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chewbacca · 5 months ago
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Tumblr media
The Big Lebowski (1998) dir. The Coen Brothers
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theveryfirstnnight · 19 days ago
can we all agree to stop talking about taylor's exes everytime she drops a re-recording????? non swifties might think that she's doing this to drag her exes because we keep doing this and it is bad for her image ://, people or the media can use this to make her seem like a serial dater or some petty girl again. let's just celebrate her music and the success of the re-recordings instead.
jake and taylor (and literally anyone of her exes ) are all full grown adults, and they deserve privacy so lets not start with the d*ath threats, hate comments or whatever to him or his girlfriend.
her re-recordings arent a way of saying "i hate you" or "this is what you get" to her exes, its so that she can reclaim her hardwork and legacy.
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mermaeids · a year ago
me and the girls listening to folklore tonight
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reputaymore · 2 months ago
It's always wyd and not idbatc mhmhmbml tfapomydt guomliwabdnisfsiahc
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askspades · 19 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Don’t be afraid to let those who are important to you know how you feel! A little appreciation can go further than you’d think. 
Welcome back, @ask-tay-relic​ !
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capt-snoozles · 5 months ago
theo my very cool and handsome mutual <3 for the prompt game how's about 9.1.9. ! thinkin of u and sending love ur way!!!
Tay, my beloved bastard mutual whom i love dearly, hello!! this is short and kinda sweet, i hope you enjoy <3 (also some of my planning got mixed up so im not actually entirely sure that this one is yours but im like,, 98% sure it is)
Camp!au + friends to lovers + “why are you awake so late?” + zukka
For the sake of this ficlet phones are allowed on camp
He missed Yue.
It was as simple as that.
It had been years since her funeral, so missing her wasn’t as painful anymore. It was a dull ache under his ribs, a bittersweet taste on the back of his tongue when he thought about what she was missing out on as the world moved on without her.
Tonight, as he stared up at the underside of the top bunk, listening to the soft breathing of his friends, on the senior camp they’d always talked about together, the pain of missing her was louder than it had been in awhile.
“Lets make a checklist!” Yue gasped, looking at Sokka with wide brown eyes and an excited smile.
“A checklist?”
“Yeah-” She flipped to a fresh page in her notebook and opened her pen. “- we’ll write down all the activities the year 12’s mentioned on their camp and then we can check them off when we go on it in a few years!”
He’d taken it with him, slipped into the pocket of his jeans, the paper old and worn and still carrying Yues faded but looping penmanship. She’d been so excited about their future camp, politely asking the year 12’s about their experience every year and jotting down any advice or fond hints they’d offered.
It felt so wrong to be there without her, to be experiencing the things she’d looked forward to and knowing he wouldn’t be able to see the look on her face.
He missed her, and he figured he was allowed to, being surrounded by everything she'd dreamed of: adventure, freedom, a story to tell.
It was a little jarring when his phone vibrated under his head, the sound muffled by his pillow but still sudden and loud. He pulled it out and threw the covers over his head to block out the light, squinting at the text on his screen.
FiReLoRd y r u awake so l8?
Surprised, Sokka peeked out from under his blanket, catching the concerned gaze of his now best friend from where he lay on a second bottom bunk about two meters away. Ducking back under the blanket, he unlocked his phone.
me can you type like a normal person??
FiReLoRd ur avoiding the question
me yue was supposed to be on this trip. i miss her.
When a response didn’t come within the expected time frame, Sokka peeked out of his blanket again and saw Zuko staring at his screen intently, before beginning to type something out. He had, like, every screen setting on his phone turned down to the lowest setting because of his migraine so the light was dim and soft and made his features hazy.
Sokka’s phone buzzed, and this time he didn’t bother hiding under his blanket - it was getting stuffy under there.
FiReLoRd i have spotify premium + headphones.
When he looked back to Zuko, he found that the other boy was lifting his blanket, nodding to the empty space beside him. Sokka didn’t even have to think.
Fitting two 18 year old boys on a thin bunk bed was about as hard as you’d expect, even with Sokka’s utter lack of regard for personal space, but they made it work, the two of them pressed so close together it was hard to tell who started where.
Because of this it took a lot of wriggling and muffled laughter before they managed to get a headphone each, Zuko holding his phone above both of their faces so they could decide on the playlist together.
Once soft music started playing, Zuko turned off his screen and tucked his phone under the pillow, making sure there was enough room for the headphone cord. They lay there, listening to music in the dark and existing together for long enough that Sokka finally felt some of the weight lift out of his chest, the guilt and gnawing yearning for a friend who wasn't there fading off to it's usual whisper.
Not wanting to disturb the atmosphere they'd created, Sokka kept his ‘thank you’ quiet and simple in the form of a short kiss to Zuko’s jaw.
It felt right to do, even more so when Zuko turned his head and leaned forward a smidge to kiss him on the mouth in return, the movement soft and chaste. A second weight Sokka hadn’t even begun to notice evaporated into nothing, soothed by the warm press of Zuko’s body against his and the smell of the travel-sized shampoo Sokka had forced him to pack.
He missed Yue, and he knew he always would.
But he also knew she'd kick him if he spent their whole year 12 camp wallowing instead of experiencing it.
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