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<div> —  Tatsumi </div><span>Lord, reveal your salvation since I am your favorite among these heathens.</span>
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That was so stupid of us to exercise.
Kazehaya Tatsumi, let's just give up and live here on the stairs.
(to Ibara) Saegusa-san, your training routine hurt us.
Yeah, I might be dying.
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Hidden Thorns colorized

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I never would have thought I would be really into Enstars. I even have a list of ships I like with some multi ships already even though I got into it like two weeks ago!

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sry its so sloppy my back started hurting i rushed a lot

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Tatsumi through the eyes of me

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omgomgomg I’m so happy you sent this in 🥺 tatsumi and natsume are two of my absolute favourites to write!!! also I had to exercise so much self restraint to not infodump about tatsumi in his ajfjjakfkaf i just want to yell about him constantly ANYWAY I hope you like this!! stay safe and have a lovely day 💖💖


♦️ Tatsumi Kazehaya:

  • Tatsumi can be a little flirty himself but it’s not really on purpose? He’s just very genuine about his feelings, so if he’s into someone he’s not hiding it very well
  • but like. if someone flirts with him??? Tatsumi.exe has stopped working
  • he advises Aira a lot that it’s not good to think badly of himself, but if you look carefully at his own mannerisms and the way he talks about himself it becomes pretty clear that his own self esteem isn’t too high, so I think being flirted with is gonna make him short circuit a little, especially if it’s his s/o doing it since he thinks so highly of them
  • hes pretty good at keeping his composure but he definitely forgets how to speak for a moment if you catch him off guard
  • keep in mind that he’s going to flirt back. not as an attempt to get you back or anything, just because he thinks you’re wonderful and he likes making sure he tells you that
  • if you flirt with him in front of his unit though, he’s gonna get way more embarrassed than usual. aira is never gonna let him live down how much he blushes when you flirt with him
  • honestly? flustered Tatsumi is so cute please flirt with him constantly. he’s usually so polite and well spoken, you gotta break him sometimes. it’s not your fault he’s adorable when he blushes.

⚡️ Natsume Sakasaki:

  • Natsume would love to be able to say he flusters you way more than you do him, but he would be lying through his teeth.
  • He can call you all the cute petnames he wants and fake that he’s confident enough to not go red when you say something flirty, but…
  • call him cute and watch his face blend into his hair
  • tell him he looked really good on stage tonight and watch him find an excuse to turn away so you can’t see him blush
  • the amount of times Tsumugi or one of the Oddballs has walked over to find him buryimg his face in your shoulder and asked what you said to embarrass him this time is too many to count
  • he’s so cute about it lmao
  • tells you you’re mean and promises to hex you but he doesn’t mean it
  • he might give you temporary bunny ears or something though
  • this backfires. he just ends up blushing even more because you look adorable. he tried
  • one day he’ll get you back. one day
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<div> —  Tatsumi </div><span>I feel like the high priest at a funeral who’s about to go out and get a cocktail by himself at 6:00 AM.</span>
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