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Taylearning: Beautiful Ghosts

And now I can again say I’ve learned @taylorswift’s entire catalog! This one is hard to sing, and I think I fucked up the bridge a bit, but it’s there (and the dog I’m sitting doesn’t like guitar, so I can’t really try it again). It’s fun to play if only because it’s so surprising that it works out.


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I should have just watched Taylor’s part online and seen Bombshell instead of Cats, but I’m glad I watched it. The reviewers who said Taylor was the best part were right (IMO). She was truly amazing. Like, everything else just kind of pales in comparison.


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She has to write a musical one day. She’d be so good at it. She really gets the tone, the fun, the story, the magic, and camp. In the last five or ten years, Tori Amos cowrote one with Samuel Adamson, The Light Princess, that played in London that I bet Taylor would love, and she could meet Tori (they’ve both covered each other’s songs live!) and talk about the process, and I would kill to see them together.


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Oh my god. “Beautiful Ghosts” is so beautiful; it’s, like, a step above beautiful. What’s the word for that? Oh, gorgeous!


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I love how she sings “long a-go” in this deeper, more innocent but somehow sultrier voice that sounds like whiskey and bonfires. Give her the Oscar!

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Taylor : “follow me home if you dare to”

Me: Two headlights shine through the sleepless night And I will get you, and get you alone Your name has echoed through my mind And I just think you should, think you should know That nothing safe is worth the drive And I would follow you, follow you home I’ll follow you, follow you home

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