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violetxharmon4 · a day ago
Tumblr media
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serapheina · 2 days ago
depressed but in a girl boss kinda way.
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thesaintsaraa · 9 months ago
Hot people on tumblr are even scarier than normal people because you know something has to be wrong with them
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bloodsoakedtooth · 27 days ago
"Oh my god he's fucking crazy" i say, while smiling and giggling like a teen girl who just got her first crush
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autodeprived · 8 months ago
“My child is fine”
Your child has an obsession with multiple people and they’re not even real.
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rainysoot · 11 months ago
smut prompt list-
prompts from @sultrypotter
⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰
“i love it when you moan my name”
“just a little harder”
“let me give you a reason to stay in bed”
“no panties?”
“i want you now”
“use your tongue”
“please don’t stop”
“i can’t sleep without you here”
“do you like that”
“you need a place to stay for the night”
“spend the night with me”
“you can get louder can’t you”
“look what you do to me”
“i want to taste you”
“open your mouth”
“if you want to come you better beg”
“that feels so good”
“don’t cum yet”
“strip. now”
“take off your clothes”
“bite me” ”if you insist”
“can you feel what your doing to me”
“this is a one time thing”
“tell me how you like it”
“get on your hands and knees, right now”
“i wanna fuck you right against the glass so everyone can see how good you take it”
“i just want to please you”
“each of my thoughts about you are improper”
“i love it when you kiss my neck”
“don’t be gentle”
“i’ve never want to fuck you more than i do now”
“you wanna have sex with me”
“you’re not going out dressed like that”
“i’m afraid i can no longer remain professional”
“make me”
“you’re mine”
“i love it when you talk dirty
“i’ll let you do anything if you just touch me now”
“i’ve never wanted anyone to fuck me this badly”
“don’t give me that look”
“like what you see”
“stay quiet”
“i told you to stay still"
“i promise I’ll be good”
“just shut up and fuck me”
“you feels so good”
“i want you inside me”
“be a good girl and spread your legs”
“don’t worry i’ll take of you”
“don’t tempt me”
“i’ve never done this before”
“don’t be afraid it’s just me”
“you’re more than just a one night stand”
“don’t forget who you belong to”
“would you just shut up and kiss me already”
“try to stay quiet understand?”
“we’re in public you know”
“don’t be so rough there can’t be any marks”
“are you sure? once i start i don’t think i’m able to stop”
“no i’m supposed to make you feel good”
“stop teasing me so much”
“bed. now”
“first one to make noises loses”
“i love the way you look with my fingers inside you”
“i guess I’ll just get off all by myself”
“these walls are pretty thick which means you and i can be as loud as we want”
“did you touch your self while i was gone”
“we can’t do that here”
“if you interrupt me one more time— so help me god”
“tell me what you want”
“y-you’re not.... w-wearing anything under that are you”
“there is no way anyone is that innocent”
“you taste like fucking candy”
“the only way you’re getting off is on my thigh”
“you make a sound it’s game over”
“i haven’t even touched you and you’re already wet"
“want help with that”
“you’re so fucking hot when you’re made”
“we’re not just friends you know that”
“what? does that feel good”
“if we get caught i’m blaming you”
“we have to be quiet”
“you have no idea how much i want you
“if we weren’t in public right now i’d have my head between your legs”
“i’m going to fuck your so hard you’re going to forget that guys name”
“i really want to kiss you right now”
“wanna fuck?”
“how do i look”
“if you don’t like my teasing why are you moaning”
“don’t fucking touch what is not yours”
“we’re.... just friends”
“friends don’t do this kind of shit”
“how quickly can you cum”
“think you can warm me up”
“touch me and you lose”
“there’s people here”
“i don’t care what you do just fuck me”
“guess i’ll have to cum inside you then”
“i don’t know what to do” “then let me teach you”
“we’ve been at it like rabbits and you’re still horny”
“use your mouth”
“show me”
“come and sit on my face and i’ll show you how much i missed you”
“i forgot my towel”
“you’re naked aren’t you”
“take it off slowly”
“your wish is my command”
“come to my room there’s this thing i wanna try”
“no one can ever find out about this”
“for your safety i’ll be gentle”
“are these handcuffs”
“i don’t feel like sleeping”
“what are you going to do about it”
“you won’t be getting any sleep tonight”
“why so shy?”
“don’t worry i’ll make you feel really good”
“you’re the one who aroused me so let’s have some fun”
“why don’t we move this to the bed”
“would you like to go somewhere a little private”
“these are so wet aren’t you going to remove them?”
“i was just about to wash up care to join”
“this feels dirty” “that's because it is”
“you feel amazing”
“don’t pretend to be so innocent”
“i want you to touch yourself”
“what has you so excited”
“i want you....here.... right now”
“bend over and spread your legs”
“i can’t hold back anymore”
“it’s been along day why don’t we help each other unwind”
“oh don’t mind me I’m just enjoying the view”
“your lips make me wonder what you taste like”
“i don’t like being told what to do unless i’m naked”
“you’re so sexy when you’re hot and bothered”
“i’ve been thinking about this night”
“don’t cover you’re face, i want to see you”
“you’re so beautiful all spread out like this... just for me”
“lay back”
“i bought a few pieces of lingerie. want me to model for you?”
“i can’t believe how wet you are already”
⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰
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i-shitpost · a year ago
My taste in men is ✨ Fictional ✨
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psychoticghostgirl · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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zombiefied-frat-boy · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
blorbos from my horror show + random excerpts from ao3
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tatessweater · a month ago
Tumblr media
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vanilagirl · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
when you fall in love but you’re crazy ^
tw bl4de
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sympathyforher · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
bae cooper <3
pls like/reblog if u save or use!
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kurtsdollparts · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
violet harmon camera roll
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teex · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Evan Peters as Tate Langdon in AHS: Murder House
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tainted-violets · 23 days ago
off topic but i would do anything to live here.
Tumblr media
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forlornalbatross · 4 months ago
“If you love someone, you should never hurt them.” 
Tate Langdon - American Horror Story (Murder House)
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quicksilverownsmysoul · 10 months ago
Cockwarming with the Evans pt. 1
It started getting too long so I decided to split it, I’ll post the second half later this week! That one will include Jeff, Colin, Peter, Warren and Charles, lmk if you want to be tagged in it!
Tumblr media
- Absolutely loves it
-He’s horny all the time so it’s perfect for him, it relaxes him
- Likes to do it while y’all are cuddling, he loves the feeling of being so connected with you
-Gets even more clingy, having your hold him impossibly closer
- Will usually lead to sex, he’ll begin to slowly thrust into you, moaning softly as you met him
- Gets really loud, but muffled his groans as he bites marks all over your neck
You ran your thumb across his cheek, smiling at his peaceful expression, that was until you felt him move and let out a loud breathy moan. You had thought Tate had fallen asleep, cockwarming with him always made him lightheaded and sleepy but it seemed today he wanted something more. He let out a moan as you moved to met his thrusts, slowly chasing your releases. “I love you.” He mumbled out, burying his face in the crook of your neck. You craned your neck up shivering as he bit down leaving a mark. “I love you too.”
Tumblr media
- Likes to do it after sex
- Makes him feel loved to have you let him stay inside you even after you’ve both come
- Can lead to sex but it’s more of an aftercare thing
- If he’s really tired he can fall asleep like that
- Sometimes will make you sit on him in front of friends, like before they get there he’ll lift up your sundress and slide in in one quick movement. Making you sit there as he talks with them, loving the way you squirm and try to keep quiet I need to write a longer fic about this
- Likes if you’re on top that way he can hold you close to his chest.
You could feel his chest rumbling as you laid your head on his chest. His soft snores lulling you into you into a feeling of comfort and security. Even though he was asleep you could feel his strong arms rubbing aimless circles on your back. His soft cock was still inside you, but you couldn’t bring yourself to pull him out, instead sinking a little lower making Kit groan in his sleep and buck up You giggled and laid back down, joining him in his peaceful slumber
Franken Kyle:
Tumblr media
- He loves the feeling of intimacy, it feels so personal just to sit with you like that
- Because it shows him sex isn’t just about pleasure, it’s about showing the other person you love them and want them close to you
- It relaxes him in a way, you kinda use it as a reward too, like if he finishes his lessons for the day you’ll warm his cock
- Sometimes always can’t control himself, ends with him becoming a whimpering mess and crying that he wants you to move
“C-cow.” Kyle said, repeating the word his iPad told him, clicking on the picture of the animal by the same name. The game ended, flashing green as he completed that level, he turned to you with an open smile. “Good job Ky.” He hummed at your praise, reaching greedily towards you. You already knew what he wanted, you climbed in the bed and moved your panties to the side, sinking down on his cock, humming at the way he filled you. “W-warm.” He groaned, pressing open mouth kisses on your neck. Kyle did his best to sit still and enjoy filling you but in no time he was roughly thrusting up.
Tumblr media
- While the other there have been mostly sweet boys about cockwarming Jimmy’s something else
- He thinks it’s the hottest thing
- Likes to keep you there for a couple minutes and then lift you off and watch as his cum drips out of you and onto his cock
- Gets him hard again and will lead to another round
- Sometimes uses it as punishment when you’ve been bratty, loves to watch you squirm and whine as you beg him to move
- Will squeeze your ass while your sitting on him
“Look at that princess.” Jimmy cooed, pulling you off of his cock, his hands cupping the fat of your ass. You watched as his cum dribbled out of your soaking pussy onto his cock. The mix of your releases becoming one. “You’re just the hottest little thing, do you know that?” You whined as his teased your entrance with his cock, the tip skimming your folds. “Jimmy.” You whined, trying to grind down. “Patience doll.” He warned, pushing in in one thrust, you let out a moan throwing your head back. “Or else I won’t move all night.” He threatened in a low growl, nipping playfully at your ear.
Tumblr media
- Didn’t know what it was when you first mentioned it
- He didn’t see the appeal of just staying in without moving
- He claims to hate it but he secretly loves it
- Like when he’s busy at work but you both need a little release he’ll let you sit on his lap, humming contently as he fills your warmth
- Every time y’all do it tho you tease him and it ends up in him fucking you hard cause he claims you’re too much of a tease
“What are you doing dear.” James asked in a choked tone, his grip on your hip becoming tighter. “Nothing just trying to get comfortable.” Having your back to him he couldn’t see the smirk on your face as you subtly jumped up and settled back down on his cock, shifting as you tried to “get comfortable.” You did this for a few moments more before he roughly pulled you off his lap and bent you over his desk. He stood up behind you, smacking your ass, you moaned as it pushed you further onto the table. “Always such a tease, aren’t you darling.” You bit your lip, pushing back into his crotch. “You know you love it.”
Tumblr media
-Uses it as a show of dominance
- Shamelessly does it in front of the cult, to remind them and you who you belong to
- Bucking up into you durning a meeting and watching as you try to suppress your moans
- Sometimes he’ll do it during pinky power, that way he has twice as much control over you
- When he’s too busy he’ll just let you sit on his cock, and tell you you have to cum from that alone or nothing at all
You could hear the clacking of keyboard keys as kai typed furiously away on his computer, completely unbothered by you sitting on his cock. You were pulsating around his member, trying to get any friction at all. “Hurry up I don’t have all day.” He snapped, sitting back in his chair, looking at you with bored eyes. “But I can’t come like this.” You whined, in a rather bratty voice that had Kai rolling his eyes. He slightly bucked up into you, watching as the smallest movement made you moan and clench around him tighter. He watched as your face contorted into one of pleasure, your body shaking. He scoffed, trying to deny how turned on he was by the fact that you had come from the smallest action alone. “Looks to me like you just did.” He smirked. “And you’re gonna stay on my cock all day until you come again.”
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boxofbadaddiction · 5 days ago
Someone explain this to me:
My taste in men irl is quite healthy. I'm only attracted to souls that are kind and genuine; the wouldn't hurt a fly type. Embodiment of sunshine™
Meanwhile...my taste in fictional men is downright toxic. Only the most feral, disturbing and sadistic motherfuckers get simped for, like?? Wtf??
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amowrina · a month ago
Tumblr media
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whataboutollie · 2 months ago
people b like "this is my comfort character" and the character is so beyond therapy at this point
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