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After 13 months of waiting, I finally have it in my hands!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I first saw the mural I fell so hard for it, I really loved it so I asked a friend of mine (curlygirlart on IG) if she could do it, she said she would give it to me as birthday present (July 20th) but for different things she couldn’t make it until a couple days ago and she could send it to me today. I am so happy (instead of Tay she decided to paint me). So yeah, I mean, I might not have merch or seen her but this little drawing will make me feel a little bit closer to her and will make me smile a lot✨💛 @taylorswift @taylornation

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My mom loves Taylor and she always listens to her, even when she showers, she sings to “Love Story” and “You Belong With Me” every single time. And when she’s looking for quotes on the internet she’s listening to “All Too Well” and “Long Live” on repeat and then she just switches moods and decides to listen to other songs; yesterday I told her to listen to lover (she’s heard most of the songs in lover) but somehow I kept “Daylight” to myself and I finally showed it to her and she loved it. She heard the song for almost 90 minutes and then she decided to go for “Babe” so yeah. My mom is a swiftie but she doesn’t know it yet😂😂 @taylorswift @taylornation

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Taylor, I listen to you 24/7. You help me out the most when I am stressed out or in a state of panic. Your music always takes me to a heavenly utopia, allowing me to calm down, relax, and live life better. Thank You! @taylorswift @taylornation

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So I saw ‘13 facts about me’ going viral and thought I’d share 13 facts about me:

1) I’m a night owl. I love staying up late and pulling all-nighters 🌌

2) I’m a cat person 😻

3) I love watching TV-shows and I have pretty watched almost ALL OF THEM 😌

4) My comfort food is ice cream 🍨

5) More of a iced coffee person

6) I love to bake, mostly cookies and cakes 🍰

7) I am good at art and love drawing and painting 🎨

8) I do journaling & write diaries 📖

9) My fav albums in order are REP, 1989 & speak now 💕

10) I’m an introvert so mostly like to stay at home. 🤦🏻‍♂️

11) I’m a virgo ♍

12) I love to wear oversized t shirts and hoodies 👕

13) Other than @taylorswift , I also stan halsey, camilla and selena 💖

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