ex0skeletal-undead · 4 months ago
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@tavius-caprine submitted: May I share with you the joys of Skeleton Pumpkin?
This is horrible where do I buy it
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murkbone · 2 years ago
Kryl on A1? Mayben Penn on D3?
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floating-head · 3 years ago
For the Spotify thingy! Songs one through five?
1. Celestial Bodies - Ghost Data2. Midnight Rendezvous - Casiopea3. Jason - The Midnight4. Wavestep - Blank Banshee5. I Want You - Savage Garden
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wolfcigs · 3 years ago
thegreathypergooch replied to your post “hey”
Usually chatting and having some laughs, post memes and seeing artwork, mostly a tiny little social network for the artist and his/her followers
radiumghost replied to your post “hey”
In my experience, there’s a lot of general chat and memes. There’ll be a channel for sharing art and getting feedback or something, but it’s mostly a way for artists to connect socially, even if they’re not talking about art.
tavius-caprine replied to your post “hey”
I was on an artists' server once. It had a channel that served as a general chat for his followers and him, another channel where he posted wips and sketches, and another one for streams and announcements
thanks so much for the feedback! i think i will make one!
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pop-radit · 4 years ago
Honestly the fact that the same two people at number 1 and 2 on the “Biggest Fan” section in my activity feed are my favorite people
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plutoshero · 3 years ago
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@tavius-caprine was the winner of my 100 follower giveaway, and this is what i did for him! i love drawing pirates so much <333
commission prices 
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milgromdulux · 4 years ago
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commission for @tavius-caprine !!! lmk if youd like any changes ^__^
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