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Having Venus in houses 1-12
What is Venus in Astrology?
In astrology, Venus is associated with love, beauty, harmony, and balance. It is also associated with the qualities of femininity, such as grace, charm, and sensuality.
When Venus is well-aspected in a person's chart, it indicates that they will be attracted to beauty and harmony in their lives. They will also have a strong sense of personal style, and be able to express their femininity in a gracefully confident way.
However, when Venus is poorly aspected, it can indicate that a person may be overly concerned with their appearance, and may be attracted to people and things that are superficial. They may also have difficulty expressing their true feelings, and may be prone to jealousy and possessiveness.
One of the most important things to remember about Venus is that it is never alone in the sky. It is always either in conjunction (aligned with the Sun), in opposition (opposite the Sun), or in some other aspect to the Sun.
This means that Venus is always affected by the light of the Sun, and its energy is always filtered through the Sun's rays. For this reason, the sign that Venus is in will always tell us something about how a person expresses their love and affection.
Venus in Aries
People with Venus in Aries are passionate and impulsive in their affections. They tend to fall in love quickly and easily, and are often attracted to people who are exciting and challenging.
They enjoy the thrill of the chase, and are often drawn to people who are hard to get. They like to be in control of their relationships, and may have difficulty showing their vulnerability.
Venus in Taurus
People with Venus in Taurus are very sensual and earthy in their affections. They tend to be attracted to people who are stable and reliable, and who can provide them with a sense of security.
They are often very loyal and faithful partners, and are often attracted to people who are good with money and who can provide them with material comforts. They may have difficulty expressing their feelings, and may come across as being cold or distant.
Venus in Gemini
People with Venus in Gemini are attracted to people who are intelligent and quick-witted. They enjoy having stimulating conversations and being around people who can keep them entertained. They may have trouble committing to one person, and may be attracted to people who are also flirtatious and changeable.
Venus in Cancer
People with Venus in Cancer are attracted to people who are caring and nurturing. They often need a lot of emotional support, and may be attracted to people who are also very sensitive and compassionate. They may have difficulty expressing their feelings, and may come across as being clingy or needy.
Venus in Leo
People with Venus in Leo are attracted to people who are confident and self-assured. They enjoy being around people who make them feel special and important. They may have difficulty being emotionally open, and may come across as being arrogant or vain.
Venus in Virgo
People with Venus in Virgo are attracted to people who are down-to-earth and practical. They often need a lot of security and stability, and may be attracted to people who are also very reliable and hardworking. They may have difficulty expressing their feelings, and may come across as being shy or reserved.
Venus in Libra
People with Venus in Libra are attracted to people who are diplomatic and fair-minded. They enjoy being around people who are harmonious and who can provide them with a sense of balance. They may have difficulty making decisions, and may come across as being indecisive or wishy-washy.
Venus in Scorpio
People with Venus in Scorpio are attracted to people who are intense and passionate. They often need a lot of excitement and adventure, and may be attracted to people who are also very mysterious and enigmatic. They may have difficulty trusting people, and may come across as being jealous or possessive.
Venus in Sagittarius
People with Venus in Sagittarius are attracted to people who are fun-loving and adventurous. They often need a lot of freedom and space, and may be attracted to people who are also very independent and free-spirited. They may have difficulty committing to one person, and may come across as being fickle or changeable.
Venus in Aquarius
People with Venus in Aquarius are attracted to people who are unconventional and original. They may be attracted to people who are also very independent, and who have a strong sense of individuality. They may have difficulty committing to one person, and may come across as being aloof or detached.
Venus in Capricorn
People with Venus in Capricorn are attracted to people who are ambitious and hard-working. They may also be attracted to people who are traditional and who have a strong sense of responsibility. They may come across as being serious or reserved.
Venus in Pisces
People with Venus in Pisces are attracted to people who are compassionate and romantic. They may also be attracted to people who are creative and who have a strong imagination. They may come across as being dreamy or unrealistic.
1.) Venus in the first house
When it comes to astrology, Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and money. So, it's no surprise that having Venus in your first house would be a pretty great thing. The first house is all about new beginnings, so this placement of Venus indicates that you're likely to start off your life in a pretty good place. You're likely to be a natural beauty, and you're likely to have a lot of luck when it comes to money and love.
Of course, every placement of Venus has its own unique meaning, so you'll need to consult an astrologer to get a more detailed reading of your specific situation. But in general, having Venus in your first house is a very positive thing. If you're looking for love, you're likely to find it easily. If you're looking for financial success, you're likely to find that as well. And if you're just looking for a general sense of happiness and well-being, you're likely to find that, too.
2.) Venus in the second house
When it comes to astrology, there are a lot of different things that can affect a person’s life. One of the things that can have an impact is the placement of Venus in a person’s birth chart. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and money, so it’s no surprise that its placement can have a big impact on a person’s life.
If Venus is in the second house of a person’s birth chart, it can indicate that they are someone who is very materialistic. They may place a lot of importance on money and possessions, and they may have a strong desire for luxury items. Venus in the second house can also indicate that a person is very generous, and they may enjoy giving gifts to others.
While Venus in the second house can have some positive aspects, it can also have some negative ones. A person with Venus in the second house may be someone who is very greedy and selfish. They may only care about themselves and their own needs, and they may not be very generous towards others.
If you have Venus in the second house of your birth chart, it’s important to try to balance your materialistic desires with your need to be generous and giving. Try to find a middle ground where you can still enjoy the finer things in life, but also be generous towards others.
3.) Venus in the third house
When it comes to love and relationships, Venus in the third house is all about communication and connection. This placement is all about finding ways to connect with others and to express yourself in a way that is both loving and authentic. Whether it is through writing, speaking, or just being in each other's company, Venus in the third house knows that communication is key to any lasting relationship.
This placement also speaks to your ability to be a good friend. If you have Venus in the third house, you are the type of friend who is always there for a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. You are supportive and loyal, and you always make sure to keep in touch. You may even find that you have a talent for writing or speaking, and that you use these skills to help others in your life.
No matter what your Venus in the third house placement is, you always know the importance of communication in any relationship. Whether it is with a romantic partner, a family member, or a friend, you know that connection is key.
4.) Venus in the fourth house
When it comes to our personal lives, Venus plays a big role in determining how we experience love, pleasure, and beauty. But Venus also has a hand in our domestic lives, as well as our relationship with our mothers. That's because Venus rules the fourth house of the zodiac, which is associated with these things.
If you have Venus in the fourth house, you're likely to have a beautiful and comfortable home life. You may also have a strong bond with your mother, and you may find that your love life is closely intertwined with your family life.
Venus in the fourth house can also indicate a need for security and stability in your relationships. You may find yourself attracted to people who can provide you with a sense of safety and security. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's important to be aware of your need for security so that you don't become too dependent on your partner.
If you have Venus in the fourth house, you're likely to have a strong appreciation for the beauty of your home and family life. You may find yourself spending a lot of time and energy making your home a beautiful and inviting place. You may also enjoy decorating and entertaining guests in your home.
Fourth house Venus also indicates a need for emotional security and stability. You may find yourself attracted to partners who are reliable and supportive. You may also find yourself drawn to family-oriented activities and situations.
5.) Venus in the fifth house
When it comes to love, Venus in the fifth house knows what they want and they go after it with confidence. This placement lends an air of drama to relationships and those with this placement are often attracted to creative or unconventional partners. They enjoy the courting process and are often drawn to partners who can keep them guessing.
While Venus in the fifth house can be a bit self-centered, they are also generous lovers who enjoy giving and receiving affection. They take pride in their appearance and often use their looks to attract the object of their affection. They are also passionate lovers who are not afraid to experiment.
In general, Venus in the fifth house is a fun-loving placement that enjoys the finer things in life. They are attracted to beautiful things and often have a taste for the luxurious. They enjoy the company of others and are often the life of the party.
6.) Venus in the sixth house
In astrology, Venus is the planet of love, beauty, pleasure, and money. It is also associated with art, music, and relationships. When Venus is in the sixth house, it is said to be in its "domicile." This is a favorable position for Venus, as it is in a house that it naturally rules. The sixth house is associated with work and service, so Venus in this house is said to bring good fortune in these areas.
Those with Venus in the sixth house are said to be hard workers who are also very attractive. They are often gifted with artistic talents and are said to be very romantic. They are also said to be fair and just, always striving for balance in their lives.
7.) Venus in the seventh house
When Venus is in the seventh house, we are attracted to others who are balanced and harmonious. We want a partner who we can share our lives with, and who will be a good friend as well as a lover. We are attracted to those who are loyal and trustworthy, and who have a similar outlook on life to our own.
We are also attracted to those who are physically attractive, and who exude an air of confidence and self-assurance. We want a partner who we can be proud of, and who will make us feel good about ourselves.
We are attracted to those who are successful and who have a lot to offer us. We want a partner who can provide us with security and who can help us to achieve our own goals.
However, we also need to be careful that we don't become too dependent on our partner. We need to make sure that we have our own lives and our own goals, and that we are not living solely for our relationship.
Venus in the seventh house is a strong indication of a committed and lasting relationship. If you are single, then you are likely to meet someone special who you will want to settle down with. If you are in a relationship, then you can expect it to be a stable and long-term one.
8.) Venus in the eighth house
When it comes to love and relationships, Venus in the 8th house is all about intensity, passion and intimacy. This is a placement that is attracted to the dark side of love, and is often involved in relationships that are intense, passionate and even a little bit dangerous.
For Venus in the 8th house, love is about power, control and manipulation. These individuals are often attracted to partners who are mysterious, dark and even a little bit dangerous. They are attracted to what they cannot have, and often push the boundaries in their relationships.
While this placement can lead to some unhealthy relationships, it can also lead to some of the most passionate and intense relationships. If you have Venus in the 8th house, you know that love is not always easy, but it is always worth it.
9.) Venus in the ninth house
In astrology, Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and relationships. When Venus is in the ninth house, it brings these energies to the areas of higher learning, philosophy, and travel. This is a time when you may be attracted to new ideas and ways of thinking. You may also find yourself drawn to far-off places.
This is a good time to explore your options and to expand your horizons. You may be more open-minded than usual, and you may be eager to learn new things. This is also a good time for travel and for higher education. If you have been thinking about going back to school, this would be a good time to do it.
This is a good time to connect with people from different cultures and backgrounds. You may find yourself attracted to people who are different from you. This is a time of growth and learning, so don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.
Venus in the ninth house brings a desire for knowledge and understanding. This is a good time to read books on topics that interest you. You may also be drawn to subjects like philosophy and religion. This is a time of expansion, so don't be afraid to explore new ideas.
This is also a good time for travel. If you have the opportunity to travel, you should take it. This is a time when you will learn a lot from new experiences.
Venus in the ninth house brings a sense of adventure. You may find yourself drawn to activities that are outside your usual routine. This is a good time to try new things and to expand your horizons.
This is a good time for travel and for higher education. If you have been thinking about going back to school, this would be a good time to do it.
You may also find yourself attracted to people who are different from you. This is a time of growth and learning, so don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.
10.) Venus in the tenth house
When Venus is in the tenth house, it's all about career and public image. This is the time to put your best foot forward and show the world what you're made of. You'll be determined to make a good impression and be seen in a positive light.
This is an excellent time to advance your career or start a new business venture. You'll be confident and eager to take on new challenges. You'll be determined to succeed and will put in the hard work to make it happen.
Your public image will be important to you at this time. You'll want to be seen as successful and competent. You may dress more professionally or take on a more serious demeanor. You'll be eager to make a good impression on those in positions of authority.
This is a good time to network and build relationships with influential people. These connections can help you further your career goals. You may also receive help from others in achieving your goals.
Venus in the tenth house is a time of ambition and achievement. You'll be determined to reach the top and will put in the hard work to make it happen.
11.) Venus in the eleventh house
When Venus is in the eleventh house, she brings her charms and her love of beauty to the social sphere. This is a great placement for Venus, as the eleventh house is all about friendship, community, and networking. Venus here is outgoing and loves to be around people. She is attracted to those who are different from her, and she enjoys exploring new ideas and cultures. Venus in the eleventh house is generous and giving, always looking for ways to help out her friends and make them happy. She is a loyal friend, and her friends are important to her. Venus here is also very idealistic, and she believes in the power of love and friendship to change the world.
12.) Venus in the twelfth house
When it comes to the twelfth house, Venus encourages us to let go of what we no longer need in our lives. This may manifest as releasing old emotional baggage, forgiving someone from our past, or simply getting rid of material possessions that we no longer use or need. On a more spiritual level, Venus in the twelfth house can also help us to connect with our higher selves, and to access our intuition and psychic abilities.
In general, the twelfth house is associated with hidden things, and with the unconscious mind. Therefore, Venus in this house can also symbolize hidden talents or abilities that we have yet to discover. We may need to do some soul-searching in order to uncover these hidden gifts, but the effort will be worth it in the end.
No matter how Venus manifests in our lives, she always encourages us to express our love and affection. In the twelfth house, this may manifest as compassion for those who are suffering, or as a desire to help others in any way we can. We may also find ourselves drawn to solitary activities such as meditation or prayer, as these can help us to connect with our higher selves.
Venus in the twelfth house is a reminder that love is always present, even in the darkest of times. By opening our hearts and minds to love, we can heal our own wounds, and help others to do the same.
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ℕ𝕠𝕣𝕥𝕙 ℕ𝕠𝕕𝕖 𝟙𝟘𝟙
Tumblr media
1H: Native may lead a unique life in some way, not your traditional 9 to 5. May be a person concerned with finding themself, maybe because their true self was inhibited early in life. Native might find themselves idolized, good or bad, by others.
2H: Native may be born into a family of wealth, or have money concerns throughout life - either wealth coming and going, or making their life goal to earn a lot of money. Native may struggle with feelings of self-worth early in life.
3H: Native may have a talent for writing, or more broadly, communicating through some form. Native could be a singer, or a convincing politician. A storyteller and what that means to them.
4H: Native may be concerned with how people are living, and their impact on that. Native might be a household name. Native might be known for doing something for their country. It's possible the native attempts to live in a way that is unorthodox for the society they grew up in.
5H: True creatives. Life may be concerned with children in some way, though not strictly to being a parent. May have a quirky art style. Could dislike kids.
6H: Dedicated to work. Native finds themself through the chosen work field. Native may have very lucrative endeavors throughout life. Native may have difficulty connecting with others, NN in 6H is very much workaholic energy. Could also work with animals or pets.
7H: If partnered, native's partner will be of equal or higher status than them, and partner will be integral to the natives life narrative. If not partnered, native may almost be partnered with the self. Marriage may play out to be a pivotal moment in ones life direction.
8H: Native may lead a life that is controversial for the time they are living in. In other words, native may go against the grain in some way: sexuality, drug use, or actions they take in life seem unorthodox. Native may not be entirely understood, but admired by many.
9H: Native may be a convincing orator. More than the written word, native will be convincing through their method of speaking. Their voice may be unique or have a certain cadence to it not often found in most people.
10H: Native may have a very public-facing life or be born into a well-known family - either in their hometown or to the world at large. Being known and recognized by others may be an important life goal for this native.
11H: A social butterfly and people person. Native will have the natural aptitude for networking, and hosts amazing parties seemingly effortlessly. Native might find themselves in the position where others are captivated by them - the people around this native will create a narrative of who this native is, rather than who they truly are.
12H: Native will have a perspective on life that that goes against the grain of normal societal thinking. Native may be labeled a "weirdo" - but inside lies creative depths that act as a wellspring that which the native can draw from. Native may also be concerned with that which isn't easily seen.
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The 10th House and Societal Roles
Aries in the 10th: Family whether intentionally or not molded you to play the role of leader, pioneer, adrenaline junky, warrior, individualist, conqueror, entrepreneur, competitor, or “winner” in society. Was raised to believe society or life is a game with winners and losers. Competitiveness, passion, and assertiveness is encouraged somehow through parents or family. May have experienced a family atmosphere filled with a lot of selfishness, pride, or anger. 
Taurus in the 10th: Family whether intentionally or not molded you to play the role of collector, lover, pragmatist, hard worker, unmovable, sensualist, observer, evaluator, consumer, or artist in society. May have been encouraged to interface with nature somehow either as a conserver, admirer, worker on the land, or hunter. Could have also been steered towards being very focused on materialism. Stubbornness, steadiness, determination, being security-driven, hard work, and keeping the peace or never stirring up too much change was taught. 
Gemini in the 10th: Family whether intentionally or not molded you to play the role of teacher, rival, jack of all trades, storyteller, communicator, messenger, gossiper, trickster, translator or interpreter, social butterfly or socially influential in society. May have been in an environment that encouraged embracing and dealing with change frequently. Could have also come from a family that values community involvement or social status. Communication, curiosity, intelligence, and flexibility were encouraged. 
Cancer in the 10th: Family whether intentionally or not molded you to play the role of protector, caregiver, counselor, healer (emotionally or physically), teacher, hermit or homebody, someone with good judgment - especially judge of character, patriot, family man or woman, or the advice giver. The importance of family was somehow present and intense growing up. Family loyalty and pride, being caring, sensitivity or being reactionary, receptiveness, and adaptability was encouraged through parents or family. There can also be strongly held beliefs about emotional strength by parents or other authority figures. Known to have a focus on being involved in the community but can easily tire of this or need long periods of recharging.
Leo in the 10th: Family whether intentionally or not molded you to play the role of leader, performer, the one in the spotlight, politician, artist, lover, sensualist, dramatic or grand, or hero of society. Things like honor, bravery, passion, generosity, and authority are valued in their family. Materialism may be pushed or valued. Could have come from an environment where self-respect was nurtured or forced. Competitiveness, control, selfishness, and pride can exist in the family unit or past somehow. 
Virgo in the 10th: Family whether intentionally or not molded you to play the role of hard worker, perfectionist, helper, servant, supporter, teacher, critic, healer (especially physically), or craftsman in society. Intelligence, cleverness, or mental quickness was valued when growing up. Being observant or paying attention to details, mindfulness, practicality, structure or planning, productivity, and possibly flexibility but still predictability were encouraged somehow through parents or family. Could have come from a family that lacked in reassurance, affection, or emotional understanding. Practicality or the material world may have been pushed as being more important than the emotional, spiritual, or internal world.
Libra in the 10th: Family whether intentionally or not molded you to play the role of diplomat, mediator, peace-keeper, judge, lover, artist, host, socialite, partner, or negotiator. May come from a family that pushed people pleasing behavior. Intelligence and objectivity may be valued however family may have discouraged individuality or was highly critical of personality and opinions. Family expectations may be high but delivered in a civil, soft, passive aggressive, or optimistic way. Family likely encouraged logic, charm, persuasion, good communication skills, cooperation, easygoingness, and politeness or being socially in tune. Detachment, materialism, fakeness, or shallowness could have existed in their family environment. 
Scorpio in the 10th: Family whether intentionally or not molded you to play the role of investigator/detective, secret keeper, taboo or reclusive knowledge seeker or keeper, seducer, controller or manipulator, someone in or with power, someone isolated or self-sustaining from society, the magician/occultist/spiritualist, emotional or spiritual guide, or transformer - a Phoenix-like reputation. Could have grown up with a lot of pressure, intensity, secrets, manipulation, or hypersensitive family members. Emotional strength, willpower, perception, loyalty, possibly empathy, and passion are valued by family. May have been taught to be distrustful at a young age. 
Sagittarius in the 10th: Family whether intentionally or not molded you to play the role of traveler, stranger or foreigner, daredevil, philosopher, preacher, prophet, teacher, entertainer, rebel, storyteller, con artist, underdog, someone who seems untamed or uncivil, and someone who is always seeking “the truth” in society. Instability or issues surrounding “truth’ vs. “lies” could have existed in the family somehow. Parents could have held strong opinions about religion or beliefs. Independence, movement, impulsiveness or risk taking, adaptability, possibly a temper or selfishness, and abstract or deep thinking was encouraged. There can be a great desire to be seen as the smartest in the room, the wise one, or someone who is highly confident in their society. Parents/family likely put a lot of pressure on being seen as intelligent or keen, brave, not just a survivor but thriver or winner. Family atmosphere could have been restrictive, smothering, controlling, or judgmental to the point that freedom is greatly sought after. 
Capricorn in the 10th: Family whether intentionally or not molded you to play the role of a hard worker or even workaholic - work is maybe their only identity, authority figure, pessimist, nihilist, or realist, pragmatist, traditionalist, someone who controls or disciplines, a provider, protector, survivor, or parental figure in society. May have grown up in a family where somehow they were a scapegoat, the one who took on a lot of blame or burdens for the family, maybe the most responsible one. Ambition, responsibility, dependability, traditions, and self-control were valued in the family. May have grown up in an atmosphere with a lot of control, over protection, or demanding expectations. 
Aquarius in the 10th: Family whether intentionally or not molded you to play the role of social or intellectual leader, rebel, outsider, individualist or eccentric, the friend, a supporter or campaigner, humanitarian, detached observer, inventor, scientist, possibly teacher or someone who guides others likely in an unusual way, trend setter or follower, visionary, or an anarchist in society. Family likely valued a sense of belonging or being part of a community, either individuality or the opposite - total conformity, charisma, intelligence, stubbornness or a strong will, good communication, practicality, and logic. May have grown up in a very chaotic atmosphere or the opposite with a lot of stability and structure. Can have a hard time finding out who they are and especially how they fit into society. 
Pisces in the 10th: Family whether intentionally or not molded you to play the role of helper, artist, lover, visionary, martyr, savior, spiritual leader or follower, healer (with an emphasis on emotional or spiritual), the dreamer, possibly the easily manipulated or used, maybe somehow a “victim of society”, or a highly adaptable and in tune member of society. Emotional sharing, sensitivity, creativity or an active imagination, flexibility, the desire to give or help, caring, manipulation, and maybe escapism was somehow encouraged by parents. Could have been overprotected, lived in an environment with a lot of change or emotional turbulence, and could have been a scapegoat or the one who takes a lot of blame in a family. Parents may have shaped them or pressured them into taking on a lot of emotional labor. 
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* REMEMBER that the more prominent the asteroid is in the natal chart the more prominent the Persona chart is IN MY OPINION*
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
1998 BU48 - 33128
Connected to money, income, wealth, flaunting success/wealth, self esteem related to money, and materialism
Ex. Beyoncés rising sign in this chart is Taurus and she has a VERY EXPENSIVE WARDROBE. Just recently she was rocking one of the most expensive necklaces in the world. The necklace is worth 30 million dollars bruh
APOLLO - 1862
Natural talents/ power . Where you shine like the sun. Insight into your artistry/ how you connect to art
Ex. Michael Jackson has Mercury conjunct Uranus in Leo 6H and his Sun Venus and Pluto all conjunct each other in Virgo 6H. He has/had an iconic voice and add libs. He was very powerful in the music industry (still is after his passing) and was basically the modern day music video pioneer.
1999 CE119 - 129746
Huge attainment and status
Ex. Marylin Monroe has NN 28° Gemini conjunct ASC, along with Venus and Pluto in the 1H. Marylin achieved such high status purely because of her looks which is kinda sad because she was so much more than that but people tend to love the idea of Marylin Monroe and not the actual person. :(
STARR - 4150
Where you stand out. How you’re a shining star!
Ex. I have Venus conjunct Mercury in the 11H Capricorn. I stand out when using my voice/singing and the way I communicate to others especially online. I also standout doing anything creative/unique (especially since I have an Aquarius Rising conjunct Neptune in this chart)
Feminine, semi sexual beauty and personal style
Ex. Naomi Campbell has a Scorpio ASC with a Scorpio Venus in the 1H in her chart. She has a very striking, intense stare and sleek beauty. And in my personal opinion she looks amazing in dark jewel tones and black.
WEBB - 3041
You’re internet persona/ how you’re seen on the internet
Ex. My MC is in Libra 28°. If I decided to be an internet persona or influencer or just someone who had a lot of fans online I might been known as creative, artistic, fashionable or even beautiful. I have moon in Leo 17° 8H so to the internet I might also been seen as someone who’s intimate, intuitive, magnetic, a bit possessive, maybe even dramatic and someone who can attract a lot of peoples attention.
That’s it for today! Tell me your placements and aspects and your interpretations on it all!
Luv ya 💋
- ⚜️💫⚜️
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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·˚ ༘₊· ͟͟͞͞꒰➳ 𝐀𝐒𝐓𝐑𝐎 𝐍𝐎𝐓𝐄𝐒 𝐈𝐕 ·˚ ༘
hello everyone! yes, yes im backkkk!!! im so sorry ive been inactive it's just school n everything n my mental health hasn't been the greatest (hope u guys understand <33)
some really sad news, i found out yesterday that my mum told me the wrong birthtime HAHAHHAHA (I want to die) but nothing major has changed just my rising and a few house placements <3
oo maybe in another post we could analyse my birthchart??
anyways, im glad to be back and this is about people ik irl so please take what resonates <33
new theme btw hehe
Tumblr media
↳ aries rising, receding hairline check 💀
↳ sagittarius risings!! ur the best honestly like cmere and give me a big ol' cuddle
↳ no offence to yall saturn leo's... but you guys really need to focus and stop talking
↳ please stop calling taurus venus' materialistic! they just like to buy things when they feel good and that's absolutely okay
↳ earth mercuries can never do small talk or they get really bored of a conversation
↳ capricorn men can choke. capricorn women though 😻💦🍑🍆
↳ any personal virgo placements - isn't fun when people assume ur mad all the time?
↳ june gemini's SHUT UP. SHUT UP. STOP TALKING ABOUT YOURSELF. YOU ARE A COMPULSIVE LIAR. (not all, just some i know 😁)
↳ i swear aquarius suns can come off as really condescending :/
↳ cancer mars how's that revenge going bbg
↳ idk why but scorpio men and i always have some sort of chemistry or flirty banter and honestly idm cause y'all are SEXY
↳ mercury-venus aspects, how u doing ;)
·˚ ༘₊· ͟͟͞͞꒰➳ 𝐎𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐑
↳ virgo risings, venus, sun and saturn, please stop being overally judgemental over urself!!/u r beautiful, stunning n gorgeous just the way you are love <3333 (ex. bella hadid being critical over herself for getting plastic surgery) (ex. kim kardashian always worrying about aging)
↳ marilyn monroe (leo rising) was always in the spotlight and she still is now. marilyn is often referred as a top idol/role model and whilst she was alive, she was often over sexuslised :((
↳ air sun + risings are always musically talented idk why. it's mainly also their vocals with which they're really good at.
↳ scorpio personal placements are always so intense with their gaze. especially scorpio mars n sun - they'll just penetrate ur walls n make u weak n everything (AND THATS HOT)
Tumblr media
i hope u guys enjoyed this!! sorry for it being so shit but first post coming back so yeah (still sorry <3)
love you! have a good day <33
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dreaminsince99 · a day ago
Astro Observations 1
I feel like every female Taurus has this natural craftiness and resourcefulness to them. Like if they need something, they just fuckin make it. They are hard evidence you do not need money to live the life you want. You can just create it.
Aries has no shame. Like, they don't give a fuck so they do things most people would be scared to do like eat out alone.
Can we talk about the axis between Libra x Aries placements blessing them w/ physical attraction dude, so it manifests like this: Aries placement naturally wants to work out with that yang energy (esp. men and strong mars placements), and then Libra with the yin energy is able to finesse their gifts of aesthetics to beautify themselves and their lives. Idk just thought about that one day.
I often find Aries placements have bold (men) or thin archy (women) eyebrows.
Aries & Capricorn men seem to have a broad forehead with a strong hairline.
Sagittarius x Gemini axis of wisdom: Gemini loves to learn through reading and research, Sagittarius loves to gain wisdom by DOing, and EXPERIENCing.
Virgo women (many I have met, but I found that the others are almost the exact opposite) are often short, and/or thin and birdlike in stature.
Virgo men are like ALWAYS quiet as hell and nocturnal lmao and they always have this hilarious sense of sarcasm. And they have a tight circle of like 3 ppl. If you are not their mama, their pet, or their bff from kindergarten, do NOT expect to get close to them. But they'll help you if you need it tho.
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milkandhoneyastrology · 2 days ago
Everyone Should Get a Natal Chart Reading
Tumblr media
Or learn natal astrology and interpret your own chart! As long as you learn consciously and keep an open mind as you dive deeper into your chart, you can do an incredible job and lead yourself through this incredible self-discovery journey!
It's a whole journey of self-discovery - getting your chart read can change your perception of the world. And I mean that. Getting closer to your subconscious, analyzing your patterns, and understanding your talents, as well as weak spots, is worth it.
You get to know your family better - analyzing where you come from also means taking a look at your family and childhood. It's not always pleasant, but it opens the doors for...
A chance to explore generational trauma - priceless for all of those trying to break some cycles.
Your chart holds the key to healing yourself - literally. Once you understand what the designs in the stars are telling about your personal story - your opportunities are endless. It's all about how you apply it.
You discover your hidden talents - need I say more?
You get to see the journey your soul chose for you to make before incarnating - if you're into this sort of stuff.
You'll find opportunities for growth - you can grow endlessly once you discover what direction actually works best for you
Most fitting career path and true vocation - vocational astrology exists to help you navigate the difficult struggle of trying and failing while looking for the best career for you.
Discover past life matters and karmic baggage - and let me tell you, the lunar nodes will do so much more for you than just tell you this.
Analyze relationships under a different lens - compatibility starts with understanding yourself and your shadow.
When you can expect to encounter obstacles on your way - and when, as well as how, to time future business endeavors, when to try something new, and when to lay maybe a little low for the time being.
What your true strengths are - the confidence boost a reading gives you is incredible.
Your trauma and needed shadow work - trying to heal? Start with looking at what roots are rotting.
An opportunity to heal your inner child - little you will be grateful, really.
Connect to the divine - the divine in you, some other divine, it really doesn't matter. The best readings I've gotten gifted me a sense of connection to the Universe I wouldn't trade for the world.
Learn a new language - Yes, astrology uses its own unique language. That's why learning how to properly interpret a chart takes so long. Trying to do it on your own can be confusing, but having it explained to you in a loving manner is inspirational.
I don't think I'll ever stop preaching about the endless pros of an astrology reading done by a professional you trust. And yeah, I may be biased given that I am, in fact, an astrologer - BUT! I've also seen how impactful it can be for clients, and the wonderful gifts it bears for them. So I'll continue advising everyone I know and don't to get a reading.
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seafoamreadings · 2 days ago
week of august 7th, 2022
aries: it is a fiery week and this will mostly suit you. you have enthusiasm and energy to get done what needs to get done, as well as what you want to get done. the only downside is you don't make it through this intact unless you have a certain amount of discipline and are willing to face the ugly side of things too.
taurus: before venus heads into leo she opposes pluto. what that means for you is some upheaval in love and/or aesthetics. while change may not be your favorite thing, this is needed and positive upheaval. once the chaos calms down you come out glowed up.
gemini: being asked as you are this week to do soul work by way of your spiritual worldview may seem like a stuffy and un-fun time. but if you are the sort who enjoys a good read or harvesting information, as is the case with many if not most if not all gemini people, it is a great opportunity to lose yourself in a good book or an exciting internet rabbithole. and you get some personal growth out of the exercise.
cancerians: your relationship(s) is(are?) the focus of your week as venus opposes pluto. maybe there is some drama. if so, it is to move the plot along, so try not to begrudge it. if not, you're going to have to dig up some troublesome roots yourself and transmute them.
leo: while venus is not the ruler of your sign or even in her exaltation there, she does very well with you! and you with her. be as glamorous as you want, or even a little more than that. and while many will think it frivolous, excellent hair care at this time is HIGHLY auspicious.
virgo: expect this week a gentle focus on relationship and commitment themes. they need not be in upheaval but they do need attention and they may appear as a sort of mirage. proceed with some caution but don't neglect to enjoy it.
libra: the entire week has a glamorous, sparkly air about it, which suits most librans just fine. it is lighthearted and elegant, showy without being gaudy. embrace that aura without shame, even if other people think you're being shallow.
scorpio: the nodal activity is ongoing, and pluto, your chart ruler, is also active this week. there is a volcanic intensity to it all for you. many around you will be feeling lighter but the shift to simplicity and superficiality won't work for you. withdraw from contact if it helps, and don't let anyone draw you out to where you don't wish to be drawn.
sagittarius: increasing fire vibes as well as weird/wyrd piscean emanations all make for a good time, which is what you're here for! the only real shame would be to squander this week in a cubicle chasing someone else's dream, or stuck inside without letting your mind run utterly free. ideally you're out gallivanting, but if you cannot be, find a way to make the most of it all.
capricorn: if you've adopted a stony facade it is time to drop it, or it will be torn down for you. a relationship you wish to keep will require vulnerable, maybe even terrifying, honest expressions of your feelings, and your desires. otherwise be willing to say goodbye.
aquarius: be prepared to experience tension. if you have not made your home into a sanctuary, it is a hard place to stay this week. but it isn't too late to start - you need a place to rest, so make it.
pisces: before venus heads into leo she trines your ruler neptune who is, as you likely well know, in long residence in your sign. merrily, life is but a dream. find bliss in everything, find poignant beauty in everything. all love is much more than it may seem.
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thegreatalexandria · 2 days ago
Making It Through the Week Ahead for the Fixed Signs
Taurus Leo Scorpio Aquarius
Sun ☀️ Moon 🌒 Rising💫
Tumblr media
Fixed Signs Overall: Still seeing that you’re going through an awakening of some sort (especially in the spiritual sense, though). Guess this week is just telling you how to keep going through it.
Taurus: Work on releasing anymore doubt that may be lingering under the surface. You may be confronted with a fear or something that might trigger certain thoughts that you’re trying not to think about. It’ll be okay. That doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong either. Let it help you grow. No pain, no gain. Figure out which fears are worthy of sticking around, but most of them aren’t.
Leo: Time for you to make a change this week. Try a new routine. I see that what you would do in the past just isn’t working for you like that right now and you need to adapt.
Scorpio: You gotta start small sometimes and I see that it’s laying off for you. You’re doing a very good job at maintains your stability and acting like a grown up. Keep on doing you.
Aquarius: You’re doing the absolute most and I’m gonna need you to stop for a sec. I mean that in the most loving way possible I promise, but you’re really working on your own last nerve right now and you need to either take a break or learn how to ask for help I’m not giving you a choice. Contrary to what you may believe, you don’t have to do everything yourself.
(A/N: please like and follow ✌🏾 I’d love to know if anything resonated and btw I take tips 🤗)
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thesacredself · 2 days ago
A sneak peek at the affirmations for this month’s spirit animal guide reading ☺️
🍃 Earth signs:
Tumblr media
🌊 Water signs:
Tumblr media
💨 Air signs:
Tumblr media
🔥 Fire signs:
Tumblr media
I hope you guys find these useful 🥰
For journal prompts and activities, more can be found under my Patreon 💛 in the future, all posts will go directly to your inbox and you can receive them along with the reading!
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elmindreda757 · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.
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punksocks · 2 hours ago
Astrology Observations Pt.2
Only based of my personal experiences, take them with a grain of salt!
Sagittarius moon parents can sometimes become resentful of their children. Children’s constant emotional needs can make an underdeveloped Sagittarius moon feel constricted and bound to the child. They urn to escape any situation they feel stuck in. Also Sagittarius is the opposite of Gemini which rules the 3rd house. The 3rd house is tied to youth and communication, which can bring underlying tension to the relationship. Often a Sagittarius moon parent will seemingly suddenly become very invested in their children after they have become independent adults/older teens and the Sagittarius moon feels like the relationship is no longer tying them down.
If you have strong Black Moon Lilith aspects, along with having strong desirable energy and difficulty relating to traditional feminine figures, you may have fertility issues possibly in the form of a chronic illness.
Prominent Lilith placements/aspects invoke extreme and sometimes domineering reactions from others but let this be your litmus test for people that deserve your time.
Tumblr media
Planets that touch your pluto will be amplified in their energy. Venus Pluto aspects can even make a Sagittarius venus individual become very intense and clingy, even if they will still leave abruptly if you fail to meet their standards. They will attract more controlling partners as well. Moon Pluto aspects can make a Taurus moon individual have shockingly intense emotional outbursts or spirals, but they will be able to ground themselves and become soothing afterwards with surprising ease.
Strong Lilith aspects may have to grow out of thinking they want to attain traditionally feminine goals. Lilith thought she wanted to be the perfect wife to Adam, but when he tried to become domineering she realized her freedom and happiness was worth so much more than her original goals. Lilith rising/aspects to your rising? You may have worked to appear traditionally feminine in an awkward phase of life that never really seemed to fit you. Lilith touching 11th? You may have always craved a girl group and to have a close circle of feminine friends, but you have been hurt by many of those people instead when they desired you too intensely and/or turned on you. These friends may have even aligned against you to form a girl group explicitly opposed to you. A lot of Lilith is about unlearning discomfort with alternative paths of life and forms of expression.I believe strong Lilith aspects are just as intense and about learning lessons ad Pluto and Saturn aspects can be. (I’m a Scorpio rising and Capricorn stellium)
Pisces/Neptune influencing the big 3 can bring out a creativity like no other. Ethereal and otherworldly in the ways they’re able to express themselves and their talents.
Explore your 2nd house placements to find out what physical experiences can make you feel grounded and safe. Venus in 2nd house? Catching up with friends over a meal or going out on a dinner date could really be rejuvenating for you. Mercury in 2nd house? Try writing in a journal, writing out your feelings or creative story writing might really refresh your energy. 2nd is ruled by Taurus, treat yourself to some physical experiences to lift your spirits.
Tumblr media
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slernaxs7 · 19 hours ago
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evangelinesbible · 2 days ago
- If Gemini was a smell it’d be a Granny Smith. (I mean that in a nice way)
- I’m sorry but the whole Pisces placements loves feet/ has cute feet thing ain’t it. First of all I’m literally bigfoot second of all if anyones foot is near me I will wreak havoc. I HATE FEET SM
- Leo, Libra, and Virgo placements start wearing regal colors (purple, blues and gold). Just do it.
- Soooooo my Apollo Asteroid conjuncts my North Node and POF in Taurus 9H, asteroid 1998 BU48 (Leo 12H) conjuncts my ASC (Virgo), asteroid Aura conjuncts my moon in the 4H, and I have no idea how to interpret it any of it. Lovely…
- Leo, Taurus, Virgo, Cancer,and Capricorn Venus’s are my fav don’t hate me
- y’all ever looked at your Venus return chart? Wild. Should I post about Venus returns?
- Sagittarius placements just don’t give a fuck. They’re hilarious in that way.
- Aries Lilith? I love you ❤️
- North Node in the MC persona chart is very interesting. A lot of celebrities have north node conjunct a planet or import asteroids in their charts or it’s in a fame degree
- Beyoncé - Cancer NN conjunct mercury
- Doja Cat - Libra NN conjunct Chiron
- Michael Jackson - Libra NN conjunct Juno
- Naomi Campbell - Aquarius NN conjunct Pallas (and it’s a 28°)
Marylin Monroe - Gemini NN 29°
Whitney Houston - Cancer NN 11° conjunct Fama in 10H
- Venus will be in my 1st house and conjunct my Jupiter in September and I’m ready for my glow up ✨
- being a Leo moon in my moon persona chart makes so much sense, maybe that’s why people think I’m a Leo when first meeting me idk 🤷🏽‍♀️
- Michael Jackson has mercury conjunct Uranus in Leo in his FAMA PC CHART and he is very recognized and remembered for his unique voice.
- Pallas conjunct Venus people = too artistic for your own good. Still very talented tho.
- MC with positive aspects/ conjunct to personal planets = fame indicator
- ⚜️💫⚜️
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frecklesky · 2 days ago
Zodiac signs at a masquerade party
Moon Signs at a Masquerade Party
Aries: Taking over and being the DJ for the night
Taurus: Arriving late after putting extra effort into their costume
Gemini: Removing their mask half way through the night because it’s annoying them
Cancer: Judging everyone’s costumes to decide who is best dressed
Leo: Taking photos and videos to post on social media
Virgo: Trying to figure out who is under every mask
Libra: Dancing with a mysterious stranger all night
Scorpio: Leaving early to go to the next party
Sagittarius: Hanging out in the bathroom, gossiping, reapplying makeup, and taking selfies
Capricorn: Enjoying the punch and chatting with friends
Aquarius: Acting as a photographer and taking countless photos
Pisces: Dancing freely, enjoying being anonymous
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astrologyshitpost · a month ago
Months of signs on the alignment chart
Tumblr media
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listenmyguy · 4 months ago
The signs as lyrics from daft punk’s 1997 hit “around the world”
Aries: around the world
Taurus: around the world
Gemini: around the world
Cancer: around the world
Leo: around the world
Virgo: around the world
Libra: around the world
Scorpio: around the world
Sagittarius: around the world
Capricorn: around the world
Aquarius: around the world
Pisces: around the world
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