining for his lover's attention, and so you play into his little game for a little and tease him by smothering boris in affection in front of him
but after a while, his pouting lips and sorrowful eyes are too much for you to ignore and so indulge and litter him with kisses and affectionate words
"my two favorite boys!" you giggle as you press your warm cheek against childe's and hold boris between your smushed bodies
childe feels his heart melt when boris finally licks his hand for the first time
perhaps his excitement wasn't so premature after all :)
more content utc!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
after some thoughtful discussion and careful planning, you decided to get a pet with zhongli!
you'd been browsing options for a while but a water dragon at a local liyue pet store caught his eye and you were happy to take the little one home
you settled on a sweet name for a sweet lizard: lily
zhongli had plucked a few glaze lilies on your way home and placed them in a vase beside the lizard's new enclosure, so "lily" just felt fitting at the time
zhongli was very determined to bond with lily, seeing as he wasn't home often enough as you were
lily seemed to take kindly to him: she'd traverse his hands with ease and settle calmly on his thighs and shoulders (you'd often wake up to zhongli nonchalantly cooking breakfast with a lizard on his shoulder and gently chide him for the risk of lily falling into the food)
zhongli is also quite taken with the exact type of lizard that lily was
you'd find descriptive books of lizard types of scholarly notes he'd borrowed nestled between his usual stacks of work
after all, being a dragon-like being himself, he felt a special connection to your new scaly family member
you were quite happy to see your lover and your new pet getting along so swimmingly; part of your brain cooed at the domesticity of the situation
but, being as observant as he was, zhongli began to notice how much your attention began to shift to the scaly creature
time that you used to spend wrapped up in his arms or listening to his poetic ramblings was now time you spent spoon feeding wriggling worms to lily's awaiting open mouth
he's not one to get jealous or needy, his patience runs deep as does his understanding
but zhongli is as much of a man just as he is a god and he'll find himself clutching onto your waist just a little longer than normal and spending more time in the doorway of your home pressing his lips against yours just as he's about to leave for work
you aren't complaining one bit: you often missed zhongli while he was away and found solace in entertaining lily, which led her to form more of an attachment to you, and you her
zhongli feels a bit guilty after you voice these thoughts, but he's found solace knowing that you're not lonely while he's away and so his nonexistence rivalry with lily comes to an end
it's a win for the dragons to say the least!
Tumblr media
xiao does quite well with animals actually
but he has a preference for the calmer ones
cats became his favorite after verr goldet introduced him to the many stray cats that wander the inn's grounds and act as cuteness-attractors for potential guests
the furry baby that sits by the front desk is the one that often follows him around and paws at his ankles while he stands on the upper balcony
when verr goldet lets you adopt the cat, you settle on naming it "tofu"
before your constant presence at the inn, tofu would be more inclined to keep xiao company; xiao was quite confused at first but he couldn't deny how warm the little black and white cat made him feel
once you came along, you showed him how to pet tofu behind her ears and offer up some proper belly rubs
he loves tofu just as much as he loves you, but he can't deny the small sparks of jealousy that flutter around his chest as he watches you frolic with the little cat from afar
xiao has always loved when you let him rest his head on your lap and run your nails through his thick, fluffy locks
but now instead of his hair, your hands eagerly ruffled tofu's fur and coddled her with love in your lap
xiao won't say a word, but he's also quite sullen that tofu had stopped following him around the inn, opting instead to sunbathe with you or sit by your side while you read a novel
his two favorite darlings not giving him attention :(
ultimately he'll sulk around a bit in an unnoticeable manner (because heavens forbid that the great and mighty yaksha be seen moping over a lack of attention of all things)
it's not until you realize the source of his pouts that you quickly apologize smother him in a flurry of hugs and kisses
he's hesitant to admit it aloud but he's extremely happy that you and tofu get along since you both mean the world to him
(bonus cause i'm soft:)
xiao: *feeding tofu (the cat)...tofu (the food)*
you: *gasp* cannibalism
xiao: ???
Tumblr media
you'd been traveling throughout teyvat with dainsleif for a while as lovers
sometimes while camping outdoors, you'd come across small, woodland creatures who'd sleep nearby to seek warmth from the small campfire dain had built
on one such night while camping in the forests of mondstat, you find the tiniest of pure, white, baby bunnies nestled cutely by your bag
with gentle coaxes and hushed coos, you manage to gather the baby bunny into your arms and eagerly shake dainsleif awake to show him
"look, look! it's a bunny! can we keep it? pleeeeeeeease?"
and who is he to say no to your puppy dog eyes?
you hereby dub the bunny "snowball" and he becomes somewhat of your child
you often joke that you and dain are now officially parents, which is enough to fluster him to the point where he looks as though he'd burst should you peck his cheek
snowball is quite taken with you and prefers to snuggle into your lap when it comes time to sleep
whereas with dain, problems occur: snowball wriggles in his grasp and can never stay still in his arms
if snowball does manage to get out of dain's grip, he finds himself bounding right back into your arms
"he'll get used to you with time, don't worry." you tried to reassure a crestfallen looking dain, who half heartedly agreed
dain becomes somewhat determined to gain snowball's trust: for you, and because he secretly adored the prospect of being a little family with you and snowball
much to his dismay, not only does snowball seem not receptive to his attempts, but your attention has shifted away from him to the little bundle of fluff in your arms
dainsleif isn't a very touchy man—as much as he loves your physical attention, but a small part of him whines every time you choose to coo and pet snowball instead of giving him affection
but, of course, you never let him feel unloved
and with time, snowball begins to warm up to dainsleif
the night he finally crawls into the bough keeper's lap, dainsleif is reluctantly, although excitedly shaking you awake and eagerly showing you his accomplishment
and you merely smile, press a kiss to both their heads and lean your head on his shoulder after mumbling "my two loves are finally getting along."
Tumblr media
date published: september 25th, 2021
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lavender-composition · 23 hours ago
⭒ childe, kaeya, diluc, and zhongli: reader gets kidnapped hcs ⭒
request for @the-lizerd-is-here: I fell in love with all your Genshin Impact writings and may or may not stayed up well into the early morning reading them cause I couldn’t stop reading, I just really enjoy how you write, it’s all so good!
If it’s alright, could I please request headcanons for Childe, Kaeya, Diluc, and Zhongli where they come home expecting to see the reader, but all they find is a note from a particularly nasty group of bandits who say they’ve kidnapped the reader and are demanding an insanely large sum of mora. Not to mention attached to the note is a lock of the reader’s hair, a few drops of blood, and a message saying that if they don’t pay the ransom soon they’ll do much worse than just send them a lock of the reader’s hair. If possible, could there also be some sorta happy, good ending? I enjoy hurt/comfort way too much. If this request makes you uncomfortable at all it’s alright if you delete it. I hope ya have a good day!
good evening i live. this took like a week to write SKGHFOBBDJLA i swear i’m trying college just has me busy </3
HI i know we have talked a fair amount since you sent this in (thank you for your patience btw aa) but the first time i read this i couldnt stop smiling ;; you are so sweet but also do not sacrifice sleep to read my stuff >:( /lh
i hope you enjoy! hurt/comfort my beloved...
pairing: childe, kaeya, diluc, and zhongli x reader (separately)
characters: childe, kaeya alberich, diluc ragnvindr, zhongli
genre: hurt/comfort
word count: 2391
warnings: brief mentions of injury/blood
⋆ he could just pay the demanded ransom, and if it came down to it, he would
⋆ but childe is far from rational when he finds you’ve been kidnapped. no, in that moment, his only instinct is to protect, and the only thought on his mind is getting you back
⋆ sure, he’ll use his resources as a fatui harbinger. but childe dives headfirst into the situation himself, too (which is kind of what he’s known for, anyway)
⋆ he grows a lot more snappy and is more easily prone to anger without you around; he begins to model what most people would assume a fatui harbinger is like—cold and ruthless
⋆ not knowing where you are and what state you’re in does something to childe. he literally does not care for anyone except you, you’re the only thing that matters til he gets you back
⋆ not only does he endlessly give out orders to his subordinates, but childe himself is out searching for you day and night. one of his agents, or maybe even another harbinger, has to force him to stop and rest and eat something before he collapses from exhaustion
⋆ he throws a fit but ultimately relents to getting a few hours of sleep, only because not doing so would probably slow him down more
⋆ but as soon as he’s up and has a little more energy, he’s back to scouring teyvat for you. he knows you’re already hurt—the blood made that pretty obvious—and he’ll be damned if he lets your condition get worse because he was too slow
⋆ childe finds your location within days, and though he informs another agent of your whereabouts, he doesn’t wait for backup
⋆ you’re being kept in a secluded corner of some abandoned ruins, but are otherwise unguarded, he discovers. it doesn’t surprise him that this is just the work of some petty thieves looking for some extra money; if he wasn’t so concerned for your safety, he would’ve laughed at the lack of expertise
⋆ regardless of the fact that the bandits are—in his eyes—amateurs, childe doesn’t show any mercy. he’s honestly glad that you’re out of sight because you don’t have to see the bloodshed he brings about (if you’re conscious, though, you don’t get the benefit of not hearing it. sorry.)
⋆ he’s done within minutes, and can finally focus on getting you back
⋆ there’s blood on his jacket, and pants, and… basically everywhere else but don’t worry! it’s not his. he’s relieved to find you mostly unharmed, save for a few cuts and bruises
⋆ the tenderness he displays with you, summoning a hydro dagger and carefully cutting away any restraints around your arms or legs, heavily contrasts with the brute force he just used on the idiots who kidnapped you
⋆ when he picks you up, he holds you close. regardless of your state of consciousness, childe whispers his relief to you, brushing his nose against your cheek as he promises to never let this happen again.
⋆ given who he is, kaeya is prepared for basically anything. he’s seen a lot, and as a knight of favonius, has certainly helped with plenty of robberies
⋆ though he never expects to come home from a late patrol to find someone has stolen you from him
⋆ at first, he thinks you’re just hiding, playing a prank on him by depriving him of your usual affections
⋆ it becomes very apparent that this isn’t “just a joke” after you respond to none of his calling, even as it grows more frantic and he practically tears your home apart.
⋆ he’d find the ransom note in what should’ve been an obvious spot. after reading it, kaeya bolts out the door and goes right back to where he just was: the knights of favonius headquarters
⋆ for once he’s thankful for jean’s terrible habit of overworking herself; she’s still in her office when he practically kicks the door down, panting with the note gripped in one hand
⋆ kaeya normally prides himself in keeping a cool and neutral attitude, even in violent situations, but he’s panicked—and even that may be an understatement
⋆ he’s near incoherent as he basically begs jean for immediate help. she really only agrees because as distraught as he is, kaeya also looks prepared to walk out of her office and find you himself
⋆ he knows it’s better to work as a group. he knows the other knights will help. but all he wants to do is run off and find the bastards that thought they could harm you
⋆ he can’t be left alone, a fact he finds rather embarrassing. kaeya understands, though; he doesn’t even trust himself to behave. if he were to find who took you while alone, he doesn’t think he’d leave any survivors.
⋆ everyone can tell he’s not okay. he’s dropped his usual charming façade, he can’t relax. kaeya does a lot of pacing, between waiting for investigation updates and searching for you himself
⋆ unlike with childe, kaeya is forced to wait to retrieve you with a team once you’re found. as much as he would like to immediately save you himself, he knows that would just put your safety even more at risk
⋆ he forces himself to wait, to plan how to best get you back with a team of knights. the goal is that no one ends up hurt (even though kaeya wants to hurt some people very, very badly)
⋆ the promise of getting you back is enough for him to return almost to normal. he’s back to having a cool exterior, though he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t internally freaking out quite a bit
⋆ …at least now he can focus and work with other people
⋆ while he doesn’t kill anyone on the retrieval mission, he does some lasting damage. he finds where exactly you are by doing what he does best: getting information out of someone through questionable means! (hey, he didn’t kill them, okay?)
⋆ kaeya mostly leaves the fighting and arresting of the bandits to his companions. it would be great for them to receive the punishment they deserve, but he really only cares about getting you back
⋆ while the other knights keep the bandits busy, he uses the information he has to find where they’re keeping you
⋆ as soon as he spots you, his stern expression collapses into one of relief. he falls to his knees in front of you, untying you and pulling you into his chest immediately
⋆ after holding you for several moments in silence, he busies himself with checking you over; looking for any injuries and briefly tending to any he does find, attempting to hide the shaking in his hands
⋆ when he deems you well enough, kaeya scoops you up into his arms. even if you protest and say you can walk on your own, he refuses to let you down until he’s carried you all the way home.
⋆ he’s a lot like childe, really​​. diluc could pay the stupid ransom, but if he did, he’d lose the opportunity to break a few (a lot of) bones
⋆ also he doesn’t trust that the bandits would uphold their end of the bargain. if they’re willing to stoop so low and kidnap you, they would be just as willing to change the terms of exchange to get more from him
⋆ also like childe, diluc will use all of his connections in order to track you down
⋆ however, aside from intel-gathering, diluc does everything alone
⋆ he believes others will only slow him down, and he’s not willing to risk your safety over someone else’s incompetence
⋆ there’s literally no way to make him take a break. though the entirety of his staff knows he’s out to rescue you, no one knows exactly what that means; diluc will stay up for days on end searching for you, refusing to rest or even stop to eat
⋆ he knows he should rest, but again, he’s not going to put you in danger because he took a little break
⋆ he also knows he probably won’t be in a much better condition than you when he finds you, but he doesn’t care
⋆ diluc’s lost too much already; losing you would be absolutely devastating. he doesn’t care if he destroys himself, so long as you end up safe.
⋆ he really only pauses to think things through after he’s pinpointed your location (which he did much faster than what’s normal for someone working basically alone)
⋆ it’s the only time he takes to really think things over, coming up with a half-baked plan to ensure his success. he’ll get you back no matter what, but he wants to do so in a way that, again, won’t end with you more injured than you already are
⋆ he’s merciful only in the sense that diluc doesn’t kill anyone; severely injure? sure, but he’s not going to complicate the situation by ending anyone’s life
⋆ diluc plans to attack at night. he’s used to working in the dark, and hopes that will throw the bandits off at least a little bit
⋆ they’re holed up in a cave somewhere near mondstadt’s border. he could use the darkness to sneak around undetected, but he instead uses it to launch a sneak attack
⋆ which honestly might be better because if he takes out every one of the bandits before rescuing you, he won’t have to split his attention between keeping you from harm and, well, attempting to harm others in your escape
⋆ the dark night is disturbed by bright bursts of fire as diluc quite literally tears his way through his opponents, wounding just as many as he chases off
⋆ he’s both relieved and upset at how easily they abandon you; on the one hand, less work for him. but on the other, they could have just left you alone this whole time, instead of roping you into their selfish desires
⋆ diluc is even more quiet than usual when he gets to you, but he breathes a sigh of relief upon finding you’re alive and in better condition than he originally thought you would be
⋆ he’s gentle, slipping his gloves off and discarding his weapon to remove your restraints. as soon as your hands are free, you lunge at him and tug him into a hug, one he eagerly returns
⋆ diluc slips his coat off and drapes it over your shoulders, standing and offering a hand to pull you up. when you stumble, he lets you fall against him, bearing most of your weight as you slowly make your way back to the winery.
⋆ if you think zhongli would uphold his gentlemanly persona after finding you’ve been abducted, you’d be dead wrong
⋆ remember, this man was once the god of war. and you, the love of his life, have just been taken and threatened with injury
⋆ he has no option other than saving you himself. even if he wanted to, he couldn’t pay the ransom
⋆ zhongli swore he’d move on from his ruthless ways, but… reverting back just this once isn’t a big deal, right? it’s for a good cause… right?
⋆ he (barely) manages to keep himself together long enough to form some sort of investigation team
⋆ like diluc, zhongli’s only interested in saving you himself, but he’s not unwilling to allow others to assist him in finding you initially
⋆ there’s a benefit to keeping the kind attitude for a little longer—as much as he wants to just tear your kidnappers apart—and for having such a good reputation in liyue: he can easily gather support and assistance
⋆ being a former god also helps. he has no trouble asking his fellow adepti for help. while they can cover more ground, he also takes the situation to the millelith, who offer their assistance
⋆ there are times when zhongli feels calmer about the situation, taking a moment to rest and breathe; but then he remembers the blood, the message, and how scared you must be at the moment
⋆ it’s a thought that never fails to send him to his feet again, and he continues working for hours on end to try and find you
⋆ at one point the millelith made the mistake of saying zhongli should just let them handle it, and they never suggested that again. it’s also probably the only time they ever got to see the normally so refined zhongli snap at someone
⋆ when the group of bandits, and of course you as well, are found, the millelith and adepti alike begin to create a plan to get you back; there’s only one problem, they want to wait about another day before they do anything
⋆ zhongli should be relieved, or nervous, even, but all he feels is anger. he fights the urge to direct it at those saying they should wait to rescue you; you’re alone, you’re injured, time is running out, and these idiots want him to wait?
⋆ for the benefit of everyone—himself included—zhongli agrees to the plan
⋆ but he has no intention of listening, and that night, he’s waltzing into the abandoned ruins the bandits are camped out in like he owns the place (though i guess technically he does?)
⋆ now he allows the god he used to be to take the lead. any resistance is met with brutal, unyielding force, and he fights his way to you within a matter of minutes
⋆ you’re unconscious, covered in countless bruises and cuts, and tied up in a far corner of the ruins
⋆ it makes his blood boil. though most of the bandits have either fled or been defeated by him, there’s a few foolish enough to try and stop him from leaving with you
⋆ even with you cradled in his arms, zhongli has no issue beating them back. and when the both of you are clear of the ruins, he collapses the building; as a parting gift, of sorts… 
⋆ tomorrow he’ll blame the collapse on an earthquake. he’s not sure how many people will believe him, but what will they say? he’s zhongli, respected throughout all of liyue. and he got you back, isn’t that all that matters?
⋆ he stands, watching the dust settle for a moment, before turning to look down at you in his arms. zhongli’s hardened look melts into one of fondness as he draws his thumb over your cheek. his lips pulling up in a tiny smile, he begins the walk back to liyue harbor in silence.
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zhonqlis · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
GENSHIN IMPACT WEEK: DAY 5 → *:・゚✧ ♥ Favorite Harbinger ♥ ✧ ・゚:*.
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worldofteyvat · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
genshin week day 5: favourite harbinger ↳ tartaglia ✽
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The Day the Ocean Erupted
Foul Legacy Childe x Reader Gender Neutral (no pronouns mentioned) Angst, Hurt/Comfort Warnings: Allusions to death, drowning, pain, storms, thunder, rain
~ * ~
You remember the day the ocean erupted.
You’d been in your office, at 2 PM exactly, pen in hand and ink spotting your fingers, the culprits a stack of papers in the upper corner. The sun had filtered through your window and casted shining streamers on your desk as you wrote, typical of Liyue’s golden summers. You tapped your pen against your chin- how to phrase this next sentence? Should you focus on one or two types of silk? You hummed contemplatively, then scribbled a few more words. Sturdiness- that was important to mention in a report, especially one about something elegant like silk. The room filled with a comforting silence as you wrote word after word on the paper in the delicate warmth of the sun.
The first drop came and went without attention. But it was soon followed by another. And another. And another, until the sky was shedding all its tears into the streets and ocean of the city. Your pen had fallen from your grasp with a resounding clatter as you stood to peer outside the window, your eyes narrowed. Rain? In Liyue? Now? It was ridiculous.
Then something burst out of the ocean and you fell backwards in shock, pushing yourself away from the window despite being on one of the upper levels of the harbor. You rushed downstairs and pushed your door open, catching glimpses of an enormous serpentine creature rising from the waters as people rushed up and down the streets in a panic. The rain poured down in buckets, drenching everything and everyone, and all around there’s a frenzy of screaming, shouting, yelling, the same phrase reworded a thousand times, The Fatui did this, it’s the Fatui’s fault, the Fatui are to blame, and you could only think of one thing- your associate, your acquaintance, your companion.
Your friend.
Childe. Where was he? Vanished to the Golden House, they told you, but not as Childe, as Tartaglia, the Harbinger. For business, he said.
But soon you were swept up with the waves of screaming, and the thought had been lost.
That was weeks ago, when the Traveler had harnessed the power of the Adepti and defeated the old god Osial, with a final blow from Lady Ningguang’s Jade Chamber to seal him in the sea. The entire nation held its breath as Fatui activity wavered, dropped, then fizzled out completely. Life returned to normal, the seasons rolling by like a sigh of relief as reassuring whispers spread the news that the Fatui were finally, finally stopping their irritating interferences with the harbor.
You finish your final words and set your pen down, a thoughtful frown prominent on your face. You’ve never really been affected by the Fatui. For the most part they simply existed, a rumored plague on the Liyue Qixing with their endless meddling, but to you they were simple guards standing near doors and on the docks. On occasion when you had to wait there you would make conversation, to which most of them would respond to either in earnest or slightly tense surprise. For all their supposed horrid tendencies and practices and nosiness, you had found that many of the Fatui were, quite simply, people; people from a different nation and far away from home. People who had their own interests and likes and dislikes. People who had their own reasons and dreams and realities.
People who had all vanished when the last ripple in the ocean had stilled. And among them, your friend Childe, the Eleventh Harbinger Tartaglia. He was the only Fatui you would really consider a friend, the others being mere acquaintances. He was always teasingly kind to you, offering to get you a meal or asking to spend some offtime together. You, ever-suspicious, had often refused, but he was persistent and determined to chip down your walls one by one. And when they shook and crumbled your friendship had blossomed, despite the odd melancholy in his eyes whenever he looked at you, a question you never knew the answers to.
All this he was. But he was gone now, you suppose, following the tall, elegant woman you had seen exiting the Northland Bank to the mysterious depths of Inazuma. He looked so exhausted, outwardly appearing as tired as you sometimes felt inside, and your brow pinches.
You sigh and set your pen to the side before rising from your chair, cursing yourself for contemplating old memories. You don’t expect Childe to return anytime soon, if ever, so perhaps some thoughts are best left packaged in their pretty boxes scattered around the attic of your mind. The door swings open as you slip on your coat- it’s chilly outside, and you walk to the teashop for a new blend and distraction from the conflicting turmoil in your head.
The rain begins just as you hurry back home, having forgotten your umbrella in a moment of carelessness. Liyue’s winters, while cold and biting, never froze the storms that encroached almost every other day, instead letting icy droplets of slush fall on people’s backs and clothes. The clouds shield the few stars in the sky from view, blocking out the moon and turning the raindrops an inky black. You shove your door open and immediately shut and lock it again with a sigh of relief, shaking out your clothes and rubbing your chilled hands together. Your breathing is the only sound in the house, and your bones soon settle with a deep chill as the pressing quiet seems more and more foreboding. You cock your head to the side and hear an ever-so-faint rustling sound, and you pick up your weapon before making your way down the hall.
When you reach the living room you blink in surprise. Unlike what you expected, nothing is broken, not a dish is out of place, no drawers are flung open and riffled through. Nothing is wrong, nothing is out of order, your limited vision tells you, but a cold breeze sends goosebumps down your arms and you make your way over to the ajar window, very nearly bumping into furniture several times. You fumble with the latch and pull the window shut, dragging the curtain closed as if to cover the rain with elegant patterns and cloth, and for a few moments, you listen to the steady pour outside as it creates a chiming melody on the roof and glass.
Something breathes next to you. You whirl away in shock, clutching your weapon tightly. Something is here with you, watching you across the room, observing your every move as you hurry to light a match for some semblance of sight, the lamps in your house completely useless right now. The match strikes and connects, a yellow flame bursting to life, flickering like a firefly. You hold it up and come face-to-face with a single eye. Enormous and pearly, it gleams softly in the darkness, although whether it is blue or purple you cannot say. Sharp, plated red armor surrounds it, mask-like and curling into twin horns. The creature’s skin is also armored and bony, shades of purple and black with occasional splashes of red or silver, covered by a pair of translucent, sparkling wings like the deepest sea. It towers over you, claws and teeth razor sharp even in the persisting gloom, and you gasp and stumble away in terror. The starry wings and deep, rich colors, and the feeling it emanates, of being crushed and drowned by shining waves…
An Abyssal creature, some sort of monstrous beast from the depths of your world. It must be.
You back away from it, your chest tight with fear and the thought of death, of dying at the hands of this monster, holding your weapon so tightly you fear it might crack in your grip.
You’ve never been a fighter, only practical enough to keep a weapon you could use nearby. Between you and the creature, the creature would win with a simple swipe of its claws, and you would bleed out on the floor until you didn’t exist anymore, just another body lost to the infinite ocean.
But there is no attack, no clashing, no burning, searing pain, only a soft, sad whimper. You open your eyes and see the creature reaching out to you, crawling across the floor like standing causes it agony, as it lets out a broken and desperate wail. You take a step back again, then a step forward, your fear seeping out of you. Holding the match higher, you lean forward and squint, dots of color bleeding into the environment.
Ginger. Wondrously fluffy ginger hair, although it's wet with rainwater, and a single streak of white like snow.
You know who, and you say who before you even think who, uttering out it’s, his, name in a hushed whisper.
Your weapon forgotten, you stand shellshocked in a corner of the room, so still and frozen that Childe himself attempts to rise to his feet, only to fall back to the ground with a pained cry, a sound that snaps your thoughts like shattering ice as you rush to support him. He scratches his claws on the ground, hiccupping, sobbing, whining tearfully at a pain you can’t see. You place a hand on the side of his face and he leans into it, almost slumping to the ground as he brings his hand up to cover your own. He stares at you, pained and suffering, with the same melancholy as before, a melancholy you now understand means I cannot love you, even though I so wish to, it is forbidden by fate and stars, and your heart breaks. 
You pick up a distant rumble of thunder, and Childe yelps in fear, wrapping his claws around you and pressing his face into your side, trembling. Your fingers stroke through his hair, running down the sides of his face and horns, and his sobs die to labored breathing as exhaustion finally overtakes him and lets his body relax.
You remember the day the ocean poured down from the sky. It was now, in a dark room with a pinprick flame of light, holding the consequences of the Abyss.
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enyearns · a day ago
Tartaglia: "Then, I will."
Tumblr media
prompt: You wake up first and contemplate waking Childe up with a kiss. (source)
warnings: none! -> 826 words, (approx.) 5.5 minute read
a/n: sorry it took so long for me to post again :C i really appreciated all the reblogs and likes on my first xiao fic, it really made me feel giddy. i hope you guys enjoy this one! <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It’s unusual for you to be the first to wake up, but surprisingly you did. And only now, after all this time, you see how much of a blessing it is to be the first to wake.
You blink away the bright sunlight that filters through the window, and as the white gradually fades away, your eyes fill with the sight of your boyfriend still sound asleep next to you. You shift your position to lay comfortably on your side, slowly so as not to wake him up, and gaze at him.
Is this creepy?
You laugh quietly to yourself, shaking the thought away.
I wonder what he does when he wakes up.
With how work as a reputable Fatui Harbinger is, it’s not often that the Tartaglia gets to sleep in. His work is demanding, and he simply just can’t afford it, So it’s a rare occasion for you to be the first to wake. But, on days where he does sleep in, you are free to openly relish and admire every single curve, beauty and ‘blemish’ on this man’s face. A peaceful Childe is a sight to behold. Being able to witness the morning sun glow on his still, pretty face, the warmth that fills your chest is almost too much for you to handle.
You wish that time would stop so that you could capture this moment and keep it forever.
You lightly lift your hand to push away those few, loose strands on his face, and caress his cheek adoringly. Then, the sudden perpetual urge hits you.
I want to kiss him.
You quickly rid yourself of that thought and instead snuggle closer to the sleeping man, sighing in content at the warmth of his skin radiating against yours. You want to close your eyes and sleep again, but…
I really can’t help but to keep looking at you.
Those few glances up at his pretty face very quickly turned into longing gazes, and you wanted nothing more than to wake him up with a kiss. However, a little voice in your head constantly nagged you; he’s just sleeping so peacefully… let him have this…
Unconsciously, you lean closer towards him, and closer… until he is just a breath away. You can see every little detail on him now; from the pretty curve of his nose, to the way his eyelashes curl, and even the light freckles dotting his cheeks (now, more than ever, you wonder why he’s insecure about this).
Seeing how peaceful he looks (a side of Childe that you aren’t often able to see), you opt to press a gentle kiss on his forehead before retreating. He’d probably appreciate waking up to breakfast, too.
Just as you were about to lift your legs from the bed, you feel a hand resting on top of yours-- a weak attempt at getting you to stay a little while longer. You look over your shoulders and meet Childe’s drowsy eyes. A small smile is gracing his lips as he loosely intertwined his fingers with yours, languidly tugging you.
You don a small pout, leaning closer to the boy. “If I woke you up, I’m sorry…” you whispered apologetically, feeling regretful just by seeing his dazed face. “I was going to make you breakfast.”
“No, no, stay a little while longer,” he mumbles, bringing your hand up to press tender kisses on it. “I was already awake for a while now…”
“O-oh.” An embarrassed blush coats your cheeks, and you look away from him sheepishly. How silly of you to think he was asleep the entire time. Of course he would wake up; as a Fatui, he always has his guard up in case of danger. This might explain him being a light sleeper.
“Come here, you,” Childe pulled you back into his warmth, his arms secure around your waist. From this close, you can feel his heartbeat almost racing against your chest, matching the rhythm of your own. “I was waiting, you know…” you let out a small sound of confusion at his quiet mumble, and look up at him. His beautiful cerulean eyes were already gazing at you, and he leaned closer. “Well, if you won’t, then I will.”
You close your eyes, smiling through the kiss. The arm that was loose around your waist pulled you in even closer, and he finally pulled back. You really can’t hold back your urges this time, and hurriedly hook your arm around the back of his neck to pull him back in for a deeper kiss.
He cuts the kiss short, and he looks down at you with a pout. “Why didn’t you, earlier?” he questions in a whiny tone, brows slightly creased in a frown.
You giggle embarrassedly, covering his eyes. “I’m shy.”
He laughs along with you as he gently pulled your hands away. Then he smiles sheepishly, and confides in a low whisper; “I contemplate the same every morning, too.”
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kuuneho · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
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enden-k · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
doodled this for my bestie and her excellent non sfw childe hcs i couldnt share directly bc this site apparently hates me <3 (pls go follow my bestie, her writing and characterization is -chefkiss-, no minors tho pls)
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mocha-bunbun · a day ago
Hcs for being Childe’s younger sibling?
A/N: as someone who is a younger sibling but also an older sibling, I will have a lot of fun with this >:)
Content contains the following: childe being a loving jerk, this is platonic i will destroy your kneecaps if you think it’s romantic, a hint of angst, and fluff! Also GN! Reader
Being Childe’s younger sibling!
good luck mf
It depends how old you are
If you’re a teen, he will be so annoying but the best
But if you’re younger than that, expect to get spoiled a bunch
If you’re younger, he will literally do anything for you
Have you seen the way he treats teucer?
He will do anything, you want a huge sword?
Sure, but he’ll have to teach you how to use it first
You want an octopus?
He’ll go into the ocean and find one for you
You want Scaramouche’s idk maybe his like shoes for no apparent reason other than you think they look nice? Have em, he’ll get struck by lightning for you
You want dottore’s mask? Okie dokie, he doesnt know how you met Dottore and he’ll get answers out of him later, but he’ll make a copy of Dottore’s mask for you
In all seriousness, he really does care for you and look out for you
He wants to make sure you have a normal and happy childhood, unlike himself
if you’re a teen
Prepare for non-stop teasing and annoying shit
And not the playful annoying things
He will open your door and not close it, at all, no matter how much you yell at him to
He will hang out in your room unannounced
Childe will poke you all the time when he gets the chance to visit
But when you’re really not in the mood for his antics because you had a rough day or you’re just in a bad mood, he will be the best at comforting you
I really mean it
If things were going rough for you, he would talk to you and try to help out, and if you didn’t wanna talk, he would do stuff around the house for you
He really does care for you
Also no matter the age, he will send you letters of all the places he’s been to and the interesting people he’s met
Most of the time they make you laugh but you cant help but be concerned when you see the slightest smudge of red on the paper
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irosariaz · a day ago
Tumblr media
Coming back home to your lover [PT 1]
Work and errands have kept you away from home for a few days; so when you come back tired and desperate for some quality time with your beloved, he obliges :) | FEM READER | This was really messy and quick ^^ srry
Includes: Tartaglia and Kaeya
Tumblr media
At first Childe doesn't notice the door opening because he's just so focused on the food he's making
But once he notices your dragging footsteps it takes a second until you're being picked up and hugged tightly
"My love has returned home! I missed you my love! Let's have a nice meal together!"
He immediately sits you down on the table, and pours a hot bowl of special soup
He adoringly stares as you gulp down the delicious soup, suddenly very proud of his cooking skills
Now you’re full and sleepy, so the next logical thing to do is take a quick bath
But Childe abruptly stops you “I´ll prepare the bathtub, I need to take a bath too”
That was unexpected but it seemed that the ginger had no evil intentions so you happily accepted
He carefully washes your back and rinses your hair, barely paying attention to his own body
After the bath was over Childe was brushing your hair softy, every now and then pushing your head back to kiss your forehead 
"My love, would you tell me about your adventures?" The way he asked just made your heart melt
So as he held you close and nuzzled against you; the stories of your fantastic travels lulled both to a tranquil sleep
Tumblr media
He's not at home when you arrive
That discourages you a little, the excitement to see your lover gone and sleepiness kicking in
You wake up to a very nice smell, which is weird because you´re alone in the house
You stumbled into the kitchen and saw Kaeya absentmindedly stirring up something in a pot
He smiled when he noticed you were standing there, "I'm sorry for not being here when you arrived doll, but I'm cooking up something delicious to make up for it"
Kaeya set the table up with two plates, a bottle of apple cider and a candle
Dinner was amazing and his company made it much more enjoyable, nights like this one were rare because of your busy schedules
When you were done he waltzed you to the bedroom, without any malicious intent ;)
He sat next to you on the bed and asked about the things you did when you were away
Obviously he was as flirty and touchy as always
But when you started yawning he suggested taking a quick shower together before calling it off for the night, and so you did
After showering Kaeya helped you to dry and brush your hair, and you did his in return
He held you close as you both fell asleep, finally feeling at home <3
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choco-syrup · 2 days ago
Hanahaki Disease
Childe route
Tw: Death, blood, angst
You just stare at your phone as it rings, afraid to answer. What would Childe think of he saw you this way?
As you stare at your phone it stops ringing. Then in red bold letters it wrote, ‘missing call from Childe’.
A wave of coughs come. You violently shake from every forceful cough.
More blood.
More flowers.
More pain.
Your mind couldn’t think of anything else.
Were you really going to die like this?
Alone in your house, just because of some stupid love sickness?
Just then your doorbell rings.
You quickly wash your face and headed to the door.
As you peek through the door hole, you see a ginger haired man, waiting there.
“Y/n? I know you’re in there.”
Your hand immediately goes to your mouth, almost out of habit. Trying to muffle the coughs. You curl up into a ball on the floor, trying to soothe the pain as much as possible.
Childe was right there, right outside your doorway.
The thought of it made you feel even worse.
Unfortunately, your coughs got worse causing Childe to notice them.
“Are you sick? Was that why you wouldn’t let me in your house? Wait here. I’ll be right back with some medicine!”
He really was clueless, huh.
At least you were able to hear him one last time.
You weren’t alone for your death.
Perhaps that was the true reason of why you loved him. Not because of his looks, but because of his affection and reliability.
The pain fades away slowly with your consciousness.
“I love you Childe.” You manage.
And with that you were gone.
“Please answer me.”
“Alright I’m coming in.”
Childe takes the spare key to your house that was under the welcome mat. He never thought he would have to ever break into your house. But he had to see if you were okay.
When he opens the door he is met with the familiar smell of blood.
It seemed like a horror movie to him.
How the lights were off.
How you weren’t there to usually greet him.
The whole situation gave him a horrible feeling.
He steps forward and his foot hits a unknown liquid.
When he looks down, he sees your body surrounded with flower petals.
If Childe’s eyes had any type of light from before, it was now long gone.
He slowly falls onto his knees.
“Y/n, what happened?”
It took Childe a while to realize you were truly gone.
His feeling for you never changed though.
To him, you would always be a childhood friend.
But he still grieves for you and would feel guilty every time he sees a flower.
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ceciliablossoms · a day ago
Can I request a (male, if you do that, If not that's ok!) Reader standing on their toes to kiss their s/o on the cheek? For Zhongli and Childe? 🥰
Aww this is so cute jsjdndd
I don't really specify gender in any of my posts so this can certainly be read as male
After first he's confused
You stopped in front of him during your walk
and just gazed at his face
When you reach out to grab his hand, he watches you carefully
His expression gives away his emotions and he asks you if you're alright
As you come closer to him
He looks down at you
You're quite a bit shorter than he his
The moment you lift your heels off the ground and place a kiss on his cheek
The confusion gives way to surprise
And soon after melts into adoration
He smiles softly at you and rubs your knuckles gently
A chuckle leaves his lips
And he kisses your forehead
The man is smitten, lord have mercy
When you tug on his clothes to get his attention
He shifts his gaze to you in curiosity
When you stare at his face, he quirks a brow at you
You look as though you're contemplating
and he pokes fun at you a little
Lifting yourself onto your toes, you pull him down to meet you halfway
And place a kiss on his cheek
When you pull away and continue to walk
He follows closely behind
Teasing words leave his mouth
And he grabs you by your hand
Then tugs you towards hin
And in one fell swoop
He places a kiss to your lips
All the while grinning like an idiot
Tag List: @fictionalcharactersthatsit @youaskedfurret @nagatorou @seiiblue @dai-tsukki-desu @dilucs-claymore @duhsies @tempehlust @yoimimi
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