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watching folklore on disney plus last night was one of the greatest experiences and i really appreciate taylor for this masterpiece and her powerful vocals!

and also hoax live saved my life!!!🥺❤

@taylorswift @taylornation 🍂

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I feel like I am sitting right beside taylor near a fireplace watching her sing this incredible album while I am in the middle of an actual storm in south India swaddled in blankets watching folklore : the long pond studio sessions on my laptop.

This is so different from what taylor has done so far, it is a cross between a secret session and a concert and a documentary which makes it so special to both taylor and me, a fan who has never gotten the opportunity to be at her concerts. Even though her live concerts are so invigorating and fun with the big stage and lights, the screaming fans and the buzzing energy, this feels so different and personal because looking at taylor singing those songs we can see what she felt when she wrote that song and how happy it makes her. The entire studio lit up with the love those three angels were exuding. I mean, looking at Jack Antonoff playing those instruments with gusto and Aaron Dessner talking about the creative process inspired me in so many ways because we can clearly see the passion they have for this project and the music they created. Despite being legends in their respective métier, look how excited they were!!!! I LOVED their discussions and their views on the various aspects of the album, how their life has changed due to this album and how this album felt like a release.

The entire documentary made me feel SO many emotions and I am : a mess.

ALSO WILLIAM BOWERY WAS JOE. WE WERE ON CRACK BUT WE WERE RIGHT. We love and stan a musical power couple.

@taylorswift ilysm :”)

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Taylor on “cardigan” ( folklore: tlpss )


That’s the first song she wrote [in early May].

It harkens back to lessons learned, or experiences in your youth, in a really beautiful way and this sense of longing and sadness, but ultimately, it’s cathartic. She thought it was a perfect match for the music, and how her voice feels. It was kind of a guide. It had these lower register parts, and she realized that this was a bit of a lightning rod for a lot of the rest of the record.


@taylorswift @taylornation

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OMG I’m in love with folklore the long pond studio sessions ♥️ It’s so sweet that Taylor told us the story behind those beautiful songs 💛 I can’t stop listening to folklore album 💕 I’m never going to stop talking about folklore the long pond studio sessions 😌 @taylorswift @taylornation

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