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Taylor albums as books

Taylor Swift (debut)

A simple coming of age YA book about a socially anxious, shy girl with a big unrequited crush on a guy who is into a pretty, popular girl. She learns to find love in herself and realizes her best friend since childhood was who she really loved all along.


Also a YA about a girl who is a little boy crazy getting her heart broken over and over, she learns to understand her emotions and what she wants. Also her best friend has a subplot involving a senior taking advantage of her and maybe they call him out publically during a rally at the end and he gets boo’d out of the gym. In the end, whoever she fell in love with, she would always have her best friend’s back, and she always has her.

Speak Now

A girl breaks up with her boyfriend and he goes back to his ex fiancee. This girl is actually really mean and pushy towards the guy but he just bears with it. But the main character girl, realizing her mistake and how much she misses him, runs back to him in December. He turns her down, but still clearly loves her. Months later she’s in a new relationship, though the guy is an asshole and she just misses what she used to have with her ex. So she writes the mean guy a Dear John note and finds out her ex is getting married. In a last ditch effort she stands up and tells him how much she loves and misses him at the wedding and they run off together to be happy.


A new adult story about an aspiring starlet moves to the city and gets her heart broken by a man who she can’t help but let back in through her door. He’s a dreamy guy when he’s being nice but when he turns mean he’s like a nightmare. She realizes just how messed up their relationship is and, despite how much she loves him, she shuts the door and never opens it for him ever again. Then she turns 22 and parties with her friends at the end, happy to be free. Maybe she even hits it off with a nice dude she meets and they have lunch together. She doesn’t see it turning into anything serious with this guy but she’s happy to see that there are men who actually laugh at her jokes without some ulterior motive to get in her pants. Maybe the book closes with her reminiscing about stories her grandma told her about how she met her grandpa and how she warned her about trying to make a name for herself in a cold city. She begins to dream of being a star who don’t need no man.


The sequel to RED a few years later when she’s made it big in New York. Now she can see why her grandmother warned her about making a name in the city but it’s in full swing now and she’s just rolling her eyes at all the famous men who think they can date her for clout, only to be turned down. They’re furious, obviously, and try to drag her name through the mud saying she’s loose but she doesn’t really care. She finds herself giving advice to other girls trying to make it out there, making friends. There is a subplot about some other famous lady beefing with her, but they reconcile in the end recognizing that fighting only feeds the outrage machine that runs this city. She finally feels she’s over the guy from the first book and is ready to romance another man she knows. It goes pretty well until they have a falling out and she cuts him off. He comes to her door, shaking and cold, begging for her to come back. She accepts, warning him this is the one and only time she will do this, and he stays.


A thriller action book for adults about a lady agent working for some spy organization. She’s made a name for herself, well, her spy persona anyway. She’s half revered, half feared because she’s just such a cool badass. But her reputation is soiled when she slips up from pressure at a bad time and leaves her partner at the hands of an enemy. Along the way she meets a sexy British spy who teams up with her to try and redeem herself through some crazy spy stuff. The two fall in love over the course of the story. His encouragement and love pushes her to be able to do a spy thing to save the day and clean up her reputation. The books ends when they’re at a new year’s party.


A new adult book about a college freshman who is still reeling from the nasty breakup she had in high school. The guy was dating the head cheerleader who happened to be the biggest, meanest queen bee in the tri-state area. Over the course of the story she comes to terms with what happened, the way she and the Heartbreak Prince got together, the way they fell apart, and how much her school hated her after it all. She learns to forgive herself and tries to focus on her friends and her schoolwork and bettering herself. She does end up reconnecting with the guy and they get back together and their relationship gets serious. They tell each other they love one another in the end.

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Uhm this looks waaay more dramatic than it actually is lol but the crying is real, i did get emotional watching some parts of the Miss Americana documentary and also the City of Lover Concert. I guess I’m an emotional person or…i have serious issues lmao ANYWAYS. I’ve always been a very casual Taylor Swift fan but after watching these productions I have a whole new found respect for her. I don’t want to be one of those “watch here” people but you can watch me go through emotions here :D

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Soooo… You know how the @taylorswift merch from reputation had discounts and I wanted merch from that Era so badly (besides the CDs is my first merch).

I lost my job cuz of the pandemics but i had some savings and since I did so well this semester I thought, why not? Trat yo self girl!

And now I’m waiting for my things to arrive, I can’t wait to wear them 💟

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Dear Taylor, the best memory I have from my past was jamming out to your Fearless album with my dad in the car. We had so much fun together, and we were the biggest swifties you would know. When he died, everytime i heard your music, i would think of him. Your music makes me feel not so alone and close with him, even though hes not here. My dad struggled with cancer his whole life, and Taylor, i just wanted to say thanks for helping me get through that. I love you so much you have no idea. It would mean the absolute world to me if she noticed. @taylorswift @taylornation

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i can’t even find the words to describe what red makes me feel. this album is literally my safe place. i know i can always go back to it whenever i’m feeling down because i know it will always make me feel better, like i am still capable of feeling nice things.

so i just wanna say thank you taylor swift for giving me a source of happiness even when i’m at my lowest.

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but the fact that our homegirl is rejecting so many offers to “ give permission for the songs to be used in things like commercials and TV shows, “ CONSTANTLY EVERY FREAKIN WEEK IS MY FAVORITE THING EVER

LIKE YES SIS. I’m just cackling to myself knowing that Sc**ter and Sc*tt are constantly getting pissed off MULTIPLE DAYS A WEEK


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“I’m 13 now and don’t know how my friends could be so mean”

Thirteen years old isabel wrote that in her diary and until now still asking myself that.

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