tuherrus · 2 days ago
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finally drawing what was the most iconic moment in balance for me
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theacebandit · 2 days ago
Griffin McElroy putting an elevator in every arc of taz balance out of spite vs Anthony Burch making canon that everyone in the world forgot about elevators bc of a stupid joke
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homoquartz · a day ago
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neither of them will go when called
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softgaycontent · 2 days ago
Canonically, Lucretia was first accidentally inoculated by the Voidfish after being splashed and getting some of the tank water in her mouth.
I like to think she didn't make the connection that it was specifically about drinking the ichor, and that when it came time to inoculate Maureen and Lucas, she dumped a bucket of gross jellyfish water over their heads.
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thatgirlonstage · a day ago
Want to cry about Johnchurch today, because apparently I do
I think about… Lucretia could only erase what she could write down. And Merle was the only one who ever went into Parley. Merle was the only one who ever met John. And Merle (Clint) notoriously has a bad memory. Whatever recap he gave to the crew, and to Lucretia for her journals, was never going to be all that detailed.
(And I’m willing to wager, even out of what he did remember, he didn’t tell them ALL of it. Some of those moments were private.)
So Lucretia does her best, but her erasure of the Parley sessions is… spotty. Incomplete. Merle can’t remember WHO the man in a suit that he played chess with was, or what happened to him, or where he met him. But he remembers the man’s face, in snatches and moments. He remembers a tumbled mix of emotions—anger, exasperation, worry, hope, pain. Never fear. He remembers thinking he probably ought to be afraid, that most people would be, that it would make a lot more sense to be afraid. But fear was never quite the right description of what he felt, thinking of the man in the suit.
His memories of the man in the suit are… strange. Fractured. His head hurts if he tries to think about them for too long or too closely, if he tries too hard to remember, to put it back in context. But snatches of their conversation drift to him, across the years. Strange, sometimes incomprehensible snippets, where the words out of his own mouth don’t make any damn sense.
(This works, by the way, with the headcanon that Merle’s spotty memory occasionally spits out something backward, something ought-to-be-voidfished, like when he says in the first episode that he feels like he and Magnus and Taako have grown apart. There’s a little bit more of an opening, a little bit more of a handhold for the memories to pry their way back in, than there is for the others.)
And he knows—senses, remembers, intuits—that he shouldn’t tell anyone else about his memories of the man in the suit. He feels, with an almost violent certainty, utterly strange considering how vague his memories of the man himself are, that no one else would understand. So he stays quiet. The man lives in his head and his fogged memories, at once intrusive and comforting. The man was important to him, or is important to him still. Merle isn’t sure which one it is. He’s never been one to let himself get stuck on quandaries, theological, existential, physical, or otherwise, though, so he lets it be. He’ll meet the man again one day. He feels quite sure of that. In the right moment, and the right place, he’ll meet the man again, and something about his shambles of a life will click back into place.
The day of Story and Song happens, and everything rushes back, and the only moment of calm he gets for the next several hours is the near-silent goodbye on the beach, during which he and John do nothing but exist side by side, for a little while. It’s all either of them really want or are able to do. Anything else is too messy, too painful. This way, it ends in peace.
Everyone else—all the other members of the red robes—they will have time to reconcile, to work through piecing back together their shattered memories and disjointed lives. Merle will have time for a proper talk with Lucretia, for a joyful reunion with Lup. He’ll have time to sit down at a table with Davenport a week later and play euchre, until both of them, almost without warning, find that they’re both crying. He’ll have time to pull his kids onto his lap and tell them his own version of the Story, of how they fit into it. He’ll have time to puzzle his life back into a complete picture.
He doesn’t get time with John.
He’s walked around with a half-static memory of the man for a decade, and there’s no time to process the truth before they have to say goodbye.
No one else knew him. No one else will ever mourn him. Everyone else is celebrating his demise. If there’s grief, it’s only Merle’s.
His end is peaceful, by the shore, and silent, because Merle has no time to unpick all the things he wants to say.
That’s alright, though. They both know that’s alright. John’s been muddled too, if differently, unable to think clearly for years, crushed beneath the collective scream of The Hunger. It’s a blessing to have that moment of clarity and peace at all.
They don’t need to say anything. They both already know.
Still, it aches in Merle’s chest at night, sometimes, like the pain of his phantom arm, all the things he might have said and never did.
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stroobae · a day ago
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i realized today that ive never drawn ango before and that had to change immediately
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prim-moth · 8 hours ago
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Hey guess who’s losing their mind over taz b
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piierrote · 2 days ago
nothing beats the experience of going thru tumblr after the TAZ balance finale,,, that was my real community right there
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miss-jerk · 23 hours ago
More seriously though, Devo's memory tells us so so much about why he's been acting so aggressively this arc. He'd been told from a very young age that he's more powerful than everyone, even his teachers. That he has the ability to make people and things do whatever he wants. Then he escapes this cult and gets out into the real world, where nothing is going his way. He and his friends have been in danger and near death multiple times, none of their missions have gone as planned, and he's not had a lot of luck charming and persuading people. His voice is his strongest weapon, and yet people don't listen, Orlean was still easily able to control him, and there's unintended results to his actions he didn't plan for. And now, now the whole city, including himself and his friends, were infected by a deadly illness that was brought in on his ship by accident. He wants to fix things, to save people, but it just never works like he thinks it should. He's learning a very hard lesson in a very rough way.
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brinearr-my-beloved · 2 days ago
What is it with batshit fantasy dnd podcasts and elevators
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the-socialist-ghosts · 2 days ago
I have a theory for eathersea. I think that whatever called them into the sea in the first place is the thing that started the sallow in an attempt to make them sea creatures!
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dididiof · a day ago
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Ampersand 5 my beloved 💛💛
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makeshift-moth · 2 days ago
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Finally caught up with Ethersea and I dig Devo’s new look!
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imdumbandaproblem · 20 hours ago
“Is Devo afraid of the dark?”
“Not yet.”
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parasfarmer · a day ago
Griffin gives amber gris a new lesbian ex lover like every other week and honestly? Good for her.
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Devo as comments
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bluemoon042 · a day ago
I can't draw but I have an urge to share how I imagine Amber Gris so I'm gonna do my best to explain and idk if it's gonna make any sense but here we go anyway!
First off she has long, curly, ginger hair that she usually keeps in a low bun with her bangs loose. Due to the aesthetic of Ethersea I don't think she really has normal skin instead it's sort of a faint lumincent amber.
When she's younger she has Helga from Atlantis vibes and outfit:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
When she's older her style is basically a mix of a pirate and a cowgirl. She has a knife strapped to each thigh and wears a hat that covers her eyes like Jigen from Lupin:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I imagine her basically being the female version of him facial feature wise, but she has a very muscular build and broad shoulders. She only shows her eyes when she's intimidating someone and it's very effective. Her eyes are also glowing amber colour (sticking to a theme here) and she has a scar over her left eye which she got in her 30's.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
She also has a prosthetic finger as she lost her left ring finger during her first fight with a blink shark. It's quite steampunk looking as it's made from copper and silver metal pieces that used to be old ship parts.
She also smokes sometimes but it's some etherea stuff that she puts in a long cigarette holder that she lights either with her lighter (that looks like a tiny pistol), a nearby fire or by using her knives to create a spark:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And that's my idea of Amber Gris! :)
P.S. Her anthem is Redhead by Caylee Hammack ft. Reba McEntire!
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thedragonagelesbian · 21 hours ago
of all the things i expected to get from taz ethersea, a complex and morally dubious meditation on the nature of a bard’s power was not one of them, but i’m not complaining
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miss-jerk · a day ago
Me with all these good good backstory/memories from the Coriolis crew this episode
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lactose-intolerant-nihilism · 21 hours ago
amber’s positively overflowing with ex-girlfriends lately huh
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