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Idk in what moment I became a taylor swift Stan, but i really need to say that this woman is an amazing roll model, an amazing and talented professional in the career she has been working since she was a teen, a real crisis manager, not only in her life /career but also in the world, and lately i love the way she connects with her fan base, the fandom, its really heartwarming and im grateful for being part of the experience, because it doesn’t matter the seniority or the age it only matters the good intentions and the willingness of being part of each others lifes, so thank you @taylorswift for being the wonderful human being that you always have being, and for how you make us all feel part of your story…


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Fun Swift story

We have an old car from 2005 and we can’t stream music in it. We have cd’s tho. I only have a few cd’s, but the ones I have are of my favorite artists/my fave albums. Of course Lover is in my collection. I bought 2 editions and so I put 1 cd permanently in the car. (It had a box where you can change the cd’s without putting them out of the box so it literally is permanently in it)

My mom is weirdly enough obsessed with paper rings by Taylor. And omg she like is really really obsessed with it. It’s even that serious that everytime she comes home and parks in front of the house, I watch her from the window (she doesnt know).

And every every everytime she has paper rings on full volume on and waits till the song is over before she gets out the car. Its so funny. I was always the one changing from radio to cd and now before I do it, my mom changes the cd to “song 8”. Loooool

@taylorswift @taylornation

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I have to say I’m really really really enjoying @taylorswift taking over HITS 1 💜 I forgot how much I loved listening to the radio. Its been years and I mean years since I just sat and listened to the radio, Cause I have all my music on my phone. Thank you Taylor for restoring my love for radio. Please take over more. Love you.


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