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#taylor talks

i hated to get out but had to get some emergency supplies and look what was on the car in front of me:


talk about a jumpscare

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i just used an app that listened to my dumbass singing a melody to identify a song and it actually worked

technology is so good but also fucking scary cuz i know i was off key as hell

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i muted all notifications and slept the day away

that felt good

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welp… my city announced things are pretty much shut down until at least may 25th…. and the restrictions just keep increasing bc idiots won’t stop gathering in groups!!!! stop it !!!! stay home (only with people u live with) !!!

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opened my dnp household to be greeted with:


you might think i preplanned this but no, no i did not

sims spawn wherever they please when opening a household, even if you specifically had them somewhere in your last save

phil’s a top ranking celebrity so that means people who are obsessed with him can dress like him

but what are the odds that i enter to find dan, his husband and biggest fan, dressed like phil and eliza pancakes’ stalker ass a few feet away thinking about him?

the irony is just a bit 2spooky4me

(phil’s hair is cc and there’s a problem with the mesh, so that’s why it looks like that btw no weird highlights! i just have laptop mode, which fixes the glitch, off atm)

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Since you mentioned sims 4 cc, is there a chance you know any Vans shoes cc? I'm having such a hard time finding a good pair for my sims

i highly recommend checking out @vtsims4

they’ve converted many real life shoes into cc and they seriously look so realistic

i use the vans they made here in my game a lot

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Forgotten how addictive the Sims 4 is! Just downloaded this week and I’m already exhausted with how much I’ve played it already haha

god i felt that! this reminded me of getting locked out of my origin account in late 2015, repurchasing the sims 4 in during my college’s winter break, then the time played being up to this just after new year’s:


always kept that screenshot as a self awareness thing because it’s definitely no lie when it comes to becoming obsessed or addicted 🤣

so glad you got back into the game though 💓 hopefully your drive to play stays a while longer because the infamous break from loss of interest does force itself through at some point (mine’s usually two weeks at max)

did you just get the base game or other expansions/game packs/stuff packs too?

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im so in the mood for love but theres no one who loves me 😭 😭

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i’m rly bored so if you play the sims 4, you should send me the name of a premade sim (ex. eliza pancakes) so i can give them a makeover and i’ll post their before/after pics to your ask once i finish

craving fresh looks in a new save file

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me: *goes out to get the mail*

neighbor across the street in his driveway: you’ve been wearing a robe for the past three days! go change into proper clothes, taylor.

me: and you’ve been chilling in nothing your underwear in your lazy boy every night at 9pm, chugging a beer. put some fucking pants on and close your living room curtains, kevin.

why is every kevin a natural dick?

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oh no, my dashboard finally changed over to the new design

this font is fucking awful

it’s like i enlarged it x50

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was yesterday real

did we rly get a q&a from dnp where they rambled about how much they love their fish son and insight into their domesticity/being a little family

i swear we collectively dreamt the whole thing

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