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#taylor swift 1989

ok hear me out…

i saw this post on instagram (creds to @/tayswifttweets) and i kinda figured out something.

there was a review on the tapestry behind taylor (just now during the amas speech) dating way back to 2014


the name used is taylor 👀

and in her ama speech, taylor mentioned that she was re-recording her albums at that time. at the same place she recorded the og version.


what if taylor is recording 1989 at that moment??? since the tapestry was bought in 2014 and 1989 was also released in 2014. correct me if i’m wrong guys 😭😔 (also if someone already pointed it out, i’m so sorry)

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So I know a lot of people are saying that shamrock made a shitty deal, and yeah that’s true, but if you view it as stock, it kinda seems more lucrative. Think of the streams and sales as dividends: nice but just something extra. I think their main thing is the value of her catalogue as whole. When she rerecords, it will lose value, but they are probably betting that as Taylor gets more and more famous in the coming decades the value of her old music will increase considerably as more music fans treat her old catalogue as a collectors item. I don’t think they are dumb enough to think in the short term, I think they bought it with the expectation that whether or not taylor re records, eventually the value will increase considerably, making it a good stock to add to their portfolio.

Also does anyone know if shamrock can release new albums of the stuff she has. I know Clearwater was released without her permission and my fear is that they are gonna release other versions of songs and unreleased songs they have the masters to to add to their collection. I think, with everything that’s happened, they wouldn’t do that now, but maybe in the future they will?

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