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To be honest above everything else from that linked full Kanye convo I’m taking two things;

1. The sass in that “well I sold 27m of that album”

2. Taylor’s “uh-huh”’s and spending ten minutes trying to get rid of him as he went on and on and on at the end of the call like “listennn… I have to go do something now” was actual underappreciated comedy gold.

Kanye is a 🤡

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Why does no one talk about Speak Now anymore, that album goddamn SLAPPED. I remember when every Taylor Swift song felt like you were living in a fairytale and for so long I looked for that, we learned together I guess that life just isn’t that way but sometimes it feels so good to go back to that time when love seemed like some simple ethereal concept. Deep but yeah hot damn STREAM SPEAK NOW

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