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#taylor swift lover

I remember thinking that the lyrics from Cruel Summer were:

,,He looks so pretty, like a devil ” for some strange reason

And when i found out it was actually

,,He looks up grinning like a devil ” i was shook. ‘Cus these lyrics make no sence wth😭💀😂

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unrelated (to what exactly? I don’t know) but I love Lover. primarily because it was the first Taylor Swift album that I was actively present for. with all the Easter eggs and the days preceding it and the countdown was so special?

I’ve been a fan since reputation (the first album I ever bought!) but Lover is different

not to mention the album itself was very good. I know it’s not everyone’s favorite but I loved the fun production and the extra songs only becasue they were a great escape from life in general

if I list my favorite songs it’ll probably be more than half the album. In conclusion: love lover

(and yes they’re great sing-along songs. no ones surprised by my blatant love for sing-along songs anymore)


Originally posted by cruellesummer

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Hey guys,

I don’t post on here much as I like to take a back seat approach) but I’m hoping you can help me. Does anyone know if there is a legal (as in Taylor gets paid for it) version of Daylight the piano version from the City of Lover live in Paris concert that doesn’t have the crowd in it? I want to use it for my waking down the aisle song but can’t find a version anywhere. @taylorswift @tayloralison

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