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fictionkinfessions18 days ago
Fuck the headcanons people have of me being bad at cooking. I had several siblings and had to cook for them in that life. I am in the process of making gyoza from scratch (including the wrappers!) as I type this, and have done so multiple times. I've considered making croissants for fun (and then reconsidered most my life choices). I've successfully made homemade marshmallows and homemade Castella cake before, and both of those are easy to mess up. Seeing people say shit like "oh he probably microwaves ramen in the package" or "he could burn cereal" pisses me off. Just say you think the special meal looks scary. The headcanons SHOULD be "Dottore can't cook and neither can Scaramouche," but you didn't hear that from me. - Ajax/Tartaglia/Childe, Genshin Impact
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fictionkinfessions9 days ago
Ah shit time flies but I'm actually sending this in advance this time! MPC if you could post this on July 20th please? Thank you 馃挋
Anyway happy birthday to me! It feels weird saying that since my irl birthday is in October but >:3 I miss my family and to some extent the other harbingers. Hope you're all doing great out there, I'm certainly having a time where I'm at. Eat some cake or pie or something sweet and celebrate your fave (me) or just because!
-Tartaglia/Childe (Genshin Impact)
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fictionkinfessionsa month ago
kin jobs... i work in retail a cashier and im a tartaglia kinnie... god the amount of customers i have Messed with and Pissed off is. immense but i keep my job bc im good at it >:)
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