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#tartaglia x reader
infatui · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❀ 𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐧 𝐦𝐞𝐧 + 𝐚𝐧𝐚𝐥 ❀
characters: diluc, kaeya, tartaglia, zhongli | wc: 1.9k
in which diluc loves when you gape for him, kaeya's a little ass kisser (we been knew), tartaglia doms from the bottom (as he should tbh), and zhongli makes you his anal cocksleeve
cw: anal (obviously), bottom!reader, individual content warnings in front of each section.
contains 18+ content. minors dni.
Tumblr media
cw: wet n messy, anal gaping, cumplay/creampie, praise, light dumbification, rimming
no one expects prim and proper master ragnvindr to like it a little messy
he could spend hours and hours stretching you, fingering you, letting his rough fingers drag against your soft, loose rim
his favorite is when you're fucked silly, ass raised high in the air and presented to him so prettily
he'll cum with just the tip in— the perfect depth to let you feel his cum dripping so deliciously deep inside, and the perfect shallowness to let him pull out and paint your pretty asshole with the rest of his thick, sticky seed
he loves watching the soft furl of your cum-glazed asshole twitch and flutter, and if he's feeling particularly mean, he'll stretch you until your muscles go soft and pliant, making you gape so beautifully for him <3
"fuck, you're beautiful."
you can practically feel diluc's awed gaze dragging over your skin as he takes you in. your hole gapes softly, the edges ever-so-slightly puffy from stimulation, and he leans in, unable to resist pressing a gentle kiss to your poor, abused rim.
"so pretty for me, love." the praise sounds a little awkward, a little stilted, but it's completely genuine. "you're filthy—"
his tongue dips inside, teasing at the furl of your asshole, and you can't help but whine. even as stretched and loose as you are, the feeling of his tongue stroking against your walls has you keening.
"diluc," you gasp, heart pounding loudly in your ears. you scramble for words, but in your pleasure-drunk haze, none come but his name. "diluc."
you're delirious with pleasure— stupid with it, in fact— and diluc hums lowly in response. the vibrations shiver up your spine, tingle through your entire body, and you sob as your loose hole attempts to clench around his tongue.
"you're so gorgeous when you're gaping, my love." he murmurs the words into your skin, quiet and reverent. "does it feel good?"
you don't answer. you can't answer, not when he hooks two fingers against your rim and pulls, stretching you even wider. you choke around a wordless sob, and you feel rather than see diluc's filthy grin as he soothes your aching rim with more sloppy kisses.
"let me stretch you out more, my love. it'll feel even better, i promise."
Tumblr media
cw: rimming, wet n messy, cumplay
the first time you tell him to kiss your ass during an argument, you didn't expect him to raise an eyebrow and say "okay"
you soon learn, though, that kaeya might be a liar, but when he agrees to do something for you (and only you), he will follow through
he loves making out with the cute little pucker of your ass— there's something so satisfying about the way it slowly relaxes under his careful, skilled ministrations
he's so sloppy about it too ;-; he doesn't care if his saliva starts to drip down his chin as he tongue-fucks you open for him, and if anything, the lewd, wet noises only spur him on
he thinks you look absolutely gorgeous after a long session of rimming— your skin is slick with his spit, and the hazy look in your eyes nearly makes him cum untouched
when he cums, he spreads his thick seed over your skin and makes sure to finger it all inside of you <3
"kiss my fuckin' ass, kaeya." you snarl as he tugs you over to your bed and pushes you gently into the pillows, but you don't resist. you recognize the glint in his eyes. it speaks of overwhelming pleasure, of raw, unbridled passion, and you can't help it— the anger melts out of you as he gently undresses you and situates himself between your legs.
"kiss your ass, hmm? i didn't know you were into that... but if you insist..."
you jolt as he licks a long, lazy line over your asshole. it's weird and awkward and you're so glad you got into the habit of cleaning yourself very thoroughly before falling into bed with him, but all thoughts of strangeness are quite literally fucked out of you when his tongue breaches the tight pucker of your hole.
"kaeya!" your exclamation only spurs him on, and he guides your hands to his hair, letting you grab and tug his hair to get his mouth where you really need it. "oh, archons, kaeya—!"
he doesn't answer you, too busy slobbering over your softening rim, but the sounds that he does make are enough to drive you insane. every wet, lewd noise intensifies the delicious dirtiness of it all, and he nips and licks and sucks on your puffy, swollen rim in between gentle, indulgent kisses.
there's nothing you can do but go pliant and open against his gorgeous, sinful mouth, and he eats you out until you're crying with it, until your hole is soft and loose and slightly gaping.
he only pulls back when you start babbling and pleading for him to stretch you further, and even then, he can't resist pressing one last, lingering kiss to your sensitive rim.
"oh, my," he purrs, smug and all-too-amused as he wipes the spit from his chin. "look at you, you poor thing. you asked me to kiss your ass to calm you down, and all i did was work you up more... let me make it up to you, love. i promise i'll make it good."
Tumblr media
cw: fingering, prostate massage, dom/sub dynamics, praise/degradation, cumming untouched, implied subspace, rimming
*slaps tartaglia's ass* this baby can fit so many fingers in him <3
he likes it when you finger him open a just a little too fast to be comfortable— the roughness and slight sting has his eyes rolling back into his skull
he loves it when you massage his prostate, and every rub over that sensitive patch of nerves makes his hips twitch and the feral lust grow in his eyes
make no mistake. just because tartaglia is a slut for having fingers in his ass doesn't make him any less dominant
in fact, one of his favorite things to do is to have you prepare him for a prostate massager whilst he purrs sweet praise and degradation at you in equal measure
he loves being stuffed full while stuffing you full, and whenever you indulge him, he'll make you cum as many times as you want (and a few more times that he says you need)
"mmm, you're so dirty, baby." tartaglia may be writhing in pleasure under you, but you're the one who's flustered and falling apart. "you like being in my ass that much? archons, you're such a—"
he chokes around a moan as you press against his prostate, rubbing your fingers in delicious little circles that have him arching his back. "yeah— fuck, yeah— get in there, baby, get in there, 's so good, so good, so good—!"
his cock jerks once, twice, and you watch in awe as he spills all over himself, completely untouched. you've known that he can cum like this, of course, but it doesn't make him any less beautiful when he does it. in fact, the sight of him, cross-eyed with pleasure, combined with the rhythmic flutter of his asshole around your fingers, sends you reeling into that warm, fuzzy, submissive space in your head.
he's so beautiful when he's like this, pliant and loose-limbed, and when he grins at you with that easy, pleasure-drunk haze in his eyes, you can't help but whimper and press a lavish, open-mouthed kiss to his heavy balls. he has so much power over you in moments like these, when he's feeling good and on the edge of feeling so much better, and you relish in it.
"you've been so good, baby. i'll fill you up as much as you want. think of it as your reward for milking me so well." he laughs indulgently as your attention shifts lower and you begin to sloppily lick around his rim, unable to resist his pretty little pucker. you don't intend to ignore him, but... his swollen rim is so pretty that you just can't help yourself. "sometimes, i think you like making out with my ass more than you like making out with me."
despite your disobedience (or perhaps because of it) he pulls your head even closer, forcing you deeper into his fluttering hole.
"i guess it can't be helped, can it? don't worry, honey— i'll always make sure you get what you want."
Tumblr media
cw: inappropriate use of geo resonance, anal training, cockwarming, dumbification
when you shyly ask zhongli how he feels about anal, you're almost surprised at the intensity of his response
of course, his verbal response is as composed as always— a simple "if you would like to try, my love, i would be honored to experience that with you"— but his eyes flash gold, and you can feel the sudden thrum of geo resonance flaring around you
he adores the way you open for him, and soon, you discover that he's a little obsessed with your cute, puckered hole
he could stay inside of you forever. sometimes, he'll take days off from work just so he can sit you in his lap and feel your tight walls warming his cock as he "works from home" (you both know that no work is getting done— he turns into a pleasure-addled puddle too quickly for that)
he's especially partial to the idea of "training" you— something dark and possessive in him likes the idea of molding your cute little asshole to be addicted to him and only him <3
"zhongli," your moan is cut off by a soft gasp as he shifts, pushing his cock just the slightest bit deeper inside. all you know is the delicious, heavy weight of his cock inside of you, and your pleasure-addled brain can only find one word. "zhongli."
"yes, my sweet. you're taking me so well, so well..." his eyes glow with adeptal power as his hands tighten over your hips, and you melt helplessly into his chest, mouthing over the pretty, unblemished skin of his neck.
"zh-zhongli," you repeat, feeling a little fucked dumb already, "m-more? s'good."
"more? is this hole ready for more?"
you're... you're honestly not sure, but he's so patient, so gentle as he strokes over your skin, and you take a few deep, calming breaths, shaking off the pleasured daze that threatens to melt your mind.
"...yeah. 'm ready. more, please."
"good." the weight of his approval is heavy and comforting, and you melt under his touches, eager and ready for him to mold you into a sweet, pliant anal cocksleeve, existing to be treasured and pleasured in equal measure. "i'll make you addicted to my cock eventually, little one— you won't be able to live without me."
and fuck, the way zhongli says it... it's not dirty talk, just a statement of fact. he's training you to take him, to draw pleasure from feeling so overwhelmingly full, and you believe him when he says you'll get addicted. already, you can feel yourself adjusting to him, clenching and pulsing around his hot, throbbing length, and you're a little scared of how mind-meltingly good it is.
"please," you repeat, eyes rolling back into your skull as he knocks the breath out of you with a devastating little grind. archons, you already feel fucked stupid, fucked dumb, brain overloaded with the pressure and the friction and the feeling of being stuffed wonderfully, impossibly full. "oh, please—"
"patience. i did promise to train you, did i not?" the slightest smirk gives him away as he purposefully grinds in deep, letting you feel every inch of his ridged cock against your soft, sensitive walls. you can't help it— you wail, and his smirk widens. "rest assured, my dear. you'll be my sweet, mindless cocksleeve by the time i'm done with you. my word is as solid as stone."
Tumblr media
© infatui 2021. do not copy, repost, or modify.
Tumblr media
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dreamingofaria · 2 days ago
primordial palace.
genshin men and their roles in the royal court. 
feat. diluc, albedo, tartaglia, kazuha, xiao, dainsleif, kaeya, thoma, & zhongli x royalty!gn!reader
tw: long post, some mild and implied 18+ content, (some toxic) jealousy, unreciprocated feelings, aphrodisiacs 
minors do not interact.
The distant scream of a hawk and the flutter of breezes through the tall grass is all you hear for a pause as you stand alongside the castle’s most note-worthy falconer, a man of piercing intensity not unlike the bird of prey that he commands. You had been coronated not long ago, given the right to rule the kingdom as you saw fit, and after many long days and nights of celebration, discussions, and socializing, you needed exactly what the wide fields bordered by the fringes of the forest provided you – quiet solace, calm winds, and relaxing sunlight. The falconer, Diluc, didn’t mind your company, and in fact, when you pick up your gaze from the dancing fronds of hay and weeds, you find him staring you down with an indiscernible expression.
You touch your own cheek hesitantly. “Is there something amiss?”
“No,” the redhead falconer almost too quickly assures. “I… the sunlight was hitting you just right. That’s all, Your Majesty. Of course, I only mean to complement you out of kindness - ” Hurriedly, the man is seizing up and tripping over his words in his haste to remediate what might otherwise be an inappropriate remark given the circumstances; the king had been gone a fortnight, much to your chagrin, missing even your own coronation. It was only on the grounds that the business the king was away doing was of utmost importance, and you understood that.
“Diluc, hush,” you tell him with a small smile, and in the moment after, his falcon is returning with a hefty thump as it digs its claws into the leather glove across one of his hands.
The falconer is calmed and back on track with the arrival of his bird, suddenly speaking to you with much more formality to his tone, “The alchemist asked me to send him back a few odd materials. I suppose I should go now and make sure that I get them to him, Your Majesty.”
“I’ll take them,” you offer instead, stretching out one open palm.
Diluc looks afraid to agree to burden you with any sort of meaningless work like running errands now that you are royalty and of the highest position within the castle that stands stark against the horizon at your back.
“Allow me,” you insist, and the falconer moves as slowly as wet sand as he gives you your packages for the alchemist.
The laboratory had its own dedicated tower of three floors: one for storing materials and such, one for storing alchemical books and scrolls and studies, and the last floor for the equipment that sizzled, bubbled, boiled, and rumbled as the alchemist toiled away endlessly day and night. After ascending the first two flights of stairs, you emerged into a tower room that overlooked one wing of the sprawling castle grounds, cold stone beneath your feet and slits lining along the rounded walls. Flasks and bottles were filled with a rainbow of colors, jars of sand spilt on one table, and a mortal and pestle lying beside what looked like broken seashells. You were all too easily distracted by the sights and smells and sounds of such an exciting room, your fingers already parsing through the shells when a hand stretched out before you and offered you a whole, intact seashell of pearlescent blue and pink hues.
“Good morning, Your Majesty,” Albedo greeted you.
“Albedo!” you greeted with a grin, graciously taking the seashell from him. “Diluc gave me a few materials you were looking for, and I told him I would deliver them to you on his behalf.”
“Running errands? If the king was here to hear such a thing – “
“Well, he isn’t here, is he?” you chided. “It was just a small favor, that’s all.”
The blonde alchemist looked completely unbothered, already lifting up vials and tilting them back and forth with a mildly curious stare. “Speaking of favors, His Majesty asked to me make this for you, and if you are busying yourself so needlessly with favors… could I ask you to take these few documents to the scribe, Your Majesty?” Albedo did not seem to find fault in asking you so, and the inquiry came out politely nonetheless.
You took a suspicious and surprising vial from him, unlabeled which left you without a clue what the king could’ve asked for on your behalf, but your attention was then shifted onto the few scrolls tied up with fresh ribbon. The monotony of running favors was almost a godsend after spending so much time in royal affairs otherwise, and you begrudgingly knew inside that Albedo was right – the king would have a choice few words for you when he caught wind of your day of playing errand-runner. You would just have to hope that word never did make it to him, and what harm was there in taking one day to rest and do as you liked?
Your gaze had fallen, and Albedo had turned his back on you to tend to screaming steam as something boiled. As you refocused your gaze, you caught the slightly uncovered and opened journal he kept, your breath catching in your throat. One page was scrawled with the alchemist’s hardly legible handwriting, but the other was sketched with a portrait. A portrait of you.
“Are you sure you want to take those documents, Your Majesty? I am plenty capable of taking them myself if you’d like,” Albedo spoke from over his shoulder, not truly looking your way.
“U-Uh, no, that’s alright! I’ll go right now. Take care!” You scrambled out of the laboratory in haste, mind suddenly flooded with surprise, intrigue, and shock. Forget him finding out your day of leisure; if the king ever caught sight of that portrait…
Just as you’d been rounding the corner of one of the last corridors that would take you to the scribe, the shock of ginger hair that shifted in the light of high, stained-glass windows caught your attention. The lanky man in front of you moved with the grace and stealth of a panther slinking along the cover of foliage, shadows dripping across his broad shoulders and tall form. He made not a single sound, and if you had not seen the sheen of his hair in the light, you would never had known he was there, but it seemed he’d not meant to scare you. Still, the assassin always made you a hair wary, although there was no need for such caution since he worked for your own royal court.
“Tartaglia? I thought you were with His Majesty?” you’d paused in the middle of the corridor, and the assassin had leant himself to the sunlight, visible enough you could keep track of every movement he made as he was quiet, quick, and calculated like the strike of a snake.
“Thankfully enough but much to my own disappointment, His Majesty is tying up peace talks as we speak, Your Majesty.”
“Oh… that is wonderful news!” you agreed, completely disregarding the implication he’d had about wanting an excuse to, well… do his job. “I’m glad it wasn’t dangerous, after all. Then, maybe there will be work for you elsewhere.”
“If the king keeps smooth-talking his way out of every disagreement…” Tartaglia cracked the knuckles of one hand almost impatiently, voice thick with discontent, “I’ll be out of work entirely, you know.”
“Well… if we never made any enemies ever again, that’d be too good to be true… wouldn’t it?” You were caught between wanting to appease him and refraining from encouraging such violence, barely able to withstand the gaze of the unamused assassin.
There was no time for you to stop him as a palm caressed one of your cheeks, thumb pressing along the plane beneath your eye, but there was no malice nor harm done. You’d inhaled sharply, a scroll rolling out of your arms as you jumped slightly, and it rustled across the floor as the assassin closed the gap between you until you could feel his breath hot on your own face.
“If the king stops making enemies… I’ll just have to do it for him, won’t I, Your Majesty?”
There was an implied meaning in his words you refused to comprehend, throwing his hand aside and lurching past him to pick up your missing scroll. Then, you dug your heels into the floor and bolted, listening to the laughter of unsettling man you hoped did get sent off on assignment.
“Ah… just the person I was looking for.”
In the quarters of the scribe, all you can smell is parchment and ink. A recently inked quill lies to one side of an ashen-haired individual who beams at your presence, and after your run in with the assassin, hearing his kind, soft voice is reassuring. Kazuha makes the politest greeting of anyone yet that day, properly standing to bow to you.
“To what do I owe this honor, Your Majesty?” the scribe inquires of your arrival. “I have something for you, but I suspect that’s not the reason you’re here, is it?”
You take a deep breath, drinking in the peace of the scribe’s quarters where he spends his day marking parchment with the perfection of his words and writing. Once a renowned poet and author, it was not long before the man was recruited for the job of becoming the royal scribe. The king’s standards were exceedingly high, and not one wrong word nor one uneven stroke could be placed on anything of official royal status, but thankfully enough Kazuha’s penmanship and eloquence made yours seem like child’s play. The elegance of the poet was breathtaking, as if he could not use a word incorrectly at all.
“I have some documents from Albedo for you, but… you have something for me?”
You give the scribe the few documents the alchemist had tasked you with running, and Kazuha sets them aside to in turn pick up two more pieces of parchment.
“This is your official document of coronation, but it still must be sent to the Keeper of the Seal and the King of Arms before it is completely official. This, however… is a congratulations from me on your coronation, Your Majesty.”
You glance at the second piece of parchment that the scribe hands to you, his words having grown slightly quieter as if he is hesitant as he explains its purpose. You scan the scrawled words, every single stroke as perfect as could be, but the perfection is not what knocks the wind out of your lungs. It is the blossoming poem written in your honor of your new legacy and your grace, every word threatening to border on something that sounds like more than adoration or respect. You tuck the poem under the coronation document and force a laugh. “Oh… um, thank you! That is very kind of you.”
“Anything for you, Your Majesty. Shall I take the coronation officiation to the Keeper of the Seal for you? It would be my pleasure to do so.”
You had to go, and this was your way out, even if it meant continuing your string of running stupid errands your status was surely above. “No! I’ll take them. Thank you, Kazuha. Goodday!”
“Goodday, Your Majesty.” The scribe bows as you whirl on your heel, and as soon as you round the corner outside, you bite your lip and begin thinking of places you are going to keep the poem hidden. Maybe it was best you burned it that night in your fireplace so that not a trace was ever left.
You were not so unfamiliar with the Keeper of the Seal. The king had purposely left the seal in the possession of someone of undying loyalty and eternal servitude, and the enigmatic and stoic individual was unsettling but only mildly so. He seemed to only appear when necessary, personal quarters locked and official quarters sometimes erratically occupied. Since your entanglement with the king, from your marriage to your coronation, it seemed that he knew now when you sought him out and would be there when you needed him.
So, when you enter the Keeper of the Seal’s official quarters in search of completing your own documentation of becoming royalty, the man you were looking for is present. At some point in time, he’d given up mortal bindings for power you didn’t quite know the source of, although it manifested in streaks of teal in his otherwise human hair. The glowing eyes that land on you and watch your every move were equally inhuman, and you swallow before you approach. He was somewhat unnerving like the assassin, but not because you feared him so.
As if he heard your heartrate pick up as you remembered the incident earlier with the assassin, he finally speaks, “What is it that bothers you, Your Majesty?”
Although Keeper of the Seal by title, Xiao was keeper of many things. Before his departure to a distant kingdom and upon the agreement that it was only safe for you to stay, the king had insisted, “If you feel endangered by anything or anyone, you are to go to Xiao.” The man before you is like the king’s extension of a sort, a last resort when even the king himself is not there to fall back on.
“I can protect you,” the Keeper moves from the shadows and uncrosses his once taut arms. Runes faintly pulse along exposed skin, and his voice is rugged, like he’s swallowed chewed glass. “Is there danger I should know of?”
You almost break. You almost tell him what happened with the assassin, but you refrain and decide that if it continues to bother you or should it happen again, you will tell the king himself. You swallow hard, shaking your head, and you present the document you’d come with as your purpose for your visit instead. The Keeper nods understandingly, but you don’t see once the belief in his eyes that you aren’t hiding something from him. When your official business is done but before you can continue on to the King of Arms, Xiao speaks to you again.
“If you ever need me… no matter what it may be… just call for me, Your Majesty,” every word drips with a protective tone you’ve never heard on his hoarse voice before, but the reassurance is enough to put your worries over the assassin to complete ease. The king would never leave you so precariously left unguarded, and there is no one as loyal as the Keeper of the Seal. You are still in the safest hands possible, and the king would’ve never left it any other way.
The sun is beginning to descend rather than ascend when you continue on through the halls of the castle, archways giving way to wide, ornate sitting rooms and studies bustling with castle researchers and foreign scholars who all gawk at the sight of you and your regal attire. You wave and smile and bow to those you pass, every rushing to drop to a knee or splutter out a surprised and awe-struck greeting, and the experience is quite new to you. It is somewhat uncomfortable, especially being on your own while the king is away, but nonetheless you are treated as his equal.
Your journey brings you to another set of official quarters where a tall blonde paces with parchment in his hands, eyebrows drawn intently. Scars peak from beneath the cuffs of his outfit, remnants of his past knighthood, weathered hands rough from years upon years of wielding swords. Now, the King of Arms is no knight but a royal official who once was just a young boy named Dainsleif. After serving in a battle that left him incapable of ever fighting again but more than proved his honor and courage, the title had been bestowed upon him and rightly so.
At your arrival, Dainsleif sets aside his papers and drops fully and formally to a knee. “Good afternoon, Your Majesty.”
“Dainsleif…” you sigh, crossing your arms. “How many times must I tell you this? You don’t have to so formally address me every single time, especially if it pains you to do so.”
There is unwavering pride in the former knight who says nothing in retort and visibly begins a painful rise from his kneeling, so you rush to help him stand once more. His hands wrap into yours for support, fingers curling hard around your own, and nothing but sympathy seeps through you. As you both stand and his endlessly deep blue eyes find yours, you try to console him.
“Are you sure you don’t want me to ask Albedo to see if there’s anything he can do?”
“I would never ask anything like that of you, nor do I wish you to, Your Majesty,” Dainsleif firmly denies. “You are far too caring.”
“No – you just have never had anyone ever care about you before, have you?” You truly don’t mean it scathingly, but you see him flinch beneath windswept blonde bangs.
“You are far too good for that arrogant bastard,” the whisper is just the slightest hair above a breath, so uncharacteristically poisonous that you almost think it’s purely a figment of your imagination. Without missing a beat, Dainsleif smooths the wrinkles along his sleeves and clears his throat. “How can I be of assistance, Your Majesty?”
You chose to pretend you hadn’t heard it mostly for his own sake. For a former knight to speak so out of turn about his own king – no. You wouldn’t go there. You couldn’t think it. So, you bit your lip and produced the document, and Dainsleif is nothing but his traditionally honorable self for the rest of your meeting. Before you can tie up your increasingly lengthy day, he informs you, “I believe the Seneschal is looking for you whenever you are next available, Your Majesty.”
“Thank you, Dainsleif.”
All you’re hoping is that whatever it is the Seneschal has to discuss with you, it won’t be long. Your day that had started in the distant fields beyond the castle was turning into a never-ending adventure that was becoming quite tiresome, and without the king to aid you with matters here at the castle, you already had enough on your plate to deal with. You were, too, beginning to sourly wish that he would just come back already, partially for your own selfish indulgence. So, you are not exactly as amicable as you had been earlier in the day when you found yourself face to face with the Seneschal in his gaudy, extravagant clothes. He was so smug yet so coy, waiting for the right opportunity to get a snarky remark in only to push the boundaries wherever and whenever he could.
“Your Excellency – “
“It’s Your Majesty, Kaeya.”
“My apologies,” he corrects himself, and you can hear the slight irritation although his pearly grin never wavers a hair, “Your Majesty.” He begins, “If I may, while the king is away making amends, it seems some of our allied kingdoms are quite intrigued by the recent developments of your marriage and coronation. They’d like a chance to get to know you better, so I’ve begun a discussion of some sort of event in which they may be able to do so – a gala, if you agree to it? I’ll put it all in order for you, and all you have to do is tell me anything and everything you want. I can make your wildest dreams come true, if that’s what you like.”
It was not unlike the Seneschal to speak so brazenly, even in the face of the king, but the king often found such ridiculous actions a grounds to simply dismiss the Seneschal and send him back to whatever tedious project he’d last been assigned on. So, you place your hands on your hips, and the man in front of you only smiles wider if it was even possible. “A meeting with the allied kingdoms would be beneficial, but don’t go making a whole grand ordeal out of this, either. I’ll give you specifics on what I want, but not today. I’m quite frankly exhausted, so I’ll be headed to my chambers.”
“So soon? Your Majesty, there is still time to kill and daylight to savor! After all, what will everyone do in absence of your beauty and grace? We’ll all be hopeless.”
“Seneschal Kaeya, enough of this!” you demand, although the man in front of you just laughs as if you are hardly even as threatening as you are trying to be. “I will have your position in the royal court revoked should you continue to act so unreasonably.”
“Your Majesty, if you did not entrance me with your dazzling presence, I would not find myself speaking out of turn without thinking about the consequences of my actions!”
The words are thrown in mostly jest at your back, and you, at this point, have had enough of today’s trials and tribulations. “Guards! Remove this man from the premises until the next morning!”
You can feel the headache starting to pound, pressing a palm against your forehead as you stalk back to your chambers. Becoming royalty wasn’t all glitter and gold, after all.
You had just slumped onto the side of your freshly made bed, pressing your hands over your face, when there was a knock on the door. You consider for a moment sending them away, but at such an evening hour, its likely a maid. “Come in,” you sigh reluctantly, and the door creaks open.
You almost wonder if you are allowing in the one person you’d been dying to see ever since he left, but instead, it is the tall Chamberlain who enters and immediately becomes frantic over your slumped shoulders and drained expression. “Your Majesty… you look exhausted! Is there something I can bring you? Dinner? Water? I’ll start the fire for you!”
Everything he suggests does sound very beneficial, especially considering you’d been running across the castle practically all day. So, you blearily watch Thoma stoke a fire in the fireplace, feeling the first wave of heat relax your mild pains. You’d set aside your few things left over from the day’s journey: a mysterious vial, a certification of your coronation, and the damned poem you were going to have to do something with. It seemed no matter who you had ran into that day, they could not help themselves. Inwardly, you groan in despair.
After the fire was ablaze and you’d sat back against plush pillows dripping with satin tassels, the Chamberlain returns with fresh water. Slender fingers pour you a crystalline glass, and your headache is begging you drink it, but seeing your weakness, Thoma helps you. His hands cup over yours and steady you as you drink, and you polish off the water without even thinking twice.
“Your Majesty, are you ill? No, no… don’t tell me so. The king will kill me if he finds I’ve let you get sick in his absence…” Thoma presses the back of his hand to your forehead and moves to pour you another glass of water. “You don’t seem to be running a fever… Your Majesty, are you feeling unwell? There’s food being fashioned as we speak.”
You’re too absorbed in drinking water to respond, and as he steadies your grip on the second glass, one hand comes to rest gently against the side of your head. You’re weak and tired, and the warmth of his hand is soothing, so you slightly lean into it, but before it can go any further, there’s commotion outside that distracts the both of you. Thoma is careful not to drop and shatter your crystalline glass, but you hear the galloping of horses, so you drag yourself to the window and pull back the curtain.
It’s unmistakable when you see the entourage under the blanket of stars in the night. You sprint from the window without a second thought, pain and exhaustion forgotten.
You move with nothing purpose, and the citizens and castle-dwellers who bow or kneel at your presence are the least of your concern. There is a gathering crowd because it is not every day such an opportunity is presented to others to witness. They do not have the privilege of laying eyes on the man who rules the kingdom every day, unlike you. He is purebred royalty, a man some respect as a divine, a man that the entire kingdom at the very least respects as their king. You don’t even care in that moment that he is king, proper, polite, and dignified – you push past every last person that stands in your way and throw yourself into his arms and bestow upon him the most bone-crushing hug although his strength far exceeds your own.
Your fingers tangle in silk-strands of dusty gold, and you bury your face into the crook of a lean shoulder, raw muscle shifting beneath his skin. You had expected him at least to catch you, but you don’t expect to feel him hold you just as tight, one hand threading fingers into your hair and the other pressing firm against the small of your back.
“I don’t want you to leave ever again,” you whimper into the skin of his neck, barely making out actually discernable syllables and whining quite honestly like a child.
Zhongli laughs only softly enough that you hear the heart-melting sound and feel every single breath in his chest as it presses tight against your own. “Then I will not, my love.”
You’d forgotten about the crowd bearing witness to their king as well as your own now-royal presence, and when you pulled back slightly, you took in sounds of everyone around you as they chattered and cheered. But, before you could lose yourself watching the sea of onlookers, your king drew you into a kiss that reached the very depths of your soul – a kiss filled with yearning, with passion, with the need of someone who had been dying to kiss you for days on end. It was one of the very few times you’d felt the confident and powerful man before you reduce himself otherwise to a state of desperation, as if you were something he could not breath without. The urgency with which he whisked you away from the onlookers was all you needed to know that you were not imagining such desperation, either.
You’d never felt so helplessly like you were not whole but instead a fragment, and your other half was him – your king. When the chamber doors locked and you both shared the concoction the alchemist had created and the world melted away until it was just you and your king, you finally understood what the people of the kingdom meant when they likened your lover to a god. No one and nothing would ever compare to ascending from the mortal realm with him at your side.
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lemoncubejelly · a day ago
Genshin Characters and Their Types (aka a guide on how I write matchups)
Hello :D !! I feel like my posts have been a little obscure lately so it's time to get back to the roots- Yes I do have a lot of requests to do and I am working on em but sometimes when the motivation hits, you just have to go with it- (o ̄▽ ̄o)
🛑 This is by no means a definitive list!! My word is not law, (if it was billionaires would pay taxes) and even if you don't fit perfectly into the descriptor ur fav still would love u so much!! I've just noticed after doing a lot of matchups that I pair certain characters with certain personality types (tho some are ofc a gut reaction), so I thought it'd be fun to write down and a validating experience for fellow simps- Enjoy~! 🌸
Characters: Kaeya, Childe, Zhongli, Scaramouche, Diluc, Thoma, Hu Tao, Kazuha, Arataki Itto
To catch the cavalry captain's attention, you'd have to be more than meets the eye. Kaeya likes to solve intriguing mysteries, whether they be robberies, hilichurlian language, or people. You should be someone who can hold a conversation and is good with interrogative, witty banter. These descriptions may sound similar to him, but it'd be better for you to not be a carbon copy of him. While you may not constantly share every thought you have, you can recognize and accept your emotions and make logical judgments about them.
Childe's said himself that he values everyone who isn't his family on their strength alone. You have to be strong, if not in skill or physique, then in personality. You don't let others walk all over you without a fight, especially not Childe himself. He likes people who are entertaining to bicker with but will always support him when push comes to shove. You don't have to be super affectionate to him, but he will not accept anything less with his siblings. Ajax's double life is something he wants to keep away from his family, and he would much rather you stay with them and not dig too far into his work.
A traditionalist at heart, Zhongli subscribes to classic views on the meaning and nature of a relationship. He wants a loving partner who is mature and modest about their affections when in public. Someone who gives off the aura of a suitable parent. He'd like you to be a good listener who's both willing to teach and learn. (He needs financial help- please teach him how it works. No NFTs). I feel he would want someone more humble, simply because he wants to help you build faith in yourself with long encouraging speeches and heartfelt affection.
I imagine Scaramouche and Childe have a pretty similar type, but Scaramouche likes drier people. He may want to be in a relationship with you but doesn't want to admit to himself that it involves embarrassing stuff like mushy feelings and gross emotions because that's disgusting. He doesn't want everyone walking by to know that you two sometimes touch hands, so if you can express your love in crude jokes and standing next to him, that'd be wonderful. Scaramouche isn't exactly synonymous with healthy, loving relationships...
Someone on the softer side is suitable for Diluc. Gentle understanding and trust on both sides are not what he thinks he would like (because Diluc has much more important things to focus on), but something he would treasure. Diluc's main priority is always to keep people safe. So, you should encourage him that he's doing a good job and you aren't going anywhere. Docile as you may appear at first glance, you still have a backbone and a strong sense of self-respect. You may have good intuition and high intelligence.
Sweetheart. Heart of gold. Must protect. Thoma's kind of person encompasses all of these descriptives. He's just such a good person that I could never see him with anyone who isn't as well. Thoma has an urge to help and take care of people, so you're probably on the reserved side. You might be shy, anxious, or just a very guarded person. Whichever, Thoma is determined to get to know you and find out what makes you let down your quiet exterior and show unfiltered happiness and excitement. Being privy to such a thing makes him feel special.
Hu Tao
Since she's a fair bit unorthodox, someone who approves only of societal norms wouldn't fit well with Hu Tao. To her, attitudes like that are stuffy and boring! While your outward attitude may be more or less mature than hers, the two of you radiate chaotic energy. Whether it's because you're also unhinged or because you don't bother trying to argue. However, Hu Tao isn't just some crazy person who can't do door-to-door advertising. She's the 77th director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor who has been untrusted with secrets that the majority will never know, so you must respect her and the nature of her work.
Someone who will engage in soft clichés with him. Reading a book together and watching the sunrise after a night full of stars. A music lover passionate about literature, because he'd like to share some hobbies with you. A deep thinker who could ponder the big questions of life with him while still enjoying it for what it's worth. Someone who can make a home wherever they go. Kazuha is a wanderer at heart, and if you wish to capture his, you have to be willing to follow him.
Arataki Itto
Based on very little evidence and my gut feeling, the tall Oni is into extremes of all variates. Someone super loud and proud or super shy and skittish. Someone who never takes anything seriously or someone who takes everything seriously. The type of person varies, but your personality is a little extremist. He'd be able to name some personality traits immediately after first meeting you. Whether it's being top competitors or him being your unexpected knight in shining armor, some trope exists for whatever you have.
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lavenprinz · a day ago
Childe's childhood sweetheart getting insecure with how much time childe is spending time with lumine. Imagine the angst potential.
as a lover of lumine i would fall for her but yes, the angst is there.
it may have been years since childe had been by your side in morespok but you were certain that you two were as close as ever when reunited in liyue. except for an addition of the hero adventurer, lumine. she's eye capturing, the type of beauty you see once in a lifetime like a shooting star and you hate to admit it, but lumine seems like a perfect fit for childe. she's capable of fighting childe and even beats him, something you were yet to do. you felt like an awkward thirdwheel when childe and lumine talk, just like paimon - it's not like she's the main character and you're a forgotten side character though when they smile at each other, your heart aches. childe spends so much time with lumine too, constantly asking her for a spar - you may not be as adept as she is, though you could try as long as he would look your way. the insecurity eats at your heart when his attention diverts from you, feeling lost as if in the harsh winters of snezhaya.
A/N: lemme know if you want childe comforting reader anon !!! i'm happy 2 write that hehe <3
update: currently working on more angst !!! do i even wanna comfort you guys not rlly. but it’s being written ehe (wc currently 700!)
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milastexts · a day ago
Tumblr media
Genshin impact
✨ Reader adopts a tanuki (it ends bad)
Characters: Tartaglia, Sara.
Genre: fluff
TW: Nagging in Sara's part.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ajaxeology · 2 days ago
Hi!! Congrats on 100 followers!!! <3
For the event “If I kiss you once, it’ll only make me want a 100 more” with Childe and fluff please? Thank you and once again congratulations!!
Tumblr media
One Hundred Kisses - Childe
Word Count: 1.9k
Genre: fluff, slight angst (seemingly unrequited love?) but happy end :) + fake dating
c/w: none
Thank you to my lovely nephew @solaaresque for proof-reading this for me <3
Tumblr media
“Childe, isn’t this too much?” You hiss by his ears, watching as he pays $200 for a pair of tickets.
“Well, I’d like it if we end this on a bang.” He takes your hands and you find your hands easing into his.
You make sure you memorise the way his hands as both of you walk through the gates. The sun hasn’t fully risen, but the image of the setting sun is already so vivid in your head. And the days after where your hand would stay empty without his.
“It didn’t have to be this… lavish. It’s not going to be believable to people if we break off after something like this, and I don’t even think Aether is following us?”
You sneak a glance over your shoulder. But with the crowds of people following behind you, it was as if you never checked.
“Don’t worry about it, [name]. Just take this as thanks and I’ll manage whatever comes after.”
He gives a reassuring smile for a second and in the next second, he cheers like a little kid, pointing at the roller coaster ride in the distance.
It takes all of you to remain indifferent in the face of his smile.
You were at your locker when someone swung an arm over your shoulder. “Hey, [name].”
You stiffened up. Childe was in the same classes as you, but beyond the occasional banter and waves in the corridor (that you’re pretty sure he does with everyone), you had no idea what warranted this overly-friendly gesture.
In a hushed voice and a tone of desperation, he pleaded, “Please, play along with me.”
He briefly glances to his left and you see a blond boy, Aether, frozen at the turning of the hallway. His expression shifted and he stomped off.
Childe’s arm still slung on your shoulders, you wiggled out of his hold. Without you asking, he explained that he had rejected Aether but he was annoyingly persistent. You thought it was odd because you knew Aether to be prim and proper, but you never knew him personally anyway. Not as personally as Childe.
“Alright, I’ll help you until he backs off. But first, I’m gonna draw some boundaries.”
“No kissing.”
“Of course I’m not going to kiss you!”
“Just in case! I’ll never know if you get driven into a corner and rob my first kiss.”
“And we only hold hands in school. Outside of school, no.”
“What? What if we see other people outside of school?”
“Then we’ll do it for a while until they get out of our radar.”
Both of you start with those, adding rules along the way.
(Of course, there is the unspoken never to fall in love with each other.)
You chide yourself internally for breaking the unspoken rule for the nth time. If you could, you would go back in time and prevent whatever that incident was that made you catch feelings for him.
But WHEN did you break the rule? Was it when he beat up that group of boys who were disturbing you at the park? Or was it when the two of you had a snowball fight in the light snow and you fell atop of him, your lips a few centimetres away from his? No, it was when he stayed up all night on the phone with you when you were upset, right?
“[name]? You look pretty lost in your world.”
Oh, those ocean blue eyes that steal the thunder of the vibrant whirl of colours in the amusement park.
“Oh, no nothing. I…” Your eyes dart around, in search of an excuse to pluck out of thin air.
“You can tell me you’re nervous to ride the roller coaster,” he says as he gestures towards the sharp dip in the tracks and pats his arm, “My arm’s here for you.”
“As if I need it.”
He banters with you often, but sometimes you can’t help seeing a flirty glint in his eye.
(Spoiler, both of you were terrified on the ride and clung to each other.)
He whips out his phone from his pocket and you suppress a frown. Throughout this whole fake relationship, he often takes his phone out and frantically sends messages to someone. You tell yourself he’s sick of pretending to be in a relationship with you and lamenting about it to a friend. Maybe Zhongli?
But a nagging voice at the back of your head tells you he’s talking to a person he actually likes.
You suggest for him to take a photo in the queue, so he would have something to post at the end of the day (and take his attention from his phone).
Both of you head to lunch after a few rides and you see the eateries flooded with people. The thought of having to fight for seats, queue and pay for an over-priced meal dampened your spirit.
Childe leads you to a bench and urges you to take a seat on the bench when you stand up long enough in confusion. He pulls out two boxes of homemade food from his bag and passes you a box.
“You made this for me?”
Expecting an “I made too much for myself so I thought I would prepare some for you using the leftovers”, you looked away to open the box and begin eating.
But he gives a short affirmation that hangs awkwardly in the air. The chatters of other visitors and the screams of children fill the silence between the two of you. You do nothing to fill it (neither does he) and you refuse to make eye contact with him until he takes his phone out again.
After hours of running around the park and basking in his laughter, you tug Childe towards the ice cream stand. Childe lists off your favourite flavours before you could take your order. He shoots you a satisfying smile when he sees your expression, knowing he got the mark. You realise you don’t remember his favourite flavours and you feel a pang of guilt (but not that it’ll matter).
A family of three comes up to him, seeking his help for directions. He pores over the map with them and offers to guide them to the attraction. As he walks off, the elderly ice-cream lady teases you, “Is that your boyfriend?”
Was he? Technically he is, but technically he wasn’t.
You blurt out a ‘no’. She sighs and continues as she passes you two cones, “Ah, that’s a pity… There’s that slight sparkle in his eyes when he looks at you.”
Your mind blanks out. You utter a thank you and quickly take your leave.
You start on your ice cream first, but do not pay attention to the taste with the what-ifs that run through your mind.
Not long later, Childe jogs back to you. He wraps a hand around yours to take a curious lick at the top scoop (and you lock your screams in your heart). As he takes the ice cream from you, his eyebrows perk up. He puts the ice cream out towards you, offering you a bite.
You remind yourself that all these were only for show and you unknowingly clench your jaw. Everything that you’ve done would just be poorly captured by a photo and reduced to a tool on social media. Even your family has been duped into thinking he was such a charming young man who was head over heels for you. It’s all just for show, so why did he want to make you so immersed in this performance of his too?
You shake your head and walk off without a word.
“Can I have a bite of your scoop?”
You shake your head, your eyes fixated on the path in front of you.
Seeing the orange hue starting to seep into the sky, you look at your watch. You were so much closer to the end of the day.
“[name], are you okay?”
You hate how childish you were acting and you mustered up a smile. For the first (and the last) time, you take Childe’s hand of your own will and lead him to the event area.
“Let’s go get a good spot for the fireworks.”
“Are you not going to take a photo?”
“No. Let’s just… keep this moment between the two of us and not turn it into something that corroborates this stupid act.”
“[Name], what’s wrong? You’ve been acting weird since we got the ice cream and you’ve been looking at your watch a lot. Are you unwell?”
You shake your head, keeping your eyes trained on the sky. You’re scared he will decipher your thoughts and true emotions from your face.
“Look at me.”
You don’t budge and a hint of desperation creeps into his voice.
“You’re holding my hand really tightly, I’m worried. Look at me, please?”
He places a finger on the opposite side of your jaw and tilts your head towards him. While no one takes notice of the two of you, heat rushes into your face when Childe does this.
“Archons, stop looking elsewhere. Tell me what’s wrong.”
“I’m sorry, I-”
The fireworks go off and you take your eyes away from Childe for a brief moment. When you turn back, you find him looking intently at you.
It could be the reflection from the fireworks, but you think you see sparks flicker in his eyes. The ice cream lady lied, it wasn’t just a slight sparkle. The words fall out of your mouth before you can catch yourself, “I want you to kiss me.”
You clamp your hand over your mouth and turn away from him. Your entire body screams at you to run and you do. You will never to look him in the eye ever again. Oh, he must be so horrified.
But a part of you wished you stood your ground and faced him, for him to reject you like how he rejected Aether. Then you’ll move on.
You only run a short distance before you stop. You do want him to reject you the way he rejected Aether, then you’ll move on like you planned.
Though there’s a whisper of hope in your mind that it was never one-sided.
Another wave of fireworks set off and you see a familiar silhouette on the ground, the running figure coming to a stop behind you.
You gather whatever dignity and courage you have left and abruptly turn to face him, to see the ocean blue eyes you adored so much look at you with raging desire.
“Are you sure? If I kiss you once, it’ll make me want a hundred more.”
Oh, so the sparks are real. You nod and he places his hands on your shoulder before closing in for a kiss. It was feather-light but you know he is reigning back his hunger, and you can’t help but think he’s liked you all this while (or possibly, even before that).
“I’ll give you a thousand more. On one condition.”
“Date me. For real.”
“I’ve always wanted to.”
A thousand more is a deal sealed with one.
“If you don’t mind me asking, who have you been texting?”
“Oh, jealous, are you?”
His tone of amusement still makes you jab his arm.
“It’s Aether.”
He shows you his screen, which has Aether screeching in caps in a group chat with Zhongli. You can see his frustration at Childe for the terrible flirt he is for the past months, especially with Aether’s texts.
OH, got ballsy today trying to protect her from other guys? You should have just confessed, it’s PAINFUL watching you.
It hits you that the plan has always been to get you to fall for him and you had played right into their plans.
But you don’t wish otherwise.
Tumblr media
a/n: I know I said I'll only work on requests after my exams but I had an idea and I was too eager to start on it so I was doing it during my free time.
Hi anon! Thank you for requesting! I don't know if I've gotten kicked out of everyone's dashes but I hope you're seeing this and that you like this!
Taglist (open): @almondoufu @ohmykazuha @yeetmeoffjueyunkarst @icecappa @abyssheart @tsubaki3192 @geolatt3u @mikachuchu @kallmekoi
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sleepychai-fics · 18 hours ago
Second Choice - Childe x Reader x Thoma
I put this off for a bit because I wasn't sure how this poly would work but I made it work for this fic
I also have planned a part two to this because my brain gave me ideas, no idea when its going to let me actually write it though
hope you have tissues, if not for this part but for the next part when it comes out in a few months time (im so sorry)
You knew even before you agreed to the relationship that you would never take first priority
Thoma had a reputable loyalty to keep up with the clan and Childe had duties to maintain for the fatui. His currency assignment only kept him temporarily in Inazuma
Despite knowing that, you were so in love with them, blinded by it, that you forgot to consider what your choice meant in the long term
At the start, you were committed to stay with them
But overtime, that began to dwindle
Iit started with dates being cancelled by one of them. You’d still hang out with the other and reschedule it
But it grew into a common occurrence, and the excuses were just the same ones over and over
“I’m sorry. But if I don’t sort out this problem, it could put the clan in jeopardy.”
“I’ll make it up to you later, just after I go and collect this debt.”
IIt was upsetting and frustrating, sure. But you pushed those feelings back with reason. But that reasoning slowly dissolved as the excuses piled up
It got to the point where you didn’t see them for a full month or even more
You wondered if you were even in a relationship anymore. You were pent up with all these negative emotions that you had to talk to someone. Which lead you to Yoimiya
She tried to reassure you that they still loved you and still cared for you, but she knew that wasn’t the base issue
“Maybe you should take a vacation for yourself. Leave inazuma for a while.”
At first you blew her off, thinking it wasn’t the best idea.
But as you laid on your bed that night, you gave it deeper thought
Perhaps not leave inazuma, but go somewhere that isn’t Narukami Island
You stayed up all night thinking about it. When morning came, you packed your things and left. A simple note left on the bed, with the words ‘I can’t do this anymore. It’s over.’ written on it
You didn’t know where you were headed, you just wanted to leave the busy island of Narukami
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hearttebayo · 2 days ago
Aaaaa I’m really sorry if I’m not doing this right I hardly ever use tumblr bUut!!!111 I can’t stop thinking about childe breeding you.. I just know this man wants a big family and he has a bunch of siblings so you know this man’s cum is potent. I bet it’s so mf thick and even the tiniest drop is enough to get you pregnant. He’d have fuckin heart eyes while he pounds into you and he’d whisper about how he is so eager to have his big family… bonk me please ahahahdhdjfkdkf
Absolutely feral bout the breeding kink. You mention it? He goes crazy bc of that.
Even if u font want to start a family with him yet he still wants to breed you, the feeling of his cum filling you up is something else im telling you.
Childe probably has thought abt knocking you up a little more than he wants to admit.
He is a perv, lets face it.
And his cum,, its thick. And it overflows almost each time. If u think abt giving him head and swallowing all that?
Good luck. Good l u c k. You will need it.
He is def the kind of person to tell you that he wants you to be a mommy
Bonk me too pls
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primofate · a month ago
Genshin [All male characters] When you ask “What would you do if I disappeared?”
Notes: Feeding everyone.
Characters: Aether, Albedo, Bennett, Chongyun, Dainsleif, Diluc, Gorou, Itto, Kaeya, Kazuha, Razor, Scaramouche, Tartaglia, Thoma, Venti, Xiao, Xingqiu, Zhongli, fem!reader
Warnings: not proofread, hints of death, implications of dying, mentions of death, bit of crack, bit of angst, bit of fluff, bit of everything
Personal Favourites in this work: Venti, Diluc, Albedo, Xiao
His sister is already missing. What do you think he would feel if you ask something like that?
The fear in him is real. It seems endless, all this looking around for his sister. Adding you going missing into the mix, it was like torture. Like an endless spiral down into an endless hole.
“Aether? It’s just a hypothetical question, you don’t have to think about it too mu--” you were really just blurting out thoughts and nonsense.
He pulls you in for a hug, one arm tight around your waist and the other behind your head. “Please don’t” he whispers. “I don’t have anything else,”
He’ll become a shell of himself if you disappear. He’d look for you, but he’ll shed tears every night. 
“Disappear?” Albedo asks, curious. There’s so many different meanings of disappear. 
“Is it of your own accord? Or unwillingly?” You scratch your head cause you just meant in a general way and Mr. Alchemist here has decided to break your sentence down and analyze it. I mean, what did you expect gurl.
 “If you’ve been taken against your will, then I simply must take you back. If you leave on your own accord, however,” he puts a hand under his chin, looking at the ground and thinking a little.
“I suppose I would still bring you back and figure out what it is that made you leave,” he tilts his head a little and stares at your face.
He’s actually analyzing you and analyzing the past few days if he’s done something bad or weird or something offensive. 
Finally he just opts to ask you directly cause he’s lowkey worried that you might leave. “Is there a reason you might want to leave? We can discuss it and make changes,” 
Poor thing thinks he did something wrong. 
He doesn’t catch your drift.
“Disappear? I’d just follow you!” and he says it with such positivity. “I’ll go wherever you go Y/N! We’re adventure buddies for life!”
You don’t really press the matter further, it’s hard to ask Bennett such a loaded question. 
But later on when he thinks back to it, it’s like a lightbulb suddenly goes off on his head. 
“W-Wait... Are you... Are you sick of being my adventure buddy too?” his tone and mood drops so low that it’s hard to even look at him.
Good gracious. Give him a hug and tell him you’re just asking in general and didn’t mean anything by it. 
He’ll brighten up right away.
“Disappear where?” he asks, curious.
“I don’t know. No one knows. That’s the point of disappearing!” You laugh. He doesn’t.
He was eating a popsicle and now it’s just melting as he absentmindedly holds it. He tries to think of several different ways and scenarios of how to find you. Then he realizes it’s impossible. Teyvat is so big, where would he even start? 
“...I should be able to keep track of your negative energy... If anything happens then I can...” He starts to mumble to himself while his popsicle drips. 
Boy is paranoid the next few days and keeps asking if there’s anything amiss or if you’ve felt any evil presence lingering around you recently. 
Doesn’t immediately say anything because he’s mulling over the idea. 
He’s gone really silent and you’re a little worried.
The guy has gone through some rough times, he knows how it feels like for everything around him to disappear.
That’s the exact reason why he refused to get close to anyone, you were just an exception that he couldn’t let go of. 
He speaks up after a while, when you think that the conversation was already over and you thought he just ignored your question.
“...If there comes a time...” he’s looking at anywhere else but you. “...that you aren’t by my side, then so be it. But know that death is the only thing that can keep us apart, Y/N. Anything or anyone else that takes you away from me...”
There’s a very eerie one second pause. “...I’ll make sure they’re the ones who disappear,”
immediately turns towards you with his brows furrowed. The perpetual blank look on his face is gone and he definitely looks alarmed. “What do you mean? Is there something wrong?”
He jumps to the worst case scenario. Was it the Fatui? Did they threaten you or something? Or were you really sick? “Y/N if there’s something wrong, please, tell me,”
Doesn’t even hide the fact that he’s worried. He doesn’t want you disappearing under his nose. He legit thinks that someone’s out to get you, or you’re keeping a secret illness from him.
Is a little obsessive with guarding you the next few days even though you said it really was just a general question.
“You can’t disappear, I have the best sense of smell around here,”
He’s got this toothy grin on his face but is lowkey worried why you would suddenly say that.
He doesn’t usually do so but uses his position as general to get a few guards rotating round the clock, trailing you. 
Might lose sleep over it. 
Is overly attentive towards your activities the next few days. “Where are you going today? With who? For how long?”
“No one disappears on my watch! Specially you Y/N!”
Not worried at all. 
If he can badger Kujou Sara to no end you can bet your ass he’s gunna relentlessly find you wherever you are. Size of Teyvat be damned.
He says that but he gets suspicious the next few days even over the smallest things. Like the dog that’s sniffing your leg. Itto’s glaring at it wondering if it’ll snatch you away.
First reaction is to chuckle.
Second reaction is to pull you by the waist and peer down at you. “Not happening, love. I’ve got my eye on you,” 
Makes sure no one else is in close proximity before lifting his eyepatch and grinning. “Two eyes, if you really want to,” 
Doesn’t worry about it too much but has random times where he thinks back to you asking that question and he gets a little antsy over it. 
If he’s free, he’ll come looking for you if he randomly thinks about it. If he’s on the job, the first thing he’ll do is look for you when he comes back. 
“I believe I’ll always be led back to you, my dear,”
The guy is not a stranger to loss. He knows what its like to be away from the people he loves and the land he’s from.
Ponders on it a bit more, doesn’t seem like the type to think over it for too long but he actually does and takes glances at you over his shoulder just to make sure you’re still there.
He knows that you’ve only asked it as a general question and just to see his answer but now he’s a little anxious about the thought.
Will try to accompany you wherever you go.
He knows what the word means but he really doesn’t get why you’re asking it and just goes on overdrive thinking that someone’s out to get you.
Definitely doesn’t sleep at night guarding and watching over you. He dozes off eventually but snaps up at the slightest sound and growls at whatever movement he sees. 
It kinda wakes you up from time to time so you start to try and explain to him that you’re not going anywhere.
He’s even more confused, but kind of eases up afterwards. 
He’s already immensely protective of you so if there ever was a day that you go missing he’ll definitely blame himself for it.
Man scoffs
"Go ahead and try, I’ll find you and kill you,”
but is secretly keeping an eye on you and is extra snappy the rest of the day, specially towards his men who gets too close to you. 
definitely a “If I can’t have you, no one can,” type of guy
lowkey yandere and might chain you to himself
Laughs. The kind of laugh that’s challenging. The kind of laugh that says “Who dares to take you away from me?”
“There isn’t anywhere you can hide, darling. But if someone takes you away. Well, I’ll be sure to make them suffer,” 
He’s confident in his abilities in combat but is still slightly anxious at the idea that there may actually come a time where you disappear without a trace, specially in his line of work.
Will ponder on it a little more and tell you seriously “...If you feel like you’re in any type of danger, tell me, Y/N,”
“What?” why would you ask that, is his first thought. There must be something wrong.
He’s beyond worried.
Cups your face in his hands and tilts your head so you meet his eyes. “Did something happen Y/N?” His lips are in a deep frown. “Where would you go? Why would you go? Is everything okay?” 
Seriously thinks that you’re hiding something from him and is anxious that you’ll just poof away one day. 
Is so jittery that it’s starting to affect his daily life. You promise him nothing’s wrong, you just wanted to ask for fun.
He sighs and shakes his head. “You say that but I can’t get it out of my head,”
Gives his signature “ehe~!”
“Ever heard the phrase let the wind guide you? It’s cause I know where to go! I know every nook and cranny of this world. There’s no escape for you!” crosses his arms proudly on his chest and doesn’t think about it for a long time.
Until he suddenly gets the thought that you might actually disappear into another world. After all... that’s what happened to the traveller right? They jumped worlds and now one of them is missing. 
Goes quiet and that is extremely unusual for him. 
Contrary to what everyone sees, Venti has also seen loss and is someone who thinks about it from time to time. 
“...Don’t go anywhere I can’t follow, Y/N. That’s all I ask,”
Also scoffs “Impossible,”
He’s like an all seeing eye. He has knowledge of what happens across the vast lands, and it only takes for his name to be called and he’ll be there.
But what if you don’t call his name? What if you CAN’T call his name? What if an other worldly being takes you to somewhere he can’t reach?
“...Listen, Y/N, however small of a danger you think it is, call me...And if you find yourself somewhere far away... Keep calling,”
He might not hear you immediately, but he’ll keep searching, so you shouldn’t give up calling.
“Hmm... Disappear, you say?” might have the most normal response to it. 
“There isn’t much to do except to seek you out... How long would I keep looking?” He pauses again and thinks. “Why, until I find you, of course. Remember, if you’re lost, just stay in one place, I’ll find you eventually,” 
Doesn’t think much of it because he thinks the chances of someone just disappearing into thin air is low. 
He believes you would leave some kind of clue, if ever you disappeared, or he trusts that you would tell him if something was amiss. 
is the one who is most used to people coming and going in his lifetime.
“I have ways to seek people out, Y/N. It wouldn’t be a difficult task just to find you,” closes his eyes and sighs a little.
“But I suppose the world is a much vaster place than I imagine... If I was unable to find you...” he trails off, looking at his tea and swirling it around a little in his hand.
“It isn’t something that is easy to accept,” he ends his statement and looks over at you. “Is there any specific reason you’ve asked this?” tiniest bit worried that you might be in some sort of trouble.
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rulaineyu · 6 months ago
Genshin Boys When They Accidently Walk In on You Changing
Fandom: Genshin Impact
Characters: Diluc, Kaeya, Zhongli, Childe, Xiao x gn!Reader
Genre: Bulleted headcanons, fluff, humorous, traces of hurt/comfort in Xiao’s
Warnings: Some suggestive content, implications of nudity but nothing explicit
A/N: This happens early in your relationship before the two of you have been intimate
After you were caught in a rainstorm, one of the maids showed you to one of the spare rooms at Diluc’s manor so you could change out of your soaked shirt
Diluc, unaware that you were inside, opens the door and walks in without knocking
When he sees you, he immediately starts apologizing
He’s stuttering, face turning as red as his hair, as he babbles about how it was an accident and that he didn’t know you were changing and he just wanted to quickly grab something. 
You assure him it’s fine, but he’s not listening, barely able to choke out the words as he keeps apologizing, asking what he can do to make up for this mistake.
At this point, you’re turning red too as you clutch the wet shirt tighter against your body
You tell him he can make up for this by leaving, and that’s when he realizes he’s just been standing there, staring at you. 
He tries to rush out, but in his haste he ends up banging his head against the doorframe. Poor guy.
You ask him if he’s alright, and he mumbles incoherently under his breath before successfully leaving.
“Ahem...I’m sorry I walked in, and I’m sorry you had to see...that. I promise I’m usually more composed.”
You were in a rush, so you ran into the nearest empty meeting room and threw off your shirt, trying to get changed as fast as you could
Unbeknownst to you, Kaeya was doing paperwork here. This meeting room wasn’t used often, and both of you clearly expected it’d be unoccupied. 
Jumps when you swing the door open. Before he could alert you that he was there, you were already in the middle of changing. 
Recovers from his shock quickly
It’s only when he clears his throat do you realize you weren’t alone
Leans his elbow on the desk, his head resting in in his hand as he smirks, asking if you were putting on a show for him
You scramble to cover yourself, but it did not matter because you were already practically done—he had already seen what you looked like under your shirt 
You’d shout at him to leave, and he’d remind you that you were the one who barged in first.
He’ll still leave. He’ll get up, his hand covering the side of his eye to make you feel more comfortable.
Would tease you about it later, enjoying how cute you looked when you were embarrassed. 
“I didn’t know you were in such a hurry to take your clothes off in front of me, baby.”
He’ll be looking for you, telling you a funny story that had happened to him today. 
When he hears your voice behind a closed door, he enters without thinking. 
Just stands there, blinking in surprise, hand on the doorknob as he stares at you
It takes him a couple seconds to register what was happening, that he was staring at your bare skin
Childe.exe has stopped working
You have to start yelling to make him come to his senses
Without taking his eyes off of your body, he slowly asks if he can stay and watch
You throw your shirt at him, shouting at him to learn to knock. It lands on his face, perfectly obstructing his view
He doesn’t leave or even move. He asks if, since he couldn’t see anything anyways, he could stay as you change.
Can’t argue with that logic
Continues his story as you finish changing, but it’s hard to focus when he can hear your clothes dropping onto the floor
When you remove the shirt from his head, he’s grinning, a mischievous glint in his eyes
pls hit him
“Can I help you next time?”
Also taken off-guard but recovers quickly and gracefully
A gentleman—he immediately closes his eyes and turns his head away when he realizes you are changing
Coughs, saying he’ll give you some privacy before leaving
Stands outside, his back to the door, just in case someone makes the same mistake as him. He’s mentally beating himself up for not knocking, but god forbid anyone else walk in on you when you’re vulnerable.
Also makes a note to install locks on all doors
When you finish and walk back out, he apologizes to you, promising he will make sure to knock next time
You assure him that it’s fine, that you didn’t mind him seeing you like that since he was your lover. 
He’s relieved you accept his apology. He would hate for you to feel uncomfortable because of him.
Since it was so rare to see him lose his composure, you can’t help yourself but tease him, asking if he enjoyed the show.
He pauses, wondering if it was appropriate for him to reply, but finally tells you he did. 
“You are...a sight to behold, my dear.” 
Like Diluc, his face automatically turns red and he’s unsure of what to do
Once he realizes he’s looking at your half-naked body, he lowers his head and runs
Forgets to close the door behind him. You shout at him to close the door, but he thinks you’re yelling because you’re angry at him  
Afraid of your reaction and ashamed of himself, he hides on the top branches of the tree that Wangshu Inn is situated on. 
Later, when you can’t find him, you start to grow worried. You search every nook and cranny, yet you did not see any sign of the dark-haired boy. He is an adeptus, after all—if he didn’t want to be found, it would be near impossible to find him.
It’s only when you’re calling his name, on the verge of tears, does he appear in front of you again.
He stares at his feet, unable to look you in the eye as he prepares himself for a scolding
To his surprise, you throw your arms around him. You had forgotten that he had walked in on you, and you were only angry that he disappeared without telling you.
“I’m sorry. For walking in...and for worrying you.” 
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wispycecilia · a month ago
hi(gh school) ! i love you !
genshin characters as high school crushes you’d have
various! genshin impact x reader. (albedo, childe, diluc, ganyu, jean, itto, kaeya, kazuha, keqing, scaramouche, zhongli, xiao.) - 3015 words.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
synopsis: what type of high school crush would genshin characters be like to you, a hopeless romantic? will it be tragic, or straight out of a romance novel?
notes: modern! AU. long headcanons. british english used. unedited. not proofread. lowercase. some cliche romance tropes used. gn!reader. arranged in alphabetical order (but zhongli & xiao’s order is messed up bcz i don’t know my abcs… oops).
a/n: i got so, so, SOOOO carried away LMFAOOO i hope people enjoy these, i’m pretty proud of them :) tell me which one is your favourite!
ur so seggsy when u reblog aha <3
Tumblr media
   • the school’s famous, attractive scientist. he’d often be seen slaving away within one of the spare lab rooms, doing weird experiments with his friend, sucrose. they never separated from each other, and since he seemed like the type to dislike social interactions, you never dared to approach him.
   • though, one fateful day, you two met outside of school. at a daycare. you were trying to make your way to a café a friend had suggested, but with your lack of directional skills you failed miserably.
   • he noticed you, surprisingly. you were so confused because?? THE albedo actually knew your name??
   • albedo sheepishly explained that he was here to pick up his little sister, klee, and questioned why you were there as well. how were you going to explain to him about your embarrassing failure?
   • you were forced to fess up when you saw the face of his adorable little sister, and she mentioned the name of the café you were planning to head to. albedo invites you to come with them – he absolutely loves the parfaits from there - and the rest is history :)
   • nowadays, albedo invites you over to his to babysit klee (which results in sleepovers… the lil girl loves you).   
   • while your crush on him is over now, you fail to notice the stare he gives you whenever he’s making hot chocolate. it might just be enough for your feelings to reignite all over again.
   • the notorious bad boy of the school. he was known for goofing around in class a bit too much, and hanging out with the wrong crew after school. you knew better than to interact with the likes of him, and yet, you two got along so well?? you were literally best friends??
   • this caused rumors to stir about you. about how you were secretly part of a gang, how you mentioned to a classmate that you would smash all the classroom windows with a bat.
   • you were drowning in embarrassment. you hid away from absolutely everyone, including all your friends that you’ve made throughout the year, in fear that they too would get the harsh treatment of others.
   • though, while you were sneaking out of an empty classroom to head to your next period, you saw childe beating up a group of boys - a handful of girls looking in fear.
   • you were quick to drag him away and berate childe for his behaviour, tearing up as you bandaged his battered knuckles. you asked him why he did all this, because he was undoubtedly going to get expelled, but he wouldn’t fess up.
   • you later found out that he went through that crazy stunt to come to your defence. that those people you saw behind the school with him one day were the one who caused the rumors.
   • now, you attend the same university and you’re like his personal babysitter. you made a promise to teucer and his other siblings that you would work hard to make childe change his ways.
   • the aloof son of a rich ceo. he’s super popular with the girls and?? you were just so confused?? the man is all uptight and boring. though, you couldn’t deny, he was handsome. and he’s rich too?? okay. okay, maybe you can see why women gravitate towards him...
   • he never really cared about you, and neither did you. that was, until you saw him alone in a classroom with a ‘what do you want to be when you’re older?’ questionnaire on his desk. you’ve never seen the boy so conflicted in your life.
   • in a burst of courage, you wrote ‘i will be (y/n)’s husband!’ on his fourm. he looked at you like you were absolutely insane, but it shifted into an amused laugh right after. you didn’t know it back then, but that was the first – and only – time he’d ever been remotely happy in the hell-hole that was your school.
   • you two never did interact that much afterwards, but he would give you a slight nod of acknowledgement as you passed each other in the hallways. you knew he would be right by your side if you just asked. 
   • the smart girl at the front of your class; she lent you her eraser once when you two were paired up for a group project. you were always secretly jealous of her, she was perfect in absolutely every way, but she was one of the sweetest people in the school. no way could you hate her, ever.
   • during a history group project, all of the other members bailed. to say you were frustrated would be an understatement. you felt like giving up, but as soon as ganyu offered to do all the work so her gpa doesn’t go down, you refused. 
   • her eyes were so tired, and for once, you saw behind the ‘little miss perfect’ persona she built up for herself. you just saw an overworked girl who deserved better. you two hit it off after that encounter.
   • you two were totally into each other. everyone could see it. but she had a bright future ahead of her; she was accepted into a prestigious university abroad. 
   • the social divide between you two was strong, and unfortunately it just wouldn’t work out. ganyu would give you longing stares occasionally, thoughts of ‘what if’ wandering in her mind.
   • when graduation came around, you two agreed to go out for coffee if you ever met each other again. she wasn’t the type to use social media or anything of the sorts, so you pray every night that fate will take its course :)
   • the one that got away. you first noticed her at the hospital that your grandmother was stationed at, and that was when you realised that she (the vice-president of your school) was sick. deathly sick.
   • during one of your visits, you met her younger sister, barbara. jean would smile softly as her two favourite people would interact so carefreely, forgetting about her situation for just a moment.
   • on accident, you overheard barbara mentioning how you two looked so cute together, while you were getting water for jean. you felt guilty about it, but never mentioned it at all. though, this was the confidence boost you needed.
   • you asked her out the day, but she declined. the heartbreak you felt was like none other, and you were too devastated to gather the confidence and meet her after that again. (this ends up being one of your biggest regrets of all time.)
   • barbara came to you in tears after she passed. she gave you a letter that was addressed to you, and it was jean’s confession that she loved you too, but couldn’t bare to hold you back by being with her, especially when there were so many other people that were the right fit for you.
   • with encouragement and permission given by barbara, you attended her funeral as her lover nonetheless. sometimes, you can feel her ghost hugging you from behind.
   •  the school’s boxing celebrity. he was never at school. like ever. everyone thought of him to just be a muscle man with no brains.
   •  you were the type to usually never agree with the crowd, but when you saw him with the latest math test with a big 21% written on it?? oh, you felt bad, but the rumors seemed to be true...
   •  (when you two got closer, he did offer to let you touch his abs in exchange for homework answers, by the way. he was so clueless about why you turned bashful too.)
   •  however, you caught him playing with the stray kittens one day. and although it was wrong, you had the strong urge to protect him, even if he was 95% muscle himself and absolutely did not need to be protected at all.
   •  you two would bond over the strays, taking turns in feeding them. you made sure they were in good health whenever he was travelling the world for his boxing festivities. when a miraculous time did come and he was present at your usual meeting spot, you were just beyond elated to see him that you let your feelings slip.
   •  though, he just responded with a ‘i like you too, you’re my best friend!’ and oh. oh my god??? the embarrassment you felt?? never again. you wanted to smack yourself for forgetting about his denseness.
   •  nowadays, he sends you dumb selfies of him mocking his manager, sara. it never fails to make your heart flutter, but still, after that day in your youth, you never risked to take the chance ever again.
   • the popular boy of the school. he’s always seen smiling or laughing. women, men, heck, even the faculty loved him! kaeya was more beloved than his brother because of his seemingly cheerful and outgoing attitude.
   • you never saw him without a smile on his face, therefore he must always be happy, right?
   • well, that’s what you thought, until you saw kaeya by himself underneath the stairway during the school festival with an unusually empty and sad look in his eyes. you never saw him like this in your life, ever.
   • he vented to you about all his demons that he kept in the dark. you gave him a shoulder to lean on, hugs, and ensured you kept your attention on his wellbeing, not daring to let this moment slip away.
   • you saw him in a different light afterwards. study sessions are common, with him poking fun at you most of the time. occasionally, you two would have a meaningful conversation and just bask in each other's presence.
   • the wallflower. you fell in love with him because of how he, in comparison to everyone else around you, was normal. kazuha was a breath of fresh air. just what you needed within the elite school you attended.
   • kazuha would recite poems he wrote to you as you two would chill out in the literature club room – you two were the only members unfortunately. (or luckily?) seems like nobody appreciates classical languages these days, huh?
   • one day, he let it slip that he was the son of one of the most acclaimed lawyers there ever was. he hid himself behind a different last name and faked normalcy to just experience an average life for once, and not have people befriend him for the status he held. he feared that this would scare you off forever, but that just made you confused. why would you ever think of him differently??
   • you two appreciated one another’s presence greatly; you grounded each other. you confided to him about how out of place you felt within this school, but kazuha assured you that you were just as special.
   • ‘being the normal one in a group of unique people makes you equally as special. don’t forget that.’
   • that was the moment that you realised that your crush towards him may not be one of the usual fleeting ones either. the wallflower might have been the protagonist this whole time.
   • the prized student council president of the school. everyone was scared of her because of her strict attitude. so when you were appointed as the vice president to fill in for jean, you shit your pants because?? hello?? you would be working alongside a domineering lady??
   • soon, you realised, keqing was just a softie at heart who had problems with expressing herself. you and her would spend recess together, playing chess or just talking about how the latest fashion trends were stupid. one of the moments that stuck with you was when she opened up and admitted she was insecure, in particular, about how jean would’ve had the president spot if the girl hadn’t moved to the hospital.
   • her insecurities were exposed before school started, and you gave her the warmest hug you could muster. in the spur of the moment, she gave you a kiss, right on the lips, before proceeding to run away. keqing avoided you for the entire day.
   • whenever you try to mention this to her, keqing would blush furiously and change the subject. though, deep down, you know she regrets what she’s done; keqing thinks that she totally ruined your friendship.
   • for her dignity, you choose to avoid it entirely, but you know that you’ll have to have a proper conversation later. for now, you just choose to appreciate how the sunlight frames her face whenever you two are on a break from filling out papers.
   • the idol of the school. scaramouche was famed for his youthfully good looks, and was often the photography club’s muse. you thought he was a generally nice guy, considering he turned down all of your classmates so carefully.
   • that was. until you caught him dumping out all of the confessions he received with a sour look on his face. he spat out so many profanities that it put even your lousy uncle to shame.
    • you met each other face to face, and you came to the realisation that everyone’s beloved magazine model was just a massive, two-faced jerk.
   • he made you swear to never expose this side of him to anyone. what could you do? you had no choice to agree. scaramouche had a whole fanbase and a shit ton of influence.
   •  he’d act all sweet to you in public, before proceeding to torment you whenever you two were alone. it was a nightmare having him around.
   •  of course, his dreaded fangirls took notice of his sudden interest in you. you never really paid attention to their jealousy, but as soon as you got soaked with a girl’s vegan green juice when scaramouche was chatting to you??
   •  his good boy façade was broken in an instant. no one had seen him get that angry. ever.
   •  ‘i’m the only one who's allowed to treat them this way!’ …yeah, okay big guy, keep acting like you don’t care…
   •  still a massive bully to you. the torment never stopped. but ever since that incident, he’s been super protective of you, keeping you away from the media when his fame hit an all time high after graduation.
   •  the foreign transfer student who spoke so eloquently he dug his way into your heart. right away from his arrival, he was the biggest crush you ever had. trust me, zhongli’s good looks automatically made everyone drawn to him, but the tangents he went on just made all of them back off from him :’)
   •  ...besides you of course. you were so deeply in love it was embarrassing. you stuck to zhongli like glue, and even let him go off about his rants of classic chinese literature that would last for hours.
   •  you debated introducing him to kazuha, but you wanted to be a little bit selfish and keep him to yourself. he was like your little secret.
   •  you two would spend hours chatting away about the cultural differences between this place and his hometown. zhongli would laugh so attractively as you introduced him to your corny romance novels.
   •  the day he left was the absolute worst. you cried your heart out like no tomorrow, not because you would miss him – that was a given – but because he never even said a proper goodbye to you.
   •  your love confession was left unsaid. yet, you had a feeling that he was more than aware of what you felt. zhongli had always been really perceptive, after all.
   •  you found out through a university friend that he was now engaged to a rich woman in the glimmering cities of his country, and was now climbing up the ranks as one of the most influential authors in the world.
   •  out of curiosity, you bought one of his books, and your jaw dropped to the floor as you saw your name mentioned in the dedication page. he left a hole in your heart, and this was his way of trying to mend it. 
   •  ‘to (y/n), my first love. would you care to tell me how you’re doing now?’
   •  zhongli was blissfully unaware that this just opened up previously-healed wounds all over again.
    • the quiet kid at the back of your music class. he’d always have this angry look on his face that just made people steer away from him and admire from afar.
   • you thought xiao was awesome. i mean, who wouldn’t? his hair was dyed so beautifully you couldn’t look away. he was strikingly beautiful, and even in a school full of pretty people like yours, he stood out.
   • your matchmaker of a music teacher paired you up together one day, and you could faintly hear the tunes of a rock band coming out of his headphones. scratch that. it wasn’t any usual band, it was your favourite band. you were in awe about how you didn’t notice it earlier??? he was humming the tune of their best hit song earlier you fool!!
   • you immediately asked xiao about his song choices and chatted away about all your favourite tunes, completely forgetting about the project at hand. you thought he disliked your rambling because his face was cold as ever, but your worries were eased as soon as he gave you an eager wave of his hand to keep going.
   •  he single handedly got the project done, and while you were wallowing in your guilt for not contributing, xiao shyly explained that he did it just so you could talk about music for the remaining project time.
   • wasn’t limited to just the time allocated in your group task, though. soon, it spread to lunch-times and even class time. it was a miracle that you passed the class with him at all because all you talked about was rock bands.
   • nowadays, he sends you spotify playlists that he made for you through messenger. you still keep in touch <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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glazelilyy · 3 months ago
dry your tears
Tumblr media
pairings (separately!)- diluc ragnvindr, kaeya alberich, childe/tartaglia, scaramouche x gender neutral reader
word count - 3954
genre - angst, hurt/comfort
format- drabbles
warnings - crying, arguments, yelling, cursing in scara's, hints at abandonment issues, petnames (my love, dove, angel, sweetheart)
summary - after a heated argument, you storm off to get some air only to return hours later and find him with tears streaming down his face
a/n - i've seen a lot of those "genshin guys make you cry" hcs (and MMM are they deliciously angsty) but then i thought: what if the roles were reversed? and here we are :')
disclaimer - fights are gonna happen in any sort of relationship, but what matters is how you communicate about the problem :)
Tumblr media
you hadn't expected things to go this way, the heat in the air was unthinkably hot and menacing as was the thick tension that wrapped around your throat so coarse and wiry, you felt your breathing halt.
faces warm and throats sore, how long had it been since you first brought up the topic? time itself seemed to still when the man you loved with all your heart stared back at you with boiling rage engraved in his usually loving eyes and an unsettling sneer on his soft lips.
words poured out of his mouth yet your ears remained numb as your battered heart filled the void and rammed against your eardrums. it was as if for miles all you could hear were his shouts and disgruntled comments, even the sharp jab or two where you were most vulnerable. what stabbed the most, however, was your reciprocation.
you were sure at least one of your comments had hit a nerve, but you saw red, red, red. and all courtesies began to fly out the window.
was it so selfish to wish that he'd set aside your differences and hold you so lovingly as he usually did? perhaps, yet your mind wandered to the realm of forgiveness and the dried tear paths on your cheeks ached for your mouth to split open and spew apologies.
but as angry as you were, you loved him. you loved him so much, the mere thought of his anger overshadowing his love for you had your knees buckling and breaths escaping the confines of your lungs.
"look, i'm going to cool off and then we can talk about it later." there was a defeated hum to your voice, one you'd find in a cornered animal who'd been slashed through their bellies and had nothing but adrenaline running through the thin crevices of their veins.
he expected you to storm off with stomped steps and an angry pout, but when you stepped forwards with shaking arms that wrapped around his torso so tightly, and pressed your lips to his clothed, thundering heart, his anger seemed to dissolve entirely.
the final icing on the cake was the whimpered "i love you," whispered against his heart from your lips.
and suddenly, your warmth disappeared from his chest and the click of your shoes began to fade away until all he was left with were echoes of your touch, and a throbbing heart that yearned for your presence.
content + scenarios utc!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
windrise had such lovely breezes, and soon you found that your anger had seemingly fluttered away with the calming winds. your walk had allowed you time to think, of both the words diluc spoke and your own behavior. neither of you were very polite or mature about your handling of the matter, much to your chagrin.
after some thought collecting at the large tree near windrise, you legs found themselves dragging towards dawn winery where you had only been hours earlier engaged in the fight of your life, with the love of your life. what was it about? you hardly remembered anymore, but what you craved most was not vengeance or the ability to be right, but diluc's arms wrapped firm around your waist and his intoxicating scent of fresh grapes and aged wine. you longed to run your hands through his thick locks instead of pulling out your own, or feel his palm, gloved or bare, in your own instead of anxiously digging crescent shaped holes into the flesh of your palms.
the doors to the winery felt as heavy as led when you placed your hands and pushed with all your might.
the usual dim candles that illuminated the winery were nowhere to be seen; the entirety of the property seemed void of light and deprived of the usual staff scurrying about. the pit in your throat began to jostle your insides but you swallowed it down with firm resolution and set off in search of diluc.
his usual spot, tableside by the fireplace, was devoid of warmth or any semblance of his being save for the reading glasses he often wore while tending to the winery's paperwork. you clutched the pair of spectacles in your hand and prodded around each room with bated breath, hoping to see the familiar mop of red hair.
just as you ascended the stairs and began to approach his office, your heart stilled as did your breath: the faintest of whimpers met your ears in a sorrowful kiss and the creeping hesitance that had been brewing in the deepest confines of your stomach had begun to resurface.
as gently as you could, you approached his office and peered inside.
the mighty diluc, so strong and so brave, looked much more akin to a lost child as he sat slumped in his chair, elbows placed limply on his desk while his hands took it upon themselves to hold his head over countless stray pieces of paperwork. his red locks had fallen out of its usual composed ponytail and poured out in waterfalls over his skin and desk. even from this strained angle, you could see the small splatters of teardrops that fell onto the documents below his face. and sweet barbatos, with every one of his muffled cries and sobs, you felt your heart break and scatter into pieces, a sharp bite coming to tingle at the ends of your eyes when your name passed his lips in a hoarse and whispered voice.
diluc seemed not to notice you as you approached with cautious steps and gently set his reading glasses down in front of him on his lacquered, wooden desk. the gentle stroke of your hand on his head was what tore him from the wallowing fields of his hands.
his eyes scanned over your body, his own hand hesitantly reaching up to overlap the hand you placed on his head. upon feeling the smoothness of your skin and the bumps of your knuckles, diluc bolted from his chair and wrapped his arms so, so tight around your body. the usual solid cadence of his voice felt wobbly and unstable as he pressed his face into the crook of your neck and shook with sobs. you squeezed back with equal force and ran a soothing hand through his mangled locks.
"i thought...i thought you left me," he managed to sputter out in between lulls of choked cries and sharp inhales.
a single tear slipped down your cheek, "shh i'm here now, i wouldn't leave you just like that." and how true it was that you never would.
you pulled his face from your neck and swiped away at the moisture that coated his face. the rims of his scarlet eyes pooled with a never-ending stream of tears. his skin felt hot to the touch as your nimble fingers worked to rub away his sorrow. diluc's hand found its way up to cup your cheek and brushed away at the stray tears that trickled down from the reservoir hidden behind your eyes.
"i'm so sorry, my love. i meant none of what i said, i truly do love you with all my heart. if i had been more mature about it-"
"no, diluc," you gently placed the soft of your palm against his lips to silence him, "don't blame yourself like that. i'm at fault as well, and i'm sorry." the tip of your nose brushed against his before aiming to slot your lips against his for a tender, chaste kiss.
"we can talk about it after you've calmed down, okay?" you asked once pulling away. he nodded in reply and returned his face to your shoulder, allowing his tears to be absorbed by the heat of your skin all while you cradled him in your arms and whispered words of love and reassurance into his hair.
the muffled "i love you" from your shoulder had you weak in the knees, and it was then that you knew that the both of you would be okay, especially when you replied with an "i love you too" in return.
Tumblr media
cider lake was breathtaking at night: from the dancing glimmers of moonlight atop its rippling surface, to the gentle, cooling breeze that came in from the lake water. shoes clutched in one hand, your bare feet made soft footfalls and left behind imprints of your existence in the grainy, mushy sand.
surrounded by tranquility, you finally had a moment to breath and think back to your argument with kaeya. you no doubt felt terrible, both for losing your cool and the sharp imprints of his words that still left impact wounds on your heart. it was almost as though kaeya could target your worst insecurities and zero in on them like heat seeking missiles, and he never failed to miss.
but you knew deep within that it was both of your yelling, both of your disagreements that led to where you are now. and with the calming brush of cider lake's waters against your ankles, you knew you were calm enough to talk things out with kaeya. after all, you loved him, flaws and all.
the favonius headquarters were ominous to some at night, but you glided through the lacquered halls with ease, taking great care to empty your shoes of sand and water first. it wasn't the menacing darkness of the halls that worried you, rather the gentle trickle of candlelight from kaeya's office that urged you to turn around and discuss things in the morning. but you knew that you wanted to fix this, that you'd rather fall asleep tonight knowing you could wake up to his charming smile rather than cold sheets.
despite the glow that poured in from his office into the dark halls, only a single candle had been lit by his deskside instead of the usual four or five that he'd placed around the office. instead of facing his desk, kaeya's chair had been turned to gaze outside the large, paneled window that sat behind his desk. from his office, cider lake stretched on and glimmered under the moonlight for as far as the eye could see. with his cheek propped up by his elbow that rested on the arm of the chair, you almost thought he had been sleeping if not for the slightly ragged breaths emitted from his lips.
you cautiously knocked on the wood of his door, "kaeya? it's me."
the man in front of you hardly moved, transfixed on the gentle sloshes of crystal clear water in front of him.
"kaeya, please don't ignore me," your feet felt like on his wooden floors as you approached his chair, "i came here to tell you how sorry i am, not to fight anymore-"
the rest of your sentence fell flat in your throat as you finally came face to face with kaeya.
kaeya whose eyepatch had long since fallen to the floor and laid by his boots. whose hidden, milky eye seemed lost and confused. kaeya whose eyes gently trickled with silent tears. he hadn't noticed your presence until your thumb came to gently swipe away a tear from under his normally hidden eye. he seemed to flip a switch on as his usual seductive (though strained) grin formed on his face.
"finally come crawling back, sweetheart?" and if not for the warble of his voice or the tears cascading down this face, you'd think he was alright.
"oh kaeya," your hand gently pushed kaeya's head into the soft expanse of your body and wrapped around his broad shoulders, "i'm so sorry."
he sat motionless for a while before his arms pulled your body closer to his, and you felt the small vibrations of his hiccups through the cloth of your attire.
"m' so sorry, dove. i didn't mean what i said to you, i promise."
you gently shushed him and stroked the top of his head, "i know, i know, kaeya. i'm sorry too, we both handled it wrong."
your lips pressed themselves against his soft locks, then moved downwards to his forehead, then nose, and finally his quivering lips, sucking away the last of his breaths from deep within his lungs.
"i thought you left me, for good this time." his voice dripped with hesitance as he raised the heel of his palm to his forehead and humorlessly laughed, a strained smile on his face.
"somehow it's always the people i love the most that i hurt, it really is quite funny." despite his words, kaeya sounded so, so sad, as if he'd break under your fingertips.
the words you wanted to speak didn't seem to fit quite right, so instead you opted to squeeze tighter around his body to let him know how real you were, and let him know that you haven't left him.
"i hurt you too, kaeya. and i'm sorry, very sorry. but we can talk about it later, okay?" he didn't respond, but from the gentle, forwards tug of your arm that had you sitting with your legs slung over his lap and the tight grip of his arms around your torso, you had all the answers you needed.
"i love you, i'll always be here for you." you murmured just under a breath as your lips found solace pressing against the eyelid that held his hidden eye.
the gnawing pain in his heart began to slowly ease with every lingering touch you left upon his skin.
Tumblr media
zhongli had once told you that the best way to relax in the famed port of liyue was to sit by the docks and count the ships as they entered in and out of the city.
you hadn't expected a use for this fact, nor for him to be right.
your legs dangled over one of the wooden piers, eyes trained on the elegant and grandiose ship that seemed to sparkle with gold in the setting rays of the sun. counting the ships and pointing our their details in accompaniment of a lovely, gentle sea breeze and the smell of salt in the air had given you time to reflect on your fight with childe.
his hair trigger temper and impulsiveness were things you never usually found yourself the victim of, not until today at least. you'd felt fear but never like this, not fear where the man you loved was at the center of it all. fear that he'd leave you, fear that he'd hate you, fear that you were the main source of his anger at that moment.
the momentum of your feet stilled as you recalled the way in which his voice would take on a tender tone in the early hours of the morning, or when his arms would sneak around your sides to startle you out of whatever task you were preoccupied with. you could never lie to yourself: you missed him dearly despite your argument.
which is how you found yourself alone in northland bank, shoes making gentle clicking sounds on the marble floors in search of childe's office. the fear that had been building up in you had manifested into sweat that trickled down your forehead and the nervous clench of your palms. his office was barren of his presence save for the closet door that looked like it had been flung wide open and the scattered mess of papers on his desk that you had helped him organized.
"are you looking for lord tartaglia?"
you turned your head around to face ekaterina, who send you a polite smile hidden beneath the fabric of her mask. you nod in response, unsure of what was to come.
"i'm afraid he just set out, his location was undisclosed." you frowned in response but thanked her nonetheless from preventing your fruitless search.
night had fallen when you emerged from the bank, eyes wide and wandering in search of the familiar head of ginger that you loved so much. your lead-heavy legs dragged you to the outskirts of the city where the hills began to climb and grass rolled heavy at your feet and tickled your ankles. you almost hadn't registered the slight thump of the footsteps behind you.
you turned around at the sound of your name only to be met in a crushing hug by none other than childe himself. "childe?!" startled, your mind instinctively moved to wrap your arms around his waist and run up and down his back. it was only under your touch that you noticed the heave of his shoulder and the slight rasp of his voice.
his shaking hands gently pulled your body away from his to peer into the galaxies contained within your irises and it was then that you noticed the slight reddening of his eyes, the flush of his face, and the tears that cascaded down his cheeks in silent waterfalls. "i-i've been looking all over for you, angel, i-" he tried to speak but it was as if you could see the words getting caught in between coughed sobs and whimpers that pierced your heart and had you beckoning him back into your arms.
your own eyes began to water and soon slipped into a silent river of tears when his arms clutched your body with his life and his sobs heaved themselves into you.
"i'm so sorry, for losing my temper with you. i-i didn't mean it i swear! i just- i'm-"
"hey, hey, childe it's okay," like a lullaby, your soothing voice brought him back from the deep wrangling tentacles of his mind and cradled him in your warmth, "i'm sorry too, i wasn't very nice to you either. but let's talk about it when we're both not a mess, sound good?" the little laugh to the tail end of your sentence still somehow managed to send butterflies through his stomach. even with tears streaming down your face, he still found you so beautiful.
he nodded and kissed your wet lips with all that he was in a silent promise to both himself, and you.
Tumblr media
scaramouche's sharp tongue never hurt, never pierced past the protective layer you donned when you took on the title of the balladeer's lover. but it seemed your shield had worn thin, and his venomous tongue had managed to stab holes through your heart and lathered your soul in poison.
you were thankful just this once for the shogun's principle of eternity. in the land that never changed, you found solace in letting the sea breezes of narukami's beaches lull you into a dream where scaramouche's words didn't sink their fangs into your soul, and where you didn't retaliate with arguments that made no sense and were fueled by anger.
but dreams were dreams, and you opened your eyes to the stinging reality that laid before you. bare feet clinging to remnants of sand, your shoes had been discarded on a rock in favor of strolling through the waves at ankle length, letting the water cleanse you of your anger and the breeze to soothe your battered heart.
it wasn't like scaramouche at all to lash out at you, sure his tongue was sharper than any knife he wielded, but you knew just how much he treasured you even if his words betrayed his heart. and it was that single thought that had you picking up your shoes and hurrying back to the little cottage scaramouche had managed to haggle into his hands.
your feet ached and burned from scratching against the dirt path, but you wanted nothing more than to hold him in your arms and tell him just how sorry you were, and hoped that he'd hear the prayers deep within your heart.
the doorknob felt all too heavy in your sweaty palm as you struggled to turn it. perhaps this was fate screaming at you to run far, far away, but fate has never enticed you into its grips, so you turned the doorknob.
the house hummed with silence and basked itself in the glow of the moonlight, devoid of any candles or electro spheres that scaramouche often used to illuminate the home.
"scara?" you called out tentatively in a small voice. with no reply, you heaved a sigh and set your sights on finding whichever corner of the house he'd gone off to.
you didn't need to look far, as a single glance into his home office revealed to you that he hadn't moved an inch since you left the house in a flurry of emotions earlier that day. hunched over his desk, elbows on the wood and head resting on his folded knuckles white from gripping onto thin air.
"scara?" at the gentle call of his name and upon seeing your worried look, he flinched.
"what do you want?" sharp as ever, he refused to look you in the eye and settled for huffing away and favoring a corner of the room. his sleeve came to brush across his eyes and you thought nothing of it.
"i want to talk, if you're willing." as if to test the waters, you took a cautious step forward. with the click of your shoe on the hardwood, scaramouche rose from his desk and slammed his palms face down onto the lacquered wood.
"i don't. leave." you would have respected his wishes, if not for the single glimmer of a tear that streaked down his flushed face illuminated by the moonlight.
"are you sure-"
"LEAVE! I SAID LEAVE! GO AWAY!" the sudden outburst hadn't phased you the way his rolling tears and choked sobs did. he tried to scream more profanities and "go away!"s at you, but his words were nestled between the crook of muffled cries and whimpers. instead of leaving, you found yourself coming closer and closer until your arms had found their way around his shoulders and your hand began to stroke his soft locks.
scaramouche thrashed and screamed threats and murderous words that would've had anyone else's blood boiling, but you knew from the salty tears that cascaded down his cheeks that he was just as hurt as you were.
"i'm not leaving you like this, scara." you cooed as the hand that had been stroking his hair moved to wipe away the tears from his eyes.
those words alone seemed to break the dam that had been holding back all of his tears, even if they came out in angry glares and single drops of tears rather than sobs. his hesitant arms found their way around your waist and squeezed tightly.
"why...why do you stay with me?" he asked in an out of character, soft, tentative voice that strained with emotion. "i can't watch my mouth...and you put up with all my bullshit. i don't get it."
"that's an easy question, it's because i love you, dummy." with a watery laugh and tears of your own in your eyes, you pressed a chaste kiss first to his cheek, then to his parted lips which tasted of salty tears and indulgence.
"and, i'm sorry for our fight earlier. we can talk things out later though, for now i wanna give you some cuddles." cheekily, you made grabby motions with your hands and smiled despite the evident tears on your face.
his pride would never allow him to mumble those sugary apologies you yearned to hear, but scaramouche had a way of speaking to you in which no words were needed. the slight tug of his arms around your waist and his muffed breaths accompanied by the burning touch of his skin and tears in his eyes were all you needed to know how sorry he was.
all your worries washed away as did the tears on his face fade when you reciprocated his love as best you could despite his flaws.
Tumblr media
date published: august 25th, 2021
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dreamingofaria · a day ago
❝ what dream have you come in search of? ❞
TAURUS IRACUNDUS » arataki itto
i.  insight. — ❛ genshin men and what they see in you. ❜
ii. interference. — ❛ genshin men and how they choose to act on unrequited feelings. ❜
NOCTUA » diluc
i. study. — ❛ genshin men and libraries. ❜
ii. interference. — ❛ genshin men and how they choose to act on unrequited feelings. ❜
OUROBOROS » dainsleif
i. insight. — ❛ genshin men and what they see in you. ❜
ii. interference. — ❛ genshin men and how they choose to act on unrequited feelings. ❜
i. study.  — ❛ genshin men and libraries. ❜
i. study.  — ❛ genshin men and libraries. ❜
ii. insight. — ❛ genshin men and what they see in you. ❜
iii. interference. — ❛ genshin men and how they choose to act on unrequited feelings. ❜
ACER PALMATUM » kaedehara kazuha
i. surrendered. — ❛ a requested requiem. ❜
i. study. — ❛ genshin men and libraries. ❜
ii. interference. — ❛ genshin men and how they choose to act on unrequited feelings. ❜
LAPIS DEI » zhongli
i. study. — ❛ genshin men and libraries. ❜
ii.  insight. — ❛ genshin men and what they see in you. ❜
iii. interference. — ❛ genshin men and how they choose to act on unrequited feelings. ❜
→ tw: this section contains all mature and 18+ content. minors do not interact.
i. primordial palace.  — ❛ genshin men and their roles in the royal court. ❜
TAURUS IRACUNDUS » arataki itto
i. titles. — ❛ genshin men and their preferred titles. ❜
NOCTUA » diluc
i. primordial palace.  — ❛ genshin men and their roles in the royal court. ❜
OUROBOROS » dainsleif
i. primordial palace.  — ❛ genshin men and their roles in the royal court. ❜
ii. titles. — ❛ genshin men and their preferred titles. ❜
i. primordial palace.  — ❛ genshin men and their roles in the royal court. ❜
i. primordial palace.  — ❛ genshin men and their roles in the royal court. ❜
ACER PALMATUM » kaedehara kazuha
i. primordial palace.  — ❛ genshin men and their roles in the royal court. ❜
i. primordial palace.  — ❛ genshin men and their roles in the royal court. ❜
i. primordial palace.  — ❛ genshin men and their roles in the royal court. ❜
LAPIS DEI » zhongli
i. primordial palace.  — ❛ genshin men and their roles in the royal court. ❜
ii. titles. — ❛ genshin men and their preferred titles. ❜
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ddarker-dreams · a month ago
Darling Hugging From Behind / HCs. [COMM]
Tumblr media
“Oh, what’s this? A surprise attack from behind? How bold of you.” 
Childe prioritizes teasing you as if it were his life mission, and if he were honest with himself, it almost is. He wants to provoke a reaction. By this point in your relationship, he knows you’re aware of his antics from how you try to avoid giving him what he wants. Comments that were met with indignation in the past often go ignored — you’ve evolved past taking the bait. It excites him to no end. 
You’ll always find new ways to entertain him, like now for instance. 
“Are you disappointed that I didn’t try to stab you?” 
You huff. “I’m sure you’ll get over it.” 
“Ah, who’s to say? I get hung up on things related to you.” 
The fledgling conversation is cut short by you groaning into his back. Childe decides to bite his tongue for a few minutes, just to see what might come from it. There are various maneuvers you could pull with the right momentum to try and toss him over. Then he’d pin you to the ground by your wrists, savoring how you struggle beneath him. How exciting would that be? His heart is racing at the mere thought. 
Stifling you with love might be enjoyable too.
Turning on his heel, he hoists you up in the air, much to your discontentment. Squeezing you close to his chest and hearing the subsequent shriek you let out far eclipse the thrill of battle. 
“[First]...? Is something wrong?” 
Diluc heard you enter through a creak in the floorboard. He noticed that you usually made an active effort to ignore him, steering clear of the rooms he frequented or pretending to be asleep when he joined you in bed. Deep down, it pained his heart to be the subject of your negligence, but it isn't like he couldn't understand your reasoning. So for you to voluntarily approach him was odd.
His brain temporarily shuts down when you hug him from behind.
Was this a dream? Did he mistake his grape juice for wine? Warmth crawls up his neck and to his ears, which flushes crimson as his hair. The questions he had on his tongue die a swift death. The heat you stoked within him was different than the flames born from his Vision. Yours didn't choke him with smoke or singe his skin — it was comforting as huddling around a fireplace on an autumn day.
"Just couldn't sleep, is all," you whisper.
What a serendipitous encounter.
Selfish as it may be, if you sought him out when sleep evaded you, then he'd pray for you to become an insomniac. Maybe a dash of caffeine to your dinners... the maids wouldn't dare give him away if he ordered them to do so. It's a prospect he'll consider.
For now, he will cherish your touch, ignoring the guilt that'd normally suffocate him.
“If you’re going to take what you want from me, then I’d better hear no complaints when I take what I want from you.”
Kaeya’s voice is a purr intending to test your limits. You don’t respond fast enough for his liking, so he spins around, taking your shoulders and pushing you against the wall. You were playing with something more dangerous than fire, you were playing with ice. 
The Calvary Captain chuckles at the surprise painting your countenance. He takes his knuckles and brushes them over your warm cheek, finding himself all but hypnotized by your eyes. What would you do if you knew the extent of his devotion to you? Would you be delighted or horrified? Perhaps a mixture of both? 
He takes your bottom lip in his thumb and pointer finger. “What’s your endgame, sweetheart? Thought you could mess around with me without a consequence or two?” 
There are times where his sugary sweet voice had a dark undertone to it. Luckily for you, you caught him in a pleasant mood, further accentuated by your physical touch. He sees no reason to go beyond playing with you a little, you’re just too cute not to. The wideness of your eyes reminds him of a doe caught off guard. 
Your breath hitches when he leans over, his lips tickling your earlobe. 
“I’m many things, but patient isn’t one of them. So go ahead and fess up.” 
“Hm? Ah, it’s you, [First]. You appear to be in good spirits.”
Zhongli knew that you were trying to sneak up on him, but not wanting to spoil your fun, he chose not to say anything until you latched onto his torso. You squish your face into his back, an action he finds most endearing. Ensuring that your days go smoothly serves him well. You’re so blinded by the optimistic improvements to your life that you overlook the darkness lurking within the shadows. He couldn’t be more grateful. 
“Mhm. Sorry for coming back late.” 
Your voice comes out muffled against his tailcoat and he chuckles. Any other day he might try to sulk over the delay in your arrival, earning your hasty apologies, yet he’s too content with the current situation to do so. Your qualms over being affectionate with him are now a relic of the past. The Lord of Geo is reaping the harvest of what he so dutifully sowed. 
Throughout his long life, he’s experienced too many things to count. He’s still dutifully preserved each one in his memory. That’s how he knows that, without a doubt, you’re his favorite indulgence over multiple millennia. So long as he has you by his side, he needn’t fear growing bored. 
He breaks free from your embrace, only to wrap his arms around you in tender reciprocation. Holding you close qualms memories of the past. Which is why he never intends to let go. 
(Albedo, Xiao, Scaramouche, Kazuha, and Venti under the cut!)
“Did you need something from me?”
Albedo glances up from the research in his hands, an honor bestowed upon no one other than you. He makes a mental note to record this promising occurrence in your file later. From the way you’ve been lingering in rooms he’s in, engaging more with conversation, and have been taking less aggressive body language, he predicted a positive development in your relationship. 
“It’s just... cold in here.” 
He suppresses a smile at that. He normally tries to keep the fire roaring in the cabin you’re kept in, but after observing animals huddling together for warmth, he had an epiphany. Physical contact is vital to facilitate bonding. The hormones oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin are released in the brain, all of which Albedo wishes to cultivate further. 
“I’ll be finished reading soon,” he replies, somehow managing to keep his tone nonchalant as not to give himself away. “So please don’t stop on account of me.” 
Truthfully, he hasn’t retained an ounce of knowledge from these reports. You have his undivided attention. No matter what work the knights give him, or rabbit trails he chases after, you remain the most important in his eyes. After all, you’re the unraveling answer to the final mission his master posed him with. 
The meaning of this world — his world. 
Xiao’s like a stray cat with claws ready to strike and hackles standing high. 
His initial instinct is to free himself — he is a warrior at heart, after all — yet he can’t find the motivation. It would be child’s play to break free from your unexpected hug, your strength is nowhere near his. Maybe... maybe he can indulge you a while longer. Xiao decides he’ll see where you’re going with this. Should you try to attack, he’s confident you wouldn’t be fast enough to land a strike. 
“You’re too tense,” you murmur against his ear. 
At your admonishment, he utilizes all his willpower to relax. The most he can do is droop his stiffened shoulders and unclench his jaw. This activity you’ve initiated is foreign, if not strange. He could understand it better if the two of you were on a cliff and you were preparing to push him off. 
Except there’s no cliff or rocky depths to plummet to below. There’s just you, him, and his abode inside an adepti teapot. How it’s always been since he’s snatched you away from the outside world; and how it’ll always be. Acts of spontaneous kindness faded away once you were brought here. Whatever made it resurface, he thanks in silence. 
Xiao used to think even a sliver of affection would sate his hunger for you. Sinking into your arms now, he realizes you might have made him more insatiable a beast than before. 
“Now what do you think you’re doing?” 
Scaramouche arms stiffen by his side and his eyes go wide. He has to stop himself from shocking you out of surprise, the electricity flowing through his veins coming to a halt upon not sensing bloodlust. His inquiry came out more like a mousey squeak than a Harbinger demanding an explanation as he intended. 
“Giving you a hug.” 
He clicks his tongue, his cheeks burning hot as if he’d come up with a nasty fever. “I-I know that!” 
You’re unbelievable. He thought he understood people better after years of close observation and study — then there was you. You’ll be a thorn in his side one second and touchy-feely the next. It’s like you’re actively trying to throw his sense of equilibrium off. Not even slimy Fatui diplomats change their positions on issues to appease their audience this fast. 
“Are you finished your... ‘hug’ yet?” 
Scaramouche releases a heavy sigh. It’s not that he dislikes this, or wants it to come to an end, but he’s got a precedent to maintain. If you were to learn how easily he’d bend to your whims at the slightest tenderness, the delicate balance he established would crumble like a house of cards. Really, he should break free and chastise you for acting without permission. 
But gods, why do you smell so good? And why is your body so comfortable? 
"... Fine, three more minutes.”
He hears you muffle a laugh. “You’ll need to get your pocket watch out, my lord.”
“What have I done to earn the pleasure of your touch, dearest?” 
Kazuha's voice is light and airy as a feather fluttering in the wind.
He leans back into your embrace, eyelids closing, a content sigh leaving his lips. This is an experience he could savor for hours if you were to allow him. Whatever brought this bout of goodwill on, he couldn't thank it enough. He's used to being the doting one who bestows affection upon you in abundance. It wasn't too long ago that you were curling into yourself during his advances or swatting him away.
What a difference some time and patience can make. He knew you'd come around eventually.
The gentle breeze and wispy clouds whispered good tidings this morning — now he understands why. Having the arms of the one you adore most around you is a feeling unlike anything he's experienced. This is an indicator that you're in an affable mood, a fact that he'll take full advantage of.
Kazuha thinks to himself that this experience would make a lovely addition to his poetry collection. Ever since you came into his life, you were his muse, his sole source of inspiration amidst a turbulent time. He didn't need to long for his country anymore. You're his home now. Antagonistic as you once were, that winter frostiness had begun to thaw into a budding spring.
To be loved by you is a privilege reserved solely for him. He's made certain of that.
“Awe, c’mon, hug me tighter than that! Let’s see what those muscles can do. Ack! O-okay, I was kidding, loosen up a bit before I suffocate—”
Venti coughs out when you follow through with his instruction. You should know that a bard who speaks in metaphors and prose isn’t going to be literal, yet you never waste a chance to roughhouse him. It must be due to his habit of following you around and sticking his nose in your business. He can be stealthy when he wants to be, but that’s the thing. Seeing you get all worked up is cute! How could he miss out on something like that? 
“It’s only natural that I return the favor, wouldn’t you say?” Venti challenges, a dangerous gleam in his eyes. You take a step back and he lunges into a clumsy embrace. “No complaining either! This is my revenge for almost being asphyxiated to death.” 
He hugs you as close to his body as he can manage. Giddiness floods his chest when you acquiesce to your fate — what else were you expecting? Any sliver of attention you offered Venti, he ate up like a starved man. Regardless of why you hugged him, what matters most is that you did, that he has an excuse to touch you like he is now. 
Maybe you’ll regret it, maybe you won’t. That’s not a problem he’ll linger on. 
Venti inhales the scent of your shampoo mixed with the fresh Mondstadt air. He used to think that a tavern that had coffers overflowing with wine to be the finest scent until he got close to you. It’s fortunate that you stopped struggling, he doesn’t think he could pull away from you if he wanted to. 
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lavenprinz · 2 days ago
drabble of y/n fighting childe and your internal feelings for him <3 is it unrequited or~?
Tumblr media
fever (my heart thirsts for you)
“i wish to embrace you,
drawn to you the more you hurt me.”
the devil seems to whisper into your ear when childe draws near, his hydro blades materialised in his fists and his beauty distracts you from the pounding in your head as you pant in exhaustion. the battle was lost before you had even begun the spar, you knew he had conquered you whole with the knowing look in his eyes like ice. it was inevitable, like the fall of troy, the mercy childe had spared you was the chance to end your burning feelings. if he hadn’t had you cornered, you were sure you still would’ve been in his chokehold. the desire to fight it had died out inside you, instead you had just set aflame your aching desires. wouldn’t it be a sweet ending to collapse into his arms and just be burnt to ashes? as if playing a cruel joke on you, your body staggered out of your control and fell towards the floor of the golden house, sword falling out of your clasp. a flash of golden amber entered your sight right before your eyes shut, feeling at ease with the intensity of the battle melting away as if embraced by warmth.
Tumblr media
hehe y/n is fine, they’ve just passed out in childe’s arms and have a fever. what if… he takes care of you and you fall even more in love?
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sawamono · a month ago
genshin men nsfw hcs
read part 2!!
warnings: nsfw, MINORS DNI, rough sex,temperature play, edging, bdsm, somnophilia, dacryfilia, heat, breeding kink, yandere ment, drug use, blood & knife ment, spit kink, body worship, praise kink, pregnancy ment, all in all a ride
note: i have gross thoughts so here are all of them
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ok let’s be real, diluc is packing
BET MONEY it’s like 8 inches MAX
AND ITS THICK so imagine the burn 😈😈
is probably a gentle fucker but MAYBE he’d dick u down rough if u ask politely
idk why but i feel like diluc is a virgin
virgin diluc too scared to hurt u during sex
probably tries not to moan bc he thinks it’s embarrassing
he’s all for hearing u moan tho
i bet diluc is the kinda guy to cry a lil bit even if he’s dom
that sounds so heavenly actually omg
all n all i think sex with diluc is pretty vanilla unless u take charge and tell him to fuck u till u cant breathe
Tumblr media
ok but fr i don’t think kaeya is as much of a whore as people say he is
like he’s PROBABLY had sex but i don’t think it’s often
mainly bc he’s a KNIGHT he got shit to do
he cant be having sex every 2 seconds
anyway, kaeyas cock is probably a LITTTLE bit smaller than dilucs
maybe like 7.5 inches?
it’s fat though dw 🙏🏾
kaeya is probably the kinda guy to like temperature play
can u imagine him making his hands cold and abusing ur nipples
he would be so MEAN
he would LOVE edging omg
it doesn’t matter if it’s to you or himself
SOMEONE will not be cumming for a while.
bdsm kinda guy
he thinks u would look so pretty in ropes it’s like u dressed up just for him
sex with kaeya is like a punishment.. but a good punishment…
Tumblr media
lil freaky fuck
experimental as hell (obviously)
will definitely get u to drink an aphrodisiac
doesn’t even call it sex he’s like “bby come over i need to run tests on the human body ykyk”
like cmon now just say sex 😕
i bet his dick is like.. not even that big..
probably like 4 inches..
not even fat
but it still gets the job done
half the time he doesn’t even need to take it out to get u to cum
i bet he rarely actually fucks u and he either uses some weird science thing to do it for him or he puts his hands and tongue to good use
this man is a WHOLE freak i bet he’s such a perv
he sniffs ur underwear i do not care
freaky ass
Tumblr media
literally i can not see this man fucking u hard
sex with him is just romantic and passionate and all that shit
his dick probably stands at a nice ol 6 inches
probably skinny too
pencil dick ass
i just feel like he couldn’t even choke u if u asked
he probably would barely even try to mark u
he’ll MAYBE suck on ur neck but biting is a whole other convo
he probably likes it up the ass too tbh
either peg him or stick ur dick in him and fuck him till he cant think
idk malewife soft sex sounds nice
fuck him while he’s cooking
do it it’d be funny
Tumblr media
and it’s got lil ridges n spikes n shit cus hes a dragon n all that
cock big i’m telling u it’s a 10 incher i saw it myself believe me
grandpa hung
can u imagine him getting hard in public id feel so bad
the best part is.
whether u have 3 holes or 2, u WILL be taking both dicks
i can see zhongli being really delicate with u
like treating u all fragile
there was like this one fic i read and it was like yandere zhongli and he treated u like he had all power over u and all that and ur job was to sit there and look pretty
and he would like fuck u while u sleeping sometimes (IT WAS CONSENSUAL) and he would dumb u down a lot but he was never really aggressive and
what if..
what if he goes into heat..
certified west coast kitty cat killer…
he will tear u UP
and it’ll be multiple rounds too
it doesn’t even matter if u can have kids or not ur gonna be FULL
that man will tear u up ong
Tumblr media
xiao actually i could see being gentle too…
probably bc he’s too scared to really hurt u
but when he gets used to u and u FINALLY convince him to be a little rougher
ur fate is sealed u did that to urself.
he will destroy u
the LITERAL definition of “all up in ur guts”
it’s like an art form
i think he’d still be scared to hurt u so he probably wouldn’t mark u, choke u, etc
ur getting dicked down hard as hell though
now.. i can see his dick being big.. but at the same time.. small..
i’m gonna leave u to decide the length i’m stuck between the two
sub xiao definitely exists
fuck him but be GENTLE.
he will not like it if u hurt him
btw aftercare with him is always the best part
i feel like he’d be a great hugger so he’s probably really comfortable to cuddle with
but yea sex with him is gonna be mainly vanilla
Tumblr media
he gets hard when u spar quit playing wit me
lil freaky fuck
probably has a blood and knife kink tbh
idk when u spar with him the blood in his mouth be tasting a lil too good
his dick is probably long
not diluc long but maybe at 7 inch
a litttlle bit fat too
he loves marking
will literally bite into ur neck really hard on purpose just for ur blood
let’s be honest
this man is probably DISGUSTING
probably has a spit kink too
nasty ass
if ur not into pain don’t fuck him
he will rarely ever be gentle
ofc he has his moments
but most of the time it’s gonna be hell
sub ajax will be on his knees BEGGING for u to hit him
step on him, choke him, cut him up, do SOMETHING
or leave him there to fend for himself (but best believe he WILL get up and chase after u)
he’s very vocal
does not care who’s around him
the minute y’all get to fucking he’s louder than u 💀💀
all in all sex with ajax is an acquired taste
Tumblr media
kaedehara kazuha
it’s very romantic
very very romantic
but ykw that’s a lil boring so my hc is he’s also a perv
like doesn’t even try to hide it perv
probably gets off to the thought of u
cummin in his pants when u slap him
ok that’s a hc to go deeper into another time
i’m not even gonna lie his dick is like 5 inches
and it’s only a LITTLE fat
disappointing ass 😕
but don’t worry he kinda like mastered fucking u
kazuha is a more traditional kind of guy imo so the sex is all sloww and sensual and synonym
after a nice lil date he takes u home, treats u nice, maybe a lil massage, and BAM sex
he can BE rough but he’s mostly gentle
worships the fuck out of ur body
praise kink to the max
wouldn’t ever even THINK about degrading u
ur his god/goddess
Tumblr media
arataki itto
that oni blood run STRONG
dick is a GOOD 10 inch
maybe even 11
heavy balls for breeding 🙏🏾🙏🏾
prepare to CHOKE ON IT
just like zhongli’s his has lil ridges n shit huhuhu
take the entire thing
actually it might not even fit all the way
he will MAKE IT FIT
“i cant take it!!” u can and will sorry
he probably doesn’t even fuck much though
but when he does…
will mark your ENTIRE body
bite u EVERYWHERE, scratch u up a lil till ur bleeding,
he gets INTO IT
and he can go on for SOOOO LONG
he’ll overstim u on accident he’s sorry
he’s really not
and when he’s MAD
see u on the other side ig..
ladies he will abuse ur cervix i apologize on his behalf
ladies he will also go to both holes without warning get ready for that
he cums so much omg
that bulge in ur stomach with either be his child or his cum
oni dick is POWERFUL.
editing this to say him and xiao having piercings on their dicks thank you goodbye
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moontofuu · 4 months ago
│ how are their kisses?
Tumblr media
𝐃𝐈𝐋𝐔𝐂┊warm, full of passion for a simple kiss. You'd feel your knees momentarily buckling under the intense feeling of safety in his arms, closed eyes along with scroching hot touches trailing up your cheek. not long after you'll melt against the brightest flame inside of a dark abyss.
𝐊𝐀𝐄𝐘𝐀┊teasing, with lips ghosting over your own. A whine might or might not emerge from your throat, his kisses leave the intent to get you addicted, the teasing will get you huffing yet you always find yourself relaxing in content once he finally succumbs to your needs.
𝐂𝐇𝐈𝐋𝐃𝐄┊sloppy, not bothering to hide the eagerness peaking through his intentions. Be it a few seconds passing, he'll get you hooked with a single kiss. Two arms circle your waist tightly, within a flash he'd bring your body flush against his own without his own knowledge. Childe loses the feeling of consciousness in these moments.
𝐙𝐇𝐎𝐍𝐆𝐋𝐈┊slow and sensual, zhongli's kisses are full of meaning. Behind that face is a soul brimming in emotion, you swore you would have teared up from how emotional you felt in his embrace. He treasures these times, treating you as if you were a piece of valuable jewelry, outshining the rest.
𝐗𝐈𝐀𝐎┊shy, hesitant. In the rare moments of his true nature shining through, the touch starved part of the adeptus is the man you're in face with. He's a lover, curious yet afraid. One wrong move might get you to leave him like the rest, he doesn't deserve you however he'll forget about his troubles, his duty, his contract. just for you.
𝐕𝐄𝐍𝐓𝐈┊light, airy. It's somewhat hard to describe, the moment your lips press against each other. The sense of being on a cloud follows, with the wind blowing against your figure in a gentle breeze. The feeling of being truly free is immense when with venti.
𝐀𝐋𝐁𝐄𝐃𝐎┊curious, the first time it happened was by pure emotions. It's suprising really, perhaps he really evolved into a being, capable of holding emotions. Albedo was overcome with an intense emotion he couldn't quite figure out, before he knew it. He was leaning towards you carefully. He always pondered why it happened, thus his curiosity.
𝐒𝐂𝐀𝐑𝐀𝐌𝐎𝐔𝐂𝐇𝐄┊rough, with a sense of selfishness. If you think that scaramouche only wants your kisses for himself then your correct. The mere thought of you initiating this intimate gesture sends his emotions into a flurry of rage. To him, kisses, your kisses are like some kind of drug he can't get enough of. His feet are already walking towards you despite the heated session a few minutes ago.
𝐊𝐀𝐙𝐔𝐇𝐀┊careful, gentle. They always start with admiring fleeting glances that has the crux relentlessly teasing him to which he blatantly ignores them. You don't know why but they end up with both of you in a secluded room within the fleet, away from prying eyes. These moments are with a sense of euphoria. So gentle yet so teasing, whenever these occurs he always maintains a grip on your wrists to prevent you to try and move away. a sly barely noticeable grin forming on his lips when you even try.
Tumblr media
anyways, baal come home <33
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chichikoi · a month ago
Caught in the act - Character x gn! reader
Characters: Xiao, Childe, Diluc, Kaeya, Kazuha.
Part two: Venti, Albedo, Thoma, gorou, Dainsleif
Genre: Fluff, Crack
Warnings: Suggestive (sfw though), making out, curse words
Summary: You make out with them and someone walks in on you :D
Tumblr media
“Finally…” You mumbled in between kisses, your fingers finding solace in his locks. His hands slide down your back and settle on your hips, as he resorts to gently caressing your waist. You fumble with the buttons of his shirt when you hear a baritone voice yelp in surprise.
Flustered as HECK
Xiao never shows his vulnerability to anyone, what did you expect?
Anyone except you, though.
So when zhongli caught you, he… stumbled over his words.
Yes, you heard me. Xiao, the conqueror of demons, stuttering.
So, you spoke for him.
“O- oh. I suppose I c- can come back later then-” Zhongli exclaims, closing the door behind his exit.
“It was just Zhongli, we’re okay.” You say, trying not to burst out laughing at Xiao’s horrified expression and his inability to talk.
“We are never doing that again, Y/N.”
He’s a lil shit….
Literally has a whole ass conversation with Zhongli.
Ignores your glares and whispers.
He pulls away from you and turns to look at your intruder.
“Zhongli! How are you doing?” He said, fixing his wrinkled shirt
“You’re seemingly preoccupied, we can talk on a later date, Childe.”
“No! Now’s alright! What’s up?”
The glare you shot him seems to have delivered your message perfectly, though.
“A- ah, sorry- later date it i- is then.”
Rest UTC!
Tumblr media
“S- slow down, Y/N-” 
“Absolutely- mmph- not.” 
He was gone for… two weeks? Two months? You dont even know anymore. You missed him! What were you supposed to do, control yourself? 
“A- ahem, there are others present, please compose yourselves.” you hear the acting grandmaster’s voice. 
Composed, he just moves on :D
I mean he is a reserved man, so you can’t expect him to brush this off…
He does have that… adrenaline rush from being caught, but he’s not a sputtering mess (cough xiao cough cough)
“Ah, I was not expecting you today, Jean. I apologize for the unprofessionalism, what brings you here?”
(psst he looks unaffected, but the hand squeezing yours tells you otherwise :))
Cocky as HECK, teases you
It’s Kaeya, what did you expect?
He just… makes a fool out of you kinda.
“Acting grandmast- Ah, Darling, stop squeezing my thigh, would you?”
“I’m not squeezing your thigh Kaeya!?”
Jean trying not to giggle, “That’s okay, Y/N.”
“Okay honey, why don’t you sit with Rosaria for a while? I’ll be right there, hmm?”
You never squeezed his thigh. That bitch.
Tumblr media
Bonus: Kaedehara Kazuha!
“Gorou, we need Kazuha on the front lines, we can’t hold them off by ourselves.”
“I’ll let him know, her excellency.”
Gorou hears… noises, but he didn’t think much of them, maybe it was the soldiers eating loudly…
“Kazuh-aaaAAH-?!” He opened the door to find you and Kazuha kissing… haha...
Kazuha, he’s… unaffected.
Honestly doesn’t care, keeps kissing you and waves his hand at gorou, signalling him to go away.
He would’ve pulled away and asked him to come back later, but he can’t resist you for 10 whole seconds…
“Kazuha, we really do need you at the fro-”
“I’ll be there when you need me to be.”
*gets goosebumps*
Tumblr media
Taglist: (send an ask to be added!)
@paradise-creator @mayple @heaven-dissolution @starrconch @almond-adeptus @ventirain @haliya-mori @myluvkeiji @luvajax @noirkkat @simplyxsinned @hunniewriting @hushyouu @cxlrose @somemothgoingferal @almondoufu @yeetmeoffjueyunkarst @joysinsanity
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clickclackgenshinimpact · 4 months ago
Realizing they’re in love
Characters: Albedo, Bennett, Chongyun, Cyno, Dainsleif, Diluc, Gorou, Kaeya, Kazuha, Razor, Scaramouche, Tartaglia, Thoma, Venti, Xiao, Xingqiu, Zhongli
    Albedo knows he’s in love with you when he gets a lack of sleep because he’s up all night thinking about you and when he can’t focus in the day because he’s too busy daydreaming about you. His thoughts are mainly about you and he doesn’t mind it one bit. He doesn’t feel like it gets in the way of his research at all. Maybe sometimes he gets distracted by thoughts of you, but it just makes him feel good. His stomach is filled with butterflies when he’s around you, his chest feels warm at the thought of you, and his heart beats against his chest even at the first letter of your name. It’s more than enough for him to be able to connect the dots.
    Bennett becomes aware of his feelings when he starts to look at his bad luck as good luck. The stupid situations it leads him to always gets your attention and it makes him feel happy to know that you care about him. His luck can’t be that bad if it makes him so happy to have your gaze on him. He can’t help but laugh off his injuries when he’s around you, because they’re really not that bad if it means you’re worrying for him.
    Chongyun realizes his feelings when his excessive yang energy affects him around you no matter what he does to try to control it. He finds himself getting flustered very easily, a blush often on his face when he’s around you. He gets hotter than usual, even in cold weather. He’s aware that he’s susceptible to heat or strong emotions, but he’s sure that his yang energy is affecting him so much because he’s in love.
    Cyno’s aware of his feelings once they appear. He notices that he would much rather be spending his time with you than learning. He’d rather be by you than anywhere else, he’d rather be spending his days with you than with anybody else. He’s confident that his feelings for you are love and he’s glad to be in love with you. If he couldn’t be with you, he’d rather be alone. If he didn’t know you, he’d rather not know anything at all.
    Dainsleif becomes aware of his feelings for you when you become his priority. He has been after the Abyss Order for so long, but now every time he fights them he just longs to get back to you. He’d rather be spending his time with you, but he will not stop his journey. Still, it’s enough to let him know that he has fallen for you.
    Diluc knows he’s in love when he messes up a simple order, too busy having his gaze on you. His cheeks flush in embarrassment when your eyes look at the scene the customer is making by saying they got the wrong drink. It wouldn’t be a scene if it was anybody else, but Diluc never gets it wrong. He immediately gets them a new drink, but his heart is beating in his chest knowing you just witnessed that. Somehow getting embarrassed in front of you is worse than just getting embarrassed and that’s how he’s sure that he has feelings for you. He doesn’t want to look bad in front of you and if he does, he only wishes that he’s still accepted by you.
    Gorou realizes he’s in love when he’s on the battlefield, when he thinks about how he wants to get back in one piece for you, that he wants to do whatever he can to keep you safe. He fights for the resistance, yes, but he has also begun to fight to better the world for you. Your existence inspires him to continue fighting, to continue living. He knows that he’s in love with you when you become what he’s fighting for.
    Kaeya becomes aware of his feelings for you when Jean points out that he hasn’t been as flirtatious with others. He denies it at first, because he’s been flirting with you constantly, then it hits him that he’s been only saving his sweet words for you. He smiles upon the realization, agreeing with Jean that he has been less flirtatious. He’s happy about it, he’s content with his feelings and how they’re changing him. He’d rather keep his honey lined words for you than use them on somebody else.
    Kazuha learns of his feelings for you when suddenly you become home to him. For the longest time, Kazuha didn’t have a place that he’d consider to be home. He’d have places he’d stay at for periods of time, but they didn’t hold much importance to him. When he noticed how at peace he felt in your presence, he was sure he was in love. Home for him was by your side.
    Razor only begins to realize that he’s in love when Lisa explains it to him. He had begun asking her more and more questions about normal human interaction, how to properly interact with you specifically. Lisa takes her time explaining what his feelings might be, but tells him that she can’t know for sure, only he can. Razor’s sure that she’s right, love seems to be the perfect word for how he feels for you.
    Scaramouche realizes he’s in love when he notices that he is worried about hurting your feelings. He’s double-faced, pretending to be kind around others when it benefited him. Otherwise he was blunt and honestly, a bit cruel. He finds his fake kindness becoming genuine around you. He doesn’t want to make you feel bad, he doesn’t want to be cruel to you. His worries are how he knows he’s in love. It makes him feel a bit weak, but he doesn’t exactly dislike it.
    Tartaglia becomes aware of how he loves you when he begins to feel lonely without you. He finds himself wishing that instead of eating alone or with other people, he could be eating with you. Without you, things feel dull. He misses being in your presence, hearing your laugh and seeing your smile. He realizes how in love he’s with you, your personality, your appearance, your everything.
    Thoma realizes that he’s in love with you when he gets tired of seeing other people in love, just wishing he could have that with you. He sees people on dates and all he could think of is all the dates he wants to take you on. He sees people hold hands and he can only think of how he wants to intertwine his fingers with yours.
    Venti knows he’s in love when he starts making ballads with you in his thoughts. The way he imagines being able to recite them to you one day makes him anxious, both nervous and excited for the day he’ll get up the courage to do so. Usually he’s so much more confident and his hesitation is enough to make him aware of his feelings.
    Xiao realizes his feelings when somebody points out a smile on his face. He notices that he has been smiling a lot more when he sees you, at the thought of you, or simply at your name. He realizes he adores every little thing you do, no matter what it is. You make him happy and he doesn’t quite understand it at first, but he learns. He becomes more and more aware of how much he loves you.
    Xingqiu knows he’s in love with you when you become his inspiration. He finds himself writing love stories with a character similar to you as one of the main characters. At first he tries to stop doing so, but eventually he gives in and continues to write. It becomes stories of his feelings for you, stories that nobody else will ever read. He wants to write his own personal love story with you.
    Zhongli realizes that he’s in love with you when he can’t think of the answer to something he knows. He had been too busy thinking of you that he can’t break out of it when he’s asked a question by somebody else. He apologizes to the person, saying that he was lost in thought and he can’t quite remember at the moment, but he’ll let them know when he does. He’s far too distracted by the realization that he has feelings for you to think of the answer.
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“Ah… so my love is reciprocated?” [Genshin Impact]
Tumblr media
While passing by, they accidentally overheard you gushing about them to your friends. How will they react?
Characters Included: Aether, Albedo, Bennett, Childe, Chongyun, Dainsleif, Diluc, Gorou, Kaeya, Kazuha, Thoma, Razor, Scaramouche, Venti, Xiao, Xingqiu & Zhongli + GN! (Some points to female sorry) Reader
Notes: This idea was too cute to not do :3 this takes place before you two started dating btw. This is going to be a bit long since i added every character, hope ya’ll don’t mind 😋 Hope ya’ll like this!
Warning: Minor spoilers in Dainsleif’s and Kaeya’s.
Tagging: @halloweenismyfav @genshin-obsessed @alonelysimp + anons (hope you don’t mind the tag hehe~ a gift from me to ya’ll 💗)
Tumblr media
… would have the most dumbstruck, lovestruck face ever. Leaning on the wall behind him as Paimon floats in front of him, he can’t help but let out a happy sigh. His heart is beating loudly in his chest as a pink dust colored his cheeks. He wasn’t sure if you reciprocated his feelings, but now that you’ve confirmed it, he can’t help but be giddy about it.
Not registering the calls of his companion, his mind races to possibilities of you two dating. The places he will bring you to, the scenery, the atmosphere, basically he turns into a high school girl that just got accepted by her crush. Which is his situation right now, but the other party isn’t aware of him eavesdropping on the conversation. (He was just passing by when you heard you gushing about a certain blonde-haired traveler)
Doesn’t let you know he overheard your conversation with your friend/s. But he makes subtle signs that he’s aware of your feelings to him. All he needs to do is wait for the perfect opportunity to confess to you without worrying of rejection…
“… how did I know about your feelings..? Oh… uh… i might’ve… overheard you gushing about it with your friend/s… sorry.”
… would still have his usual blank face, save for a small smile appearing on his lips if you look closely and the pink-tinted cheeks. His hand continued to move as the pencil drew lines in the pad he’s sketching, having a fond look on his face. Even though he was already aware of your feelings towards him, the words you used to gush about him sends his heart (if he has one) soaring.
Humming when he hears his assistant Sucrose calling for him, he looks up at her, briefly looking at your figure before returning to her. His mind not registering the words spouting of the timid girl’s mouth, nodding along with what she’s saying. He waved her off after she’s done talking, stating that he’ll return to the lab to see the problem personally.
Like Aether, he wouldn’t let you know he overheard your conversation. But he does drop hints about it with a smug smile-smirk. Actually, the very next day, he asks you out on a date.
“You know, if you want to gush about your crush on me, do it more privately okay? People can easily hear you gushing, most specifically me… though it was rather adorable hearing you say such cute words haha.”
… would be frozen stiff for a minute before a huge smile broke out in his frozen state, giggling madly as he slides down to the ground, his legs too jelly to hold him up. Twirling a windwheel aster he got just for you, despite its appearance being a bit bend and a petal missing. He tried to calm his racing heart as he debated to himself whether or not to confess to you already since he knew how you already felt.
Prior to this event, his heart broke when he overheard you gushing about your crush to your friend/s in broad daylight. He knew that it was a longshot, having you returning his feelings but he still hoped, that’s what his optimism said after all. Sighing dejectedly, he was about to go away when he heard his name being mention. And that’s when his shattered heart beat.
Immediately going to you after bidding farewell to your friend, he asked you out on a date while holding out the flower he had picked just for you. Already admitting to you he was eavesdropping because he can’t hide it from you for long.
“Sorry, I uh… kinda eavesdropped on your conversation with your friend/s. I-I swear I won’t do it again though!”
… would have the most smuggest look on his face as he crossed his arms in front of his chest, eyeing you and your friend/s at the corner of his eyes. He won’t deny how his heart was beating loudly in his chest, and how big his smile is on his face. He’s aware of your feelings towards him, but was too stubborn or prideful to admit it. Now that he got this information, his mind started to devise teasing remarks to tease you with about this gushing session.
Doesn’t pay attention to the fatui messenger in front of him as his mind is occupied with you and your gushing. Waving them off as their only wasting their time, his attention is now all on you. Making his way towards you, he puts his index finger on his lips, shushing your friend/s about his impending arrival. You haven’t noticed his presence yet behind you, his shadow looming over you as he placed his hands on your shoulders.
Smirking deviously at the sight of your surprised face, he chuckles as he urges you to go on. He wants to hear more. The date can wait for later or tomorrow, but for now, he has all the time in the world to listen to you gushing about him despite your embarrassment and unwillingness to do so-
“Haha! You’re so cute, my love. Gushing about me to your companions. You’re not good for my heart, y’know? Anyway, why did you stop? Go on. I want to hear more.”
… swears his face overheated when he hears his name slipping from your lips as he tries to eat his popsicles fast enough to avoid activating his condition. Everything around him feels hot as he munches on his blue popsicles greedily, his face beet red. He’s glad his friend wasn’t here as he would be tease by him, which wouldn’t be good for his poor heart.
As he’s eating the cold food, he can’t help but feel giddy about your confession. Even though it’s not directly at him, he was happy that you felt the same way as him. He also can’t help but be embarrassed at the words you’re using to describe him, if his bright red face isn’t a sign of that. But now he can’t help but be disappointed in himself for eavesdropping in your private conversation, despite him only walking through where you’re located.
Similarly, he wouldn’t mention that he accidentally overheard you gushing over him. But it’s quite obvious something happened as whenever he sees you, his face would be beet red and furiously munching on his popsicles to calm himself down. Would also take a while to properly ask you on a date. He still can’t help but be surprised at you accepting his date despite him knowing his feelings are mutual-
“I was wondering… if you would like to accompany me on a date? R-Really? Y-You mean it? Thank you!”
… would have the same stoic face on his face, nothing major changed in his face as he listens in on your conversation with your friend/s. His eyes glazed over at the idea of you loving a monster like him. Don’t you know the crimes he committed? His hands are coated with blood from the land he was supposed to protect. But despite the rationality of his mind, his heart is beating happily in his chest, overjoyed that you reciprocate his forbidden feelings.
Immediately drowns his drink as he walks away from the tavern, where you were located, still gushing about him. A walk through the land of freedom would ease his mind. Even though he knows that bringing you to his mess would do nothing but put you to harm, he can’t help but let his emotions take over him. How it will feel to be surrounded by your love after living isolated with society. The warmth of your body against his in the coldest of nights, the featherlight kiss you place on his skin, he yearns for that.
Known as the man of few words already, he wouldn’t spoke of the incident ever again. But you would notice how he became softer towards you, the usual high walls he put around himself disappeared. He’s willing to bring you in his life. So would you do the honor of accepting his date?
“The journey before us would be rocky as our fates weren’t supposed to intertwine, but destiny decided to play with us. And I have no qualms for it. You are the most precious thing that could ever happened to me. Thank you for choosing to love me.”
… tries to suppress his blush and growing smile but fails to do so, letting his childish emotions take over his cold front. Rolls his eyes at the teasing of his previous sworn-brother as he continues to clean the glass of wine. But even Kaeya can’t deny how Diluc’s usual cold eyes were now softened with a fond look and a small smile adorning his face, a fool in love he would describe the red head.
Cleaning up the last wine glass, he grabs one and pours his favorite drink in it. Making his way towards where your table is located, he sets down the glass while looking at you with the same fond look as earlier. ‘Enjoy your drink’ he mouthed as he walks away. Hearing you gushing about him in the same tavern he works in makes him question whether or not you’re stupid or tipsy, but nevertheless he was glad he decided to take this shift. Hearing it, he has gain the courage he needed to ask you out.
After closing the tavern, while on the way to your house, he would ask you on a date right then and there. It’s quite obvious he overheard your gushing with the glint of mischief twinkling in his eyes, complete with a smug smirk on his face. Who are you and what have you done to diluc sir-
“It’s quite adorable hearing you describe me in such sentences. But be mindful of your surroundings next time. Though I would like to hear more about it in our date. Haha… I’m just joking, my love. But it is quite cute the way you’re gushing about me with your friends-“
… tail is literally wagging back and forth and he doesn’t bother to try stopping it. His ears are twitching as he tries to suppress the smile forming in his lips. Since he basically has inhuman ears, he can hear conversations happening all around him. This was no different. Hearing you gushing about the general himself made him blush, his tail being more expressive about the emotions he’s feeling.
Despite knowing that having a romantic affair is dangerous in the present circumstances, he swears with all of his heart that he will protect you even if he has to sacrifice his life for it. He’s willing to fling himself to every battle to protect you, whether you reciprocated his feelings or not. Gorou is a straightforward person, he means what he says and doesn’t sugarcoat it. Listening your concern and berating him for his reckless actions, he would literally say ‘i will do anything to protect you because i love you’.
Would immediately call for you using his general status, knowing that you wouldn’t disobey orders directly from the general himself. Would have the biggest smile on his face when you enter as he tries to compose himself before your arrival but failing to do so. As his tails wags back and forth, he excitedly tells you about the plans he has for the date you two will have in the future when Inazuma is finally at peace.
“Oh- oh! We can go to the shop in Inazuma city! I heard they have delicious pizza’s there with inazuma and non-inazuma flavors! Or we can go to the Chinju forest to admire the scenery there! Aaaah so much potential date ideas but not enough time~!”
… sipping in his drink with a smug smirk on his face, his eyes glinting with glee at hearing you gush about him. His cheeks darkened slightly but he waved it off as the alcohol sipping in his veins, which is an obvious lie. Craning his head to the side to look at where you’re seated and seeing you still happily gushing about him with a bright smile present on your face. Aaah, the things you do to his poor heart.
He’s well-aware of your feelings towards him. Nothing escapes his sharp eyes, not even you. The way you act around him, how you became shy and all that were all signs pointing to you having a crush on him. Normally he would play with people’s feelings and used them to gain more information about the people around them, but he doesn’t want to do that to you. After all, his heart beats for you, why would he trick you? Despite his conflict on where he places his alignment with, he wants you by his side.
Making his way towards you, giving himself away with his chuckling. Seeing your flustered state, he can’t help but coo at how cute you are. Placing a kiss on your head, he pats your head and takes a seat beside you, not minding your friend/s at all.
“I didn’t know you think of me like that, darling. Do you think of that every time you see me? How handsome, brave and sweet I am? Haha. I’m quite flattered. Please go on. I want to hear more.”
… would have the most fond smile on his face as he looks down to hide his flustered face from the teasing looks of his crewmates. Hearing you gush about him from a distance he can hear due to his enhanced hearing, he can’t help but get flustered more with how you describe him. Bitting his lower lip to calm his beating heart, he takes a sip on his drink, still ignoring the teasing remarks of the crew.
Being surrounded by the Crux’s mates in celebration for another successful voyage, you were invited by him to participate despite not being a part of the crew. Now he kind of regrets it as he continues to hear you gush about him, but another part of him is patting his back for bringing you here. At least now he’s aware of your feelings towards him, not anymore fearing about the rejection or the awkwardness that will soon follow if he ever confessed his feelings towards you.
He would whisk you away from the noisy party to a secluded area, telling you to ignore the whistles and howls of the crew (beidou was the loudest). Holding your hands with his, he confessed his feelings for you. Underneath the starry night, he asked you on a date. The moon being a witness in watching a smile forming on his lips after hearing your reply.
“Oh. I must also thank you for your words, my love. The way you worded your words for me, as if you chose it quite carefully, it made my heart warm. I must return the favor, right? Hm… where to start..?”
… would dead set give away his hiding spot as he lets out a loud ‘whoo!’ in happiness right after you mention his name. He can’t help it! He needs to let out the surge of energy, no matter how idiotic or stupid it may appear for bystanders around him. Letting out a happy laugh, he turns to Ayaka, who only chuckled at his actions. Her eyes flickering to you every now and then, wondering if you noticed his overjoyed state. (Disclaimer: you did but shh)
Despite him usually being a composed guy that thinks things through with precision, with every word and action having meaning behind them. But this time, he can’t help but let his childish side win over. It’s no secret he was head over heels for you, and he make sure to remind you everyday of his feelings for you that will never change. Even though he knew he should stop to not make you uncomfortable, he would always notice a small smile creeping over your face when you thought he was gone or turned your back. Making him want to shower you with kisses at the spot but restrain himself everytime.
Not bothering to hide himself anymore, he quickly rushes over to you and lifts you up with his hands. Laughing at your surprised sounds as you scolded him for the sudden action, his hands holding your waist tightly to not let you go as he lets his forehead rest against yours. Staring into your eyes with a gleeful smile, he asked you out on a date.
“I love you. I love you. I love you! I won’t stop saying that to you, y’know! Even if you grew tired of me one day, I won’t stop loving you. And hearing you say all those things about me is the most cutest thing I’ve ever seen. You’re so cute, my darling.”
… would have the most confused face when he hears you gushing about it. Since he has a limited word language, he doesn’t understand the words coming out of your mouth. But he would let out a blush when he hears the word ‘like’ or ‘love’, already understanding what you’re saying to your friend/s. If he has a tail, it would be wagging back and forth as he lets out a small happy whine.
He doesn’t experience love much, only having received it from his wolf family and his mentor, Lisa. Perhaps also from the red burny girl from the city too. But other than that, he was deprived of it. Razor doesn’t understand the difference between familial love and romantic love. So when he starts growing feelings for you, he was so confused on what he’s feeling. Trying his best to tell Lisa about his predicament, the older woman laughed at his situation and pats his head, explaining to him the romantic love.
Would not mention it either. He doesn’t know either how to bring it up. But he would be noticeably be clingy towards you, snuggling in your neck as he mumbles out ‘date’. A word that Lisa told him to use if he wants to be together with you.
“You… go with me? On a… d-date? Yes? Or no…?”
… smiling smugly when he hears you gushing about him just around the corner, where he was hiding. His sour mood shifted quickly to a smug one after hearing you uttering his name. Of course you would love him. What’s isn’t there to love about him? But even he can’t lie the gnawing feeling of rejection creeping in his heart prior to this day. No matter how much he denies it, the insecurity of not being the one your heart is beating for beats him up which angers him often.
Hearing your gushing finally puts his mind and heart at rest, finally, he can put his poor subordinates to rest after venting out his anger to them (but he would do it again if they mess up). Gripping his large hat on his hands, he puts it back on its usual position on his head, twisting it around to adjust it correctly. He starts to walk away with a smug aura around him. Harbingers, mages and others immediately took notice of his rather chipper behavior. One harbinger decided to poke fun with him but it did not end well. Don’t try this at home please.
Later that day, he would walk up with you with the same smug smile he wore earlier with hands on his waist. Stating that you owe him a date for making him wait for so long.
“Who knew you had such thoughts in that pretty dumb small brain of yours? Hmph. At least your heart made a right choice in submitting itself to me. I want to hear more of your gushes if you will, actually, that’s an order.”
… would have the biggest smile on his face as he leans back on the tree with glaze eyes, resisting an urge to strum the melody forming in his head to not give away his position. He decided to follow you for fun since he had nothing to do. What he didn’t expect is to intrude on a conversation about you gushing about your crush on a certain bard, a surprise but not unwelcome. Sighing happily as the winds reciprocate the happiness their god is feeling with the soft touch on his body.
He didn’t knew he was capable of loving still after having lived for centuries now. He was once a wind spirit who took a form of his old friend to walk on the grounds of the earth, the land of freedom. He never feared anything, but he did fear of you leaving him one day. A concept that he doesn’t want to accept. That’s why he puts a distance with you. Getting attach to a mortal wouldn’t do him good, even getting attached to a goddess would end eventually. But he learned to accept his feelings for you. Maybe that’s why his heart is practically leaping out of his chest right now.
Uses this as an excuse to tease you, seeing you flustered always bring joy to the bard. Laughing at your attempt to look scary despite how flustered you look, he placed a kiss on your lips before he could stop himself. Letting his tongue out, he told you the time and location for your date, not giving you time to agree or disagree with his request. Not like you would reject him right?
“Ehe~ you better be there! No being late to our first official date! Oh, and bring some food, would ya? Wouldn’t want to starve out there in the wild haha!”
… his cool composure would crumble as soon as he hears his name leaving your lips, making his usually cold and stoic face bright red. He could feel the intense heat radiating from his face and the blood rushing all at once into one location. Good thing nobody was around or else they’ll have to deal with the angry intense glares of the flustered yaksha. Only Verr would be brave enough to point it out, chuckling at the flustered state the almighty yaksha is in.
Huffing to himself as he disappeared to the sanctuary of his room to cool off. His head on his hands as he takes deep breaths, his heart still loudly beating in his chest. This was the first time Xiao had experienced something like this. Why did you words fluster him so much? Was it because of the adoration hidden in your voice? Or how you phrase it? He can’t help but groan, trying to rack his mind on how to calm himself down. Oh how the vigilant yaksha has fallen from his thorny chains and into the hands of a mortal. Unable to stop himself from letting out a smile at the thought, maybe it’s time to let his guard down and let you in finally.
Would never mention about it either again. Nothing in his actions would suggest that he could’ve listened in on your gushing session about him. But you do notice how he became soft towards you. One day, he would ask softly about having a date with him while smiling slightly with qingxin flowers in his hands.
“… I would only say this once, so better listen carefully… I… would like to take you on a… d-date.. as you mortals call it. In other words, allow me to court you.”
… hides his growing smile behind his hand as he coughs, covering up his excitement at what he’s hearing. Lowering his head as he hides behind the book he’s pretending to read, he smiles fondly when he hears you gushing about him more. His heart swells with happiness at the words you’re describing him. It takes all of his will to not go over there and tease you, watching as you grow flustered under his teasing words.
Not wanting to be caught, he patiently waited in the table as you continued to chat with your friend/s. His mind racing at the possible dates he’ll dragged you to, the excitement and thrill of each one makes Xingqiu even more excited to ask you out, already wishing your friend/s to leave. He traced the pattern in his table with his index finger as he recalls the first time he met you. Just like a rare glaze flower that blooms at night, you bloomed brightly in his eyes. A rare kind indeed. One that wormed its way to his heart.
After your friend/s leave, he would appear shortly with a shit-eating grin on his face. Repeating by memory the things you said about him as he watched in amusement as your face grows brighter and brighter. Chuckling lovingly, he placed a hand on your cheek while cooing at you. He suggested that he’ll make it up to you via a date.
“It’s okay, my flower. It was rather cute at how much you gushed about me. You really must love me so much huh? Hehe~ good thing your feelings is being reciprocated or else this situation would’ve turned out different, and more embarrassing for you.”
… would have the most calm look on his face as he sips on his tea, a fond look overtaking his feature. He didn’t mean to eavesdrop on your ‘gushing’ session, but it just happens that you were at a place that Zhongli often visits to have tea. Smiling contentedly at the fact that you return his feelings before looking at the sky with a hint of sadness hidden behind the fond look.
It was time to move on. It’s been years since his beloved’s death. Years that he has the puzzle with him, going unsolved despite him trying and trying. Though he couldn’t replace his dead wife with you, but he was willing to try to love again. He loves Guizhong as she is, and he in turn loves you as you are. You are nothing like Guizhong, and he is glad for that. He can never truly replace her even if he tried. But it’s time to fill the gaping hole in his heart that she left all those years ago.
Taking his precious time as usual, he would ask you out after a few days since he overheard your conversation. He would definitely bring it up, chuckling at how flustered you became when he recalls the details you said. Taking your hand and placing a kiss on top of your knuckles, he asked you out on a date whilst looking directly in your eyes. The amber in his eyes shined brightly, intensely staring at you before it softened at your answer and a smile adorned his face.
“Thank you for accepting my proposal of a date, my dear. I’ll make sure you’ll enjoy it to the fullest… my apology. I can’t help but fawn over your affectionate words you said about me. Fufu~ It was quite cute. I want to hear it directly from you though. Ah, don’t worry. I’ll also contribute by saying mine, it’s only fair.”
Tumblr media
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