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#tax the rich
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It seems that a lot of the old/corrupt politicians (regardless if they’re a Democrat or a Republican) are hell bent on holding on to power to exploit their position to enrich themselves enough to retire then pass it to their family members. It’s time to bring back inheritance tax (also known as the death tax).

This is happening even as people are losing their jobs or they’re forced out of their homes simply because the old/corrupt politicians simply don’t care.

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It’s time to have serious conversation with the rest of the family about the billionaire problem in society:

Exhibit A) Trump

Exhibit B) The Koch brothers

Exhibit C) Jeff Bezos

Exhibit D) The Walton family (owners of Walmart)

Exhibit E) Rupert Murdoch

Exhibit F) Sheldon Adelson

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These 227 Representatives just voted to raise taxes on many middle-class families just to give the richest 1% and large corporations massive tax cuts. We won’t forget how they sold out middle- and working-class families for their corporate donors.

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