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fast-salad · 9 minutes ago
i keep accidentally referring to the gnome war as the stolen century like no sir that’s a DIFFERENT podcast arc that contains a small group of dumbass 20 somethings being pursued by a force that consumes everything in its path meanwhile we’ve also got idiots to lovers slow burn going on over here
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angryducktimemachine · 58 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
*drops this like a hot potato*
I'm super shy to post any non OC art but I got into The Adventure Zone, finished Amnesty and am currently on my way to listen through Balance.
I really really rarely find myself enjoying drawing "canon" characters of any content but something about TAZ really activated my bravery to draw some non-OC content.
So I'm just throwing this out there,
Roswell and Taako from Balance
Indrid, Minerva, Ned and Aubrey from Amnesty.
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lucky-charms · 2 hours ago
One more Taz Grad thing:
I saw a TikTok of someone explaining why they didn’t enjoy Grad, and they were really genuine about it. They said that Grad have “the lack of the arc system that they use in the other arcs.- That’s personal how I DM.”
I get where their coming from and what kind of story they wanted and that’s valid. But I believe what they didn’t enjoy about Grad is what makes it so real to me.
Fitz and Argo had plans and dreams but fell short or was drag into something else and changing things for them and Firbolg didn’t know what to do with his life he just felt lonely. But understanding that they are part of someone else plan and are not control of their own lives but choosing what is right for themselves and other people. All of that feels like growing up to me
My plans change drastically when COVID hit. When COVID hit my senior year of high school it canceled my musical and made me lose my chance of getting into my dream school. I had to stay home and continue schooling at home where my mental health got worse. I am making new plans and trying to get into other schools out of state and trying to major something that I want to do.
Graduation is a story about College students who think they have their whole plan and nothing will get in there way. And when you leave high school or college you will forget some of the people you meet and you only have memories. But at the end the one thing they have left from college is their strong friendship.
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mcnuggyy · 3 hours ago
snippers beanie baby...
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halpdevon · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
lucas miller and the terrible horrible no good very bad day
[ID: a cropped headshot work in progress. lineart of lucas miller. he has large glasses, freckles, bandages, bruising, and a little bit of blood on his face. he is in his lab in the null suit and wears a distraught expression as he looks over his shoulder towards an ominous pink glow. end ID]
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meillianna · 5 hours ago
I want to say congrats for having the best taz take. Literally everyone in the taz community should hear it
I mean... thanks? But I really didn't do much if I'm honest.
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beingallelite · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
AEW- Before stepping into the ring with @Christian4Peeps TOMORROW on #AEWDynamite LIVE, @TrueWillieHobbs is in action tonight on #AEWDark! 
Tune into AEW Dark now at - and every Tuesday at 7/6c on
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ohsweetflips · 6 hours ago
i can’t believe i’ve never said this before but tres horny boys were right in asking for killian’s help with every mission <3
like rip to them but if killian was in charge she would’ve discovered the second voidfish by like. the oculus.
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mcgarf · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
WE GOT TO SEE COMIC KRAVITZ!!! I didn’t draw his exact design, but I did take some inspiration, especially with his hair. But yeah! Take some Kravitz and Taako!
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ceilingfan5 · 8 hours ago
12, if you’d be so good 💕
(12. We dated in high school but then you moved away but now you’re back in town)
Taako freezes. There’s no way. That voice may sound familiar, but it can’t be. It’s just another customer wanting more fuckin’ Mountain Dew. But his heart threatens to jump right out of his chest and invent an extreme sport no one’s ever heard of before, and he nearly slaps his guest check pad over his ribs to keep the stupid thing in there. And he turns. 
And boy, it sure fucking is Kravitz. Taako could die. He might die, in fact. He could be dying right now, and who would know? Not him, certainly. 
Kravitz smiles at him sheepishly and waves from his little pathetic table for one. No boyfriend on this little trip with him, not that that means anything. Just a detail Taako’s going to stow away in his fucks piggy bank. He hasn’t ordered yet, probably waiting for Taako to notice him, and Taako uses the excuse to walk over like he isn’t experiencing cardiac supernova and smile an almost-real, not customer service smile. 
“In the flesh,” Kravitz says. He gestures at himself, at his nice, sharp suit, at his shoes that cost more than Taako’s made in tips all week. He looks like he’s done incredibly well for himself, and Taako’s still waiting fucking tables at his family’s restaurant. Fuck. “I can’t believe- it’s been what, seven years since I moved away?”
“Seven and a half.” But who’s counting. “I never expected you to come back to bumfuck nowhere. What brought you here?”
“Ah, well,” Kravitz tugs comically at his collar. “Business.” 
“Uhuh.” Taako folds his arms and grins. “Did you come here and visit this particular café because you thought there was a snowman’s dick’s chance in hell of seeing good ol’ Taako?”
“What can I say.” Kravitz can’t seem to think of a good excuse. “I was just- passing through, and- and I had hope for that snowman’s sex life, is all, and-” He coughs as he realizes the implications of what he’s just said, and Taako laughs and pours him some ice cold water with no ice, just like he likes it. Kravitz gratefully takes a sip, incredibly embarrassed. 
“Well. You found me. Not that I was lost. You’re the one who left.”
“My mama got a job at a different university,” Kravitz protests. “And I didn’t want to break your heart in slow motion, Taako, I couldn’t do that to you.”
“Long distance could have worked out for us, you don’t know that!” Taako instantly feels seventeen again, and he digs his nails into his palm trying not to sound like it. 
“Maybe so.” Kravitz’s sweet brown eyes are fully apologetic. “And don’t think I haven’t thought of you every day since.”
“So?” It’s hurt. He can’t keep the pain out. 
“So...I moved a little closer for my new job. And, um. Taako, I really hope I’m not distracting you from your, uh, your duties, I don’t want to hold up the process-”
“They can fucking wait. Say what you were going to say.” 
“Well.” Kravitz sips his water to stall, and Taako watches him sweat in real time. “What do you think about two full adults with jobs and cellphones trying...medium distance. Say, an hour away?” 
Taako fully hits him with his pad. 
“Are you kidding me??” 
“No, I’m not!” 
It’s hard to breathe. 
“Fuck you!”
“Of course I want to try! Shit! I still think about you every time I make ramen. God, or- or every time I hear our song on the radio- I can’t fucking believe you’re not taken, oh my god.” 
“I sort of was,” Kravitz whispers. “But then I had this chance. And he told me to take it.”
“I don’t think I’m allowed to kiss customers,” Taako says as stoically as he can manage. “But I get off in an hour.” 
“An hour’s not that much,” Kravitz points out. “Not that much at all.” Taako can’t stop smiling now. “Shit, what do you want to eat?”
“Maybe just some tater tots and one of those crazy brownie sundaes? To, to. To celebrate.” 
“You’re awful, I can’t believe this.” Taako’s on cloud nine, and his ladder is gone, gone, gone. “Coming right up.”  
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oh-shit-sweet-flips · 8 hours ago
in light of the newest reveal of our favorite sugar reaper I have a request: carey I am fucking BEGGING that merle naming the taakitz ship is included. Please. PLEASE. it's a fucking monumental point in taz history and also an added punch to the face when you realize the guy playing merle is fuckin 60 years old and yet knew comprehensively what shipping was sgjgjgsskgxkg
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