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Here’s me still crying because of you. Another year another tear(s) I guess.

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Nicasia: Cardan isn’t answering his phone

Jude: I’ll call

Nicasia: Locke and I have both tried six times each, what makes you think-

Cardan: Hello?

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January 5, 2021

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Jude: Cardan why are you sitting with the fan turned on in winter?

Cardan: Because its hot with this jacket on.

Jude: So take it off?

Cardan: But I dont want to its my fav jacaket

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you have earned two pictures today

have these in my gallery, for research purposes ofc

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Great interview with Rochester New York’s own Taryn (It'saartthing). Get to know this commission-based visual artist, muralist, and multi-disciplined creator that has participated in shows throughout the city of Rochester and beyond. She is one of the next generation’s artists on the rise in the city of Rochester and has a story that should be heard.

Taryn On Instagram

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@rxdhairxdsirxns | Random Starter (Space Pirate AU)

Solo travellers weren’t the most uncommon of sights, nor were them getting themselves into trouble in some way or another. They tended to either overestimate or – more rarely – underestimate what they were capable of. Which was why the sight of a wrecked vessel floating around aimlessly through the void of space had become a common one.

What wasn’t so common, though, was to come across one with an active emergency signal.

Someone was still alive in there, or at least very recently deceased. Either way, there was a good chance they would reward anyone willing to help them out of this tight situation.

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Taryn strikes an absolutely awful pose, looking smugly at the hot dog-dressed vulpix standing before her.

Taryn: “I dont have an outfit, but who needs an outfit when you’re as hot as I am~”

She grabs a pile of snow and places it haphazardly on her head, continuing.

“I suppose this will do if I must wear an outfit~ You think you can outdo THIS?~”

{ @askingshinyninetales }

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I just don’t understand what you wanna achieve by doing this? Really curious about that ngl

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Taryn stops and gives a blank stare, as if she hadn’t thought this far in advance.

Taryn: “That blue bitch! The fancy one, has a lotta hair, kinda looks like me but taller and not as hot~ Dunno his name, Tangerine or something?”

The Glareon continues walking and looking around, until she seems to have found who she’s looking for and runs over.

{ @shaymincafe }

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hugs to you alsooo💖💕💝💓🥺🥺🥺

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