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aeco-products65 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Lister Diesel Engines 8 H.P. ready for shipment! AECO ENGINEERING CO. Tractor | Truck | Automotive | Diesel Engine Mumbai, India Call/WhatsApp +91 70459 46614 +91 22-66915113 to 117 #AECOPRODUCTS - German Quality at Indian Prices! #taurus #dieselengine #lister #listerparts #dieselengineparts #tractorparts #dieselengine #lombardini #spares #spareparts #autoparts #carparts #engineparts #truckparts #aftermarket #cylinderliners #mercedes #oemstanderd #qualityparts #manufacturers #centrifugalcast #casting #camisas #chemises #camisa_de_cilindro #cylinderliner (at Mumbai, Maharashtra)
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maryjurado12 · 2 hours ago
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Daily Taurus
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oshunkrisine · 5 hours ago
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astrology101 · 6 hours ago
Aries sun Leo moon Taurus rising ❤ I'm sorry I forgot the heart emoji
Only You by Miss A 🌸
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solo1acopa · 6 hours ago
another one of my favorite feelings is when u like someone and u just can’t explain why, like u just feel it and that’s good enough! Like u just feel a natural attraction - a pull! Love that, cherish that, embrace it, and just enjoy that moment
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astrology101 · 6 hours ago
can u do scorpio sun cancer moon taurus rising pls ❤👉👈
I'm So Sick by Apink 💘
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astrology101 · 6 hours ago
if you’re still doing the kpop song thing, I’m a taurus sun taurus moon and sagittarius rising ❤️
After School by Weeekly 🎓
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astrology101 · 6 hours ago
Cancer sun, Taurus moon, Aquarius rising ❤️
Blueming by IU 🦋
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astrology101 · 6 hours ago
for the song game! taurus sun, sag moon, libra rising <3
Do What We Like by Twice 🍭
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zodiactalks · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Gemini is my hell bound couple. 
Zodiac Signs and hell bound couples
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astrology101 · 7 hours ago
taurus sun, pisces moon, libra rising :)
Irony by Wonder Girls✨
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universestarot · 7 hours ago
(sun, moon & rising) ✨✨
-> what does the universe want you to know?
page of cups & guardian angel
a surprising change is occurring in your life, or about to. it may affect your emotions towards the situation but it will also be an opportunity for you to connect with people.
you’re being reminded to keep your eye out for signs, they may be from spirits and loved ones, or the universe guiding you. know that whatever unfolds will be for your highest good.
five of wands (reversed) & protection guardian
any arguments or conflicts you have been involved with are coming to an end, and a resolution is being found. this will bring more peace and harmony into your life.
drop any shields of resistance and fear that are standing between you and your enjoyment and fun. move beyond limiting thoughts and raise your frequency.
the fool & stag
you’re in a new chapter of your life, it may be a new job, school or house, even a hobby, mental or spiritual journey. or if you are wanting to do that, this is a sign that the time is right. take a leap of faith towards your dreams.
you have an opportunity to thrive. trust in what you have to offer and your gifts. it will allow your goals to manifest.
two of cups & trader
you are making long-term, meaningful and beneficial connections with people, or a specific relationship you have. it is full of mutual respect and appreciation, bringing positivity for both or all people involved.
you’re being encouraged to be open and honest, and to share your gifts, time and understanding.
♌️ LEO
three of wands (reversed) & warrior
you’re moving forward and looking ahead at this time, however there may be some restrictions or obstacles that are causing a lack of progress. dream bigger than your limitations.
a reminder to do what needs to be done in order to get where you want to be. don’t back down. make your options heard. don’t settle for second best. you have the energy to protect yourself.
seven of swords & druid
for some of you, you’re wanting to avoid a situation and you may be trying to back away, almost “sneak” out of it. or, you may may be dealing with a deceiving, manipulative person that has lied or betrayed you in some way.
the universe asks you to stand strong and not make sudden changes, because you are where you are supposed to be. trust the process and let things unfold as they need to.
the magician & great teacher
whether you are aware of it or not, you have everything you need right now to manifest your desires. you are powerful, and by hearing your intuition you can create anything.
know that what is happening around you is divinely inspired. you have dedicated a lot of time, effort and energy into understanding yourself and the world. now you should learn from your experiences and share them with others.
six of wands & sun
you have achieved a huge milestone or are on the way to succeeding in your passions and goals. people are starting to appreciate and recognise your efforts and accomplishments.
know that more doors are opening for you, and you should connect with the fire that is driving you forward. you’re surrounded by light.
temperance & direction guardian
things in your life may be running more smoothly than they have been in the past. there is a sense of peace, harmony and balance.
connect with your desires and stay on the path that lifts your vibration and makes your soul happy. there are many possible directions you could take and none are wrong as they are all opportunities to learn and grow. but if you are indecisive, choose what will make you light up.
four of pentacles & spirit fox
there is something you are afraid to let go of, or worry it will be taken from you. you are holding onto it tightly, maybe because a lot of hard work and time went into it.
you’re being warned to stay alert as changes are coming your way, but although it may not always be comfortable, you have everything you need to get through this shift of energies.
strength & drum
you recognise your power are working on overcoming significant struggles you have been facing. it may be a difficult person or a challenging aspect of yourself, but you are courageous and full of willpower in taming it.
journey inwards and follow the guidance from you higher self and inner voice. you are very connected to other worlds at this time and the wisdom and magic of the earth surrounds you.
queen of swords & heart guardian
you are in a very good position to see everything in your life clearly for what it is. you may have recently gained an understanding or clarity on a situation, and you know the truth. use this to cut negativity out of your life and bring on positive experiences.
welcome opportunities to give and receive love, support and compassion, knowing you are deserving of it.
THANK YOU!!! i love these but they take ages. if anything resonated please like or reblog, i appreciate it heaps <3
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stardailies · 8 hours ago
gray: leo, virgo, capricorn
blue: aries, sagittarius, aquarius
Tumblr media
1: aries, scorpio
2: gemini, sagittarius
3: taurus, aquarius
4: cancer, leo, virgo, libra, capricorn, pisces
Tumblr media
1: aries, cancer, leo, libra, aquarius, pisces
2: taurus, gemini, virgo, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn
Tumblr media
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mithli · 9 hours ago
whos the lucky person youre dating?
If you’re referring to the tags on that sweater post, I was only talking about a hypothetical partner
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