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socialc1imb · a month ago
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I haven’t posted on here in a while but here, a comic!!
The IPRE didn’t let just ANYONE on the starblaster. Nah. They had to be scientists!
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transformersweatpants · a year ago
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I’m on my Balance relisten and this bit from ep 1 of the suffering game was way cute
Ko-fi link <3
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fanartandvents · 2 months ago
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I fucking love TAZ
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pbeltarts · 8 months ago
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i’ve been relistening to taz:balance and remembering my favs so i drew some fam time
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twiddletaffy · 10 months ago
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Took a break to redraw this cute panel from Crystal Kingdom 😭💕
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sablingart · a year ago
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Taako's Crystal Kingdom outfit featuring Ango the best boy
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sumersprkl · a month ago
I want a TAZ AU where Angus hears the Voidfish’s EGG-BABE song and cracks open the mystery of the second Voidfish WAY earlier than in canon and just. Panics.
And steals the baby.
And then obviously Lucretia can’t tell anybody that the second, secret Voidfish has disappeared, but she needs SOMEBODY to figure out who broke in so she can get her Voidfish baby back. Somebody super intelligent but unfailingly loyal to the Bureau. Somebody who is indebted to Lucretia personally for hiring him, and giving him a place to live and a work family. Someone she’s spent a lot of time with while the Reclaimers are on missions, that she knows she can trust. So of course, Best Boy Detective Angus McDonald is on the case.
And Lucretia has little reason to believe that Angus might be inoculated to the second Voidfish, so Angus has to walk this very fine line where he has to show enough progress on the mystery of Who Broke Into Madam Director’s Office that Lucretia thinks he’s trying his best and doesn’t suspect him of being disloyal. But it can’t be enough progress that Lucretia can use the clues he provides to figure out that it was Angus who broke in. And he can’t give away that he knows things that the second Voidfish has erased.
Plus while he’s working on this very delicate dance of info-but-not-too-much-info while fake-solving the Director’s mystery, he also has to focus on the mystery of What Is Madam Director Doing With A Second Voidfish And If It’s Bad What Do I Do About That. And Madam Director can’t erase the LUP on the cafeteria wall incident, so Angus has all the pieces he needs to put together that Taako’s memory has been erased and that it’s got Something to do with the Umbra Staff.
While all of this is going on, there are SO MANY background shenanigans to be had with Angus, practically a baby himself, trying to raise and hide a baby Voidfish in his teeny-tiny Seeker single dorm room. It’s every story about a child trying to act normal while keeping a litter of kittens in the basement, but with a much smarter child and much more dire consequences for failure.
I don’t know what his master plan is. Does he try to stealth inoculate the THB? Does he sit on that but start keeping vials of Voidfish 2 Juice on him just in case? Does he try and use his access to the Director’s Office for Clue Finding Reasons to take a peek at her journals? (That one might be hard because I feel like Lucretia would hide those better if she knew it was possible that someone could read them.)
How long could Angus keep the director’s trust? What does being put under that kind of stress do to his Little Boy Brain? Is Lucretia just letting Angus investigate because she thinks it might be him and is hoping he’ll give himself away, or does she underestimate him because she keeps seeing him fail to be helpful to the THB on reclaiming missions (and because he’s a baby)? Or is she secretly hoping that he’ll figure it all out, and then the burden of fate and what happens in the future isn’t all on her shoulders anymore? Does she think she can bring him around to her idea for stopping the Hunger, because the only other option she can see would leave Angus on a plane in its path?
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abinitioart · 10 months ago
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TAZ Commission for a Friend!
They were expressing how, if Taako ever did replace Ango’s Grandpap’s silverware, he would probably take the three forks he gave to Ango back to complete the set he sold-
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lilyannifer · a month ago
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Dusting all the dust off my tumblr because whatever I’m a fan art nerd now, and this feels like the place to be? I’ve been making The Adventure Zone tarot designs, here’s Tres Horny Boys and my fave, Angus McDonald.
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patriciasage · a year ago
Suddenly, Taako’s a twin.
“Oh gods, there’s two of them now” Killian says.
But that’s not true, Angus thinks. 
Miss Lup is like Taako in many ways. They both laugh too loud, they both can tear someone apart with only a few words and a sharp smile, and they’re both often a juxtaposition of impatient and bored. 
But Miss Lup’s words are carefully measured whereas Taako’s escape his mouth like a potion from a broken bottle. Miss Lup is often tender while Taako is guarded. Miss Lup rushes into situations like Magnus but Taako hangs back and weighs his options.
Angus thinks it’s interesting that Taako went from a solitary figure to a part of a set in an instant of story and song. He admires his mentor so much, and he’s been worried about Taako often in the past - worried that he’s lonely or that he won’t come back from a dangerous mission. 
But the apocalypse is over and now Taako’s a twin. And Angus sees him smile (really smile) for the first time. Angus is sitting at the table waiting for the two of them to finish making a pork dish. Miss Lup tells a joke and Taako actually giggles. It’s nothing like the cackle he sometimes did when Magnus and Merle did something stupid. It’s unbridled and soft and real. And Angus can’t help but grin, swinging his feet against the chair. 
“What are you lookin’ at, little nerd?” Taako says to him, but there’s a warmth in his dark eyes that Angus has never seen before. Taako’s happy. 
“Nothing sir,” he replies.
(find me on AO3 here)
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pandapartyart · a year ago
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barry-j-blupjeans · 4 months ago
hello i love ur writing and fics and ur very talented and i RESPECT THE FUCK out of ur work ethic… request… can i get some good good angus hurt/comfort idc who i just wanna see that boy b loved and also angsting
1) Thank you so much slkdfsdf!! I try my best to be consistent at the vv least slfdsfd
2) This got kinda long!! I'm gonna put most of it below a read more, but you can also find it on ao3! either way, I rr appreciate comments n reblogs n stuff :O!!
3) Unspecified hurt/comfort turned out to just be a fic about Angus w chronic pain bc I needed someone to vent onto sldkf. all of Angus's experiences are based on my own and what helps/hinders me.
I hope u enjoy it!! n thank you, again!!
Angus had the distinct feeling that something was wrong with him. No, scratch that. He knew something was wrong with him. Not in the condescending way adults always did, like "Angus you're too small to be in this line of work!" or "Angus, isn't it past your bedtime?" or "Angus, Angus, Angus, you're too little, you're not smart enough, you're not mature enough."
No, Angus knew that was a bunch of bullshit. Frankly, he was more mature than half the people used to he worked with, which wasn't all too surprising considering it was the militia. But no, it wasn't that. And it wasn't that he was "different" from other people his age. He was a prodigy, no doubt, but that wasn't the thing that was wrong.
Angus was... fucked up. He knew how people were supposed to work, physically and emotionally. So he knew people weren't supposed to be in pain most if not all of the day, every day, on end. He knew the consistent stabbing in his legs wasn't normal and the fatigue and the aching definitely weren't right. He'd say it wasn't a problem, except for the fact that logically, it was. No one should be existing in pain every day.
But if there was one thing Angus prided himself on, it was figuring out how to fix problems on his own.
Over the years, he'd been very carefully and quietly researching how to help his pain. He couldn't let anyone know, because then they wouldn't let him work and he loved working. They'd put him on bed rest or send him to a doctor and while doctors could be useful in normal situations, none of them ever knew what to do with Angus. It always came back to,
"But you're too young."
(read on ao3 or click below!)
Which is one of the biggest reasons Angus hadn't said a word about it after moving onto the moon. In his militia job, they had required physicals. Angus had been referred to a pediatrician, which had endlessly annoyed him even if he understood why. His grandpa had always taught him to be honest with doctors, so when the pediatrician asked him if he was having any physical problems, he had explained. And they told his boss, who told the matron at the base, who told a few others.
It had been a mess, for a while. So Angus was keeping his lips shut tight about it all.
It was just harder on the moon. He had been incredibly uncomfortable the first few days but Mr. Avi had assured him that that was normal for newcomers. Sure, Mr. Avi had said "one or two days" and Angus's extra bad pain had lasted a week, but he dealt with it. He had pain potions for when it got really bad, but he didn't like using them if it was only sort of bad.
But on the moon, everyone was closer-knit. The base had a much more open floorplan than the militia had, but people were more likely to look at you as you went past them. He had to be careful about not limping or wincing with each step. He had to make sure he wasn't sitting down more often than a regular person his age would because that would raise suspicions. Some days were worse, but after a while, Angus settled back into his routine of "okay until a flare-up" and went about his business.
Today was a bad day. Today was an awful day, even. Today, Angus was carrying a pain potion with him, which was saying something because he hated taking those. They made him feel like he couldn't do anything by himself, like he wasn't strong enough. If he gave in and took the pain potion, that was sort of like admitting he was in pain and he couldn't do that because then everyone would just treat him like a little kid. People here were good about respecting him despite his age and every pain potion he took was like a step away from that happy feeling of being included.
It's a "just in case" at the bottom of his bag that Angus had been firmly ignoring. He had woken up late and it had set him on edge. Most of the morning had been spent trying to read in the library, but he just couldn't focus long enough. Now it's lunch, past lunch, even, because Angus is one of the few left in the cafeteria. He stared at his lunch- a corn beef sandwich and broccoli cheddar soup. His lunch stared back.
Angus didn't want to eat this. He felt bad. His wrists felt like wooden rulers, unbending and strict. He felt like his stomach was churning and his bones were the gravity that was keeping them in orbit with the planet below. He felt like a rock at the bottom of the sea. He felt like-
"Good afternoon, Angus," a pleasant voice his right said. Angus clocked his brain back in. Madam Director was standing at the edge of the table. "Do you mind if I sit? I had a few things I wanted to discuss with you about a possible relic find."
Angus sat up straight. The best he could, at least. He said a quick, "of course, Director!" and pushed his lunch aside, pulling up his bag and retrieving a notebook from inside. The pain potion sloshed threateningly at him. Angus ignored it. He opened the notebook.
"It's the Temporal Chalice," she said. "There's a bubble, located in the Woven Gulch that we think might be- Angus, are you okay?"
"What?" Angus asked. And then he realized he hadn't been writing anything down. His hands hurt when he flexed them. Holding his pencil was uncomfortable. He ignored it. "Sorry, Madam, I zoned out for a second. Could you repeat that?"
"The Temporal Chalice," Madam Director repeated. "I think it's currently located in the Woven Gulch. Another seeker spotted a magical bubble and- Angus, are you sure you're alright?"
"I'm fine," Angus said, ignoring the throbbing in his hand. His wrists were now aching. His fingers were aching. He was aching everywhere. He quickly added a "Ma'am" because he realized he had forgotten.
"I don't think so," Madam Director said gently. "I can come back-"
"No!" Angus said. "I'm- I really am fine, Madam Director! My wrists just hurt a bit, I think I was gripping my pencil too hard earlier."
She was silent, staring at him with an appraising expression. Angus swallowed. After a moment, she sighed, shaking her head. Very slowly and carefully, she reached out and dragged the notebook towards herself. Angus didn't know what was happening anymore, so he didn't stop her.
"Angus," she said, closing the notebook and setting it aside with his lunch. "Talk to me."
"I am talking to you," Angus said, flushing. "And I'm telling you I'm fine, Madam Director!"
"I'm not gonna push you on it," she said, holding her hands up to show her innocence. "But I'd like to know if I can help you."
"You can't," Angus bit out. "Help me, I mean. I'm fine. Also, it's very weird that you, my boss, are asking me to spill my personal secrets. Uhm, Ma’am."
"I'm not your boss," Madam Director said. "Well, I am. But I'm not asking as your boss. I'm asking as a- a friend, Angus. And I understand if that's weird but I truly do care about everyone on this base and I'd like to help, if I can. Even if it's just talking. That'll be my final offer. If you don't want to, then we can get back to business."
Angus was silent. He glanced around the now empty cafeteria. No one would hear them if he wanted to talk. Angus rubbed at his wrists, thinking. Who was to say that the Director wouldn't rat him out to everyone else on the base? If she thought the pain was "too overwhelming" for him and made him rest instead of work? He glanced back at her. He must have been silent for too long, because Madam Director slid his journal back over to him and said,
“The Temporal Chalice.”
Angus made sure to write it down this time, gritting his teeth and making himself focus.
In the end, it wasn’t too hard to figure out that the Chalice was inside the magical bubble. What was hard was figuring out what else was inside. They had no way of knowing what they were sending the Reclaimers into and Angus tried not to be worried about it, but it was hard. And it got infinitely harder the moment the cannon blasted them through and Angus’s stone of farspeech buzzed and crackled, the connection dropping.
“I’m sure they’re fine,” Madam Director said after a tense moment of silence.
Today was a good pain day. Meaning he was still in pain, but he could do normal things like stand and walk for extended periods of time. He had paced rather obsessively waiting for the Reclaimers to get planetside and his legs only hurt moderately from it. Now, he was seated across from the Director while she pretended to write and Angus pretended to read.
They were both rather good at pretending, Angus had found.
The Director hissed, making Angus look up from the book he hadn’t been processing. She shook out her hand, holding her wrist. After a second, she leaned back in her chair with a sigh. Several things popped.
“Are you alright, Madam Director?” Angus asked and she grimaced as she had only just remembered he was there. She sat up a bit straighter again.
“Hand pain,” she explained, stretching her hand back with a wince.
“Oh,” Angus said. “Anything I can do to help?”
“Thank you, but no,” she said with a small smile. “I’m quite alright.”
“Okay, ma’am,” Angus said. He stared back at his book. She picked up her pencil. And then she set down her pencil and she seemed to pause. Angus was looking at her over the top of his book and she was frowning at her desk, not particularly focused on anything. After a tense moment where Angus had to look back at his book to avoid staring, she said,
“Actually Angus, I would like to talk about it, if you wouldn’t mind. My hand pain, I mean.”
“Oh,” Angus said again. “Oh, of course, ma’am!” He set aside his book and sat up straighter, folding his hands in his lap. “Talk away!”
“Well,” she started, flexing her fingers and wincing. “Would you happen to know what arthritis is, would you?”
“I do, ma’am,” Angus said. “Is that’s what’s up with your- your hand?”
“I’m afraid so,” she said with a melancholy sort of smile. “It was originally juvenile arthritis, but as you can see I’m no longer juvenile.” Here, she chuckled slightly and Angus did too, though he didn’t really find it all that funny. “And I’ve found a few things that have helped over the years, but I was wondering, Angus, what you would recommend? For- for pain relief.”
“Uhm,” Angus said, about to be the biggest hypocrite in the world. “Pain potion?”
“Hmm,” the Director said like she hadn’t thought about that before. “That’s a good one, yeah. Anything else?”
“I’m not stupid, ma’am,” Angus said, trying to phrase it gently but it just came off as sort of annoyed. “I know you’re playing it up. I’m sorry about your hand, though, I really am. But arthritis is- it’s chronic so I don’t know much more that I can say besides pain potions and rest.”
“I wasn’t trying to imply that you’re stupid,” she said patiently. “And I’m well aware my conditions chronic. But there’s more to it than just pain medication and rest. In fact,” she leaned forward like it was a big secret. “I’ve got some other tips and tricks up my sleeve about it. If someone wanted to know.”
Angus let out a shuddering breath. So she knew about him. He could rectify this. She wasn’t reacting like his boss at the militia had. And if she dealt with chronic pain herself, she could be more receptive to his troubles without treating him like a child or downplaying it.
“How do you always know everything?” he asked instead of rising to her bait. “That’s the secret I want to know, ma’am. You’ve got prying eyes anywhere? Listening ears?”
“I run a secret organization on the moon,” the Director said dryly. “I’ve grown accustomed to knowing both everything and absolutely nothing at the same time. If you don’t want me to know, then I won’t know. I’ll never bring it up again. I’m simply offering us a way to, uh-” she glanced at the wall. It had been twenty minutes since the reclaimers went offline. “Pass the time. And perhaps a way to help manage your pain a little better. No one else has noticed, Angus, but you do tend to limp a bit.”
Fuck, Angus thought.
“Fuck,” Angus said out loud.
“Here,” the Director said, standing up. She took her notebook with her and rounded the desk, sitting on the chair next to Angus instead of the one behind the desk and across from him. “Now I’m not your boss.”
“I’m not sure that’s how that works, ma’am,” Angus said, but he was smiling a bit.
“It’s exactly how it works,” Lucretia assured, flipping open her notebook to a blank page. She grabbed her pen from the desk and wrote, with a slight wince, “One, pain potions or meds. We know those work.” She glanced up at him. “But we don’t always want to take them.”
“You do that too?” Angus asked. “I thought I was being- I thought I was being childish about it. I-”
“It’s not childish,” Lucretia said. “For me, I want to be able to handle stuff by myself. I think along the lines of “oh, Lucretia, you built a moonbase, you can handle your pain” or “oh, Lucretia, you’re a published author, a little more pain can’t get you down.””
“You’re published?” Angus asked, but Lucretia brushed over it.
“But those thoughts aren’t true,” she said. “Yes, we’ve done some pretty badass shit. Like moonbases or capturing train murders-” Angus grinned. “But we’re just people when it comes down to it, Angus. And people can’t function if we’re in pain all the time. So, for reasons to take pain medication-” she made bullet points below the first line. “To function properly. To live comfortably. Anything else?”
“To work better?” Angus suggested and she nodded, writing that down.
“It’s very hard to work when you’re in pain, as I’m sure you’ve noticed,” Lucretia said. “Number two. Ice. Having something cold on it. I find that when my wrists tend to swell up, putting ice on them can help. It reduces the swelling and cools me off because the inflamed area is often very hot. Do you deal with swelling?”
“I… don’t know, ma’am,” Angus said. “I think sometimes, maybe? But not always.”
“Still,” Lucretia said. “Ice can do amazing things just for helping you relax and sometimes that’s just what you need, Angus. You gotta let yourself just chill sometimes. Pun definitely intended. There’s no point in pushing it or the pain will get worse. We’ve got a spa on base, I highly recommend it. Though you don’t want to go with Merle.”
“I’ll take your word for it,” Angus said, trying to stop himself from giggling at the idea of Lucretia and Merle in a mudbath with face masks together.
“Three,” she said. “We’re gonna go in the exact opposite direction. Heat. Not just heating pads, but hot showers or baths can do wonders. I love me a hot bath. You?”
“I don’t usually have time to take a bath,” Angus said. “But hot showers work really well, I’ve noticed!”
“Maybe make time for a bath,” Lucretia suggested. “I’ve got some bath bombs you can borrow, they’re heavenly. Just don’t tell anyone I’m the one who gave you them.
“Number four,” she moved on. “Just like. Lay down.”
“Lay down?” Angus repeated.
“Lay down,” Lucretia said. “Just sit on your bed and lay down.”
“Sleep?” Angus said. “I think that’s sleep.”
“This isn’t sleeping,” Lucretia said, scribbling that down like it was a very important note. “You don’t even have to close your eyes. But laying down is great because your body has been working all day to keep you upright and sometimes you just need to not deal with gravity for a while. It doesn’t usually reduce anything, like the others might, but you just get the chance to exist for a while instead of trying to do things. To go back to tip two, you gotta let yourself chill for a bit. Feel the moment.”
“What if- what if the moment is painful?” Angus asked, worrying his lip between his teeth. “And you don’t wanna feel it?”
“Feel as in acknowledging and accept it,” Lucretia corrected. “Not as in revel in it. Something that also helps with this is weight. Like a weighted blanket or just several blankets piled on top of you. You’ve got a weighted blanket, right?”
“I got one for Candlenights!” Angus said. “So- so I can do that, I think.”
“Good,” Lucretia said. She glanced down at the list and then at the clock on the wall. It had been thirty-five minutes since the reclaimers went offline. Angus saw Lucretia take a deep breath and then look back down that the journal. She stood up, one or two pops sounding, and circled back around to her desk. She was smiling as she set her journal down and even through her tense posture, Angus could tell she meant well.
“Is it bad?” he asked suddenly, unable to help himself. “That I’m- that we’re… like this? I just want people to take me seriously and I- I have to work so much harder for that just because I’m like this. Isn’t that- abnormal? Uh, ma’am.”
“I don’t think it’s bad,” she said carefully. “We’re normal people, Angus. Well,” she glanced around at the room, her grin getting a bit wider. “As normal as we can be here, at least. But there’s nothing bad about us or who we are. Please try to remember that. Here-” she scribbled something down on the paper and ripped it out of her journal, passing it over the desk for Angus to have. “Keep that. I’ve got my list on the wall next to my bed. Maybe you could put yours somewhere similar?”
The list outlined what they had talked about in quick notes. At the bottom, she had written, “you’re worth the effort you make!” with a little thumbs up next to it. Angus grinned, holding the note to his chest.
“Thank you,” he said, a bit teary. She finally sat down in her chair again. It creaked slightly under her. “Really, Madam Director, this means a lot!”
“Just doing my job,” the Director said, winking.
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transformersweatpants · a year ago
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Inspired by this masterpiece of a taz cosplay tiktok, I thought about it and I really dig the idea of Griffin being like,, a hype man for his NPCs?
Tumblr media
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slugbuggy · a year ago
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the owl house except make it TAZ 
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ceilingfan5 · 4 months ago
Joyous Candlenights, @thisisnotacreativeusername !! You asked for something with Angus McDonald, so I hope you love this!!
Angus gets a gift card for his birthday to the best arcade around...but it isn't his birthday, and he has no interest in arcades. That is until he sees what's on the prize shelf and also gets a little help from arcade employee Taako, because Kravitz certainly isn't going to teach him how to play video games. Throw in a little bonding and a little mischief and a little mystery and that makes an adventure worth a birthday wish or two.
Read it on ao3!!
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sarcasticvoodoochild · a year ago
Tumblr media
no thoughts just him
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pidgedee · a year ago
Tumblr media
hello, sirs!
[id: two drawings of angus mcdonald. he is a little boy with dark skin, short curly dark hair, and glasses. in the first drawing, he is wearing a grey sweater, a blue bow tie, and has two books under one arm. taako’s hat is draped over his head, which angus holds up with one hand while he smiles upwards. in the second drawing, he is wearing a short-sleeved white button up with blue shorts and suspenders and a matching bow tie. he is walking the opposite direction with a bright smile.]
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sumersprkl · 23 days ago
Y’know how in the first episode of the Stolen Century, Lucretia writes the same thing with both of her hands so she has a redundancy notebook? Do you think that it might be because she was kind of like the Angus of her world? A little genius nerd child who was constantly getting books snatched away from her, who never grew out of writing everything twice just in case?
I know it comes in handy later (when she feeds one set to the Voidfish, she still has one for records) but how often do you think Captain Davenport BEGGED her to keep only one copy of everything? There’s only so much space on a tiny seven person spaceship, meant for only two months of record storage.
“Lucretia. Lucretia, this is too much paper. This whole room is paper. I’m pretty sure you’re lofting your mattress with your backup journals. Please. Please let some of these go. You’re a very neat person, so I’ve let you off easy the last eight cycles when I made everybody else clean their rooms. It’s your turn. I know that picking between your notebooks is like choosing favorite children. Taako said the same thing about his shoe collection.”
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kettlecliff · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
-Yes, I'm drawing taz: balance fanart in 2022.
-and yes, they're dressed as team rocket.
what of it?
Lups using fire to make the hair if that wasn't obvious
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almondcroissantsandink · a year ago
Tumblr media
The boy detective! Also I’d forgotten I drew Taako with glowing freckles and I love them! 
Also thank you to @tazscripts because I really wanted to draw this part but couldn’t handle the idea of trawling back through the entire chapter of Murder on the Rockport Limited 
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