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#tavia talks

*is grabbed* nooooo! no no no dear sir i am aboard the anatomy struggle bus

but also…….mmmm reference pictures+guesswork+looking at my own reflection in the mirror….sexy –w– 

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no but thank you so much for the rec!!! i wholeheartedly welcome fic recs i love love love fics but im so picky and too busy to look for them lol

ill reblog with my review >:DD

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yo i was JUST thinking about him……he truly lives in my mind rent free. I would like to draw him again heeheehoohoo

also i have been lowkey stalking ur ocs and….kinda tempted to make a nindroid oc cuz urs are SO badass. feel like everyones got one but me U_U

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this is late since i dont use this tumblr any more :’((( but!!! here are the notes i took on all of the appearance mentions for the girls in crier’s war!!


Light brown skin, dark eyes that flash gold, slender, straight long dark hair, no physical imperfections


Darker brown skin, freckles, wild hair usually in a braid, round face, dark eyebrows, flushed cheeks, small scar on her cheekbone, very skinny, shorter, high cheekbones, bump on the bridge of her nose

So yeah they’re bipoc!!! or its strongly implied in their descriptions!! hope this helped, thanks for liking my (old) art!!

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i just realized that i unconsciously sp*m my dash a lot… i should probably stop doing that

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got a body mirror and an apple candle for my room yeah today was successful

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i honestly cant believe that my parents (BOTH OF WHOM WEAR GLASSES) blamed my shortsightedness on technology when it was, get this, GENETICS SKSJDKD THEY’RE BOTH SHORTSIGHTED AND THEY DIDN’T EVEN THINK THAT MAYBE AT LEAST ONE OF THEIR KIDS WOULD BE TOO LMAOOOO.

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