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if ur gatekeeping folklore i hate you ❤️
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I don't know if louis is choosing to be closeted now or if it is still coerced. I have no doubt he wants out of babygate however. I wonder if he and harry have decided to stay closeted for career purposes and so having el back allows him more freedom to write about deep love & relationships for his album. Maybe he'll be honest in lyrics /we'll see/ but establishing el as his partner was a precondition. I hope babygate ends soon but think the El push has another purpose that may help him in a way
Hey anon, thats quite a complex ask :)
I actually have close to zero doubt that Louis is being coerced. I don’t think its actually very hard to reason that out. Unless you believe he really is Fred’s father (in which case...good luck in life) or you think he is the evil mastermind behind one of the most shambolic and unbelievable PR closets any of us has seen - we may as well accept that theres a very fair bet whoever shoved him into it, is still in charge 2 years on.  In fact these people aren’t even hiding- they’re still out there pushing it relentlessly through his supposed solo promo.  The same people who acted as his jailers and abusers in 1D and afterwards, are still  ‘his team’ now he has *all* this freedom. And you know what?  Even leaving aside the fact that these people bullied and media trained his personality out of existence, that they were relentless enough to bring both his stunts to his mothers deathbed, then openly worked to slander him as unstable and violent in the aftermath - even leaving all that repugnant history aside, do you believe Louis Tomlinson, launching a solo career would *choose* a team like that-- if he weren't still cornered and under coercion?
 I can’t understand how often that obvious fact is skipped over as fans agonize over (and are constantly astroturfed over- anyone noticed that over the past couple of days?) how much ‘Louis might be to blame’.  You’d have to believe that he pays, with his own money, a team which is unbelievably unprofessional and incompetent at best (though mysteriously able to do their jobs for other people) and actively works against his success at worst. We, as fans, have never caught a real whiff of the band’s contracts, but we’re being told by people who actually don’t know, that the guys have to be free. Well- I am pretty much 99.9% sure Louis isn't. My 0.1% of doubt about that would have to be that he’s actually managed to fool us over the years into believing that he's very bright, when in reality he’s very, very stupid. But I think I’ll go with the 99.9%.
Im not debating about ‘wanting a closet’ for their careers. A closet isn't a shameful thing for the person who has to choose it- its survival in a lot of situations and a lot of professions. For example if Harry wants to become a Hollywood leading man, I sincerely doubt  any agent or manager is going to advise him to come out.  If L and H have been persuaded that a closet is necessary then that is entirely their prerogative.
Its how the closet is run thats in question. Its how damaging Louis’ closet is in every way. Does anyone seriously believe Louis wouldn’t have a closet like Harrys if he had any choice at all? A closet that doesn’t invade his family? Invade his life and his home and his professional image? A closet that’s front and centre of everything he does, just in case anyone forgets he's in there?
Louis closet is a fiasco of closely-watched stunts which his team prioritise over his work and which are used to entwine with, subtly diminish and tarnish his image.  Stunts which bring him obvious stress, and in BGs case, constant potential disaster. His closet involves handing himself over to Dan Wooten to put any words Dan chooses into his mouth, with no ability to demur. Dan can turn him into anyone he feels like. Does anyone seriously believes Louis *chooses* that over something effortless and convincing? And the ‘explanation’ that the difference between reputation-ruining cruelty and the odd Victorias Secret model is because Louis ‘reads as gay’ and Harry doesn’t? Sorry. No.
 Bringing Eleanor back as a cover for his album, because he would need that if he wrote any love songs? Well,its ironic but I tend to think the fandom insistence that Louis and  Harry must have lived each song they wrote, may be a legacy of the history of Larry ‘protest songs’. The songs that obviously did reflect their struggle. But its also good box office (as Taylor Swift knows) and I think its an idea the people who run the show use, not just for press but to manipulate the fandom, as they try to use tattoos.
But the suggestion that Louis team would care enough to bring back Eleanor so Louis could write what he wants, isn't believable to me for all kinds of reasons.  Rationally, if he is only allowed to write songs about someone the fans can identify as Not Harry, he could have kept Danielle. Or he could say they weren't personal songs, like they u-turned on BTY once they realised that fans didnt think it was romantic. He could say anything. His team know Larries won’t believe love songs are about Eleanor for a second, just as they know antis (and everyone else) will believe absolutely anything they’re told up to an including that the album is about Angela Merkel.  So, no I don’t think they brought her back to ‘allow’ him to write the songs he wants. And I don’t believe he would have chosen Eleanor’s return if he had any say.
Remember how thrilled he was to get free of Eleanor even for a while?  He was trapped with her, in the exact same insulting, diminishing, erasing closet as they’re now rebuilding around him, for *years*. And here we are back again: he's too chaotic and immature to function without her; he’s an unremarkable guy who’s best staying at home out of the limelight with her instead of going out and being visible or networking  in the industry, because he’s not a star in any way -- he's Eleanor Calder boyfriend. *Why* would he want or agree to that if he had a say? 
 Eleanor isn't just an ordinary beard. She's in with the Sony /1DHQ bricks. She’s one of them. She represents something, and they know it. 
Far from bringing El back to cover the album. I’d suggest its the other way round. Promo for this single and the album, is being used as excuse to push Louis stunts, even if it sabotages the single and album and loses him active fans. I think his team have made it clear what their priorities are.  
Very clearly Louis has no option but to push the stunt messages and fight an pray his fans see whats happening as he tries to get his music out there over the stunt noise, then again, whats his option? Harry is also trying to have a career and making compromises.
Since you touch on it anon, one of the biggest questions I have is where Eleanor fits into BG, because I actually had a tiny paranoid suspicion from the time BG began, that they were planning to bring her back. The press narrative at the time of ‘clubbing’ and the baby announcement, had too many mentions linking him to her as his one true love he couldnt get over;  Love You Goodbye during MITAM promo, which was not a single but was pushed that hard, and heavily linked to Eleanor. Louis family, Jay especially, still liking her pics through the ‘estrangement’. But I cant come up with a single theory of why they would free him of E to go through the very obvious plan to land him with a baby, if the endgame was going back to Elounor jail, only even more burdened? Or why he and Harry looked so hopeful or excited through OTRA and MITAM, if they had a clue what was coming? I cant even come up with a faint theory, so Im probably wrong about the contract being in place all along. I would say maybe she's part of the end to BG, but lets face it, they dont need a costar/saviour to do that. They just need the will to let him go. You never know though. Nothing around Louis is ever allowed to be simple.
I worry though that ending BG or Elounor while Larries are still strong  and confident => rebound impact on Harry.  Which isn't really a hopeful equation. I very much hope Im wrong though and someone somewhere has a heart. 
Sorry anon... I really need to stop writing essays.
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i was tagged by @starsfadingbutilingeron  Now I’m contractually obligated to do this
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Ok now I’ll tag @msfalloutshock @theawesomeawesome @mewzieberry @the-wanderer-soul @ollallace
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Tumblr media
A playlist for @iruma-miu who wanted Mastermind Miu Iruma!
1. Iggy Azalea - Black Widow ft. Rita Ora
2. Britney Spears - Gimme More
3. Demi Lovato - Confident
4. 【Cyber Diva】 Exorcism 【Vocaloid Original Song】
5. Taylor Swift - Bad Blood ft. Kendrick Lamar
6. 3OH!3 - STARSTRUKK (Feat. Katy Perry)
7. Ke$ha - Blah Blah Blah ft. 3OH!3
8. Kesha - Canniba
9. Cher Lloyd - Want U Back
10. Rihanna ~ S&M 
~mod Jataro
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ts1989fanatic · 4 years ago
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With ‘Green Light,’ Lorde Falls Victim to the Taylor Swift Effect
Everyone’s favorite musical weirdo enlists Taylor Swift’s pop music whisperer for her super poppy, super dancey new single “Green Light.” It’s so catchy. But also so…normal.
It’s taken more than three years, but Lorde has finally put those trademark claw hands to good use and burrowed her way out of the shadows and into the light. And Taylor Swift, it appears, is leading the way.
New Zealand’s alternative pop phenom Lorde released her first song in more than three years Thursday, the first single from her long-awaited sophomore album, Melodrama. The song is called “Green Light.” It is delightful—an unusual word to use when describing Lorde’s music.
“It’s very different and kinda unexpected,” Lorde said when teasing the song on Twitter Wednesday. “It’s complex and funny and sad and joyous and it’ll make you DANCE.”
And not, like, herky-jerky, berserk goblin, embracing your inner misunderstood-dark-spirit-in-the-corner kind of dancing—one quirky trademark that helped the performer, so unusual with a voice and perspective more mature and complex than her years, stand out among her peers.
No, “Green Light” doesn’t invite you to dance like no one’s watching, but like everyone’s watching. At the club! In the car! In the CVS where the song will surely be on repeat for the next six months!
This is a vibrant, bouncy, bonafide pop song, one that’s very catchy and smartly produced. It’s also completely unlike any other Lorde song.
“Royals,” “Tennis Court,” “Team,” and even her most recent track, “Yellow Flicker Beat,” were provocative in how their melodies were disarming and her vocal performances almost dirty or sneering, all of it marked by a sort of disenchantment that actually served to demand attention.
It was all indie and alternative and electronica and, at the same time, nostalgic—together crafting something very weird but also very catchy, which gave her first album Pure Heroine both the force and precision to hit a pop music bullseye.
“Green Light” is almost jarringly more uptempo than her previous singles.
More, it follows what’s become the go-to pop hit formula, mastered by everyone from Sia to Katy Perry to Lady Gaga and, most glaringly, Lorde’s own BFF Taylor Swift: stripped-down piano and deliberate, breathy whispered vocals, eventually giving away to a thumping drum beat that explodes into an anthemic chorus. It’s the pop equivalent to a geyser release, going off over and over again for the next four minutes.
Still, when you’re doing paint-by-numbers pop, it’s possible to create something irresistible and aesthetically pleasing, as long as you stay within the lines. To that regard, Lorde has an almost surefire radio hit on her hands.
After listening to the song, it should come as no surprise that it was co-written and co-produced by Jack Antonoff, the mastermind behind pop groups fun. and Bleachers who also happened to be behind Taylor Swift’s transition from already highly successful niche artist to incomparably popular mainstream star—a trajectory that “Green Lights” certainly lays the groundwork for Lorde to follow.
Antonoff knows his way around an earworm, particularly those that borrow from ‘80s synthpop and marry the genre’s catchiest throwback tropes with today’s slow-build, shouty-chorus pop formula.
He co-wrote “We Are Young,” “Some Nights,” and “Carry On” for fun., as well as Bleachers’ “I Wanna Get Better” which, among other praise, had been ruled “the catchiest song of 2014.”
He collaborated with Sara Bareilles on “Brave” and, as mentioned before, with Swift on three songs from her career-changing 1989 album, including the single “Out of the Woods.”
ts1989fanatic Firstly this is the first single off the new album, does this mean that Lorde has gotten away from her quirky pop roots? we won’t have an answer to that until the album release.
Second working with Jack Antonoff at least on some songs from the album was/is a smart move, you want success especially on a  sophomore album after the first one was such a massive success.
Finally writing the following sentence deserves a BIG F/U
Taylor Swift’s transition from already highly successful niche artist to incomparably popular mainstream star
Niche artist my ass.
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